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(generated from captions) threw that in and went shearing sheep and driving trucks. I have a lot of criticism about the education system. What I was saying to Darren during the break, preparing the finance management for our students when they leave school, getting ready for the big world. Do they understand in their superannuation they have life insurance. Will they monitor it. Don't go changing a super fund and a lot - the dangers of credit card. It's going to compound and compound, and take you years to pay it off. I think we need to go right through the finance education say from year ten, make it compulsory. We know the most educated unemployed about the way we are going because so many people are doing degrees. Out the country, it you find a truck driver, can you get a good farm worker? The blue-collar workers. You may have to wait days to get an electrician. Those basic jobs that are so essential for or country, I'm concerned not enough are taking those professions on and then not getting a job.Because our whole system has overcorrected whatever imbalance was there to say everyone must go to university, everyone got to do year's 13, 14, 15 of school which is arts law, arts gender, psychology whatever is the beginnings, as we've proven, the reporting is out there that 65 per cent of some admissions in universities are for people who were below the ATar entry level. It is just as long as we have a university system where the business model is we've got 100 seats, find 100 bums to put on them and the government will give us

The whole thing is supply driven. The people who teach you need you to come into the class rooms. Whether it meets the demands of the market place is another thing. We could do a show on this, Paul, we could do a show on. I was once the minister for shows, and the skills are absolutely important and we set our kids up at year 12 for a sense of failure before they even start work, because we are told them -- we have told them unless they have gone to university they have failed. Many of them finish the course before they finish university but 90% of kids leaving schools don't do a university school. Are we telling 90% of kids they have failed? No! We need the sparkies, those who can keep the program going to air and if they have a degree, fantastic. But I tell you, the trade skills are what we need more of in this country. Given the property boom in the last couple of decades, those who did an is skill, in the mid-90s, had their mates come around and renovate, those guys have done well.My eldest two, double degrees, done well, Tom my youngest, hated school, a builder and doing well.We have got to celebrate the fact there are other options other than the one the education system wants to keep you in.The system. That is exactly right. They want you to be a bum on a seat, Paul.You don't have to have letters behind you name to be successful. First person I this can of, Smith.We are out of time for this hour, I do appreciate the chat, one and all. Wacca, with the banking inquiry, the things you have been involved in, travel, Western Australia.Charters Towers, a week ago.What is your sense about the banking inquiry? Scott Morrison had this thing, 50 smaller institutions would become banks and the idea people, you can plug out from the big four and plug in somewhere else. When you talk about financial literacy, is it important to understand, these are not the building societies of the 1980s. There are other places to go?Yes, shop around. A lot of sad stories, some are in camera and I can't talk about. But shocking news we had put to the committee and the shocking reaction of banks when they going into receivership for farms, they don't know how to care for the land and animals. The fire sale prices, the receivers and liquidators must sell for the best price but that doesn't work. The committee will work on the report and gather information but concerning evidence coming forward. But I have been around the finance story long enough, there are two stories.Don't you feel better there is a bloke like this in the parliament.Thank you.I I will see you for lunch next week in Queensland.We will catch up on the Goldy.A quick break. Back with more, Rita Panahi will talk about us and also, among other things the Trump thing I am not going to say again.

Thank you so much for watching. What a line-up we have for you in the second hour, Gareth Parker joins us. A great man, lovely to see you. Great to see you too.And must-read stuff in the Herald Sun. And Peter Berner, must-watch stuff.Thank you. I love you are resplendaboutant, black on black. This is where the Trumites are going to get annoyed. The bloke is not perfect. He likes to throw the twitter bomb very early in the morning, America time, because it changes the subject of what everyone was planning to talk about on morning television. In the past, it has been the Russia investigation, Jeff Sessions in relation to the Russia investigation, health care. So he throws a distraction bomb and they work. So, at a political tactic, it is no different than what established politicians do here, it is just more blatant and a louder bomb. But I do have an issue when it hurts people. There is no doubt, after seeing interviews with people who are transmembers of the Defence Force, this thing hurts people and it is intended to hurt people. This is what he wrote 23

Now, reader, he may have the view - look, Obama, this is a law, by the way, the government would pay for your reassignment if it was part of the Defence Force. It is only something recent and ratified by Obama in the dying days of the government. We are not talking about 30 years of policy being flipped on its head. But if you are going to do something that has genuine human consequences, does you do it on twitter?You are if you are Donald Trump. I don't know why anyone is surprised. It is how he was on the campaign and how he is in the presidency. As aghast as most of us in the media and celebrity world, all the Hollywood stars have come out and condemned this, I think it is something the majority of Americans would back. I think he is on fairly firm ground as far as his base goes, anyway, the Republican base.This is my thing, I, you know, the twitter distraction bomb you turnaround and insult a celebrity or denigrate a political opponent or say, "What about the leaks" or make some sort of nebulous claim, but this is very specific and targeted and personalised thing. I am all up to yell and scream about genderless bathrooms and identity politics, but when you literally go after people specifically to change a subject, that shi ts me.You are talking about people who are prepared to lay their life down in defence of the nation, they can be male, female, transgender, they are doing more heroically than Eric or Donald Jr have done. When I first read the tweet when Colbert pointed out, which came with the dot, dot, dot. And we has been watching about Transformers and worrying about Optmous Prime. It is manifestly hurtful a thing to be saying to men and women, transgender people, who are willing, as I said, willing to lay their life down for their nation.Again, people will think, Paul somehow cracked and his gooey, lefty heart is falling out. The people who are affected are people who was, a person who has transitioned is a member of Team Seal 6, not a pencil pusher, the pointiest end of the spear, sure, it might only be one, two, a few hundred, but these are willing to do for our country and none of us.And yet, the master manipulator has done it again and we are all falling for it. It is a decision made by the Obama administration and a timeframe for it to be implemented. July one was when it was supposed to be. Mad Dog Maddis had requested a delay while he came up with a plan to for implement it. From the reports I read, he is on leave at the moment, so it is a decision announced by the President, without reference to his Secretary of Defense, without any reference to the Defence Department and the background is the healthcare vote, which is stumbling and bumbling along, they have got the numbers to repeal but they can't agree on a plan. The other issue is the fight that Donald Trump has picked with one of the earliest and most loyal supporters, a man who is convinced Republican sceptic whose are concerned about President Trump's bona fides, in terms of Jeff Sessions, he has picked a fight because he is concerned that Jeff Sessions isn't defending him well enough in the Russia investigation and he drops the bomb and we have all fallen for it.Part of what I enjoy about this show and the forum of having longer to talk is to explain we are not just outraged because it happened but why it is outraged. Rita, as you say, for Donald Trump, the benefit of the doubt I do give him on these things, if everyone in the establishment said don't do that, he never would have become President, if he followed their advice. But he middle fingered them through the general and biprocesses and nothing is flipped in the United States since he became President, so he is going to keep pushing the button.And I would be surprised if he did this entirely on his own. I am sure he would have consulted with general Maddes and got his input. It is not something he is going to tweet out at 2 in the morning and set the agenda in this area without any advice whatsoever. Like I said, I think it is something that the mainstream Republican voters are not going to be outraging that many. Of course, it is upsetting a great many people who, perhaps, would never vote for him in the first place or ever consider voting for him. But my own personal opinion is that if someone is fit to serve, then they should be able to, regardless of what gender they decide to be, but I do have a question about the government paying for sex reassignment in the States. That is not something that is widely supported in America.Sure, but the person who wants it shouldn't be able to serve.Absolutely. I am with you there. I don't see why you should count out people who If are...You pass the fitness test, you are in.But it is a feeble justification to claim the cost. They have got $47,000 office chairs for goodness sake. That is what makes it more insulting, that is the reason you are choosing.That is what he is saying, the tremenlds cost.-- tremendous cost. It is a tremendous cost.Those already serving in the military, that is where the gaps are, the presidential edict by tweet, what happens to those people? There is dispute around the I numbers...Suspect the few hundred. Let's talk about George Pell here. I keep having to say this because it helps set the table for those who haven't seen the show all week. We are in one hell of a straight jacket about what we can and can't talk about in the situation. But we can keep focusing around is a lot of the theatre around all this and part of someone freely walking in and out of court is part of the theatre about innocent until proven guilty, a free person and the rest of it. So, therefore, when you surround that person with a series of police officers and you let the media jump on them and let's be honest, you have the scene that we saw a couple of days ago where you can read plenty into that as well. As I said to you last night on the show, at a film premier, Will Smith doesn't get surrounded by cops and yet we are able to put a barrier up and say, "Cameras, film the person walking from there to there". But the phalanx of people around him, it was around sending a message that had nothing to do with what happened to him when he got past the door.Will Smith is different, there are damaged and hurt people out there. He is a target, mate. It doesn't take much for someone to go, "My opportunity is this and I am going to walk up the steps of the courthouse," and bang.Sure, but there are ways to protect. There are ways of not needing to be like that. You could have had a barrier to keep people around and keep people between him and said bang, which is a correct thing. But then the Age said

This was interpreted by the same people who printed that absolute lies and about the lies we

Now, that is what is wrong here.It is nonsense. Paul, I am about as big a freedom of the press person as you will find, but I don't think yesterday's scene particularly contributed much to our understanding of the case. I thought it was potentially dangerous, not just to George Pell but to actual members of the working media and any passers by who happened to be on it street in Melbourne. It would have been better, I don't know if police anticipated. I heard a report it was 100 media from a dozen countries and it would be better if there were orderly arrangements. I don't agree with taking him into the back and special treatment, but I do agree with public order.But the whole thing, as Andrew Bolt, one of his editorials, no special treatment. The special treatment was what we saw yesterday. It wasn't him being taken care of. It was him being paraded.Hmm. But I don't know how else you get him into the court. He didn't need to be there yesterday. It was an appearance that could have gone ahead, the court date, without his presence. But he chose to be there. And it is a public street and I don't know how else you can get him in there unless you are going to fence off a section of a major CBD street. So he can walk it, you know, on his own, without being interfered with. So it is sort of an impossible situation, because they do want to treat him like everybody else but he is not like everybody else.But what about "police may smuggle Pell".The commentdryry, that is the Age, what do you expect. Chuck it in the bin. Ignore it.He could attempt to move in a very mysterious way.Is this how every subsequent court appearance is going to be with George Pell? He didn't need to be at this one. Another one in October and then the trial won't take place until next year. It will go for several weeks, I am sure about that. Is this what we are going to see every day nowDon't forget, the problem for anyone in this situation is that if the only vision they have of you is that vision and then you go through the back door for the next X number of months, what is the vision they are going to show you? That is why you need an arrangement for someone to come and go, so at the very last minute the barriers up, the cameras this side. But he is the one on trial, not the entire church. They have plenty of issues I I have been more than critical, but the institutional responses to child abuse is what we have having an inquiry into. I can't get deeper into the personal situation but it is going before the courts now. Let's talk about a particularly sad story from WA. And Gareth, I want to lean on your expertise. It reads:

Now, you can have all the chats you want about special representatives in parliament and fiddling with the words in the Constitution, this is the we have to talk about. Gareth, there are plenty more stories around suicides of 13-year-olds but the idea the family away the money for the funeral?It underlies the total dysfunction and break down of many, not all, perhaps not even most, but of many remote Aboriginal communities in northern Australia. I don't think that people can really get their heads around the scale of the problems and the social implications of what we are talking about unless they have been up there and seen it themselves. It is worth pointing out this evidence was led in an inquiry held by the Western Australia coroner. 10 years ago, almost to the month, there was a similar inquiry with almost identical terms of reference by the former coroner, Alistair Hope. You have summarised part of the evidence, unfortunately, nothing much has changed. Now, these are intergenerational problems. They are not problems that have been ignored by government. In fact, every government at state level has tried to have a crack at doing something about it. But the challenges are of such a scale, the community dysfunction is of such a scale, that these are the sorts of problems that you are confronted with. It is very difficult, quite frankly, to know what to do without about it.But, also, the reason to talk about this too, Rita, we had the conversation last week on the show, somebody in Melbourne is very passionate about need for changes in the Constitution and the special extra body for people to wave fingers, I almost said the word in my head. Hugger that. When you spend $30 million on the Aboriginal question as it is called or the Aboriginal industry and you have a situation as ridiculous as this, it is not about worthy feelings and hang wringing, it is about this!We spend so much time and energy talking about changing the date we celebrate Australia Day, we talk about Sorry Day and changing the Constitution, but the real issues that affect lives we shy away from. Because if you do venture into that area and you do want to talk about it and discuss it, the reaction from some activists is just so utterly ugly and unhinged that it detracts from the discussion. And I think it is THE greatest shame in this country, the fact that we have got 13-year-olds killing themselves, never mind their family gambling away the funeral money, but the incidents of abuse, sexual abuse, neglect, domestic violence in some of those communities is appalling and far exceeds anything we see in any other facet of Australian life. We have got to talk about it. We can't shy away from it. We can't be silenced by activists who scream and shout and call you a racist or a bigot because you actually care about this and you want to have a discussion about it and have some steps to do something about it. And the lives those children are condemned to is heartbreaking. Those children, if they were white and blue-eyed, they would be saved and taken away and they would be put somewhere safe. But there is again, this great resistance to do that because we don't want to have an another stolen generation. So the level of neglect and abuse has to be greater for them to be removed for a nonindigenous kid to be removed and that is not right. Every child should have the same protections and the same opportunities. I just think it is an absolute shame for this country, for a rich, prosperous country, to have this situation and it's not improving. I think it is appalling.Yes, but also the thing too here, Peter, that people need to understand, it is disgusting this story travels virtually no further than worth. Yes, a little bit of Can national...I tell you, to be perfectly honest, it has probably been under covered here.If it was happening overseas, out cries and the banner story in news stories and saying the kids need to be removed. We are paralysed by the fear of being paternalistic and our history. As a white man, I am happily to lean on the wisdom of the Aboriginal elders in this case, but I think you absolutely have to, and it is going to sound the wrong thing, those kids, if you want to break the cycle, the kids have got to be removed or you condemn to repeat that ad infinitum and we go, my God, wring our hands and weep for these children and do nothing about it. It is not like there is not enough money, there is an of money, the money has to be put in the hands of the people who best - I can't, I have no concept of what is going on there.There are leaders in the community, often the older women, need to be supported by hook or by crook. There are some communities who have declared themselves dry. One road in, one road out. It is very difficult to keep the communities dry who have elected to do that but you have got to support the older women in particular who just despair about the way their sons and daughters and grand kids behave. That has got to be the starting point. I don't think it is the only solution. I don't think it is about resourcing. Everyone has made the point, we all agree. But you have got to support those few shining leaders who are saying enough is enough, we are not prepared to accept this. The solutions have to come from within communities.Also, too, a couple of people I have noticed on twitter. These conversations always quickly side track and this side track, somebody having a go at a funeral company for asking for money to pay for a service. Can I just say this and I am sorry to put the incredibly personal experience here, when Leo died in August, five years ago, our baby, the funeral company said we are not going to charge you. There would have been distance involved all the rest of it. It is not they are heartless bustards making money, but something I know from personal experience, the funeral industry will go out of its way when it is a life that should not have ended in that fashion, they are not charging you. That is my experience. A quick break, go Yankees, love your little boy.

Thank you so much for watching. If you want to be part of the show, you know what to do. Send me an email. Next week, the show is coming to you live from the Gold Coast all week long and if you see a fat bearded bloke in the back of the V8, it is me. A Holden man. Ryan's story and Dick Johnson are fans of this show so we will return the favour and you can see it on Fox sports.Rita, Ford or Holden? Goodness, BMW.This is a very fundamental question here. We have discussed it with Gareth Parker before.I don't mind.You are used to having no desk.No, we are couch dwellers, we surf.You can see him tomorrow night and Saturday night. Let's change the pace and talk about the things in the to-do list. Including a stupid council decision. The Daily Mail has this story, the family has been told to remove the second driveway, the council is located on the Gold Coast. The car makes it up and down, but the front yard is considered too wrong. They decided to put it all in. They did the money to cut up the street, $30,000 to remove it because the council doesn't like a second driveway. This is just nothingness. Like, OK, if you decided to sort of make something unsafe for the footpath when someone was walking on it, that is the issue. But who cares what happens on your property?This shows you are you we are overgoverned. Local government can be absorbed into State Government easily. Government attracts people with delusions of grandier. They want to get involved in all sorts of global and national issues, not happy with just fixing the pot holes. Fly the same-sex marriage flag and make a stance on refugees. Pick up a bin and make sure the toys are not as diseased as they were last months.It is not too complicated. And they get drunk with power. Telling a homeowner how many driveways they can have. Who wants two.You can't have two?How many? One garage, one driveway.The dream is two, drive in and drive out.No, that is your circular driveway, that is one driveway doing this business. Don't bring me that, that is a bit of your social climbing right there. Because it is not a large enough estate.It has got to be some sort of estateYou can't have a lock on a small estate.We had one on my program yesterday, on 6 PR, a council south of the river, the city of melve fining people $300 if they don't put the right thing in the right bin, they will spend bin inspectors.I don't want people to look in my bins.Exactly.If you leave your bin on the steet street too long, you can also cop a fine. Can't they focus on people who leave their boats in front of other people's houses. Once you have done the basics and steam cleaned the toys at the library, then move on to the boat, leave the double driveway to itself. But you have a fan in Peter Berner here. One man, one driveway.That is it.Do we trust technology too much when it comes to driving. Your GPS, how much power you give over. The GPS tells me to go this way, 9 times out of 10 it will get you there, because if they make it a one-way street the week before you are screwed. I think it is a great idea, but you can imagine people being too reliant is what Telstra has got. It has launched and tested an app that can warn cars to drivers. There is a piece of technology existing called the windscreen. Rita, be honest, do you trust the tech around you more than you should?Definitely, and it cost me a car door, talking about it. Because I rely on the censors. I was getting outf a parking spot and the censors weren't beeping at me and I proceeded and suddenly, I heard this scrape and I thought what the hell is that? For some reasons my censors failed me.Is that senses or censors?I was outraged. And also, you get - the automatic stuff. I have got my wind screen wipers, my lights, everything is on automatic and when you get into a car you have got to do it yourself, it is disconcerting. Why is all this rain on my windshield? What is happening. I love it. My thing is, you know how they have those park assist with cars, if you press it, your driver's licence should blow up. If you can't park a car, why are you driving it faster than that.You can't be a pedestrian on a street unless you have your smartphone that talks to the cars with the technology?We give over the trust. If nothing else, if there was an accident, not my fault, the app says that. Sorry sir, I wasn't speeding, the Speedo says it.I would like them to work on an app that tells me why my broadband is crashing or the phone is not working. That is the core business. And the apps send an alert on the phone you can't touch. How does that work?Not look, not touch. Very good point. Supposed to be cradled. But that is a distraction. Look down, Oh! A wall. That is it in. In Washington, in the United States, the state, not the city, they have a fine that is not just for talking on the phone, but if for whatever reason they say you are a distracted driver they will fine you, among other things, smoking, eating, all the rest of it. I think we can all agree, though, that a disagreement with partner could perhaps be the single greatest distraction in driving but you can't police it, you can't measurer it but when you are blowing up at each other.The kids in the back.And the blinky eyes. You know, put on the Justine CD and everything is ookay. Victoria is about to join the rest of the country to say the consumption of a product outside is fine worthy. I am in minority, on this, smoking will be banned from all outdoor dining areas in Melbourne last week. Those who ignore the fine, P Murray, will be fined. Rita, are you looking forward to a smoke-free-ish Melbourne?I have got to say, when it comes to these laws, I have become a fan of the nanny state, suddenly. Only because smokers tends to monopolise the best areas, the alfresco areas where you want to be, particularly on a nice evening. You can't because everyone is on the fags and you go home to wash your hair.But you get all the nice stuff, in Melbourne, a heater indoors. Half of the year is for you, half is for me.I am soften. One thing that turns me against smokers is the littering. I hate the littering. If you guys clean said up after yourselves your would have a lot more support.You will never finds cigar butts around. It is the cigarette people.Uptty cigarette smokers. Don't care.It is no good for you.Let it go. It is on the way out.You can build a humidor in your own home like Arnold Schwarzenegger does. Being the bubble boy and smoke.Here is the thing, Gareth, they didn't put a tax on lead paint, they banned it.I am not going to shed tears if smokers can't pollute around me while I eat. When you are next in Melbourne, I am going to take you somewhere where you can smoke to your heart's content and gamble, because there are areas of Crown where they have exemptions. It is like the '70.My body type is best described as whale. The bank balance is not for the tum-tum. That is a Minke. Let's take a break. Plenty more to talk about here on Paul Murray Live.

Thank you so much for watching in the studio with Peter Berner and happening?
myself, Paul Murray and lots happening?You going to be playing role, with Senator Malcolm Roberts tonight.What did you think?I think there will be big questions. If you look at the front page of the Australian, the MP fiasco extends to blood lines and I assure you they will redo the on the basis of your interview. Malcolm Roberts, the bottom line he was officially renunciated by the UK on December five and people will play merry hell with that.His argument in all this, for those who didn't catch it and we will have highlights in a couple of minutes time and it will be up on Facebook tomorrow, he believes, well, look, if I never was, then what is - it doesn't matter when I was ultimately told I was no longer because if I never was. But we ain't the High Court. I just presented the time line.There is nothing to prove he was a UK citizen ut but there is a document that says he renunciated it on December 5. All around the country, council amalgamations and played merry hell with the New South Wales Premier Gladys Berejikilian.I have sympathy, forgive me for being ABC, both sides. The government took it to an election saying we will merge councils, no surprise. But in regional areas, this is A-1, because local council is your touch to government, it is a lot better, a lot more plausible than Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane.A lot of amalgamations make sense but every government in a range of states that has tried to do it has run into strife.Rita is panicking and also in Perth, Gareth Parker. A couple of quick things here. I want to show you a building, a building called Sirius building, a building a court case is going to save for a little while longer and I love this building. I love it. I know a lot of people will hate it but I love this thing is going to get a crack. It is a very Sydney story but I love something on the skyline that is not the same boring metal, glass, spike into the air, it is an era from a different time. I don't know if it should be kept for public housing, or turn it into a hotel?No, keep it for public housing. It looks like the middle finger, the architect was not dumb. I love that old mate can live there. It is wonderful. We can afford to have one building that does that.You can have the top floor for that bloke.No!Rita, you have seen the building yourself, was it worth saving?Put a bomb under it and bring it down. It is hideous. Something we would see in the Soviet Union. The wag in me looks at that and goes that is wasted prime real estate. Demolish and rebuild. Garish, with Perth, these issues would come up all the time, do we save this, knock it over. My issue if it is sandstone, can't touch it, there is history. But these will be the history of the future.If you think it is ugly now, wait 20, 30 years and it will become more attractive. In the 1980s, all the houses built in the '60s were ugly but now, the best thing you can invest in.Finally, Google Home has been launched in the last little while, a device sits there and like sir Siri, ask them a question but it means the microphone is working at all times. Are you paranoid, the camera on the laptop, do you put the babd band aid over the top of it?I see a need if you are disabled or immobile and want to turn lights on, but if you are lazy and won't get up and turn the lighten on, get up and turn the light on!Rita, do you welcome the electronic concierge into your home?No, I am a late adopter. There are things that are necessary, we are so lazy and sedentary as it is, why do we need more? We are told to go and walk and climb stairs and now we can't get up in our home to turn off the lights. The peak was remote control. You found the perfect use and Steve Jobs polished the wheel, but the wheel was invented when I didn't have to get up to change a channel, which I hope you don't do now or into the future. Thank you all, Peter Berner, and Rita Panahi, Gareth Parker.Go, Tigers, go. Yankees and we will see you Monday for Paul Murray Live from the the Gold Coast. Captions by Ericsson Access Services.