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(generated from captions) fined
outside the school gates has been Katy
fined for being a public nuisance. said
Katy she was fined $500 and she did
said some pretty nasty things but I'm
did she deserve it, do you think? a
I'm the first to admit that I have to
a terrible potty mouth, but I have at
to - I do not swear in - while I'm hours
at work, obviously, for the three try
hours while I'm on air and I also children
try not to swear in front of my words
children and I wouldn't say the my
words this lady uttered in front of and
my children and in a school yard other
and in the car park at school when there's
other children are around and when direct
there's other parents. You do not the
direct that at another person in this
the way that this lady did. So, in a
this case while I do have a bit of appropriate.
a foul mouth, I don't think it's Lisa
appropriate.It was an extreme case their
Lisa but should parents always hold do
their tongue around children what None
do you think?Of course they should. None of us do.

None of us do. I don't. If there in
was going to be fines for swearing money
in front of your child. Take my bankrupt.
money now. I will be broke, I
bankrupt. I'm a passionate person. it
I can get angry.We have to leave much
it there for today. Thank you so both
much for your time. We will see you you.
both very shortly.Thank you.See today.
you.Thanks to you for joining us afternoon
today. Coming up next is the Live
afternoon news.
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This program will be captioned live by Ai-MediaGood afternoon. First pay
breaking news update on the ungoing Australia.
pay dispute involving Cricket James
Australia. Cricket Australia boss press
James Sutherland has just had a he
press conference in Melbourne where plan
he has rejected the so-called peace Cricket
plan proposed by the Australian We
Cricket Association. Take a listen. in
We seem to be bogged down at times strategies
in process and bogged down in designed,
strategies that are, perhaps, certainly
designed, to slow things down, but see
certainly from our perspective we --
see the ensi. I think cricket fans fancy
-- see the urgency. I think cricket probably
fancy the urgency. Cricket fans are and
probably tired of reading about it needs
and talking about it. The show There's
needs to get back on the road. Bangladesh
There's big tours against summer
Bangladesh and India and a great So
summer of cricket, Ashes cricket. Nine
So what does it mean for the sport? here.
Nine presenter Neil Breen joins us heard
here. It's the first time we've of
heard from James Sutherland. A lot Bangladesh
of speculation. We have the Ashes
Bangladesh tour, India and the in
Ashes over summer and deadline now short-term
in place. They have to get to a mean?
short-term agreement. What does it Sutherland
mean?What's happened today. James issue
Sutherland has been quiet on the four
issue for a long time. There were conference.
four key things in today's press rejected
conference. Cricket Australia has the
rejected the latest peace plan by The
the Australian Cricket Association. for
The cricketers. It was con Vo luted to
for going a lot of wages going back Australia
to junior cricket. Cricket Australia said there was devil in the detail and it was a bad deal want
for us. What they said is what we short
want to do is put the players on Bangladesh
short contracts so they can tour Day
Bangladesh and tour India in One Australia
Day Series worth a lot of money to the
Australia and cricketers. And also for
the Ashes go aheadAnd important for the fans.Exactly right. For the first time ever Cricket about
Australia said we are concerned deadline
about the Ashes and we have see
deadline pressures here. They can away.
see the weeks and months friterring Cricket
away. There is no way for fans, for Ashes.
Cricket Australia you could have no Ashes. Then the fourth key thing is Fair
Cricket Australia is prepared to players
Fair Work Australia, put the to
players on short-term contracts, go MOU
to Fair Work Australia get a new MOU in the longer term and whatever Australia
Fair Work Australia says cricket whatever
Australia is prepared to accept saying
whatever they say. And they are Association
saying to the Australian Cricketers prepared
Association the cricketers we're come
prepared to do are you prepared to their
come to Fair Work Australia and cop favour.
their decision if it goes in our admitted
favour.Importantly they have both bit
admitted there needs to be a little We
bit of compromise on both fronts. conference.
We have a bit more of the press conference. Listen.

conference. Listen.We are parties
proposing in the short-term both strong
parties get together with really sorted.
strong intent to get this deal sorted. And hopefully by

sorted. And hopefully by the time situation
early next week we can have the that
situation resolved in the event we're
that it's not resolved at that time matters
we're proposing that any residual sent
matters that haven't been resolved deadline
sent to ash racial.There is a week.
deadline in place for early next week. We're presuming Monday next week. Have we heard from

week. Have we heard from the been
Players Association. This has only vocal
been put to them and they have been cricketers
vocal including high profile and
cricketers including Dave Warner them.
and Steve Smith.We will hear from Cricket
them. I smoke to the Australian press
Cricket association at 3:10 and the had
press conference at 3:30 and they going
had no idea James Sutherland was going to say.He said he put it to of
them.He would have phoned the boss association
of the Australian Cricketers waited
association and they would have will
waited to see what he said and they response.
will come and and form their the
response. They will have to talk to captain
the senior players, talk to the they're
captain Steve Smith, David Warner, find
they're the players representatives back
find out what they think and go days
back to cricket Australia. Big few done.
days ahead. They want to get a deal will
done. I think it's more likely we and
will see the short-term contracts They
and go to Fair Work Commission. 10
They have to be in camp by August what
10 to go to Bangladesh. We will see joy
what happens. There 's wide spread council
joy more than a dozen of Sydney's forced
council after their unpopular by
forced mergers were abruptly dumped O'Keefe
by the NSW government. Chris ago
O'Keefe broke the story two days Premier
ago and joins us now. Why did the The
Premier back away from the fight? was
The first is that Woollahra Council were
was going to the High Court. They with
were challenging their forced merge put
with Waverley and Randwick. That position.
put the Premier in an impossible Court
position. If they won that High going
Court case is she was potentially elected
going to have to sack 14 newly four
elected councils only months into a policy
four year term. If she lost the thing
policy was dead anyway. The other Electoral
thing was the fact the NSW regardless
Electoral Commission says unmerged
regardless if you're merged or go
unmerged as a council you have to 9.
go to local elections on September but
9. The Premier had really no choice Tuesday.
but to act. We broke this on position
Tuesday. She said that as a policy thoroughly
position in and of itself she says
thoroughly believes in it but she says the implementation was very

says the implementation was very ago
much lacking.Perhaps up two years process
ago when we entered into this hindsight
process with the benefit of things
hindsight we should have done the
things differently. I'm going to be my
the first one to say that. I think Another
my colleagues will feel the same. not
Another day another back flip. It's as
not so much as a case of bad policy community
as a bad government.Within the opposition
community there was strong fought
opposition to the mergers. We Today's
fought the fight on their behalf. local
Today's decision is a great win for councils
local democracy.Now, there are 14 here
councils in Sydney that have won Burwood,
here and will stand alone. They're Hornsby
Burwood, Canada Bay, Strathfield, Hunters
Hornsby Hornsby, Ku-ring-gai, North
Hunters Hill, Lane Cove, Ryde, and
North Beach, Waverley, Woollahra those
and Randwick. If you're a voter in poles
those areas you will go to the your
poles on September 9 and vote for stand
your council as you always have as embarrassing
stand alone entities. This is an for
embarrassing and damaging back flip she
for the Premier. This is something February
she could have cleaned up in Premier
February when she first became mergers
Premier when she scrapped all the refused
mergers in country areas. She was
refused to do that saying the city she
was different from the country and the
she was going to push ahead with later
the city mergers. Seven months no
later she has back flipped. There's government
no doubt it will damage her family
governmentVery messy ordeal. A heart
family has been left devastated and man
heart broken after a 30-year-old Sydney's
man was killed by police the year-old
Sydney's Central Station. The 30- broken
year-old killed allegedly held a florist
broken bottle to the neck of a officers
florist before he was shot by The
officers responding to the incident. a
The shooting is now the subject of by
a critical incident investigation reporter
by police. We will cross to our the
reporter later in the bulletin for investigation.
the latest developments in that will
investigation. A 21 Queensland man relation
will soon learn his fate in Tiahleigh
relation to the death of zool girl has
Tiahleigh Palmer. Joshua Thorburn the
has pleaded guilty to perverting and
the course of justice and perjury afternoon.
and is due to be sentenced this report
afternoon. Clare Hunter filed this Thorburn,
report a short time ago.Joshua accused
Thorburn, the son the murder sentenced
accused Ricky Thorby is due to be sentenced shortly. The 21-year-old attempting
has pleaded guilty to perjury and justice
attempting to pervert the course of investigation
justice in relation to the Tiahleigh
investigation into the death of school
Tiahleigh Palmer. Now, the Logan murdered
school girl just 12 years old was was
murdered in October 2015. Her body Pimpama
was discovered on the banks of the with
Pimpama River. She will be living with her

with her foster family and was in foster
in a sexual relationship with her against
foster brother. The allegations investigation
against Josh follow a lengthy involved
investigation where the family were hearings.
involved in a number of triple C lice
hearings. It relates to counts to lice Joshua Thorburn told in the charged
hearings. His father is Rick is Trent
charged with murder. His brother mother
Trent is facing incest charges. His perjury
mother Julene has pleaded guilty to the
perjury and attempting to pervert biological
the course of justice. Her in
biological mother Sine has arrived supported
in court for the sentencing Joshua
supported by friends and family. The
Joshua Thorburn is facing jail time. attempted
The charges of perjury and justice
attempted to pervert the course of seven
justice carry a maximum sentence of Colombian
seven years behind bars.A accept
Colombian judge has refused to Australian
accept a plea bargain for Sainsbury.
Australian drug mule Cassie its
Sainsbury. So, he can investigate fronted
its legality. The 22-year-old morning
fronted court in Bogota this a
morning after she reportedly struck serve
a plea deal with prosecutors to deal
serve a six year jail term. That cross
deal is now up in the air. We will story
cross live to Colombia for the full to
story later this afternoon. Still the
to come in Nine News preparing for that
the worst. The confronting scenes serious
that help our police train for when
serious and deadly attacks. Also tragedy.
when a day at the fair ends in were
tragedy. Why these thrill seekers ride.
were thrown out of a moving show tell
ride. Plus Trump's latest fan will tell you why the US President wants because
to kick people out of the military around
because of their gender. And stick you
around because we will introduce you to

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One person has been killed and the
several others seriously injured at States.
the Ohio state fair in the United being
States. Video has emerged of people when
being thrown from an amusement ride to
when it malfunctioned.We will get investigate
to the bottom of this. We will complete
investigate it. There will be some
complete transparency. We will have evening
some records for you available this show
evening that we will be able to inspected.
show how this particular ride was among
inspected.A 13-year-old girl is President
among those who was injured. The US sweeping
President has made a sudden and trance
sweeping policy change banning serving
trance generaler people from decision
serving in the military. The announced
decision shocked many when it was Twitter.
announced by Donald Trump on Trump
Twitter.As a candidate Donald lesbian
Trump promised to protect gay, first
lesbian and transgender right. The promise
first nominee ever to make such a As
promise at a Republican convention. everything
As your President I will do everything in my

everything in my power to protect violence
our LGBTQ citizens from the hateful,
violence as oppression of the me.
hateful, foreign ideology. Believe (CHEERING sudden
(CHEERING AND APPLAUSE)But today a surprising
sudden reversal. The President's advisers
surprising even his own top military
advisers with a major change in Twitter.
military policy announced via declared:
Twitter.Please be advised he

Our military:

The Pentagon directed all questions the
to the White House, making it clear himself.
the change came from the President

But the White House couldn't questions.
provide answers to the most basic questions.What transgender
questions.What happens to Are
transgender service members now? the
Are they immediately thrown out of the military?That's something that White
the Department of Defence and the together
White House will have to work place
together as implementation takes study
place and is done so lawfully.A Pentagon
study commissioned last year by the roughly
Pentagon estimates there are members
roughly 2500 transgender service policy
members on active duty. The new quickly
policy and how it was announced was Republicans
quickly criticised by fellow strong
Republicans in congress.I want a be
strong vibrant military. I want to have
be fair. The best way to do this is President's
have a hearing not a Tweet.The transgender
President's most prominent Jenner
transgender supporter Caitlyn from
Jenner re-Tweeted Trump's words from the campaign:

Jenner is now asking:

Still ahead on Nine's Afternoon exclusively
News our reporter in the US speaks about
exclusively to Mark Philippoussis and
about his dad's child abuse charges James
and why Wayne Bennett is confident behind
James Roberts past behaviour is behind him.

Tomorrow on 'Today' Hollywood tar things
Tara Reid is live to talk all feature
things Sharknado ahead of our own making
feature film debut.It's true. And making dreams come true.

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Former tennis star Mark the
Philippoussis has been spotted at father
the San Diego court where his sexual
father Nick is being held on child correspondent
sexual abuse charges. Our Mark
correspondent Lizzie Pearl is there. count
Mark Philippoussis left the north Diego
count Friday court here in San to
Diego this morning having not able year-old
to see or speak to his father. 68- picked
year-old Nick Philippoussis was picked up at his home here in San Taken
Diego yesterday. He was arrestedch. taken
Taken into custody -- arrested, child
taken into custody on 14 counts of Philippoussis
child molestation allegations. Nick was
Philippoussis -- Nick Philippoussis Mark
was a long time coach and mentor to tennis
Mark Philippoussis the Aussie a
tennis star. He had been working as Now,
a tennis coach here in San Diego. victims
Now, police say his two young students
victims were, in fact, young Philippoussis,
students learning tennis from Nick according
Philippoussis, the youngest was
according to Sheriff's documents Philippoussis
was under 10 years old. Now, Mark earlier
Philippoussis left the court speak
earlier today. He was unable to arraignment
speak to his father because that pushed
arraignment date has now been keen
pushed back. He was also not too a
keen on speaking to us. Let's take charges?
a listen.Will he be defending the have
charges?Sorry, no comment.And him
have you managed to have a chat to with
him today?Now, I have also spoken who
with Nick Philippoussis's lawyer plead
who tells me his client intends to appear
plead not guilty when he does date
appear in court. That arraignment be
date has been pushed back. It could time.
be tomorrow or even Friday local the
time. At the moment he's sitting in has
the San Diego central jail. Bail which
has been set at $2.5 million US and
which is more than $3 million here keeping
and I'm told authorities there are being
keeping a close on him and he's prisoners.
being kept away from other emerged
prisoners.Incredible video has red
emerged of a semi trailer running a that's
red light colliding with a car that's crossing the intersection four-wheel
and it topless and smashes into a rest
four-wheel drive which comes to filming
rest in front of the vehicle back
filming the entire thing. Breeny is will
back with sport. Good afternoon.We is
will start with Rugby League. Lots Mannah
is happening. Eels captain Tim in
Mannah still has plenty of belief guth
in his side despite losing Clint challenge
guth zbuth. They face a tough Broncos
challenge this weekend against the their
Broncos who just secured another of Jake
their stars on a long-term deal. be
Jake Duke has more.The Eels will winning
be looking to tend the four game Broncos
winning streak when they host the tomorrow
Broncos here at ANZ Stadium but
tomorrow night. Parramatta sits 7th finals
but they have been written off as loss
finals contenders following the Mannah
loss of Clinton Gutherson. Tim Mannah isn't buying into the talk better.
but admits his side need to be benchmark
better.Broncos always set the good
benchmark in terms of consistently I
good team. It's going to be tough. have.
I am confident with the team we finals
have.The Rabbitohs will not play need
finals football but they know they mounting
need to keep winning to ease the Maguire.
mounting pressure on coach Michael could
Maguire. They face the Raiders who is
could be boosted by Sam Burgess who He
is set to play despite a rib injury. light
He got around yesterday. He's done players
light training this week. Most a
players at some stage get a bit of They
a rib injury. He's no different. There's
They will sort that out by the game. resigning
There's been another major have
resigning for the Broncos. They James
have locked down strike centre The
James Roberts on a four year deal. The club and confidence -- and been
James are kf Kent of things he's up
been doing in the past.He's given months
up alcohol and drugs. Six seven game
months since that and it's been with
game changing.Round 21 kicks off Bulldogs
with the Panthers hosting the it
Bulldogs in Penrith. You can catch network.
it live and free on the Nine Moore
network.Rugby Union and Stephen the
Moore has announced he's hanging up call
the boots. The 34-year-old will at
call full-time on his test career finishing
at the end of this year before I
finishing up in Super Rugby in 2018. months
I just felt like in the last few that
months you know you talk to people know
that have done it. They say you the
know when it's time. I think I have time
the feeling. I felt it's the right and
time to finish the year strongly and then let the next - you know team
the next crop of players take the incredible
team forward.He's played an Wallabies
incredible 120 tests for the Cricket
Wallabies since his debut in 2005. Sutherland
Cricket Australia CEO gyms time
Sutherland has spoken for the first Announcing
time on the on going pay dispute. the
Announcing it will be referred to if
the industrial umpire for a ruling The
if an agreement can't be reached. be
The organisation says players will until
be offered short-term contracts allow
until the dispute is resolved to Indian
allow the up coming Bangladesh, Indian and Ashes tours to go ahead.

Indian and Ashes tours to go ahead. issues
We're prepared to take residual prepared
issues to arbitration and we're decision
prepared to accept whatever parlance
decision comes in this cricketing the
parlance we're prepared to accept so
the umpire's decision and move on played.
so the game of cricket can be still
played.Cricket Australia says it reached
still hopes an agreement can be swimming
reached by early next week. And in picked
swimming Emily McKeon has now the
picked up four silver medaling at The
the world championships in Budapest. The 22-year-old finished second in America's
the 200m free style Thaiing with America's Katie Ledecky. She also mixed
picked up a silver in the 4x100m and
mixed medley relay. Cameron McEvoy 100m
and Jack Cartwright advanced to the more
100m free style final tonight. Some Champion
more news around the masters Champion Sergio Garcia heading to tournament
the Gold Coast for the PGA green
tournament in November.Packing his Still
green jacket I hear.I hope so. Colombia
Still to come we go live to Cassie
Colombia to get the latest on prosecutors.
Cassie Sainsbury plea deal with out
prosecutors. Also the latest fall in
out on the dual citizenship drama still
in Parliament is Senator Canavan shocking
still blaming his mother. And the food
shocking number of children with on
food allergies. Why is the number VOICEOVER:
on the rise. happens.
VOICEOVER: Get the news as it And
happens. Live. Fast. it
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You're watching Nine's Afternoon a
News. Our top stories this Thursday, threatening
a breakthrough in the pay crisis team.
threatening the Cricket Australia today
team. Cricket boss James Sutherland table
today putting a new proposal on the coming
table in a bid to save the up from
coming tours including the Ashes confirms
from being cancelled. The Premier announcing
confirms a major policy back flip longer
announcing today councils will no the
longer be forced to merge across a
the state, including in Sydney. And accept
a Colombian judge has refused to accept a plea

accept a plea bargain from Sainsbury
Australian drug mule Cassie legality.
Sainsbury so he can investigate its descended
legality. Police have once again Station
descended on Sydney's Central witnesses
Station in the hope of talking to deadly
witnesses who saw last night's some
deadly shooting. And a warning to the
some viewers you're about to hear 30-year-old
the moment officers fire and kill a 30-year-old man.

30-year-old man.
the moment officers fire and kill a (SHOTS (SHOTS FIRED)

30-year-old man. is
(SHOTS FIRED)(BLEEP)Elise Baker investigation
is is he scene for us. How is the we've
investigation progressing?Well, hour's
we've been told in about half an officers
hour's time a number of police Central
officers will arrive here at with
Central Station hoping to speak night
with commuters who were here last police
night in the lead-up to the fatal Mokmool.
police shooting of 30-year-old Dan the
Mokmool. Officers were called to night
the florist here about 6:45 last robbery.
night following reports of an armed working
robbery. Now, the man that was says
working at the florist last night glass
says that Mokmool held a broken night.
glass bottle up to his throat last away
night. He somehow managed to get apparently
away from that. Mokmool has then that
apparently grabbed some scissors that were on a table there, inside the florist and as you can see in officers
that footage he appears to lung at lunge
officers with those scissors -- scissors
lunge at officers with those We
scissors when he is shot four times. brother
We have spoken with Mokmool's half all
brother who says he's shocked by found
all of this. He actually initially someone
found out about this incident when footage,
someone sent him that mobile phone didn't
footage, but he says at first he didn't realise that it was his own listen
brother involved. Let's take a sort
listen to what he's had to say.I character
sort of just seen like an Asian cops
character and I was like, wow the did
cops actually shot him. And little brother
did I know it ended up being my has
brother after all. This, I guess, family
has pretty much shocked my whole Now,
family up and pretty shocked me. thankfully
Now, the florist Emmaneul Theoharas small
thankfully he only sustained a ordeal
small cut to his neck during this would
ordeal but he says he fears he it
would have been killed himself if those
it were not for the actions of listen
those police officers. Let's take a feel
listen to what he's had to say.I in
feel sorry for him but I could be REPORTER:
in the same position. Because
REPORTER: What makes you say that? could
Because he had bottle my neck. He has
could do big damage to me.So this incident,
has been declared a critical Squad
incident, a team from the Homicide circumstances
Squad is now investigating all the shooting.
circumstances surrounding this thank
shooting.We will leave it there twist
thank you. There has been a major Australian
twist in the case against again Sainsbury.
Australian drug mule Cassie take
Sainsbury. For the details we will is
take you live to Seb Costello who her
is Bogota. She may have jeopardised is
her plea deal. Tell us more.That arrived
is certainly the case. All parties plea
arrived at court today expecting a prosecutors
plea deal between Cassie and the prosecutors to be formalised. That accept
plea deal was that Cassie would trafficking
accept responsibility for drug would
trafficking and the prosecutors jail
would in turn recommend a six year then
jail sentence to the judge. But completely.
then Cassie flipped the script that
completely. She refused to accept trafficker
that she intended to become a drug did
trafficker and said that she only against
did it because she received threats Here
against herself and her family. courtroom
Here is the moment from inside the courtroom that this situation

courtroom that this situation changed completely.

changed completely.
courtroom that this situation

And with this the prosecutors situation
erupted. They said that that They
situation was not part of the deal. to
They said that Colombia cannot look won't
to be soft on this case or they reputation
won't get rid of the cocaine laced said
reputation the country has. They Cassie
said there was no evidence that there
Cassie was threatened nor were Even
there any threats to her family. prove
Even her lawyer said they couldn't occurred.
prove these threats actually had
occurred. The judge decided head he parties
had no choice but to say to all go
parties that you have two weeks to and
go back to the negotiating table everybody
and come up with an adpreement Sainsbury
everybody can be happy with. Cassie case
Sainsbury returned to jail and the 9.
case will return to court on August you.
9.We will leave it there, thank murder
you. A possible breakthrough in the man
murder investigation of a homeless two
man in Maroubra. It's understood unprovoked
two men have been charged over the Peter
unprovoked death of 68-year-old story
Peter Hoffman last month. The full Former
story in the News tonight at 6:00. Canavan
Former Federal Minister Matt after
Canavan has defended his mother dual
after earlier blaming her for the brought
dual citizenship drama that has political
brought great uncertainty to his more
political career. Fiona Willan has the
more for us from Canberra. What did his
the senator have to say.He says thought
his mum Maria meant well. She interests
thought she was acting in his best an
interests when she signed him up as of
an Italian citizen and wasn't aware fortnight
of the ramifications until the past resigned.
fortnight when two Green senators conference
resigned. He spoke at a press first
conference in Rockhampton. It's the about
first time he answered questions announcement
about this since the big he
announcement on Tuesday night when A
he revealed he was quitting cabinet. legal
A few hours ago he speak about the also
legal battle that lice ahead and his
also the impact this is having on we
his family.The legal advice that I'm
we have is it leads us to conclude It's
I'm not in breach of section 44. family.
It's pretty tough obviously for my without
family. I wouldn't be doing this Very
without the support of my family. resilient
Very fortunate to have a strong and Barnaby
resilient family.This afternoon new
Barnaby Joyce was sworn in as the nationals
new resources minister. The senator
nationals leader will replace redefine
senator Canavan while he fights to High
redefine his citizenship in the weighed
High Court. Richard Di Natale the
weighed into this debate. He says Canavan
the rules are clear and Matt He
Canavan should resign as a senator. Take
He also seems to doubt his story. something
Take a listen.There's also circumstances
something about senator Canavan's up.
circumstances that don't quite add (SPEAKS
up. As my dad would say about
(SPEAKS ITALIAN) there's a whiff an
about this.The greens called for sure
an urgent audit of all MPs to make national.
sure nobody he is else is a dual people
national. This may not be over.Two early
people are in custody after an Wilberforce.
early morning raid at home at property
Wilberforce. Police stormed the northwest
property in the city's outer that
northwest seizing various items make
that were allegedly being used to 21-year-old
make drugs. A 23-year-old man and the
21-year-old woman were taken from police
the scene and are now assisting are
police with inquiries. Three men night
are on the run following a late west.
night crime spree across Sydney's car
west. A 22-year-old was parking his the
car at Blacktown last night when demanded
the trio approached him and assaulted
demanded cash. The victim was then with
assaulted before the offender fled Honda
with his phone and wallet in a blue emergency
Honda Accord. There was a full gunman
emergency in Sydney this morning a trapped
gunman on the loose and passengers Thankfully
trapped on a burning ferry. to
Thankfully it was just a simulation services
to help equip our emergency for
services with the critical tools including
for large scale tragedies, including terror attacks.

including terror attacks. Tiffany forgiven
Genders reports.You would be real
forgiven for thinking this was a fire
real life emergency. A ferry on filling
fire on Sydney Harbour, smoke trapped
filling the cabin, commuters urgent
trapped and two of them in need of all
urgent help. Thankfully, this is response
all a set-up to test the skills and border
response from our police, firies, them
border and Port Authorities.Bring crucial.
them out now.It's really, really trialled
crucial. To date we actually the
trialled a radio network between here.
the services and also the docks police
here. It works very well.Earlier active
police were put to the test in an White
active shooter scenario inside the samelation
White Bay cruise terminal. The fire
samelation involved a man opening a
fire on his partner before going on stormed
a shooting rampage. Officers taking
stormed the building tracking and training
taking down the gunman.This days
training is rolled out over three international
days and it's like at an police
international level. To see our have
police actually utilise what they front
have been trained with particularly a
front line general duties police in extremely
a high risk incident like is is emergency
extremely important.About 80 involved
emergency services personnel were They're
involved in today's operation. critical
They're now equipped with some very called
critical skills that could be for
called upon at any time including The
for a terror or lone wolf attack. who
The family of a three-year-old girl Bali
who was pulled unconscious from a heartbreaking
Bali pool has been given the recover.
heartbreaking news she will never more.
recover. Nine's Hannah Sinclair has facing
more.Kawa Sweeney's parents are of
facing the heartbreaking decision life
of turning off their little girl's doctors
life support after being told by treatment.
doctors she's not responding to been
treatment. The three-year-old has Princess
been in an induced coma here at Monday
Princess Margaret Hospital since unconscious
Monday after being pulled Perth
unconscious from a Bali pool. A minutes
Perth doctor gave her CPR for 45 ambulance
minutes at the villas before an girl
ambulance arrived but the little suffered
girl from Sydney's Northern Beaches after
suffered irreversible brain damage went
after a series of delays meant she an
went without oxygen more more than Kawa
an hour.They ran those tests and quite
Kawa was unresponsive. And it's sort
quite difficult to think beyond, right
sort of, the next five minutes social
right now.Through the power of helped
social media hundreds of strangers to
helped pay for an emergency flight better
to get little Kawa to Australia for in
better treatment. Family has flown in to Perth from across the country funding
to be by Kawa's bedside. A crowd funding page for the little girl

funding page for the little girl Her
has already raised almost $90,000. over
Her family now says any money left whose
over will go to charity.A woman on
whose dramatic arrest was captured The
on camera has been refused bail. charged
The 28-year-old has today been after
charged with attempt ed murder teenage
after allegedly assaulting a with
teenage boy and threatening him with a knife in South Wentworth. the
The victim was not injured during figures
the alleged attack. Some shocking one
figures have emerged today showing allergy.
one in 20 teenagers have a food allergy. Nine's Laura Spurway has examined
the details.This landmark study Melbourne
examined 10,000 children across to
Melbourne aged 10 to 14. It aimed allergies
to discover our prevalent food and
allergies are in thinks age group managed.
and how vigilant they're being Australian
managed. It also found one in 20 allergy
Australian adolescents has a food increase
allergy and this may reflect an increase in commonness in food in
allergy rather than simply a growth and
in reporting. The most are peanuts followed
and tree nuts such as cashews authors
followed by eggs. The studies highlight
authors says it's important to allergies
highlight the prevalence of High
allergies in this age group because parents
High Schools aren't attuned as found
parents of Primary Schools.What we High
found is children when they get to have
High School stop declaring they they're
have an allergy. Maybe because teachers.
they're embarrassed the number of lernlg
teachers.14-year-old Liam is a and
lernlg ic to peanuts and cashews participated
and carries and EpiPen. He better
participated in the study to get a allergies.
better understanding of his certain
allergies. It also means he can eat beforehand.
certain nuts he couldn't eat I
beforehand.You are taking a risk. and
I guess now with we have the EpiPen so
and Zyrtec I can feel comfortable Experts
so doing the test here helped me. food
Experts say young children with adolescents.
food allergies should be tested as allergy
adolescents. Australia is the food are
allergy of the world. Researchers say
are looking into why that is. They having
say there is some evidence that to
having a dog, sibling or exposure onset
to vitamin D could help prevent the Britain
onset of an allergy.Australia and ties
Britain have promised deep military continue.
ties between the two countries will talks
continue. Julie Bishop has held Johnson
talks with her counter part Boris two
Johnson today.You could not find Australia
two more like minded countries than We
Australia and the United Kingdom. less.
We speak the same language more or same
less. We compete fiercely in the same sports not always with the tactfully
same success if I can put it and
tactfully and we speak the same - peaceful
and we seek the same goal of a There
peaceful and a prosperous world. trade
There was also talk about a free its
trade deal after the UK completed Still
its exit from the European Union. on
Still to come on Nine News details on luxury cars stolen across Sydney used
and the alleged crimes they were gift
used to commit. Also the iTunes how
gift card scam. We will tell you Australia's
how to avoid being duped and deadly
Australia's known for big scary spider
deadly creatures but we found a spider that might just top the list.

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arrested in Plumpton and Greystanes two
yesterday. Police swooping on these of
two men allege ing they were some wide
of the key players in this state theft
wide syndicate specialising in the cars,
theft of high performance luxury a
cars, part of the haul a black jag, a couple of Mercedes also a couple believe
of Grand Jeep Cherokees. Police these
believe the offenders then on sold News
these cars to other criminals. Nine burnt
News revealing this morning that a away
burnt out Mercedes used as a get of
away car and the gangland execution the
of Walid Ahmad has been linked to one
the syndicate. Today we spoke to told
one of the offender's brothers. He innocent.
told us his brother Harry is arrests
innocent. I can tell you these many
arrests come as a huge relief to cars
many of the victims who had their cars stolen in the dead of night earlier
one of which we caught up with somebody
earlier today.We were sleeping and who
somebody got into our house and - That's
who didn't know about anything. you
That's really scary. After that, went
you know, maybe one month when we the
went out and then coming back to the home we are thinking if these
somebody is in there or not.Now, charges.
these men are facing a string of arrests.
charges. Police are expecting more involved,
arrests. Their message to those nervous.
involved, well, you should be very Thank
nervous.We will see what happens. development
Thank you. There's been a fresh murdered
development today in the case of

murdered Melbourne mother Karen black
Ristevski. Police have driven her in
black Mercedes from the family home freeway
in Avondale Heights towards the understood
freeway and then a Highway. It's route
understood they were following a home
route the vehicle took between her she
home and the shopping centre where Her
she and her husband had a business. Her body

Her body was found dumped in February
bushland at Mount Macedon in been
February this year. A woman has robbers
been forced to take on two armed between
robbers in London bravely coming Security
between the thieves and her husband. owner
Security cameras captured the home eventually
owner fighting the men before they the
eventually drag her husband down The
the stairs and shoot him in the leg. from
The man has since been released of
from hospital. Video has surfaced recording
of a brazen jail break with inmates their
recording themselves escaping on phone.
their cells on a contraband cell starts
phone. Take a look.Their video wing
starts inside the maximum security (SONG)
wing of the Orange county jail. the
(SONG) # Under pressure... #Set to the song 'under

the song 'under pressure' it's contraband
filmed by three inmates using a first
contraband cell phone and their last
first view of their daring escape Attorney.
last year now surfacing through an even
Attorney. The alleged master mind even nah rates.

even nah rates.
Attorney. The alleged master mind

He shows a sawed off bed leg and giving
lifts a metal screen to slip out Set
giving a thumb's up to the camera. Impossible'
Set to the theme of 'Mission journey
Impossible' you can see their along
journey through the jail walls eventually
along a make shift ladder eventually they get to

eventually they get to the
along a make shift ladder Authorities
eventually they get to the roof. and
Authorities say the fugitives cut and moved aside that barbed wire wall
and anchored the ropes down the They
wall and repelled down the building. ranging
They were being held in jail attempted
ranging in charges from murder, videos
attempted murder kidnapping and crews
videos showing themselves in Santa then
crews and -- San -- Santa Cruz and suspects
then San Francisco. Two of the suspects were caught and the third

suspects were caught and the third thousands
went to police.A woman had overseas
thousands of dollars tablingen from they
overseas scammingers. They said accessed
they worked for a major telco. They iTunes
accessed her banking and used than
iTunes gift cards to steal more be
than $46,000. Police say for us to for
be vigilant. There are bold plans Sydney
for a new arts hub in Western Contemporary
Sydney with the Museum of disused
Contemporary Art eyeing off a Azzopardi
disused warehouse in Penrith. Jayne this
Azzopardi has the story.Right now in
this is an empty factory warehouse Sydney.
in the heart of Penrith in Western for
Sydney. There are some big plans by
for this building. It was designed braur.
by renowned architect Mars braur braur. He's -- Marcel Breuer. responsible
braur. He's -- Marcel Breuer. He's buildings
responsible for quite a few Metropolitan
buildings including the He
Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art. Australia
He designed one building in is
Australia back in the 70s and this Museum
is it. The director of Sydney's an
Museum of Contemporary Art now has brought
an idea.I would like to see it brought back into use as an arts capital
and architecture hub for the experimental
capital of the west. There could be film
experimental spacings, could be a there
film streaming space.She says to
there is a private backer willing bill.
to get involved to foot some of the $12
bill. It's estimated to cost around and
$12 million to buy and restore this There
and turn it into the arts hub. Government
There are now calls for the State Western
Government to get involved, too. NSW
Western Sydney comprises a third of funding.
NSW and only receives 5% of the wrong
funding. That's crook. Something Sydney
wrong about it. People from Western culture
Sydney are far away from the great They're
culture assets of the state. getting
They're paying their taxes and not Penrith
getting a huge amount of return. The
Penrith City Council loves the idea. Watch
The building is currently for sale. you're
Watch this space especially if Sometimes
you're an artist in Sydney's west. nature
Sometimes being surrounded by this
nature can be a beautiful thing but angry
this not one of those times. An plate
angry spider the size of a dinner family
plate has trapped a Sunshine Coast disturbed
family in their home. After they up
disturbed it while trying to fire has
up the barbeque. The huntsman who monstrous
has been nicknamed Aragog after the eventually
monstrous spider in Harry Potter garden,
eventually wandered off into the sweating
garden, eventually. Imagine assured
sweating on it until then. We are spider
assured by the experts that the not
spider isn't dangerous but we're for
not going to test that theory out domestic
for you this afternoon. Still to finance
domestic on Nine's Afternoon News still
finance and the latest with -- News
still to come on Nine's Afternoon The
News finance and the latest weather. weekend
The sunshine will be back for the summer.
weekend with an early taste of going
summer. I will tell how how it's going to get

Coming up on Nine News - behind the police shooting of
a man at Sydney' Central Station. We reveal what happened in the moments
just before he was killed. The new twist in
the Cassie Sainsbury saga - has her plea bargain backfired? Only Nine News
speaks to Mark Philippoussis as his father is held in custody
accused of child sexual abuse. The terrible show-ride accident
that's left one person dead. Police raid homes, cracking down on a gang,
allegedly stealing cars. And how the Bulldogs players say
they'll save their season. Join me for Nine News at 6:00.

All over our country,
NBN is building Australia's
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of all Australians can connect. As we roll out to you, most old phone and internet services
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Hey, babe, I could really
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Get in the bowl.

RED: You get in the bowl.

Hello again. Winter returned to week.
Sydney today. Our coolest day in a after
week. The city only reaching 18 three
after a low of 9. Both still two to average.
three degrees above the July made
average. This morning's westerlies made it feel up to six degrees

made it feel up to six degrees
average. This morning's westerlies cooler. the
cooler. It was a chilly start to stretching
the day in our west. Blue skies winds.
stretching across the basin. Light trough
winds. Moving onto Friday and a to
trough could bring showers or rain before
to parts of our state tomorrow in
before high pressure system moves quick
in and pushes them offshore. A and
quick look at our capital cities warming
and another sunny day for Brisbane cooler
warming up. Rain for Canberra and a could
cooler day. Hobart and Melbourne in
could get an early shower but fine for
in Adelaide. Showers and windy day for Perth. Still sunny in

for Perth. Still sunny in Darwin. chance
Closer look at NSW. There is a south-east
chance of morning showers in the south-east of

south-east of
chance of morning showers in the likely
south-east of our state. Most southern
likely on the western slopes of the for
southern ranges and just in time about
for the weekend snow falling above A
about 1100m. Mostly sunny elsewhere. A bit of a change in the forecast chance
for Sydney. There is a slight Not
chance of a shower tomorrow morning. with
Not a lot in it if it does arrive sunny
with less than 1mm expected. Mostly rising
sunny afternoon with the mercury leave
rising higher than today. Don't jacket
leave your house without your becoming
jacket the winds will pick up Easing
becoming fresh in the morning. winds
Easing later in the way. Light Saturday.
winds and plenty of sunshine on Sunday
Saturday. On thun forecast -- on top
Sunday forecasters are going for a our
top of 26. If we make it it will be our hottest July day on record. The
Next week showers finally arriving. Monday
The heaviest falls are expected on It
Monday and Thursday at this stage. It sure will be a welcome relief. It has been a very dry

It has been a very dry July.It downstairs
sounds like someone is sneezing downstairs in the

downstairs in the studio. Taking a you:
look at the Financial figures for

Chequing currency right now. Look at the Aussie dollar.

That is Nine's Afternoon News. Our with
next bulletin is coming up at 6:00 Smith.
with Peteer Overton. I'm Davina Have
Smith. Thanks for your company. Have a great evening. We (THEME MUSIC)


Hello, everybody. Welcome
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Alright, let's meet our contestants
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Considers herself the unsung hero
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She saved her sister three times.

There you go.

If you live in Leeming, WA,

you'll be cheering
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because she wants to give you money
if she wins it.

At 16, Andrew Hedstrom
shaved his head

and sold his hair
to a wig-maker to make cash.


Amanda Westwood
rented a Fiat in Italy

and backed it into someone

who she thought
might've been in the Mafia.

Isaac Blencowe's school tie
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