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(generated from captions) The winner of the last semifinal

..Daliso Chaponda!

Congratulations. Well done, Daliso.

Congratulations, Daliso.

Jamie, third place this evening.
so close.

I did not expect to get this far.

I am so, so grateful
for this opportunity.

Thank you to everybody.
You've been brilliant.

Let's hear it for tonight's
third place.

There's still the wild card,
remember? Jamie!

Well done, son.

But congratulations, Daliso.

How do you feel? I am so happy. Thank you.

Of course, the family have flown over
from Africa and Warrington.

Let's take a look
at the finalist board.

We are almost complete.

DNA, Kyle Tomlinson, Issy
Simpson, Matt Edwards, Ned Woodman,

Tokio Myers, MerseyGirls
and The Pensionalities

and, of course, these guys.

One more act will be added later,
which will the judges' wildcard.

We'll be back for the big one,

it's the finals of
Britain's Got Talent 2017. Bye.

You have come from nothing

and tonight you are
absolutely everything.

The electrifying, unforgettable
Britain's Got Talent

Grand Finale is here.

Breathtakingly good.

Will the dream finally come true for
Britain's biggest voice?

You're the one to watch tonight. And you won't believe Simon Cowell's
life changing gift



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Good afternoon. You're watching We
Nine News Now. I'm Belinda Russell. in
We begin with a major development There
in a murder investigation in Sydney. charged
There are reports two men are being of
charged over the unpro vected death month.
of a homeless man at Maroubra last was
month. 68-year-old Peter Hoffmann Avenue
was found death in his car at Mons stab
Avenue having suffered multiple to
stab wounding. Police were unable numerous
to establish a motive and made information.
numerous public appeals for on
information. We will bring you more the
on this developing story throughout A
the afternoon. government
A major backflip from the NSW deeply
government today. It has dumped the more
deeply unpopular forced m ergers of Sydney,
more than a dozen councils across fight.
Sydney, ending a drawnout legal O'Keefe
fight. Let's go straight to Chris swayed
O'Keefe for the details. What mergers?
swayed the premier to kill off the storm
mergers?It was a bit of a perfect The
storm of circumstances, I suppose. that
The two main reasons were the fact east
that Woollahra council in Sydney's appeal
east was given special leave to Australia
appeal in the High Court of Waverley
Australia for their merger with hanging
Waverley and Randwick. That was The
hanging over the premier's head. decree
The NSW Electoral Commission did not,
decree that all councils, merged or elections
not, would have had to go to result,
elections on September 9. So as a night,
result, as we broke on Tuesday has
night, the premier backflipped. She councils
has pulled all court action for 14 alone.
councils and they will now stand Randwick,
alone. Those councils are Waverley, Hornsby,
Randwick, Woollahra, Kuringai and and
Hornsby, Hunters hill, Lane Cove and Ryde, North Sydney, Willoughby Strathfield
and Mossman, Canada Bay, councils
Strathfield and Burwood. All those proceedings
councils were in the midst of court intend
proceedings and the government did merge
intend for the last 15 months to that
merge them, but the premier did say her
that this policy she believed in but
her heart of hearts was good policy, former
but in a passing swipe at the it
former Premier Mike Baird, she said whole
it could have been implemented a government's
whole lot better.I believe in the There's
government's policy position. could
There's no doubt the implementation that
could have been better. I will say processes
that from the outset. The court They've
processes have been protracted. anticipated.
They've taken longer than we had uncertainty
anticipated. The degree of continue.
uncertainty I could not let dollar
continue.This is a multimillion embarrassing
dollar backflip and incredibly government.
embarrassing for the Berejiklian backflip
government. It is about the fifth Premier
backflip that they have done since premiership
Premier Berejiklian took over the there
premiership back in February, but legal
there are now some questions around incurred
legal costs that councils have fight
incurred as a result of trying to Will
fight these merger proceedings. There
Will the State Government pay them? the
There is also some questions about that
the merge councils, the councils merged
that have already been forcibly unless
merged by the State Government, but Belinda,
unless legislation can passed, Josh
Belinda, they will stay merged.OK. fate
Josh Thorburn is about to learn his Queensland
fate in relation to the death of Palmer.
Queensland school girl Tiahleigh guilty
Palmer. The 21-year-old has pleaded justice
guilty to perverting the course of be
justice and perjury and is due to be sentenced. Clare Hunter reports.

be sentenced. Clare Hunter reports. accused
Josh Thorburn, the son of murderer sentenced
accused Ricky Thorby is due to be pleaded
sentenced shortly. The 21-year-old attempting
pleaded guilty to perjury and justice
attempting to pervert the course of investigation
justice in relation to the Tiahleigh
investigation into the death of girl,
Tiahleigh Palmer. The Logan school murdered
girl, just 12 years old, was discovered
murdered in October 2015, her body Pimpama
discovered on the banks of the with
Pimpama River. She had been living Thorburns,
with her foster family, the sexual
Thorburns, and was allegedly in a brother
sexual relationship with her foster charges
brother Trent Thorburn. Now, these 11
charges for Josh follow a lengthy Thorburn
11 month investigation where the number
Thorburn family participated in a and
number of CCC hearings. The perjury of
and attempt to pervert the course that
of justice counts relate to lies hearings.
that Josh Thorburn told in those charged
hearings. His father Rick is Trent
charged with murder. His brother mother
Trent is facing incest charges. His guilty
mother jewel lean has pleaded pervert
guilty to perjury and attempt to will
pervert the course of justice. She Tialeigh's
will be sentenced at a later date. has
Tialeigh's biological mother Cindy sentencing,
has arrived at court for the and
sentencing, supported by friends facing
and family. Now, Josh Thorburn is perjury
facing jail time. The charges of course
perjury and attempt to pervert the sentence
course of justice carry a maximum The
sentence of seven years behind bars. company
The boss of a Melbourne muesli murder
company has been charged with was
murder after his female colleague week.
was found dead in her home this with
week. Nine's Carrie-Anne Greenbank Pavlis
with more.Well, 75-year-old Peter morning
Pavlis faced court again this hearing
morning after an out of sessions of
hearing last night. He is the boss company
of a successful Melbourne muesli with
company and he has now been charged at
with the murder of his co-director Jennifer
at the company, 49-year-old found
Jennifer Borchardt. Her body was pool
found on Tuesday afternoon in a Richmond
pool of blood in the kitchen of her pl
Richmond home. She suffered multd Peter
pl stab wounds. By Tuesday night, Outside
Peter Pavlis was in custody. supporters
Outside court today, one of his shoving
supporters taunted the media, Magistrates
shoving cameras as he ran from the inside
Magistrates court. He had been who
inside with other family members the
who were seen whining away tears as didn't
the case was heard. Peter Pavlis in
didn't apply for bail, so remains time
in custody. At 75, it is his first told
time in custody and the court was illnesses
told he needs medication for apnea,
illnesses including diabetes, sleep arthritis.
apnea, high blood pressure and alleged
arthritis. The motive for the pair
alleged murder remains unclear. The other
pair had worked alongside each past
other at the muesli company for the facing
past 18 years. Pavlis will be facing court again in December.

facing court again in December.The killed
half brother of a 30-year-old man Central
killed by police at Sydney's shocked
Central Station says his family are to
shocked by what happened. A warning the
to viewers, you're about to hear (GUNSHOTS)
the moment police opened fire.Down. (GUNSHOTS) (BLEEP). (BLEEP).

(GUNSHOTS) (BLEEP). (BLEEP).Nine's more
Elise Baker is at the station. What the
more do we know about the man and Well,
the events leading up to his death? that
Well, the man, the 30-year-old man

that was shot dead here last night, were
is Danukul Mokmool. Now, officers end
were called here to the Eddy Avenue 6:45
end of Central Station at about there
6:45 last night after reports that place
there was an armed robbery taking working
place at the florist. The florist Mokmool
working here last night says to
Mokmool held a broken glass bottle somehow
to his throat. The florist has that.
somehow managed to escape away from grabbed
that. Mokmool has then apparently mobile
grabbed some scissors and as that charges
mobile phone footage shows, he four
charges at police before he is shot says
four times. Now, Mokmool's brother incident
says he first found out about this to
incident when this footage was sent didn't
to him, but he says at first he brother
didn't realise that it was his take
brother that was involved. Let's say.
take a listen to what he has had to character
say.I sort of just seep like Asian cop's
character and I was like, "Wow, the did
cop's actually shot him." Little brother
did I know it ended up being my has
brother after all. This, I guess, family.
has pretty much shocked my whole florist,
family. Pretty shocked me.Now, the thankfully
florist, Emanuel Theoharis, cut
thankfully only received a small but
cut to his neck during this ordeal, his
but he says if it wasn't for police, much
his situation could have been so feel
much worse. Let's take a listen.I in
feel sorry for him. But I could be you
in the same position.What makes bottle
you say that?Because he had the done
bottle at my neck. He could have being
done damage to me.So this is now A
being declared a critical incident. now
A team from the homicide squad will surrounding
now look into all the circumstances you.
surrounding this shooting.Thank minister
you. Former Turnbull Government answered
minister Senator Matt Canavan has citizenship
answered questions over his dual time
citizenship drama for the first resignation
time since announcing his go
resignation from the Cabinet. Let's Parliament
go to reporter Fiona Willan at to
Parliament House. What did he have really
to say?Well, he says it has been a Matt
really tough week for his family. conference
Matt Canavan held a press couple
conference in Rockhampton just a first
couple of hours ago. This is the on
first time he has taken questions answer
on this matter. He refused to announced
answer any on Tuesday night when he Cabinet:at
announced he was quitting mum,
Cabinet:at the time he blamed his Italian
mum, saying she signed him up as an knowledge,
Italian citizen without his defended
knowledge, but today he has have
defended her.Very fortunate to family.
have a very strong and resilient At
family. I'm very thankful for that. important
At times it makes you realise how sticking
important families are. We are through
sticking together and we will get you
through this. It wasn't anything - she
you know, my mum acted with what interestings
she thought was my best ramifications
interestings and had no idea of the the
ramifications of any of this until Greens
the matters involving the two in
Greens senators were in the media senator
in the last couple of weeks.The his
senator hasn't acknowledged that Italian
his family discussed the topic of decade
Italian citizen #14i7 more than a knew
decade ago, but insists he never are
knew the papers were lodged. There those
are now calls for him to release they
those documents, but he says that as
they will be handed to his lawyers have
as he challenges this. The Greens all
have called for an urgent audit of who
all federal MPs to find any others Richard
who may hold dual citizenship. doesn't
Richard di Natale says something Canavan's
doesn't quite add up about Senator listen.
Canavan's explanation. Take a listen.As my dad would say, there clear
is a whiff about this. I think the thing
clear honourable and responsible to
thing for Senator Canavan to do is Federal
to resign his position from the sworn
Federal Senate.Barnaby Joyce was minister
sworn in as the new resources replace
minister this afternoon. He will takes
replace Senator Canavan while he takes this fight to the High Court.

takes this fight to the High Court. Canberra.
Thanks. Fiona Willan there in extraordinary
Canberra. There has been an Trump's
extraordinary backlash to Donald people
Trump's decision to ban transgender Mr
people from the country's military. Mr Trump announced on Twitter that:

Servicemen and women have slammed called
the move, white Caitlyn Jenner failing
called out the President for he
failing the transgender community be
he had promised to protect. We will in
be discussing this a little later plea
in Chat Room. Cassandra Sainsbury's doubt
plea deal has been thrown into doubt after a dramatic day at court reports
in Colombia. Nine's Seb Costello Sainsbury
reports from Bogota.Cassie heavy
Sainsbury arrived at court with a deal
heavy escort of prison guards and a was
deal in place with prosecutors. She trafficking
was to accept responsibility for prosecutors
trafficking drugs and in turn consider
prosecutors would ask the judge to That
consider a six year jail sentence. today
That deal is off the table for claimed
today after Cassie sensationally threatened
claimed in court that she was cocaine
threatened into carrying 5.9kg of cocaine through

cocaine through Bogota Airport. the
Court threatened me. I don't know the exact person:

This enraged prosecutors who said threats
that there's no proof of these discussed
threats and that this was never and
discussed when Cassie's legal team with
and the prosecutors were coming up in
with the plea bargaining agreement the
in the first place. Mean while, in fiance
the court, Cassie's mother and judge
fiance watched proceedings as the would
judge decided that the agreement he
would need to be reevaluated before Cassie's
he could consider any sentence. two
Cassie's legal team will now have and
two weeks to meet with prosecutors lead
and try and repair the damage. Her suggestions
lead lawyer later responding to suggestions that Cassie had been

poorly advised.

As nightfalls here in Bogota, back
Cassie Sainsbury has been taken prison.
back to elbarn pastor women's on
prison. Her case returns to court being
on August 9.Brisbane commuters are being warned to expect public drivers
transport chaos tomorrow with bus during
drivers preparing to go on strike lengthy
during peak hour. It follows network
lengthy delays on the city's train Cavallaro.
network today. Live to Nine's Ebony chaos
Cavallaro. Ebony, what caused the believe
chaos today?Well, would you has
believe it was a possum. A possum Roma
has managed to trip the power at shut
Roma Street Station and essentially 45
shut down all services for around around
45 minutes. Now, that happened at can
around 5:30 this morning, but you delays
can only imagine the residual make
delays were certainly enough to this
make commuters a little bit late have
this morning. Many of them might on
have thought, "Why not, let's jump have,
on a bus instead." Who wouldn't it
have, because today they're calling drivers
it free fare Thursday. Many bus passengers,
drivers are refusing to charge swipe
passengers, telling them not to bus
swipe go cards when they get on the ride.
bus this morning to have a free industrial
ride. It is part of the planned are
industrial action that bus drivers Brisbane
are taking, they're arguing with rate
Brisbane City Council about their conditions.
rate of pay and also their rise
conditions. They want a 3.5% pay security
rise and they also want better Now,
security measures to be undertaken. planned
Now, tomorrow's strike is really times,
planned between 2:00 and 6:00, peak commuter
times, aimed at causing peak concern,
commuter chaos. But the biggest children
concern, of course, is getting children home from school.

children home from school. While still,
many parents might be stuck at work they're
still, Brisbane City Council says sure
they're doing their best to make prioritised.
sure that school runs will be record
prioritised.I want to put on the planned
record that council had always with
planned to cover the school rues that
with available drivers. We know tomorrow.
that not all drivers will strike from
tomorrow.The reports I'm getting managers
from the depots today is that head
managers are running around like people
head less chooks trying to get 11th
people to cover school runs.An ahead
11th hour meeting is about to go and
ahead between Brisbane City Council That
and the bus union this afternoon. 30
That is scheduled to start in about make
30 minutes time. Hopefully they can so,
make some progress.Yes, let's hope woman
so, thanks for that. An elderly stolen
woman has had thousands of dollars becoming
stolen from her bank accounts after scammers.
becoming the target of online network
scammers. The overseas scamming Melbourne
network contacted the 74-year-old work
Melbourne resident, claiming to offenders
work for a major telco. The online
offenders then gained access to her cards
online banking, using iTunes gift cards to steal more than $46,000.

cards to steal more than $46,000. message
Police say the incident is a of
message for others to be vigilant for
of online scams. Heartbreaking news pulled
for the parents of a Sydney girl Doctors
pulled unconscious from a Bali pool. dead
Doctors have declared her brain to
dead and she's no longer responding Sweeney
to treatment. Three-year-old Kawa Sweeney was flown to Perth after

Sweeney was flown to Perth after induced
the incident where she remain in an life
induced coma. A decision about her today.
life support is likely to be made -
today. Still ahead on Nine News Now ride
- disaster at a US fare ground, a toss
ride snaps, hurling thrill seeker number
toss the ground. Plus the shock allergy,
number of Aussie kids with a food sports
allergy, why it's on the rise. And some
sports stars make a pit stop for some very special children.

(SONG) # We can start to spend Hollywood
# Shake it... #Tomorrow on 'Today', talk
Hollywood star Tara Reid is live to our
talk all things Sharknato ahead of true.
our own feature film debut.It is don't
true. And making dreams come true, don't miss our final

New figures have revealed about 1 food
in 20 Australian teenagers have a and
food allergy, with peanuts, cashews triggers.
and eggs among the greatest reports.
triggers. Nine's Laura Spurway examined
reports.This landmark study Melbourne
examined 10,000 children across discover
Melbourne aged 10-14. It aimed to allergies
discover how prevalent food how
allergies are in this age group and being
how vigilantly those allergies are being managed. It also found that 1 food
in 20 Australian adolescents has a in
food allergy and this may reflect allergy
in increasing commonness of food allergy rather than simply a growth allergies
in reporting. The most common such
allergies are peanuts and tree nuts The
such as cashews followed by eggs. important
The study's author says it is prevalence
important to highlight the group
prevalence of allergies in this age as
group because high schools aren't and
as attuned to it as primary schools What
and parents of younger children. that
What we found in another study is school
that children when they get to high got
school stop declaring that they've embarrassed,
got analogy, maybe because they are they
embarrassed, multiple teachers, teachers
they don't have the classroom year-old
teachers a primary school have.14- an
year-old Liam is alergy and carries can
an EpiPen. He was in the study, and certain
can now understand he can eat beforehand.
certain nuts he couldn't eat in
beforehand.You are taking a risk like,
in that case, but I guess with, Zirtek,
like, now we have the EpiPen and doing
Zirtek, I can feel comfortable so Experts
doing the testing has helped me. food
Experts say young children with as
food allergies should be re-tested changes.
as adolescents to be aware of any allergy
changes. Australia is the food Researchers
allergy capital of the world. why
Researchers are still looking into some
why that is, but say that there is sibling
some evidence that having a dog, could
sibling or exposure to vitamin D analogy.
could help prevent the onset of and
analogy.One person has been killed after
and evil others seriously injured state
after a ride accident at the Ohio Video
state fair in the United States. thrown
Video has emerged of people being thrown from the Fire Ball ride All
after it malfunctioned this morning. safety
All rides will remain closed during the
safety inspection s.We will get to investigate
the bottom of this. We will complete
investigate it. There will be some
complete transparency. We will have evening
some records for you available this how
evening that will be able to show ride
how these - how this particular clear
ride was inspected.It is not yet clear what caused the accident.

clear what caused the accident. V8 pit
Supercars stars made a very special Brisbane's
pit stop visiting sick children in today.
Brisbane's Ronald McDonald House and
today. Chaz Mostert, Will Davison way
and Nick Percat dropped in on their They
way to the Ipswich Super Sprint. for
They even created healthy treats race
for the kids on Blender Bikes.The race begins. We're off.

race begins. We're off. Gentleman, will
start your smoothies.The drivers tomorrow
will be back in the fast lane the
tomorrow for practice sessions at come
the Queensland Raceway. Still to shelter
come on Nine News Now - residents through
shelter on the beach as fire rips speeding
through the French Riviera. Plus a chain
speeding truck sets off a chaotic chain of events.

chain of events. And Georgie's trip mission
of a lifetime, her mother/daughter mission to the heart of Africa.

VOICEOVER: At Youi, how our customers
use or don't use their car affects how much they pay. Youi customers who leave their car
at home instead of driving to work could pay up to 21% less. (LAID-BACK ELECTRONICA)

Cricket Australia is about to give player
Australia an update on its ongoing James
player pay dispute. Cricket boss live
James Sutherland is about to hold a and
live press conference in Melbourne it
and we will cross to it as soon as Frantic
it happens. wildfires
Frantic scenes in Portugal as towns
wildfires close in on a string of residents
towns forcing thousands of joining
residents to flee. Locals are front
joining crews battling the fire wild
front which is being propelled by conditions.
wild winds and severely dry

conditions. The blazes aren't residents
contained to Portugal. 10,000 the
residents have been evacuated along refuge
the French Riviera now taking refuge in Community Centres and on Incredible
the beach. semitrailer
Incredible video has emerged of a Missouri,
semitrailer running a red light in that's
Missouri, colliding with a car The
that's crossing the intersection. a
The truck topples and smashes into rest
a four-wheel drive, which comes to filming
rest just in front of the vehicle filming the entire thing.

filming the entire thing. Last year-old
month, Georgie Gardner and her 12- on
year-old daughter Bronte embarked Africa.
on an incredible trip to Uganda in Africa. They

Africa. They visited schools They
founded by an Australian woman. remarkable
They are changing communities in remarkable ways.

Doing what children do best in any rolling
part of the world. Deep in the East
rolling hills of rural Uganda in called
East Africa is a small village attend
called Katuso. Here, 360 students attend the primary which was built

attend the primary which was built School
by Australian-based organisation could
School for Life. These children old
could not be happier. My 12-year- opportunity
old daughter Bronte and I had the with
opportunity to visit them, along Life
with their teachers and School for started
Life founder Annabelle Chauncey who They've
started the charity a decade ago. and
They've just got this positivity no
and vibrance about them that's like these
no other.Unlike many their age, We
these kids want to come to school. feed
We feed them three meals a day. We morning.
feed them in the morning, mid- the
morning. We give them lunch.And at don't
the end of the day, most of them children,
don't want to leave. For these children, the

children, the journey home involves 15km.
a walk anywhere between five and understanding
15km. To get more of an Bronte
understanding of life in Uganda, year-old
Bronte and I spent time with 13- siblings
year-old Esther. She has six two
siblings and shares a bedroom with your
two of them. Have you been doing Bronte.
your homework?Yes.Have a look, On
Bronte. She's doing her homework. classmates,
On a weekend. Like many of her solar-powered
classmates, Esther uses a donated homework
solar-powered torch to do her the
homework at night. So it's getting It
the sun's rays during the day.Yes. to
It charges for you to then be able Yes.
to read at night in your bedroom. rain,
Yes.And after school each day, another
rain, hail or shine, she walks of
another long journey to the bottom subject?
of The Valley.What is your best been
subject?Lunchtime.Have you ever I
been out of Uganda?No.No?No. But Where
I would like to go outside Uganda. Australia.
Where would you like to go? water
Australia.There, she collects you
water for her family.Is this where evening
you get your water?Yes. Like, fetch
evening from school, we come and fetch water, like, two times a day.

Before heading back up the hill to parents
start preparing dinner for her tell
parents and siblings. So, Esther, what
tell me, when you go to school, favourite
what is your favourite subject?My do
favourite subject is English.Why not
do you love English?Because it's Yeah.
not hard.You find it quite easy? Yeah. It is simple.Simple?Mm. English
Yeah. It is simple.Simple?Mm. taught
English is also the main language school
taught at Emba zi, the second built.
school Annabel and her team have built. They're being giraffes.

built. They're being giraffes. among
While there's no shortage of energy stories
among these student s, listening to activities,
stories is one of their favourite their
activities, but like all children best
their age, play time is always the best time of day.

best time of day. Would you like to ever come back here?

ever come back here?Yeah, again
definitely. I loved to see Esther changed,
again and see the school, how it school
changed, and see when the third so
school opens how the kids will be school.
school. It
so excited to go to secondary about
school. It kind of makes me think she
about how great Annabel did when she was - when she came over and needed
she just thought that she really kids
needed to build a school for the kids that didn't go to school.I am together.
so thrilled we had this experience darling.
together.Yes, same.Thank you, that
darling.We are standing by for conference,
that Cricket Australia press will
conference, but after the break, we including
will also have all of the showbiz, Christmas
including Mariah Carey celebrating music.
Christmas in July with some new tricks
music. Ush reveals a few of his Carpool
tricks in the latest episode of opens
Carpool Karaoke. And Angelina Jolie Brad
opens up about her separation from Brad and her health battle.

Brad and her health battle.Get the Live,
news as it happens. breaks,
Live, fast and free. When the news and
breaks, see it first, read it first, than
and watch it live. More video news than any other site. Live, fast and free.


VOICEOVER: New Mazda CX-3 - shaped by motion, so you can be moved
like never before.


It is time to get all the showbiz 'Herald
news and joining us today is Siobhan
'Herald Sun' entertainment guru Thanks,
Siobhan Duck. Welcome, Siobhan. Carey
Thanks, Belinda.First up, Mariah Christmas
Carey has revealed she has some Indeed.
Christmas music in the pipeline. she
Indeed. Mariah is returning to what songs.
she does best and that is Christmas wonderful
songs. We all remember her Christmas'
wonderful song 'All I want for terrific
Christmas' which featured in the she
terrific film 'Love Actually'. Now songs.
she hinted she is doing some new promoing
songs. She spoke about it when up.
promoing a new animated film coming Carey
up. Let's have a listen. I'm Mariah the
Carey and I'm so excited to share Star',
the trailer for the new movie 'The season.
Star', in theatres this holiday You're
season.He's up to something. listen
You're in danger. You need to extremely
listen to what I'm about to say, (EEOYORE
extremely carefully. (. (.DO YOU WANT A BELLY RUB?

It certainly looks interesting. for
Let's hope it is a return to form a
for Mariah. She could certainly use the
a hit.Yes, Mariah Carey hitting the headlines for the right reasons Usher
for a change. Staying with music, seat
Usher has jumped into the passenger karaoke.
seat of James Corden's car for some person
karaoke.Yes, he has. Another publicity.
person who could do with some good making
publicity. He has recently been to
making headlines. He has been taken someone
to court for apparently giving but
someone an STD which isn't great, positive
but this time it is more of a show
positive thing. He is on Corden's out
show and this time has taken Corden out of the car, not just singing, Let's
but showing him some dance moves. Let's have a look.Would I be able club
to show you what I've got in the some
club and you just tell me, give me wrong?
some pointers where I'm going know
wrong?Right.When I step up...You When
know everybody has a starting point. you
When I step up in the club with, step
you know, popping bottles. If I step into the club, you show me how all,
you step into the club.First of right.
all, you've got to turn to the side, like
right.Right.Then walk.You look are
like a cartoon cat though.So these Alright.
are the doors.You're cool. Be cool. the
Alright. Are they push doors?Push (LAUGHTER)
the doors. First - there you go. going
(LAUGHTER)Yes.I feel like I'm going - like I'm in a Broadway show.

I don't know, it is just me, but I he
don't think Corden needs any help, amazing
he is pretty cool as he is.And an dance
amazing singer. He needed some to
dance moves that. Is what he needed opened
to learn. Moving on; Angelina Jolie struggles
opened up about her health Pitt.
struggles and the split from Brad a
Pitt.It is no secret Angelina had from
a bad year. She obviously separated She
from Brad, that was very difficult. has
She has also spoken about how she result
has gone into early menopause as a and
result of the hysterectomy she had been
and as well has revealed she has which
been suffering from bells palsy which is a partial facial paralysis Fair'
which is a shame. But the 'Vanity that.
Fair' cover does give no hint of is.
that. She still looks amazing.She move
is. She is always a beauty. Let's are
move on to Beyonce now. Her fans figure
are not too happy about a wax display
figure of the star which is on funny
display in New York.This is a arms
funny one. The beehive is up in Tussauds
arms because they say that Madame They
Tussauds has whitewashed the Queen. Beyonce
They think she doesn't look like more
Beyonce and, in fact, say she looks see
more like Kate Hudson, which I can Yes.
see their point.You can see that. to
Yes. Well, the fans won't be going change
to see it surely. Maybe they will think?
change it. Let's see. What do you Let's
think?Yes, we shall see indeed. Hollywood
Let's get some movie news. collaborating
Hollywood starlet Kate Hudson is mysterious
collaborating with Aussie Sia on a it?
mysterious film project. What is It
it?Well, she's doing a Demi Moore. a
It looks like she has given herself put
a buzz cut which is amazing. She which
put some photos out on Instagram for
which showed a very different look she
for the blonde Kate Hudson, saying hasn't
she will be working with Sia. She the
hasn't given a lot away as to what exactly
the movie will be about or what We
exactly her role in it will be.OK. are
We just have to leave it there. We conference
are crossing now to thrive press Speaking
conference at Cricket Australia. Sutherland.
Speaking is the cricket boss James

Thanks, everyone, for joining us at wanted
relatively short notice. Just update
wanted to take the opportunity to relation
update you on a couple of things in As
relation to our Mo U negotiations. background,
As you know, just by way of fundamental
background, one of the really working
fundamental reasons why we are for
working through this situation is ensure
for a very good cause and that's to continues
ensure that the game of cricket choice
continues to grow as a sport of through
choice in Australia and inevitably a
through this process it is part of that
a change, a change for the game that involves

that involves some modest changes we
to our player payments model that investment
we believe will allow greater game,
investment in the grassroots of the order
game, which sorely needs it, in compete
order for our sport to continue to wealthier
compete against some of the wealthier sports around the country.

wealthier sports around the country. are
The changes that we're proposeling player
are not just within the area of reviewing
player payments. We are looking at our
reviewing our whole business model, to
our whole operating model in order grassroots
to allow investment in the and
grassroots of game, particularly in and around junior cricket.

and around junior cricket. been
Throughout this process, we have fact
been at pains to talk about the our
fact that we want to ensure that and
our players, our elite players, men state,
and women, both international and very
state, and BBL, continue to be paid sport
very well. We want cricket to be a athletes
sport of choice for talented young increases
athletes and we want to ensure players
increases in payments to those that
players and certainly our offers that are on the table certainly do and are consistent with exactly involved
that philosophy. I have been the
involved in the negotiations over whilst
the course of the last month and in
whilst there has been some progress increasing
in that time, I guess I've had some whether
increasing concerns just about same
whether everyone is going at the issue
same pace and dealing with this urgency.
issue with the same level of acknowledge
urgency. The ACA has - I a
acknowledge the ACA has put forward peace
a document which is known as a could
peace plan. It claims that there that
could be something like $30 million that flow to grassroots through devil
that plan, but like any plan, the as
devil is in the detail. Certainly we
as we do our analysis on that plan, actually
we find that cricket as a whole is our
actually worse off and certainly investment
our ability to fund greater compromised
investment in grassroots is put
compromised by the way that plan is put together.

Think we're really at a stage now situation
where we need to address this on
situation and cricket needs to get employed,
on with the game. We need players not
employed, contracted, focussed on indeed,
not only upcoming tours, but, cricket
indeed, an exciting season of put
cricket ahead. The ACA has recently regards
put forward some proposals in including
regards to a process through this, players.
including contracting around has
players. We see, we feel, that what jeopardises
has been proposed actually tour,
jeopardises not only the Bangladesh tour
tour, but then in turn the Indian that,
tour that is upcoming and beyond Ashes
that, even, dare I say it, The proposing
Ashes tour ahead of that. We are through
proposing an alternative route discussions
through this and we have today had ACA
discussions just recently with the regard.
ACA about our proposal in that to
regard. Our proposal allows players and
to be contracted in the short-term the
and for a real Focus that allows confidence
the fans of the game to have great proceeding,
confidence about not only tours cricket
proceeding, but the summer of other
cricket ahead, and obviously all hold
other stakeholders in the game as proposing
hold to have that confidence. We're both
proposing that in the short-term both parties get

both parties get together with deal
really strong intent to get this early
deal sorted. Hopefully by the time situation
early next week we can have the that
situation resolved. In the event we're
that it's not resolved at that time, matters
we're proposing that any residual are
matters that haven't been resolved are sent to arbitration. We believe to
that now is the time for the game preparations
to get on, to get played, for season
preparations for tours and the end,
season ahead to happen and to that residual
end, we're prepared to take we're
residual issues to arbitration and decision
we're prepared to accept whatever parlance,
decision comes. In cricketing the
parlance, we're prepared to accept so
the umpire's decision and move on played
so that the game of cricket can be and
played and we look forward to tours We
and a very exciting summer ahead. We obviously encourage the ACA and challenge.
the players to take up that not
challenge. Hopefully arbitration is issues
not required. We can deal with the have
issues which are on the table and of
have them resolved over the course was
of the next few days.James, what Association...
was the reaction from the Players there.
Association...We will leave it Cricket
there. James Sutherland from latest
Cricket Australia there with the We
latest on the player pay dispute. afternoon
We will have more on this in the more
afternoon news. After the break - is
more entertainment news, Andre Rieu music
is back, the maestro takes his music to the big screen.

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It's probably the most adorable baby
home invasion you have ever seen. A and
baby deer busting through a window But
and running wild in a Colorado home. evade
But the fawn wasn't fast enough to grab
evade police who used a blanket to then
grab the squirmy animal. It was happily
then released outside where it search
happily hopped across the road in animal
search for its mum. Apparently the there.
animal had no ideer how it got manatee,
there. Boom tish. Canola, the birthday
manatee, has celebrated her third a
birthday at a zoo in Singapore with but
a 2m high cake. Not just any cake, vegetables.
but won made of cabbage and other as
vegetables. Manatees are also known tendency
as sea cows because of their ocean
tendency to graze on grass on the wondering,
ocean floor. In case you are name
wondering, canola was given her milk,
name by keepers who fed her special she
milk, infused with canola oil when Joining
she was born. Chat Room is next. and
Joining me today is Lisa Fernandez stick
and Katie Woolf, so make sure you we're
stick around because this is what Trump's
we're talking about next - Donald transgender
Trump's extraordinary new ban, why serve
transgender people can no longer we
serve in the US military. And are correct?
we becoming too politically have.
correct? Older Australians think we have. So have we taken it too far?

Has life changed
since winning Powerball? No, not really. Still get the train.
(GIGGLES) And on Sundays we still have
the family round for dinner. OK, so some things may have changed. ALL: Cheers. # Oh-oh-oh
Ooh-ooh-oh, ooh-ooh-ooh. #

It is time now to head into the Katie
Chat Room and joining us today is and
Katie Woolf from Darwin's Mix 104.9 Welcome,
and Nine's Lisa Fernandez in Perth. up,
Welcome, ladies.Hello.Hi.First This
up, Donald Trump is at it again. by
This time triggering global uproar from
by banning transgender individuals How
from serving in the US military. States
How did the President of the United Twitter.
States choose to announce this? On has
Twitter. No surprise the reaction was
has been swift. Caitlyn Jenner, who out,
was a Trump supporter, calling him patriotic
out, saying, "There are 15,000 the
patriotic transgender Americans in us.
the US military fighting for all of to
us. What happened to your promise your
to fight for them?" Katie, what was is
your reaction?Well, I think this Donald
is a situation yet again where crazy
Donald Trump is saying something as
crazy on Twitter, but it also seems distract
as though he's possibly trying to that
distract the fact - from the fact also
that there is a very serious debate I'm
also going on about healthcare, but be
I'm a real believer that you should the
be able to win a job or be part of sporting
the military or be part of a and
sporting team based on your ability Trump
and nothing else.Lisa, I mean, saying
Trump argues it is due to the cost Burdoned
saying the military can't be costs.
Burdoned by the tremendous medical more
costs. But surely it would cost ex
more to retrain others. I mean, no make
ex kus is good enough. It doesn't What
make it right.No, you are right. because
What I saw on Twitter last night, was
because I watched this unfold and lot
was just mortified, but there's a not
lot of research coming out it is -
not that expensive and they're not that
- the transgender people are not comment
that much of a cost. What I want to concerned
concerned that
comment on is are we not really public
concerned that he is now announcing just
public policy on Twitter?Yes.Not fully
just that, the Pentagon weren't bag.
fully aware and that guy is a nut happened
bag. I mean, like, really? What What
happened to a press conference? people
What happened to talking to other Generals?
people in the Pentagon? Who are the

Generals? These little things... guy,
The supposed...That's right. This another
guy, he could go to war with Twitter
another country and do it on be
Twitter and then Australia have to that
be dragged into it. That is my fear, dragged
that we as Aussies are going to be that's
dragged into this nut bag world didn't
that's America right now. Really, didn't someone

didn't someone predict like World he
War III? If anyone drags us into it, Surely
he will, because he is crazy. today.
Surely the White House in chaos are
today. We will move on and while we correctness,
are on the topic of political it
correctness, senior Australians say suggests
it is ruining society. New research being
suggests over 50s are fed up with say
being told what they can and can't say and they believe young people what
are the worst offenders. Katie, point?
what do you think? Do they have a as
point?I work in talk back radio, There's
as you ladies know.Yes.Careful. have
There's a lot of people that to believer
have their say. I'm a really big with
believer that whether you agree everybody
with someone's opinion or not, I
everybody is entitled to have one. should
I do not - I am not saying you -
should be allowed to go out and be out
- or you should feel it is OK to go totally
out and be racist or sexiest or say do
totally inappropriate things, but I have
do think that we need to let people they
have their opinions. Otherwise if listened
they feel like they're not being and
listened to, that's when they go Trump.
and vote for people like Donald think?
Trump.Well, Lisa, what do you far?
think? Have we taken things too with
far?Well, we are, of course. I am year-old
with your people. I have a seven- anything
year-old daughter. You can't say "That
anything in front of her. I say, smashed
"That person has a head like a mum?
smashed crab? What does that mean, say
mum? They're really ugly. You can't picking
say that."It is good she is that
picking up on it. Does that mean she
that she will then grow up thinking know
she can go out and maybe she won't But
know she can't they it to people. house.
But it is just vernacular in the home
house. I am being nailed in my own it.
home on a daily basis about saying say
it. If I say, "Oh, Jesus"," don't Come
say that, that's rude about Jesus." more
Come on, you can't say anything any true,
more in front of these kids. It is correct
true, it is highly politically did
correct at school and the stuff we be
did grow up with, which might not the
be hugely politically correct all the time, that is unacceptable to generation.
the younger, real younger, in
generation. Honestly, I am told off move.
in my house every day, I want to break.
move.We have to just take a little just
break. We will come back to you in say
just a moment. First it is time to viewers.
say goodbye to Western Australian swearing
viewers. For everyone else, that's
swearing in front of your kids, copped
that's coming up next. One mother far?
copped a fine, so did she go too

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use or don't use their car affects how much they pay. Youi customers who leave their car at home instead of driving to work could pay up to 21% less.

Welcome back to the chat room with Last
Katie Woolf and Lisa Fernandez. Should
Last topic of the day, ladies. their
Should parents swear in front of Queensland
their kids? Well, one mouthy mum in mother
Queensland who swore at another outside
mother who took her car park fined
outside the school gates has been Katy
fined for being a public nuisance. said
Katy she was fined $500 and she did
said some pretty nasty things but I'm
did she deserve it, do you think? a
I'm the first to admit that I have to
a terrible potty mouth, but I have at
to - I do not swear in - while I'm hours
at work, obviously, for the three try
hours while I'm on air and I also children
try not to swear in front of my words
children and I wouldn't say the my
words this lady uttered in front of and
my children and in a school yard other
and in the car park at school when there's
other children are around and when direct
there's other parents. You do not the
direct that at another person in this
the way that this lady did. So, in a
this case while I do have a bit of appropriate.
a foul mouth, I don't think it's Lisa
appropriate.It was an extreme case their
Lisa but should parents always hold do
their tongue around children what None
do you think?Of course they should. None of us do.

None of us do. I don't. If there in
was going to be fines for swearing money
in front of your child. Take my bankrupt.
money now. I will be broke, I
bankrupt. I'm a passionate person. it
I can get angry.We have to leave much
it there for today. Thank you so both
much for your time. We will see you you.
both very shortly.Thank you.See today.
you.Thanks to you for joining us afternoon
today. Coming up next is the Live
afternoon news.
Live Captioning by Ai-Media

This program will be captioned live by Ai-MediaGood afternoon. First pay
breaking news update on the ungoing Australia.
pay dispute involving Cricket James
Australia. Cricket Australia boss press
James Sutherland has just had a he
press conference in Melbourne where plan
he has rejected the so-called peace Cricket
plan proposed by the Australian We
Cricket Association. Take a listen. in
We seem to be bogged down at times strategies
in process and bogged down in designed,
strategies that are, perhaps, certainly
designed, to slow things down, but see
certainly from our perspective we --
see the ensi. I think cricket fans fancy
-- see the urgency. I think cricket probably
fancy the urgency. Cricket fans are and
probably tired of reading about it