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(generated from captions) Defence Minister Marise Payne, who are holding talks with their UK counterparts, among them Boris Johnson, we are expecting a major media conference with those ministers today. We might go to this now actually, the Treasurer Scott Morrison just stepping up in Adelaide.

OK.OK. Australia has a lot to be proud of. South Australians have a lot to be proud of. Over many, many years, we have achieved a great deal of things, and we're not going to have Bill Shorten talk down our economy and we are not going to have him talk down Australia's achievements when it comes to fairness. Australia is a prosperous country. Australia has also worked very hard to be a fair country. We are not going to let Bill Shorten run this con so he can masquerade his ideological commitment to things, to masquerade as a fairness policy. That's not what it is about. He is just running another con on the Australian people. We have worked hard on fairness in this country, just like we have worked hard to become a prosperous country and the Turnbull Government is committed to growth and we're also committed to fairness, but not a fairness which is all about saying that you can only do better if someone else does worse. That's not the Australians' notion of fairness. We're about the fair go, the fairness of opportunity, and the fairness of people being able to get on and live their lives and earn their living, and not be punished or penalised because of some ideological view of Bill Shorten. We know Australians are out there who haven't shared in the growth that others have, we know that, and that's why in the Budget we acted to put downward pressure on rising costs of living and guarantee the essentials that they rely on. That's why the Budget did that because we know that that's the case. But we're not going to engage in this populist approach of Bill Shorten who is chasing votes like an ambulance chasing politicians when it comes to exploiting people's frustrations and fears. We are replacing that frustration with hope. We are replacing the politics of envy with the economics of opportunity. REPORTER: The Reserve Bank Governor seems to think that wealth inequality is on the rise.My comments have been in relation to income inequality and they've been particularly since the GFC. Now, the Reserve Bank Governor was talking about income inequality over a 30-year period. I myself in my speech this morning acknowledged that when you look at things offer a 30-year period, then things have changed, but I also said they haven't grown in terms of inequality in Australia as quickly as they have in other parts of the world, but since the GFC and the data on income equality since the GFC and particularly even taking into account the most recent Census doesn't bear up, doesn't bear up what Bill Shorten is saying. Bill Shorten is trying to sell you a pup so he can give you bigger taxes. REPORTER: Your commentary this morning around taxation (inaudible). I'm simply saying, Bill, we're not going to cop you bringing Australia down, we are not going to allow you to spin another lie so you can give Australians bigger taxes. This is all he was doing. At the last election he was saying we were going to sell Medicare, for goodness sake, a blatant lie. Here he goes again trying to sell another lie. If are you a rural family, a farm family and you have a trust, he thinks you're dodgy and he want totion rip it up for you and wants to tax you more on it. This is his world view: Tax you more and try to have a tax system that seeks to settle scores rather than try to grow the economy. He has given up on growth. They do not have an economic growth plan. They vuft have an envy plan. REPORTER: Treasurer, just on local matters, you seem to dam Jay Weatherill with faint praise, saying he is given some credit for his veteran storage...That was a very generous interpretation of my comments.Well, would you like to repeat it? Why is it a Hollywood solution?Because it is so at the margin it barely is worthy of a mention. I mean, honestly. By all means have the world's biggest battery, have the world's biggest banana, have the world's biggest prawn like we have on the roadside around the country, but that is not solving the problem. That's just trying to say, "Bright shiny thing over here. Don't look at the thing over there." That's an old trick from a politician. What we're talking about here is something I said inside, 30,000 South Australian households could not get through watching one episode of Australia's Ninja Warrior with this big battery. So let's not pretend it is a solution. We will take it, but it is not solving the problem. But we need to address the big picture, the big structural energy issues. A terrible experiment here in South Australia, a shocking experiment and we all saw where it ended and we are now working as a national government, working with the states and territories to turn this around. With great respect, Elon Musk has got more money for you now?Good for him. REPORTER: Well, he must have some reasonable ideas. ?He is very good at promoting them, too. I think he saw Jay Weatherill coming.So he simply has suckered us all into this?I'm saying it doesn't solve the problem. By all means have the world's biggest battery, but it won't solve the problems. REPORTER: He a trying to solve the gas problemI don't think the world's biggest battery solving Australia's energy or gas problems. Part of the solution.No, it is such a small piece of the pie that it is barely not even... REPORTER: So you hate wind energy as well?No, not at all, I'm for all of this, but it has to solve the problem. I don't care if it's wind, coal, the world's biggest battery, but you've got to measure it on its contribution, and it doesn't measure up to a big solution.So you don't praise Elon Musk at all?No, it's not about Elon Musk, not about Jay Weatherill, not about me, not but, it's about does it solve the problem? And it doesn't solve the problem. REPORTER: When it comes to showing federal leadership, shouldn't the nation be moving towards a clean energy target as recommended by the Finkel Review?Well, we are working through you that issue, as I said inside. We commissioned the Finkel Review. REPORTER: At COAG, 49 of the 50 recommendations...And we haven't resolved on the time one yet and we're working through you that.So the door is still open?We are working through the report we received and we haven't come to a final position.One more.All good. REPORTER: Can I ask Matt Canavan, your latest position on that Do you feel if he hasn't signed a citizenship form that lets him off the hook?I'm not the High Court. The High Court will determine this. I'm very disappointed for Matt and his family. He has been doing a fantastic job in his Cabinet and I hope he can be back in the Cabinet and back part of the team as soon as possible. I hope this matter is able to be resolved in his favour, but that is ultimately a matter for the High Court, so I will respect that process and we will get on with the good work that Matt was doing. Mart has been a critical part, particularly when it comes to gas, Matt was the one taking carriage to make sure we have our gas back here in Australia, dealing with the shortage which has been self imposed in the country by decisions made in the past. Matt did a great job of turning it around and Barnaby following through you on that good work...We might leave that there, that Treasurer Scott Morrison live from Adelaide, hitting back at Bill Shorten. Mr Shorten has been