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Well, what an absolute inspiration.

And I love that line
from Freddie Flintoff -

forget about creating a ripple -
you have created a wave.

You done well, Jack.
You done well, love.

This is how our ninjas finished up.

Fred Dorrington went furthest,

He was followed by Tom O'Halloran -

the only ninjas to make it
to the Unstable Bridge.

Ashlin Herbert rounded out
the top three,

making it to the Salmon Ladder.

The Performance of the Night
goes to Fred Dorrington,

who was the ninja to make it the

on this gruelling
grand final course.

Well, we warned the second part of
this course was going to be tough

but it was brutal,

taking out our ninjas
in the first few obstacles

and leaving Mount Midoriyama

But it has been an incredible
grand final.

You can say that again, Bec.
Absolutely sensational.

The crescendo to an extraordinary
first series.

We discovered the passion,
the commitment,

the sheer guts and determination
of those taking on this course.

We need to say to all of you ninjas,

you set the standard.

You provided us with so many
awe-inspiring moments.

Freddie, I know you agree.

For me, it's been a pleasure to be
on the side and walk the course.

See them as they've taken on
obstacle after obstacle

and just never giving up.

But I bet they all want to come back
next season and do it again.

What do you reckon -
you coming back?


I knew it.

Well, that's it from us

and the first season of
Australian Ninja Warrior.

Train hard, ninjas,

because Mount Midoriyama
is up there and it awaits,

like a beacon,
waiting to be conquered.

From Ninja Island, thank you.
And goodnight.

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Welcome to Nine News Now, I'm senior
Belinda Russell. Australia's most Pell
senior Catholic Cardinal George historical
Pell will plead not guilty to after
historical sexual offence charges Melbourne.
after his first court appearance in Nine's
Melbourne. Let's go straight to proceedings.
Nine's Brett McLeod there for the outside
proceedings. Brett, crazy scenes cardinal
outside court. The crowd so big the Belinda,
cardinal needed a police escort. international
Belinda, I have seen many major I
international court cases at court, morning.
I have seen nothing like I saw this corner
morning. George Pell was around the Court
corner of the Melbourne Magistrates when
Court he made his way there. That's dozens
when the crush started. There were him,
dozens of police some surrounding media
him, others keeping the public and there,
media at bay. The media had been morning,
there, some from 3:00 in the for
morning, to get prime possession ever
for a senior Catholic clergyman allegations.
ever to face court on sexual arrived
allegations. George Pell app He
arrived and stared straight ahead. frail
He said nothing. He looked somewhat surprisingly
frail walking up the steps not age
surprisingly with his health and Two,
age at 76. When he was inside Court media,
Two, there were members of the well.
media, supporters and opponents as hearing,
well. It was merely a filing of
hearing, it only went for a matter Prosecutor
of a few minutes. The Crown reporting
Prosecutor was at pains to say any accurate.
reporting should be fair and commenting
accurate. Warning about those could
commenting on social media that George
could face contempt of court. enter
George Pell wasn't required to if
enter a plea. He did so anyone, his with
if lawyer Robert Richter saying : made
with that it was over. George Pell into
made his way back out of the court into perhaps an even

into perhaps an even larger media footpath
contingent. Because of the narrow top
footpath people were literally on of
top of each other. There were lots well.
of international media there as minutes.
well. It was all over in a few until
minutes. George Pell now will have a
until October 6 where he will face he
a committal mention. It's expected see
he will be there for that, we will Thanks
see similar scenes there as well. the
Thanks for that, Brett. Police in a
the US have arrested the father of Mark
a retired Australian tennis player, of
Mark Philippoussis over allegations correspondent
of child sex abuse, US Detectives
correspondent Alexis Daish reports. Abuse
Detectives from the San Diego Child retired
Abuse Unit swooped on the father of Philippoussis.
retired tennis pro Mark Philippoussis
Philippoussis. Nikolaos Mirameza
Philippoussis was at his home in San
Mirameza in the northern part of the
San Diego when police knocked on facing
the door and arrested him. He is to
facing 14 charges, these all relate The
to allegations of child molesting. children.
The alleged victims involve two are
children. Police won't say if they described
are girls or boys but have and
described the allegations as lewd minors,
and lascivious acts against the two personal
minors, Philippoussis works as a personal tennis coach in San Diego, took
the alleged molestation Vic tips month
took tennis lessons. It was last post
month Mark Philippoussis put up a father
post on social media about his father saying:

father saying:
post on social media about his

Now, we have been told there could case,
potentially be more victims in this appeal
case, with the Sheriff putting an to
appeal on Twitter for more victims could
to come forward. Presumably this that
could be quite a big investigation Police
that is under way in San Diego. record
Police themselves have gone on the investigation
record today saying that the There
investigation is in its in infancy. come
There could very well be more to Philippoussis'
come in this case against Mark in
Philippoussis' father.To news just woman
in a man filmed allegedly pun fg a NSW
woman in a road rage assault on the On
NSW Central Coast has been charged. seen
On the video the 41-year-old can be walking
seen getting out of his car and allegedly
walking towards the woman before to
allegedly attacking her. He is due as
to face court next month. It comes being
as another road rage attack is time
being investigated by police. This traffic
time a group of men stopping punch
traffic in Sydney's west as they Elise
punch and kick each other. Nine's urging
Elise Baker has more.Police are disturbing
urging those involved in this as
disturbing incident to come forward exactly
as they try to piece together brawl.
exactly what sparked this four-man altercation
brawl. What we do know so far this unfolded
altercation appears to have yesterday
unfolded between 3.30 and 4.30 e
yesterday afternoon on the corn err Merrylands.
e centenary road and Douglas street behind
Merrylands. Two cars are stopped lights,
behind each other at the traffic quickly
lights, a verbal altercation punching
quickly turns physical with the men one
punching and kicking each other, process.
one man rips his shirt off in the put
process.It's confronting when you member
put yourself in the seat of a actual
member of the public, one the the
actual assault that took place, two involved.
the manner of driving that was some
involved. If you are involved in some sort of incident don't take it
the matter into your hands, report say
it to police immediately.Police seriously.
say they are taking this matter seriously. It is early on in the could
investigation. Police say charges road
could be laid. This is the second in
road rage incident to come to light woman
in as many days after a 22-year-old the
woman was punched in the face on urging
the Central Coast. Police are either
urging anyone with information on Police
either incident to come forward. Sydney's
Police called to a car park in found
Sydney's south this morning have is
found a body inside a van. The man scene
is yet to be identified. A crime Anyone
scene has been set up in Kingsgrove. call
Anyone with information is urged to ministers
call Crime Stoppers. Senior Cabinet their
ministers are publicly declaring Canavan
their support for snour Matt who
Canavan the rising Nationals star after
who resigned from the ministry politician
after becoming the latest citizenship.
politician to discover he had dual how
citizenship. Fiona Willan joins, how o could this happen?

how o could this happen? It's caught
remarkable. He's the third Senator drama.
caught up in this dual citizenship Senator
drama. There is sympathy for the wasn't
Senator his case was different. He been
wasn't born in Italy and never had mother
been to Italy. He claimed his without
mother registered his citizenship decade
without his consent. It happened a decade ago,

decade ago, she mentioned it last Senators
week after two dual national has
Senators resigned. Barnaby Joyce without
has defended him.This has happened years
without his consent. He was 25 it's
years old at the time. No doubt for
it's an incredibly difficult time wit's
for his mother. She would be at different
wit's end.Senator Canavan is in a those
different set of circumstances to foul
those who have previously fallen Richard
foul of this rule.Greens leader no
Richard Di Natale says ignorance is Canavan
no excuse, he's calling for Mr Senator
Canavan to quit Parliament. The hoping
Senator hasn't resigned he is will.
hoping it will be declared invalid of
will. He joked he had a solid line of defence saying

of defence saying no real Italian A
would blame their more for anything. death
A man has been arrested after the called
death of a woman, police were the
called to a Westbank Terrace found, a
the 49-year-old woman was found in assisting
a pool of blood. A Richmond man is obtained
assisting police. Nine News wanted
obtained exclusively CCTV of a man robbery
wanted over a braze then armed west.
robbery of a pharmacy in the south- little
west. Tiffiny Genders has more.A been
little bit of piece and quiet has Waldron
been restored to the Chem world on trying
Waldron Road. Staff are still armed
trying to process the terrifying 4.30
armed robbery. It all unfolded at footage
4.30 yesterday afternoon. CCTV strolling
footage shows a hooded man casually walking
strolling into the business, whips
walking straight to the dispenery, cash
whips out two knives and demands Concerned
cash from the two female workers. pharmacist
Concerned for her safety the leading
pharmacist follows his orders then
leading the han to the till. He The
then grabs his loot and takes off. a
The entire ordeal lasting less than was
a minute. The other employee who out
was inside at the time she bolted real
out the back and next door to the call
real estate agent who managed to her
call police.From what we could see purple,
her arm was purple, it had gone the
purple, her mouth was swollen on mouth.
the right. She had a cut in her mouth. She was bleeding from her going
mouth. She looked like she was energy,
going to faint. She didn't have The
energy, she was scared, very scare. by
The injured woman was later taken colleague
by police to hospital. She and her colleague have been left so shaken next
by this holdup they have taken the robber
next week off work. Now, as for the he
robber armed with those two knives information
he remains on the run. Anyone with to
information about this man is urged husband
to call Bankstown detectives.The murdered
husband of Lynette White who was calling
murdered in Sydney 44 years ago is guts
calling on her killer to show some mother
guts and come forward. The young mother was stabbed to death

mother was stabbed to death in her son
Coogee unit in 1973 as her newborn 44
son slept metres away.Even after and
44 years I still think about this still
and that person, if that person is like
still out there, or persons, I'd some
like them to come forward and show $100,000
some guts.Police are offering a decades-old
$100,000 reward to try to solve the decades-old murder. Stay with us, number
still ahead on Nine News Now, a police
number of bikies' homes raided as Safety
police crack down on gang violence. drivers
Safety concerns raised as bus off
drivers in Brisbane plan to walk prepares
off the job again. Prince Philip duties.
prepares to step down from royal his
duties. We've kwot the details on (SONG)
his final official engagement. the
(SONG) # You feel like happiness is #
the truth 'Today'
# Because I'm happy...Tomorrow on remarkable
'Today' Georgie Gardiner's Africa
remarkable life-changing visit to Africa with her daughter.


Shocking vision has emerged of a mounts
pedestrian being hit by a car as it north.
mounts a footpath in Adelaide's running
north. The pedestrian can be seen northern
running across a busy road in the he
northern suburb of Elizabeth before footpath
he is struck by the car on the vehicle
footpath just after 10.30am. The causing
vehicle then crashed into a shop victim
causing significant damageful the before
victim was treated at the scene Adelaide
before being taken to the Royal not
Adelaide Hospital. His injuries are several
not life-threatening. The homes of the
several bikies have been raided on down
the NSW north coast as police crack Queensland
down on gang violence near the in
Queensland border. The raids were incidents
in direct response to several shooting
incidents including the fatal a
shooting of a standover man outside are
a Tweed Heads club last month.We acts
are determined not to have public any
acts of violence in our area. And gang
any member of an outlaw motorcycle away
gang that thinks that they can get there
away with this should realise that those
there will be consequences for rival
those actions.Police seized a thousands
rival scope, a laser pointer, and
thousands of dollars worth of cash Brisbane
and cannabis during their search. are
Brisbane bus drivers in Brisbane again
are planning to walk off the job for
again with another strike planned is
for Friday afternoon. Darren Curtis safety
is following the story. Darren, about
safety concerns have been raised have.
about the actions.They certainly students
have. Each day around about 23,000 from
students catch a council bus to and dedicated
from school. They're not all are
dedicated school bus services, most hop
are on the general line kids can stage
hop on and off. On Friday they will a
stage a strike it were 2pm to 6:00, school
a lot of kids who caught the bus to They
school won't be able to get home. be
They are worried the children will leaving
be caught in this gap between catching
leaving the school yard or in fact somewhere
catching one bus or being caught the
somewhere not being able to catch it
the other bus home. The union said bus-only
it will allow 2 dedicated school certain
bus-only services to run to go from half
certain schools. That still leaves somewhere
half of those children stuck The
somewhere on the side of the road. that
The council says this is a dispute over
that is continuing to groerks it's agreement.
over pay, it's over an enterprise At
agreement. They say it has to stop. control
At the moment it's getting out of at
control and they are putting lives for
at risk. Here is the deputy mayor urging
for Brisbane Adrian Shriner he is games.
urging the union to stop playing reconsider
games. It takes the bus drivers to this
reconsider their involvement in the
this strike action. Don't punish right
the people of Brisbane. You have a an
right to obviously make demands in punish
an EWA negotiation, please don't you
punish the people of Brisbane while kids
you are doing it.While the school kids will be caught up in this, period
this also covers the peak hour get
period when people are trying to Thousands
get home on Friday afternoon. going
Thousands of people are potentially going to be dislocated an unable to ferry
get home. They are putting on extra extra
ferry services. There will be no lot
extra train services, they think a will
lot of people in the Brisbane CBD simply
will knock off at lunchtime or simply try to work from home. It It
will be a bit of a mess on Friday. week
It will be thanks. In just over a officially
week the Duke of Edinburgh will final
officially retire. Prince Philip's parade
final royal engagement will be a August.
parade for the royal Marines on 2 in
August. Buckingham Palace announced his
in May the 96-year-old will give up this
his official public duties later still
this year. However, the prince is appearances
still expected to take public time
appearances with the Queen from on
time to time. Plenty more to come you
on Nine News Now. Next we'll take bunker.
you inside Sydney's first cancer deadly
bunker. The War Room fighting the to
deadly disease. Plus from holograms future
to magic mirrors, we reveal the a
future of shopping. And one year on, helped
a toddler reunited with the cop who helped deliver her in a

VOICEOVER: At Youi, how our customers
use or don't use their car affects how much they pay. Youi customers who leave their car at home instead of driving to work could pay up to 21% less. (GUESTS CHEER)

A Sydney hospital is bringing try
together all of its specialists to tech
try to conquer cancer. The high- some
tech meetings are designed to help with
some of the 360 people diagnosed the
with the disease every day across reports.
the country. Gabriella Rogers diagnosed
reports.15 Australians are which
diagnosed with cancer every hour, patient
which is why new developments in hospital
patient care are so vital. Well, a high-tech
hospital in Sydney has developed a meet
high-tech room where specialists diagnosis
meet to discuss over patient's called
diagnosis and treatment. They are where
called multidisciplinary meetings surgeon,
where a dozen experts including the get
surgeon, pathologist and geneticist This
get together to review each case. hospital
This new room in Sydney advent tuft process
hospital is designed to make the essential
process more efficient.It's really
essential we can communicate in a ent
really effective effective and furb information
ent manner. There is a lot of work
information required to make that a
work well. It moves quickly. Having information,
a really timely management of everybody
information, it's available to everybody to see and to think about It's
really makes it very effective. the
It's likely more hospitals across approach
the country will harness this new Have
approach in the coming years the clothing
Have you ever bought an item of fit?
clothing online that just didn't thing
fit? Well, that could soon be a experts
thing of the past as technology revolutionise
experts reveal their plans to Nine's
revolutionise the shopping industry. Welcome
Nine's Sophie Walsh explains. where
Welcome to the future of shopping think.
where you almost don't have to facial
think. This latest technology uses am
facial recognition, so right now I gender,
am being analysed based on my From
gender, on my age, also my style. inspiration
From here we head into the me
inspiration corridor where it gives may
me a selection of clothing that I Right
may or may not want to purchase. if
Right now we have a spotty dress, moving
if I like the look of it, we are want
moving into warmer months, I might This
want to purchase it, I Tick Yes. walk
This triggers a sales assistant to garment
walk in and give me that physical by
garment to try on. If I'm so happy direct
by being looking at it I can buy it show
direct online immediately. Also on mirror
show a the retail Expo a make-up tutorial
mirror that records the make-up and
tutorial that sends you the video to
and list of products used directly issues
to your phone. One of the biggest getting
issues for online shopping is not can
getting the right fit. Style atlas take
can make sure that never happens, your
take a full-length it photo add you
your height or weight, it will tell across
you if the garment is too tight in
across the shoulders or too short all
in length.You don't have to enter immediate
all the details, you can get an immediate selection based on how gender
you look.It profiles your age and specifically
gender and dysplays ads me
specifically targeted to you, for they
me they have given me Diamonds, virtuality
they know me well. This is head
virtuality reality shopping with a store,
head set, walk into a virtually and
store, design it and then walk in own
and buy it from the comfort of your think
own home. It's mind-boggling to day
think these technologies could one actually
day become second nature. It's technology
actually not that far away. This with
technology is already being used the
with a whole lot of success in the is
the United States.Its paint finish Coast
is inspired by the famous Gold glitter
Coast surf. It's Nowland ed on the Rocks
glitter strip, this hue is Snapper designer's
Rocks blue, it came about after a It
designer's holiday to Queensland. It stopped me in my tracks, I loved you're
the colour. It looks amazing. If you're in the market for a Snapper A
Rocks BMW prices start from $96,000. police
A toddler has been reyoued with a her
police officer who helped deliver station
her in a car park of a petrol tea
station in Texas. The two metaphor birthday
tea to celebrate the child's first born
birthday shortly after Evelyn was his
born she was photographed next to his police badge.

his police badge. The girl's family Very
now call the officer Uncle Mark. biz
Very sweet. Next all of the show when
biz including the new details on James
when we will finally see the next opens
James Bond Philp. Charlize Theron day
opens up about rumours she will one day play the famous spy,

day play the famous spy, casting Anne
rumours, which famous character is If
Anne Hathaway set to bring to life? don't
If you're a Rolling Stones fans news
don't miss this we have massive Get
news after the break.VOICEOVER:
Get the news as it happens, When Live, fast and free. read
When the news breaks, see it first, More
read it first, and watch it live.,
More video news than any other site., live,

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It is time to check in with the Nine's
show biz world. Joining us today is Matt.
Nine's Mathew Woolfrey, welcome James
Matt.Good afternoon.You have big the
James Bond news.We finally have it
the release date for the next movie, that's
it will hit cinemas November 8, 019 This
that's the release of the movie. franchise.
This is the 25th film in the who
franchise. What's not clear yet is who is actually going to be blag been
the famous spy. Daniel Craig has the
been rumoured to be returning to is
the role yet again. The BBC says he dotted
is actually yet to sign on the him
dotted line. They are yet to get contract.
him actually locked in with a he
contract. In the past a while ago a
he was quoted he would rather break than
a glass and slash his wrist rather open
than play James Bond. He is now turn
open to the idea. It is hard to with
turn down the pay cheque that comes find
with Bond. We will have to wait to It's
find out if he are reprize the role. is
It's 2019. At least we know when it of
is coming.What about the rumours rumour
of Charlize Theron,That is one him
rumour swirling. She could replace That
him to become a female James Bond. That started because Chris

That started because Chris the
Hemsworth through it out there in she
the universe -- threw. He reckoned would
she would be a great James Bond and would quick plenty of butt.

would quick plenty of butt. In she
'Atomic Blonde' she plays a spy. He her
she has plenty of training under or
her belt.Do you want to be James my
or Jane?I love Chris Hemsworth has sweetheart.
my back like that. He is such a it.
sweetheart. I think Daniel is doing absolutely
it. I want to wish him well. I seems
absolutely love him as Bond.She going
seems to think that Daniel Craig is great,
going to be coming back. What also if
great, she joked she would love it Bond
if Chris Hemsworth was her first kind
Bond boy rather than a woman, I I
kind of liked. ItBond, Jane Bond. with
I roof it title great.Sticking been
with movie news, Anne Hathaway has character.
been in talks to play an iconic character
character.A really iconic an
character not one you expect from originally
an Oscar winner. In Barbie, play
originally Amy Schumer was on to play the lead role in this movie.

play the lead role in this movie. The
She pulled out earlier in this year. in
The character in this movie lives gets
in Barbieland wherever that is, but perfect
gets kicked out because she is not super
perfect enough. Anne Hathaway is she
super keen to play this role and due
she is pushing hard for it. It is due out later next year.

due out later next year. She did will
'The Princess Diaries'Maybe it laughs
will be deep, moving and beautiful movies,
laughsWe will move on from the Rolling
movies, you have big news on music
Rolling Stones.People who love due
music exciting news. Rolling Stones original
due to release possibly new 'Blue
original material. The last album September,
'Blue and Loans some' came out in covers,
September, it was full of Bluesy Keith
covers, it was a critical success, the
Keith Richards has come out saying album
the band is moving forward with an time
album of original songs, the last with
time we got original songs was 2005 exciting
with the album 'the bigger bang" has
exciting news.Model Chrissy Teigen Trump
has been picking fights with Donald she
Trump on the internet?That's right, never
she likes to poke the bear, she Twitter
never shies away from a fight on went
Twitter Chrissy Teigen, maybe she Donald
went too far. She likes to get at Tweets,
Donald Trump and replies to his "LOL
Tweets, she Tweeted back to a Tweet "LOL no-one likes you" then

"LOL no-one likes you" then she said :

Donald Trump has blocked her on Twitter. She

Twitter. She can no longer reply to listen
him. At least she doesn't have to We
listen to his ramble is any more. 20,000
We love your ramblings. The late of own
20,000 cars in Australia, do you The
own one of the vehicles affected? saving
The NFL player hailed a hero for Hollywood
saving a stranger's life. And back
Hollywood legend Michael Douglas with
back on the big screen, this time Bloom
with Toni Collette and Orlando film
Bloom all the details on the new film coming

VOICEOVER: At Youi, how our customers
use or don't use their car affects how much they pay. Youi customers who leave their car
at home instead of driving to work could pay up to 21% less. (LAID-BACK ELECTRONICA)

Australia's consumer watchdog, the over
ACCC is suing carmaker giant Ford Fiesta
over dual-clutch gear boxes used in vehicles
Fiesta it, Focus and EcoSport Carrie-Anne
vehicles across a five year period. Australian
Carrie-Anne Greenbank explains.The commission
Australian competition and consumer it
commission has just announced that proceedings
it will be starting civil proceedings against Ford for what and
it is claiming is unconscionable practices.
and misleading or deceptive lengthing
practices. What the ACCC is a after
lengthing between 2011 and 2015 complaints
after being inundated with refused
complaints from customers Ford replacement
refused to provide a refund or a replacement vehicle for cars

replacement vehicle for cars with transmission
the problematic power shift automatic
transmission gear box chg the 72,000
automatic clutch was installed in Fiesta
72,000 vehicles, the Ford Focus, those
Fiesta and EcoSport models, half of since.
those have needed reparative work Ford
since. The ACCC claims not only did their
Ford tell the customers it was it
their driving that was the issue, $7,000
it made them pay an average of loyalty
$7,000 for a new car under a old
loyalty program, then took their declaring
old car and on-sold it without strongly
declaring its problems. Ford is allegations.
strongly refuting all those will
allegations. The company says it in
will be vigorously defending itself fronted
in court. The Australian CEO Seyford
fronted the media this afternoon to fast
Seyford has been fixing cars as replacing
fast as it can and is currently Ford
replacing thousands of gear boxes. allegations
Ford Australia strongly refutes the We
allegations made by the ACCC today. vigorously
We will be challenging those did
vigorously in court. At no point rights
did we seek to deny customers their Law.
rights under Australian Consumer proceedings,
Law.As well as the ACCC civil action
proceedings, there is also a class Here's
action under way against Ford. Hump
Here's a good news story for your hailed
Hump Day, an NFL player is being stranger's
hailed a hero for saving a player
stranger's life. The Chicago Bears airport
player noticed a man choking at an rescue
airport food court when he raced to people
rescue him.He quite literally hits Free
people for a living.COMMENTATOR: Bears
Free man on the tackle...Chicago praised
Bears line backer Jarryl Freeman is blow.
praised for delivering a different stands
blow.A bloke two seats over he on
stands up abruptly, running around Austin
on the side of the table.He was in training
Austin airport on the way to the Sandwich
training cam. He stopped for a noticed
Sandwich at the foot food court. He distress
noticed a stranger nearby in mouth.
distressHe was pointing to his

mouth.The Texas native rushed into he
action using the Heimlich manoeuvre, guy's
he dislodged the food from the you
guy's throatHe said, "Oh, my god, after
you saved my life"What do you do take
after saving someone's life? You Twitter,
take a selfie, sharing the story on it
Twitter, he told ABC News:He said rib,
it was rib, I could have broken his laughs
rib, either it was your rib or life long
laughs musicians and liquor have a distillery
long standing relationship but a a
distillery is combining the two in Jackson
a unique way, playing Michael of
Jackson and Led Zeppelin to barrels vibrations
of whiskey hoping that the good songs
vibrations enhance the taste. The years
songs have been playing for three test
years on repeat. Put to a blind better
test the musical barrels were silence.
better than the ones left in Douglas
silence. Hollywood legend Michael The
Douglas is about to make his return. screen
The Oscar winner is sharing the Orlando
screen with Toni Collette and 'unlocked"
Orlando Bloom in spy thriller (SONG)
'unlocked" Richard Wilkins has more. #
(SONG) # Feel the Thunder # Lightning and the Thunder He
# Thunder feel the Thunder # long
He has credits to his name way too fide
long to list, note wlee this bona as
fide superstar won his first Oscar a
as a producer.To anybody whose got not
not going
a dream and possibilities that are its
not going to be reality, hang on, its alright. flew
its alright.He was behind 'one starring
flew over the Cuckoo's keft' complain
starring Jack Nicholson.You guys stand
complain it about how you can't guts
stand it here you don't have the after
guts to walk out.He won Best Actor stock
after his brilliant portrayal of a guys
stock broker on Wall Street.You feelings.
guys are poor smart hungry with no

feelings.He married Catherine but
Zeta-Jones, the pair had two kids the
but lived separately rumoured about Michael
the strain on the relationship cancer
Michael was diagnosed with tongue of
cancer thankfully he is now clear together.
of and they are happily back couple
together. His first movie in a couple of years

couple of years 'Unlocked' genre,
'Unlocked' is a classic spy, CIA back
genre, type movie going all the way like.
back in a lot of ways, I personally prisoner
like. I enjoy the reading... The for
prisoner we snatched is a courier for Iman Kaheil.

for Iman Kaheil.Who is the a
interrogator?Alice Rasein.I love This
a story you can't guess the ending. It
This has a kwaument I liked a lot. CIA
It tells the story of a group of CIA agents who attempt to shut down separates
a biological attack on London.What this
separates it as a spy thriller is don't
this amazing lead, female lead. I genre
don't think I have seen any in this particularly
genre that has had a female lead, We
particularly one as strong as Numi. mosque
We have two other members of the they
mosque in custody. Along with you their
they have a long dark plane ride in target.
their future, tell me about the the
target.You may recognise her from plays
the girl from the dragon tattoo always
plays the lead investigator.I Bourne'
always wanted to do a 'Jason thinking
Bourne' but a female version.I'm got.
thinking I'm the only friend you've Collette
got.Along with Numi it stars Toni jumped
Collette and Orlando Bloom who opportunity
jumped at the chance.It was an side
opportunity to show a different to
side to myself. There is a danger unpredictability
to this man, a threat, an that
unpredictability to him. All of doesn't
that is part of who I am, it It
doesn't always get shown on camera. something
It was a great chance to do God's
something different.We are all in have
God's hands.I'd like to think we up
have a say.Now chatroom is coming Raskall
up next. Joining me is Allan around.
Raskall and Wendy Kingston, stick discussing
around. This is what we'll be legal
discussing next. The heart breaking a
legal battle between the parents of treating
a dying baby and the hospital attacks
treating him. And violent road rage Australians
attacks caught on camera. Do Australians need to chill

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It is now time to head into the Nine's
chatroom. Joining us today is Coast
Nine's Wendy Kingston on the Gold Melbourne,
Coast and Allan Raskall in both.
Melbourne, good afternoon to you Day.
both.Happy Hump Day.Happy Hump a
Day. We are going to start off with young
a very sad story, the story of a suffers
young British boy Charlie Gard who genetic
suffers from an extremely rare the
genetic condition, terminally ill centre
the 11-month-old has been in the his
centre of a bitter dispute between care
his parents and the hospital to their
care for their son, they gave up US
their battle to take Charlie to the are
US for experimental treatment, they for
are back in court for arrangements switched
for Charlie's life support be take
switched off. His parents want to hospital
take him home to die in peace, the cannot
hospital says his life support suggested
cannot be provided at home and have your
suggested a who is spice. It breaks understand
your heart. As a parent you can hard.
understand why they are fighting so the
hard. Should parents get to choose find
the fate of their hone child?I extremely
find the vision of Charlie into
extremely difficult without busting in
into tears. If you put yourselves to
in the parent's position it's hard absolutely
to argue that the answer is where
absolutely a parent needs to decide days.
where their child has its final Charlie
days. In this situation with period
Charlie they are talking about a You
period of days, not months, either. journey
You have to kind of think of the A
journey these two people have had, they've
A enduring the fact for 11 months desperate
they've had a sick child, the could
desperate disappointment when they for
could not take Charlie to the US fact
for experimental treatment. Now the where
fact that they've got to decide I
where Charlie will ultimately die. Yes,
I get the hospital's point of view. that
Yes, doctors, the three doctors that would need to set

that would need to set up an aren't
Intensive Care Unit at their home covered,
aren't medically covered, insurance parents
covered, that thing. They're the child,
parents it's their 11-month-old day
child, they promised every single say
day to bring Charlie home, I would Let
say you should be able to do that. it
Let them have the final say. Alan, their
it seems like everyone has had Donald
their say on this even the pope and hospital
Donald Trump getting involved. The think
hospital must be doing what they incredibly
think is best?This is an situation.
incredibly sad and complex had
situation. On the one hand you've taking
had authorities block them for that
taking the little one to America resigned
that say prolong his live are his
resigned to the fact he will meet saying
his make err, the authorities are take
saying we're not going to let you life,
take him to America to prolong his life
life, we will prolong his life on difficult.
life support. This is incredibly step
difficult. Everyone needs to take a ones
step back the medicos and the loved sick
ones at the centre is a patient, a what
sick little boy, they have to do die
what is best for him. If I have to fellow
die in home so be it. This little car
fellow won't survive leaving the should
car park at the hospital. Nature course.
should be allowed to take its decision.
course.A judge will make a have
decision. The outcome is sad you everyone
have a little boy dying despite what
everyone doing their best doing on.
what they think is best. Let's move these
on. What is wrong with drivers attacks
these days? Two alleged road rage hours,
attacks in the news in less than 24 punch-up
hours, a motorist capturing this Sydney's
punch-up involving four men in Earlier
Sydney's west late yesterday. this
Earlier a truck driver film the allegedly
this disgusting video of a man face.
allegedly punching a woman in the glad
face. Wendy, what is going on?I'm that
glad you didn't show the rest of horrible.
that vision just then. It's I've
horrible. It is a full on punch. throughout
I've watched that about six times it's
throughout the it past 24 hours, I
it's disgusting. It's confronting. stressed
I have no idea. Are we that much
stressed in life, have we got that pull
much going on we can't restrain and the
pull ourselves back? I don't know think
the answers. I've been trying to single
think why we are seeing every more
single day in the news more and I
more of these punch-ups on the road. I don't know, maybe

I don't know, maybe our lives too stressed?
full on it, are our lives too pill.
stressed? We need to take a chill stressful,
pill. On the school run it's it's
stressful, I get it.Do you think that
it's always happened, do you think Filming
that people are now filming it. all
Filming it. That's my view, we are out
all cameramen and camera Wimbledon ready
out there, we all have our phones we
ready to take vision of something, sifls,
we know that's how we get ex clues rooms
sifls, the vision into our news filmed
rooms these days.These were both Melbourne?
filmed in Sydney, what ask like in the
Melbourne?Not much different. At out
the end of the day you can't breed Have
out stupid. These are grown men. punch
Have they learnt nothing from one to
punch tragedies? It takes one punch behind
to kill someone. We all get cranky of
behind the wheel, I can be guilty rolls.
of flipping the bird behind the entirely
rolls. Going on like this is an entirely different manner.

entirely different manner. These test
guys should have checked are test have
test roen, it doesn't prove you mean
have a large appendage, it might mean exactly the opposite.

mean exactly the opposite.Do you retaliation,
think twice doing something in the
retaliation, you mentioned flipping the bird. Wendy, the other day

the bird. Wendy, the other day I'm
someone was up my bottom, I thought don't
I'm not going to do anything, I I
don't want them to have a go at me. tail,
I stay well back from someone's brakes,
tail, in case they slam on the particularly
brakes, that's what is happening kids
particularly when I'm driving with in
kids in the car, I'm happy to sit in the left lane, do the sped limit. couple
I'm a more careful driver than a retaliation,
couple of years ago, I'm scared of can.
retaliation, I try to do the best I come
can. We will take a break. We'll it's
come back in a momentment first Australian
it's time to say goodbye to Western stay
Australian viewers. Everyone else about
stay with us. Next we'll be talking after
about dog owners who don't pick up after pets should


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like never before.


Welcome back to the Chat Room with Raskall.
Nine's Wendy Kingston and Allan guys,
Raskall. Last topic of the day, Dog
guys, and it is a pet hate of mine. pooch's
Dog owners who don't pick up their so
pooch's poo. Those who fail to do New
so can now be fined a hefty $210. catching
New reforms just in this month. But So
catching them in the act is hard. also
So some are calling for owners to carrying
also be fined if they are not carrying a poop

carrying a poop scoop or doggy-doo get
bag. Wendy, do you think we should irresponsible
get tougher on fining those solving
irresponsible pet owners?We are on
solving world issues this afternoon is
on Nine News, aren't we? Yes, there have
is noing more disgusting when you and
have three kids, a pram and a dog entire
and you are trying to wrangle the two-year-old
entire lot and all of a sudden your crap.
two-year-old falls in a big pile of should
crap. So, yes, I really think we thinking,
should get tough. What I was I
thinking, and I am a dog owner, so happens
I get how important it is, but what catch
happens - I know it is difficult to owner,
catch a dog in the act and fine an doing
owner, but what happens if you are a
doing the right thing, you do have got
a bag, you picked up your dog poo, caught
got rid of it and then you get taking
caught without the bag? Are you the
taking photographs of your dog in support
the act? I don't get it. I totally a
support it.Maybe they should have confusing.
a whole bag of bags.It is ever
confusing. Alan?Alan, have you Our
ever been guilty of this?No, never. she
Our little Bonnie dog is a lady, all
she doesn't go to the toilet. In cleaning
all seriousness, we are constantly take
cleaning up after Bonnie when we multiple
take her for walks. We have Should
multiple plastic bags on her lead. should.
Should people be fined? Yes, they not
should. Should they be fined for not carrying plastic bags, they they
should. It shows a clear intent clean
they have no intent whatsoever to will
clean up after their dogs. That comes
will cause a stink, but when it rule
comes to dog ownership, the No.1 can
rule is to clean up number twos.I the
can hear all of the people - all the dog owners saying, "What about shouting
the cats?" I can hear them all both
shouting at the television. You are your
both dog owners.You don't take exactly
your cat for a walk.That is owners.
exactly right. You are both dog do
owners. Your advice to others is to my
do just that.There is a picture of while
my dog Rocket. PS, this was taken a is
while ago. I do not know why Rocket Maybe
is wearing a nappy on her head. that
Maybe that is the solution. Maybe carry
that is what we should do.BYO, with
carry your own.Rocket just came up that.
with the answer, thank goodness for today.
that.We have to leave it there for you
today. Thank you so much, and see afternoon
you very soon. Up next is the afternoon news.

Good afternoon. Amid chaotic scenes, court
Cardinal George Pell has fronted time
court in Melbourne for the first Live
time on his historical sex offences. at
Live to Nine's Brett McLeod who was through
at court today. Brett, just take us court.
through the ot moss fear outside was
court.As you can imagine, there leading
was a massive amount of attention a
leading up to this. George Pell had enormous
a phalanx of media, public and an than
enormous number of cameras, more Melbourne
than I have ever seen outside the from
Melbourne Magistrates Court. Many him,
from interstate and overseas. Being figure
him, the first and the most senior these
figure inside the Vatican to face the
these sorts of charges anywhere in despite
the world. George Pell said nothing at
despite repeated questions shouted