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(generated from captions) Good day, good evening and happy Tuesday. Thank you so much to Alan and Peta. Back where it should be right here on Sky News live. If you want to get their pod casts, you know what to do, go searching for Sky News Live. You jump on to the Facebook page if you want to get in touch with this program. There's a lot to get to this evening, including a new headache for the Prime Minister on a day when he would want actually to frame news poll. All of that doesn't matter because the resources minister, a bloke in his mid-thirties, a bloke who has a big future in front of him, will he be able to stay in the parliament? We learned this evening what he learned last week: that is he a dual citizen, born in what Australia, he has never been to the country of which he is a dual citizen, and his mother wasn't even born there. I will let him try to explain why this should get him off the hook.Following the reporters of Senators Rudd aluminium and waters last week, my mother raised with me the possibility that I was, in fact, an Italian citizen. According to the Italian government I'm a citizen of Italy. I was not born in Italy. I've never been to Italy. In 2006, my mother lodged documents with the Italian consulate in Brisbane to become an Italian citizen. In doing so, it would appear she made an application for me to become an Italian citizen as well. It is not my intention to resign from the Senate.He hopes he can hold on but it with be a passnate decision if the High Court will let him. Is ignorance of the law a defence against it? Traditionally not. There's a lot about this story talk-back radio is how believable is this idea if you're not born in Italy, how can you be a dual citizen especially if your mother is not born in Italy? It can go back as far as back as your great grandparents. But the process and idea of somebody being able to sign you up to the citizenship of another country without you having a signature at any point in the process, that's pretty weird. The idea that you can go through the process and have no interviews, that's pretty weird. Then perhaps the weirdest bit of all, this is where in 24 hours' time we resume, I've got a feeling might be slightly different, and I would love to employ a mercy rule because I like this minister and like what he stands for, but does anyone believe that a mother proud enough to sign you up to dual citizenship after country wouldn't mention it after 11 years after she got it. Think about your own mum. Think about the level of information and its importance before she texts you or calls you, or mentioned it. Now think about being a citizen much another country. Now, he may never have got the passport or gone and travelled and all the rest, but does anyone believe that the mum didn't mention it for 11 years, and, if so, why not? I have a feeling we are going to be hearing from a very embarrassed mother in Brisbane in the next 24 hours. But what is amazing here is that it's enough of a problem to remove Matt Canavan from the cabinet but he doesn't think it is a big enough problem to remove him from parliament. Perhaps the story lurking behind all of this is remember how a couple of days ago, when it was two Green Senators who disappeared, none could work out why the government was offer a pear to say the problem taken advantage of in the Greens wouldn't be taken advantage of in the government. It's almost like they wanted the insurance policy. Let me know what you think about that? In the Labor Party in New South Wales, one heck after battle, trying not to swear because mum might be watching, especially after I've called her out on telly! The Labor Party in New South Wales is having a big conference this weekend where the hard-core lefties are going to change the world, get the Labor Party to recognise Palestine and the new one they're pushing is that all membership forms should be gender-neutral. This is classic identity politics, yawn, yawn, yawn, the census only showed 1,300 people in Australia why trans. Think about what percentage of the Labor Party member in one state alone would be trans. Would who coshly argue that, a word of warning who always talk about doing things about making forms if oil out gender-neutral. I disagree with it but what would give you a better case is if you can produce a transgender member of the Labor Party who is affected by the law as it stands. It is beta males trying to suck up to girlfriends of 2017 or the identity politics third-wave fellnists who are somehow obsessed with identity. How many people are affected by this decision and can we hear from them? If it is you lying to look awesome, next. In Victoria, a local council was thinking about a memorial to those who have had drug overdoses. I agree that it is a stupid idea but sanity prevailed because people power said to the council pull your head in. A conversation is happening about drugs use in Victoria. I don't mind the idea of safe injecting rooms. I don't like the idea that people will put this garbage in their arms and that these people end up putting strain on our health system and keep strain on putting problems on the emergency services system. But think about it if it was your kid. Think about the fact you've been an awesome parent your whole way through, you do everything to make sure your hid is as healthy as possible and they fall in with that crowd. Do you want these kids doing this in a back alley where they could die or want them to be at least in a place where maybe, just maybe, somebody may be able to is to to intervene and stop them doing it a second time. As long as don't try to ban me being able to smoke in a bar in Melbourne. That's the wonderful joy of the Sydney injecting room where there are indoor rooms in Sydney where

A five-year-old girl has been fined £150 because she didn't have the right permit for a lemonade stand. I think you can finish this editorial for me in the UK. Sharon, good evening. What do we need to know news-wise this evening?

Victoria could soon be the first state in Australia to legalise youth naysia. Premier Daniel Andrews expects the debate to be finalised by year's end. A judicial inquiry is being called for that the New South Wales government are to abandon the Murray Darling Basin Plan. Australia's most senior Catholic, George Pell, is due to appear in court tomorrow for a first hearing on charges of his torqual sexual offences. Cardinal Pell denies all allegations and the first hearing is expected to last no more than just a few minutes. At least ten people have been killed after a speedboat capsized off Indonesia's Borneo island while dozens more are believed missing. Local authorities say around 40 people are thought to have been onboard the vessel at the time of the accident.

The son-in-law and key adviser the US President Donald Trump will hold a second day of meetings with law makers over his connections with Russia during the presidential race. Jared Kushner admitted to four meetings with Russians during and after the campaign, but insists he always acted in a proper manner and has nothing to hide. We will have all of those stories coming up later with more news. Heads up as well in a couple of hours tonight, a big and busy night. Let's get to it with - what a jacket. I thought Ross Cameron nailed it. I reckon there's plenty of velvet in your closet. Very sensible smart clothing the my closet.Former liberal MP and friend of the program. Fiona, welcome. We know you've got Ugg boots. You won more than you lost.I lost eight. Not that I'm counting.Let's talk about Matt Canavan here. I take him at his word that mum's gone off and done something without his knowledge, I find it strange that the process means that you don't have to sign anything to become a citizen of another country, but Tom who puts this program together with me every day, he is a dual Italian citizen. Her parents were Italian, the process isn't on the entirety of Italy, it is the province your family goes back to. There are some quirks where some council would have a lower standard than others, but the big question has to be, and I like Matt Canavan but I'm not going to pretend this isn't the obvious question everyone's going to ask. Does anyone believe that mum didn't mention this for 11 years?This is up there with Warney. Stop blaming your mother!It's weird to me that the process you don't have to sign anything through the whole thing, so let's imagine all of that is true because the planets aligned that it is the right official in the right bit of bureaucracy, is that going, is this going to be where the press gallery starts biting for the next 24 hours which is mum really not tell you?That is what a lot of people will put in the media. That's a legitimate question to ask. How can he not know about it for more than ten years. He is claiming he hasn't been to Italy, wasn't born in Italy, so there is a question mark how can you become a citizen? So we need to learn about the process here. Did he sign documents? Did he go for those interviews? Or is she able to do that without him knowing anything about it? So this thing will probably go all the way to the High Court, and it will be an interesting test case, but I want to make this point quickly. I'm dead somebody detcertain there are other MPs sitting in that Federal Parliament who are dual citizens and they know they are and they're not revealing it tonight, and one certain One Nation Senator comes to find who hasn't been able to produce the documentation.Talking about Senator Malcolm Robertson. I will make sure I ask directly, all the rest.He's got to produce the documents because how do we know he's not a dual citizen?Dean - did - he for 13 years said he was a dual citizen but never produced the documents to show that he's been able to turn around. He may have at the last minute. About this issue here where he's decided to jump out of cabinet rather than get knocked out of the whole parliament, and the theatre of all of this and why we know about this tonight, is there are two parts to it. Never is a press conference held in the hour before the 6 pm with television news unless it is bad news that you want to get out in front of before exclusive first on 7 or 9 starts screaming. This was rumoured last night, we had conversations last night and someone was doing it at 6 pm. Unlike Matt Canavan who says I've never been there or applied to it, he had the Attorney-General effectively acting as his lawyer saying this is the reason why he can stay inside the parliament.He said he would refer it to the High Court. But by the strength of standing next to him, he's saying I'm the top judicial officer in the country, I believe this bloke because he has put the plums on the line with Canavan, has he not?Doesn't matter what he thinks, he said it's going to the High Court which is where it should go. It's not a question of him resigning from the Senate, if the High Court finds he wasn't eligible, he wasn't there in the first place, so he can't resign. He can resign from cabinet.Do you think ignorance of the law is defence?Certainly not.You would expect him to get bounced?I think it is a difficult position. It's a simple little document and it's very clear. It stays if you're a citizen, you're gone.Going back to that central point, I know it is going to annoy a lot of people, I like this guy.So do I.I'm not going to pretend the obvious isn't there. Would your mum not tell you for 11 years that she had signed you up to be a dual citizen of somewhere else. Hell no.My mum rings me if the neighbours are too noisy!The other thing about it win lived and worked in London for two years. I'm not a British citizen by any shape or form, but at the end of the day, if my mum had managed to get me European passport back in 2003, is it - 2006, I would have been so excited to be able to to have a European passport when I was living in London, you needed all sorts of passports to travel through Europe, and you had one European passport that could take you everywhere, it would have been a great benefit for travelling. As if your mum wouldn't say, "Gels what I've done for you. You can travel right through Europe and do these amazing things." I absolutely, I would expect my mum to tell me and be proud that she had done it.Correct. What else I find amazing, I've only listened to half an hour of talkabout radio, callers talking about their own examples, one after the other that had four different stories about how it works in Italy, and based on what local government area and the rest of it. The concept that in the year 2006 you can sign somebody up to another country without signing a piece of paper.Larissa Walters I feel the sorriest for that she didn't know, it was within the week of being changed president the rules are the rules.Signed a bit of paper said he will limitationable.The document that Bronwyn brought in, that Australian constitution. Every member of parliament is actually issued with that. In fact, not only issued with that, it is is part of the education package that members of parliament provide to school groups when kids are doing projects on the Australian constitution. That little booklet that Bronwyn has is in every single parliamentary office in this country.It's too late at that point, though.It's in every single state secretaries' office. Could have it on the pen next to sign up. Read this first.It is beyond strange that he didn't mother and his mother didn't tell him. It's not as if she is signing him up to the Mickey Mouse club but the citizen of another country. This happened only 11 years ago when he was in his mid-20s.Is it going to be fair that someone somewhere is going to turn one a microphone and camera into a lady's house, probably tomorrow morning.Use the word fair, over it.If we see this tomorrow on breakfast TV, someone knocking on the door of mama Canavan is that okay?It's the way it goes.Fair game. We are a democracy. She's now the centre of the biggest political story in the nation today, so she's going to have to say something. Support his case legally. To claim that he didn't know anything about it. There is another issue here.I can understand why people will make that call but I can see people going nuts if they see a media-style vice put on this lady.She is his first and last line of defence. It all depends on what she's prepared to say to the court, either back him up or contradict what he said. There is another issue here which this thing is now steamrollering. There are questions over other members of parliament and the question is about faith in our political system. Faith in our politicians.Isn't it amazing at all in the Senate where you can be quickly replaced, there are no," there only 70-odd in the Senate, and 150-odd in the House of Representatives but we haven't found any marginal seat member sitting on one or -Instead there's this conversation about David bless by - Can you only a shopping centre and have -Hang on, on the dual citizenship, what is happening is politicians are fessing up themselves to this problem, but who is actually he get having it? The government might, in fact, itself think about having an investigation to give people confidence that their Senators and members have been elected properly. We can't rely on a member or a Senator fronting up to the media to say I'm busted.The first person to say Royal Commission leaves!I must make a statement. I'm against dual citizenship anyway as a concept. I think if you swear allegiance to the country you live in, and of which you're a citizen. I know why we went that route, it's not all that long ago we did, so it is a relatively new problem in that sense. People who got sprung before, they found out to their hardship, which is why it is so aggravating that so many of these people hadn't learned from previous experience of others.I think let's imagine his version of it is 100 per cent correct, I would understand why he would be flipping his lid tonight, is that it wasn't, but as a concept of ignorance of the law is not a defence, we will see what happens. He remains in parliament but not in the ministry. Let's talk about power prices because remember when everyone was laughing at Craig Kelly that a move to renewables pushing up power prices as a result can kill people? Today, we see the front page of the Daily Telegraph and followed up by Channel 7 more than a football stadium worth of houses, think about the people inside them, about to get their electricity cut off, and I've got a prediction about where politics will go very soon.Bill stress that forced the Tuo family to rely on emergency vouchers from the State Government.We don't have heating. The best thing to do is then go toette bed, it is warm. We will have our blankets on us to keep us warm inIn winter, there's a growing desperation to fend off the cold.They leave their oven on and they open the door. Very unorthodox means, very unsafe.What we are hearing which is even worse is that people are going straight to disconnection, and having no energy at all.New figures show a staggering 68,400 households are in danger of having their power cut because they can't afford their bills. In

Dee, what did you think about and what was it illustrative for you. I've gone to the Craig celly side of things.The financial stress is real and cold will kill people. The idea that renewables is the culprit is the bit that's absolutely incorrect. We know that the correlation between high-gas prices and high-coal prices is significant. We know we are shipping a lot of gas overseas driving the pies off. We know in New South Wales, the A CSKA Moskva is investigating the fact we've got a small market of electricity providers. If you look at Queensland which didn't sell their electricity, their electricity went up 3.3 per cent, New South Wales, 9. 5 per cent. Blaming it on renewables decent make any sense at all when we know there's increased wind power in the system, it drives down prices. Where I'm happy to meet new 30 years when it is all bit, it is about the cost of building it. The cost of the transition is the part of the conversation that matters, because the cost is transferred on to customers to build windfarms and solar or it is the taxpayer that has to subsidise.Let's look at it. If you want to create a famine, put government in charge of agriculture and wait. The longer you wait, the worse the famine. It is the same with electricity. Put government in charge of determining power, and you will get people who will die of cold. It's not new. @New South Wales is privatised.The whole thing we heard from Dee is really the dog ate my lunch excuse for why power prices.New South Wales is privatised, not government owned. The determination I'm talking about. The idea of a regulator.I'm talking about the fact that the government has made a decision to subsidise inefficient means of producing power and then make it compulsory for others to buy it. Do you remember you used to get a bill years ago that said tick here if you're prepared to pay the extra cost of taking ten per cent of youritiesory from a are uncomfortable. Then they made it compulsory.I want to show before we move on to Troy and Fiona on this, an item popped up on Andrew Bolt's blog with Salvation Army winning an appeal. :.

We know extremes of temperature kills people. Your inability to turn the heater on because of the cost of it is the thing that can lead I think to that one in five. Troy, I'm going to make a political prediction here. I think because both sides of politics will want to rattle towards renewables, Labor more aggressively than anyone else at the moment, I think their political solution to this problem is going to be increased compensation to deal with power bills. It's not going to change anything about the conversation about the transition of renewable, it won't be about removing RATs, anything but swallowing Finkel Hole, but we will borrow more money for peak winter and peak summer to give people supplemental payments.We clearly have an a problem now and a longer-term energy supply and security problem that is obviously well down the track, so, yes, people are feeling significant financial pressures at the moment and that salvation army statistic is correct that people are unable to turn the heater on in winter, and some of them may die. That does not mean I agree with Dee because much renewable energy. We've got a perfect storm in the sector where power stations are shut down because they are no longer economicry viable, there's been a move to renewables but there are problems in the gas market as well about the regulation not having been properly applied there and we are shipping off more gas than year using in Australia. It is important to recognise that the business community in Australia, in the energy sector, have said we need a clean energy target because the future of the energy sector is renewables. I'm not making an ideological point here, I'm making a business-based point here. There is nobody in Australasia, no private-secretary organisation or energy company that wants to build a power station. None. There are absolutely none. It is no longer economically viable to build a power station. Now, it is quite possible - It's no longer safe. Rely on government.If it was economically viable, then somebody would be building one.They've got to borrow the money.It is possible the government could implement a clean energy target which might allow next-generation coal-fired power stations which are high efficiency, low emissions to be built, but even then, probably going to need some kind of government subsidy. I don't know if the government will go down that direction or not, but it is worthwhile noting that in terms of the Finke lereview, the government has adopted 49 of the 50 recommendations. The last one is the clean energy targets. The business community and the energy sector are saying we need that for investment certainty. It could include our coal-fired power station provided that it is next generation.Nobody is saying let's go -High energy, low emissions. The principles of free enterprise say if the private sector will not provide a solution to a prove then the government should be doing £You said the government shouldn't be doing things.Government intervention is market socialism.Championing socialism.Free enterprise principle says if the private sector cannot or will not do it - and there are a whole raft of reasons, banks won't led because there's pressure on them for saying there's a bad investment for you p,If is a good investment if someone would lend the money.Not if they had regulatory certainty. Like with regard to the Adani mines. No aThey won't lend it to the railway for the railway mines. People are literally sitting in the -They don't know if the government's going to be there that could make a decent decision so their investment is at risk, that's why government has to take a hand then they can privatise it.Let us move on. It is not a Redcoat this evening, it's orange! Let's make a quick break, plenty more to talk about including the news poll that Malcolm Turnbull probably wants to frame.

Thank you very much for watching. Great old Game RISHGS Game

If you don't watch the plug in the wall, you can do it through the internet now. Let's continue the difficult with Dean from Campaign Edge with friend of the program, you can wave as well if you want. Fiona Scott, Trev, we will talk about Labor Party nonsense with him and I'm looking forward to Sunday night when you're sitting down with Janine and you're going to meet a communist. Side by side for an hour. I'm not talking about Jenin. It will be fun to see. The news poll that Malcolm Turnbull would want to time frame, not the ones about two parties preferred, but this one about leadership here. It is pretty clear according to News Polls that Malcolm turn ball has doctored to have better leadership credentials by self-identified coalition voters. Now, I don't care about the Labor figures or the Greens, but the X Factor is if their primary vote is at 73 per cent? Where has it gone? To one nation. 44 per cent of people say Malcolm Turnbull has got the wood over Malcolm Turnbull. As about Tony Abbott's future in parliament as well, lots of people having an. Again, the breakdown of all voters versus coalition voters 31 per cent say he should get a position in cabinet, 17 say he should remain on the back bench, remain on the back bench but shut up is 48 per cent and uncommitted is six per cent against self-identified coalition voters. What did you think as you read the poll? We know the X Factor problem for the Coalition government is that enough of their primary vote has gone to one nation and you can call those super conservative but you can't win without them. ?I'm not so sure about that, because -Can Turnbull win?We have a compulsory prefer essential voting system. Most of that one-nation vote should come back to the Coalition. It is very difficult to do that when there's been such upheaval in the political system to represent in a poll, what is going to happen at the next election in terms of preferences, so I'm not so sure about that. It is also true that One Nation preference consist go to Labor as well. My overall reading of that poll was that the voters, particularly coalition voters, want the government to get on with the job of governing and want Malcolm Turnbull to remain as Prime Minister and want Tony Abbott to tone down his criticisms of the government and the two of of them to sort out their differences. That's clearly what is being said there in the poll. I like Tony Abbott, talked to him from time to time, I have respect for him, but there are some issues there with that poll. If Tony Abbott supporters want to latch on to the fact that a minority of supporters voting for One Nation, eight to ten per cent want him to come back, you're looking at the poll from the wrong angle. You've got to be looking at coalition voters and all voters. The message from that cohort of people, coalition voters and all voters is they want Malcolm Turnbull to be Prime Minister.This is an option in two, there is the third option that will always poll better when a government is underperforming. We are in this scenario where stay away from stop yellow at Fiona on Twitter! You've got this scenario where I don't understand how this works. The current Prime Minister is the one who is the preferred Prime Minister, the current Prime Minister is the one who is better credentialed to be the leader, but has lost six years' polls in a row as captain of the team. We run presidential politics in Australia, we have for a generation or more, so if all politics and media coverage is about the leader, then why is the team in the hole?I think there's a few reasons why. To be really frank, I think some of the divisions within the Liberal Party has not allowed Malcolm Turnbull the free air he deserves to be able to govern. I think that's been really disappointing. That's what this poll shows overwhelmingly, and I think it is about time that Malcolm Turnbull is given that free air to go and govern and be judged in his own right, not by criticisms from his own before. I did think one of the most interesting polls in there was that coalition voters want 15 per cent, wanted Tony a bit to have free speech and sit on the before and say whatever he likes, but more Labor people, 20 per cent of Labor people wanted more free speech.Relike Tony.And you know what, I think that shows the problem right then and there. Liberals just want to get on with the job. They know that only a Liberal government is what it going to bring this country forward. Bill Shorten is talking about every time of text he can bring up. Bron will recall a leftist agenda, socialist government. You Conservatives out there you can mate Malcolm Turnbull as much as you like, but he's a darned side better than what Bill Shorten will ever be. Time we got on the same page and started working together. Turnbull does govern for small "l" Liberals and Conservatives.I get the email every day that when you blow up about Malcolm Turnbull you're helping us get to Bill Short went. You can't be an engaged political supporter and say my leader walks on water, every idea is amazing, I back it at all times. At some point, political judgment has to be called out. You have to criticise, and for me, there's plenty of things that he's either done as leader or the people around him or whatever that are there to criticise. As a people who is a life long liberal, you think he's a lot better than Bill Shorten.Absolutely.But there is plenty to criticise. Do you bite your tongue? I'm not a member of the political party. I don't know any of -You don't bite your tongue. You speak out and say it how it is. I would remind you there are some interesting sets out of history. For instance, when the New South Wales lost of under John Faye, he was hugely the most preferred leader, premier of the state, yet they lost the election to Bob Carr whose adds were all shot in the dark so they didn't have the chance to look at physioface. Nonetheless, he lost that election. The important thing about that poll is that the Liberal Party is in the same position that the Labor Party has been for some decades now that the Labor Party has not won an election without the greens giving them the preferences for - since Bob Hawk, I think. This is the problem that One Nation has now put itself in this position where the Liberal Party can't win without attracting those preferences. Troy is quite right, we have a compulsory preferential system. The danger is once they go off, do they vote informalle, do they stray or go somewhere else in you calls have a slippage, and Liberal voters are more likely to VIP than Labor Party voters, to be honest, so there is a danger in that, and that's why you have to be so careful about ensure you find some reason you're offering those people to come back, because we can say and I will say we can't possibly have Shorten, it will abdisaster, we will have more to say about that. Therefore, the winning, and he has to stay as Prime Minister.I would like to add to what Bronwyn was saying, the Western Australian experience didn't show a straight line between little bit valuing party vote loss to One Nation, it actually did demonstrate there's been some vote into One Nation that has come from the right-wing of the Labor Party that hasn't necessarily liked the left agenda. You can't look at the One Nation vote saying this will preference across to the Liberal Party. It is not tested what that percentage is. Any poll that is looking at how the One Nation vote will go go - and but I think there's one or two per cent of the Greens primary that is the doctors' wives that goes back to the Liberal Party, that bounce this is. But I think as well, I think the big structural issue that's happened in Australian politics at the 2016 election, reminded at 2018 or 2019 which is the breakaway on the right has happened as it did with the Greens. If we book at the organisation of Bernardi, the membership he has built, the popular support in membership that One Nation has built, that breaks has happened. After the preferential essential system, it means forming - in the Upper House, it means we are going to have to get ready for the same way it's been the Labor and the greens get together to get majority plus one, it is going to be government plus one nation, plus Barnier always to get over it. So these polls always scream to me about the permanencesy of a cross-bench for the next couple of elections £.You need a Prime Minister who is very good at negotiating. You can say that Tony Abbott hasn't given Malcolm the air to get things done, and that is true. The reason that's happened is because Malcolm has been weak on a whole lot of things. They should have learned from the Labor Party, when you knife a Prime Minister, you don't get a free rein after that. What isn't good about the idea of the set of the clear air equals good government, in November through to March of the year when Abbott was rolled by Turnbull, the primary vote was 45 per cent. So there was plenty of clean air. Everything was on the table. That's when -You could have Abbott and Turnbull on that poll. You could have put a pot plant in there.Clean air doesn't always give you results, either. Nobody had more clean air than John Hewso and he lost the election.The press gallery couldn't even type - they couldn't do it. Anyway, so, let's talk about the AOP deciding to go after family trusts today. There are 800,000 family trusts in Australia and no doubt it is a way of people minimising tax, but I hate to break this to people: it is not illegal to minimise tax. It is illegal to avoid tax. But it looks like the Labor Party's going to do something about family trusts. Can I declare this right off the start. I don't know there will be many people other than those with a family trust that are going to grind to a halt talking about this, but there could be a pot of money which is why Jim Chalmers is talking about it today with Labor.Labor has the use of trust in its sights, one of the principal ways people minimise their attacks legally.We should Dr And looks at the tax arrangement for trusts so they're as fair as possible and so the tax concessions aren't going to people who need them the least.The left, wing think-tank, the Australia Institute recently estimated trusts are being used so the tax man misses out on three billion -I don't know what it is about Bill Shorten who doesn't think raw materialsians are not taxed highly enough.Doubtless there are people who take the kiss, shake the tree. Here's where the politics is. Within a couple of hours of this story coming out, front page of the financial reviews website today half the frontbench uses trusts of some kind. There's going to be money but look at all these rich bustards.And from the Labor people as well saying it is a system that can be ruled. There's knock wrong with that.What do you think about it as a move, because let's put together the language here. The future Prime Minister, Bill Shorten says, that the government's giving a tax giveaway to millionaires. This is the 180 dollars and objective - 180,000 dollars, now it's family trusts. It is not very subtle.The two buzzwords in Bill Shorten's lexicon this year are fairness and inequality. That's the New Labour message for the 21st century. It's about cracking down on inequality in the political system and tax is a big way they're looking at doing it. They've done it on negative gathering, and now going to look at trusts as well. This feeds that in a narrative which I think is fair to describe it as class envy, and sorry, as the politics of energy and class warfare. That's where Labor's going. I have strong disagreements about that, but Labor people tell me that it is working out there in the community. There is a deep sense of feeling that middle and working class Australians are being left behind. The system is stacked against them, they've got higher power prices, their kids have got student debt, harder for them to buy a home, their wages are stagnant, living standards not improving dramatically and Labor's trying to craft a policy message to deal with that. It is a step away from aspiration and opportunity, the words to define the Hawk-Keating approach to politics and Labor I think has moved to the left. I'm critical of that. I but I want to recognise that it's working out there. It is a clever political strategy and we need to give Bill Shorten and his team credit for that.Their primary vote has only moved up a point up or down in the entirety of the Turnbull prime-ministership. My issue about this, Briton went, these are vague unmeasurable things to be fighting against. When you talk about things about inequality by.I see this new approach as going for the jugular of small business. All this talk about equality, it is an absolute nonsense, because there is no such thing as being equal. Even identical twins are not equal. The fact of the matter is we want equality of opportunity, not equality of outcome. And we have to learn to discriminate - yes, I mean discriminate - to make choices between good and bad and say we will not tolerate I haddosy and idiots. Why do you look at me when you say that! They're cantering in the polls right now, but personal political - what do you think about it as a strategy, if someone is running against you saying everything is unequal, and if people are able to work out they've got a smaller house than the person next to them and I'm as good a bloke as that guy?What is the reward for hard work getting ahead? What is the reward under Bill Shorten's view of Australia? None. Why would you bother doing a single hour of overtime when Bill Shorten's going to tax it off you if if you want to give it to your children, Bill Shorten will be robbing your house. That's exactly what he wants to do. He doesn't want you to work hard so you get ahead because somebody who chooses not to work hard and get ahead, he's going to transfer it to them. How does that encourage people to want to fight for is a better future, shoot for the stars and achieve. That's what Shorten is willing to destroy in this country. I want to draw attention to a trust that one family that has acute Down's syndrome. When they pass all their assets will go into a family trust managed by a guardian trustee, so that awful those assets will look after their child for as long as their child lives. Bill Shorten wants to take that trust away from that child that has a disability whose family assets will go into that. So if he wants to talk about.He hasn't -Tax arrangements so the trusts are taxed more like companies. He's not going to take anyone's trust away.People don't want to shoot for the stars, they want a secure job, a fair day's pay for it, want to be able to afford a house within 20 Ks of where they live. These aren't massive things people are asking for, so the message Bill Shorten is resonating because it is true.It's only the 20 per cent of top taxpayers that pay net poll tax. Everybody else pays nil. What is fair about that.Tell that so someone trying to buy a house.If you want to buy it in inner Sydney.30 Ks, structure still looking at 500,000

Genderless future for the Labor Party? Seriously?

Thank you very much so much for watching here in conversation. A fryery break that was. If you want to be part of the show, send me an

A cracking second hour in a moment or two's time. Let's talk about the Labor Party and what Troy is apparently coming its way this weekend, a giant fight between the left and right always, lots

Now, all I ask about this stuff is I don't mind the people arguing it are the ones who are supposed lit victims of it but every time I see a young Labor president who is not a transgender person, if this is to vast the membership of the New South Wales main, can we hear from the members, please?This is about rattling the cage ahead of the big Labor Party conference this weekend, 833 delegates, the biggest annual party gathering in the nation. The two huge factions on the left and right. The left have been successful in putting up motions that would not resonate out there, things like abolishing the party's so that we canner policy, even the AWU want an automation tax implement odd work places. There are all these ideas out there, ending psychiatriure classes in schools. This is part of the preconference skirmishing that goes on. I think this motion is out there in La La Land. It is only been supported by a couple of branches and party people. I can't see it getting tracks on the day, but in my column today, I did note that the right has continued to build their dominance in the now South Wales Labor Party while the left has increased their dominance nationally across the party. The Labor left are winning the battle of ideas. The Labor Party is moving to the left, and motions like this one do attract a lot of support among the membership, although I don't think it will have a lot of support on the conference floor, but we are seeing a breakdown with the trade unions. A lot of trade unions are moving significantly to the least that used to be aligned with the right faction, some want them to do deals with companies that have earned price deals with trade union members or buy products from companies where those goods are made in New South Wales only. So we are seeing quite a diversion of the Labor Party to the left, and I think when Bill Shorten addresses the conference this weekend, talking about inequality and fairness, bigger deficits, higher taxes, more regulation in the economy, that will be an example of that.Dee, as somebody who knows how to put a political campaign together, why are the people talking about this not the people actually those
affected?Actually, it's one of those things where I think if it doesn't affect you, and wouldn't affect anyone here, then I would be supporting it because I do know two trans women.I want to hear from them.They probably don't want to come on a show like this.What anti-trans-agenda do I runYou don't, but your audience -My issue is that I think the most passionate advocates for these sorts of changes have to be the people affected by it.Because they are the ones who also get hurt the most. Sometimes, they need people to stand up for them. It is not going to hurt any of us at all to have that box on there. If it helps them, that is okay. It doesn't matter, though to you. It's not going to hurt anyone else.It's just this thing where like I'm simultaneously powerful enough to be a them of the party but I'm simultaneously powerless to speak on my behalf.It is not powerless. These people who have spent their whole lives being attacked so you want them to stand up again and be attacked when there are people in the party who will stand up with or for them.I think the fact they can't stand beside.You don't know that.I'm just saying every time I read the thing in the paper, I don't see somebody who is affected by it. I tell you, I do know.I'm not saying it doesn't affect people, it would be nice to have an example of the person you're trying to help. That's all I'm saying.I'm sure that when it is debated at conference, those things will be raised, but they're not in the -I look forward to the report back.I'm glad you feel that you're speaking out to assist somebody else, because in some of the encounters you and I have had, I've copped nothing but abuse.I don't care, I don't care. When I went to ask a question of a good Muslim.You stop this right now. Paul, stop this.Guys, I can't get into this.No wonder women doesn't speak up.Disgrace!The emails continue. Back to the Liberal Party, about the greater democracy movement that is moving inside the New South Wales Liberal Party. 96 options, they own dealt with about this many because the rest of the three-day conference had to be spent on not actually voting on the 96 things they were supposed to talk about but all the stuff that watered down

There is absolutely nothing against the rules which prevents people paying for others. It was accepted by the secretariat and we cleared that with the secretariat. I personally paid for one of them. We are totally unapologetic about that. When you charge Liberal Party members 100 bucks to renew their membership by pushing the convention out past the end of the financial year, you then charge them 150 bucks to exercise their right to come along and vote, it's only fair that people who cannot afford to do it are assisted by those that can.This was the thing they got very excited about on Sky News this morning. 90 people who attended this conference, they were paid for with one credit card. My issue about all of this is not because it was the good guys or