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(generated from captions) part, mostly off the coast of Queensland and south of Darwin. I look at it as the most complex and no doubt, we have to keep pushing that complexity. The problems of the world are not getting any easier. While it might have only been a training exercise, a Chinese ship was spotted keeping a close eye on proceedings, and given geopolitical tensions in the region, it is a clear message this military might is not just for show. The best way to prevent a war is to be prepared for it. The better prepared you are, the less likely somebody is going to be foolish enough to put you in harm 's way. This 300m aircraft carrier with about 5000 crew is expected to depart Brisbane by the end of the week. Where they will go is classified that what is known is the USS Ronald Reagan will remain in Pacific waters. The next Talisman sabre will be held in 2019. To weather and how about this view - a stunner from Ros Donohoe. Thank you.

A large high pressure system over the eastern part of the country is responsible for keeping our part of the continent mainly cloud-free. The next cold front will affect the south again tomorrow, followed by another on Thursday and Friday.

Rain is expected inland tomorrow. A bit of wind is about. And here in Canberra, we can expect some rain and cloud.

We can expect a dip in the temperature on Thursday with a bit of cloud. Partly cloudy on Friday and mostly sunny on Saturday. But from Sunday, showers are forecast - and are expected to continue next week. And the bureau is tipping a return to cooler nights for the start of the working week as well. Before we go, a brief recap of our top stories tonight. Federal Minister Matt Canavan has quit Cabinet after revealing he is a dual citizen of Italy. And Sia Soliola is appearing before the judiciary after his hit on Billy Slater. And that's the latest from the Canberra newsroom. I'm Dan Bourchier. Stay with us for 7.30, with Leigh Sales.

Leigh Sales is standing by now with 7.30. This program is live captioned by Ericsson Access Services. An online marketplace, once you're inside the dark net, almost anything is for sale, even personal banking details.What would you describe the site?Like eBay.The sort of things that were readily on offer for purchase there, I found it pretty hard to believe.You cry, you screamed, you know, just... An emotional disaster, it really was. Also: Calls for greater scrutiny of charity pilots.They do so much for so many people, but how can they not be responsible for this? I never really felt like I was a girl or a boy, I just felt like I was me.And: Transitioning to fatherhood.We're always going to be honest with him of how he came to be here. Those stories in a moment, but first: A third Senator is now embroiled in a dual citizenship crisis. The fifth to be ensnared by section 44 of the constitution this year. This time - it's Queensland LNP Senator Matt Canavan and he's had to stand down as the Resources Minister while the High Court takes a look at to whether or not he can stay in the Parliament. Barnaby Joyce will act as Resources Minister while Malcolm Turnbull waits for the court to make its ruling. Senator Canavan's mother is the one who unwittingly thrown his political career into turmoil. Our political correspondent, Andrew Probyn, will have further details in a moment but first is a little of what Matt Canavan had to say earlier. According to the Italian Government, I am a citizen of Italy, I was not born in Italy, have never been to Italy, and to my knowledge have never stepped foot in Italian consulate or embassy. Until last week, I had no suspicion I could possibly be an Italian citizen. In 2006, my mother lodged documents with the Italian consulate in Brisbane to become an Italian citizen. In doing so, it would appear she made an application for me to be become an Italian citizen as well. I was 25 years old at the time.And Andrew Probyn is with me now from Canberra. So the Senator's mum rang him to break the bad news. That must have been quite the phone call.Well, you can imagine it, like any mum who's son or daughter is in politics, she takes a keen interest. Maria, Maria Canavan, saw the news of Larissa Waters in the papers and on the TV last week, and rang him and said, "Matt, we might have a problem here." So it's just extraordinary, isn't it, that the mother of a Senator, a minister, a cabinet minister no less, informs her son that she's made him an Italian citizen.(LAUGHS). What happens from here?Well, what happens from here is that it's going to be sent-off to the High Court. The High Court is the Court of Disputed Returns in another form, and it's going to be decide whether he should be disqualified because he has been made the citizen of another country and under Section 44 of the Constitution, that's not allowed. But the question here for the court is whether he's been made a citizen of another country without his knowledge, he is still disqualified. Quite a complex bit of law and unforgiving piece of the constitution, a piece of the constitution which can now claim five scalps in this term.And is there any precedent for this? I can't recall anything. It just seems extraordinary that all of a sudden we had these five people undone by this?Well, if there has been quite a lot of talk about Section 44, but Section 44 deals with other elements of this - going to pecuniary interests and financial and fiduciary interests as well as interested under other citizenships. This is one that has come under great scrutiny. It's clearly going to have to be amended because this is quite farcical that someone who's a loyalty could effectively be called into question is going to be turfed potentially - turfed out of the Senate when he hasn't even been to it.I so Senator Canavan held a pretty key portfolio in cabinet until he's had to resign from that today, the resources portfolio, particularly key at the moment given that energy is such a key political battleground. Now, there might be an opening permanently in cabinet if the High Court doesn't go his way and of course we all know there's a certain former Prime Minister lurking who wouldn't mind a slot in cabinet.I don't think that's going to happen. I think that Tony Abbott is not going to return to cabinet. Malcolm Turnbull has decided upon that. But in Matt Canavan, the Turnbull cabinet does lose a very senior and very young and a very good minister. Now, does he succeed? Well, we - in his appeal that is, we won't know for weeks because it could be that it has to go through a long and arduous hearing.It's a bit embarrassing too, I presume, for the Prime Minister given that he was criticising the Greens for their sloppiness.Indeed, he was calling the Greens very sloppy in their paperwork. Now, this is kind of tragic for a minister to have his mother destroy his ministerial career. She probably thought she was doing the best by young Matt who was 25 at the time. But, no, look, this is one that this is quite tragic for Matt Canavan, potentially. But look, he's only young and I think he'll come back in some form.Alright. Andrew Probyn, obviously keep an eye on that. Thank you very much. Tonight we go inside a hidden corner of the internet that's a flourishing marketplace for drugs, personal bank details and stolen identities. It's known as the dark net, and once you're there, there's a smorgasbord on offer. But buyers need to be aware - 7.30 can reveal the Australian Federal Police has received a trove of information about the users of two dark net websites that were shut down in a recent global operation. Elise Worthington and Alex McDonald prepared this report. It's peak hour at the International Mail Sorting Centre in Sydney.Each and everyday we probably look at six, 700 suspicious packages.This is a live examination. So you have no idea what you're going to find here?That's correct.This is just a fraction of the suspicious packages that are flagged for further checks. What are your suspicions about this one?Germany, usually we get a lot of MDMA and we can get some cocaine as well from there. Good indicator when you see a bit of foil. You can see we got some MDMA, ecstasy tab gets, quite a good amount from there. This one from the Netherlands.Red flag.Yes, lots of drugs from the Netherlands. There you go. I mean, it's a pretty strong smell. It's cocaine. As a result - cocaine.Australian Border Force believes many of these drugs were bought on the dark net.No. 3. Once again, a bit of foil. MDMA, ecstasy tablets again. A lot of these, just look at it and you know it's loaded. You don't even have to open it or touch it or feel it, you just know because you had so many of them, and this one is like small LSD tabs. These drugs were dispatched before the take-down of two of the biggest dark net markets the world has seen. Authorities are hoping the operation will cripple the online trade. Forces of law and justice face a challenge from criminals and transnational criminal organisations who think they can commit their crimes with impunity by going dark. Doesn't matter whether it is one gram, whether it's one seed, whether it's one pill, no matter how small, our officers are looking.The dark net lies beyond the internet that most of us interact with each day. To enter, you need software that hides your identity and movement through the web. Once inside, you can buy almost anything. We got scans of passports, local Australian meth, express post Australian...The sort of things that were readily on offer to purchase from, I found it pretty hard to believe to be honest. Until recently, the largest dark net marketplace was AFL A. It's estimated to turn over more than a billion US dollars before it was shut down.This is the largest -- AlphaBay. Largest dark market web place take down in world history. European authorities took control of another major dark net site gathering vital information about its users in the process.Law enforcement would like to pursue these people. The data is there for them to do so.It's not just drugs for sale on these sites. 7.30 followed one vendor selling stolen ANZ and Commonwealth Bank details. Feedback from buyers on AlphaBay suggested the log-ins and passwords were...The real deal. I just log on the ANZ and transfer $900 out of it. LOL.The AlphaBay shutdown hasn't stopped the bank details from being sold. The vendors simply moved to other dark net sites. The personal banking details are still for sale online.Taking down these sites is a bit like whack-a-mole, you hit that one squarely, pops down and you're proud, and in the interim, five more popped up.Hello? How would you describe what the site looks like? Like e-Bay.Andrew used to buy drugs on the dark net. He's agreed to talk to us if we disguise his identity.I took about half an hour to figure out how to set up an account. That was about a year before I got caught. So ordered a lot since then. And how many times did you receive packages, do you think n that time? Like, acid or DMT, MDMA, I got a fair bit, normally to myself, but, like a couple of friend,ment probably be a few dozen times. Andrew was finally caught after ordering more than 1 80 tablets in his own name.They raided my house and found a number of other drugs at my house.What I did was really stupid and if you're smart about it, you won't get caught.The dark net has forced authorities to adapt. Traditional policing methods are giving way to more data and intelligence-gathering.We know that with 150 million articles coming over the mail centre every year, we're not going to detect everything.It's all about the high frequency and low volume and that causes a real significant threat here because it inundates our resources and how we tackle the problem.You shouldn't think if you're working on the dark net you're anonymous to us. You shouldn't think you're hidden from law enforcement and that your crime is going to go unseen because of what you understand about the dark net and the way in which you understand it works.Federal Police have received intelligence from their international counterparts following this month's global operation. Some Australian users of those dark net sites may no longer be anonymous to authorities.It's possible that their identities have already been compromised, just a matter of political will to go after the buyers and the sellers.Hello? Hi.How are we going?Pretty good. Out of the 50 international packages red flagged by Border Force today, just two are drug-free.Pretty good haul, yeah. Not bad for a day's work.How often would you see that kind of result?Daily. Daily. Definitely. Even more then that.We are most focused on making sure that drugs coming into Australia are stopped and that they don't get to the communities, or our communities, and do the sorts of harm that everyone know they're capable of doing. The charity, AngelFlight, is a God send transporting people by air to their medical appointments. But last month one of the charity's flight crashed in South Australia killing a mother, her 16-year-old daughter and the volunteer pilot. Today, the Australian Transport Safety Bureau released its initial report saying the plane hit the ground almost vertically just a minute after take-off. It's not the first tragedy to befall AngelFlight. Six years ago, Len Twigg lost his wife and daughter and now he's demanding authorities take a look at the charity's safety standards. Angelique Donnellan reports. She was my little angel. With me always. I believe, I fully believe, that she's an angel in heaven. She's gone back where she came from. Jacinda Twigg has juvenile arthritis. Each month she relied on AngelFlight to travel from country Victoria to Melbourne for treatment. This photo was taken in 2011 - just before the teenager and her mother, Julie, boarded the flight home. They never made it. Low cloud, rain and fading light made the pilot disorientated and lose control.Two people are dead including the 15-year-old patient after a mercy flight crashed near Horsham last night.She died at the scene, along with 69-year-old pilot, Don Curnow. On the day of Jacinda's funeral, her mother Julie Kaied in hospital -- died in hospital.You cry, you scream, you know, it was an emotional disaster, really was.The crash turned Len Twigg's world upside down. He stopped working full-time to look after his children.I can understand why some people would choose not to be here anymore. How they couldn't deal with it. But, um... I got three other beautiful kids. I wouldn't do that to them.What are you writing?Just catching up with a bit of poetry. Been meaning to transfer into this book for a long time.Len dealt with his memories by writing poetry. Think about mum and Jacinda. Everyday.The painful memories are back.Shouldn't happen once, certainly shouldn't happen twice. Shortly after 10:00am this morning, a light aircraft took off from the Mount Gambier Airport and crashed in the site behind me shortly there after. We understand there's three people on board. They were all diseased. There are no survivors.It certainly rekindled everything and then I seen the photos and I seen the photo of the mum and the daughter and - the first thing I thought, "Oh, my God, she's a red head too." How can that be possible? 16-year-old Emily Reading has annexa. Last month the AngelFlight she was on crashed in South Australia's south-east. Her mother, Tracy, and volunteer pilot Grant Gilbert, were also killed.The weather wasn't brilliant. So many similarities to what happened. Other pilots had chosen not to fly into the fog.For thousands of Australians living in the country, AngelFlight is heaven-sent. Helping them to get to major city hospitals for treatment for free. The charity operates by connecting patients with volunteer pilots who have their own planes, but that's where AngelFlight's role effectively ends. AngelFlight, it's a fantastic organisation, don't get me wrong, it is the best organisation and they do so much for so many people, but how - how can they not be responsible for this?AngelFlight declined an interview. It's told 7.30 it relies on the Civil Aviation Authority to licence and keep check on its pilots. The charity requires that volunteers must have at least 250 hours flying experience.There's people who get a driver's licence that aren't good drivers and there's a difference between a very good and a very average pilot. I would suggest the minimum should be at least 500 to 750 hours.In 2014, CASA tried to change the way charity flights operate proposing they become more directly responsible for pilots they're training and proficiency. AngelFlight argued the changes would be too costly and force the service to shut down.We had in excess of 60-odd submissions to the discussion paper and overwhelmingly they were against any change.The fact that that report has been shelved due to whether it be political influence, lobbying by the charities, or whatever, that report needs to come out again.CASA concedes the latest accident has forced a rethink.We don't have the accident investigation report in front of us that has collected all the data from that accident, done the analysis, looked at all the causal factors. When we have all got that, if someone could look at that and say, "CASA, you're at fault", then that would be a fair discussion to have.CASA needs to get off their butt and do something. There has to be stricter guidelines, AngelFlight cannot just sign someone up just because they put their hand up and they got an aeroplane and prepared to pay the fuel and volunteer their time. They have to be scrutineered. In what a final blow, Len Twigg virtually had no claim to compensation. AngelFlight leaves insurance to their volunteer pilots. It's worded that if you survive the accident, you had a claim. If you were struck by a piece of the aeroplane at the accident site, you had a claim, but as a third party, there was nothing. In the end, I got $40,000. That's all my wife and daughter were worth.Len Twigg has sought a fresh start with his family moving to Kingston in South Australia's south-east. He has this advice for the family left devastated by the latest crash... First thing to do - get in touch with a lawyer and caveat everything. -- everything of the pilots. Caveat everything so it can't be sold. If someone said to me that, I'd say, don't be stupid. I say, do it, you not think of yourself. You have to think of you, your family, your kids, and the future. On the one hand, the story of Lucky and Emma Price is common, they met, they fell in love, and now thanks to IVF, they're parents. But the reality is that their journey has been a little more complicated and colourful than that.

(MUSIC PLAYS) It might look more like a cocktail party, but this is a baby shower. Today I'm really excited to see all my friends and family, to celebrate the imminent arrival of our child. Someone's doing the twist.Lucky and Emma Price are just weeks away from becoming parents.Just so happy to bring someone in the month a month from today. (CHEERING) The venue for today's celebrations is Emma's Bar in inner Sydney where the couple first connected. So tell me about that moment when you met? Well...You go, baby, you tell it better.Well, a certain man walked into a bar, the 25 August 2014, and I was behind the bar, I wept around and said to my colleague, "Excuse me, I need to go and give this human a hug." So I went around the bar and connected with Lucky and the rest is history!And an interesting history at that. Proud husband and father-to-be, Lucky, started life as a female.When I was born, I was called Eliza. I never really felt like I was a girl or a boy. I just felt like I was me. But there were parts of my body that I never felt connected with and that made me feel - feel terribly about myself.In her early 30s, Eliza made a decision. After seeking right medical help and talking to a lot of people and going through various counselling and with the great support of my family, I decided to transition my gender from female to male. Or to be more male-identifying.I have no idea what it's going to be like tomorrow when I put it on. Will I turn into the hulk, I don't know what's going to happen.Lucky documented his transition from the day he changed his name and started testosterone treatment in 2014.Rightio. Testo-gel must not be used by women. You just have to make a decision and move forward.I started an testosterone treatment and about 18 months ago I had top surgery as well so I removed by - both of my breasts. I'm much happier. Absolutely. Without a doubt. I feel - which is part of the reason that I chose the name that I did, you know, for Eliza to become Lucky is that's exactly how I feel about this experience.Hey, baby. How are you? Lucky and Emma got together just months after he started transitioning. Now, they're married. Some people might think, how does that work?Well, when two people love each other very much, Tracy! (LAUGHTER) Once I had my top surgery, I was able to change the gender mark on my birth certificate which made me legally a male which meant we were able to legally marry. Ta-dah!And you decided you wanted to be parents?Yeah.That's right. So when we first went to talk to our IVF specialist, we were plain with her, we talked to her about our situation and talkened about the range of options we have and we were exploring the possibility of actually harvesting my eggs but it was early in my transition that we weren't quite ready for me to stop taking hormones yet. Given that Emma is little older than I am.Mature! That's right.That's the word It was time to go. They said let's get you - you can first cab off the rank.A bit further in the window, turn it around.We're seeing more trans people coming through to preserve fertility or start a family or add to a family. We do surrogacy in other couples, use donor sperms or eggs, ultimately it's the same sort of treatment that we'd offer any number of couples.They waited 12 months to access a sperm donor in the United States, but after that, things moved quickly. At 42, Emma was pregnant.She looks fabulous.It took first go. Unbelievable. And stayed on board too, which is statisticscally very low. So we're very lucky. Yeah. Just because people have gender identity that differs from their biological characteristics doesn't mean they won't make fantastic parents. The technology is there. It's my job as a fertility specialist to help people have a family when there are channels.All went well and Lucky and Emma are home with their new son.So, a new member of the family? Yes, this is Berty, Cutler Price. He loves red. He sleeps a lot. Occasionally we get a smile and he' perfect.Have you thought about what you're going to tell Berty how he came to be?I think we have always just - I mean, we'll obviously keep discussing that as we grow together, but we're going to be honest with him how he came to be here and how much we wanted him and what we had to do to make him become part of our lives, he'll know about daddy and how I came together as we learn about each other.It's the loveyest feeling, the most - what we say - the most extraordinary ordinary thing.

That's all we have time for tonight. I hope you can join me at the same time tomorrow. But for now. Goodnight. -- but for now, goodnight.

DR SHALIN NAIK: From a spectacular
sunset to an intoxicating fragrance and a loved one's embrace, not only do our senses help us
experience the world around us, but they can also help us survive. In this episode,
we explore some of our basic senses and their vital role
in our health and wellbeing.

Sight, smell, touch, hearing - we often take them for granted. That's good. But there are simple ways
we can protect them. Don't clean your ears?
No, you need earwax. We have a simple demonstration you
can do at home to test your hearing. High five. (LAUGHS) Sandro busts some myths
about eyesight... SANDRO: Carrots helping us see
in the dark was British propaganda to fool the Germans in World War II. Ugh! And Renee explores the vital link between memory
and our sense of smell. People who start losing
their sense of smell are at a higher risk
of developing brain disorders like Alzheimer's disease.

DR RENEE: Have you ever wondered why your nose is right smack bang
in the centre of your face?

Well, other than acting
as a cleaning filter, it leads to the olfactory bulb, a hub of nerve cells
transmitting smell information from the nose to the brain.

And our ability to smell, or not, can actually tell us
a lot about our health. In fact, there are a number
of good reasons why we shouldn't take
our sniffing powers for granted. Someone with fascinating insights
into the power of smell is Professor Olivier Piguet, a clinical neuropsychologist who
specialises in neuro-degeneration. He also likes to...
(NEEDLE SCRATCHES ON RECORD) ..rock'n'roll. I thought I would test you...
(LAUGHS) ..with a few things to smell. Oh, I haven't done a test
in a while. (LAUGHS) That's why we're at a florist's. We're here for a fun demo
to check my sense of smell. Here's the first one. (SNIFFS) I'm smelling vanilla and mint,
I think. Mm-hm.
It's a lolly of some kind. Yes.
(LAUGHS) OK, good. Quick smell.
Oh, oranges. Yep. I know that one.
Yes. I love oranges.

Oh, that smells like rose.
Mm. Very nice. And big smell... (SNIFFS) Ugh! Was that raw fish?
Well done. Can I open my eyes?
Yes. Four out of four. (LAUGHS) Unlike our other senses, there is no diagnostic test
that can accurately measure how good our sense of smell is,