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Uranus is the answer.
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Titania, Oberon
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Miranda, Ariel, Desdemona,
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And Puck.

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live by Ai-Media
This program will be captioned the cowardly road-rage punch -
Tonight, in a vicious attack.
a woman hit in the face Ice freeze - stopped from hitting the streets
millions of hits of ice drug bust.
in a major international Infested by cockroaches - for making food
the Canberra bakery fined in filthy conditions. of Alzheimer's -
Slowing the effects that may have the answers.
the Australian research And his season on the line - over his sickening hit
Sia Soliola faces the judiciary on Billy Slater. Good evening.

A major shock for the government, a into
senator resigning from government he
into an investigation into whether the
he holds dual citizenship. He is through
the third MP to be caught out requirements
through dual citizenship requirements in the last few weeks.

fearing for her life
A mother has described incident on the Central Coast.
during a frightening road rage Bianca Sims says
Speaking to the Nine Network, her friend
she was trying to protect and a five-month-old baby by a male driver.
when she was punched in the face to show on television.
It's an an act too violent Central Coast mother
A 22-year-old punched directly in the face, of the passenger seat
as she got out to confront a driver. 'what's your (BLEEP) problem?
So I said to him, like, You're driving like a (BLEEP).'
Can you leave us alone? smacks me in the jaw.
He then just was in the passenger seat
Bianca Sams and a five-month-old baby,
with her friend Taylor when they overtook this ute in an 80 zone.
travelling 50kms/hr he began to tailgate them.
She claims the guard rail and what not.
We had to swerve off into near that was it.
We had to get away from him, kept trying to push us.
He kept following us, from the back seat
Bianca grabbed nails at the other driver.
and admits she threw them for fun, were you?
You weren't throwing the nails No. I threw them because I had to - what I had to do
because I had to do and her son.
to protect me and my friend with somebody
If you have a problem in a road rage situation, done something wrong,
someone has is to inform police
the appropriate action and let us deal with the matter, into your own hands. this afternoon.
Bianca was interviewed by police Her friend, the driver, about her involvement.
was also questioned

Was your son in the car at the time?No comment.

Dwayne, a truck driver, filming at one point,
was behind it all and had to stop in it too.
afraid of getting caught up what the circumstances,
It doesn't matter ever.
you just don't punch a woman where it all came to an end.
It was here at this intersection to the driver of the ute
Police will speak to hear his side of the story, witnesses to come forward.
and are calling on any other after the news at 7:00.
with Bianca drug bust
Now to the major international potential hits of the drug ice
which has stopped 3 million being sold in Australia. by Border Force officers
The haul was found at Port Botany smuggled from China.
after a tip-off that it was being This came from that. 240kgs in total.
Bags and bags of ephedrine, Hidden in wall tiles. In another consignment, to make the drug ice
the vital ingredient in milking machines,
was concealed and a further 25kgs of the stuff in this metal canister.
was discovered about multi-million number
We are talking from the 370kgs.
of street deals by sea earlier this year,
Shipped in from china it could have all gone unnoticed, for a tip off to the police,
had it not been investigators at the docks.
and the eagle eye of Border Force Port Botany every month,
100,000 containers pass through and 3,000 are checked. And it's this technology, scanning the containers,
with huge x-ray machines on the drug syndicate.
which lifted the lid semi's load for the cameras. the shipment was a motor vehicle,
The paperwork said and there it was. on what criminals will do
There is no bounds, no limit to circumvent our patrols. arrested over the seizure,
Two Chinese nationals have been if convicted.
and they face up to 25 years jail Soaring electricity bills of households
are causing tens of thousands financial assistance.
to seek emergency another Government investigation,
The crisis has prompted relief is still a long way off.
but there's a warning When the weather's cold, the high cost of electricity.
you barely need reminding about People are freezing to actually be cold.
and people are making a choice one of those people
A few months ago, Eveyln Tiska,
was mother-of-two, after a relationship break-up.
whose circumstances changed The doonas, yeah. and avoid using the heaters.
And the blankets to try was a faulty hot water service,
What tipped her over the edge of more than $2,500.
and a quarterly bill how am I going to do this.
I was thinking, How am I going to pay this bill? which provided help -
She reached out to Vinnies, government financial assistance
and guided her to and got her back on her feet. She's not alone. $17.1 million
The State Government budgeted electricity vouchers this year.
for emergency the average payout is $250,
Based on an assumption are expected to need help.
it means 68,400 households requiring the most assistance,
Among the suburbs and Bankstown.
Campbelltown, Auburn, Blacktown of public forums in Brisbane
Tonight, the first of a series and Consumer Commission.
by the Australian Competition Its chairman strikes a sober note of high power prices.
about the consequences You've got a deep social problem unable to afford energy
with people some businesses failing.
and I think you'll see of really cheap electricity
The days was a 20th century phenomenon. to those days.
We're not going back might get to the bottom
Though this inquiry keep rising,
of why your electricity bills there's not much relief coming
the truth is, electricity generation -
until there's more be it coal, gas, wind or solar. shock is likely to continue.
And until that happens, the bill answers.
There are some short term more competitive for consumers,
If we can make the retail market immediate gains.
I think we can deliver But until that happens, for an increasing number.
it's this picture, There are growing calls Water Minister, Kevin Humphries,
for the former New South Wales to be referred to Against Corruption
the Independent Commission the Murray-Darling Basin Plan.
over the handling of An investigation's been launched of mishandling
into allegations project.
in the multi-billion dollar has stepped aside
Another senior bureaucrat until the probe is finalised. Russian interference
Investigations into are now closing in
in last year's US election of Donald Trump's family.
on members senior advisor, Jared Kushner,
The President's son-in-law and of questioning
has faced two hours but insists he did nothing wrong. interns...
Surrounded by White House should Jeff Sessions resign?
Mr President, ..a daring reporter, and a scolding
earning an eye roll President Trump.
from a displeased

his son-in-law, Jared Kushner -
Also facing questions, of the Trump inner circle
the first member Senate Intelligence Committee
to front the how Russia interfered
investigating in the election of Donald Trump. Let me be very clear - I did not collude with Russia, in the campaign who did so.
nor do I know of anyone else I had no improper contacts. closed door session,
In the two-hour with high-profile Russians
Kushner says he had four meetings in the lead up to the election - the ambassador
with a banker, at Trump Tower,
and with that Russian lawyer Don Jr.
set up by the president's son, He claims he didn't know on Hillary Clinton
the meeting was to get dirt for his father-in-law's critics.
and had this barb had a better message
Donald Trump and that is why he won.
and ran a smarter campaign, Suggesting otherwise who voted for him.
ridicules those and a special counsel
Several congressional committees Trump family contacts
are now investigating with Russians. they want Jared Kushner back
Democrats say to testify in public. the President's son, Don Jr,
They're also gunning for to face an open hearing. later this week.
He will speak behind closed doors Kushner, who wasn't under oath, a protester
smiled as he pushed past carrying a Russian flag. Sign my Russian flag! He'll be back tomorrow. has some questions of its own.
The House Committee

have rushed to Perth
Two sets of Sydney grandparents of a three-year-old Newport girl,
to be by the bedside from a swimming pool in Bali.
who was pulled unconscious was medevacked from Indonesia
Little Kawa Sweeney last night.
to the Princess Margaret Hospital who are Sydney fashion designers,
Her parents, on a working holiday.
were in Indonesia his neighbour in Sydney's west,
A man accused of murdering to causing the man's death,
has today admitted to remember it.
but says he was too drunk in October 2015,
Kelly Ventigadoo died he was speaking too loudly
after his neighbour complained with his hearing-impaired father. in October 2015
Sateki Siale admits Kelly Ventigadoo, in the neck
he stabbed his neighbour, causing him to bleed to death.
with a broken beer bottle, will argue
But the 26-year-old's defence he can't remember the attack,
he's not guilty of murder because telling a Supreme Court jury:

both parties agreed that
On day one of the murder trial, at around 12:30am, and his parents outside
Siale approached Ventigadoo a beer bottle in his hand.
a Lakemba unit with then struck Ventigadoo
He smashed it on a brick wall jugular and carotid artery.
at least twice, severing his The crown will argue:

a day later.
Siale turned himself in

The jury was paid part of an woke
interview where he said he says he did
woke up without recollection and mother
did not know anything until his mother told him the next day.

to murder
Siale has pleaded not guilty death while intoxicated.
but guilty to assault causing It's up to the jury to decide his intent was to kill.
whether that night by a garbage truck
A 60-year-old man's been killed of his own colleagues.
driven by one the victim's home at San Remo,
It happened outside on the central coast. A crime scene's been established has been taken to hospital
and the traumatised truck driver and alcohol testing.
for mandatory drug there were no witnesses
Police say An off-duty policeman of an emergency last night
found himself in the middle at Ingleburn. when he heard a loud bang -
He was driving along the M5 his brakes then failed. He pulled over engulfed the car
and escaped moments before flames and spread to nearby grasslands. a critical condition
An elderly man is in in Western Sydney.
after this fiery crash Peugeot hatchback left the road
The 86-year-old's and hit a pole. at the scene
He was treated to Westmead Hospital.
before being taken the New South Wales Premier
Nine News understands is being urged by her colleagues her government's major policies
to abandon one of forced council mergers. to streamline local government
Amalgamations were supposed but more than a year on, has left nothing
the bungled rollout and uncertainty.
but legal headaches the polls open
In six weeks' time, their local councils.
for most of Sydney to elect on September 9
But local government elections Premier Berejiklian's head,
is now a date hanging over in tatters.
with her council merger policy come to her senses
I'm hoping she will and just let it go. the Premier is likely to abandon
Nine News can reveal before the courts.
any merger proposal currently That's 14 councils on several fronts.
because she's under pressure Ms Berejiklian is being urged
Nine News understands forced mergers
by her colleagues to kill off can have some certainty.
so Liberal candidates It's very frustrating, actually. come down so we can campaign.
We would like to have a decision looming large -
Legal action is also Woollahra Council a hearing date
the High Court granting with Randwick and Waverley.
to challenge the forced merger late this year
It will likely be heard or early next year. down this road,
She should never have gone when she had the opportunity.
she should have abandoned an impossible position.
The Premier is now in If she wins the High Court case, democratically elected councils,
she will have to sack 14 newly their four-year term.
just months into If she loses, square one.
the whole policy is back at and literally no way out,
With a high court case looming needs to hear, and that's sorry.
there's one word the community the crack team of bureaucrats
Nine News has learned working on the mergers policy Premier and Cabinet
within the Department of has been disbanded, is likely within weeks.
meaning an announcement they are going to realise
I don't know when detested policy,
this is such a hated, on this one.
that they have to pull stumps the Corrections Minister
The ACT Opposition claims in his portfolio
has lost interest

from the role.
and should step aside of massive delays
It's after revelations of methadone treatment guidelines
in the review the rehabilitation of prisoners.
in the Territory, affecting A scathing assessment in the ACT.
of corrections policies we'll have to see another crisis
I wonder whether for things to be resolved. the Alexander Maconochie Centre
Two deaths in in the space of 12 months. to the jail's methadone program,
The first sparking changes in a coronial inquest.
while still being examined treatment guidelines
But a review of methadone in the Territory is long overdue. an assessment
It's been revealed began five years ago. And it's still ongoing, being finalised in 2014.
despite national guidelines The Opposition claims in his portfolio.
the minister is losing interest to tackle the issues
Questioning his ability plaguing our justice system. he hasn't got the energy
And if, ultimately, to do this job any more.
or the drive and let somebody else do it.
He should stand aside Shane Rattenbury says to improving the system.
he's dedicated of recommendations
We've got a series that have been put to it to implementing those.
and I'm absolutely committed the opioid treatment guidelines
The minister says the review into within the year.
will be completed has been fined $16,000
A business-owner of Health Code violations
and convicted in Canberra's north.
over a filthy bakery cleaned up its act,
Though the bakery has since the Magistrate warned who can't meet regulations
food vendors shouldn't be in the industry. Food scraps on floors, boxes blocking access to sinks, balancing precariously
a grease trap on a box of produce, cockroaches running across walls. found in a Hawker Bakery
Just a fraction of the filth by inspectors in May 2016. was shut down for 10 days,
Oriental Hot Breads to clean up their act.
its owners ordered but today it's owner
The bakery has since reopened, of Food Code violations
was convicted as disturbing.
described by prosecutors pleaded guilty
The proprietor, Vinh Vinh, food properly,
to failing to store to proper handwashing facilities,
failure to provide access fittings and fixtures,
failure to maintain and failing to control pests. The man's lawyer told the court for a month
he hadn't cleaned the property due to a family crisis.
before the inspection there was no confirmed victims,
But prosecutors say that though the public had been put at risk. told the court
Today the magistrate are reasonable
the requirements of the code who can't meet them
and food vendors shouldn't be in the industry. to pay $16,000 in fines.
The 54-year-old was ordered it has no plans
The ACT Government has revealed to be established in Red Hill.
for new public housing will begin being demolished
Next week, the Red Hill flats a new residential development.
to make way for It's the end of an era infamous public housing blocks.
for another of Canberra's set to begin next week.
Demolition of Red Hill flats number of units to demolish
There's quite a significant a significant site.
and it's quite until around March next year.
The demolition work will take have already been relocated
Public housing tenants demolition is complete,
to new homes and once multi-unit dwellings
252 single- and will be constructed on the land. The Community Council says mixed views on public housing
residents have always had new public housing
and want to know whether in the suburb.
will be established elsewhere trying to engage with government
The council has been actively to those questions
to find out answers actually happening
in advance of it provide the community
so we can actually with some information. the government clarified:
In a statement to Nine News,

or purchase of new properties
Adding that the construction the geographic spread
is aimed at maintaining of public housing in the ACT. checked for faults
Vehicles in Canberra can now be and road worthiness new inspection station.
at Access Canberra's was officially opened today
The Hume facility inspection station in Dickson.
and replaces the a greater number of cars,
This is able to inspect it deals with trucks
more flexible in the way and it can do so
and more complex vehicles in a quicker way. to be inspected
Up to 380 vehicles will be able at the new site per week. plenty still ahead.
Stay with us - you've got to see -
The confrontation banned from driving
we catch up with the man until the year 3001. On the frontline - from their Syrian capital.
the last stand as ISIS retreat by a man with a chainsaw.
The quiet Swiss town terrorised could be a valuable clue
And how your iron levels and treating Alzheimer's.
in predicting

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against Islamic State in Syria,
Now to the frontline in the war the last stand for ISIS -
The battle for what's become the battle for Raqqa.

On the run in rack up. If you want one
to get to the front line, there is Islamic
one way, run and zigzagged to avoid moving
Islamic State snipers. We are and
moving forward. Progress is slow city
and dangerous. We moved to the old rages.
city where the war against ISIS rages. Some 3000 militants trying capital
to hang onto Raqqa, their de facto You
capital and last major stronghold. U.S.-led
You can hear the battle raging with the
U.S.-led Coalition forces taking The
the fight to those on the ground. minutes.
The crackle of gunfire every few volunteer
minutes. On the front line, a on
volunteer from California who came a
on his own as a sniper.This is not more
a mission of vengeance, this is more like dusters. Orlando, Paris... engraved
And he has bullets to prove it, terrorist
engraved with the names of chance
terrorist attacks in Europe.What for
chance did they have? It is justice makeshift
for them.He takes us to a found
makeshift mosque set up by ISIS. We can
found evidence of drug abuse. You the
can see the needle there. A sign of how
the pressure the militants face and how fiercely they fight. This is Stand
the battle that some call the Last Stand of ISIS.

are hunting a man
Police in Switzerland with a chainsaw,
who went on a rampage injuring five people. stormed the offices
The 51-year-old allegedly in Schaffhausen,
of his health insurer before continuing the attack
injuring two workers out on the street. was aggressive
Police say the suspect and psychologically unstable, was not terror-related.
but the attack are cleaning up
Parts of the United States of wild weather systems.
after a series in Maryland
Homes were flattened by a tornado cars were damaged
while, further south, following heavy rain
and streets swamped in South Carolina. hikers were winched to safety
On the other side of the country, a normally quiet creek
after a flash flood tore through in Arizona. They have spent months in Britain.
locked in a legal fight Now the parents Charlie Gard
of terminally ill baby to take him to America
have ended their court battle for treatment. were hoping a US doctor
Chris Gard and Connie Yates son's rare genetic condition.
might be able to treat their for the little boy.
But tests show it is now too late and loving parents,
As Charlie's devoted we have decided that best interests
it is no longer in Charlie's to pursue treatment and be with the angels.
and we will let our son go caring for Charlie
The UK hospital has criticised the US doctor the treatment.
who offered to carry out Ahead in the news - the regulators
Labor's plan to add to its big financial overhaul. among immigrants -
And how fresh air was rationed disturbing new information human trafficking tragedy.
on the Texas

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and borrowed could change
The way money is loaned the Labor Party today.
under new plans unveiled by into banking regulators,
The Opposition wants an inquiry the system
but the government says are world leaders.
and financial watchdogs A warm, warm welcome the very honourable Chris Bowen,
to the very hard working, Shadow Treasurer. and a big stage,
A big introduction for the economy rolled on.
as Labor's week of big ideas We've been an opposition adventurous in policy terms,
that is prepared to be and take big political risks.
to think big things Royal Commission into the banks.
Labor's already promising a Now they want it expanded the current financial watchdogs.
to include an inquiry into you need to waste years
We don't think of lawyers picnic.
with some sort act right now,
What you need is the government what we're doing.
which is exactly to the way
A review could mean changes in Australia,
money is lent and borrowed continues to rise.
as household debt response tomorrow
The banks make their formal at the National Press Club. have been somewhat blurred.
The lines of accountability carefully designed review
It's time for a prudent, architecture.
of our financial system that sort of politics
You can't play and financial system.
with your banking accountable,
It needs to be strong, fair and competitive. as Labor prepares
The declaration comes this week.
to release an alternate tax plan to clamp down
Already, there's promising business and family trusts.
on tax minimisation through the economic leadership
We're showing of tax concessions
and saying these sorts are worthy of our attention. take heart -
If it all feels like an election, until 2019.
the next vote still not due details have emerged
Even more grim and shocking tragedy in Texas.
about the human trafficking It's now been revealed crammed into the back
that the hundred people of a sweltering truck breathing fresh air
were forced to take turns in the vehicle.
through a small hole

James Radley was charged with being ring
behind the wheel of this wealth death
ring deathtrap. He could face the revealing
death penalty. As acute as horrors
revealing new details of the them
horrors inside the trailer. Many of condition.
them are in hospital in a grave said
condition. 90 documented immigrants in
said they were jammed into the rig in Laredo, Texas, nearly 100 people water
in triple digit heat, no food or cooling
water for 12 hours. They say the and
cooling system broke down at 9 PM passed
and within an hour some people walls,
passed out or were banging on the stop.
walls, claiming the driver never took
stop. Desperate for air, passengers the
took turns breathing from a hole in proper
the trailer.Do not have access to cruel.
proper ventilation is incredibly arrived
cruel.Three hours later the truck showed
arrived in San Antonio, a video fleeing.
showed people pouring out, some gruesome
fleeing. The police arrived to the the
gruesome scene, a dead bodies in over
the trailer.Each had heart rates over 130 bpm, they were very hot to the touch.This tragedy similar to history.
the deadliest smuggling case in US Victoria
history. In 2003, 19 died in traumatic
Victoria Texas. Some suffered and
traumatic injuries from heatstroke dying
and severe dehydration, two more dying in the hospital.

a plumber to fix this burst pipe,
It's going to take more than springing a leak,
a hydro power station in China shooting water high into the air, by the huge waterspout,
nearby properties drenched with residents evacuated. heavy rain
Authorities say prolonged into the facility
caused a nearby river to surge and burst the pipe. No such problem at the Vatican. more than a hundred fountains
It's been forced to turn off a summer drought.
as it swelters through taken such action,
It's the first time it's ever also suffocating
with surrounding Rome under blistering temperatures. Coming up in Nine News - the potential new therapy of Alzheimer's.
that could slow the progress of the Northern Lights,
A stunning display captured from outer space. masks, caught robbing ATMs.
And robbers in Donald Trump

I like the fact that
we're not just handing out money to a private organisation. I like the fact that the money
goes back to us and our family and the benefits
that we reap from that. Find a health fund
that gives more back. Visit Members Own.

with a Hollywood script,
Now to the Italian heist two brothers
police in Turin arresting of cash machines
suspected of robbing dozens while wearing Donald Trump masks. jamming a bomb inside an ATM
One of the men was filmed before ducking as it blasts open. 1991 blockbuster 'Point Break',
The stunt is a throwback to the and Patrick Swayze
which saw Keanu Reeves while raiding banks.
don US president masks final 14 dates of his world tour,
Justin Bieber has cancelled the setting up his own church.
amid speculation he could be he pulled the plug
The pop star's team says 'unforeseen circumstances'.
due to to play stadiums
The singer was due with fans now being refunded.
across Asia and North America, earlier this month
The 23-year-old was in Sydney by the Hillsong megachurch.
for the annual conference held or perhaps enchanting,
Extraordinary, incredible, to describe the Northern Lights.
all words often used hit the mark
But they didn't quite who captured this display.
for the astronaut filmed the spectacle
NASA's Jack Fischer International Space Station,
from the with the caption,
posting it on social media smothered in awesome sauce."
"A burrito of awesomeness, of deaths in Australia,
It's the second-leading cause diagnosed each day.
with 244 new cases a significant development
But now, there's been in fighting Alzheimer's disease. have discovered a link
Experts in Melbourne in the brain
between high levels of iron and cognitive decline to preserve memory.
and are now launching a new trial means Brace Bateman,
Having Alzheimer's disease who is otherwise healthy, to recall friend's names.
sometimes struggles about him,
But they won't forget

for a long time
We are going to hang in with you being with Alzheimer's.
an easy journey, is also optimistic
The grandfather by a major Australian finding the brain with cognitive decline.
linking elevated iron levels in I think it's great.
I'm excited about it, of Neuroscience and CSIRO
The Florey Institute older volunteers over ten years
studied the brains of their cognitive levels.
and regularly tested with high iron levels
Scans revealed those in the vital organ
and the protein amyloid and language skills.
also had poorer memory that occurs with ageing
The accumulation of iron sets up some kind of reaction of cells
that leads to the actual death of the brain.
and the deterioration that high brain iron levels
Scientists stress of the essential mineral -
are not caused by dietary intake and spinach just yet.
so don't cut out lean meat We don't have any evidence you eat
that the higher amount of iron in your brain.
impacts on the amount of iron recruited
Volunteers are now being excess brain iron
to test a drug which mops up mental degeneration.
to see if that will slow welcomes research into dementia.
Alzheimer's Australia really for us to progress.
It's an absolutely vital area The hope is that in future for simple brain-iron scan
seniors could be sent of developing Alzheimer's,
to detect their chance so treatment could start early. that we need to try to tackle.
It's really a terrible disease Mike joins us now. in Rugby League?
And Mike, a big night face the music, Vanessa.
It sure is. Two big names for that sickening shot
Sia Soliola learns his fate on Billy Slater. is this the end for Coach Hasler?
Des fronts the Bulldogs board - And also ahead - for Emma McKeon
a record-breaking swim at the World Championships.

Tonight is a tense one Sia Soliola -
for Canberra forward his punishment
he'll soon find out Storm superstar Billy Slater.
for the high shot which KO'ed the latest from League Central.
Nine's Danika Mason has

The Raiders have already pleaded suspension.
guilty to try and reduce the suspension. Canberra is hoping Sia If
Soliola receives six weeks or less. will
If the Raiders make the finals, he have
will be able to play. The Raiders type
have hired the go to man for this who
type of case, a Sydney barrister contributed
who will argue that Elise later slipped
contributed to the incident when he The
slipped and fell into the tackle. has
The matter what the result is, it Storm
has had big ramifications for the of
Storm with Billy Slater ruled out of their clash with the Sea Eagles.

plenty of pain
He's played through in his 15-year career, with concussion
but taking to the field of toughness.
is no longer a sign no risks
And the storm were taking with their superstar fullback. He's still nursing a sore head, on.
He doesn't remember a lot that went now
on. The best thing about the game is
now is it is not up to the player is whether he can play are not, it With
is about passing the protocols. Smith
With Billy Slater out and Cameron winner
Smith in serious doubt the one that
winner may be the Sea Eagles.All had
that experience will be missing. We perform
had a few players out so they may out.
perform how we did the week just

a performance
Manly are reeling after they've labelled embarrassing, to the Dragons.
conceding 50 points

It was embarrassing and frustrating. want
It was not up to scratch if you Premiership
want to be a Top 14 and have leak
Premiership aspirations. You cannot leak 50 points in a game.

a host of big names -
This Sunday, they'll welcome back and Brenton Lawrence
Blake Green, Apisai Koroisau have all been named. Eeels training today,
Clint Gutherson was back at from teammates
and receiving plenty of support the season with a ruptured ACL.
after he was ruled out for

He is in good spirits, he is in a
this morning. A huge blow for us as football,
a team. He has played menace we
football, but that what football is, we get injuries.

For 12 months, to keep his job.
Des Hasler has been fighting yet another threat.
Tonight, he's facing of finals contention
The Bulldogs have tumbled out for a 'please explain'.
and Hasler is fronting the board the coach will be sacked.
There is speculation inside the top four
The Giants are fighting to stay multi-cultural round.
in this week's without forward Toby Greene,
And they'll be doing it a striking suspension.
who's serving

In Toby's case, a split-second cost we
him two weeks. We have orally said team,
we don't want to be seen as a soft Unfortunately,
team, we want to be combative. gone
Unfortunately, at times we have gone on the wrong side of the line.

on the fitness
GWS are sweating of injured midfielder Dylan Shiel with Fremantle.
ahead of Saturday's clash has broken the Australian record
Wollongong's Emma McKeon World Swimming championships,
in the 100m butterfly at the for gold.
but it wasn't good enough McKeon finished second holder Sarah Sjostrom.
behind Swedish world record silver medal of the event.
It was Australia's third

before the bye,
having broken a losing streak

and ready to take on Brisbane
the Demons say they're rested at Manuka Oval this weekend. the side's co-captain says
Despite a tough mid-season, they'll make the finals.
there's still a chance For Aaron Bruce, than just a successful season.
making the finals will mean more With four rounds to go, he's just five games shy North East AFL appearance.
of his 200th We've got nothing to lose. a mathematical chance -
We're still after getting the win
that was pretty clear last weekend. a six-game losing streak...
That win breaking COMMENTATOR: That's the siren. ..Bruce attributing the win bigger risks.
to a willingness to take threw caution to the wind
I think we probably just a little bit more focussing a bit too heavily
and I think we were probably were going to be up to.
on what the opposition off the back of the win,
Going into the bye to take on second-placed Lions
the Demons are now preparing at Manuka on Saturday, from the Giants Academy
hoping young talent will be free to bolster the side.
like rising star Jack Powell Happy 18th birthday, Powell -
COMMENTATOR: of play from him.
that's a great little bit they'll get the call-up
But with the possibility for the Giants, the home-ground advantage
the Demons are hoping will come into play. community can see the progress
I think the Canberra footy is taking forward
that the program a high level of footy
and they really want to see and see the team compete. specialist, David Grimmond
Former Wallaby and Rugby Sevens has been named head coach women's team
of the University of Canberra's Uni Sevens Series
going into the new from the different sports
It's bringing females together to play under the rugby code. will be made up of students,
At least half the squad gold medallist Sharni Williams.
bolstered by the inclusion of Rio it's amazing but true,
When we come back - for 1,000 years. on the weather front with Gavin.
And what you can expect Back in a moment.

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first, see it first and watch it

it's possible,
You wouldn't believe the man
but you're about to the meet until the year 3001.
who's disqualified from driving That ban's about to be extended.
And, guess what? until the next millennium.
Meet the man banned from driving until 3001?
How did you get disqualified Accumulation of points. accumulation...
I beg your pardon, that's the rest of your life?
But 3001, So what? be able to get his licence back
It means Leonard Davie won't Mate, wanna lose that? a mobile breath test
Davie was stopped at this month.
at Campbelltown earlier His reading came back clear, a drivers licence.
but he was unable to hand over anyway?
What's it got to do with you, It was discovered Davie had held Drivers Licence,
a West Australian but that expired in 1983. was cancelled in March 1988
Checks showed his licence until December 3001. able to drive in 30 years
It means you haven't been and you got picked up here? you got picked up here?
Once, the one time you drive, Yeah. that's pretty unlucky.
You got to say, Very unlucky. The unlucky 62-year-old whilst disqualified.
was charged with driving conditional bail
Davie was released on Campbelltown on August 7.
and will front court here at pleading guilty?
So are you going to be when I get there.
We'll see what happens a road accident in his life.
Davie says he's never had WA's mandatory sentencing laws
He maintains he's a victim of the extraordinary term
which banned him for offences.
after three drink driving Aren't you a danger on the road? No, I'm not. have been eight road fatalities
Nine News understands there in the past year.
involving disqualified drivers driver, you cannot drive,
If you are a disqualified the wheel of a car.
you're not allowed to be behind go and catch a bus, alright?
Hey listen, mate, I've got to Where's your bus stop? Right there. Well, keep going. and leave me alone.
So (BLEEP) off the 942 to Lugarno.
And so he had to wait for exercise in the Pacific
The most complex military has officially wrapped up. took part
More than 34,00 personnel in this year's Talisman Sabre joint training mission
in what's the biggest the United States.
between Australia and PLAYS)
(AUSTRALIAN NATIONAL ANTHEM standing shoulder to shoulder.
Australian and US forces (AMERICAN NATIONAL ANTHEM PLAYS) the USS 'Ronald Reagan',
On board America's flagship, in the closing ceremony
they saluted each other for Exercise Talisman Sabre 2017, deemed a great success. It genuinely pushes us war fighting capacity.
in a high-end 34,000 personnel and 36 warships
The war games involved from both countries... (ENGINE ROARS) and off the Queensland coast.
..and took place in Darwin For the first time in the world
one of the most complex exercises on cyber warfare.
focussed heavily and pieces of it,
Before we had have little bits we did quite a bit more
here, and learned a lot.
and we pushed each other Talisman Sabre we've ever done.
I look at it as the most complex More than 200 aircraft, the ship home,
including all these who call the intense training.
took part in the level of skill and planning
It's hard to even comprehend an exercise of this nature takes, nations are better prepared
but it means that now both for whatever lies ahead. is to be prepared for it.
The best way to prevent a war No real concerns, though, from a Chinese spy ship.
about the interest that others would be interested
It's no surprise to us to see what we're doing. will be in 2019.
The next Talisman Sabre To finance - more than 0.5%,
and the market closed up the All Ords rising 37 points. 79.33 US cents
Our dollar is buying and 88.24 Japanese yen. Time now for the weather - is on the way?
Gav, another windy change

Good evening, thank you, Vanessa.

Good evening, thank you, Vanessa. A throughout
rollercoasters is unfolding the
throughout the south-east corner of Beautiful
the state. Very mild today. across
Beautiful conditions, mid teens some
across the Tablelands. We have got some colder air on the way due to through
the succession of fronts moving conditions.
through that are producing windy warmth
conditions. It looks like the Some
warmth will peak on the weekend. recorded
Some shower activity but little south-east.
recorded through the south-western overnight
south-east. This cloud will move in some
overnight tonight. It will produce some rain, mostly gathering around of
the mountains on the western side move
of the Divide. The gusty front will winds
move through and we will see the tomorrow.
winds pick up speed throughout another
tomorrow. Like all before it, quickly
another blocking high slides in Another
quickly over the south-east. These
Another front moving in behind it. the
These fronts will be forced around pool
the high so it is not clearing the around
pool of warm air that has built up why
around central Australia. That is records
why we are likely to see winter across
records tumble over the weekend Wales
across large areas of New South is
Wales and potentially the ACT. It getting
is a reflection of how warm it is pretty
getting in the interior. Still the
pretty cold and showery throughout Sydney
the south-east but mild in between is
Sydney and Brisbane tomorrow. Wind Colder
is picking up speed in the West. temperatures
Colder behind that system with tomorrow
temperatures dropping throughout pushing
tomorrow night. Precipitation will
pushing through overnight. Nothing remain
will make it to the coast. It will wind
remain find there. We will feel the some
wind tomorrow, still picking up Temperatures
some of the milder air mass. 24.
Temperatures not too bad, around 19, It
24. A bit of wind chill thrown in. risk
It will be relatively mild but a suburbs
risk of some shower activity over strong
suburbs of the ACT and Canberra. A entire
strong wind warning issued for the Waters.
entire coast and a gale for Eden moves
Waters. Looking ahead, the system showers
moves through so the risk of cold
showers is gone by Thursday. More toward
cold nights, then milder as we move system
toward the weekend. Then the next It
system come through early next week. Tablelands.
It will become mild across the warmest
Tablelands. It will probably be the locations.
warmest day of winter for many

Now recapping our lead story - Matt Canavan has stepped aside
and Queensland senator dual citizenship.
over claims he holds It's understood for Italian citizenship
Mr Canavan's mother applied on his behalf.

According to the Italian government born
I am a citizen of Italy. I was not to
born in Italy and have never been to Italy.

the matter to the High Court
The government will refer when parliament returns. for this Tuesday.
And that's Nine News for 'A Current Affair'.
Stand by now enjoy your evening, goodnight.
I'm Vanessa O'Hanlon -
Live captioning by Ai-Media

that he used to be.
Paul Butler is no longer the man

fighting for a fair-go
Now his desperate wife is fighting for a fair-go by Centrelink.
after being given the runaround Hello, I'm Tracy Grimshaw. in a moment.
We'll have that report Welcome to A Current Affair

in while I took a break.
and thanks to Leila for sitting exclusively
First, you're about to hear on the receiving end
from the mother of a shocking road rage attack, she says lost his temper
punched in the face by a man when she criticised his driving. Sams a short time ago,
Taylor Auerbach spoke with Bianca after careful discussion here,
and we should alert you that

that Bianca copped.
we will show you the punch as you're about to see,
She is well recovered what this man did.
so we've decided not to hide whether to watch.
Of course, it's your choice

(DRAMATIC MUSIC) I don't back down to no one. Never have, never will. I better get me camera out,
I thought something happens here.
just in case He reckons he's pretty tough. is totally unacceptable.
The level of violence But this bloke... ever.
You don't punch women, ..didn't bank on Bianca. He's a bitch in my eyes. I feel sorry for his kids,
If he can hit a female if he has any. if he has one.
I feel sorry for his wife, by a quick thinking truckie,
All captured on camera phone rage that has appalled Australia.
this is the explosion of road

and broad daylight,
In cargo shorts casually marches up
this heavy-set male driver of the ute in front
to the passenger side door and swings a wild right hook,

21-year-old mum Bianca Sams.
landing on the chin of gonna do nothing to him.
I had my arms crossed, I wasn't

it's an aggressive manner.
People think I always have,
I always cross me arms, knows what I'm like.
anyone that knows me to A Current Affair,
Tonight, speaking exclusively of a national disgrace
the young woman at the centre

perfectly clear -
wants to make it back her into a corner.
she's not going to let any coward to describe this person
What word would you use who thinks he can hit women?

but...frickin' idiot.
Can't swear on TV low life, scumbag, anything.
More than anything, television for a moment.
Just pretending we're not on That's what I'd call him.
(BLEEP) trash bag, if I had to. in Doyalson, north of Sydney,
It was a normal Monday afternoon in the passenger seat
and Bianca was sitting

next to her best friend Taylor. in the 80-zone, I'm pretty sure.
He was slowing down to about 50 And then we overtook him. tailgating us,
And then that's when he started

swerving us off the road. five-month-old baby boy.
In the back seat, was Taylor's what I had to do
I had to do and her son.
to protect me and me mate pursuit around the Central Coast,
In a terrifying Hollywood-style in the yellow t-shirt
Bianca says the man to run them off the road.
began trying like out of our minds.
We were both scared, We didn't know what to do. "We need to get rid of him"
We were just like, and what not
so we tried swerving away behind us, straight up.
and he kept following us, to shake him?
You realised you needed Yeah. What happened next? and then like from a gun,
I just grabbed a set of nails like a nail gun, breaking them up
and then I just started hoping he'd leave us alone,
and throwing them at his car,

he just kept coming.
but he didn't, I think I missed, to be honest. on the motorway,
After 10 minutes of mayhem stranger were proven futile -
Bianca's attempts at losing the

at a set of traffic lights.
he came to a stop behind them and what happens next?
So the car pulls over