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(generated from captions) This program is live captioned by Ericsson Access Services. A furious reaction to allegations of water theft corruption on the Murray-Darling. Donald Trump's son-in-law fronts the US Senate intelligence committee. The driver of a semitrailer charged after ten people in the truck died from dehigh cas. And the British parents of a critically ill baby drop their legal battle revealing they have run out of time to save him. Hello. James McHale with ABC News Early Edition. Communities up and down the nation's biggest river system are demanding a judicial inquiry into claims of water misuse in western NSW. The ABC's Four Corners has investigated wa the way water is used in the rivers. The findings caused outrage downstream and prompted calls for independent scrutiny. Welcome to Four Corners.Farmers are worried and angry.We were left with no water and yet people upstream had as much as they wanted to and got away with it. I can't get over it. The ABC's Four Corners program revealed serious allegations that some people in far west NSW have done the wrong thing and the NSW Government hasn't done enough to stop them.We've asked politicians to look into it, royal commissions, we've been asking for over ten years. That's into this and it's fallen on deaf ears.A former NSW water compliance investigator told Four Corners that water meters in the Barwon-Darling Valley were tampered with obscuring the amount taken from the river.When they looked inside the meters, they say unplugged cables, suggesting possible meter tampering and possible pumping outsield of required river heights.The system relies on compliance. That's compliance with having meters that are fully-functioning and adhere to a particular standard.The Irrigators Council argues the majority of farmers do the right thing. Those who don't could face huge financial penalties or jail time.Irrigators - let me be clear - expect everybody to obey the rules because that's the foundation for their access to water and their ability to produce crops.The NSW Government isn't saying much at this stage.I've asked the secretary of my department to look at these issues and provide a full report back to me for my consideration and I want that investigation to occur quickly.At the other end of the river, SA wants an urgent COAG meeting and an independent inquiry. We need to know the compliance and metering in NSW works and the reporting to the Murray-Darling authority is accurate and I think that requires Commonwealth oversights.Nick Xenophon says the allegations are scandalous and should be referred to the NSW anti-corruption watchdog ICAC. The Greens want the Senate to get involved.The fact we heard allegations that people are illegally pumping more water out of the river paid for by taxpayers to be returned to the environment is just unthinkable.The Murray-Darling Basin Authority says the allegations need to be thoroughly investigated. The fact there's been light shone on this non-compliance is significant, an important step we deal with these things as they come up.Ultimately it's up to the states to enforce the rules. The town of Walgatt in Northern NSW is reeling. Our reporter spoke to some of the residents. I'm at a town heavily reliant on irrigation and dryland farming. Further west the river becomes the Darling, where questions have been raised about compliance with the water sharing rules the issue of water management in the Barwon-Darling is described by locals as a potato. Many in the Walgett irrigation community say there may be some issues with compliance but feel the vast majority of irrigators are following the law.We adhere to the rules and the majority of irrigators adhere in the same way.Others have told the ABC the allegations raised by Four Corners come as no surprise.For years we have complained about water being taken out of the river, but no-one has never listened. The Foreign Minister is playing down the significance of a Chinese warship lurking in waters near Australia's military exercises with America this month. The intelligence ship sat in the Coral Sea off Australia in the Talisman Sabre drills with the US. Australian defence officials regard its presence as provocative. The Foreign Minister says there no reason the Chinese navy shouldn't sail through the region.My understanding is the ship didn't enter territorial waters. Australia has long been an advocate of the right of nations to exercise freedom of navigation and freedom of overflight in international waters. I'm advised that this ship had no impact at all on our naval exercises.Chinese state-owned media warned plans to conduct more operations like the one in the Coral Sea could happen. The Federal Government says its policy not to bring refugees to Australia from Manus Island or Nauru has not shifted. The United Nations Refugee Agency says that Australia breached an agreement it made alongside the United States. The UN says it supported the US deal on the understanding people with close family could settle here. My understanding is the Australian Government's position has been clear and consistent throughout and I've not heard any change to those arrangements. If people seek to arrive illegally and pay criminal networks and are trabs fered to a regional processing centre they will not -- transferred to a regional processing they will not be resettled in Australia. NSW Police and Border Force agents say they've cracked a criminal syndicate and seized a significant amount of chemicals used to make methamphetamine. Two people have been arrested and more than 370kg of ephedrine has been confiscated. Chemicals were found in metal cannisters, wall tiles and milking machines from ships. The union movement vowed to launch a massive social media campaign against Crown Casino in a fight to save the jobs of 16 maintenance workers. The ACTU campaign started with a protest through the CBD in Melbourne. Unions allege that 16 maintenance contractors, people who control the maintenance of the electronic gaming machines here at Crown will lose their jobs at the enof the month when a new contract come -- the end of the month when a new contract comes in. That will be with a company called Amtec. The chairman is former Victorian Premier Jeff Kennett who approved the creation of Crown in the 90s. The unions say the maintenance contractors who will lose their jobs can't reapply for the jobs under the new terms of the contract. They're not happy. They gathered here in force to voice their displeasure to both Crown Casino and to Amtec. Electricians keep the lights on and 16 of them keep the bok can Is going.In is the thin edge of the wedge. There is over 10,000 people employed at Crown. If you start with technicians, where does it end? The unions have previously launched a massive social media campaign against Carlton and United Breweries over similar deals to reduce its workforce. They say they're going to launch a similar campaign against Crown Casino and are urging members to get online to shame Crown to changing their decision. A WA egg producer has been fined $750,000 for falsely claiming free-range status. The Humane Society lobbied for action and welcomed the record penalty, saying it sends a strong message to the entire industry. Charlotte Hamlyn reports from the Federal Court in Perth.The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission took action against Snowdale Holdings, one of the biggest supermarket suppliers for eggs in WA. It accused the company of making deceptive statements after the watchdog obtained evidence of hens at two of its farms not being able to go in and out of Barnes. The court was told despite that between 2011-1013 Snowdale labelled eggs as free-range. The company denied wrongdoing but the Federal Court sided with the ACCC and found it guilty. New National Standards for egg producers were introduced last year, in order to quality as free range. They must have meaningful and regular access to the outdoors and their density must be no more than one hen per square metre of 10,000 per hectare. Today Fed the Federal Court Justice fined the company $750,000 and ordered the company pay $300,000 in court costs taking the penalty to well over $1 million. The Humane Society lobbied for this action by the ACCC. It says that fine is the largest in Australian history for a breach of this kind. As you can see from our smiles, we think this is a great result. $750,000 as a penalty is more than twice as much as any penalty formally handed down in any one of these cases.Snowdale Holdings have been ordered to place apologies on its website and in the local newspaper and has had restrictions placed on it about how it uses the term free-range in its labelling. The two chicken farms in question have since been shut down. NSW Police are investigating a suspected road rage assault after footage emerged showing a man punching a woman in the face. A witness who saw the asalt alerted police but those involved left by the time officers arrived. Police here at Wyong hope to hear from the victim today. They were made aware of some dash-cam vision on Facebook late yesterday. What the vision shows clearly is a man getting out of his car, walking towards the car in front, where a woman is standing at the passenger door and the man punches the woman in the face. By the time police got to the scene, both cars had gone, and so they're now appealing to hear from witnesses, from the female victim and from the man himself to come forward and tell their side of the story. The incident occurred at lunchtime yesterday at the northern end of the Central Coast, at Lake Munmorah and whether or not there were aggravating circumstances police can't assess that until they hear from all parties. At this stage it's a waiting game. Police appealing for the victim to come forward. She contacted police at midnight and said she would today. So police waiting toer her to arrive here at Wyong Police Station. Donald Trump's adviser and son-in-law has denied colluding with Moscow to influence the 2016 US election. Jared Kushner emerged from a closed door session of the Senate intelligence committee insisting he had nothing to to hide. He detailed four meetings he had with Russian officials, describing them as brief and unremarkable. Jared Kushner usually stays well out of the public eye. This time there was no avoiding it. On Capitol Hill he spent more than two hours with Senate investigators to answer questions over his dealings with Russian officials in the campaign. Let me be very clear. I did not collude with Russia, nor do I know of anyone else in the campaign who did so. I had no improper contacts. I have not relied on Russian funds for my businesses. I have been fully transparent in providing all requested information. Jared Kushner failed to disclose four meetings - two with the Russian Ambassador, one with the head of a Russian state-owned bank. And a fourth - arranged by his brother in law Donald Trump Junior with a Russian lawyer offering dirt on Hillary Clinton. Jared Kushner was also asked about reports he tried to set up a secret channel of communication with Moscow. The record in documents I have voluntarily provided will show that all my actions were proper and occurred in the normal course of events of a very unique campaign. Meanwhile his father in law was on Twitter.

He was playing cat and mouse with reporters over whether he plans to fire his Attorney-General for recusing himself from the Russian investigations. (LAUGHTER) Donald Trump's anger at the various Russia investigations is one of the key reasons why they're dominating the news cycle here. That, in turn, is frustrating Republicans in Congress, who want the President to pitch in and help sell their healthcare bill. He is, but he's also berating Republican law-makers for failing to get healthcare through.To every member of the Senate: The American people have waited long enough. There's been enough talk and no action. Now is the time for action. But the Russia investigations are never far from the headlines. Jared Kushner will face questions again tomorrow. And next up will be the President's son, Donald Trump Junior. The driver of a semitrailer found packed with immigrants could face the death penalty. He's been charged after ten people died in dehydration. One survivor has spoken out saying it was difficult to breathe in the extreme heat. He made the perilous journey from Mexico looking for work. Adane is lucky to be alive. He spent hours clammed many the become of a truck with scores of illegal immigrants smuggled across the Mexican border into Texas. He's told police it felt like an oven inside. Passengers pounded on the walls to get the driver's attention, before many began passing out. They had no water and could barely breathe. 8 men in the truck died from extreme heat stroke before it pulled into a car park in San Antonio. Another two died later. About 30 others are in hospital.

The truck driver has been charged with human trafficking resulting in death. James Bradley Junior could face the death penalty. He told authorities he didn't realise there was anyone in the truck until he got out. Most of the dead were from Mexico.We have contacted and we're in the process of contacting the families. We're making sure they can visit their relatives. In San Antonio mourners held a vigil for those killed. Officials fear the death toll could rise with several survivors in a critical condition. The British parents of a terminally-ill baby have ended their legal battle to take him to the US for experimental treatment. It's the end of an emotional and protracted fight for the life of Charlie Gard. His parents say time has now run out and they've decided to let their son go. Charlie Gard will never know what his family and their supporters went through to keep him alive. Many were left in tears as his father revealed the fight was over. Our son is an absolute warrior and we could not be prouder of him and we will miss him terribly. His body, heart and soul may soon be gone, but his spirit will live on for eternity and he will make a difference to people's lives for years to come. We will make sure of that. After a 5-month legal battle that stretched from Britain's courts to the European Court of human rights, and included interventions from Donald Trump and Pope Francis, Charlie Gard and Connie -- Chris Gard and Connie Yates considered it is pointless to continue fighting. It's an incredibly brave decision by the parents. They have tlauth through themselves for what the new evidence shows. They reached a conclusion probably the judge would have reached the same. It's very brave for them to do it without waiting to hear what he had to say. Charlie was suffering from a genetic disorder that results in muscle wasting and brain damage, but supporters were left frustrated and angry, believing more could have been done.If he had the treatment in April when Connie and Chris said he needed this when it started we wouldn't be here now today.Charlie Gard's parents hoped to save their son's life, but in the end they accepted that what they were doing may only cause him more pain. Their one hope is that this case will change the way medical decisions are made in the future. To Charlie, we say mummy and daddy, we love you so much. We always have and we always will and we are so sorry that we couldn't save you. We're working with the hospital to decide when Charlie will be taken off his ventilator and allowed to die. His father says he won't make his first birthday in a fortnight.

Israel decided to remove metal detectors from the entrance to a holy site in Jerusalem's old city. They were installed at the entrance to the Al-Aqsa Mosque after the shooting of two police officers at the shrine. The move incensed the Muslim world and triggered some of the worst clashes in years. The Cabinet statement said the metal detegors would be replaced with less obtrusive surveillance. There will be an increased police presence until new security measures are in place. The suicide bomber has killed at least 26, mainly police, in Lahore in Pakistan. A surveillance camera recorded the moment the device was detonated on a motorcycle on the outskirts of the city. The target was a group of police working to clear stalls set up el legally. More than 50 people were wounded in the blast, including many by-standers. The Pakistani Taliban claimed responsibility for the attack. In Switzerland police are hunting for a man who attacked five people with a chainsaw in an historic northern town. Police say Franz Wrousis was living in the woods before launching his attack. One of the employees were seriously injured but is stable. Greenland is one of the most remote parts of the planet but changes there could affect coastal communities around the world. Scientists are worried the country's ice sheet is melting faster than expected. That could see ocean levels rise and low-lying areas around the world affected by floods. A vivid blue across the Greenland ice sheet a beautiful sight, but when the ice melts, the oceans rise around the world. We have joined a team of British scientists. They are trying to understand how the ice is changing. We touched down in one of the remotest corners of the planet. From the air all you can really see is what looks like a vast ex-spans of endless white. That is not the whole story. What's hard to grasp as I stand here, is that this is just the surface of a vast mass of ice that's unbelievably thick. As we walk around, there's a real surprise - white ice is turning dark. The darker a surface, the more it absorbs the sun's rays. Like wearing a black T-shirt on a hot day, the more it warms up. You've got this dark ice here.Yes, so we have the dark surface.The chief scientist here says one reason for the dark ice is algae, tiny plants. The algae are microscopically small but may have a big impact.We want to know how far the algae can spread over the Greenland ice sheet as the climate warms. It might well be that they will cause more melting and an acceleration of sea levels.Until recently the melting in summer was balanced by snowfall in winter. In the last 20 years the flows of water have multiplied, each one adding to the level of the oceans. No-one is saying this whole thing is going to melt in the next decade or the next 100 or 1,000 years. But it doesn't have to melt for more people to be in danger. What is striking is this massive block of ice may be vulnerable, if more algae dock on the surface and lead to faster melting.

The Australian share market rebounded today but gave back some of its early gains towards the end of trading.

Now time to check in with David Taylor for a closer look. Now, David that higher dollar, good news for travellers, not so great for those of us seeking a pay rise. No, and the connection is tricky to explain. As you mention, the dollar has remained at around 79.5 US cents so it held that position nicely. That means that when we purchase overseas goods if we're buying it in Aussie dollars, it becomes a bit cheaper for us, which is great for buying goods but it has a dampening effect on inflation, or the general rise in prices. If you get a 10% increase in currency, prices or inflation go down by 1%. We had a 5% increase in the currency recently, which might mean inflation reduces by half a per cent. That's great for people buying goods, we've known in the past that wages pressure has been diluted or stifled a bit by low inflation. If we get further low inflation or disinflation, it means it will be harder to get that pay rise F that makes sense, I've done well. Ethical investing is becoming lucrative?It is. Look, investing in ethical investments has increased by 26% over the past 12 months, I'm told by Australian Ethical Investing. The returns for some of the funds is 10%, 3% above what you expect with mainstream. So these guys are choosing things like healthcare and clean energy technology and avoiding fossil fuels and other nasty investments - even weapons and things like that. It turns out if you choose to help save the planet, it doesn't cost you any more, it might give you a profit. Thank you. Sport, and Emma McKeon has set a new Australian record in the 100m butterfly to take the silver at the World Swimming Championships in Budapest. Sweden's -- Sjostrom almost broke her record. I think I'm becoming more of a resilient top athlete. Each time I come to these meets I think I will get mentally stronger each time.The defending world champion qualified second fastest for tonight's final in the 100m backstroke. In the AFL Collingwood coach Nathan Buckley says it's business as usual, despite the upheefl following the resignation of Chief Executive Gary Pert. The Magpies are a remote chance of the finals after two wins, but Buckley's tenure as coach is under continued scrutiny with the club conducting a wide-ranging review. He says Pert's departure has no bearing on his future in the job. No, I'm really narrow focused on the next five weeks, and it just means that there's a vacancy at the CEO's role that will be filled in good time. And in a further blow to the Magpies, captain Scott Pendlbury -- Pendlebury had more surgery to his broken finger and may be out for the season. broken finger and may be out for the

Finally, Tokyo's Ueno Zoo has released the latest video of its newest member, a released the latest video of its
newest member, a one--month-old baby newest member, a panda. The female, yet to be named, weighed in at 1.6kg. The mother and father, Shin-shin and Ri-ri had the cub five years after their first cub was found dead just days after it was born. Zookeepers say the new cub is in good health. That is ABC News Early Edition. Bye.

This program is live captioned by Ericsson Access Services. Hello and welcome to The Drum. I'm Ellen Fanning. Coming up: Have New South Wales irrigators sabotaged the multibillion-dollar Murray Basin Plan? Please wait while this program loads: How many more hours will Australians lose to buffering under the NBN? And concentrate, please: Reading needs you.

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