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(generated from captions) Australian
American thing, it's not really an Uber
Australian thing. I've only used that
Uber a couple of times, I'm not don't
that technologically advanced but I don't think I'd tip, you go for an
Uber because it's cheaper. Don't be the
an Uber driver if you don't like then
the money.When is it OK to tip younger
then do you think Neil?I'll tip service,
younger people who give me good who
service, but I hate tipping the guy It's
who takes the bags up to the room. of
It's like paying him to get you out waiting
of your room and he stands there it's
waiting and I think "Go away". When it's expected I dislike it. When it's a young person, they give good something.
service, happy to give them days
something.Do you feel like these now?
days people are expecting a tip

now? Especially restaurants?In certain
restaurants I think there is a going
certain expectation if you are food
going anywhere other than a fast and
food chain you will leave something embarrass
and because you don't want to tip
embarrass them I'll leave a little good
tip no matter if the service is because
good or bad because you feel bad will
because it is expected.10%?We you
will go with 10%.Yeah, 10%.Thank next
you for today and we will see you joining
next time.Thank you.Thanks for Coming
joining us. I'm Belinda Russell. News.
Coming up next is the Afternoon with
News.Good afternoon. We will start at
with a developing story. Shoppers the
at the Rhodes shopping centre in due
the city's west have been evacuated clear
due to a power blackout. It's not when
clear what sparked the emergency or unfolding
when the doors will reopen. It's keep
unfolding as we go to air. We will developments.
keep you updated if there are piece
developments. Police are trying to up
piece together the moments leading on
up to a violent road rage incident showing
on the Central Coast. After video the
showing a woman being punched in Zara
the face by a man went viral online. story
Zara James has been following the in
story and joins us live. The victim has.
in this attack has just spoken.She spoke
has. 22-year-old Bianca Sampson Station
spoke with police at Belmont Police the
Station after she was punched in incident.
the face during a road rage incident. She has explained the that
incident. It was a truck driver truck.
that filmed this from inside his incident
truck. He has filmed the whole it's
incident which is disturbing and was
it's gone viral. Bianca said she car,
was in the passenger seat of the car, her friend was driving. There back.
was a five-month-old baby in the and
back. They took a - overtook a ute started
and that's when she claims the ute served
started tailgating them and almost admits
served them off the road. Bianca nails
admits she picked up a packet of threw
nails from the back of the car and ute
threw them out the window at this pulled
ute but it wasn't until they both they
pulled up at a set of lights that was
they got out of the car and Bianca him
was punched in the face. I said to you
him "What's your f'ing problem, if like
you leave us alone, you are driving in
like a (BLEEP)", and he smacked me deserves
in the jaw.In my opinion he that
deserves to be put away and anyone the
that does the same. Doesn't matter women
the circumstances, you don't punch women ever.Police are hoping that forward
the driver of the ute will come of
forward so they can hear his side any
of the story. There are calling on this
any witnesses who may have seen furiously
this to come forward too.Heinz has furiously defended one

furiously defended one of its fruit Court
and vegtable snacks in the Federal nutritious
Court arguing the product is toddlers.
nutritious and appropriate for has
toddlers. The consumer watch dog its
has taken Heinz to court alleging Heinz
its packaging isthmus misleading. Australian
Heinz rejected claims by the commission
Australian competition and consumer thinking
commission it led parents into equivalent
thinking its snack was the equivalent to eating fresh fruit in
and vegetables. The Federal Court its
in Adelaide heard Heinz promoted healthy
its Shreds toddler products as nutritional
healthy choices that have the same vegetables
nutritional value as fruit and concentrates
vegetables when they are made from sugar.
concentrates and contain nearly 70% sugar
sugar. But Heinz today argued the naturally
sugar content in the snack is processing
naturally occurring from fruit as
processing and not refined sugar, box
as is correctly displayed on the would
box and that no regular parent fruit
would infer that it should replace disappointed
fruit and veg.I'm probably quite limit
disappointed because I try and so
limit the sugar intake of my kids, your
so disappointing if you were giving realised
your child that product and to
realised it had so much sugar.Got confused
to be picked up, we are really old
confused by food labels now.The natural
old days, you ate everything here.
natural like all this stuff over something
here. You didn't eat 65% sugar or with
something like that. I don't agree only
with it.Heinz told the court had eat
only ever intended for toddlers to the
eat Shreds occasionally as shown by and
the description of a tasty treat packaging.
and convenient snack on the an
packaging. It says the product has profile
an equivalent nutrition and sugar Shreds
profile to a serve the dried fruit. supermarkets
Shreds have been removed from the
supermarkets pending the outcome of application
the case. The judge declined an watchdog
application by the consumer it
watchdog to taste Shreds, arguing measure
it would not be an objective We
measure of how sweet the product is. and
We will take you to Canberra now and Malcolm Turnbull has been given having
the thumbs up by Australians as credentials
having better values and his
credentials to lead the nation than has
his predecessor, Tony Abbott. Fiona often
has the details for us.Politicians to
often say they don't pay attention probably
to polls but Malcolm Turnbull will He
probably be happy to see this one. Abbott,
He has come out on top against Tony believing
Abbott, with 58% of voters and
believing the PM has better values 23%
and leadership credentials. Only of
23% went for Mr Abbott. Nearly half PM
of those surveyed says the former and
PM should remain on the back bench thought
and keep quiet. Only a quarter senior
thought he should be offered a behaviour
senior cabinet position. The on
behaviour of our banks is also back if
on the table. Labor announced today extend
if it wins Government it will That
extend its proposed banking inquiry. closely
That means it will not only look the
closely at our banks, but also at the role

the role of financial regulate ors. incoming
This is a prudent way for us as an our
incoming Government to ensure that is
our financial system architecture practice.
is up to international best says
practice.Treasurer Scott Morrison it
says the system is working fine as complicate
it is and this would only look
complicate things.An extraordinary US
look this afternoon at the team of the
US front line soldiers moving in on in
the last Islamic State strong hold closing
in Syria. American forces are have
closing in on the town of Raqqa and of
have uncovered startling evidence keep
of what ISIS forces are using to Raqqa,
keep up the fight.On the run in front
Raqqa, if you want to get to the way.
front line here there is just one snipers.
way. Run and zig-zag to avoid ISIS Progress
snipers.We are moving forward. move
Progress is slow and dangerous. We against
move to the old city where the war militants
against ISIS rages. Some 3,000 Raqqa,
militants trying to hang on to major
Raqqa, their capital and their last the
major strong hold.As you can hear with
the battle for Raqqa is now raging, with US led Coalition forces taking hear
the fight on the ground. You can few
hear the crackle of gun fire every front
few minutes. Here right on the California.
front line, a volunteer from his
California. Who has come here on really
his own as a sniper.This isn't that's
really a mission of vengeance, of
that's a dirty word. This is more Paris.
of justice. You know. Orlando, engraved
Paris.He has bullets to prove it, America
engraved with terrorist attacks in they
America and Europe.What chance did them.
they have? None. So, justice for

them.He takes us to a makeshift flag
mosque set up by ISIS. This is the evidence
flag of ISIS here. Here we found the
evidence of drug abuse. You can see pressure
the needle there. A sign of the how
pressure the militants now face and battle,
how fiercely they fight. In the stand
battle, some now call the last you
stand of ISIS.Something to make little
you smile this afternoon. From wombat
little things big things grow. A from
wombat Joey has finally emerged Ballarat
from her mother's pouch at the The
Ballarat wildlife park in Victoria. six
The ultra sweet little girl is just number
six months old but she is baby Banjo.
number nine for parents, cocoa and to
Banjo. The public is being invited ideas
to help come up with some suitable the
ideas for a name. Still to come, bills,
the real cost of soaring power struggling
bills, which city suburbs are problem
struggling the most? Plus how the millions
problem is costing taxpayers road
millions every year. Which new toll road will hit Sydney drivers hard?

road will hit Sydney drivers hard? in
$10 one way. And the heroic rescue believe,
in Arizona you have to see to raging
believe, plucked from a rock in raging floodwaters.

A drive from Sydney to Wollongong thanks
and back could cost drivers $20 freeway
thanks to a toll on the proposed F6 Davis
freeway extension. Nine's Rebecca years
Davis has more.It's more than 20 F6
years since there was a toll on the $1
F6 freeway. Back then it was just extension
$1 each way but the proposed F6 ten
extension could see drivers paying preliminary
ten times that amount. Our been
preliminary financial report has tolls
been leaked to the media revealing way.
tolls could start at around $8 each number
way. But inflation means that 2024
number would rapidly rise to $10 by paying
2024 meaning commuters could be travel
paying $20 a day or $100 a week to Sydney.
travel between Wollongong and Sydney. If you add this on top of Sydney,
tolls drivers are already paying in simply
Sydney, the cost of commuting is Treasurer
simply staggering. NSW Shadow the
Treasurer Ryan Park is calling on South
the State Government to upgrade the slugging
South Coast rail line instead of Our
slugging drivers with another toll. improvements
Our priority is to deliver rail
improvements on the South Coast spend
rail line before we ask locals to month
spend hundreds of dollars every extension
month on a toll road.The F6 stages
extension is still in the early Transport
stages of planning and NSW Transport says a final decision on yet
the design and funding strategy is hit
yet to be made.Flash flooding has trapping
hit parts of the United States trapping at

trapping at least 17 hikers Parts
including a four-year-old boy. been
Parts of Arizona and Illinois have forced
been hardest hit with rescuers safety.
forced to pull dozens of people to hikers
safety.Herree oak rescue, 17 floodwaters.
hikers stranded in raging chopper
floodwaters. The sheriffs county chopper racing against time to save rescue
them. Watch as they lower a line to rising
rescue a person trapped in the rising tide, hoisting them to two
safety. Then immediately go back, The
two men remain trapped on a ledge. chopper
The conditions too unsafe for the storms
chopper to retrieve them. Severe country
storms reeking havoc across the leaving
country this morning. Delaware rain
leaving more than eight inches of rescued
rain overnight. Three people under
rescued when this car nearly buried devastating
under rising water. The damage Look
devastating in Northern Kentucky. shows
Look at that.A look from above river.
shows this home dangling over a outside.
river. The living room visible from football
outside. The house nearly two foundation.
football fields away from its creek.
foundation.Our house is down the up
creek.The storm sending this pick parked.
up truck 20 yards from where it was This
parked.This is pretty devastating. a
This morning a desperate search for crews
a man whose home was scrept away, debris.
crews digging through two miles of go
debris.It's going to take time to holly
go through everything.Not even the The
holly city can escape the drought. its
The Vatican have turned off some of desperate
its 100 found obtains in a gripping
desperate dry, summer conditions pieces
gripping Rome. Two Baroque master house
pieces in St Peter's Square, which found
house many of the famous water gradually
found obtains will be turned off set
gradually in the coming days. It is could
set to get warmer this week. We Sunday,
could even see a July record come 25.9,
Sunday, as Sydney nudges towards the
25.9, our warmest day on record for warm
the month. Tomorrow it is looking warm as women.

Belinda Russell will join us soon for a detailed look at the forecast Sydney.
for tomorrow's suburbs across Afternoon
Sydney. Still ahead on Nine's told
Afternoon News, we have always been iron.
told to make sure we eat enough breakthrough,
iron. Now the major Australian could
breakthrough, how too much iron most
could be causing one of the world's motorway
most debilitating diseases. The officer
motorway inferno that left a police help
officer stranded and in need of Des
help at Ingleburn. Bulldogs coach his
Des Hasler prepared to fight for Canterbury
his future in front of the Canterbury board.

Tomorrow on Today, transforming the about
way you shop. Now new technology is to
about to take your retail therapy 'Australian
to a whole new level.And the final,
'Australian Ninja Warrior' grand final, all the

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The future you've been waiting for.

Scientists may have found a way to disease.
slow the progression of Alzheimer's iron
disease. After discovering high Nine's
iron levels could be a contributor. Australian
Nine's Emily Rice has the story. major
Australian researchers have made a Alzheimer's
major advance in understanding discovered
Alzheimer's disease. They have discovered a link between elevated disease
iron levels in the brain and faster reached
disease progression.When they have the
reached a certain level it ignites when
the Alzheimer's process and that's ago
when the dementia begins.Ten years ago a team from the CSIRO scanned Every
the brains of older volunteers. language
Every 18 months their memory, tested.
language and attention levels were iron
tested. Those patients were higher cognitive
iron levels showed worsening of
cognitive decline.The accumulation sets
of iron that occurs with ageing leads
sets up some kind of reaction that and
leads to the actual death of cells The
and the deterioration of the brain. has
The build-up of the protein amyloid disease
has been linked to Alzheimer's significant
disease but this is the most contributes.
significant study to show iron also people
contributes.We found that those their
people with high amyloid within iron
their brain, if they also had high in
iron they had a fast deterioration Researchers
in their cognitive symptoms. detected
Researchers stress the iron from
detected in the brain is different which
from the mineral found in the body don't
which is influenced by diet.We amount
don't have any evidence that the on
amount of iron that you eat impacts your
on the amount of iron that's in drug
your brain.The team will test a the
drug which reduces excess iron in influence
the brain to see if that will Alzheimer's
influence mental decline. research
Alzheimer's Australia welcomes any vital
research into dementia, it's a because
vital area for us to progress, people
because there are more than 413,000 Australia.
people living with dementia in

Australia.For more information Time
email the Florey institute direct. afternoon.
Time for sport with Julie.Good Melbourne's
afternoon. With NRL first, and teammate
Melbourne's Cooper Cronk says nursing
teammate Billy Slater is still Soliola
nursing a headache from the Sia of
Soliola shot that knocked him out The
of their clash against Canberra. will
The coaching future of Des Hasler He
will again come under the spotlight. tonight
He is facing the Bulldogs board team
tonight also to explain why his four
team is struggling. It comes just two-year
four months after Hasler signed a Staying
two-year extension with the club. hoping
Staying with the NRL, Manly are weekend's
hoping to bounce back from the St
weekend's horror 30 point loss to will
St George. The team saying they get
will take any advantage they can get for this week's clash with

get for this week's clash with the has
ladder leading Storm. Dannika Mason their
has more.Manly players are holding with
their breath ahead of the clash Melbourne
with the Storm this weekend. Billy
Melbourne Diot Cameron Smith and fit
Billy Slater racing the clock to be Manly
fit for Sunday's clash and the they
Manly players say they are hoping players
they won't play.They are quality and
players and they have been there experience
and done that and all that for
experience would really be missing that
for them. So, um, fingers crossed fitness
that they don't pull through the coming
fitness test.The Sea Eagles are an
coming off what they have labelled last
an embarrassing loss to the Dragons they
last weekend, but the players say to
they are expecting a host of stars Brenton
to return including Blake Green and a
Brenton Lawrence.I hope so, he is got
a massive part of our team. We have all
got Uppy, Matty Wright and Greene we
all racing the clock, but hopefully kicks
we will get them back.The round the
kicks off on Thursday night, with at
the Panthers taking on the Bulldogs action
at Pepper Stadium. Catch all the Network.
action right here live on the Nine team
Network.You certainly can. The confirm
team lists are just in. I can for
confirm that Cam Smith will play Slater
for Melbourne this weekend. Billy be
Slater will not be playing. He will precautions
be resting. The club taking all the now,
precautions they can with him. AFL teammate
now, and Giants players have backed playing
teammate Toby Greene to continue footy
playing his infamous on the edge striking.
footy despite his suspension for want
striking. The club admitting they of
want to be known for a tough brand of football.We want players to
playing on the edge, we don't want to be seen as a soft team. We want at
to be combative and unfortunately wrong
at times we have probably gone the wrong side of the line.

wrong side of the line.The Giants Australia's
face Fremantle this weekend. have
Australia's top cricketing stars boycott
have doubled down on threats to Bangladesh.
boycott next month's tour of players
Bangladesh. The nation's senior did
players including Steve Smith and Warner
did have warn voting at a -- David they
Warner voting at a secret meeting pay
they will not be going unless a new be
pay deal is reached. There seems to dispute.
be no end in sight for the ongoing at
dispute. Talks again breaking down Chieka
at the end of last week. Michael a
Chieka is putting his squad through preparation
a grueling training camp in Players
preparation for the Bledisloe Cup. are
Players admitting the 11 hour days say,
are already taking a toll.I must the
say, it's definitely up there with have
the intensity, the training levels of
have been so high that you can sort hasn't,
of tell who has been around and who and
hasn't, in terms of just the youth New
and experience.The Aussies face first
New Zealand on August 19 for the a
first Test in Sydney. That will be claimed
a big one. Aussie Emma McKeon has World
claimed her second medal at the picked
World swimming championships. She 100m
picked up another silver in the through
100m fly. Emily Seebohm advanced Horton
through in the back stroke. Mack form
Horton struggled to replicate his a
form at the Olympics missing out on to
a spot in the 200m freestyle.Still our
to come on Nine's Afternoon News, woman
our exclusive interview with the road
woman at the centre of a violent sparked
road rage attack. What she alleges 20
sparked the brawl. Western Sydney's thousands
20 year plan, the push to get Parramatta
thousands more homes from forced
Parramatta to Strathfield. What over
forced a taxi passenger to take And
over the wheel of a busy freeway? Donald
And why Italian police are accusing robberies.
Donald Trump of a string of

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You are watching Nine's Afternoon Punched
News. These are the stop stories. road
Punched in the face in a violent interview
road rage attack. Only Nine has the video
interview with the woman in the steps
video that's gone viral. The ACCC Sydney's
steps in demanding answers over from
Sydney's rising power prices. And 70,000
from Strathfield to Parramatta, 70,000 new homes planned for brutally
Sydney's west. A woman has been a
brutally punched in the face during Central
a road rage incident on the state's shocking
Central Coast. Footage of the online,
shocking attack has gone viral erupting
online, showing the violence M1
erupting in the middle of the busy Violence
M1 near Lake Munmorah yesterday. Obviously
Violence is totally unacceptable. are
Obviously with any video footage we whole
are only getting a snapshot of the walking
whole incident. It depicts a male her
walking up to a female and punching sort
her to the face. Assault of any assault
sort is an unacceptable, especially the
assault to a female.We will have 6:00
the full story on tonight's news at p.m.
6:00 and 'A Current Affair' at 7 officers
p.m. Australian Border Force 370kg
officers have stopped more than of
370kg of drugs hitting the streets Damian
of Sydney and arrested three people. massive
Damian Ryan has the details on the investigation
massive drug bust operation.The Border
investigation began in March when amount
Border Force police found a large cannisters
amount of ephedrine hidden in metal consignment.
cannisters in a sea cargo consignment. In April they

consignment. In April they searched ephedrine
another consignment and found task
ephedrine hidden in wall tiles, a and
task force investigation was set up and they tracked yet another

and they tracked yet another found
consignment of milking machines and seized
found ephedrine. In total they Of
seized 370 kilos of the substance. manufacture
Of course, ephedrine is used to week
manufacture ice. Then just last involved
week police moved in on those number
involved in this syndicate.A number of search warrants were Force
executed by the Australian Border NSW
Force investigators, along with the and
NSW police Drug Squad investigators, arrested.
and two Chinese nationals were multimillion
arrested. We are talking about deals
multimillion numbers of street estimated
deals from the 370kg and the talking
estimated street value, we are dollars.
talking in hundreds of millions of community.
dollars. Removed from the criminal of
community.This is further evidence of the good work our Border Force down
and police are having in cracking syndicates
down on international drug

syndicates since March. Two tons of country.
ephedrine has been seized in this here
country. The two people arrested will
here have been refused bail and An
will face court again in October. Sydney
An off-duty police officer in of
Sydney found himself at the centre suddenly
of his own emergency when his car busy
suddenly burst into flames on a on
busy motorway. The man was driving heard
on the M5 at Ingleburn when he failed.
heard a loud bang and his brakes southbound
failed. The drama closed two delays
southbound lanes causing long families
delays for other drivers. With increasing
families struggling to cope with taking
increasing power bills the ACCC is by
taking matters into its own hands into
by holding its first public hearing reports.
into surging prices. Ross Greenwood electricity
reports.To most Australians becoming
electricity price hikes are It's
becoming increasingly familiar. has
It's for that reason the Government regulator,
has ordered the competition investigation
regulator, the ACCC to hold an are
investigation into why your bills on
are rising so sharply, especially Today
on the east coast of Australia. and
Today the Australian competition public
and consumer commission will hold a the
public forum in Brisbane to gauge these
the community's feelings about it's
these rising prices and about why it's happening. Could it be that east
the three big generators on the in
east coast really are not engaging prices
in an open market and, therefore, of
prices coming down? That's a view of some big business units. On top of that it's suggested that the series
prices will not come down until a more
series of events occur, including chairman
more generation. Rod Sims, the today.
chairman of the ACCC spoke to me generation,
today.You've got concentration in there
generation, concentration in retail, and
there are problems across the board pushing
and high gas prices are also multi-faceted
pushing up costs as well. It's a lost
multi-faceted problem.There is a play.
lost of other issues that come into play. The renewable energy target coal-fired
and whether that is realistic. Also offline,
coal-fired power stations coming being
offline, but gas, of course it is negative
being exported, is now expense another
negative Australia as well. That's to
another bill consumers are having become
to wear. Into a taxi passenger has become a hero after he was forced passed
to take the wheel when his cabbie Tullamarine
passed out twice on Melbourne's Santomartino
Tullamarine freeway. Mark a
Santomartino reports. Hopping into wouldn't
a taxi at Melbourne Airport you the
wouldn't expect to end up behind driver
the wheel yourself with your taxi That's
driver in the passenger seat. found
That's exactly how a Queensland man year-old
found himself last night. The 43- when
year-old was on his way to the CBD along
when his taxi driver fell asleep crashing
along the Tullamarine freeway both
crashing into concrete bollards, off
both uninjured the driver shook it asleep
off and continued only to fall passenger
asleep a second time, forcing his Not
passenger to pull up the handbrake. wait
Not wanting to risk their lives or when
wait for a replacement taxi, that's continued
when the passenger took over and hotel
continued driving to his city road authorities.
hotel in south bank where he called taxi
authorities. 13 cabs denied this top
taxi was in their service. Silver requests.
top taxis has not responded to our of
requests. A 24-year-old, the driver charged
of the taxi is expected to be offences
charged with a raft of traffic Investigators
offences at a later date. interference
Investigators looking into presidential
interference by Russia in the US questioning
presidential election have started Trump's
questioning members of Donald son-in-law
Trump's family but the President's Kushner,
son-in-law and close adviser, Jared unfazed
Kushner, emerged from the grilling nothing
unfazed and maintains he has done emerged
nothing wrong.Jared Kushner committee
emerged from a Senate intelligence where
committee meeting this morning for
where he faced numerous questions meetings
for two hours about those four Russians
meetings he had with high-profile year's
Russians in the lead-up to last oath
year's election. He was not under maintaining
oath but he did deny any collusion, part
maintaining those meetings were not interfere
part of Moscow's efforts to election.
interfere with the presidential bit
election. We are all in the dark a during
bit about what happened exactly in
during that meeting, because it was marks
in private, but in some prepared husband
marks Jared Kushner, who is the to
husband of Ivanka Trump and adviser unaware
to the President said he was lawyer
unaware the meeting with a Russian set
lawyer at Trump Tower last year was dirt
set up in the hope of getting some hear
dirt on Hillary Clinton. We don't is
hear from Jared Kushner a lot. He President's
is the most quiet member of the speak
President's inner circle but he did Let
speak after leaving that meeting. collude
Let me be very clear. I did not of
collude with Russia, nor do I know did
of anyone else in the campaign who Donald
did so. I had no improper contacts. and
Donald Trump had a better message and ran a smarter campaign and that ridicules
is why he won. Suggesting otherwise The
ridicules those who voted for him. over.
The questioning of Kushner is not committee
over. He will be before a house brother-in-law,
committee tomorrow. Meantime his Don
brother-in-law, the President's son, campaign
Don Jnr as well as the former Trump to
campaign chairman have also agreed dealings
to be interviewed privately on any before
dealings they had with Russia is
before the election.A teenage girl a
is facing ten years in prison after sister.
a car crash that killed her little drunk
sister. The girl who was allegedly streaming
drunk behind the wheel was live time.
streaming on the internet at the time.With her kid

time.With her kid sister riding streamed
shotgun, police say she live in
streamed her drunk driving joyride video
in central California. In another and
video just missing that black SUV police
and with music blaring beside her, her
police say that young woman next to Crying
her is her 14-year-old sister. me",
Crying out "She is going to kill drifting
me", as the 18-year-old began overcorrected.
drifting off the road and three
overcorrected. The car tumbled, three girls inside screaming.

three girls inside screaming. The ejecting
2003 Buick smashing into this field,

ejecting the 14-year-old. left
Shockingly she picks up where she my
left off, live streaming.I killed for
my sister, I know I'm going to gaol that.
for life, all right, I understand wanted
that. This is the last thing I she
wanted to happen, OK.Police say both
she was under the influence and chainsaw
both of her passengers unbuckled.A the
chainsaw wielding attacker is on after
the run in Northern Switzerland people
after a disturbing incident. Five people were hurt when a 51-year-old insurance
man went on a rampage at a health quick
insurance office. Authorities were motive,
quick to dismiss terrorism as a homeless
motive, revealing the accused is a grudge
homeless siz frenic who had a company.
grudge against the insurance was
company. One of his victims, who suffered
was a staff member at the office, another
suffered serious injuries, while minor.
another employee's injuries were caught
minor. Three other people were weren't
caught up in the drama, but they weren't seriously hurt.

weren't seriously hurt. A Sydney in
toddler remains in an induced coma unconscious
in Sydney after she was pulled Kawa
unconscious from a pool in Bali. her
Kawa Sweeney was on holiday with on
her family when she nearly drowned more
on Sunday. Relatives had to raise an
more than $75,000 in order to hire Western
an air ambulance to fly her to investigation
Western Australia. A homicide Melbourne
investigation is underway in discovered
Melbourne after a man's body was west.
discovered in a park in the city 's Mystery
west. Nine's Neary Ty reports. 47-year-old
Mystery surrounds the death of a in
47-year-old man found in grassland called
in Sunshine West. An ambulance was Drive.
called to this property on Kaywood gone
Drive. Ever since, forensics have as
gone through this property using it scene.
as an access opinion to the crime a
scene. Neighbours have told us that behind
a lot of people use that grassland walk
behind the homes as a walkway, to suspicious
walk dogs. There hasn't been much past
suspicious activity here in the idea
past couple of weeks.I have no got
idea who the person is, or how it calm
got there. The street is a very street.
calm street, it's a very quiet night
street.We didn't hear nothing last squad
night or this morning.The homicide clear
squad is investigating. It's not being
clear whether this man's death is ewill
being treated as suspicious. This wait
ewill wait for the -- they will mortem.
wait for the results of a post- smash.
mortem.A man has been killed in a truck
smash. He was hit by a garbage outside
truck while picking up rubbish truck's
outside a home at San Remo. The are
truck's driver and the deceased man quite
are known to each other.There is driver
quite a sad twist, and that is the reported
driver and the victim, it has been and
reported to us they are colleagues are
and it's actually beyond that they traumatised
are friends.The driver was so been
traumatised by the accident he has in
been taken to hospital. Sydney is another
in for a property surge, with cards
another 70,000 new homes on the Meyer
cards for the city's west. Eddy year
Meyer has the details on the 20- year plan to coordinate development Strathfield
in an area that stretches from Development
Strathfield to Parramatta. Sydney
Development in this western part of years,
Sydney has been increasing for heading
years, with new apartment towers State
heading ever sky ward. Now the even
State Government has made it an special
even greater priority creating 12 will
special precincts where the focus further.
will be on boosting that even homes
further. It will mean 72,000 new more
homes over the next 20 years and can
more than 100,000 new jobs.People near
can live near where they work, play why
near where they live, and that's and
why we will see between Westmead infrastructure
and Sydney Olympic Park the
infrastructure needs being met as says
the population grows.The minister providing
says there will be a priority on social
providing necessary transport and Opposition
social infrastructure. The We
Opposition has expressed its doubts. and
We will bring you all the details 6:00.
and what they mean in Nine's at White
6:00.It seems Hollywood and the for
White House were the inspiration brothers,
for these disguised Italian bank
brothers, arrested over several Lafore
bank robberies. Vittorio and Ivan the
Lafore wore Donald Trump masks in explosives
the city of Turin, planting blowing
explosives in cash dispensers and media
blowing them up. Initially the from
media reported they got the idea the
from the film 'Point Break' where former
the bank robbers wore the masks of say
former prvts, but Italian police say the inspiration was actually Jackal'.
from Bruce Willis's flick, 'The been
Jackal'. A big birthday bash has panda.
been held in China for the giant turned
panda. The popular panda has been style.
turned nine, and he celebrated in and
style. He enjoyed a large ice cake with,
and was given a bamboo doll to play watched
with, as more than 100 visitors Sydney
watched on. Still ahead - the from
Sydney driver who has been banned millennium,
from driving until the next story.
millennium, only Nine News has the next.
story. Simon Bouda with the details rationed
next. Also how fresh air was ing
rationed among immigrants. Disturb ing allegations

ing allegations in the San Antonio bizarre
human trafficking tragedy. The bizarre reason why Justin

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A man is in a critical condition in city's
hospital after a fiery crash in the lost
city's west. The driver reportedly this
lost control of his car around 11 crashed
this morning at Doonside and man
crashed into a pole. An 86-year-old have
man was alone in the carment we have a report for you now, a Sydney being
man has been caught driving despite 3001.
being disqualified until the year Simon
3001. Our senior crime reporter Simon Bouda broke the story. Is quite
this some sort of record?It is from
quite a remarkable feat. Banned millennium.
from driving until the next that,
millennium. If you do the math on over
that, he can't drive until he is equivalent
over 1,000 years old. It's Listen
equivalent to a life sentence. Listen to what he said. Accumulation
Listen to what he said.Until 3001 That's
Accumulation of points.But 3001? what?
That's the rest of your life.So Despite
what?If it can, it gets even worse. he
Despite being banned from driving again
he has been caught behind the wheel of
again and he faces a fresh charge his
of driving while disqualified. In never
his defence he tells me he has maintains
never had a road accident and mandatory
maintains he is a victim of got
mandatory sentencing laws. You've achieve
got to wonder what he did to I'm
achieve this extraordinary ban and wait
I'm afraid you're going to have to Nine
wait to see the full details in you.
Nine News tonight.At 6:00. Thank about
you. Fresh details are emerging that
about the human smuggling truck at
that was found in San Antonio with people
at least 100 people on board. Ten have
people are now dead and survivors to
have revealed how they were gorsed turns
to take turns -- forced to take hole
turns breathing through one small hole in the back of the truck.

hole in the back of the truck. behind
James Bradley, charged with being truck
behind the wheel of that sweltering could
truck that killed ten people. He Prosecutors
could face the death penalty. of
Prosecutors revealing new details trailer.
of the horrors inside this tractor trailer.They are in hospital, many Many
of them are in grave condition. investigators
Many immigrants telling the
investigators they were jammed into triple
the big rig, nearly 100 people in food
triple digit heat, pitch black, no moving.
food or water or 12 hours without started
moving. They say the trailer cooling
started the journey at 9 p.m. The hour,
cooling system broken. Within an banging
hour, some passing out, people claiming
banging on the trailer walls, In
claiming the driver never stopped. passengers
In sheer desperation for air, from
passengers taking turns breathing To
from the only hole in the trailer. proper
To not have access to water or incredibly
proper ventilation is just the
incredibly cruel.Three hours later police
the truck arriving in San Antonio, showing
police say surveillance video fleeing.
showing people pouring out, some gruesome
fleeing. The police arrive to the in
gruesome scene. Eight dead bodies rates
in the trailer.Each one had heart minute
rates over about 130 beats per minute which they were very hot to the
the touch.This tragedy similar to history.
the deadliest smuggling case in US Victoria,
history. In 200319 dying in recovering,
Victoria, Texas. Tonight dozens injuries
recovering, some suffering brain severe
injuries from heat stroke and in
severe dehydration. Two more dying legal
in the hospital.An international attention
legal battle has drawn the Trump
attention of the Pope and Donald family
Trump and is coming to an end. The finally
family of a terminally ill boy anything
finally admitting they can't do The
anything more to save their son. little
The long tragic battle to keep this Charlie
little boy alive, finally at an end. their
Charlie Gard's parents accepting son
their son will never recover.Our could
son is an absolute warrior and we will
could not be prouder of him and we will miss him terribly.Through

will miss him terribly.Through his permanental
grief, Charlie's father adamant doctor
permanental treatment offered by a Charlie
doctor could have worked.Had sooner
Charlie been given the treatment potential
sooner he would have had the little
potential to be a normal healthy Charlie's
little boy.But the hospital says always
Charlie's genetic condition was always terminal.

always terminal. Supporters outside here
court crushed.They have been out support
here every day chanting their the
support for the family, but when the news started to spread out here, Charlie
the mood changed. The fight to keep March.
Charlie alive dragging on since world
March. Sympathy swelled around the Donald
world including from the Pope and cancelled
Donald Trump.Justin Bieber has Tour
cancelled what's left of his World circumstances.
Tour due to unforeseen Richard
circumstances. In a world exclusive, revealed
Richard Wilkins this morning singer
revealed there is speculation the church.
singer is setting up his very own due
church. The cancelled shows were be
due to start Saturday. Tickets will may
be refunded. Look at this. While it distance,
may seem like a waterfall from a actually
distance, this torrent of water is China.
actually from a burst water pipe in water
China. The pressure so intense the into
water sprayed metres straight up surrounding
into the air causing the Residents
surrounding area to flood. homes
Residents were evacuated from their clean
homes as authorities worked to site
clean up the area. The cause of the river
site was a surge from a nearby pipe
river which put pressure on the ahead
pipe and caused it to burst. Still have
ahead on Nine's Afternoon News we decision
have breaking news on a court ramifications
decision that has major part
ramifications for a very historic the
part of Sydney. Also finance and Our
the latest weather with Belinda. with
Our sunny spell is set to continue weekend
with Sydney in for our warmest July get
weekend in 27 years. It is about to NSW.
get gusty across the south-east of break.
NSW. All the details after the

Good afternoon. Coming up on Nine News - road rage violence. The cowardly attack - the shocking moment
a woman is punched in the face. A major drug smuggling bust - hundreds of kilos seized,
millions of hits of ice stopped from hitting the streets. The filthy conditions
and the hefty fine for a Hawker bakery. Slowing the affects
of Alzheimer's - the Australian study
that may have the answers. A car suddenly becomes
an inferno, the centre of his own emergency.
and it's a policeman - And the season-ending ban
facing Sia Soliola at the League judiciary. Join me for Nine News at 6:00.

Before we go to the weather we have battle
a major development about the battle to save

battle to save a Sydney iconic court
building. The land & environment minister
court found the former heritage the
minister failed to properly assess heritage
the block of apartments for its means
heritage significance. The ruling be
means that the building could now Our
be put on the NSW heritage list. details
Our reporter will have the full future
details on what this means for the News
future of the apartments in Nine Belinda.
News tonight at 6:00. Here is blue
Belinda.Sydney spoilt, beautiful degrees
blue skies climbing to 21, 5 day,
degrees above the average. A warm for
day, but a brisk start. Freezing falling
for those waking up in Richmond, dropping
falling to zero. Most others sunshine
dropping to 3 degrees. Lots of low
sunshine though warming up to the Blue
low 20s. Gusty conditions on the tomorrow,
Blue Mountains. Moving on to have
tomorrow, if we look at the maps we pressure
have got a broad area of high our
pressure which will keep much of south
our state dry. A trough in the the
south will bring some showers to southern
the south-east of our country and southern parts of NSW.

southern parts of NSW.
the south-east of our country and

southern parts of NSW. A quick look at our capital cities:

Showers for Hobart and Melbourne. A Heaviest
possible shower for Adelaide. with
Heaviest falls expected in Perth Back
with up to 15mm. Fine in Darwin. forecast
Back to NSW, some showers are southern
forecast about the central and southern ranges and over the weather
southern riverina. There is a sever across
weather warning for damaging winds blizzards
across the south-east with Mountains.
blizzards possible over the Snowy well
Mountains. Daytime temperatures the
well above average particularly in that
the north. It probably won't feel picking
that warm with the westerlies late
picking up, becoming fresh in the Wintler
late morning or early afternoon. wintler
Wintler return on Thursday -- feel
wintler return on Thursday. Will westerlies.
feel cooler thanks to south- July
westerlies. It could be our warmest up
July weekend in 27 years. Heating up to 26 on Sunday.To finance:

That is Nine's Afternoon News. Our Overton.
next bulletin is at 6:00 with Peter great
Overton. I'm Davina Smith, have a great evening. We hope to


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