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(generated from captions) I felt really good out there.
The crowd was behind me.

I felt...I felt very strong.


Well, you must be happy
with your work.

An amazing effort
to get that far on this course.

Oh, mate, I'm so grateful
to be here.

This is an unbelievable experience.

This is amazing. My biggest fans are right next to me
right here,

and, yeah, I'm happy
with my achievements tonight.

Top man, and we've all loved seeing
your achievements as well.

Ladies and gentlemen,
let's have a big round of applause

for the great man Jack Wilson.

Well done, buddy!
Gutted for you, mate.

After an amazing night of action,

we finally have
our last seven qualifiers

for the Australian Ninja Warrior
grand final.

Music producer Ben Polson

leads the way,

closely followed by surprise package

Tom Hazell in second.

Plumber Ryan Solomon is third,

while gym owner Luke Williams

and chippie Sam Goodall

fourth and fifth.

Tarzaniel, Daniel Weston,

remains sixth,

but Jack Wilson does just enough

to snatch seventh spot to book

his place in the grand final.

No doubt who tonight's
Performance of the Night goes to -

Ben Polson, the music producer
from Western Australia

with a pitch-perfect performance

and the fastest time of the night.

Bravo, Ben.

Wow, I've been blown away.
What a night.

No doubt about it, Bec.

We had some spectacular performances,
some heartbreaking failures,

and you know what,
the crowd has been extraordinary,

because they have pushed these ninjas
every step of the way.


Ben, it has been
a phenomenal display.

Ninja after ninja has stood up
to be counted.

They know the grand final beckons,

and with that,
a chance of making history

as the very first
Australian Ninja Warrior.

That's all for tonight.
Next time, it is our grand final.

We can't wait.

New obstacles

and the chance for someone to try
to conquer Mount Midoriyama.

Don't miss it!

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Good afternoon, you are watching We
Nine News Now. I'm Belinda Russell. homicide
We begin in Melbourne where a after
homicide investigation is underway the
after a body was found at a park in has
the city's west. Nine's Neary Ty has more.

the death
has more.Mystery still surrounds was
the death of a 47-year-old man who Sunshine
was found here in grass land in called
Sunshine West. An ambulance was me
called here to this property behind 10:00
me on Cawood Drive just around police
10:00 this morning. Ever since, Forensics
police have swarmed this area. property
Forensics have gone through this point
property using it as an access neighbours
point to the crime scene. Now, of
neighbours have told us that a lot behind
of people use that grass land to
behind the homes here as a walkway been
to walk their dog. There hasn't in
been much suspicious activity here this
in the past couple of weeks but earlier.
this is what neighbours told us person
earlier.I have no idea who the This
person is or how they got there. It
This street is a very calm street. didn't
It is a very quiet street.We this
didn't hear nothing last night or investigating.
this morning.The Homicide Squad is investigated
investigating. It is still being death
investigated whether the man's await
death is suspicious. They will There
await the results of a post mortem. There has been a sickening road

There has been a sickening road coast
rage attack on the central NSW face
coast with a woman punched in the busy
face by a man in the middle of a story.
busy roadway. Zara James has the video?
story. Zara, who captured the captured
video?It was a truck driver that which
captured this disturbing video 22-year-old
which has now gone viral and the police
22-year-old woman has spoke tone station.
police here at Belmont police seat
station. She was in the passenger a
seat of this car and her friend and her
a 5-month-old baby and she was on from
her way to pick up her daughter the
from school. They claim the man in to
the ute slowed down in an 80 zone they
to 50. They overtook him, but when and
they did, he treed to tailgate them road.
and he tried to swerve them off the began
road. Bianca herself claimed she towards
began to throw items out the window she
towards this man, including nails it
she had found in the back seat, and They
it has all unfolded from there. lights.
They pulled up at the traffic ute
lights. The man has got out of the recorded
ute and this vision which has been the
recorded shows him punching her in deserves
the face.In my opinion, he that
deserves to be put away. Anyone what
that does the same. Doesn't matter punch
what the circumstances, you don't to
punch women, ever.We would ask him version
to come forward and provide his the
version of the incident. As I said, snapshot
the footage itself is only a there's
snapshot of the whole incident, and leading
there's undoubtably other details We
leading up to that point of time. and
We would ask him to come forward at
and provide his version. Ultimately up
at some stage we will be catching him
up with him so we would be asking asking
him to come to us first.Police are the
asking to speak with the driver of come
the ute but they are urging him to side
come forwards so they can hear his A
side of the story.Zara, thank you. under
A man is in hospital and another between
under arrest after a collision north-east
between two vehicles in Melbourne's to
north-east this afternoon. Straight Dougal,
to Dougal Beatty at the scene. happened.
Dougal, take us through what afternoon
happened.Well, a dramatic suburbs.
afternoon in Melbourne's northern suburbs. It was around 12.30 this wheel
afternoon when a stolen BMW four- intersection.
wheel drive lost control at an into
intersection. It's then smashed that
into a van as well as a ute, but at stolen
that point the male driver of the the
stolen vehicle has sprinted from property
the car. He has run to a nearby effort
property and jumped the fence in an Witnesses
effort to get away from police. seconds
Witnesses say it was around 40 scene.
seconds for police to arrive on the
scene. They were able to jump into arrest
the backyard of that property and Now,
arrest the man a short time later. monitoring
Now, police say that they were monitoring this stolen vehicle from and
the air in the police helicopter, and there were units in the area at pursuit.
the time, but it was not a police ute
pursuit. Now, the driver of that stable
ute was taken to hospital in a van
stable condition. The driver of the Here
van was shaken but otherwise okay. say.
Here is what some witnesses had to run
say.From that silver car there, he across
run out, ran down here and jumped where
across that gate there. Don't know seen
where he went after that.Then I vehicle
seen the guy driving the BMW the
vehicle jump out and run towards about
the back of our clinic and within like
about 30 or 40 seconds there were wouldn't
like four cop cars here.Police on
wouldn't speak about the incident now
on camera, but they say the man is inquiries.
now assisting them with their Dougal.
inquiries. Belinda?Thank you after
Dougal. A man has been arrested that
after a house fire in Melbourne burns.
that left another man suffering the
burns. The blaze at Cranbourne in just
the city's south-east broke out called
just before 1 p.m.. Police were with
called amid reports a man armed alight
with a knife had set the property arrested
alight and fled. A 35-year-old was and
arrested at a nearby sports oval, assessment.
and taken to hospital for put
assessment. Police in Sydney have put a major dent in a

put a major dent in a drug million
smuggling operation, taking 3 our
million potential hits of ice off The
our streets and arresting two men. cargo
The 375 kg haul was seized from sea Border
cargo under a joint Australian operation.
Border Force and NSW Police led
operation.It was an intelligence- intelligence
led search. We received consignment
intelligence that a container, a ephedrine
consignment would be containing for
ephedrine from China.We need also and
for the community to make decisions poison
and those that are using this is
poison need to think about what it address
is they are doing and we need to began
address demand.Investigations emergency
began in March this year.An nearly
emergency situation unfolded for overnight
nearly six hours north of Brisbane herself
overnight when a woman barricaded declared
herself inside a home. Police Caboolture,
declared an exclusion zone in with
Caboolture, while they negotiated ended
with the 40-year-old. The standoff agreed
ended peacefully when the woman taken
agreed to leave the house and was worker
taken to hospital. A kebab shop large
worker has been threatened with a Gold
large knife during a robbery on the to
Gold Coast. The armed bandits tried terrified
to steal the register, telling the and
terrified man they would kill him hand
and his colleagues if he didn't street
hand over cash. They ran down the Police
street and fled the scene in a car. There's
Police are still searching for them. between
There's potential for fresh tension Abbott
between Malcolm Turnbull and Tony revealed
Abbott after a new opinion poll prefer
revealed just who Australians would Let's
prefer as their Prime Minister. Fiona
Let's go straight to our reporter came
Fiona Willan in Canberra. Fi, who surveyed
came out on top?Well, most people the
surveyed say Malcolm Turnbull is better
the better leader. 58% say he has voted
better leadership credentials. 23% voted in favour of Mr Abbott and minds.
the others couldn't make up their and
minds. The feud between Tony Abbott ongoing
and Malcolm Turnbull has been an party.
ongoing source of tension in the for
party. Nick Greiner recently called infighting
for the two to make up warning this infighting could cost the Coalition were
the next election. Newspoll voters they
were asked in the Newspoll what said
they would like to see happen. 48% back
said Mr Abbott should remain on the the
back bench and stop commenting on the Government's performance. 23% position
said he should be offered a senior unlikely
position in Cabinet although that's was
unlikely to happen. Scott Morrison thought
was asked on radio today if he and
thought Mr Abbott should pack up say.
and go and this is what he had to hell
say.Should Tony Abbott get the no.
hell out of the party?No, no, no, there,
no.Well, you are in a minority am
there, I think?No, I don't think I want
am either. Look, Australians just them.
want the Government to focus on that
them. That's fair enough. I've seen itself.
that poll today. That speaks for is
itself.The behaviour of our banks and
is also back in the spotlight today, announced
and that's because Labor has promised
announced that it would expand its to
promised banking Royal Commission that
to include financial regulators. So look
that means that not only would it but
look at what our banks are doing the
but it would take a closer look at watchdogs
the roles of our financial is
watchdogs to make sure our system practice.
is up no international best this
practice. Mr Morrison doesn't agree would
this is necessary saying all it picnic.
would do is encourage a lawyers Canberra,
picnic. Belinda?Fiona Willan in police
Canberra, thank you. An off duty himself
police officer in Sydney has found emergency
himself at the centre of his own burst
emergency when his car suddenly motorway.
burst into flames on a busy the
motorway. The man was driving on loud
the M5 at Ingleburn when he herd a The
loud bang and his brakes failed. lanes
The drama closed two southbound delays
lanes of the motorway causing long Investigators
delays for other drivers. interference
Investigators looking into presidential
interference by Russia in the US questioning
presidential election have started Trump's
questioning members of Donald son-in-law
Trump's family. But the President's Kushner
son-in-law and close advisor Jared unphased,
Kushner emerged from the grilling done
unphased, and maintains that he has emerged
done nothing wrong.Jared Kushner Committee
emerged from a Senate Intelligence where
Committee meeting this morning for
where he faced numerous questions meetings
for two hours about those four Russians
meetings he had with high-profile year's
Russians in the lead-up to last under
year's election. Now, he was not collusion,
under oath, but he did deny any collusion, maintaining those efforts
meetings were not part of Moscow's presidential
efforts to interfere in the all
presidential election. Now, we are what
all in the dark a little bit about meeting,
what happened exactly during that but
meeting, because it was in private, Kushner,
but in some prepared remarks, Jared son-in-law
Kushner, who is the President's Trump
son-in-law and husband of Ivanka said
Trump and advisor to the President infamous
said he was unaware that the now lawyer
infamous meeting with a Russian set
lawyer at Trump Tower last year was dirt
set up in the hope of getting some hear
dirt on Hillary Clinton. We don't is
hear from Jared Kushner a lot. He President's
is the most quiet member of the did
President's inner circle, but he meeting.
did speak after leaving that meeting.Let me be very clear: I do
did not Col used with Russia, nor campaign
do I know of anyone else in the improper
campaign who did so. I had no a
improper contacts. Donald Trump had campaign,
a better message, and ran a smarter campaign, and that is why he won.

campaign, and that is why he won. those
Suggesting otherwise ridicules questioning
those who voted for him.The He
questioning of Kushner isn't over. tomorrow.
He will be before a House Committee law,
tomorrow. Meantime, his brother-in- as
law, the President's son, Don Jr, campaign
as well as the former Trump have
campaign chairman Paul Manafort privately
have also agreed to be interviewed with
privately on any dealings they had Still
with Russia before the election. will
Still ahead on Nine News Now, we debate
will have the latest on the uj uj be
debate with assisted dying laws to Parliament.
be introduced into the Victorian households
Parliament. Plus thousands of families
households at risk of power cuts as electricity
families struggle with their Heinz
electricity bills. And food giant snacks,
Heinz defends one of its popular nutritious
snacks, arguing the product is containing
nutritious for toddlers despite Prince
containing nearly 70% sugar. And tribute
Prince William and Harry's raw tribute to their mother.

KrTomorrow on today, transforming technology
the way you shop. How new therapy
technology is about to take retail therapy to a whole new level.And final.
the Australian Ninja warrior grand final. We will

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The issue of legalised euthanasia the
is likely to be fiercely debated in State
the Victorian Parliament after the recommendations
State Government accepted 66 Brett
recommendations of an inquiry. As Party's
Brett McLeod reports, the Liberal Last
Party's leader is against the move. received
Last week the Victorian Government received a series of panel
recommendations from a special assisted
panel tasked with looking at Today
assisted dying laws in Victoria. says
Today the Premier Daniel Andrews those
says he is accepting all 66 of all
those recommendations, along with tried
all 68 of the safeguards. It's been assisted
tried dozens of times before to get Parliaments
assisted dying laws up in state Several
Parliaments across Australia. Daniel
Several times in Victoria. But time
Daniel Andrews says he believes the community
time is right and there is of
community support for these sorts reasons
of laws. Here he is explaining his by
reasons why.This has been informed think
by my own personal experience. I formed
think each of us, our views are I'm
formed by our personal experiences, it
I'm not special in that regard, but the
it has caused me to rethink some of know
the concerns that I had. What we not
know is that many Victorians are they
not getting the care that they need, own
they are taking matters into their tragic
own hands. That leads to many unacceptable
tragic outcomes. That is the
unacceptable to me, and I think to Victorians.
the vast majority of fair-minded respectful
Victorians.We need to be mature
respectful and sensible and have a on
mature debate from our Parliament whatever
on this issue. All politicians, be,
whatever your point of view might brings
be, this should be a debate that Parliament.
brings out the best in our sensitive
Parliament. This is a very many
sensitive issue for many, many, legislation
many Victorians.The Premier says and
legislation is being drafted now and will be put before the before
Victorian Parliament and voted on Premier
before the end of the year. The laws
Premier says he's confident those there
laws will be passed and if they are, months
there will still be another 18 in
months before they are implemented a
in Victoria. There will no doubt be is
a lot of debate before that process is finished.

A Sydney toddler is fighting for nearly
life in a Perth hospital after Sweeney's
nearly drowning in Bali. Kawa $75,000
Sweeney's family raised more than order
$75,000 through crowd funding in fly
order to hire an air ambulance and 3-year-old
fly her to Western Australia. The family
3-year-old was on holiday with her unconscious
family when she was pulled Sunday.
unconscious from a swimming pool on thousands
Sunday. It's been revealed that at
thousands of Sydney households are as
at risk of having their power cut, electricity
as families struggle with their reports
electricity bills. News Corp the
reports more than 1600 homes are on lone.
the brink in the Campbelltown era to
lone. The Government is now having year
to spend more than $17 million each power
year to help families keep the defended
defended one
power on. Food giant Heinz has vegetable
defended one of its fruit and Court
vegetable snacks in the Federal nutritious
Court arguing the product is containing
nutritious for toddlers, despite Australian
containing nearly 70% sugar. The commission
Australian competition and consumer answer
commission has brought proceedings for
answer Heinz saying its packaging parents.
for 'Shredz' is misleading for occurring
parents. They say it is naturally refined
occurring sugars rather than displayed
refined sugars has correctly have
displayed on the packages. 'Shredz' shelves
have been removed from supermarket case.
shelves pending the outcome of the about
case. William and Harry have spoken revealing
about the loss of their mother in a been
revealing documentary that's just Best
been aired on television. Michael for
Best is outside Buckingham Palace personal
for us.This was an intensely recollections
personal documentary, lots of and
recollections by Princes William she
and Harry about their mother, what continues
she meant to them and what role she They
continues to play in their lives. call
They spoke about the final phone on
call that they took when they were just
on holiday in Balmoral in Scotland Of
just a few hours before she died. Of course they weren't to know that. says
They cut it short and Prince Harry to
says it is something he will have life.
to live with for the rest of his was
life. Now, apart from that, there the
was a lot of recollections about AIDS
the work that she did. First for mines
AIDS sufferers, and also for land ban
mines around the world, trying to something
ban them completely. It is as
something that Harry has taken up spoke
as his cause, and also William to
spoke about how she first took him 12.
to a homeless shelter when he was today.
12. It is something he still does very
today. Apart from that, a lot of mother.
very funny anecdotes about their mother.And if that means

mother.And if that means taking us sneaking
for a burger every now and then or driving
sneaking us into the cinema or in
driving through the country lanes Enya,
in her old school BMW listening to the
Enya, I think it was - blast from being
the past - all that was about her how
being a mum.William spoke about Diana.
how his wife Kate had never met a
Diana. They still tried to keep her have
a part of their lives, saying they William
have a granny Diana as well and day,
William talked about on his wedding When
day, he spelt she was with him. she
When it came to the wedding, I felt you
she was there. There are times when for
you look to someone or something for strength, and I very much felt interviews
she was there for me.These documentary
interviews were given for this anniversary
documentary to commemorate the 20th Princes
anniversary of Diana's death. Both have
Princes said it is something they before
have never opened up publicly about open
before and something they won't Plenty
open up about publicly again. Now,
Plenty more to come on Nine News brake
Now, including Anthony Albanese the
brake through. New treatment for residents
the debilitating condition. How are
residents with spare parking spoets are coming to the rescue.

are coming to the rescue. And what happens when U2 front man

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An international legal battle Pope
that's drawn the attention of the an
Pope and Donald Trump is coming to boy
an end. The family of eternally ill can't
boy finally admitting that they their
can't do anything more to save to
their son.The long tragic battle finally
to keep this little boy alive parents
finally at an end. Charlie Gard's never
parents accepting their son will absolute
never recover.Our son is an prouder
absolute warrior and we cannot be prouder of him and we will miss him Charlie's
terribly.Through his grief, experimental
Charlie's father adamant that an
experimental treatment offered by worked.
an American doctor could have treatment
worked.Had Charlie been given the the
treatment sooner, he would have had healthy
the potential to be a normal, hospital
healthy little boy.But the condition
hospital says Charlie's genetic condition was always terminal.

condition was always terminal.Now court,
court, crushed.
it is too late!Supporters outside here
court, crushed.They have been out the
here every day chanting support for spread
the family but when news started to The
spread out here, the mood changed. dragging
The fight to keep Charlie alive swelled
dragging on since March, sympathy from
swelled around the world including Melbourne
from the Pope and Donald Trump. may
Melbourne scientists believe they the
may have come up with a way to slow Disease.
the progression of Alzheimer's Institute
Disease. The team from the Florey discovered
Institute and the CSIRO have iron
discovered those with low levels of cognitive
iron in the brain maintain than
cognitive performance for longer They
than those with high iron levels. used
They will now trial a drug already of
used to target iron in the brains if
of patients with Parkinsons to see successful,
if it slows progression. If they
successful, researchers believe disease
they can test for and treat the disease before symptoms appear.

Trying to find a carpark certainly
particularly for big events can frustration.
certainly create unwanted app
frustration. But now there is an with
app in Queensland where residents rescue.
with spare spots can come to the It
rescue. At Phil Willmington reports. parking
It is the sign of the times with especially
parking spaces at such a premium, Technology
especially in inner city areas. a
Technology once again is coming to and
a rescue. It is an app called KERB, who
and it app brings together people willing
who have a car space, they are people
willing to rent out, and those have
people seeking one to rent. Here we what's
have a perfect illustration of they
what's going on. This business here, Now
they sell premium hi-fi systems. business.
Now they are starting a side here
business. Four of their car spaces go
here will be available for them to daily
go on the KERB app and rent on a up
daily basis. Rents go from $5 a day people
up to $15 a day, much less than people are paying elsewhere in the make
city.One of our big missions is to affordable
make parking easier and more increasing
affordable and we think by can
increasing the amount of supply we everybody
can drive prices down and help a
everybody out and we think there is of
a real opportunity in finding some cities
of the underutilised spaces around them
cities like Brisbane and making in.
them available for people to park go,
in.In a perfect situation you will spaces
go, "We will get four parking get
spaces a day at $15 a day and you obviously
get $20,000 a year." That's is
obviously yet to be seen.This app can
is not just about car spaces. You even
can use it to store boats, trailers, containers.
even helicopters, they tell us, and met
containers.U2 front man Bono has Macron
met with French President Emmanuel music
Macron and his wife in Paris. The with
music icon stopped to speak briefly Palace.
with reporters outside the Elysee had
Palace. I haven't had -I haven't and
had many conversations like that finding
and the President very open to solve
finding new innovative ways to world's
solve the problems affecting the refugee
world's poor. We talked about the founder
refugee crisis.Bono is the co- fight
founder of the 'One' campaign to News
fight extreme poverty. Next on Nine including
News Now, all of the showbiz cancelled
including why Justin Bieber has has
cancelled his world tour. Channel 9 Kylie
has the world exclusive. Also is country
Kylie Minogue going to release a reveals
country album? Plus Chris Hemsworth Thor.
reveals how he got in shape to play Spielberg's
Thor. And we take a look at Steven Spielberg's new action blockbuster.

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It is time to get a hit of the is
day's showbiz news and joining us afternoon.
is Nine's Mat Woolfrey.Good have
afternoon.First to the Bieber. We fans.
have disappointing news for his information
fans.And also world exclusive this
information that Channel 9 broke this morning. Plenty

this morning. Plenty of because
disappointed Beliebers out there the
because Justin Bieber has cancelled His
the remaining shows on his world tu. this
His publicist released information unforeseen
this morning that it was due to shows
unforeseen circumstances. It is been
shows across the US and Asia he has performing
been forced to cancel after on
performing more than 150 and being look
on the road for 18 months. But, Justin
look in the statement it says disappoint
Justin loves his fans and hates to source
disappoint them but an unnamed over
source in Hollywood said he was road
over it and ready to get off the news
road and Richard Wilkins broke the entertainment
news this morning, the lot
entertainment editor, that it has a Instead
lot to do with his religions. focus
Instead of his shows, he want to start
focus on his belief and perhaps could
start up his own church as well. It different
could be going in a totally the
different direction. Maybe it is Bieber
the last time we have seen Justin will
Bieber performing.Who knows.We Hillsong?
will have to wait and see. recently
Hillsong?He has been in Sydney deal.
recently for Hillsong. It was a big know
deal. He drew so many crowds. We is
know his religious side of his life decided
is important to him and he has shows
decided to cancel his remaining for
shows and focus on that. Big change of
for a boy who used to get into lots thou.
of trouble and now is holier than Another
thou. I love it.Sticking to music. country
Another artist could be releasing a about?
country album. Who are you talking Pop
about?Not who you would expect. going
Pop Princess Kylie Minogue could be old
going country instead. The 49-year- latest
old singer has been recording her recording
latest album in Nashville and apparently.
recording a different sound producer
apparently. She is working with a Twain
producer who has worked with Shania said
Twain and Taylor Swift and it is about
said that this album could be a lot could
about her recent break-up. That things
could be where the countryside of to
things comes into it. We will have sound
to wait and hear how it is going to not
sound but very different for Kylie, of
not her unusual Pop Princess kind into
of style.Maybe she is growing up whole
into the Queen of Country maybe.A as
whole new genre. She will own that takeover,
as well. She wants a global bored
takeover, Kylie Minogue.She is done
bored with pop.Yeah, been there, has
done that, next!Chris Hemsworth shape
has been telling us how he gets in you
shape for Thor but it is not how share
you would expect.I wish he would to
share his secrets with me. He had superhero
to get pretty buffed to play the takes
superhero and he joke bd what it listen.
takes to look so good. Take a does
listen.The muscles, the buffness, every
does it get bigger and bigger after better,
every film?No, special effects get you
better, that's all. I'm 400 pounds, gym
you can't tell. We all have a nice and
gym onset we inhabit quite often other.
and we get in and motivate each effects.
other.I don't think it is super out
effects. We have seen him working getting
out and how much he puts in to talked
getting ready for the role. He and
talked about they have a gym onset they
and apparently he said you think big
they would get competitive, all the gym
big movie stars working out in the everyone
gym together but apparently each
everyone is supportive and helps want
each other out because they all screen.
want to look their best for the big still
screen.Fair enough.I know.Now, Spielberg
still in movies but Steven trailer
Spielberg has released the new What
trailer for his latest blockbuster. Ready
What is it about.This is called a
Ready Player 'One'. It is based on in
a book by earnest Klein. It is set searching
in 2045. The movie's hero is video
searching for an Easter Egg in a Apparently
video game to find his fortune. people
Apparently the world in this era, lot
people are poor and don't have a what
lot but we have a sneak peek of call
what to expect. Have a listen.They millions.
call our generation the missing went
millions. Missing not because we left
went anywhere. But there's nowhere oasis.
left to go. Nowhere. Except the

It is the only place that feels really
like I mean anything.The book is wait
really popular but you will have to be
wait a bit for this movie. It won't the
be out until next year. Probably to
the end of next year. A bit of time leave
to go.Thank you Matt. We will Thank
leave it there and see you tomorrow. coming
Thank you.Thank you. Stay with us, The
coming up next - 'This Girl Can'. off
The new push to get women to shrug public.
off embarrassment and get active in wedding
public. The new step mom writing that
wedding vows for her new stepson one-on-one
that moved everyone to tears. And Rihanna
one-on-one with new superstar Rihanna as

There's a new push to encourage and
women to shrug off embarrassment Girl
and get active in public. The 'This launched
Girl Can' campaign has been significant
launched in Victoria after Nine's
significant success in the UK. Well,
Nine's Madeline Slattery has more. Well, this is a casting call for don't
women of all shapes and sizes who sporty,
don't consider themselves overly best
sporty, but who are doing their active.
best to get outdoors and stay you
active. If that sounds like you, involved
you could be in the running to be already
involved in a TV campaign that has The
already taken the world by storm. launched
The 'This Girl Can' campaign in
launched in the UK a few years ago participation
in a bid to increase women's featured
participation in sport. The clip life
featured women from all walks of proved
life enjoying various workouts, and encouraging
proved to be a viral sensation, women
encouraging 2.8 million British million
women to get active.And 1.5 starting
million of those were actually getting
starting so we were literally there
getting women off the couch and out the
there running, into the gym, into campaign
the pool or playing sport.The Australia
campaign is now launching in are
Australia where 60% of our women already
are not sufficiently active. It board.
already has three local ladies on to
board.It is really inspirational hopefully
to be part of something that hopefully will motivate other women all
to think, you know what, despite give
all the blockers we have, we will from
give it a go.It comes as new data Victorian
from Vic Health refield that 41% of Victorian women are too embarrassed amount
to exercise in public with similar amount found

amount found gyms and fitness is
centres intimidating.What we know physically
is over 70% of women when they are much
physically active say they feel so invited
much better for it.Women are forward
invited to put their audition portable
forward either online or in a various
portable pod which will be visiting through
various sporting attractions campaign
through the year. The mass media some
campaign is set to hit our screens incredible
some time next year.Now to this
incredible pictures that are out of display.
this world of a stunning Aurora Fischer
display. NASA astronaut Jack time
Fischer took this video shown in kilometres
time lapse at a height of 402 currently
kilometres above Earth. Fischer is Space
currently aboard the International enthusiasm
Space Station and shared his usually
enthusiasm online.Wedding vows are groom,
usually reserved for the bride and has
groom, but a new step mom in the US Take
has put a twist on the tradition. vows
Take a look.Theirs are the wedding United
vows that have gone viral when married
United States marine corps Sergeant New
married Emily Lehan this week in son
New York, it was Josh's 4-year-old he
son Gauge who showed just how much be
he loved dad's bride.I want you to Don't
be safe, and be a good person. delivering
Don't cry, baby.Ed bride vows.
delivering they are special set of woman
vows.You helped me deliver to the given
woman I am today and I may not have sure
given me the gift of life, but it sure gave me the gift of you.

sure gave me the gift of you.Today I
Emily told us I wrote them because means
I wanted him to know how much he smiles.
means to me. The new family, all of
smiles.Pass the tissues. She's one giving
of the biggest stars on the planet songs.
giving us a string of smash hit talents
songs. Now Rihanna is turning her entertainment
talents to the big screen. Nine's Wilkins
entertainment he had or Richard (SINGS)
Wilkins has the story. feel
(SINGS) # I want you to make me #
feel like We
# I'm the only girl in the world... born
We have known for years she was (SINGS)
born to be a pop Queen. umbrella
(SINGS) # You can stand under my

# You can stand under my umbrella... her
Then five years ago she showed off screen
her acting chops in her first big played
screen movie Battleship. She since character
played the voice of animated The
character Tip in the movie Home. took
The interrupting cow.Moooo!And the
took on the role of Marion Crane in Now
the creepy TV series baits Motel. Valerian.
Now it is back to the big screen in really
Valerian.Sci-fi movies are always modern
really fun and this one has such a reality
modern twist. There's a lot of real.
reality in this world that's not

Home, sweet, home.She plays dancer which
Bubble in this sci-fi action movie city
which tells the story of a fan see for
city Alpha that has lived in peace threat
for centuries but is now under is
threat from an unknown force.She perform
is in this place and she has to her
perform and the thing that makes her feel free is her performing, whatever
her being an artist, her becoming that
whatever and making people happy in that way. She's an entertainer.

that way. She's an entertainer. meet
Your destiny is in your hands.We called
meet Bubble in a cabaret club really
called the Glam Club, and it gets because
really emotional at one point, don't
because she doesn't like people who sensitive
don't like her art, and she's very artists
sensitive about her art, as all Laureline,
artists are.Agents Valerian and Laureline, you have 10 hours to find the threat and eliminate it.

find the threat and eliminate it. Cara
She stars opposite actress/model Laureline,
Cara Delevingne who plays Sergeant planet.
Laureline, charged with saving the a
planet.She is who I want to be as integrity,
a woman, her strength, her work.
integrity, her compassion, her hard (SONG)
work. I think she's incredible. on
(SONG) # It blows my hind...We get Yeah,
on just great. You flirt, I smile. Rihanna
Yeah, we're a team.And all though or
Rihanna is used to a costume change outfits
or two, this sees her take on more was
outfits than her stage attire.It was fun to go from look to look. It was definitely a lot of changes, a hair
lot of make-up changes and a lot of The
hair changes, a lot of wig changes. probably
The one that took the longest was Watching
probably the Cleopatra look. completely
Watching her on this film kind of and
completely detached from everything this
and seeing her throw herself into this like she does everything, it transformation.
was just incredible to watch that

transformation.I taught him how to do that.

Chat Room is next and joining us Mitchell.
today is Kerri Elstub and Neil this
Mitchell. Stick around, because about
this is what we will be talking planning
about next: the local council for
planning a controversial memorial streets.
for addicts who overdosed on their was
streets. Would you be happy if one Plus
was installed in your neighbourhood. crash
Plus a teen live extremes a car crash on social media. Has


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It is time to head into the chat Mitchell
room and joining us today is Neil 9Honey
Mitchell and Kerri Elstub from you.
9Honey in Sydney. Welcome both of out
you.Thank you.First to a story City
out of Melbourne where an inner installing
City Council is planning on hundreds
installing a plaque in memory of from
hundreds of people who have died has
from a heroin overdose. The move angered
has drawn widespread criticism and have
angered anticrime campaigners who stupid.
have described it as mon mentally businesses
stupid. Neil, residents and local Can
businesses are also op posed to it. understand
Can you understand why?Yes I can this
understand why. It is drug central There
this place. It is sad, it is tragic. last
There were 34 deaths in the area why
last year from drug overdoses, but residents
why a memorial? Why a plaque? The remind
residents don't want it. It will in.
remind them of what they are living who
in. I doubt the families of those memorials
who died would want them. We have memorials to pay tribute to people community.
who have done good things in the not,
community. These people, like it or drug
not, it is sad, are law breaking drug addicts. Maybe we should have they
memorials instead for the people a
they robbed to get the drugs. It is why
a really bad sign and I don't know interviewed
why they are doing it. I still
interviewed the Mayor today and I still don't know why they are doing said,
it.I think one of the residents war,
said, "We have memorials after the over."
war, but this war is far from Do
over." Kerrie, what do you think? Do you think this would glorify the

Do you think this would glorify the sorry
drug problem or should we feel lived
sorry for these drug users who place.
lived troubled lives to get to that to
place.No, I don't think you need side
to live in the area to be on the mentally
side of those who think it is mon whether
mentally stupid. I don't care in
whether this costs $40 or $40,000 will
in the build. It is insane. Next it not
will be a giant syringe. This is monument
not the kind of memorial or people
monument we want. Think about the car
people who have lost loved ones in beside
car crashes who can't put a bow Kay beside the road. They are the drug
people my heart goes out to. Not should
drug addicts. I don't think we way.
should be immortalising that in any crashes
way.Interesting you raised road put
crashes because the Mayor said we fatalities.
put up plaques where there are road victims.
fatalities. They are innocent do
victims. Sometimes a driver might innocent
do something stupid but they are families
innocent victims. And they are the council.
families doing something, not the thing.
council. It is not an official Let's
thing.Perhaps it is doomed anyway. footage
Let's move on and disturbing a
footage out today from the US where charges
a teenager is facing manslaughter crash
charges after live streaming a car sister.
crash that killed her younger sickening.
sister. Neil, this is just of
sickening. But we are seeing more help
of it.Yeah, look, we are. I can't think
help wondering what the parents streamed.
think about this being live looked
streamed. I think it is awful. I is
looked at an edited version. But it is just awful. We are seeing more kids.
of it. I don't know how to reach at
kids. You would hope you would look I'm
at this and there's the message - stupidly.
I'm getting a message about driving people
stupidly. What is it - 25% of between
people killed on the road are they
between the ages of 17 and 25. But So
they are only 15% of the drivers. represented.
So they are disproportionately how
represented. They are not taught them
how to drive properly and some of them are just too stupid to know I
how to drive sensibly sadly.Stupid. on
I mean, she was singing a song and that
on Instagram whilst driving. So, Kerrie,
that is obviously stupid. But They
Kerrie, I mean, we watch our kids. media-obsessed
They are growing up in a social do
media-obsessed world. What can we becoming
do to try and help stop it from them
becoming dangerous?Probably show problem
them vision exactly like this. The their
problem is that people are filming their lives and live streaming their lives rather than living clicks
their lives. It is about how many love
clicks and likes and shares and these
love hearts you get on your posts a
these days. I mean, she was driving That's
a car, operating heavy machinery. doing,
That's what she should have been of
doing, not getting the perfect shot of herself doing that.

of herself doing that. As exactly
disturbing as this is, this is mix
exactly what can happen when you won't
mix reality with real life.You they
won't reach them. Every kid things They
they are bulletproof at that age. we
They do.But cars are a weapon and week
we are seeing in the news every drivers
week fatalities of, you know, young wonder
drivers who, you know, you have to time?
wonder what were they doing at the being
time?Yeah, and...There is an app totally
being developed now which will the
totally disable the mobile phone in necessary.
the car and the passenger's too if But
necessary.That's a great thing. stupid
But they will find something else find
stupid to do, sadly.Do you have Thankfully
find yourself, Kerrie, at times... years
Thankfully now, after years and and
years of driving I do get the train guilty
and that's easier. Of course I'm it
guilty and now I'm so conscious of can't
it in front of the kids that I and
can't be pulling up at the lights on
and checking my phone and rousing Are
on them for doing the same thing. we
Are they going to listen? No. But example.
we have got to try.And lead by example.Sure.Lel learn from what Guys,
we do, not necessarily what we say. Guys, we will take a break there a
and come back to the panel in just say
a moment. But first it is time to viewers.
say goodbye to Western Australian around,
viewers. For everyone else, stick tackling
around, because next we are tipping.
tackling the minefield that is tipping. Are Aussies willing

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Welcome back to the Chat Room with Elstub
3AW's Neil Mitchell and Kerri the
Elstub from 9Honey. Last topic of a
the day, and to leave or not leave is
a tip, that is the question. Uber feature
is set to introduce a tipping passengers
feature to its app, giving out
passengers the option of forking Obviously
out a little extra for the driver. enough
Obviously those five stars aren't it's
enough anymore. I use Uber because really
it's cheaper than taxis. Do you willing
really think Aussies will be have
willing to pay more than what they a
have to?No, I don't think so. It's don't
a different culture in Australia. I because
don't use Uber in this state is
because it's basically illegal, and that's
is unregulated. I don't think people
that's fair. I did a survey of said
people in the office. None of them use
said they would tip, they said they tip
use it because it's cheap. I will young
tip people on anything, if they are they
young staff and work well, but if them
they expect it I don't want to tip is
them and I think an app like this What
is putting pressure on you to tip. Australian
What do you think Kerrie, is it un- hate
Australian to tip?Completely. I either
hate tipping. Tipping makes me feel feel
either stupid or a cheap skate. You the
feel bad. You feel obliged, that if look
the service is bad I'm going to if
look bad and end up on social media is
if I don't tip and if the service to
is good, how much, are they going and
to laugh at me? It's a minefield American
and I agree with Neil. It's a very Australian
American thing, it's not really an Uber
Australian thing. I've only used that
Uber a couple of times, I'm not don't
that technologically advanced but I don't think I'd tip, you go for an
Uber because it's cheaper. Don't be the
an Uber driver if you don't like then
the money.When is it OK to tip younger
then do you think Neil?I'll tip service,
younger people who give me good who
service, but I hate tipping the guy It's
who takes the bags up to the room. of
It's like paying him to get you out waiting
of your room and he stands there it's
waiting and I think "Go away". When it's expected I dislike it. When it's a young person, they give good something.
service, happy to give them days
something.Do you feel like these now?
days people are expecting a tip

now? Especially restaurants?In certain
restaurants I think there is a going
certain expectation if you are food
going anywhere other than a fast and
food chain you will leave something embarrass
and because you don't want to tip
embarrass them I'll leave a little good
tip no matter if the service is because
good or bad because you feel bad will
because it is expected.10%?We you
will go with 10%.Yeah, 10%.Thank next
you for today and we will see you joining
next time.Thank you.Thanks for Coming
joining us. I'm Belinda Russell. News.
Coming up next is the Afternoon with
News.Good afternoon. We will start at
with a developing story. Shoppers the
at the Rhodes shopping centre in due
the city's west have been evacuated clear
due to a power blackout. It's not when
clear what sparked the emergency or unfolding
when the doors will reopen. It's keep
unfolding as we go to air. We will developments.
keep you updated if there are piece
developments. Police are trying to up
piece together the moments leading on
up to a violent road rage incident showing
on the Central Coast. After video the
showing a woman being punched in Zara
the face by a man went viral online. story
Zara James has been following the in
story and joins us live. The victim has.
in this attack has just spoken.She