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This morning,
road rage attack - the shocking moment a woman
is punched in the face by an angry driver. Fight for life - a little girl
who almost drowned in Bali arrives home for
medical treatment. And drug syndicate bust - police seize enough ephedrine to
make three million hits of ice. VOICE-OVER: This is Seven News
with Ann Sanders. Good morning. Police say the violence shown in a sickening road-rage attack
on the NSW Central Coast, is 'totally unacceptable.' A man has been caught on dash cam
punching a woman in the face. Police have spoken to the victim, but she's yet to make
a formal complaint. Jess Dietrich reports.

Well, this disturbing
road rage incident

was captured on dash cam
and has gone viral overnight. We have chosen not to show
the video in its entirety because it is just too graphic. What you do see
is two cars at a set of lights. The driver of the car behind
goes to confront the woman on the passenger side
of the board utility. That is where we stopped
the video because what happens next is that man punches the woman
squarely in the face. She is still standing
despite the force of that impact. this driver would not
have been aware that this road rage incident
was filmed. Apparently,
according to a witness, this woman may have been throwing objects
out of the window beforehand. Police will not accept that as a good enough reason
to justify this violent outburst. The level of violence
is totally unacceptable. Obviously,
with any video footage, we're only getting a snapshot
of the total incident. It depicts a male walking
up to a female and punching her in the face. Assault of any sort
is unacceptable, especially assault to a female. They are now investigating
this video and trying to track down the man
responsible for this attack

Assault of any sort is unacceptable I thought she would hit him, it was the other way around.It was a bit of a shock, really.

They are now investigating
this video and trying to track down the man
responsible for this attack as well as his victim. You do get a pretty clear picture
of him in this video so they are hoping a member
of the public may be able to identify them
and contact Crime Stoppers.

Mystery surrounds
an apparent police re-enactment

outside the home Seven News has obtained pictures
of a black Mercedes, identical to hers, driving down
the family's street in Avondale Heights yesterday. It was then towed away,
followed by a police car.

Karen's husband has also refused to answer questions when he left home this morning.

The family
of an Australian toddler who nearly drowned in Bali, are hoping to learn if she's
suffered any brain damage today. Supporters helped raise $75,000 to help fly her home
in a medical plane. Touching down in Perth after a heart wrenching flight
from Bali. Ground crews and paramedics cradle three-year-old
Kawa Sweeney. Gently loading the Sydney toddler
into the back of an Ambulance. This is the Kawa
her family knows best - spinning and singing
in a home video. But that all came
to a tragic end when the little girl was found
unconscious in a pool on the family's Bali vacation. A doctor who was surfing
with Kawa's dad at the time heard the commotion
and rushed to help. Dr Grant Booth performed CPR
for over an hour and managed
to get her heart beating again. Just so so incredibly grateful
for him and the people around
that were able to save her life. But the family's problems
were only just beginning. Kawa needed to get back
to Australia quickly. Her family was told
they needed to pay $42,000 before the medical flight
could take off. Medical expenses would cost more. A GoFundMe page In less than 24 hours
it had raised more than $75,000. There's no words, really.
Just to say thank you so much. Thank you Back in Australia, Kawa remains in a coma
at Princess Margaret Hospital. Her family, anxiously waiting to hear
if she has any brain damage.

It's just too early at this stage. Hopefully we will know something more today.

A long road ahead
for a little girl whose fight
is only just beginning. A woman is in hospital
after being shot through the leg with an arrow
in Adelaide. Emergency services were called
to a Parafield Gardens home just before 5:00 last night. The victim told them she knows
the man who shot her. Police are still looking
for the suspect - who may also be injured. Police and Australian
Border Force officers say they've stopped more than
three million hits of the drug ice
reaching our streets. More than 370kgs of ephedrine
was found in two sea cargo consignments
in New South Wales The white powder, which is used
to manufacture meth-amphetamine, was hidden in wall tiles
and milking machines. Two people have been arrested.

The NAB has apologised to customers over a glitched that stopped them sending or receiving any money. The bank says they're having issues with some payments and teams are working to fix the problem. Any angry customers have targeted the banks social media pages, claiming they have not received their Centrelink allowance.

Australian voters have backed
Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull as the best person to run
the country, according to a new poll. Seven News reporter Freya Cole
is in Canberra. Freya, the polls show a clear
lead over Tony Abbott? Well Ann, not only do voters in
this poll prefer Malcolm Turnbull but almost half of them want Tony Abbott to stop criticising
the Government's performance, and want him to to stay
on the backbench. The Newspoll reveals 58%
of voters prefer Malcolm Turnbull compared to just 23%
for Tony Abbott. And the sentiment is
even stronger from within the Coalition camp, 69% of voters prefer
Malcolm Turnbull. Liberal Party infighting has been
a distraction for the Government for several months now. Even today, Mr Abbott is
in Central Queensland pushing his own jobs
and power policy, when the Government is
yet to finalise its position on a clean energy target. But senior minister Julie Bishop put aside the serious politics
this morning when she appeared on 'Sunrise' to show us inside the
Foreign Affairs Crisis Centre. Can you please give us a trademark Julie Bishop
death stare, right to the camera. That was one-minute-ish,
with J-Bish. (LAUGHING) Some lighted-hearted fun, which the Government could
certainly do with at the moment, OK, thanks. Supporters of British baby
Charlie Gard have been shocked by
the unexpected announcement from his parents, that their
long legal fight is over. The couple say
they're ending efforts to get experimental treatment
for their dying boy and will now say goodbye. The pain and grief
were clear, as two parents conceded that after months of fighting
to save their son, the battle was over. We have decided it's no longer
in Charlie's best interest to pursue treatment. We will let our son go
to be with the angels. Charlie Gard was born
with a rare genetic condition that causes brain damage
and a loss of muscle function. Doctor's said his life support
should be switched off. But his parents refused, starting a global campaign backed by the Pope
and Donald Trump to transfer their baby to the US
for experimental treatment. Three separate British
courts intervened, siding with medical experts who said that further
prolonging treatment was only prolonging
his suffering. Now, it's too late. There is one simple reason
why treatment cannot go ahead - and that's time. A whole lot of time
has been wasted. Our son is an absolute warrior
and we will miss him terribly. We couldn't be prouder of him. His body, heart and soul
may be gone, but his spirit will live
on for eternity. The couple's now gone to be
with their dying son knowing he won't make
his first birthday, which is just two weeks away. We are so sorry
we couldn't save you. Sweet dreams, baby. Sleep tight
our beautiful baby boy. We love you.

A five-year-old girl taken from
a Gold Coast childcare centre,

has been found safe in
New South Wales Police issued an Amber Alert
after a man took the child from the Carrara centre just before 4:00
yesterday afternoon. The pair was spotted
at a service station in northern New South Wales
last night and police caught up with them
in Kempsey. Officers are questioning
the man, who is believed to be the girl's father. A busy Sydney highway
has re-opened after a car fire caused
traffic chaos last night. A mechanical fault
started the fire during peak hour
on the Hume Highway at Ingleburn. Two southbound lanes
were closed causing lengthy delays. The driver escaped uninjured. Next in Seven News - the Australian breakthrough which could slow
or even stop Alzheimer's. A bus driver whose actions left more than a dozen people
in hospital faces court. Sir Elton John shares
his memories about Princess Diana with her sons.

Australian scientists believe
they've found a way

to potentially slow the progression They've found people
with significant plaque, but low iron levels in the brain, maintain cognitive performance compared to those
with high iron levels. So scientists are trying
to use drugs that will chelate or 'mop up'
the iron hoping that this will slow
the progression to Alzheimer's. A drug that decreases
the amount of iron in the brains of patients
with Parkinson's disease, is already showing promise.

A bus driver who smashed
into a Melbourne bridge

injuring 14 passengers,
is facing court this morning. The magistrate's court heard
many of the victims have ongoing physical
and mental issues from the crash that happened
almost 18 months ago. Kristy Mayr reports. The bus driver from Ballarat
in regional Victoria is facing 23 charges, including a dozen for negligent
and dangerous driving after a shocking crash
in February last year. Jack Aston was behind the wheel when the bus ploughed
into a South Melbourne bridge with a force so great
the roof peeled back, leaving 14 passengers
injured and shaken. Several had to be hospitalised and the court
has previously heard many remain haunted
by the accident and require physiotherapy
and counselling. Police allege the 53-year-old
driver went straight through a low clearance sign
just seconds before the crash and failed to plan a safe route, despite
being unfamiliar with the area and having more than a dozen
tourism delegates on board. Aston is due to face
the Melbourne Magistrates Court this morning for day one of a committal
hearing into the accident. In breaking news - a man's body
has been found in Melbourne. Homicide Squad detectives
have been called in after a member of the public
made the discovery. in a reserve at the rear
of Cawood Drive at about 10am.

The death is being treated as suspicious.

Donald Trump's son-in-law
has denied colluding with Russia to help get the US President
elected. Jared Kushner,
a senior Trump adviser, faced a two-hour grilling from the Senate Intelligence
Committee. He admitted
meeting Russian officials, but says his actions
were routine. The record and documents
I have voluntarily provided will show that all of my actions
were proper and occurred
in the normal course of events of a very unique campaign. US senators are investigating Russian attempts to influence
the 2016 election. Singer Sir Elton John
has praised Prince Harry, saying he's inherited
his mother's compassion. He's featured in
a new documentary about Princess Diana, her sons hope will help keep
her memory alive. Hugh Whitfield has more
from London.

If Diana Princess of Wales
was alive today,

she'd be a 56-year-old
grandmother of two. Of course,
two young grandchildren, George and Charlotte. Their father, William,
is trying very hard, it seems, to ensure that the memory
of his mother is not forgotten
at Kensington Palace. Of course, we have been talking
about granny Diana. We have more photos up
around the house of her and we talk about her a bit. William and Harry sat down and have given
extensive interviews as part of
this 90-minute document. They have opened up
their private photo albums, and sharing
many personal stories. There are also many of Diana's friends
who appear in the documentary including Sir Elton John who, of course, repurposed
'Candle in the Wind' and sung it at her funeral. Together with Prince Harry,
he's visited the Lighthouse, one of the many AIDS charities
she helped. She had this incredible ability, which he kind of inherited
and I told them that, and he said "thanks very much", to make people feel at ease and make people feel that everything
was going to be a right. I have not experienced
many people in my life who have that ability. Harry also speaks about
what he describes as the "bizarre outfits"
he was forced to wear along with his brother
by their mother. He says that she must have
got a real kick out of getting the boys
in matching outfits. It is a mix
of very solemn reflections and also fun memories the two princes have
of their mother. The documentary airs this weekend
at 7pm on Seven's 'Sunday Night'. Next in Seven News - all the day's sport
with Jim Wilson. Including, silver for Australia at the World Swimming
Championships. And Sia Soliola,
set for a hefty suspension at the NRL judiciary.

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Cooper Cronk said the referee has the high shot on Billy Slater should have resulted in

Sia Soliola will face
the NRL judiciary tonight

His expected to receive a six-week ban.

It was late, it was high. He hit him with
everything he's got. You know,
Soliola's a good person, a good player. I don't think that comes
into account when you have
incidents like that. The future of Bulldogs coach
Des Hasler will once again come under fire today
at a Canterbury board meeting.

Former Queensland Premier Peter Beattie is one of two new commissioners on the Australian Rugby League Commission announced this morning.

Essendon's Cale Hooker
has dismissed claims he taunted young
Kangaroos defender Dan Nielson. The Bombers forward kicked
five goals on the third gamer in Sunday's win over North but Hooker says
he didn't cross the line. If people are going to criticise
me for being emotional and energetic and passionate,
you know they can do that. The game was on the line
and our season was on the line in a way, so that's what we're
doing, we're playing on edge. The Bombers take on
the Bulldogs this weekend with the loser in danger
of missing the finals. Emma McKeon
has earned Rio redemption with a silver medal
at the World Championships. McKeon delivered Australia's
only medal of the day, but many others are well placed
to add to the tally. Seven News reporter Alex Hart
is in Budapest with the latest. Emma McKeon was our only finalist
on day two of competition, and she didn't
let Australia down - finishing second
in the 100m butterfly final behind Swedish superstar
Sarah Sjostrom. McKeon was almost in tears after finishing sixth in
the final in this event in Rio, And was determined
to make amends here. Oh, I'm so happy. Like, that is another PB. I have gone equal to my PB
in the heats, and then a PB and
then another PB in the final, and that's all anyone wants
is to go quicker. In a worrying sign for Australia
ahead of the Commonwealth Games, Great Britain
dominated day two, winning two gold medals, including breastroker Adam Peaty, who says he can't wait to
get to the Gold Coast next year. Australia's my second favourite
country behind Britain, so it's looking good. Our two reigning backstroke
world champions, Emily Seebohm and Mitch Larkin, will be out to defend
their world titles on day three. Our coverage begins
live and free on 7TWO from 5:30pm eastern. Kurtley Beale is the frontrunner
to replace Karmichael Hunt for the Wallabies,
with the dual international undergoing ankle surgery. Beale will likely wear
the number 12 jersey with Hunt expected to miss the first four matches
of the Rugby Championship. Karmichael's going to be out,
I'd say for between 6-8 weeks. He ended up having
a small operation on a syndesmosis injury. Now this will test
Trans-Tasman relations, World Cup winning All Black,
Brad Thorn in camp Wallaby to help Australia win back
the Bledisloe. Golf greats continue to marvel
at the mental strength shown by newly-crowned Open champion
Jordan Spieth. Gary Player and Tom Watson
have 17 Major titles between them and watched more golf than most. But both admit
they wrote Spieth off when he stumbled late
in his final round. You gotta have it here,
but you gotta have it here. And not many people are gifted. It's a divine gift. And Branden Grace says he was unaware that his 62 was the lowest round ever
in a men's Major.

They often say that baseballers
throw some heat. Well Cubs star Kris Bryant
has taken it quite literally. The reigning World Series MVP
was on fire during Chicago's championship
fairytale last year, and lit up again
for this promotional shoot.

While! A very famous victory. Don't practice that one at home.

Next in Seven's Morning News -

Time to check
the financial markets.

The ASX is trading up 40 points. The Australian dollar
is buying just over US$0.79, 88 Japanese yen,
and NZ$1.06.

Let's get a check of the weather
forecast now, with our meteorologist
David Brown. What's the latest Brownie? Ann, it's another beautiful day
along the eastern seaboard. In fact, Sydneysiders are facing
their driest July since the '70s. That said, a weak change is sweeping
over the southern states.

A few showers are passing
over Melbourne and Tasmania.

As well as the western half of Tasmania. It is fine in person at the moment, and odd light shower with a forecast top of 20 degrees. In Melbourne, it is looking good. The atmosphere is unsettled.

In Melbourne, it is looking good.
The atmosphere is unsettled. A shower or two in the eastern suburbs. It is another stunner in the city, look at the mild high there. It is about six degrees above the long-term average. The forecast top of 21 degrees in Brisbane. It is this persistent belt of high pressure that his driving the dry conditions

belt of high pressure that his
driving the dry conditions across most of the nation. This is the change we picked up on the reader. Not much in it, it will slip through in the next 24 hours and the next sequence will bring a few light showers to southern parts of the nation. This huge high will dominate most of the country. In Brisbane tomorrow, more sunshine and 26 degrees. A sunny day in Sydney. Robin might see a brief shower or two. And in Adelaide too.

$$CLEARDISPLA That's the latest weather.
More at 4:00, Ann. And that's Seven News to now. We'll keep you up to date
throughout the day. I'm Ann Sanders. Thanks for your company,
have a good day. Bye for now.

I just got off the phone with Andre. They're sending the contracts
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you're not going to like. They think it's only going
to keep losing money. But, Dad, I went over it again
last night and I am sure that
my restructuring plan will work. I know I can make that mill
profitable if we make changes now. Unfortunately
we don't have much time. We need to close this deal
right away. You know how important this is. OK, Dad.
Alright? Yeah. Well, I'm on my way in so we
can talk about it when I get there. See you soon.