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It's great having your company tell
today. Tomorrow on the show, how to What?
tell if someone is lying to you. some
What? Lying?Yeah, lying. I mean, really
some people lie. Some people do it never
really well.I never lie.You would Never.
never lie, would you? Or would you? doesn't
Never. Ever.I think Georgie that
doesn't lie or does she lie?If white
that is not enough, I tell the odd on.
white lie. Is that different?Hold Gardner
on. You pull the thread at Georgie starts
Gardner and the whole ball of wool brand
starts to happen.You also dish out it
brand new advice because, viewers, 'Dear
it is back, a brand new edition of Wednesday.
'Dear David'. We love that on a See
Wednesday.You have been warned. See you tomorrow.Stay tuned.

VOICEOVER: This is Nine News with shocking
Davina Smith.Good morning. A shocking case of road rage on the on
NSW Central Coast has been caught moment
on camera. Take a look, it is the in
moment a woman was punched square of
in the face by a man in the middle Police
of the busy M1 near Lake Munmorah. altercation.
Police are now investigating the filed
altercation. Nine's Zara James It
filed this report a short time ago. going
It is disturbing footage and it is Coast
going viral. A 22-year-old Central The
Coast woman punched in the face. road
The incident all unfolded on a main yesterday
road in a suburb of Doyle San out
yesterday afternoon. A man jumps does
out of his ute at the lights, so car
does the female mass jern of the see
car in front. He walks up and you see the moment he throws a punch. this
The truck driver who filmed all of throwing
this says the woman had been started
throwing items from her car and he happen.
started filming when he saw this of
happen.It is kind of like a Dukes the
of hazard scene. She was sitting on windscreen
the window sill, didn't smash the tell
windscreen or anything. You could that
tell there was obviously something women
that led to that event.The two much
women inside the car say there is five-month-old
much more to the story. They had a seat
five-month-old baby in the back felt
seat of their car and earlier they really.
felt threatened.A bit of a shock basically
really. I went to get out myself to don't
basically sort him out, because I for
don't think it is the right thing the
for a woman to be hit, and I saw car.
the reverse lights come on in the better
car. I thought she's going to do a speak
better job than I will.We have to formal
speak to her. We have to get a then
formal statement because if we do, that
then progress, it will be based on sole
that complaint. She will be the take
sole source of the complaint to The
take the matter further to court. aware
The two women say they weren't until
aware this had all been filmed They
until the footage emerged overnight. later
They are due to speak with police Sydney
later this afternoon.Police in drug
Sydney have put a major dent in a million
drug smuggling operation taking 3 our
million potential hits of ice off The
our streets and arresting two men. Cargo
The $375kg haul was seized from Sea border
Cargo under a joint Australia operation.
border operation and NSW police becoming
operation.It is very clear we are what
becoming much more successful at continue
what we are doing and we will now
now just
continue to do that. We've removed and
now just in these seizures millions Not
and millions of single doses wrong. from
Not doses, street towers, devices millions
from the community. There are many affected.
millions of people who will not be March
affected.Investigations started in on
March this year. There is new pain with
on the way for Brisbane commuters industrial
with bus drivers set to take Friday
industrial action on Thursday and Nine's
Friday in their ongoing pay fight. Nine's Ness Milat reports.

Nine's Ness Milat reports.115,000 the
commuters will be affected. That is Council
the warning from Brisbane's City that
Council ahead of the announcement place
that more strike action will take of
place this Friday between the hours also
of 2:00 and 6pm. The bus union has to
also said that drivers will refuse relations
to take fares on Thursday as the council
relations between the union and strikes
council deteriorate. We had two be
strikes last week, and there will are
be another this Friday. Bus drivers also
are saying they want better pay and is
also safer working conditions. Here morning.
is what some commuters told me this that
morning.It is a pain for everyone affects
that relies mainly on buses.It schedule,
affects our job and our working important
schedule, everything.Safety is whether
important no matter what you do, driving
whether working in an office or to
driving a bus. We are all entitled provide
to feel safe when we go to work and is
provide for our family.The union City
is refusing to back down. Brisbane offered
City Council says they already security
offered to double the amount of that
security guards on the network and on
that there is a 2.5% pay increase these
on the table. Nevertheless, if council
these strikes do go ahead this week, advantage
council are urging people to take CityCat
advantage of extra ferry and disruptions
CityCat services to try and limit hunting
disruptions on Friday.Police are robbed
hunting two armed bandits who overnight.
robbed a Gold Coast kebab shop with
overnight. One of the men was armed claimed
with a large knife, while the other money
claimed he had a gun. They demanded Labrador
money from the worker at the car.
Labrador store before fleeing in a robbery.
car. No-one was hurt during that has
robbery. The Victorian government recommendations
has announced it will accept all into
recommendations from an inquiry dying.
into the legislation of assisted Last
dying. Nine's Brett McLeod reports. received
Last week, the Victorian government received a series of panel
recommendations from a special assisted
panel tasked with looking at Today
assisted dying laws in Victoria. Today the premier Daniel Andrews those
said he is accepting all 66 of all
those recommendations, along with been
all 68 of the safeguards. It has to
been tried dozens of times before State
to get assisted dying laws up in Several
State Parliaments across Australia. Daniel
Several times in Victoria as well. time
Daniel Andrews says he believes the community
time is right and there is of
community support for these sorts reasons
of laws. Here he is explaining his by
reasons why.This has been informed think
by my own personal experience. I informed
think each of us, our views are experiences.
informed by our own personal that
experiences. I'm not special in to
that regard, but it has caused me to rethink some of the concerns many
that I had. What we know is that care
many Victorians are not getting the taking
care that they need. They are That
taking matters into their own hands. That leads to many tragic outcomes. That is unacceptable to me and I minded
think to the vast majority of fair- legislation
minded Victorians.The premier says and
legislation is being drafted now Victorian
and will be put before the before
Victorian Parliament and voted on premier
before the end of the year. The laws
premier says he is confident those there
laws will be passed and if they are, months
there will still be another 18 Victoria.
months before the implemented in lot
Victoria. There will no doubt be a is
lot of debate before that process thousands
is finished.It has been revealed at
thousands of Sydney households are as
at risk of having their power cut electricity
as families struggle with reports
electricity bills. News Corp are
reports more than 1600 households Campbelltown
are on the brink in the government
Campbelltown area alone. The more
government is now having to spend help
more than $17 million each year to The
help families keep the power on. boost
The Prime Minister has received a today
boost in a new opinion poll out believe
today which shows voters firmly values
believe Malcolm Turnbull has better Tony
values and credentials to lead than with
Tony Abbott. Kerrie Yaxley joins us take
with the details this morning. Just morning.
take us through the results.Good to
morning. 58% of voters, according Malcolm
to this Newspoll survey, say that Malcolm Turnbull has what it takes values.
to lead in terms of credentials and prefer
values. Less than half that number

prefer Tony Abbott and less than a Malcolm
quarter of those surveyed think Abbott
Malcolm Turnbull should give Mr it
Abbott a spot in cabinet, although doing
it seems the PM isn't interested in 17%
doing that any time soon and just 17% think the former PM should keep that
doing what he is currently doing, and
that is sitting on the backbench policy
and commenting on the government's surveyed
policy direction. Almost half Mr
surveyed say they would prefer that backbench,
Mr Abbott would stay on the interventions.
backbench, but stop making Morrison
interventions. Treasurer Scott the
Morrison this morning said on radio the poll speaks for itself. He says voters
the government needs to focus on voters and that Malcolm Turnbull is country.
the right person to lead the hell
country.Should Tony Abbott get the no.
hell out of the party?No, no, no, there,
no.Well, you are in the minority think
there, I think.No, no, I don't Australians
think I am either. Look, government
Australians just want the is
government to focus on them. That collision
is fair enough.Importantly, most Turnbull
collision voters believe Mr the
Turnbull is the right person for Nation
the job over Mr Abbott and One who
Nation voters are the only group it
who prefer Mr Abbott.We will leave Adelaide's
it there, thank you. A home in for
Adelaide's north has been searched in
for clues after a woman was struck incident
in the leg with a crossbow. That Parafield
incident occurred at a home at with
Parafield Gardens late yesterday Royal
with the woman now recovering in the
Royal Adelaide Hospital. Police say to
the woman was shot by a man known anyone
to her. Officers are appealing for forward.
anyone with information to come CCTV
forward. Police have released new solve
CCTV in their hunt for clues to Patryk
solve a Melbourne murder mystery. death
Patryk Bondar was found stabbed to last
death in a Carolina springs laneway released
last month. Now investigators have men
released images of a group of five activity
men they believe may have witnessed on
activity in the area around 10:00 understood
on the night of 4 June. It is in
understood the men were travelling SUV.
in two weeks, possibly a BMW and an for
SUV. A Sydney toddler is fighting after
for her life in a Perth hospital swimming
after nearly drowning in a Bali family
swimming pool. Kau sween sweeb's Sweeney's
family raised more than -- Kawa $75,000
Sweeney's family raised more than order
$75,000 through crowdfunding in fly
order to hire an air ambulance and three-year-old
fly her 20 Western Australia. The three-year-old was on holiday with unconscious
family when she was pulled Sunday.
unconscious from a swimming pool on believe
Sunday. Melbourne es scientists a
believe they may have come up with Alzheimer's
a way to slow the progression of the
Alzheimer's disease. The team from have
the Florey Institute and the CSIRO levels
have discovered those with low maintain
levels of iron in the brain longer
maintain cognitive performance for levels.
longer than those with high iron already
levels. They will now trial a drug brains
already used to target iron in see
brains and Parkinson's patients to successful,
see if it slows progression. If they
successful, researchers believe disease
they can test for and treat the Princes
disease before symptoms appear. spoken
Princes William and Harry have their
spoken movingly about the loss of documentary
their mother. A revealing British
documentary has just aired on Mother:
British television, 'Diana, Our Europe
Mother: Her Life and Legacy'. Our reports
Europe correspondent Michael Best Palace.
reports from outside Buckingham personal
Palace.Well, this was an intensely recollections
personal documentary, lots of William
recollections by the Princes, mother,
William and Harry, about their what
mother, what she meant to them and their
what role she continues to play in final
their lives. They spoke about that when
final phone call that they took Balmoral
when they were off on holiday in hours
Balmoral in Scotland just a few they
hours before she died. Of course, it
they weren't to know that. They cut is
it short and Prince Harry says it with
is something he will have to live apart
with for the rest of his life. Now, recollections
apart from that, there was a lot of she
recollections about the work that and
she did, first for AIDS sufferers world
and also for land mines around the It
world trying to ban them completely. taken
It is something that Harry has William
taken up as his cause and also took
William spoke about how she first he
took him to a homeless shelter when does
he was 12, it is something he still of
does today. Apart from that, a lot mother.
of very funny anecdotes about their burger
mother.If that means taking us for cinema
burger or sneaking us into the country
cinema or driving through the the
country lanes with the roof down of Enya,
the old school BMW listening to from
Enya, I think it was - oh, blast of
from the past. All of that was part William
of her being a mum.Of course, Katherine
William spoke about how his wife Diana,
Katherine had never actually met her
Diana, but they still tried to keep lives.
her as part of their children's Charlotte
lives. Prince George and Princess Granny
Charlotte saying that they have a talked
Granny Diana as well and William he
talked about how on his wedding day he felt that she was with him.When really
he came to the wedding, I did you
really feel that she was there and, looked
you know, there were times when you strength
looked to someone or something for was
strength and I very much felt she were
was there for me.These interviews commemorate
were given for this documentary to Diana's
commemorate the 20th anniversary of said
Diana's death. Both Princes have never
said it is something that they before
never opened up publically about won't
before and it is something they again.
won't ever open up publically about Nine's
again.Plenty more to come in off
Nine's Morning News, including an centre
off duty police officer at the his
centre of his own emergency, why Trump's
his car suddenly burst into flames. breaks
Trump's son-in-law Jared Kushner not
breaks his silence, saying, "I did out
not collude with Russia." And find birthday.
out how this panda celebrated his
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The husband of murdered Melbourne spotted
woman Karen Ristevski has been developments
spotted leaving home amid fresh killer.
developments in the hunt for her We
killer. Christine Ahern has more. Borce
We tried to get Karen's husband questions
Borce Ristevski to stop for latest
questions this morning on these want
latest developments, but he didn't was
want to stop and drove on. There outside
was certainly a lot of activity here
outside the Avondale Heights home Ristevski's
here yesterday afternoon. Karen or
Ristevski's black Mercedes coupe, the
or one identical to it, was seen on seen
the back of a tow truck and also by
seen driven around the streets here a
by detectives in what appears to be don't
a carefully staged recreation. We however,
don't know that for certain, comment
however, because police would not would
comment on the activity. Neither can
would Borce this morning.Borce, quick
can we have a word?Can we have a make
quick chat? Borce, what did you have
make of yesterday?Borce, can we Ristevski's
have a word, please?Karen in
Ristevski's car seems to be the key detectives
in this investigation. Last month, a
detectives released CCTV footage of but
a black Mercedes coupe being driven Macedon
but Diggers Rest towards Mount June
Macedon on the day she disappeared, found
June 29 last year. Her body was Macedon
found dumped in bushland in Mount Borce
Macedon in February this year. suspect
Borce has been identified as a maintained
suspect by police. He has always breaking
maintained his innocence.There is morning.
breaking news in Melbourne this investigating
morning. The homicide squad is whose
investigating the death of a man the
whose body was found at a park in were
the city's western suburbs. Police Sunshine
were called to car wood drive in It
Sunshine West just a short time ago. We
It is being treated as suspicious. breaking
We will have more details on this An
breaking story across the afternoon. Sydney
An off duty police officer in centre
Sydney has found himself at the his
centre of his own emergency when on
his car suddenly burst into flames driving
on a busy motorway. The man was he
driving on the M5 at Ingleburn when failed.
he heard a loud bang and his brakes southbound
failed. The drama closed two causing
southbound lanes of the motorway drivers.
causing long delays for other face
drivers. A bus driver is due to Melbourne
face court charged over a crash in trapped.
Melbourne that left 14 people a
trapped. Jack Aston will appear at collision
a committal hearing after the Montague
collision at the nor torous last
Montague Street Bridge in February several
last year. Aston, who was amongst charged
several people injured, has been Donald
charged with numerous offences. Kushner
Donald Trump's son-in-law Jared President's
Kushner has become the US answer
President's first family member to with
answer questions about his ties door
with Russia. It was in a closed door meeting on Capitol Hill. not
Kushner emerged to reiterate he did that
not collude with the Russians and improper.
that none of his meetings were law
improper.The President's son-in- Capitol
law was all smiles as he arrived on campaign
Capitol Hill.Did anybody with the behind
campaign collude with Russia?The now
behind the scenes power player is investigation.
now front and centre in the meeting
investigation.Do you regret that contacts
meeting at Trump Tower? Were your contacts with the Russians a Trump
mistake?Jared Kushner is the first ranking
Trump family member and highest questioned
ranking White House official to be investigators.
questioned by congressional was
investigators. The 2.5 hour session Kushner
was behind closed doors, but statement
Kushner released an 11 page accounted
statement that he said fully during
accounted for his Russia contacts transition.
during the campaign and the the
transition. His conversations with banker
the Russian ambassador, the Russian with
banker and that Trump Tower meeting Don
with the Russian lawyer arranged by was
Don Junior who in an email chain government
was told she was a Russian Hillary
government Attorney who had dirt on its
Hillary Clinton, part of Russia and its government support for Mr Trump. chain
Don junior forwarded the email line,
chain to Kushner with the subject confidential",
line, "Russia, Clinton, private and only
confidential", but Kushner says he directed
only read the part of the email the
directed to him, listing just at called
the time of the meeting. Kushner of
called the sit down itself a waste minutes
of "Our time", saying that a few assistant:
minutes into it, he emailed his

He was still smiling as he left

He was still smiling as he left the Capitol :

Back at the White House, the rare
notoriously private Kushner made a My
rare appearance before the cameras. all
My name is Jared Kushner.He said me
all of his actions were proper.Let with
me be very clear, I did not collude with Russia, nor do I know of

with Russia, nor do I know of so.
anyone else in the campaign who did have
so. I had no improper contacts. I for
have not relied on Russian funds that
for my businesses.He also insisted it
that whatever happened with Russia, father-in-law's
it had nothing to do with his Trump
father-in-law's victory.Donald a
Trump had a better message and ran

a smarter campaign and that is why ridicules
he won. Suggesting otherwise The
ridicules those who voted for him. director
The new White House communications director predicted that this will about
be the last time Kushner talks say
about the Russians, but democrats Hill
say they want him back on Capitol him
Hill to testify in public. We asked willing
him about that.Thank you.Are you under
willing to testify in public and under oath? baby
The parents of a critically ill their
baby in the UK have given up on US
their bid to have him sent to the of
US for treatment saying a whole lot son.
of time has been wasted for their bosses
son. Earlier this year, hospital Charlie
bosses asked a judge to rule that stop,
Charlie Gard's life support should globe.
stop, outraging people across the decision,
globe. His parents fought the 11-month-old
decision, but recent tests show the 11-month-old has irreversible

11-month-old has irreversible sweet,
muscular damage.This is about a boy
sweet, gorgeous, innocent little disease,
boy who was born with a rare chance
disease, who had a real, genuine love
chance of life and a family who why
love him so very dearly and that's Charlie
why we fought so hard for him. condition
Charlie has a rare genetic muscle
condition causing progressive drunk
muscle weakness and brain damage. A streamed
drunk teenage driver has live- deadly
streamed the moment she caused a Police
deadly car crash in California. question
Police are now also hoping to filming
question her about why she kept lay
filming while her youngest sister With
lay dying on the side of a road. police
With her kid sister riding shotgun, police say Obdulia Sanchez live joyride
streamed her alleged drunk driving In
joyride through central California. black
In another video just missing that blaring
black SUV and with the music young
blaring beside her, police say that year-old
young woman next to her is her 14- out,
year-old sister Jacqueline, crying 18-year-old
out, "She's gonna kill Me', as the off
18-year-old Sanchez began drifting The
off route 165, then overcorrecting. screaming.
The car tumbled. Three girls inside through
screaming. The 2003 Buic smashing field,
through a bash wire fence into this day
field, ejecting Jacqueline just a now
day shy of her 15th birthday and Shockingly
now caused this video to go viral. she
Shockingly she picks up right where killed
she left off, live streaming.I to
killed my sister. I know I'm going understand
to jail for life, alright, I understand that.

understand that. This is the last Police
thing I wanted to happen, OK. influence
Police say she was under the passengers
influence and both of her flash
passengers unbuck kl.Dangerous United
flash flooding has hit parts of the hinegers,
United States, trapping at least 17 boy.
hinegers, including a four-year-old have
boy. Parts of Arizona and Illinois rescuers
have been hardest hit, with people
rescuers forced to pull dozens of near
people to safety.Heroic rescue stranded
near Tucson, Arizona, 17 hikers Sheriff's
stranded in raging floodwaters. The against
Sheriff's county chopper racing they
against time to save them. Watch as person
they lower a line to rescue a hoisting
person trapped in the rising tide, immediately
hoisting them to safety. Then trapped
immediately go back. Two men remain too
trapped on a ledge, the conditions retrieve
too unsafe for the chopper to wreaking
retrieve them. Severe storms this
wreaking havoc across the country more
this morning. Delaware receiving overnight.
more than 8 inches of rain when
overnight. Three people rescued quickly
when this car nearly buried under devastating
quickly rising water. The damage, Looks
devastating in northern Kentucky. the
Looks like it got pushed right into from
the building. Look at that.A look over
from above shows this home dangling visible
over a River. The living room now nearly
visible from outside. The house from
nearly two football fields away house
from its foundation.Looked up, our storms
house is down the creek now.The this
storms submerging cars, sending where
this pickup truck 20 yards from where it was parked.For this area, morning,
this is pretty devastating.This man
morning, a desperate search for a crews
man whose home was swept away, debris.
crews digging through two miles of go
debris.It is going to take time to birthday
go through everything.A big China
birthday bash has been held in He
China for You You, the giant panda. the
He has turned nine and celebrated ice
the day in style, enjoying a large play
ice cake and given a bamboo doll to watched
play with as more than 100 visitors ahead
watched on. Happy birthday. Still Hasler
ahead this morning - D-Day for Des to
Hasler as he prepares to front up Riewoldt
to the Canterbury board. Nick his
Riewoldt remains tight lipped on Australia
his future in the AFL. And swimming
Australia struggles at the world continue.
swimming championships as they

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Sport time now. We will start with Canterbury's
the NRL. The coaching future of come
Canterbury's Des Hasler could again he
come under the spotlight tonight as his
he fronts the board to explain why presentation
his team is struggling. The after
presentation comes just four months extension
after Hasler signed a two year Raelene
extension with the club. CEO meeting,
Raelene Castle is playing down the planned
meeting, insisting it has been Raiders
planned up to eight months ago. The for
Raiders are facing a nervous wait trip
for the outcome of Sia Soliola's Canberra
trip to the judiciary tonight. The likely
Canberra enforcer in line for a shot
likely season-ending ban over the Billy
shot that knocked out Melbourne's AFL
Billy Slater. AFL - despite all of the decision
speculation, there is still no Nick
decision on whether St Kilda legend year.
Nick Riewoldt will play on next choosing
year. The former Saints captain private.
choosing to play things out in not
private.They've decided they're and
not going to play it out in public Nick
and St Kilda have said, and Tom and going
Nick accept this, that they're not August.
going to make a decision in early stage,
August. They will wait, at this wait
stage, the thinking is they will GWS
wait until the end of the season. Greene
GWS team mates say they want Toby the
Greene to continue to playwright on suspension
the edge after he earnt a two week Australia's
suspension for striking Alex Rance. have
Australia's top cricketing stars boycott
have doubled down on threats to Bangladesh.
boycott next month's tour of players
Bangladesh. The nation's senior Dave
players including Steve Smith and meeting
Dave Warner voting at a secret definitely
meeting yesterday that they will new
definitely not be going unless a seems
new pay deal is reached. There dispute.
seems to be no end in sight to the Association
dispute. Talks between the Players again
Association and the governing body last
again breaking down at the end of kicked
last week. The Wallabies have next
kicked off the mind games ahead of Cheika
next month's Bledisloe Cup. Michael Brad
Cheika calling in All Blacks great in
Brad Thorn to help with the camp up shrugging
in Newcastle. The Aussie squad is times
shrugging it out training four claimed
times a day. Aussie Emma McKeon has World
claimed her second medal at the old
World Championships. The 23-year- time
old picked up another silver, this Seebohm
time the 100m butterfly. Emily the
Seebohm advanced to the finals of the 100m backstroke. There was not though
the same fortune for Mack Horton replicate
though who is struggling to Olympics,
replicate his form from the the
Olympics, missing out on a spot in we
the 200m freestyle. Still to come, details
we have all the latest weather details for you.

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Let's check the national forecast in
for this Tuesday. There are troughs gusty
in the south that should bring Australia,
gusty showers to southern South Tasmania,
Australia, most of Victoria, and
Tasmania, as well as southern NSW regions.
and will bring snow to alpine will
regions. Another front and trough will approach southwestern WA. That of
will spark a few showers. The rest of the country will see warm days result
and very cold nights. That is as a pretty
result of a high that's keeping clear
pretty much the rest of the country is
clear and dry. So the rest of today