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Sunrise -

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(generated from captions) It has been great so far. Tune in today.

Now to today's weather,
and Sam Mac is in Canberra.

Sam is all dressed up for the occasion. It is a special occasion, she Mack.


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An approaching trough and onshore winds are generating showers for Southern W.A. There are showers over Victoria. There is light cloud and showers in Queensland. Sydney, 22 and sunny. 17 for Melbourne with LHR to. Hobart, 14 and a shower or two. Adelaide, a possible shower and 18. Darwin, 33 and sunny. Good morning, I am Andrew O'Keefe. Welcome to our new game show with Jade issue. Julie Bishop.

I am ready to play.The clock is about to start.What are the rules? There are no rules but we want your first answer that comes to mind. This seems like a good idea.Are you ready, audience?Yes.Your time starts now. Are you comfortable with me calling you Jay?No.Have you fallen asleep during question time?I have this slept with my eyes open.What is your favourite... Dancing Queen.According to my Instagram you follow me, is that you or one of your staff members. It is me, baby. It is me.What is the Prime Minister saved as in your mobile phone.That is classified information.Warp seconds left on the shot clock. Could you give us a Julie Bishop death stare to the camera. (LAUGHTER)Isn't she magnificent? Do you see this on a regular basis? I hope you enjoy the game show. We have all had that stare at some