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Taking a look at the weather. a
Around the country today, Brisbane a sunny day.

a sunny day.
Around the country today, Brisbane Morning
a sunny day. The Sydney sunny. Late
Morning fog and frost in Canberra. for
Late showers for Melbourne. Showers in
for Hobart, and a possible shower sunny
in Adelaide. Showers in Perth and a sunny day for

sunny day for Darwin. Tomorrow:

That is all from me this morning. 'Today'.
Time now to join Karl and Lisa for Live
'Today'. Have a great day.
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by Ai-MediaA major drugs bust. NSW one
3 million hits of ice are seized in operations
one of the biggest police in
operations in years.A breakthrough A
in the Karen Ristevski murder case. shared
A car is towed from the home she means
shared with her husband. What it hope
means for the investigation.New hope for the victims of Alzheimer's.

hope for the victims of Alzheimer's. treatment
Melbourne researchers discover a disease
treatment which could stop the (SONG)
disease in its tracks. (SONG) # Feel the thunder # Lightning and the thund her

# Lightning and the thund her # Ninja
It's crunch time on Australian business
Ninja Warrior. The hosts of the us
business biggest show on the V join Final.
us ahead of tonight's massive Grand She's
Final. Don't miss inside tips. nightmare.
She's back. After her holiday she
nightmare. Lisa reveals exactly how back
she broke her arm and why her trip hell.
back home became the journey from the
hell.It's the most popular car on for
the road, but which one is right ultimate
for your family? Don't miss our every
ultimate guide to the best SUVs for (SONG)
every budget. your...
(SONG) # I just want to be part of surprise.
your... #Standby for beautiful We're
surprise. Knock of Cash is back. special
We're making the day for some very good
special grandparents. And the very great
good morning to you across this day
great country of ours. It's great Big
day this taco Tuesday, 25th of July. applause
Big welcome back and round of everyone.
applause for Lisa Wilkinson (APPLAUSE)
everyone. I clapping
I took my time didn't I. This is me Kidman
clapping right now.How Nicole ball
Kidman of you.It is. I need big hand
ball balls on my hand.Sound of one How
hand clapping.It's a bit like that. why
How are you?Bit ordinary. Which is I'm
why I didn't make it in yesterday. love
I'm sorry about that everyone. It's great
love lip to be back. I'm not a Billy
great patient at home. Pete and for
Billy have been doing everything who
for me. Big shout out to everyone poorly
who is in hospital or feeling bit their
poorly at the moment and all of respect
their carers, I have a new love and through
respect for what you are going nothing
through every day. So this is people
nothing to compare to what a lot of we'll
people are going through. Anyway, and
we'll tell the story of my complete in
and utter disaster of holiday later in the show.You look so beautiful shot.
in the hospital.Pete took that taking
shot. I didn't even realise he was sell
taking the photo. He said I could (LAUGHTER)
sell this for a lot of money. You
(LAUGHTER)Did he now?Yes, he did. for
You look so peaceful.I was hoping Well,
for a plaster that we could sign. Don't
Well, see, here is the thing... Italy
Don't they sign plaster anymore. very
Italy specialises in a very, very, have
very long plaster where you could Unfortunately
have written Soliquis. holiday
Unfortunately that was part of my holiday hell. They were

holiday hell. They were little over squeezy
enthusiastic with it. A little too plastered.
squeezy tight.Did you get never
plastered.I did. In a way that I Is
never want to be plastered again. bit
Is that why you fell overStop itA bit of sport about today. This is you're
bit talking point, as long as back.
you're OK, it's great to have you some
back. I remember at school the kids on
some of the stuff that was written from
on the legs.You had to hide it to
from your parents. Anyway thank you message.
to everyone for the beautiful itch
message.Do you have a stick to itch your arm with.Hasn't got to I
itch part. It's still hurting part. you
I look forward to itching it for I'm
youYou have to be very nice to me. has
I'm going to itch your arm.Pete you're
has discovered what happens when weapon
you're not nice to me.There's a real
weapon on your arm.That's not the walking
real story.I thought he was to
walking with a limp.Let's get on on
to real news. Here is Sylvia.Nor have
on that coming upg late. Good to morning
have you back. We begin this Sydney
morning with major drug bust in shipping
Sydney with police swooping on a nearly
shipping container and seizing ice.
nearly 400kg of a drug used to make Chris
ice. Live to our Sydney reporter this.
Chris Urquhart now with more on anyone
this. Chris good morning. Has taken
anyone been arrested?Yeah, they've taken two people into custody over would
this. Although you think there police
would be more people involved that with.
police will be Hoping to catch up when
with. It all started back in March container
when they intercepted a shipping Sydney.
container coming into Botany in cannisters.
Sydney. In it they found some metal the
cannisters. It is what is is inside curious
the cannisters that made them ephedrine
curious indeed. It was the drug ephedrine that had been secreted they
away in there. Then one month later Instead,
they found a very similar thing. some
Instead, the drug was hidden in July
some wall tiles. Fast forward still found
July to this month, they've again It
found another shipping container. believe
It actually contained would you used
believe milking machines that are hidden
used for cattle and the drug was Stopping
hidden inside there as well. and
Stopping at nothing really to try drug
and get this huge amount of the of
drug into the country. 375kg in all mean
of ephedrine. Now, that may not what
mean a lot to you and me. But it's Police
what ephedrine can be turned into. that
Police are telling us this morning turned
that all of that drug could be turned into 3 million street hits this
of the drug ice. And that is why They've
this is such a huge seizure. They
They've done it in three parts. penths
They are investigating more as tell
penths to the syndicate. They will about
tell us more later this morning where
about where it was coming from and Big
where they thought it might end up. duty
Big bust. Thank you Chris. An off found
duty police officer in Sydney has own
found himself at the centre of his car
own emergency overnight when his man
car suddenly purse into flames. The Ingleburn
man was driving on the M5 at and
Ingleburn when he heard a loud bang time
and his brakes failed. He just had before
time to pull the vehicle over closed
before it was engulfed. The drama causing
closed two southbound lane of M5 now
causing major delays.Development woman
now in the hunt of murder Melbourne Christine
woman Karen Ristevski. Live to test
Christine Ahern in Melbourne. More

test at the family home.Yeah, Mercedes
that's right. Karen Ristevski black this
Mercedes continues to be key in very
this case. Yesterday, a Mercedes on
very similar to hers was seen here the
on the back of tow truck outside Heights.
the family home here at Avondale driving
Heights. It was also seen been detectives
driving around the streets by carefully
detectives in what appears to be a to
carefully staged recreation. Hard because
to know for certain, however, on
because police weren't commenting But
on exactly what they were doing. turning
But recently they have really been case.
turning up the pressure on this footage
case. Last month they released CCTV driven
footage of a black Mercedes being Mount
driven through Diggers Rest towards Ristevski
Mount Macedon on the day that Karen year.
Ristevski disappeared. June 29 last February
year. Her body was found in February this year in bushland in previously
Mount Macedon. Police have Borce
previously said that her husband has
Borce is a suspect in this case. He New
has always denied any wrongdoing. murder
New includes this morning into a month
murder mystery in Melbourne last detectives
month with homicide squad of
detectives releasing security video body
of five men seeing here where a Springs.
body was discovered in Caroline Patryk
Springs. 36-year-old local man laneway
Patryk Bondar was discovered in was
laneway on June 4. It's believed he dropping
was stabbed to death shortly after gp's
dropping his children off at their medically
gp's house. A woman is being someone
medically assessed after reports of major
someone carrying gun sparked a Caboolture
major police operation in overnight.
Caboolture north of Brisbane declared
overnight. Police negotiators dens
declared emergency and ordered resz off
dens to take shelter as they closed Street.
off a section of Hayes and Mortimer peacefully
Street. The incident ended stage
peacefully around 11:00. At this There
stage no charges have been laid. at
There have been terrifying scenes was
at an Adelaide home when a woman in
was shot in the leg with a crossbow now
in the city's north. Let's go live who
now to Today reporter Tom Maclean Parafield
who is at the scene for us in do
Parafield Gardens. Tom, what else Lisa.
do we know about this?Good morning looking
Lisa. Well, police are still is
looking for a man we understand who They
is known to this woman. The victim. in
They allege that he shot this woman understand
in the leg with an arrow. We some
understand it would have come from happened
some type of crossbow. This The
happened 5 p.m. Yesterday afternoon. as
The scene continued into last night through
as crime scene investigators piece they
through the street there. We saw picked
they had some kind of arrow. They bag.
picked up and put in an evidence in
bag. It appeared there was a hole an
in the side of a car window where Now,
an arrow may have been shot through. hospital
Now, this woman was raced to leg
hospital with this injury to her she
leg from the arrow. We understand still
she is recovered now. Police are trying
still looking for that man. Still happened
trying to piece together what number
happened here. They questioned a if
number of neighbours, but obviously wanting
if anyone knows more police are Stoppers
wanting to hear from them.Crime Melbourne
Stoppers is the number. Meantime in may
Melbourne scientists believe they the
may have come up with a way to slow disease.
the progression of Alzheimer's Institute
disease. The team from the Florey discovered
Institute and the CSIRO has iron
discovered those with low levels of cognitive
iron in the brain maintain than
cognitive performance for longer They
than those with higher iron levels. to
They will trial a drug already used Parkinson's
to target iron in the brain of slows
Parkinson's patients to see if it researchers
slows progression. If successful for
researchers believe they can test symptoms
for and treat the disease before that
symptoms appear. We'll have more on up
that wonderful breakthrough coming Sydney
up in the show a little later. coma
Sydney toddler is this morning in a near
coma in a Perth hospital after a Kawa
near drowning incident in Bali. than
Kawa Sweeney's family raised more in
than $75,000 through crowd founding and
in order to hire an air ambulance was
and fly her to WA. The 3-year-old she
was on holiday with her family when swimming
she was pulled unconscious from a remains
swimming pool on Sunday. She but
remains this morning in a serious Melbourne
but stable condition. Relief for a safe
Melbourne family overnight with a old
safe return of a missing 13-year- seen
old girl. Jody Binks-Brown was last Romsey
seen walking to the school bus in last
Romsey in the city's north late prompting
last week. Her disappearance help
prompting an emotional appeal for been
help in finding her. Jody has now dispute
been reunited with her family. The drivers
dispute between Brisbane buzz again
drivers and the council is once plan.
again ramping one a fresh strike Queensland
plan. Let's go straight to today's with
Queensland reporter Jess Millward impact
with more from Southbank. What according
impact will this have.Well very
according to council it will have a predicted
very large impact. They're going
predicted 115,000 commuters are of
going to see disruptions. Thousands of those school children. This is

of those school children. This is ga
when bus drivers go on strike once hours
ga owe again on Friday between the they'll
hours of 2 and 6 p.m.. They said Thursday
they'll refuse to collect fares on the
Thursday as the relations between council
the bus union and Brisbane city drivers
council really do deteriorate. The conditions
drivers are asking for better pay Now,
conditions and also better safety. it's
Now, council has announced that CityCat
it's going to run extra ferry and people
CityCat services. They're urging again
people to please use those as once time
again we face disruptions. This time on a Friday afternoon when It's
people are least going to want them. Sydney
It's been revealed thousands of having
Sydney households are at risk of with
having power cut as they struggle Corp
with their electricity bills. News households
Corp reports more than 1600 Campbelltown
households are on the brink in is
Campbelltown alone. The government million
is having to spend more than 17 families
million dollars each year to help Sydney's
families keep the power on. breaker
Sydney's winter could be a record for
breaker but before you go reaching temperatures
for the ugg boots it's because warm.
temperatures will be exceptionally degrees.
warm. Sunday's forecast to reach 25 warmest
degrees. Almost matching the It
warmest July day on record of 25.9. of
It comes mid astring of mild days month's
of temperatures well above the Thursday
month's average of 16.4 degrees. forecast
Thursday is the only exception woman
forecast to reach 18 degrees. A when
woman has been punched in the face violent
when a road rage incident turned had
violent north of Sydney. The woman out
had apparently been throwing things were
out the window of her ute which The
were hitting the car behind her. whilst
The driver of that ute got out attack
whilst stopped at a red light to a
attack the woman.Ugly stuff. Well, for
a much needed boost this morning poll.
for the Prime Minister from a new Yaxley
poll. We'll go live now to Kerrie news
Yaxley in Canberra. Kerrie good poll
news for the PM. What more does the most
poll tell us.Well it tells us that Turnbull's
most voters prefer Malcolm lead
Turnbull's values an credentials to includes
lead over Tony Abbott. That voters.
includes majority of Coalition could
voters. These Newspoll results to
could be seen as counter argument the
to Tony Abbott's campaign to change quarter
the policy direction. Let than should
quarter think that Malcolm Turnbull met.
should give Mr Abbott a spot in cab seems
met. It seem late for that now. It so.
seems the PM has no appetite to do keep
so. 17% think that the former PM running
keep doing what he is doing that is backbench
running commentary from the prefer
backbench and half say they would and
prefer he stayed on the backbench interventions
and stopped making the kind of over
interventions that he's been making We'll
over the last few weeks or so, Lisa. or
We'll have to wait and see whether Kerrie
or not that comes to fruition. Canberra
Kerrie thanks for that.From Wall
Canberra to the markets now. On Wall Street

Wall Street this morning The Dow Jones in late trade.

Two Italian thieves seem to have White
taken their inspiration from the disguised
White House and Hollywood. Brothers dozens
disguised in Trump masks robbed city
dozens of cash machines near the robberies
city of Turin. In one of the the
robberies the men are seen covering planting
the cameras in the bank before around
planting explosives and ducking might
around the corner. The stunt, you Break'
might recall, echos the film 'Point Patrick
Break' starring Keanu Reeves, surfers
Patrick Swayze in which a gang of Presidents
surfers wear masks of former US If
Presidents while holding up banks. Italian
If anyone knows anything about Wilkinson.
Italian job this morning it's Lisa It's
Wilkinson.She does.Her right arm mischief
It's true. I didn't get up to my I
mischief at all. Nothing to report. Let's
I sense something went on there. country
Let's take a look at weather around

country now.
Let's take a look at weather around sunny
country now. Brisbane heading for fog
sunny day. Sydney sunny. Morning Late
fog in Canberra. Bit of high of 15. Showers
Late showers for Melbourne and 17. showers
Showers for Hobart. Possibly Perth
showers in Adelaide. Showers in Alice
Perth and 20. Sunny day for the Alice and 27 degrees.

Alice and 27 degrees.
Perth and 20. Sunny day for the got
Alice and 27 degrees. Darwin It's with
got some substantially cooler today Positively
with a high of 33 degrees. up
Positively chilly. But it's warming us
up in sport. Timmy is here to tell twists
us all.Coming up Buckley the Buckley
twists and turn of the whole Nathan he
Buckley saga. Will he stay or will Manly
he go. Jury is split. Not happy. at
Manly coach Trent Barrett takes aim cap.
at the NRL over the whole salary a
cap.Cash-a-Roo ready to give away She
a mega cash jackpot. Stick around. 40
She could be calling you. She's got absolute
40 grand in the kick.She's an We
absolute Queen of pop. Can she act. the
We checkout Rihanna as she graces flick.
the big screen on a new sci-fi (SONG) (SONG) # Like I'm the only one

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SAM: The representative
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(SONG) # That's the way it's going #
to be little darling yeah,
# We'll be riding on the horses, We're
yeah, yeah #Yeah, Lisa is back. favourite
We're celebrating with her worries.
favourite track.Thank you.No as
worries.To have Daryl Braithwaite kind
as my come back present is really No
kind gesture. Thank you very much. on
No problem at all. He'll be later That's
on the program without a shirt on. it
That's nice. Very good. Can we do Sundays
it with a back drop of the whit can
Sundays or something like that.We Darryl's
can try.Maybe not. You can hear classic
Darryl's horses and 36 fabulous over
classic hits that we've enjoyed years
over the years on our album 35 available
years of waking up with Today. It's on
available right now in stores and with
on iTunes.It's time with sport future
with Tim GilbertNathan Buckley of
future at Collingwood and as coach decided.
of Collingwood has all been put says
decided. President Eddie Maguire about
says decision will be made more happened
about the future than what has Hinting
happened in the recent past. Classified'
Hinting Buckley may stay. 'Footy but
Classified' Cameron Williams agrees more
but she believes there could be yesterday's
more changes at the Pies following Executive
yesterday's resignation of Chief call
Executive Gary Pert.I couldn't couldn't
call it at the moment. I actually probably
couldn't call it. I think he's But
probably in the a lot of trouble. life
But I think there's still a bit of Collingwood
life in the old dog yet. weekend
Collingwood players Adelaide this Betts.
weekend who will be without Eddie miss
Betts. Crows small forward will appendix
miss Sunday's game after having his a
appendix removed. He'll be out for changed.
a week. Remark how that surgery has following
changed. Trent Barrett is fuming to
following his side's heavily loss ongoing
to Dragons. Barrett says the club's
ongoing investigation into the activity
club's salary cap and other These
activity is wearing on the players. we
These things don't help. They are, distraction,
we like to think they're not a players
distraction, but - we'll shield the nothing
players from as much as - it's got the
nothing to do with the players. In the end it's not nice. I'm proud of Meanwhile
the club. I don't like it. Brooks
Meanwhile West Tigers half Luke tripping
Brooks is facing a $1,100 fine for meat
tripping former team-mate and house judiciary
meat Mitch Moses. He go goes to the end
judiciary tonight. Could miss to cricketers
end of the year. A Australian top They
cricketers are putting foot down. secret
They remain united voiting at next
secret meeting yesterday to boycott pay
next month's tour of Bangladesh is Cricket
pay deal is not reached with be
Cricket Australia. There seems to Talks
be no end in site with the dispute.

Talks between the Players again
Association and governing body beer
again breaking down. A lot of jib yesterday.
beer jabber as Karl and I mentioned happen.
yesterday. Something needs to with
happen. Wallabies have been hit Bledisloe
with a blow week out from the been
Bledisloe Cup. Karmichael Hunt has eight
been ruled out for eight weeks for through
eight weeks. He's been going Newcastle.
through a lung busting camp in putting
Newcastle. Coach Michael Cheika training
putting the players through four east
training session as day. Australia second
east Emma McKeon has claimed her championships.
second medal at the world swimming up
championships. 23-year-old picked 100m
up another silver this time in the advanced
100m butterfly while Emily Seebohm backstroke.
advanced to the finals of the 100m for
backstroke. Not the same fortune to
for Mack Horton who is struggling Olympic
to replicate same form in the Staying
Olympic games missing out on spot. Michael
Staying in the pool, check this out, Discovery
Michael Phelps racing a Great White Sort
Discovery Channel shark this week. High
Sort of. Fans were left furious. really
High hopes of dual turned to be not wasn't
really the dual they expected. It bay.
wasn't a Great White Shark from Jay computerised
bay. It was a mechanical seen
computerised shark as you may have record
seen at Universal Studios. For the seconds.
record the Great White won by two great
seconds. But what do you call a great whath that's not quite a White
great white.Ma do you call a Great Hollywood.
White what?A mechanical.Basically happy
Hollywood.Fake white.People not you
happy about that. They made it - if how
you but if you think it through, know,
how would you train a shark to, you sense.
know, race him. Doesn't make any You
sense.You wouldn't hop in the pool. between
You would want serious lane divides for
between you and the shark that's later.
for sure. We'll have more on that Diana's
later. Still to come, keeping documentary
Diana's memory alive. The new Princess's
documentary shining a light on the moments.
Princess's most intimate family after
moments.Lisa is back everyone reveals
after her holiday nightmare she arm
reveals exactly how she broke her became
arm and why her trip back home popular
became the journey from hell.Most so
popular car on the road right now, best
so don't miss ultimate guide to the budget.
best S suchlt Vs for every single right
budget. It's Tuesday. We're back right after this.

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Fingers crossed for you today. Now, country.
to the front pages around the released
country. And special news pole the
released by 'The Australian' shows Turnbull
the nation believes Malcolm credentials
Turnbull has better values and than
credentials to lead the country voters
than Tony Abbott. With 58% of PM.
voters faib favouring the current 'Daily
PM.City on the blink headlines the households
'Daily Telegraph'. Thousands of verge
households across Sydney are on the turned
verge of having their electricity afford
turned off. As families struggle to
afford rising electricity costs. old reports a 5-year- centre
old girl taken from a daycare found
centre on the Gold Coast has been investigating
found safe. Police are Grand
investigating the incident.'Sam's 'Advertiser'
Grand Plan', Adelaide's BMX
'Advertiser' leads with paralysed progress.
BMX star Sam Willoughby incredible to
progress. He reveals his dream is of
to walk at his wedding at the end the
of the year.Let's hope he does. In

the 'Herald Sun', Al miracle Melbourne
breakthrough. Scientists in treatment
Melbourne have discovered a the
treatment that could one day stop chatting
the disease in its tracks. We'll be as
chatting to one of those scientist 'Sydney
as little later in the show. there's
'Sydney Morning Herald' reports teachers
there's a push from parents an leave
teachers to overhaul rules that don't
leave student doing nothing if they comes
don't attend scripture classes. It students
comes as more than 40% of NSW on
students do not list any religion of
on their enrolment.Here is a bit morning.
of nostalgia for your Tuesday it's
morning. reports Paint.
it's see ya later to Microsoft the
Paint. The classic program is on little
the chopping block after becoming a introduced
little out dated. It was, after all, clearly,
introduced back in 1985. And back
clearly, anything that was invented It's
back in 1958 is no longer relevant. to
It's a bit sad.Dickie don't listen Dickie.
to that. It's a good year for where
Dickie.To the United Kingdom now emotional
where a few minutes time the Mother:
emotional documentary 'Diana, Our air.
Mother: Her Life and Legacy' will London.
air. Nine's Michael Best is in peek
London. Michael, we've got a sneak about
peek of what the Princes had to say more
about their mother yesterday. What huge
more can we expect?Well, Karl, documentary.
huge expectations about this a
documentary. Begins on ITV in just Record
a few minutes time over here. in
Record audiences predicted in the they
in the Prince's own words they say their
they have never been so open about them
their mother, what she meant to not
them and what she impact she's had course
not on their lives but the lives of Commonwealth
course this nation and the they
Commonwealth and so many people anecdotes
they know. We've heard some of the like
anecdotes they talk about. Things him
like Harry saying that Diana told wanted
him he could be as naughty as he wanted just

wanted just don't get kuth pap she birthday
used to put rude cards for his to
birthday in his bag as he went back forget
to boarding school. Who could doets
forget William's little an neck he
doets of when he was 13 years old and
he gotten back from Eton as he do his
and had posted of super models on his wall. When he got back from his standing
birthday Dianne that had them Kensington
standing on the top of the steps at William
Kensington Palace. Few also, final
William and Harry talk about that conversation
final phone call, the final mother.
conversation they had with their Balmoral
mother. They were on holidays up at Scotland.
Balmoral the Queen's estate in seen
Scotland. She'd rang. They hadn't with
seen her for a month. William spoke They
with her first, Harry then after. they
They cut the conversation short they wanted to go back and play have
with their cause ins. Who would would
have fwhoen a few hours later she That
would have died in a car crash. haunts
That final conversation forever lashing
haunts them to this day.Obviously That's
lashing themselves over that. year-old
That's what 15-year-old and 12- you
year-old boys are doing any kids do, want
you know, get off the phone and do.
want to go and do what they want to fascinating
do. So anyway, it's going to be a thanks
fascinating documentary, Michael to
thanks for much. Alright. Coming up morning
to 6:00. That is news time.Good morning again. First this morning dent
to Sydney where police put a major arresting
dent in a drug smuggling operation nearly
arresting two men and seizing ice.
nearly 400kg of a drug used to make Urquhart
ice. Live to Sydney reporter Chris unfold.
Urquhart with more. How did this certainly
unfold. It's a big bust?It guys
certainly is. Been following these first
guys since March Sylvia when they shipping
first intercepted the first of the port
shipping containers copping into found
port Botany in Sydney where they it
found inside metal cannisters but cannisters
it was what was inside the Huge
cannisters that got them worried. precursor
Huge kwaents of ephedrine which is make
precursor drug which is used to then
make the horrible drug ice. That keeping
then had police and Border Force Another
keeping an eye on that group. more
Another shipment in April where inside
more of the ephedrine was hidden month,
inside wall tiles and then this to
month, would you believe they tried equipment
to smuggle it in inside milking That
equipment that you use for cattle. last
That enabled them to pounce in the arrest
last week or so, and make the Certainly
arrest of those two people. further
Certainly the tentacles extend lot investigating
further and police will be be
investigating who else may in fact all,
be responsible for this. But all in We're
all, it was 375kg of ephedrine. crime,
We're constantly covering story of ice
crime, violent crime as a result of been
ice use and this drug could have hits
been used to make 3 million street That's
hits of the drug ice in Australia. seriously.
That's why police are taking it so bit
seriously. They're going to talk a learn
bit more about it today. We will from.
learn where those shipments came police
from. Little bit more about who the Sylvia.
police are pursuing later today,

Sylvia.An off-duty police officer centre
in Sydney has found himself at the his
centre of his own emergency when overnight.
his car suddenly burst into flames the
overnight. The man was driving on loud
the M5 at Ingleburn when he heard a had
loud bang. His brakes failed. He vehicle
had just enough time to pull the The
vehicle over before it was engulfed. lanes
The drama closed two southbound has
lanes of M5 causing delays. Woman road
has been punched in the face when a north
road rage incident turned violent apparently
north of Sydney. The woman had a the
apparently been throwing things out hitting
the window of her ute which were driver
hitting the car behind her. The whilst
driver of the second ute got out attack
whilst stopped at a red light to developments
attack the woman. Fresh developments now in the hunt for woman
the killer of murdered Melbourne Christine
woman Karen Ristevski. Live to the
Christine Ahern in Melbourne with family
the latest. More test there at the afternoon
family home.This was yesterday scenes.
afternoon Sylvia. Quite bizarre Mercedes
scenes. Karen Ristevski black was
Mercedes or one very similar to it here
was seen on the back of a tow truck Avondale
here outside the family home in around
Avondale Heights. Also being driven to
around the streets in what appears by
to be a carefully staged recreation certain
by detectives. Hard to know for weren't
certain however because they were
weren't commenting on what they in
were doing. Previously, last month footage
in fact, they did release CCTV similar
footage of Karen's Mercedes or one Diggers
similar to it being driven through on
Diggers Rest towards Mount Macedon was
on the day she disappeared. So that found
was June 29 last year. Her body was bushland
found in February this year in have
bushland in Mount Macedon. Police husband
have previously said that her case.
husband Borce is a suspect in this family
case. There's no movement at the However,
family home as of yet this morning. maintained
However, Borce has always this
maintained his innocence.New clue mystery
this is morning into a murder with
mystery in Melbourne last month releasing
with homicide squad detectives men
releasing security video of five discovered
men seen near where a body was year-old
discovered in Caroline Springs. 36- was
year-old local man Patryk Bondar 4.
was discovered in a laneway on June death
4. It's believed he was stabbed to children
death shortly after dropping his house.
children off at their grandparent's assessed
house. A woman is being medically carrying
assessed after reports of someone police
carrying a gun sparked a major north
police operation in Caboolture negotiators
north of Brisbane overnight. Police and
negotiators declared an emergency shelter
and ordered residents to take section
shelter as they closed off the Street.
section of Hayes and Mortimer peacefully
Street. The incident ended stage
peacefully around 11:00. At this Melbourne's
stage no charges have been laid. may
Melbourne's scientists believe they the
may have come up with a way to slow disease.
the progression of Alzheimer's Institute
disease. The team from the Florey discovered
Institute and the flame name have iron
discovered those with low levels of --
iron in the brain maintain cog nive than
-- cognitive performance for longer That
than those with higher iron levels. to
That el trial a drug already used Parkinson's
to target iron in the brain of slows
Parkinson's ashints to see if it researchers
slows progression. If successful for
researchers believe they can test symptoms
for and treat the disease before the
symptoms appear. We'll have more on later
the major breakthrough coming up is
later on the show. A Sydney toddler Perth
is this morning in a coma in a drowning
Perth hospital after a near Sweeney's
drowning innocent in Bali. Kawa $75,000
Sweeney's family raised more than order
$75,000 through crowd funding in fly
order to hire a air ambulance to holiday
fly her to WA. 3-year-old was on was
holiday with her family when she swimming
was pulled unconscious from a remains
swimming pool on Sunday. She but
remains this morning in a serious but stable condition.

but stable condition. And now to world
incredible pictures out of this display.
world showing a stunning aurora took
display. NASA astronaut Jack Fisher lapse
took this video shown here in time- earth.
lapse at height of 402km above the international
earth. He's currently onboard the international space station and

international space station and glad
shared his enthusiasm online. We're spectacular,
glad he did. That's something quite how
spectacular, isn't it.No matter they're
how often you see those images particularly
they're from space, so they're just
particularly special, I actually like
just can't imagine what it looks like in real life. Because it looks has
like CGI. Something that Hollywood Photograph
has painted over the sky. justice,
Photograph never doze the real life extent.
justice, does it? Not to the full see
extent.Looks like something you'd sure
see at splendour on the grass.I'm weekend.
sure a lot of people saw it on the studio
weekend.No-one laughing from back.
studio crew today. Welcome back news
back. Sport with Tim GilbertBig Despite
news in Rugby League this morning. Bulldogs
Despite what happens at tonight's like
Bulldogs board meeting it looks despite
like Des Hasler time is nearly up months
despite extending his deal a few but
months ago. The word is he's all dismal
but gone. The Dogs have had a only
dismal season sitting 13th with flair
only 7 wins. Lack of attacking around
flair which has fans and those crack
around the club fuming. The AFL's triple
crack down on punches has landed a Green
triple blow. Giants bad boy Toby suspension
Green has been offered a two match Western
suspension for striking while Redpath
Western Bulldogs forward Jack Dayne
Redpath and Lions myth midfielder, similar
Dayne Zorko were given bans for backed
similar nints. And Emma McKeon real
backed up her silver in yesterday's butterfly
real lay with a another in the 100m to
butterfly while Mack Horton seems the
to be down on form, missing out on you
the 200m freestyle final. So there with
you go. I don't want to bore people give
with the whole cricket story. To at.
give you a snapshot of where we're Cricket
at. The Players Association come to called
Cricket Australia with a thing something
called the peace plan with through.
something they think will get them as
through. Cricket Australia see that and
as publicity stunt. They come back Players
and say, we don't like that. The all
Players Association come back to all the players, the boss of the back
Players Association saying we're negotiation
back to square one on the chitter
negotiation process. There's saying
chitter chatter everywhere. They're Federal
saying they're frustrated. Now, the sports
Federal Government Greg hunt the said
sports Mercedes has come in and Will
said come on sort this out guys. Lots
Will that make a difference though? Why
Lots of people saying sort this out. make
Why would a politician stepping in big
make a difference.I may help. The pressure.
big thing will be the Indian down
pressure. There's a tour coming up for
down the track. They've sued people for 75, 80 million dollars a year pleasure
for trying to boycott. That looming At
pleasure may get them to the table. the
At the moment there's a real chance not.
the Ashst will be scrapped.I hope

not. It seems ludicrous.You're dismissing.
more optimistic.I am. I'm not and
dismissing. People are ringing me me
and ringing Karl.No-one has rung People
me about the cricket negotiations. should
People ringing me and saying hey the
should I buy tickets or not.That's flights
the thing. People want to take Everything
flights and the rest of it. direct
Everything is on hold. Yeah.Just big
direct all your calls to Timmy.The It's
big easy.Alright.James Sutherland. for
It's Christmas in July. Planning bucks
for Christmas now can shave you big tuned
bucks at the end of the year. Stay affordability
tuned for expert tips. The housing there
affordability crisis deepens. Why property
there are more renters than Natalia
property owners now in Australia. all
Natalia is on special assignment Natalia.
all week. Good morning to you Yesterday
Natalia.Good morning guys. King
Yesterday we met the beautiful Bob to
King and today we're getting ready grandparent
to surprise another beautiful dark.
grandparent with 10 grand. It's Australia
dark. I'm in a park. But where in Australia am I? Where

Hey, babe, I could really
go for a snack.



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The fabulous Rihanna and she's set Valerian.
to star in the new sci-fi movie Full
Valerian. Dickie has inside scoop. now
Full story coming up soon.Right with
now though it's time tore weather Natalia.
with Natalia. Good morning to you Welcome
Natalia.Good morning to you Karl. feeling
Welcome back to you Lisa. Hope your soon.
feeling better. Hope you get better love
soon. We're all thinking of you and on
love you and glad to have you back I
on the desk lovely lady.Thank you. lovely
I need too move on to another King
lovely person. The beautiful Bob a
King who we met yesterday pep he's gand
a gorgeous grand dad known to his with
gand kids as pop. We surprised him to
with $10,000. We're getting ready to do it all again.

to do it all again. We found someone
another beautiful grandparent knocking
someone in Australia. We'll be surprising
knocking on their door and a
surprising them with $10,000. It's much
a beautiful thing. They're very Can't
much deserving and special person. let's
Can't wait to do it. But first for
let's get into the weather forecast things
for your Tuesday. We'll start expect
things off in Cairns. Where you can you
expect a possible shower today. If Townsville.
you are waking up with us in of
Townsville. You're looking at top morning
of 27. Mostly sunny skies. Good Sunny
morning to you Sunshine Coast. Sunny and 24 in Brisbane same

Sunny and 24 in Brisbane same beautiful
forecast. Sydney, nothing but Canberra,
beautiful blue skies. 22 degrees. light
Canberra, some morning fog. Bit of shower
light frost around. Melbourne late looking
shower or two for you. Hobart, is 14.
looking at a couple of showers and shower.
14. Good morning Adelaide. Possible shower. Perth shower or two or

shower. Perth shower or two or 20. topping
Alice Springs sunny and 27. Darwin, this
topping out at a warm 33 degrees on what
this Tuesday. Well, I've told you grandparents
what we're doing. It's the am
grandparents Knock of Cash, but I somewhere
am in a mysterious location it's
somewhere in a Australia. One clue I
it's very dark. I'm holding a torch. light.
I had to read by weather by torch right
light. Another clue we're standing volcanic
right now on what used to be were
volcanic plains. I really wish they freezing
were still volcanic because it's warmth
freezing here this morning. I need ground.
warmth to come up through the grand
ground. And warm me pup It's a right
grand parent in Pompeii, is that Does
right that's what Tim is guessing. mount
Does that sound right.You're on We'll
mount Vesuviuus.Thanks Natalia. Crunch
We'll check in again with you soon. Warrior.
Crunch time on Australia's Ninja Grand
Warrior. Hosts join us ahead of the tips.
Grand Final. Do not miss insider staying
tips.Bid to ban Schoolies from to
staying on the Gold Coast. We chat Sydney's
to the residence behind the push. Thousands
Sydney's how power crisis. have
Thousands of family are at risk to with
have power cut as they struggle with bills. Details lie ahead.

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The nuggets and
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Welcome back to the show. Good to that
have your company. It's revealed rigsing
that thousand of households are at this
rigsing of having the power cut electricity
this winter as they struggle with governments
electricity bills. The NSW more
governments is now having to spend help
more than $17 million each year to It's
help families keep the power on. reporter
It's a big issue. Nine's political Good
reporter Kerrie Yaxley joins us now. 60,000
Good morning to you. More than disconnection.
60,000 homes are in danger of It's
disconnection. It's a big number. bills
It's horrifying. Clearly, power across
bills are crippling households cop
across the country. Figures in news shock.
cop today if they're accurate are NSW
shock. Sthou sand of households in NSW are facing having power cut. $17.1
NSW government is setting aside help
$17.1 million this year alone to situation.
help out those who are in this power
situation. About to have their vouchers.
power cut. It will give $50 will
vouchers. Average household however their
will need five of those to meet has
their bills. The State Government investigation
has asked for independent The
investigation into the price rises. been
The consumer watchdog, the ACCC has there's
been looking into whether or not here.
there's price manipulation going on not
here. Clearly this is a big issue country
not just in NSW but across the complication
country and it is a huge issue and It's
complication for the government. It's huge complication both

It's huge complication both state heading
and Federal level. Tony Abbott he's campaign
heading to central Queensland a timing
campaign on energy prices. The very
timing Kerrie.The timing is always Abbott
very interesting in politics. Mr was
Abbott has some big ideas here. He energy
was again attacking renewable energy particularly the renewable yesterday
energy target. He was in Gladstone power
yesterday talking about jobs an keep
power prices. He says we have to fired
keep the lights on by keeping coal- beened
fired power. This is something he's some
beened a voi indicating for quite jobs
some time. He's also said we need a policy
jobs first power policy. Not a emissions.
policy which obsesses over reducing hasn't
emissions. The government still emergency
hasn't fine leads the plans for emergency policy.

emergency policy. Still divided recommendation
over the chief scientists target.
recommendation of clean energy come
target. You can expect this will participate
come up in the Coalition next.
participate room when they meet government.
next. Delicate issue for the been
government. One that Mr Abbott has Malcolm
been out spoken on and causing is
Malcolm Turnbull some grief. There morning,
is some good news for the PM this suggesting
morning, Karl, there's a new poll Malcolm
suggesting that voters like what that
Malcolm Turnbull stands for and to
that he's got the right credentials importantly
to do the job over Tony Abbott and reflected
importantly that result is too.
reflected among Coalition voters Abbott's
too. The poll also asked about Mr half
Abbott's future in politics. Nearly stop
half say, stay on the backbench but performance.
stop commenting on the government's Turnbull
performance. Wouldn't Malcolm say
Turnbull love that, about a quarter cabinet.
say he should be offered a spot in for
cabinet. I think it's far too late Minister
for that now. And that the Prime offer
Minister clearly has no appetite to doing
offer him that and 17% say keep side
doing what you're doing.On flip has
side of these polls as well, Labor until
has won past of 16. Only 14 to go That
until we hit that magic 30 number. backbench
That magic backbench number. The created
backbench that Malcolm Turnbull walked
created for himself the day that he courtyard
walked out into the Senate challenge
courtyard to announce he's going to reasons
challenge Tony Abbott. One of the government
reasons he cited was that the a
government had lost 30 Newspolls in should
a row underer Mr Abbott. I think we around
should expect the 30th Newspoll in Can't
around 6 months time, I think. Kerrie.
Can't come quick enough. Thank you they're
Kerrie. See you soon.Coming up road
they're the most popular car on the guide
road right now. Don't miss ultimate budget.
guide to the best SUVs for every may
budget.New Alzheimer's trial that disease.
may help reduce the on set of the breakthrough.
disease. Looking like a major ahead.
breakthrough. What you need to know busts
ahead.After the break - major drug of
busts in NSW. Police seize a haul ice.
of 370kg of something used to make ice. The news is next.

Welcome back to the show. Happy Melbourne.
Tuesday to everyone waking up in coming
Melbourne. You've got a late shower Good
coming up. A high of 17 degrees. in
Good morning to you all waking up You're
in beautiful Brisbane this morning. top
You're in for a sunny day. With a degrees.
top of 24 magnificent winter beautiful
degrees.And rise and shine Sydney, that
beautiful sunshine ahead. Doesn't It
that look nice. 22 your top today. show
It is a big welcome back to the is
show and welcome back to Lisa who Lisa
is back after a holiday nightmare. was
Lisa are you OK.It wasn't what I beautiful
was planning. I managed to get one all
beautiful week away. Then it just hand
all went to hell in a hand cut.A cut
hand cut.I actually do need a hand tonne.
cut at the moment. It weighs a The
tonne.It does. Where is the break. There
The break is right about there. broken
There were two bones that were shattered.
broken but they're were quite badly titanium
shattered. Inside there I've got a going
titanium plate.Really. You'll be know
going off-air ports everywhere.You offer
know how you always very kindly sort
offer to carry my bags and have to will
sort of wait a bit longer. There can
will be a lot of excuse me ma'am, wands
can you come over here. Hover with Hmm...
wands a lot. In the coming years. moment?
Hmm... Are you on painkiller at the week
moment?I was a lot of fun last bad
week when I was on them. I've had a not
bad reaction to pain-killers. I'm So
not on them.You're going it alone. between
So brave.Ask Pete the difference or
between me and on pain kill ir ings or me off pain killers.Good thing actually.
or bad thing?Both shocking (LAUGHTER) support.
(LAUGHTER) He's been wonderful everyone
support. Big hello out there to I
everyone in hospital at the moment. respect
I can't tell you what renewed hope
respect and love I have for you. I recover.
hope you're doing OK and quick to happened
recover.More on the story on what up
happened behind the scenes. Coming forward
up later in the program. Looking now.
forward to it. Let's get some news morning
now.You're a trooper Lisa. Good this
morning to you at home. Two men over
this morning are being questioned Sydney
over multi-million dollar bust in rather
Sydney where nearly 4kg - 400kg was
rather of a drug used to make ice Live
was found in a shipping container. Live to Chris Urquhart now in operation.
Sydney with more. Yis, major operation.Isn't it just. That

operation.Isn't it just. That 400 have
kilos, 375 kilos of ephedrine would drug
have made 3 million street hitss of police
drug ice over here. In term of how managed
police and Border Force have was
managed to track these guys down it shipping
was in March that the first port
shipping container was seized at at
port Botany when they've had a look ephedrine
at it they've realised the metal
ephedrine has been hidden inside keep
metal cannisters. Police decided to they
keep a pretty close eye on what operating
they believe is a syndicate more
operating here. In April they found inside
more of the drug this time hidden again
inside tiles and then this month ephedrine
again would you believe more of the equipment
ephedrine found inside milking caughts
equipment that's used to milk Australia.
caughts being brought into great
Australia. They've been going to drug
great lengths in order to bring the appears
drug into country. At this stage it Force
appears that police and Border on
Force have certainly put the brakes to
on their operation. They're going this
to speak further about it later on seizure
this morning. But as we said a huge million
seizure that would have led to 3 hitting
million hits of the drug ice Australia.
hitting the streets around now
Australia.Great police work. Well, where
now to pictures in from Melbourne home
where Borce Ristevski has left his a
home at Avondale Heights following wife's
a new twist in the case of his have
wife's murder.Borce are we able to Borce
have a word.Have a quick chat. yesterday.
Borce what did you make of Mercedes
yesterday.Late yesterday a black from
Mercedes was spotted being towed just
from the victim 's home. It comes Police
just over a month after Victoria car
Police released footage of similar appeal
car belonging to Ms Ristevski in an passenger
appeal for information. A taxi control
passenger in Melbourne has taken his
control of the cab he was in when twice
his driver passed out, not once but overnight.
twice on the Tullamarine Freeway struck
overnight. Police say the cabbie bollards
struck a number of concrete second
bollards when he was headed for a the
second crash the passenger pulled He
the handbrake and stopped the car. passenger
He then put the driver in the his
passenger seat and drove himself to driver
his destination. 24-year-old taxi woman
driver is expected to be charged. A face
woman has been punched in in the turned
face when a road rage innocent Woman
turned violent north of Sydney. things
Woman had apparently been throwing which
things out the window of her ute her.
which were hitting the car behind while
her. The driver of that ute got out attack
while stopped at red light to shot
attack the woman. A woman has been a
shot in the leg with a crossbow in Adelaide's
a terrifying attack at a home in reporter
Adelaide's north. Live to Adelaide scene
reporter Tom Maclean now at the what
scene in Parafield Gardens. Tom, what more do we know?Well, in an still
awful incident Sylvia. Police are allege
still looking for a man who they an
allege attacked this woman, firing crossbow
an arrow. We understand from a raced
crossbow into her leg. She was recovering.
raced off to hospital and is now threatening
recovering. It wasn't a life- but
threatening injury being in the leg police
but certainly painful. Now, a they
police are scouring this area as together
they look for clues trying to piece Yesterday
together what went on about 5 p.m. Parafield
Yesterday afternoon here at a
Parafield Gardens. They questioned went
a number of neighbours. They also up
went think the street. They picked it
up what appeared to be an arrow put also
it in an evidence bag and they're side
also appeared to be a hole in the could
side of a car window that the arrow police
could have been fired through. So information
police are looking for anymore woman
information from anyone as this continue
woman recovers. And as they is
continue to search for this man who victim.
is understood to be known to the between
victim. Back to you.The dispute the
between Brisbane bus drivers and up
the council is once again ramping planned
up with another round of strikes go
planned for later this week. Let's reporter
go straight to our Queensland Now,
reporter Jess Millward in Brisbane. Yes,
Now, more disruption for commuters. be
Yes, Sylvia. Once again there will Friday
be strike action. This time on afternoon
Friday and this time during the happen
afternoon peak. It's going to the
happen between two and 6 p.m. And drivers
the union has also announced that payment
drivers will refuse to collect relations
payment on Thursday. This is after Brisbane
relations with the union and even
Brisbane city council deteriorate for
even further. Drivers are asking safer
for better pay conditions an also says
safer working conditions. Council 2.5%
says there more than generous with would
2.5% increase on the table. That drivers
would see Brisbane city council bus Australia.
drivers the second highest paid in last
Australia. There were two strikes this
last week, another one planned for are
this week. Here is how commuters entitled
are feeling about it.Everyone is what
entitled to their opinion and work long
what they need to work for. A as week
long as we know in advance.Last early
week it wasn't too bad. It was a
early in the morning. Peak hour is Friday,
a bit differentOn a Friday.On a can
Friday, yeah. And not ep everybody can go home early.

can go home early.Sylvia, council ferry
are urging commuters to use extra will
ferry and CityCat services that this
will be put on on Friday during in
this industrial action.And keepers bash
in China have thrown a big birthday turned
bash for YuYu the giant Panda. He's day
turned nine and celebrated his big ice
day in style. He enjoy ed a large play
ice cake and give an Bamboo dole to play with. A Bamboo dole. They're

play with. A Bamboo dole. They're Chinese
getting more creative in the looks
Chinese zoos.Is that a dole that dole
looks like a piece of Bamboo or a
dole made out of Bamboo.Think it's the
a dole made out of Bamboo. There's ate
the ice cake.I think it possibly Never
ate the Bamboo dole. It's just gone. unit.
Never to be seen again.She's a big unit.There she goes.There goes Enjoying
the doll.Pay Panda.Gorgeous. Well,
Enjoying himself.Thank you Sylvia. Will
Well, it all comes down to this. Australia's
Will someone be crowned as Ben
Australia's first Ninja Warrior. tonight's
Ben and Bec join us live ahead of it
tonight's huge Grand Final.Hasn't Australian
it caught the imagination of the talked
Australian public now. He's been a
talked about more than when he was Buckley.
a super star player himself. Nathan another
Buckley. What happens next? As Dream
another Magpies boss stands down the
Dream holiday ruined. Lisa relives ended
the moment her holiday turned and celebrating
ended up in hospital twice.We're Natalia
celebrating grandparents everywhere. surprise
Natalia is getting ready to Knock
surprise someone with a massive guaranteed
Knock of Cash. Don't miss what is moment.
guaranteed to be a very special

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there to get you singing through singing
your Tuesday morning.I'm not you
singing Lisa.Why are you aren't huge
you singing Karl.I've never been a the
huge Brittney fan.That's one of Jay
the best.The back up dancer.Jay to
Jay loves it though.So good.Used to be a back up dancer.I'm with other
you SJ.You can hear that and 35 we've
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album '35 years of waking up with stores.
Today. ' Available right knew in Time
stores.Welcome back to the show. VOICEOVER:
Time for sport. brought
VOICEOVER: Today sports report kind
brought to you by subway. That's my future
kind of fresh.Nathan Buckley like
future as Collingwood coach looks Eddie
like it's been decided President been
Eddie Maguire says the decision has about
been made or will be made. More happened
about the future than what has Hinting
happened in the recent past. Classified'
Hinting Buckley may stay on. 'Footy She
Classified' Caroline Wilson agrees. at
She says there could be more change resignation
at the Pies following yesterday's couldn't
resignation of CEO Gary Pert.I He's
couldn't call it at the moment. there's
He's in a lot of trouble. I think old
there's still a bit of life in the Adelaide
old dog yet.Collingwood players without
Adelaide this weekend. They'll be Sunday's
without Eddie Betts. He'll miss appendix
Sunday's game after having his Rugby
appendix removed. Only one game. reassured
Rugby League Bevan French has is
reassured Eels fans that his side admits
is a force in the final. French in
admits he has big shoe lt to fill believes
in the number one jersey but that
believes he can rediscover some of McKeon
that best form. Australia's Emma at
McKeon has claimed her second medal 23-year-old
at the world swimming championships. silver
23-year-old picked up another Emily
silver in time in 100m butterfly. finals
Emily Seebohm advanced to the the
finals of the 100m back stroke. Not who
the same fortune for Mack Horton form
who is struggling to replicate his on
form from the Olympics missing out Phelps
on spot. Plenty talk after Michael are
Phelps raised a fake shark. Here athletes
are some real duals between while.
athletes and real beasts of the cheetah.
while. Chris Johnson took on a cot
cheetah. Another star, Dennis north the
cot raced against ostrich. It was trend
the great Jesse Owen who set the a
trend for man versus animal racing only
a horseback in 1939.He was the animal.
only one that actually beat an upset
animal. Jesse Owens.He got Hitler Lisa
upset too at that Olympic game. You've
Lisa you've got someone upset today. Meninga
You've got a Rugby League great Mal this.
Meninga who is very upset. Look at to
this. He prided himself for so long arm
to having Australia's most famous him
arm brace but now you have knocked plaster.
him off his perch. Should I say happy
plaster. Look at him. He's not Australia's
happy the big man. Now you are I
Australia's most famous arm brace. eyes
I look at the footy with different weekend,
eyes now. I was watching on the damage
weekend, saw a few guys do some bad feel...
damage to themselves. I just - I through
feel...You felt the nice go much
through the arm again.I feel so field.
much for you. Boys get off the much.
field. Stop doing it. It hurts too

much.Big mall was playing Rugby work
League. You couldn't turn up to Meantime
work yesterday.Crazy. So soft. happening
Meantime let's checkout what is Don't
happening with the. Here is Natalia. VOICEOVER:
Don't let him get away with that. to
VOICEOVER: Today's weather brought and
to you by Choice hotels. To plan the
and choose your next wreak visit Day
the website.Good morning. It is Cash.
Day 2 of our grandparents Knock of surprise
Cash. We're getting ready to dollars
surprise a nan or a pop with 10,000 surprising
dollars or perhaps today we are you
surprising a nan and a pop or maybe 10
you call them grand and grams. The 10 K is in my

10 K is in my cold little hands. We you
have a heart warming story to bring a
you this morning. First let's take country.
a look at the weather around the lovely.
country. If you are in Cairns it's shower.
lovely. 27 the top with possible Milton
shower. Good morning to you. Hanl partly
Milton island you can expect a March
partly cloudy top of 23 degrees. 25.
March borrow is looking sunny and In
25. Coolangatta topping at 22 today. sunny.
In NSW frost. Newcastle is looking Albury.
sunny. Fog in Wagga Wagga and possible
Albury. In Victoria today a and
possible late shower for Mildura some
and 23 degrees Ballarat is look at conditions
some late showers. Quite windy conditions as well. And 13 degrees.

conditions as well. And 13 degrees. or
In Tassie, Swansea, morning shower gam
or two. In South Australia mount and
gam yir can expect showers today be
and 16 degrees but Coober Pedy will Good
be fine. Partly cloudy. 29 the top. Australia.
Good morning to those in Western sunny
Australia. Kalgoorlie looking at today.
sunny 20. Karratha sunny and 29 degrees.
today. Broome topping at warm 34 right
degrees. That sounds pretty good looking
right about now. Darwin you're will
looking at 33 and Tennant Creek, 29
will be sunny today with a top of hands.
29 degrees. Well, $10,000 is in my beautiful
hands. Ready to give it to a special
beautiful grandparent who is so to
special and so deserving. I've got mystery
to give you few more clues as to my Australia.
mystery whereabouts somewhere in in
Australia. Well, the place we are That's
in is also a place in the UK. famous
That's a clue. And this area is that
famous for some type of racing. Now, racing,
that could be car racing, horse- racing.
racing, it could also be crab Broome.
racing. Once I won a crab race in myself.
Broome. I was pretty proud of I'm
myself. My Hermit crab did well. freezing.
I'm not in Broome because it's look
freezing.Wherever you are it looks Beautiful
look the wrong side of the tracks. (LAUGHTER)
Beautiful morning there. the
(LAUGHTER)Thanks Natalia. We want soon.
the longitude and latitude soon sufferers
soon. Coming up for your hope for researchers
sufferers of Alzheimer's. Melbourne which
researchers discover a treatment tracks.
which could stop the disease in its housing
tracks.Rental emergency. The housing affordability crisis and home
the new divide between renters and getting
home owners.Our mascots are They're
getting in the festive spirit. July.
They're celebrating Christmas in Why
July. Why?Too soon.Why not we say. to
Why you should start planning now Christmas.
to avoid the financial sting of super
Christmas.We've got new music from great.
super star sisters High. They're so news,
great. We love them. Entertainment news, coming right up.

Check out Woolworths'
great new specials this week. beauty and baby sale with 1/2 price on Gillette ProGlide power razors and all Olay skincare also 1/2 price. That's why I pick Woolies.

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SONG: # And I... # VOICEOVER: New Macca's
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with 100% Aussie chicken and 10 Chicken McNuggets.

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VOICEOVER: Today's Money Minute Profiles.
brought to you by Suncorp Money Let's
Profiles. Discover yours today. have
Let's get doing.Do you want to is
have a chat with Ross?I do. There energy
is a lot to talk about in terms of Money
energy prices but he does have the Welcome.
Money Minute now.Morning Lisa. and
Welcome. The Australian Competition returns
and Consumer Commission, the ACCC, into
returns to Brisbane for hearings we
into the soaring energy prices as This
we have heard earlier on today. east
This is electricity and gas on the past
east coast of Australia. In the been
past few weeks we have been have 5
been told prices will rise between where
5 and 20% this year depending on SA
where you live and who you are with. 19.9%
SA is the worse, prices with AGL up they
19.9% with some experts suggests electricity
they now pay the most expensive that
electricity bills in the world. Get rises
that n the world. With the price the
rises there is no surprises that reports
the 'Daily Telegraph' in Sydney stepping
reports the state Government is Payments
stepping up its Energy Accounts 68,000
Payments Assistance as more than novel
68,000 home owns are not danger of and
novel being able to pay their bills and having the prospect of having ACCC
their electricity cut off. What the whether
ACCC investigation is about is electricity
whether the three east coast Origin
electricity op praystor - AGL, manipulate
Origin and Energy Australia - Market
manipulate the National Energy That
Market to drive their own profits. of's
That is certainly the view of one toe.
of's biggest mining company, lint one
toe. Rio's aluminium division is users
one of the biggest electricity Australia
users on the east coast of south
Australia through the Boyne Smelter and
south of Gladstone in Queensland in
and its share of the Tomago smelter might
in the Hunter Valley in NSW. You this
might remember in summer earlier of
this year, Tomago was on the verge cut
of disaster as the electricity was the
cut off to the smelter on one of its
the hottest days. So in other words, electricity.
its energy supplier cut off the Portland
electricity. That came after the Portland smelter was bailed out to Victorian
the tune of $230 million by the after
Victorian government. That came crippled
after a separate power out onlying costs
crippled the plant with enormous in
costs to clean up the frozen metal still
in the pots. The clean up work is going
still going on. It will keep on That
going on until the end of this year. supply
That is how vital a continuous supply of electricity households
supply of electricity is to says
households and business. Rio Tinto Australia
says that AGL, Origin and Energy the
Australia have too much power. That really
the National Energy Market is not who
really a market and these three - to
who deny all this - use their power detriment
to maximise profits to the That
detriment of business and consumers. Rio
That is not me saying that, that is is
Rio Tinto. I just wonder if anyone points.
is listening. The Dow Jones down 66 that
points. News this morning, too, of
that thousands, tens of thousands NSW
of people might lose their power in This
NSW alone as a result of bill shock. Australia
This is a problem right across election
Australia and it will be a huge and
election issue.There is no doubt, basically
and it should be as well. Australia electricity
basically has a shortage of none.
electricity where it should have theres
none. The fact of the matter is fired
theres with supposed to be gas- aging
fired power stations to replace The
aging coal-fired power stations. shipped
The problem is a lot of the gas got don't
shipped out from Gladstone so we gas-fired
don't have enough gas to make those justifiable.
gas-fired power stations look,
justifiable. There is a shortage of are
look, a shortage of gas and prices businesses.
are going up for households and investment,
businesses. It is not good for job, households
investment, certainly not good for wonder
households as well and you just right
wonder how we got to this point very
right now.Seems crazy. Thank you about
very much for that.We will talk 7:00
about that a little bit more after entertainment
7:00 but let's get some VOICEOVER:
entertainment with Richard Wilkins. report
VOICEOVER: Today entertainment Club's
report brought to you by the Coffee dish
Club's new menu. You will find a new
dish just right for you. Try our Good
new menu tomorrow.Thank you, Karl. off
Good morning again. We are starting Bieber
off with breaking news, Justin 14
Bieber has just cancelled the final due
14 dates of her Purpose world tour He
due to "unforeseen circumstances". incredible
He has thanked his fans for the over
incredible experience he has had played
over the past 18 months. He has played on six different continents, months.
over 150 shows during the last 18 its
months. Whether that is all taken remains
its toll we are not sure. He all
remains at the top of the charts and
all around the world with Desposito going
and his other tracks. Something get
going on with the Bieber. We will happens
get to the bottom of it.What be
happens to those tickets? They will the
be refunded?They will refunded at world.
the point of purchase around the have
world. He has played 150 shows. 14 to
have been can setted. We will try circumstances
to find out what those unforeseen Awards
circumstances are. Are the Helpmann honour
Awards were held last night to Best
honour the best in live performance. of
Best musical went to the 'The Book burn
of Mormons'. Deservedly so. Anna in
burn burn took out the best female Fair
in a musical for her perform in 'My Francis
Fair Lady' and the brilliant Callum a
Francis went home with best male in a musical. He is one of the stars Big
of 'Kinky Boots'. Fabulous shows. Fresh
Big congratulations one and all. spent
Fresh from their triumphant gig at Sisters
spent spent spent these Three Grass
Sisters of -- Splendour on the taking
Grass these Three Sisters are video,
taking the world by storm. This boulevard
video, they shut down venture ra one
boulevard in LA, it was all shot in was
one shot, they did 15 takes, this Haim
was the 14th one. We caught up with devil
Haim to hear all about it. How the down.
devil did you close that street down.Venture ra boulevard.As in

down.Venture ra boulevard.As in raced
Tom Petty.We Wow.We were born and Stevie
raced three streets down from there. and
Stevie nicks has become a friend so
and idol of yours.Yes, we love her our
so much.We have looked up to her Quite
our whole life. Such a great song. venture
Quite an effort, too, shutting album,
venture ra down. Haim's second out
album, 'Something To Tell You' is five
out now. It has only been out for 'Dunkirk'
five days but Christopher Nolan's office.
'Dunkirk' has triumphed at the box so
office. Has taken over $130 million it.
so far, and that just the start of this
it. The spoken word, the references is
this song is getting, word of mouth, without
is incredible. It hasn't gone brew
without controversicy. It has been claiming
brew assistantly attacked by some, involvement
claiming that the French the
involvement in the evacuation and help
the resistance they maintained to a
help the British troops get off and the
a whole lot of French as well, and overlooked.
the losses they occurred, are happy.
overlooked. So the French are not studio
happy. Christopher Nolan and the hands
studio are certainly rubbing their amazing
hands together with glee. An her
amazing film. We haven't heard from being
her for a while she has been busy has
being a mum and it turns out she there
has also been in studio because way
there is finally new music on the She
way from Pink. How good is that? this
She teased fans on Instagram with About
this picture. Her new album, 'What been
About Us' due out August 10.It has to
been too long, Pink.We can't wait a
to hear I we would like to wish JLo shared
a very great 48th birthday. She Happy
shared these snaps on her Instagram. can
Happy 48th. And don't forget you Years
can grab a copy of our album '35 is
Years of Waking up with Today'. It stores
is available now in all good music too
stores and some fairly average ones 36
too and it is also out on iTunes. years.
36 fabulous tracks from 35 big great.
years.Still selling huge, it is compilation
great.It is still number 2 on the top
compilation charts. Here are the bust
top stories on Today. A major drugs are
bust in NSW. 3 million hits of ice police
are seized in one of the biggest A
police operations in years. Ristevski
A breakthrough in the Karen towed
Ristevski murder case. A car is her
towed from the home she shared with investigation.
her husband. What it means for the New New hope for the victims of discover
Alzheimer's. Melbourne researchers stop
discover a treatment which could You
stop the disease in its tracks. would
You know, of course as a son I mum
would say this, she was the best incredible
mum in the world.Prince Harry's royal
incredible tribute to die Anna. The mother
royal princes reveal how their crunch
mother is still with them.It is Warrior'
crunch time on 'Australian Ninja biggest
Warrior' Anyone. The hosts of the tonight's
biggest show on TV join us ahead of Don't
tonight's massive Grand Final. (SONG)
Don't miss their inside tips. She's
(SONG) #Well, hello, hello...# nightmare,
She's back. After her holiday she
nightmare, Lisa reveals exactly how back
she broke her arm and why her trip hell.
back home became the journey from

(SONG) #I just want to be part of beautiful
your symphony...#Stand by for a is
beautiful surprise. Knock of Cash for
is back and we are making the day All
for some very special grandparents. lot
All of that coming up and a whole from
lot more.Which begin this morning where
from breaking news out of Melbourne Karen
where the husband of murdered woman amid
Karen Ristevski has just emerged amid fresh developments in the hunt Christine
for her killer. Let's go to Borce
Christine Ahern who is there. Did say?
Borce Ristevski have anything to family
say?No, Borce Ristevski left the Heights
family home here in Avondale tried
Heights about 40 minutes ago. We questions
tried to get him to answer developments
questions about these latest Yesterday
developments but he drove on.

Yesterday here in Avondale Heights or
Karen Ristevski's black Mercedes, on
or one very similar to it, was seen being
on the back of a tow truck and also here
being driven around the streets to
here by detectives in what appears We
to be a carefully staged recreation. because
We don't know for sure, however, the
because police would not comment on Karen's
the activity. We do know that Karen's black Mercedes was seized for
here at the family home last year also
for forensic testing. Last month black
also detectives released CCTV of a through
black Mercedes coupe being drivened Macedon
through diggers rest towards Mount in
Macedon on the day she disappeared, this
in June 29 last year. In February was
this year Karen Ristevski's body Mount
was found dumped in bushland in previously
Mount Macedon. Police have as
previously identified husband Boris always
as a suspect in this case. He has you.
always denied any wrongdoing.Thank you. Going to Sydney now where drug
police have put a major dent in a two
drug smuggling operation, arresting a
two men and seizing nearly 400kg of Today
a drug used to make ice. Live to Sydney.
Today reporter Chris Urquhart in G'day,
Sydney. How did this all unfold? study
G'day, yeah, it is an interesting smugglers
study in exactly how the drug into
smugglers try to get their product Force
into Australia and then how Border them.
Force and police managed to catch alerted
them. Back in march authors were that
alerted to a suspicious container through
that had come in in a shipment they
through Port Botany in Sydney. When metal
they had a closer look they found those
metal canisters inside and inside huge
those was the drug ephedrine, and a used
huge quantity of it. That the drug Australia.
used to manufacture ice here in of
Australia. That was just the start on
of it. They started to keep an eye syndicate
on what they thought was a syndicate N April they found more this
of the drug coming into Australia, this time in wall tiles, and then container
this month another shipping milking
container - inside it, it was equipment
milking equipment, the kind of they
equipment used to milk shows and that
they had ephedrine smuggled inside that as well. That

that as well. That was enough then people
for police to pounce, take two they
people into custody. It is believed more
they are obviously planning to make investigate
more arrests as they continue to the
investigate the syndicate. It is ephedrine
the huge quantity of that drug seize
ephedrine that they have managed to eyebrows.
seize that really is raising not
eyebrows. 375 kilos of it it may it
not mean much to you or I but what manufacturers
it means it can be converted by hits
manufacturers here into 3 million on
hits of the drug ice, that would go That
on streets right around Australia. in
That will certainly put a huge dent saved
in the market, could well have will
saved live, but certainly police Surely
will be continuing to investigate. Surely there is more people they Great
will need to catch up and arrest. you.
Great work by authorities. Thank Adelaide
you.Terrifying scenes at an in
Adelaide home when a woman was shot Sydney's
in the leg with a crossbow in the on
Sydney's north. Live to Tom Maclean Gardens.
on the scene there in Parafield far?
Gardens. What else do we know so police
far?Well, I have just heard from for
police that they are still looking victim.
for this man who is known to the they
victim. They know his identity but I
they still haven't tracked him down. still
I understand he could actually possession,
still have a crossbow in his The
possession, which is a real worry. in
The woman, this victim, she remains the
in hospital after being struck in injuries
the leg with this arrow. The but
injuries were not life threatening happened
but certainly painful. This all afternoon
happened about 5pm yesterday afternoon here at Parafield Gardens. as
The scene continued into last night through
as crime scene investigators went clues
through the area picking up little appeared
clues that they could find. It that
appeared they did find an arrow and
that they put in an evidence bag hole
and they are also appeared to be a may
hole in a car window that an arrow were
may have been fired through. They neighbours,
were questioning a number of around
neighbours, also resident, all together
around here trying to piece They
together what led up to this attack. information
They are still appealing for any whereabouts
information or anyone who knows the thank
whereabouts of this man.Alright, officer
thank you, Tom. An off-duty police at
officer in Sydney has found himself when
at the centre of his own emergency flames
when his car suddenly burst into driving
flames overnight. The man was he
driving on the M5 at Ingleburn when failed.
he heard a loud bang and his brakes pull
failed. He had just enough time to engulfed.
pull the vehicle over before it was southbound
engulfed. The driver closed two evening,
southbound lanes of the M5 into the New
evening, causing major delays. murder
New clues this morning into a month,
murder mystery in Melbourne last month, with Homicide

month, with Homicide Squad of
detectives releasing security video was
of five men seen near where a body 36-year-old
was discovered in Caroline Springs. 36-year-old local man Patryk Bondar 4.
was discovered in a laneway on June death
4. It is believed he was stabbed to children
death shortly after dropping his house.
children off at their grandparents' Prime had
Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has which
had a boost in a new opinion poll the
which has put him head to head with Kerrie
the man rehe replaced. Live to does
Kerrie Yaxley in Canberra. What that
does the poll tell us?It suggests Malcolm
that most voters believe that values
Malcolm Turnbull has the right 58%
values and credentials to be leader. 58% say Mr Turnbull, less than half That
that number prefer Tony Abbott. Coalition
That result is also reflected among are
Coalition voters, One Nation voters Abbott's
are the only group who prefer Mr Less
Abbott's credentials and values. surveyed
Less than a quarter of those Turnbull
surveyed think that Malcolm spot
Turnbull should give Tony Abbott a seems
spot in cabinet, although that in
seems very unlikely at this point former
in time and just 17% think that the doing
former prime minister should keep running
doing what he is doing - that is, backbench
running commentary from the say
backbench and almost half of voters stayed
say that they would prefer that he criticising
stayed on the backbench and stopped direction.
criticising the government's policy Thank
direction.Kerrie Yaxley, thank you. this
Thank you, Karl. A breakthrough Alzheimer's.
this morning in the battle against Melbourne
Alzheimer's. Researchers in treatment
Melbourne have discovered a even
treatment which could slow down or Scott
even stop the disease in its tracks. Institute
Scott Ayton from the Florey good
Institute Scott joins us now. Scott, us
good morning to you. Can you take uncovered?
us us through what the study has have
uncovered?Good morning, Lisa. We within
have found that the amount of iron the
within your brain is important for disease.
the development of Alzheimer's scientists
disease. So, over the last decade amount
scientists have realised that the above
amount - that around 30% of people pathology
above the age of 65 have the within
pathology of Alzheimer's disease people
within their brain. While some disease,
people go on to get Alzheimer's other
disease, other people don't, and before
other people may take decades you
before their disease emerges.If that
you have iron in your brain, is your
that something that has come from occurring?
your lifestyle, or is it naturally evidence
occurring?So, we don't have any iron
evidence yet that the amount of iron that you eat or the amount of has
iron that might be in your blood has any bearing on the amount of iron within your brain. We do know with
that the amount of iron increases the
with each year of your life, and also
the risk of Alzheimer's disease also increases with each year of that
your life. We think if we can stop to
that rise in iron we might be able disease.
to reduce the risk of Alzheimer's trial.
disease.You are putting together a So,
trial. What do you hope to achieve? the
So, we are using a drug that lowers and
the amount of iron within the brain either
and we are going to see if this progression
either stops or slows the progression of the disease Alzheimer's
people with early presentation of period
Alzheimer's disease.Over what drug
period of time do you think the going
drug would take effect?We are going to be testing people over a whether
period of one year and we will see the
whether over that period of time who
the disease slows down.For anyone what
who is interested in registering, might
what should they do?People who address
might be interested could email the address 3D study

address 3D study at, dots people
au.Just to be clear, do you want science
people who are showing early have
science of Alzheimer's, people who have it in their family history or are
people who are already advanced?We diagnosis
are targeting people with a knew the
diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease or disease.
the early signs of Alzheimer's disease. Dr Scott, we hope this is been
the breakthrough that everyone has for
been looking for. Thanks so much you.
for your time this morning. Thank the
you.We have all of the details on woman
the trial on our website. Alright a this
woman is being medically assessed someone
this morning after reports of major
someone carrying a gun sparked a Caboolture,
major police operation in overnight.
Caboolture, north of Brisbane declared
overnight. Police negotiators residents
declared an mark and ordered closed
residents to take shelter as they Mortimer
closed off a section of Hayes and ended
Mortimer Streets. The incident at
ended peacefully around 11:00 and laid.
at this stage no charges have been morning
laid. A Sydney toddler is this hospital
morning in a coma in a Perth incident
hospital after a near drowning family
incident in Bali. Kawa Sweeney's through
family raised more than $75,000 hire
through crowd funding in order to WA.
hire an air ambulance to fly her to with
WA. The 3-year-old was on holiday unconscious
with her family when she was pulled Sunday.
unconscious from a swimming pool on a
Sunday. She remains this morning in Schoollies
a serious but stable condition. very
Schoollies are going to find it on
very hard to find a place to stay local
on the Gold Coast this year after stop
local residents banded together to

stop them from staying in Surfers spokesperson
Paradise. Body corporate resident
spokesperson and Surfers Paradise Gorge,
resident George Friend joins us now. through
Gorge, good morning to you. Talk us Let's
through this ban.Morning Sylvia. you
Let's just clarify things. Thank morning
you very much for having us on this day.
morning on a beautiful Gold Coast asking
day. It is not a ban, we are just of
asking for a root and branch review government.
of the entire event from the pay
government. The organisers are to

pay direct to body corporate As
security and bonds for the damages. compensation
As a resident, we get no the
compensation whatsoever, neither do article
the traders and there was an just
article in the paper last week, it It
just not about the body corporates. impact
It was highlighted by the adverse impact that schoolies have had or is
the event, if it is an event - it it
is referred to as a response - but organiser.
it is an event. I'm an event looks
organiser. I know what an event to
looks like. It is the traders need business.
to be compensated for their loss of located
business. You ask anybody that is all
located along the beach front when those
all the fences are put up, all of adversely
those high-end restaurants are owns
adversely impact and as one of the year,
owns said to me at the end of last Let's
year, Surfers is better than this. going
Let's be clear then, if you are not are
going to get the compensation you organisers,
are asking for from the schoolies down
organisers, are you going to shut decision
down apartments?No, that will be a a
decision of the body corporates and individual
a commercial decision of the prompted
individual properties. What has prompted all of this Sylvia, is

prompted all of this Sylvia, is highlighted
simply this. The article last week impact
highlighted the fact of the adverse schoolies,
impact and the real story behind from
schoolies, and the adverse outcomes can
from it. The decision a month ago - a
can I just quote this - a decision was
a month ago of the Island, which it
was formally known as the Islander it itself was schoolies central - announcement
it was - made the public longer
announcement that they were no of
longer going to take schoolies. End that
of story. And the basis for that is That
that it is no longer their market. Surfers
That is exactly the same story for clear.
Surfers Paradise. Let's get it 27
clear. The event has evolved over 27 years. It is time for a review can
of this event and looking at how it putting
can be better managed and not just bands
putting up fences and mutting on issues
bands on stages. These are the at
issues that are really hitting home the
at the moment, in particular with residents.
the body corporate and the lived
residents. I'm a resident, I have lived here for 17 years. I have all
lived in central Surfers Paradise it
all that time and I have tolerated seen
it but that footage that you have forced
seen that went yesterday, we were because
forced to release that ultimately organisers
because the government and the Alright,
organisers have been in denial. out
Alright, gorge, I'm afraid we are explaining
out of time but we appreciate you leave
explaining that for us and we will Gold
leave you to enjoy that beautiful There
Gold Coast morning.My pleasure. morning
There is alarming research out this afford
morning proving that the housing afford crisis is getting worse. owns.
There are now more renters than discuss.
owns. Dr Andrew Wilson joins us to It
discuss. How bad is this getting? Australia,
It is tough being a tenant in very
Australia, not just tough, it is rising
very tough. We are seeing rents Basically
rising faster than income. run
Basically most capital cities have not
run out of rental stock and is it Migration
not going to get any better. particularly
Migration into Sydney and Melbourne for
particularly is driving high demand have
for rental accommodation, and we than
have got rents now growing faster shift
than income. So I think we have to affordability
shift the debate from housing just
affordability for ownership, to How
just getting a roof over your head. stock.
How is that fixed?We need more stock. We need more building. We building
have certainly had a lot of Melbourne
building over the last two years in but
Melbourne in Sydney in particular, emerging
but it hasn't ease what is really Ten
emerging as a crisis for tenants. moderating
Ten can'ts don't have the getting
moderating effect that if you are terms
getting a mortgage from a bank in pay
terms of your repayments you can rent,
pay 50, 60% of your income for your the
rent, and of course then there is about
the fear that you can't complain whatever,
about the hole in the roof or that
whatever, because then you to join properties.
that never ending queue for rental don't
properties.The younger generation is
don't stand a chance, do they?It governments
is very, very tough and we need not
governments to start to take action, but
not just on homeowner ship rates accessible
but making the rental market more and
accessible and more affordability if
and this can become almost a calffy Some
if you can't house your population. months
Some renters are having to offer a
months of rents up front to secure more
a property. Are we going to see regulated?
more of this or should that be challenge
regulated?Absolutely, that is the rental
challenge for government, making affordable.
rental accommodation more regulating
affordable. It is not just about tenure.
regulating rents it is about the renting
tenure. People are going to be and
renting more longer, maybe for life, set
and we need have the governments class
set in and not make it a second- government
class citizen issue.What does the between
government do?We make contact the
between the tenant and landlord and have
the government. Making sure they of
have longer lease, move of a sense rental
of connection to their actual offset
rental properties and of course the offset for that is they have to pay
have longer looses as a contract to taken
pay their rent. Action needs to be Thank
taken now.Thank you. United
Thank you, Karl. Let's go to the United Kingdom now where

United Kingdom now where the Mother,
emotional documentary 'Diana, Our going
Mother, Her Life and Legacy' is Best
going to air as we speak. Michael admissions
Best is in London for us. Some raw admissions from princes

admissions from princes William and Lisa.
HarryThere certainly have been, have
Lisa. This just about as open as we ever
have ever seen the princes, or as princes.
ever likely we are going to see the about
princes.Those raw admissions came shareed
about the final phone call they died.
shareed with Diana, just before she they
died. A few hours before she died, time.
they of course didn't know at the what
time. Harry says not getting to say to
what he wished he could have said something
to his mother that the time is for
something he will have to live with recounted
for the rest of his life. William he
recounted in this documentary that about
he just remembers what they talked that
about that day still, something also
that he didn't share. There are personal
also a large amount of amazing from
personal remember # recollections the
from the princes and from people of charity
the lives she changed. About the the
charity work that she did, reducing photo
the stigma for AIDS patient, that who
photo when she shook the man's hand come
who had the disease back then. To incredible.
come from a princess that was as
incredible. Also ending land mines her
as much as she could. She made that of
her mission in the final few years that
of the life and it is something Harry,
that the princes have carried on. passion
Harry, both of those topics are a footage
passion for him. William, we saw homeless
footage of him going into a one
homeless shelter in Westminster, still
one the richest areas in London but He
still some incredible poverty there. Diana
He was first taken to there by saw
Diana at just 12 years of age. We of
saw so many wonderful recollections them.
of Diana and this is just one of for
them.And if that means taking us sneaking
for a burger every now or then or driving
sneaking us into the cinema or with
driving through the country lanes school
with the roof down of her old think
school BMW listening to Enya, I past.
think it was. Oh, a blast from the affected
past.Now, as well as how Diana we
affected them while she was alive,

we still heard about how she still particularly
part of their lives now. William tries
particularly talking about how he Princess
tries to make her a part of negotiation's
Princess Charlotte and Prince was
negotiation's life and also how she is
was with him on his wedding day. It the
is really touching stuff. One of the grabs I saw he said he now has around
the courage to put photos of Diana with
around the apartment that he shares ready
with his family because he feels mother
ready to talk a lot more about his but
mother and the important stories, him
but the difficulty, of course, for Diana.
him is that Katherine never met seems
Diana. So it is wonderful. This for
seems to be a really cleansing time able
for both of those boys, and being is
able to share that with the world must
is very generous of them because it must be still a touchy subject. It that's
is going to be a fascinating watch, very
that's for sure. For now, thanks sports
very much. It is time now for the bit
sports headlines. Here is Tim.A rugby
bit about this Tuesday. Big news in what
rugby league this morning. Despite board
what happens at tonight's Bulldogs Hasler's
board meeting, it looks like Des extending
Hasler's time is nearly up. Despite months
extending his deal just a few but
months ago, the word is he is all dismal
but gone. The Dogs have had a only
dismal season, sitting 13th with the
only seven wins. The Bulldogs play night.
the Panthers on Channel 9 Thursday The landed
The AFL's crackdown on punches has boy
landed a triple blow. Giants bad two
boy Toby Greene has been offered a while
two much is suspension for striking, midfielder
while Jack Redpath and Lions one
midfielder Dayne Zorko were given Overat
one game bans for similar incidents. championships
Overat the world swimming McKeon
championships in Beaued pet. Emma yesterday's
McKeon backed up her silver in the
yesterday's relay with another in Horton
the 100m butterfly, while Mack missing
Horton seems to be down on form, final.
missing out on the 200m freestyle And take
And the taste of victory. It didn't champion
take long for golf's new Open of
champion Jordan Spieth to make sure time
of his new silverware. The now 3- out
time major winner chugging a beer How
out of the famous collar it Cup. Assure
How does it taste?Fantastic. 24
Assure it does. Spieth turns just including
24 on Thursday. He has done so much, Spieth.
including three majors. Jordan check
Spieth. OK, it is time now to get a Natalia.
check of the weather. Here is We
Natalia.Good morning to you guys. of
We are doing our Grandparents Knock very
of Cash today giving $10,000 to a in
very deserving grandparent but I am Australia
in a mystery location somewhere in sickest
Australia and it has probably the is
sickest park I have ever seen. This Warrior
is back tickically like a Ninja tackle
Warrior course that I am trying to reason
tackle on this Tuesday. There is a and
reason why I am not a Ninja Warrior Let's
and a weather warrior instead. forecast.
Let's take a closer look at the

Let's take a closer look at the Cairns shower
Cairns you can expect a possible Sunshine
shower today. Good morning, and
Sunshine Coast and Brisbane, sunny be
and 24 degrees. The Gold Coast will Canberra
be sunny and 23. Sydney sunny. fog
Canberra you are looking at morning late
fog or light frost. Melbourne a Melbourne
late shower or two. Right now at but
Melbourne airport it is 8 degrees like
but with the wind chill it feels are
like -1. So, so cold. Hobart you Perth
are looking at a shower or 2 and 14. 20
Perth a couple of showers today and 20 degrees. Alice Springs will be

20 degrees. Alice Springs will be with
sunny. Darwin you are looking sunny are
with a warm top of 33 degrees. We surprise,
are inching ever closer to the big grandad
surprise, knocking on a grandma or door
grandad or perhaps a pair of them's We
door to surprise them with $10,000. plains,
We are revealed I am on volcanic some
plains, this area is famous for place
some form of racing. It is also a guessed
place in the UK and, if you haven't Victoria
guessed already, Karl, I am in latitude
Victoria and the longitude and south
latitude coordinates are 36 degree guess
south and 144 degrees east. So stuff.
guess that.Yeah, a pow. Great forward
stuff. See you soon. Looking with
forward to that. Are you struggling aren't
with your power bills? Plenty are, this
aren't they? It has been revealed could
this morning tens of thousands literally,
could soon be left in the dark, forced
literally, with the government year
forced to fork out $17 million each pay
year to help struggling families alone.
pay their electricity bills in NSW nearly
alone. News Corp has estimated that at
nearly 70,000 homes across NSW are It
at risk of having their power cut. Australia.
It is a problem right across Good
Australia. Ray Hadley joins us now. problem,
Good morning, Raymondo.It is a Queensland,
problem, not just for NSW, Tasmania
Queensland, SA, WA, Victoria, being
Tasmania and the Territory are the
being affected obviously.What is fired
the answer?The answer is coal- build
fired power stations. We need to coal
build them. We are exporting our power
coal to 45 brand new coal-fired sending
power stations in Japan. We are where
sending it to India, to China, new
where they still use coal. They are state-of-the-art
new coal-fired power stations with emissions
state-of-the-art technology and the previously
emissions are far lower than dibbing
previously and, I mean, thesery Labor
dibbing slows emissions target, 50% attained.
Labor and 25% government can't be time
attained.Don't you think it is obviously
time we talked nuclear. Waste is obviously the big issue but is it a that?
time we had a conversation about will
that?We probably should but it fired
will be much easier to build coal- what
fired power stations in terms of what we have had traditionally and I
what we will have into the future. don't
I wouldn't oppose that view, but I politically.
don't think you will get it through solution
politically. I think the easier built
solution is to - they don't get in
built overnight, by the way. The 45 planning
in Japan, they have been in just
planning for a long, long time. I the
just don't understand, you know, Party
the theatrics of it from the Labor our
Party F we are happy enough to sell anywhere
our coal to Japan, India, China and coal-fired
anywhere else in the world to feed coal
coal-fired power stations - clean Beggars
coal - why can't we use it here? Abbott
Beggars belief.Meantime, Tony Queensland
Abbott has made a trip to central She
Queensland to talk energy prices. polls
She on a winner there despite bad is
polls in 'The Australian'.The poll Minister
is about who would be better Prime confident
Minister or who they have more Tony
confident in Malcolm Turnbull or going
Tony Abbott. Tony Abbott is not It
going to challenge Malcolm Turnbull. Malcolm
It is pointless. The poll that concerned
Malcolm Turnbull needs to be Newspolls
concerned about is 16 failing is
Newspolls with Bill Shorten. This Shorten
is where they get lost. Bill Abbott.
Shorten is his opponent, not Tony I
Abbott.(LAUGHTER) face
I mean, that is who he is going to face at the next election. He won't aring
face Tony Abbott.Small businesses but
aring do it tough at the moment, could
but Bill Shorten on the subject picking
could be about to make it harder, which
picking a tax war with Labor policy trusts
which plans to overhaul family trusts and other tax arrangements.

trusts and other tax arrangements. their
700,000 employers use trusts to run Labor
their businessAnd a whole pile of he
Labor politicians you it as well so through
he might have a problem getting it bigger
through the party room. There are most
bigger fish to fry than this. The Australia
most important thing confronting energy
Australia at the moment is an and
energy crisis. We are resource rich

and we are ninkompoops. We dig it are
up and send it away.Finally it has age
are been revealed that the average 37
age of music festival attendees is and
37 years of age. This is supergroup Liaison
and one of my favourite, Client Tina
Liaison just the other night with

Tina or ren. #
(SONG) #And I was lost with you # By the sweet Sorrento moon # I remember good
# That moonlight...# JustJust so on
good the grooves. How was Splendour You
on the Grass for you?I know CL. by
You are not hip enough to know them media.
by their preferred name on social Even
media. I am part of that push to 37. look
Even though I am older to you and the
look younger, the simple fact of old
the matter is, that by a 62-year- and
old going to Splendour on the Grass used
and other things like this - and we grass
used to do other things in the the
grass 30 years ago but splendour in Play
the grass -Smoke it?No, please! (LAUGHTER)
Play football on it, you fool. You people
You are a jibberer.To all of those we
people on the Gold Coast who said Karl
we really enjoy your segment with program
Karl on Tuesday, I do a radio is
program for 15 hours a week, this to
is 2.5 minutes at beast. To listen nonsense.
to me on the radio and forget this have
nonsense. Bye-bye.Coming up, we Bec
have Ninja Warrior fever. Ben and Bec join us ahead of tonight's don't
hugely anticipated Grand Final. You Christmas
don't want to miss it.It is months
Christmas in July. We are only five Why
months out from the real thing.? bucks.
Why planning now will save you big spirit
bucks.Our Mascots are in the Don't
spirit and check out these beauties. the
Don't miss our ultimate guide to love
the must-have car on the road. I And
love the Mazda of course. The SUV. and
And she has got an incredible voice but
and she sure knows how to use it, question.
but can she act? That is the Rihanna
question. We are going to check out Rihanna in a new sci-fi music. RiRi

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Move like jagger. Can you still moving
move like jagger are?I can't, I am toddlers.
moving a little bit like one of his those
toddlers. He has a whole lot of the
those these days.The story behind world
the most infamous broken arm in the now.
world is coming up, not far away Thank
now.Right now it is news time. again.
Thank you very much. Good morning this
again. First to new developments murdered
this morning in the case of Ristevski.
murdered Melbourne woman Karen Ristevski
Ristevski. Her husband Borce earlier
Ristevski left his home a little speak
earlier this morning, declining to case.
speak about the latest twist in the Can
case.Are we able to have a word? have
Can we have a quick chat.Can we a
have a word, please? Late yesterday towed
a black Mercedes was spotted being comes
towed from the victim's home. It Victoria
comes just over a month after footage
Victoria police released this to
footage of a similar car belonging information.
to miss Ristevski in peel for drug
information. There has been a major seizing
drug bust in Sydney with police make
seizing 375kg of a drug used to NSW
make ice. Border Force officers and packages
NSW Police discovered hundreds of metal
packages of ephedrine hidden inside ship.
metal containers brought in on a ship. The drug has a potential to the
make more than 3 million hits of have
the narcotic ice. So far two people A
have been arrested. woman
A man has been filmed punching a road
woman in the face during a shocking Live
road rage incident north of Sydney. with
Live to our reporter Kate Creedon triggered
with more from the newsroom. What That
triggered this violent outburst? get
That is what police are trying to This
get to the bottom of right now. at
This happened yesterday afternoon and
at Doyleson on the Central Coast car
and it show as man get out of the up
car at a set of lights. He walked you
up to the woman and we won't show confronting,
you the footage because it is too punched
confronting, but essentially he before
punched her right in the face clearly
before walking back. The man filmed
clearly doesn't know he was being the
filmed but the motorist claims that out
the woman had been throwing objects hitting
out of her car that were then say
hitting the car behind her. Police kind
say there is no execution for this to
kind of violence. They are hoping They
to catch up with this man today. complaint
They haven't received a formal in
complaint as yet but they have been they
in touch with the woman involve and her
they are also looking to interview her this morning. In the meanwhile, they are calling on any witnesses between
to come forward.The despite the
between Brisbane bus drivers and up
the council is once again ramping planned
up with another round of strikes live
planned for this week. Let's go Brisbane.
live to Jessica Millward in this
Brisbane. What impact will have morning.
this on commuters?Sylvia, good expected
morning. 115 thousand commuters are strike
expected to be affected by this strike action which will take place and
this Friday between the hours of 2 in
and 6pm. This is the third strike to
in just two weeks and I have spoken they
to some commuters. Here is what is
they have told me.I think everyone work
is entitled to to their opinion and but
work for what they need to work for, but as long as we know in advance Last
and can make plans that is suitable. bad
Last week I thought it wasn't too it
bad because they were considerate, peak
it was early in the morning but Friday.
peak hour is a bit different.On a everyone
Friday.On a Friday, yeah. And not drivers
everyone can go home early.The bus want
drivers main concern is that they They
want a safer working conditions. already
They also want a higher pay rate, council.
already 2.5% is on the table from and
council. There will be extra ferry limit
and CityCat services to try and Alright,
limit the disruptions this Friday. The
Alright, thank you. Our
The emotional documentary, 'Diana, has
Our Mother, Her Life and Legacy', morning.
has gone to air in the UK this shared
morning. Her sons William and Harry from
shared deeply personal memories how
from their childhood, talking about of
how the Princess of Wales was full also
of love and fun. Prince William still
also reveal old how his mother time
still with him. It is the first candidly
time the princes have spoken so came
candidly about their lives.When it feel
came to the wedding, I did really know,
feel that she was there and, you look
know, there were times when you strength
look to someone or something for was
strength and I very much felt she will
was there for me.Very powerful. We the
will have more on that throughout news
the morning. And now to some shock morning,
news for Justin Bieber fans this cancelling
morning, with the pop star tour.
cancelling the rest of his world on
tour. A statement has been posted morning
on the star's Facebook page this morning saying that

Bieber had 15 dates left to go. He Dickie
performed in Australia in March. to
Dickie is trying very hard to get Stay
to the bottom of that this morning. he
Stay tuned, Karl and Lisa.We hope We
he is OK.Sad news for all his fans. for
We love the Bieber. A big warning after
for Melbourne users this morning exploded
after a Melbourne's woman's laptop overnight.
exploded after being left on charge is
overnight.Tech expert Trevor Long that
is here to tell us how to make sure Trevor,
that your technology is safe. charging
Trevor, we all leave our devices can't
charging overnight.Yeah.Surely it charge?
can't be as simple as leaving it on If
charge?It is not as simple as that. genuine
If it is is a genuine charger, won't
genuine cable, genuine devie use case
won't have these problems. In this and
case it was a replacement battery and not one suited for that device laptops
and it overheated.It is just to?
laptops and phones this can happen device.
to?Not at all, it can by be any burning
device. The hover broad dramas were and
burning houses down. Electricity they
and batteries can cause problems if How
they are not properly certified. the
How do you know the batteries are should
the right ones?Anything you buy triangle
should have an certified tick. A Any
triangle with a tick through it. that.
Any battery or charges should have battery,
that. Don't buy a non-genuine replacement.
battery, especially for a laptop online
replacement. You can get them cheap correctly
online but you don't know it is could
correctly suited to that device it anything.
could be the wrong voltage or buy.
anything. Be very careful what you was
buy.Do you know what battery this out
was for anyone who might have this of
out there?We don't know the brand nothing
of the laptop.There there is nothing left of it.

nothing left of it.Basically she That
bought it cheap overseas online. cheap
That is the warning here, don't buy simple
cheap electronics from overseas. A cause
simple change in the current could Still
cause this problem.Good advice. pointy
Still to come, it is getting to the someone
pointy end of competition. Will first
someone be crowned Australia's join
first Ninja Warrior? Ben and Bec huge
join us live ahead of tonight's affordable
huge Grand Final.SUVs are now more moment
affordable than ever and in just a through
moment we are going to take you fors
through the new cars you can get Imagine
fors that little as just $25,000. down
Imagine seeing one of those drive maybe
down the street.You would think our
maybe I shouldn't be driving!!And someone's
our Mascots are ready to make just
someone's day as well. They are away
just five minutes away from giving on
away someone cash. There is $40,000 for
on the line.But first it is time for entertainment news with

for entertainment news with Richard stars
Wilkins.She is one of the biggest us
stars on the planet having giving she
us a string of smash songs but now French
she is bakck in Valerian based on a from
French superstar series. Let's hear years
from Rihanna. We have known for Queen
years that she was born to be a pop (SONG)
Queen # Queen. umbrella,
(SONG) #You can stand under my five
umbrella, Ella, Ella...#And then acting
five years ago she showed off her screen
acting chops in her first big I
screen movie, 'Battle ship'.I hope She
I ain't around when that day comes. Tip
She has played the animated voice took
Tip in the animation' home' and the
took on the role of Marion Crane in Now
the creepy TV veries, 'Baits hotel'. Sci-fi
Now it is back to the big screen. this
Sci-fi movies are always fun and There
this one has such a modern twist. world
There is a lot of reality in this home.
world that is not real.Home, sweet this
home.She plays dancer Bubble in tells
this sci-fi action movie which Alpha
tells the story of a fantastic city century,
Alpha that has lived in peace for from
century, but is now under threat from an unknown force.She is in and
this place and she has to perform free
and the thing that makes her feel an
free is her performing, her being an artist, her becoming whatever She
and making people happy in that way. any
She is an entertainer.Your dust Bubble
any is in your hands.We meet be Club
Bubble in a club called the Glam at
Club and it gets a little emotional like
at one point because she doesn't and
like people who don't like her art, and she

and she is very sensitive about her Valeiran
art as all artists are.Agents than
Valeiran and Lorlean you have less and
than ten hours to find the threat Kara.
and eliminate.RiRi stars against as
Kara.She who is what I want to be compassion
as a woman, her strength, work
compassion and integrity. Her hard great.
work is incredible.We get on just are
great. You flirt, I smile.Yeah, we are a team.

are a team. old
And although RiRi is used to a good movie
old costume change or too two, this than
movie sees her take on more outfits to
than her stage attire.It was fun definitely
to go from look to look. I was of
definitely a lot of changes, a lot a
of make-up change, especially, and changes.
a lot of hair change, a lot of wig longest
changes. The one that took the look.
longest was probably the Cleopatra kind
look.Watching her on this film everything
kind of just completely detach from herself
everything and seeing her throw everything,
herself in to this, sleek she does watch
everything, it was incredible to him
watch that transformation.I taught The
him how to do that.There you go. hits
The movie is called 'Valerian' and and
hits big screens on August 10. Karl she
and I want a name check. We thought believe
she was Rihanna.Yeah, I am led to pronounced
believe that she would have it believe
pronounced -Who are you led to correct.
believe by?Rihanna.Rihanna is for
correct.I will double check that would
for you. The Aussie pronunciation wrong
would be Rihanna.What would be you
wrong with that? It sounded like Aussies.
you were disparaging towards the Rihanna!
Aussies.Nothing is wrong with that. are
Rihanna! Rihanna.Hey, RiRi, how It
are you? RiRi. Thank you, Dickie. serious
It is time to give away some Today.".
serious cash bro."I wake up with They change
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"I wake up with Today.". Absolutely Giveaway.
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Giveaway. Simply register by Or to:
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words - "I wake up with Today.".. morning
And the great news on this Tuesday for
morning is that there is $40,000 up Redbank
for grabs, so we are heading to we
Redbank Plains in Queensland, and There
we are calling you, Chaz Chandler. you.
There is a great Aussie name for park
you.Smells like the Noosa national to
park in here.Oh, Chaz. There seems told
to be a problem your phone. We are no!
told it is an engaged signal.Oh, phone
no!Probably best you stay off the competition.
phone if you have entered the you
competition. The good news, Chaz is that
you have just generously donated which
that 40 grand to tomorrow's jackpot sure
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sure you are in it to win it.What agree,
do you think of that Mr Pig? You pig
agree, it is a lot of money. The Mascots
pig says it is is a lot of money. dismissed,
Mascots dismissed.The koala is It
dismissed, he is on the eucalyptus. event
It has been a stand-out television 'Australian
event of the year and last year's semifinals
'Australian Ninja Warrior' Let's
semifinals did not disappoint. threw.
Let's take a look at who made it chance
threw.Semifinal three, the last is
chance to make the Grand Final.It needs
is Sam Goodall. Come on son.He wasting
needs to get off soon. He is tired
wasting too much energy.He is terrific.
tired but he is looking absolutely Oh,
terrific. And he is home! Goodall
Oh, Sam!What a performance. Sam celebrate
Goodall hit the buzzer and Come
celebrate a wonderful achievement. Come on Ben.

Come on Ben.Oh, yes.All the way He
to the top. There he is, Ben Polson. buzzer.
He is making it all the way to the it,
buzzer.6m, 7m.He is going to make the
it, will he beat the best time of the night? He is one second outside. swinging
He is making his way through the too.
swinging spikes. His time is good only
too. Hits the buzzer and finishing How
only 4 seconds behind Ben Polson. good.
How good is that television?So is
good.Unbelievable. The countdown Final
is now on tonight's huge Grand Fordham
Final and hosts Bec Maddern and Ben have
Fordham join us live.Hey.Hey.We pumped
have to get pumped up.We are This
pumped up. It is Grand Final time. moment.
This is as good as I can do at the great
moment.It has been great to see, ninja
great to see people taking up the around
ninja theme in lounge rooms right been
around the country and there have injuries.
been several ninja-inspired you
injuries.Is that one of them?Have been
you been doing ninja?No. She has wrestling?
been doing Italian ninja.Arm other
wrestling?Yeah.What does the shape.
other guy look like?Not in good exciting.
shape. How are things? This is so this.
exciting.We have so excited by response.
this. We have had such a great fantastic
response. The ratings have been can
fantastic and you can see why. You everybody
can see this is a show that little
everybody can watch and enjoy from little kids, you hear of people do the
little anyone Yass. You see kids on and
the coffee tables and the lounges It
and grandparents love it as well. together
It has really brought families back which
together for the family viewing other
which is brilliant.Reports the press
other day in the paper and the believed
press and if they are to be you
believed it is shocking, that Fordo, true?
you gave the winner away. Is that This
true?What!I didn't hear this. is
This must be fake news, Karl. There days.
is a bit of fake news around these mind
days. All I said was just keep in conclusion
mind when it comes to the overseas
conclusion of this show that in has
overseas versions of the show, it complete
has taken 6, 7 years for someone to tried
complete the course. I have just context,
tried to let people know that in someone
context, because we may not see Midoriyama
someone get to the top of Mount need
Midoriyama tonight or if we do, we need to know that this is

need to know that this is an Earth- never
shattering record attempt, it has world
never happened anywhere in the vis
world before.Can I just ask vis-a- different
vis Mount Midoriyama, is that in
different to - because I am coming totally
in halfway through the series and it
totally addicted so I have watched Mount
it all back on Nine now - but is one
Mount Midoriyama something that no- dust
one has attempted yet or is that the
dust -That is the last stage in semifinal,
the Grand Final. We have had heated, have
semifinal, this is for you Lisa who in
have messed out. The Grand Final is thought
in three stages. So it is - you Hold
thought the semifinals was tough. Grand
Hold on to your hats, because the level.
Grand Final is absolutely next stage
level. Mount Midoriyama is the last happens?
stage of the Grand Final.What down
happens?That the rope that hangs free
down in between. It is 22m climb, up
free climb up -You scale straight that
up up it.Piece of. You have to do have
that in 30 seconds. The course you out.
have to conquer before that, look our
out.You are already shutter. Do get
our finalists have what it takes to you
get there?No doubt whatsoever.Are When
you revealing what happens now? careful.
When they show the course -Be one
careful.The warped wall which is Ninja
one of the significant obstacles on from
Ninja Warrior, there was a guy out making
from the international franchise tough
making sure that the course was saying
tough enough, and I remember him won't
saying to me at one point "you series
won't get a woman past that wall in anywhere
series one, it has never happened being
anywhere in the world" and I was sure
being a brash cook clip Aussie, and there.
sure enough Andrea hare got up and
there. We know how tough we have Aussies,
and how competitive we are as that,
Aussies, we never know.Just on the
that, we asked people yesterday on with
the program, because it was debate night
with that was raging on Sunday Whether
night when we were watching.Yes. different
Whether or not there should be a women's
different course that caters for do
women's different strengths. What not.
do you think?No.No, absolutely No,
not.No.Was that your idea Karl? raging
No, it was the debate that was this
raging in my household.No, I think the
this is the competition and it is don't
the competition worldwide, so no, I And
don't think we should change it. moment
And we wouldn't have had that great wall
moment with Andrea getting up the and
wall if it was a different course, to
and a modified course, because that tonight's
to me has alwaysings - apart from tonight's Grand Final - has been Everybody
the moment of the competition. been
Everybody I have spoken to that has Because
been the moment of the competition. like
Because it was a woman. I would not
like to see more women. They are want
not making it through, though.You them
want to give them a boost to get more
them up the wall?No, I want to see ultimate
more competing.This is the equality
ultimate equality. This is the a
equality we have been fighting for took
a long time, we finally got it. It deliver.
took 'Australian Ninja Warrior' to course.
deliver. Men and women on the same too?
course.Now do we get pay rises you
too?That is a good point.There the
you go.Can women play five sets at There
the French Open instead of three. Exactly
There is no reason they shouldn't. don't
Exactly and that is the point.I (LAUGHTER)
don't know what he is talking about. This we
This has been a rating smash. Are has
we going to see another then?Bec coming
has an announcement.Season 2 is Sweet.
coming your way! Never
Sweet.We never would have guessed. a
Never would have guessed. If I was small
a betting man I would have had a people
small wager on that one.How do are
people get involved and if there going,
are people sitting there right now do
going, I could do that, how do they do it?

do it?They apply online the
straightaway. Go to Nine Now, go to Google
the website and apply or just and
Google 'Ninja Warrior' Australia been
and start training. People have backyards,
been building these courses in the warped
backyards, on the farms.So many warped walls being constructed in gyms
the back of people's wards.Ninja And
gyms popping up all over the place. who
And there will be plenty of people come
who had a crack in 2017 who will because
come back for a shot in 2018.Yes, changed
because we can see how they have training
changed maybe their body type or course.
training specifically for this compete
course. I have been asked to 'Warrior'
compete in Australia's Sumo that
'Warrior' next year. Is that true well?
that is coming to our screens as that.
well?Yes, and we are also calling was
that. I can't wait to call thatIt watch
was intimidating from time to time packs.
watch all of these six packs and 8 competition
packs.What is wrong with a I
competition for fat people like me? string.
I can just see you in that tight G on
string.We saw you as a cover boy Don't
on the weekend on the front cover. looked
Don't you think looked good?He style
looked great. If whats a boy band would
style 'Ninja Warrior', then Karl front
would get a -He was all man on You
front of that magazine.All man. black
You take that Hanzel and get the both.
black lung.It is lovely to sue you been
both.Tonight, tonight.On what has 'Australian
been an absolute fantastic series. tonight
'Australian Ninja Warrior' is on going
tonight at 7:30 on Channel 9. It is get
going to be spectacular.Thanks, doing?
get well soon, Lisa. What is he Dover.
doing?He is doing his magazine and
Dover. Ben Stiller. Princes William about
and Harry have spoken movingly Princess
about the loss of their mother Princess Diana.

Princess Diana.A revealing British
documentary has just aired on how
British TV. The princes revealing is
how Diana's legacy lives on. Here Mother,
is a first look at 'Diana, Our give
Mother, Her Life and Legacy'.I to
give thanks that I was lucky enough her
to be her son and I it go to know She
her for the 15 years that I did. mum.
She was our mum, she still is our this,
mum. Of course as a son I would say world.
this, she was the best mum in the fresh
world. She brought a breath of mother,
fresh air to everything she did. My privacy
mother, cherished those moments of privacy and being able to be that Wales.
mother, rather than the princess of both
Wales. She was going to ensure that possible.
both of us had as normal life as us
possible.And if that means taking or
us for a berger every now and then driving
or sneaking us into the cinema or driving through the country lanes listening
driving in other old-school BMW from
listening to Enya - oh, a blast part
from the past - all of that was a always
part of her being a mum.There was always a

always a sense of enthusiasm and warmth
energy around her and a lot of that
warmth as well. There was always time.
that bubbling personality all the was
time. The very last memory I have had
was a phone call at Balmoral. If I going
had known now obviously what was been
going to happen I wouldn't have regretting
been so blase about it.Probably how
regretting for the rest of my life if
how short the phone call was, and time
if I had known that was the last mother,
time I was going to speak to my said
mother, the things I would have completely
said to her.Your mind is while
completely split. It took me a My
while to actually for it to sink in. When
My mother lives with me every day. really
When it came to the wedding, I did was
really feel she was there and there or
was timing when you look to someone very
or something for strength and I So
very much felt she was there for me. Best
So revealing, isn't it? Michael for
Best is outside Buckingham Palace where
for us. Michael, it is going to air account.
where you are, remarkably open These
account.It very much is, Karl. 30s
These are two princes now in their saw
30s talking about a woman they last meant
saw 20 years ago, how much she affected
meant to them, how long she has changed
affected them, how long she has men
changed and moulded them into the about
men they are today. They spoke about so many wonderful anecdotes about their father, they also spoke to
about the dark side back then and the
to see some of these pictures of they
the press packs hounding them as two
they were on a ski holiday when the of
two boys were cowering in the back walking
of a car. Even when Diana was walking through an airport trying Prince
to hide behind a ten ris racquet, something
Prince William says that is still believe
something that affects him.I don't on
believe being chased by 30 blokes shout
on motorcycles who spit and you and to
shout at you and act really badly a
to get a reaction from you and get photograph,
a woman to cry in public to get a is
photograph, I don't think that that most
is appropriate. I sadly remember anything
most of the time she cried about intrusion.
anything was to do with press will
intrusion.Very powerful stuff. We very
will have to leave it there, thanks thousands
very much for that. We have had telling
thousands of people write in grandparents.
telling us about their incredible pops
grandparents. Although than and choose
pops are the best, we could only of
choose in any event for our Knock tell
of Cash and Natalia is going to Good
tell us all about today's recipient. such
Good morning, Natalia.Oh, it is morning
such a beautiful thing. Good have
morning to you Lisa and Karl. We house
have inched very, very close to the surprise
house where we have about to a
surprise a grandparent, or perhaps in
a set of grandparents, with $10,000 These
in our Grandparents Knock of Cash. are
These people are so loving, they are so selfless and they are very,

are so selfless and they are very, is
very deserving of $10,000. So this and,
is the $10,000 in my little hands are
and, in terms of the clues, which cannic
are in Victoria, we are on volume for
cannic plains. This area is famous place
for its racing and it is also a guess
place in the UK. So, if you can will
guess then stick with us because I soon
will reveal where we are very, very door
soon and we will be knocking on the very,
door of that very special person surprise
very, very soon.It was a beautiful can't
surprise yesterday Natalia, we shortly.
can't wait for today's. See you trending
shortly. Time to check out what is this
trending online this morning. All like
this toddler wants to do is be just (SONG)
like her big sister. do
(SONG) #Anything you can do, I can #
do better you...#
# I can do anything better than cute.
you...#Oh!Place plant.That is don't
cute. Funny stuff. And the jumpsuit, onsie.
don't you love the jumpsuit.Little turns
onsie. Not so great for tumble this
turns though.All I can say about home.
this next clip is don't try this at home.Oh, no. What!Wow.No!

home.Oh, no. What!Wow.No!Oh, I is
don't like that. Oh, Sylvia, that I
is a spleen problem coming from... his
I would hate to know how many of well.
his mates didn't land that quite so vision
well. Any way, good for him.Good Karl,
vision but don't try it at home. Karl, over

Karl, over to you. (CAR HORN BEEPS). have
That was guaranteed you were going most
have to play with a horn.It is roads.
most popular car on Australian seen
roads. In recent years the SUV has big
seen a massive surge in sales. From SUV
big families to trendy singles, the budget.
SUV is now available for every budget.Which one is right

budget.Which one is right for you? here.
Paul Maric from is Good
here. Paul, good morning to you. Where
Good morning guys, how are we? going
Where are we going to start?We are lower
going to start over here at the This
lower price, Holden Tracks $23.990. you
This is a proposition you want if People
you don't want a massive SUV. a
People think 4 clear drive, this is play
a 2 wheel drive. It has app car and
play --Front wheel drive?Yeah, anything,
and you don't have to touch tell
anything, plug your phone in and That
tell sir are what you want to doe. warranty
That seats five?Seats five. 5-year Good
warranty Holden is doing with it. Good time if you want a bargain.

Good time if you want a bargain. warrant
The next one.Tucson. Five year Capped
warrant as well, starts at $23,770. as
Capped price serving as well. Also room
as Apple car play, and plenty of Some
room inside.I just noticed that. the
Some people bought a Jeep.This is road.
the option if you want to go off road. Jeep doing a great deal on $50,000
the new cars at the moment under option
$50,000 drive away. This is the off 3.5
option you want for off roading, stick
3.5 tonne towing capacity, you can back.
stick your car convenient on the Five
back. Plenty of room in the back. have
Five seater?Five seater. If you suspension
have older people you can dump the out
suspension so they can get in and going
out ceasely.I thought you were Just
going to say something else then. off
Just to clarify, they are also good purpose?
off road which is the whole anywhere
purpose?Absolutely, you can go mountains.
anywhere in these. You will climb You
mountains.The others not so good? road.
You wouldn't take that thing off they
road. I would stay there.How are efficiency
they for fuel efficiency?The fuel fantastic.
efficiency in SUVs today is petrol.
fantastic. They come with diesel or you
petrol. Diesel is a good option if better
you are driving a lot and petrol This
better if you are around the city. engine
This one uses a new type of diesel it
engine which is fuel efficient and 'Discovery'.
it is land rovers all new really
'Discovery'. 7 seat, so this is a one
really good one. It comes with this key.
one here, it is called an activity basically
key. If you like surfing you tap
basically leave your key in the car, and
tap that on the car, it is locks, back
and it is water proof as well. Come

back to the car you, don't have to are
worry about the key. And when you it
are backing your yacht into the car, portrayalers.
it comes with a reversing camera who
portrayalers.Ha is good for Lisa I
who has great difficulty backing up. yacht
I have great difficulty backing my difficulty
yacht up. I have only have in
difficulty when I you are sitting As
in the car. I see you as a target. of
As you know. What is the benefits good
of this one as well?This one is room
good because you have plenty of capacity.
room inside 3.5 tonne towing moment,
capacity.I can't drive at the can
moment, unfortunately.Why not?You that
can drive if with one hand. I do you
that when I'm on the phone.I bet home.
you do.Just joking everyone at at
home.Because it is so easy to do to
at the moment.Don't look. I have difficulties
to hitch up my skirt!What other the
difficulties do you have with just We
the one arm?A very long list, Karl. that
We are going to find out all about to
that shortly.We are.Not allowed it
to or just can't?I haven't checked I
it out -I wouldn't be a good idea. you
I don't think very clever.How are Ubers?
you getting around the place? must
Ubers?Pete is driving me.That CAR
must be fun.And the kids. (DEEPS at
CAR HORN).Stop it.This one starts priced.
at under 70,000. It is very well What
priced. You can move up quickly. it
What would you start extra?For me suspension
it would be the activity key, air you
suspension and if you are towing Right
you can get a big towing pack. information
Right across it and all the Thank
information is on our website. is
Thank you very much. Coming up Lisa about
is going to tell the full story about her holiday hell.Sorry, it now
is not good.I can't wait.Right to
now it is news time. Let's go back Good
to the studio.Thank you, guys. Good morning again. We begin right Melbourne
now with breaking news out of murdered
Melbourne where the husband of emerged
murdered woman Karen Ristevski has amid
emerged this morning from his home for
amid fresh developments in the hunt Christine
for her killer. Straight to Today's as
Christine Ahern now who was there have
as Borce Ristevski left. Did he have anything to say?

have anything to say?Sylvia, Borce tried
Ristevski wouldn't stop for us, we question
tried to get him to answer some developments
question on these latest There
developments but he drove often. activity
There was certainly a lot of here
activity outside the family home afternoon.
here at Avondale Heights yesterday Mercedes
afternoon. Karen Ristevski's black it,
Mercedes coupe or one identical to truck.
it, was seen on the back of a tow driven
truck. It was also seen being detectives
driven around the streets here by carefully
detectives in what appears to be a police.
carefully staged recreation by certain,
police. We don't know that for wouldn't
certain, however, because police Neither
wouldn't comment on the activity. to
Neither would Borce when we tried we
to speak to him this morning.Are a
we able to have a wordCan we have yesterday.
a quick chat? What did you make of please?
yesterday.Can we have a word, to
please?Karen Ristevski's car seems Last
to be the key in this investigation. of
Last month detectives released CCTV driven
of a black Mercedes coupe being mount
driven through diggers rest towards disappeared.
mount mass done on the day she discovered
disappeared. Her body was Mount
discovered dumped in bushland in Borce
Mount Macedon in February this year. as
Borce has been identified by police maintained
as a suspect but he has always Chris,
maintained his innocence. Alright, punched
Chris, thank you. A woman has been rage
punched in the face when a road of
rage incident turned violent north been
of Sydney. The woman had apparently been throwing things out the window car
of her ute which was hitting the second
car behind her. The driver of the at
second ute gone out, while stopped An
at a red light, to attack the woman. Sydney
An off-duty police officer in sent
Sydney has found himself at the his
sent are of his own emergency when overnight.
his car suddenly burst into flames

overnight. The man was driving on loud
the M5 at Ingleburn when he heard a had
loud bang and his brakes failed. He vehicle
had just enough time to pull the The
vehicle over before it was engulfed. lanes
The drama closed two southbound delays.
lanes of the M 56789 causing major officers
delays. Police and Border Force Sydney
officers have put a major dent in a Sydney drug

Sydney drug smuggling operation, kilogram
arrests two men and seizing 400 Chris
kilogram of a drug used to make ice. from
Chris Urquhart has more on this Police
from Sydney. How did this unfold? watching
Police and Border Force have been hold,
watching this syndicate, we are the
hold, since March when they seized shipping
the first shipment inside a these
shipping container. They found huge
these metal canisters and inside a Ephedrine
huge quantity of the drug ephedrine. of
Ephedrine is used by manufacturers were
of ice to make the drug ice. They syndicate
were keeping an eye on the another
syndicate from March. Then in April container.
another shipment inside a cargo that
container. This one was wall tiles strangely
that had ephedrine inside it and actually
strangely enough, this month they inside,
actually found more of the drug equipment
inside, would you believe, equipment that is used to milk cows Australia.
that was being brought into of
Australia. Certainly we get a sign smugglers
of the lengths that the drug they
smugglers will go to. All in all That
they took in 375 kilos of ephedrine. street
That is enough to make 3 mill police
street hits of the drug ice and around
police estimate that street value certainly
around $160 million. There is the
certainly a lot of money in it for the bad guys, unless like these two certainly
they get caught and police as
certainly hope to make more arrests The
as they continue to investigate. murder
The new clears this morning into a month
murder mystery in Melbourne last detectives
month with Homicide Squad of
detectives releasing security video was
of five men seen near where a body 36-year-old
was discovered in Caroline Springs. 36-year-old local man Patryk Bondar 4.
was discovered in a laneway on June death
4. It is believed he was stabbed to children
death shortly after dropping his house.
children off at their grandparents' To medically
To Queensland, a woman is being someone
medically assessed after reports of someone carrying

someone carrying a gun sparked a Caboolture,
major police operation in Police
Caboolture, north of Brisbane. emergency
Police negotiators declared an take
emergency and ordered residents to section
take shelter as they closed off a Streets.
section of Hayes and Mortimer peacefully
Streets. The incident ended stage
peacefully around 11:00 and at this Mystery
stage no charges have been laid. led
Mystery this morning surround what leg
led to a woman being shot in the north.
leg with a crossbow in Adelaide's there
north. Tom Maclean is on the scene shocking
there in Parafield Gardens. It is a tell
shocking attack, Tom, what can you certainly
tell us?Good morning, Sylvia. It hunt
certainly is and police continue to is
hunt for the attacker, this man who he
is known to the victim. Police say have
he is outstanding and he may still We
have a crossbow in his possession. morning
We have seen some new pictures this is
morning as the sun has come up. It of
is an awful scene at the front yard erred
of the home, there is blood splat there.
erred all over the front porch hospital
there. This woman was raced to evening.
hospital around 5pm yesterday threatening
evening. She had non life- painful
threatening injuries but certainly the
painful and she has been struck in recovering
the leg with an arrow. She is remains
recovering at the moment and scoured
remains in hospital and police last
scoured through this whole area neighbour,
last night asking any resident, anything,
neighbour, if they had seen what
anything, trying to piece together arrow
what happened. They also put an that
arrow in an evidence bag and took anyone
that away. They are appealing for anyone with further information or of
anyone who may know the whereabouts Maclean
of this man to come forward.Tom Melbourne
Maclean on the scene. Thank you. may
Melbourne scientists believe they the
may have come up with a way to slow disease.
the progression of Alzheimer's Institute
disease. The team from the Florey those
Institute and CSIRO have discovered those with low levels of iron in performance
the brain maintain cognitive with
performance for longer than those now
with high iron levels. They will target
now trial a drug already used to Parkinson's
target iron in the drains of if
Parkinson's disease patients to see have
if it slows progressionWe don't amount
have any evidence yet that the amount of iron that you eat or the your
amount of iron that might be in within
your blood has the amount of iron the
within your brain. We do know that each
the amount of iron increases with each year of your life, and also also
the risk of Alzheimer's disease also increases with each year of that
your life. We think if we can stop to
that rise in iron we might be able disease.
to reduce the risk of Alzheimer's successful
disease.Interesting research. If can
successful researchers believe they before
can test for and treat the disease Prime
before symptoms appear. had
Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has this
had a boost in a new opinion poll better
this morning which has found he has replaced.
better values than the man he in
replaced. Live to Kerrie Yaxley now numbers
in Canberra. What exactly do these voters
numbers show?It suggests that most Turnbull
voters believe that Malcolm Turnbull has the right

Turnbull has the right values and predecessor.
credentials to be leader over his Turnbull,
predecessor. 58% said Malcolm number
Turnbull, less than half of that than
number prefer Tony Abbott. Less think
than a quarter of those surveyed give
think that Malcolm Turnbull should although
give Mr Abbott a spot in cabinet, Minister
although it seems that the Prime for
Minister doesn't have much appetite just
for that. At this point in time should
just 17% think that the formerpm that
should keep doing what he is doing, backbench
that is running commentary from the they
backbench and almost half say that the
they would prefer that he stay on criticising
the backbench but stopped direction.
criticising the government's pollie incredible
direction.Thank you. Now to an is
incredible picture that, well, it shows
is out of this world actually. It shows a stunning

shows a stunning aurora display. this
NASA astronaut Jack Fischer took lapse,
this video, shown here in a time the
lapse, at a height of 402km above onboard
the Earth. Fischer is currently Station,
onboard the International Space online.
Station, and shared his enthusiasm in
online. It is like a little disco go.
in the outer atmosphere. There you astronaut
go.You can only imagine being an experience,
astronaut would be a spiritual else,
experience, apart from everything would
else, but to see that as welts. It you
would change your - just the way is
you look at everything, I think.It Scully
is something that Moulder and Looks
Scully should be tracking down. Certainly
Looks like a bit of mould actually. in
Certainly spiritual going to toilet How
in the space. Wouldn't that be fun. there
How on earth did your mind end up can
there Karl?I ask Matt Damon, you good
can make potatoes.Matt Damon.Very we
good point. We have seen Tim, now time
we will hear from him. It is some sports
time for sport.VOICEOVER: Today's Subway.
sports report brought to you by You
Subway. That's my kind of fresh. food
You remember Matt Damon grew enough without.
food to eat for a year on Mars speculation
without. AFL, and despite the whether
speculation there is no decision on next
whether Nick Riewoldt will play on are
next year.Nick accepts this, tay early
are not going to make a decision in wait,
early August. They are going to is
wait, at this stage, the thinking the
is they will wait until the end of has
the season.What a mighty star he Toby
has been. Meantime, at the Giants week
Toby Greene has been offered a 2- coach
week ban. Rugby league and Manly following
coach Trent Barrett is is not happy following his side's heavy loss to ongoing
the Dragons. Barrett admits the club's
ongoing investigations into the activity
club's salary cap and other These
activity is wearing on the players. are
These thing just don't help. They a
are - we like to think they are not shield
a distraction, but - and I will it
shield the players from as much - player,
it has nothing to do with the I
player, but in tend it is not nice. don't
I am really proud of the club and I interesting
don't like it.It is going to be French
interesting last few rounds. Bevan glint
French has reassured fans that injury
glint Guthrie season ending knee season
injury won't hamper their end of crickets
season claims. Australia's top

crickets are butting their foot yesterday
down, voting at a secret meeting tour
yesterday to boycott next month's is
tour of Bangladesh, if a pay deal Australia.
is not reached with Cricket seems
Australia. 25 days in all there for
seems to be no real end in sight little
for this dispute, it is getting a players
little boring. Talks between the governing
players association and the at
governing body again breaking down the
at the end of last week and across kicked
the weekend. The Wallabies have next
kicked off the mind games ahead of Cheika
next month's Bledisloe Cup. Michael Brad
Cheika calls in All Blacks great up
Brad Thorn to help with the came up are
up at Newcastle. The Aussie squad times
are shrugging it out, training four over.
times a day. Really is working them electric
over. Had them working with other
electric tape over their mouths the training
other day. Yeah, the Wallabies the
training very hard. I wonder what Brad
the reaction is in New Zealand from tips
Brad Thorn going and giving some usually
tips to the Aussies? We don't Aussie
usually like that when we find looking
Aussie coaches going overseas and Unless
looking after swim teams and - spy.
Unless they have sent him in as a across
spy.Oh, yeah.If they sent him need
across as 007 Thorn.Do they really a
need that? I don't think they need mind
a spy. I think they is why you said the
mind games.They will do anything put
the All Blacks.They could still still
put the under 6 team out there and kids
still beat us. They are very big them
kids over. I am going to inspire morning
them by being optimistic. Good brother
morning with all of my New Zealand with
brother and sisters. To the weather almost
with Natalia.Good morning, it is We
almost time for our Knock of Cash. set
We are so close now to surprising a I
set of grandparents, there you go, is
I gave it away - with $10,000. It people
is such a beautiful thing. These so
people are so deserving. They are with
so loved and they could really do look
with this 10 grand. Let's take a then
look at the five-day forecast and more
then I will reveal a little bit chilly,
more about where I am. It is pretty chilly, can't even get my words

chilly, can't even get my words out. absolutely
Brisbane, your week is looking sun
absolutely beautiful. Nothing but temperatures.
sun shine. Have a look at those looking
temperatures. Sydney you are well.
looking at a pretty good week as That
well. It should be mostly sunny. a
That is so warm in July. Melbourne, tomorrow
a bit of a wet week. Showers should
tomorrow and then on Saturday it of
should be quite windy with a couple are
of showers as well. Adelaide you or
are looking at a shower or two here Friday
or there throughout the week. in
Friday should be fine. And finally single
in Perth, showers pretty much every quite
single day this week. It will be a
quite windy on Friday as well with close
a top of 19 degrees.We are so beautiful
close now to surprising these beautiful people with

beautiful people with $10,000. OK, quickly, we are

quickly, we are in Victoria. I am famous
on volcanic plains. This area is place
famous for racing, it is also a and
place in the UK at 27 degrees south longitude
and 144 degrees either. That is the is
longitude and latitude. This story heart
is so beautiful that that your melting
heart will be a meltin'. I got. You close.
melting w a wink.We are get having was
close.Look forward to it.Ba that witch
was the evil laugh of the wicked are
witch of the east.It was.Lisa, we back.
are pleased to obviously have you in
back. A lot of viewers been writing Cash
in saying welcome home.Thank you. about
Cash koala is very, very happy How
about it.Wants to get in on it. How are you doing and can we talk I'm
about what transpired?Yeah, look but
I'm OK. I am a long way from 100% honest
but I am thrilled to be back. To be by
honest I'm a little bit embarrassed watching
by it because a lot of people hospital
watching this right now are in me.
hospital doing it much tougher than Basically
me. I will get better, so... that
Basically it wasn't the loll day that I

that I was planning. I also figure on
that, for anybody that follows me that
on Instagram, one of the things photographs.
that I love doing is taking ignoring
photographs.The koala -I am just all
ignoring him. I was happily posting Italy,
all of those beautiful photos from and
Italy, I was 24 hours into the trip problem
and unfortunately we were having a bathroom.
problem with the water in the couldn't
bathroom.What do you mean?We said
couldn't get any hot water, and I he
said to Pete, don't be ridiculous, you
he had had a cold shower. Because shower?
you know -He didn't take a cold bathrooms
shower?Yes. In a lot of hotel order
bathrooms you need a degree in taps.
order to work out what is hot -The thought
taps.And your burn yourself.I I
thought Pete has got it wrong again. way
I went in and fix it. Pushed one way,
way cold water, pushed it the other stairs
way, col. I said to Pete call down where
stairs and as I was walking out hadn't
where Pete had had a shower, I these
hadn't thought about the fact that marble
these were marble floors. Who puts marble on the floor of a bathroom not
where people have soap!You were is
not staying in a cheap place.There There
is marble everywhere in Italy. want
There is soap everywhere.Do you Pete
want me to do a re-enactn't. So enactment.
Pete is on the catch, we have a re- Roo
enactment. A red bandanna Cash-A- couch.
Roo over there. Pete is on the call
couch. I am calling out to him, the
call down stairs. And then I am on bathroom
the slippery marble floor, and this unlike
bathroom actually had a step, not -
unlike this one here, about as big case
-Can I just stand over here in We
case anything goes wrong.Good idea. You
We don't want the other arm to go. went
You asked me for a re-enactment. I really
went flying with my right leg, like myself,
really flew, and I could fell that
myself, my hip was going to hit what
that step, and I thought that is so
what I need a shattered right hip, and
so I took my hand down to take it Basically
and I just knew straightaway. Basically my arm was

Basically my arm was an S-bend. with
Quite appropriate sit in the toilet Did
with an S-bend. Was there a sound? thing,
Did you hear a sound?Didn't hear a straightaway.
thing, but I looked down and I knew always
straightaway. Pete, God love him, said
always likes to look on the bright say
said and said, "Just a sprain". I local
say it is broken. We went to the away
local hospital which was 15 minutes away and

away and I quickly discovered, as I that
was screaming Morphine, Morphine, giving
that the Italians don't believe in So
giving people Morphine. Turns out. be
So they couldn't do what needed to you
be done. They took the photos and, took
you know, clearly a bad break.Who hour
took that photo?Well, this was an plaster.
hour on from that.That is a lot of

plaster.Going to the big hospital is
and they put the cast on. But here in
is the problem. Had this happened Italian,
in Australia I would be OK, but the all
Italian, it turns out, you know, lost
all that Michelangelo stuff, they of
lost a cast. And they love too much tight
of a cast and they like a nice got
tight cast. The problem I have now nerve
got is that I have a whole lot of flight.
nerve damage from being on the remember,
flight. The doctor, people may visits
remember, my litany of hospital tunnel
visits this year, I had carpal couple
tunnel surgery on that hand a The
couple of weeks before I went away. of
The doctor did four for the price together,
of one. He has put the bones back has
together, he has put in a plate, he damage
has tried to fix all of the nerve tunnel.
damage and he has done my carpal all
tunnel.Oh, wow.So while you were hospital
all down in and out in an Italian door
hospital and you were on death's right
door that photo there with the arm, seeing
right there, you are gone, you are husband.
seeing the light.That is my So
husband. Seeing an Instagram moment. the
So he was taking a photo of you in hospital.
the emergency ward in an Italian thought
hospital.God love him. He just opportunity.
thought this,He seizes an have
opportunity. He car pay deemed.You your
have half of the Sistine Chapel on cast
your arm.I do. How long do you the a
cast for?Four to six week.That is damage
a much better job.Yeah, the nerve got
damage is the one that has kind of caution.
got the doctorsering on the side of again,
caution. Can I say with all of this, because
again, I am a bit embarrassed out
because there are so many people tough
out there who are doing it really in
tough right now, they are probably can
in hospital, having a day off work, and
can I just send all my love to you am
and also to the careers because I family
am completely dependent on the everything,
family at the moment for absolutely age
everything, and you are complete people
age Ells. This country is full of people who are caring for the sick honour
and we love you and I particularly Yeah,
honour you this morning.Well said, come
Yeah, well said.You are going to are
come back as Wonder Woman was use know,
are all titanium and bionic up.I it
know, when guy through the airport it will

it will be a lot of, "Excuse me think
ma'am, what are you hiding".And I the
think we can expect to see casts on has
the runways in Milan because no-one Mal
has ever made plaster look so cheek. is
Mal Meninga did.Coming up, Natalia grandparent
is ready to surprise a beautiful If
grandparent with our Knock of Cash. If tomorrow is

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Welcome back to the show. Knock of of
Cash is back and it is massive week grandparents.
of surprises for some amazing entries
grandparents.We had thousands of Natalia
entries for our Knock of Cash and another
Natalia is standing by with a us
another very special moment. Tell Melton,
us now where are you?OK, we are in Melton, if you didn't get, and I am

Melton, if you didn't get, and I am These
joined now by the lovely Shane. Which
These are your gorgeous daughters. We
Which we have Brianna and Kaitlyn. the
We are talking and talking. When a
the girls braille babies you became move
a single dad.I did.You had to work
move in your parents so you could surrogate
work night shift so they became girls.
surrogate parents to your beautiful are.
girls. Tell us how beautiful they they
are.They are fantastic parents, especially
they have always been there for me, young
especially when I was left with two me
young girls, 1 and 3, and they took helped
me in and the girls and basically start
helped the girls get a really good so
start in life. I had to still work girls
so mum and dad looked after the always
girls while I was work. They have absolutely
always been there, they are just
absolutely fantastic people. They deserve
just deserve this. They really been
deserve it.And your mum Wendy has lately.
been through a real hard ship cancer.
lately. She has been battling lung come
cancer.She did, yeah, and she has very
come through that. She is a very, everything
very strong woman and she deserves your
everything they can get.You love raised
your grandparents.Yes, practically parents.
raised us, they are like second this.
parents. They definitely deserve

this.Let's do this. We are going cash.
to surprise them with $10,000 in years,
cash. They have been married for 49 teenagers
years, they got married as We
teenagers and they are so married. entry
We are going through this little Come
entry way here. Hello! Hi there. were
Come outside guys.Oh, God!They out.
were watching it on the TV.Come Today
out. I'm Natalia Cooper from the Look
Today Show. Come outside, come on. watching
Look at her!Wendy, Dave, they were people.
watching us on the Today Show. Good people.Oh, God!

people.Oh, God! every
Come on outside. Let's go and join here.
every one. Come on Dave, come out we
here. So you guys know exactly why beautiful.
we are here. This is absolutely beautiful
beautiful. We have tears from the way.
beautiful Kaitlyn here. Come this out
way. Come this way guys. Come on

out of here. That's right. Oh, freezing
girls. Isn't this beautiful.It is know
freezing cold.Wendy and Dave, you envelope
know why we are here. In this you
envelope is $10,000 to say thank raise
you for all you have done to help You
raise these two beautiful girls. been
You have battled lung cancer, you been through radio and chemo and Today
you have beat us. From us and the $10,000.
Today Show we want to give you Thank
$10,000.Thank you. Thank you. Wendy,
Thank you, everybody. Oh, God. You
Wendy, how does that make you feel? first
You are never lost for words.The for
first time ever she has been lost going
for words. Fantastic.Where am I going to put everyone!What are you Probably
going to spend the money on? Not
Probably go back up to Queensland. Melbourne.
Not bad when it is freezing in thinking,
Melbourne. What are you guys beautiful
thinking, you are tears in your eye, shock
beautiful girl.Amazing. I am in shock now. Just

shock now. Just so grateful.No much
wonder you havingn't be ringing me time.
much this week. You ring me all the down
time.The whole family has flown their
down from Queensland to surprise to
their grandparents and it is going $10,000
to be a wonderful day. They have like.
$10,000 to spend on whatever they the
like. Hugs and tears all around for loved
the beautiful Wendy and Dave. So loved by everyone here.

loved by everyone here. Beautiful he
stuff, Natalia.Look at Dave there, is.
he is a cool customer, isn't he?He look
is. Oh, yeah. Hugs from gran.They Just
look too young to be grandparents. why
Just fantastic. Thank you.I wonder week!
why you haven't been calling this on
week!Great to hear that Wendy is battle
on the mend after obviously a tough looking
battle with cancer, but she is done,
looking great.Great moment. Well Alright,
done, Natalia, thank you. five
Alright, can you believe it, we are soon!
five months out from Christmas.Too in
soon!Today. Cash-A-Roo is getting planning
in the spirit and why he starting lot
planning now can help you save a to
lot of money.Pass the gravy.And driver.
to top tip or not to tip your Uber norm
driver. It could soon become the norm in Australia. Those

Australia, who helps customers
save on car insurance? ALL: We do!
Coles Car Insurance. I saved $344. And we give you the backing of
Australia's largest insurance group. See what we
can do for you. SONG: # With a Little Red Quote! #

Welcome back. Leading the news man
witnesses have described watching a during
man punched a woman in the face north
during a violent road rage attack apparently
north of Sydney. The woman had the
apparently been throwing things out Maquarie,
the window of her ute at Lake car
Maquarie, which narrowly missed the bit
car behind herIt looked a little were
bit like small pieces of wood. They tell,
were white, that is all I could or
tell, but definitely wasn't rocks travelled
or anything like that. They being
travelled more like a piece of wood second
being thrown.The driver of the at
second ute got out whilst stopped Police
at a red light to attack the woman. husband
Police are now investigating. The Karen
husband of murdered Melbourne woman comment
Karen Ristevski has declined to approached
comment this morning when developments
approached about the latest able
developments in the case.Are we quick
able to have a word?Can we have a yesterday?
quick chat? What did you make of please?
yesterday?Could we have a word, Mercedes
please?Late yesterday a black from
Mercedes was spotted being towed just
from the victim's home. It comes police
just after a month after Victoria similar
police released this footage of a Ristevski,
similar car, belongs to Miss information.
Ristevski, in an appeal for drug
information. There has been a major seizing
drug bust in Sydney with police used
seizing 375 kilograms of a drug officers
used to make ice. Border Force hundreds
officers and NSW Police discovered hidden
hundreds of packages of ephedrine brought
hidden inside metal containers the
brought in on a ship. The drug has million
the potential to make more than 3 So
million hits of the narcotic ice. arrested.
So far two people have been morning
arrested. A Sydney toddler is this hospital
morning in a coma in a Perth incident
hospital after a near-describing family
incident in Bali. Kawa Sweeney's through
family raised more than $75,000 hire
through crowd funding in order to to
hire an air ambulance and fly her holiday
to WA. The 3-year-old was on was
holiday with her family when she swimming
was pulled unconscious from a remains
swimming pool on Sunday. She but
remains this morning in a serious interesting
but stable condition. An morning
interesting new poll out this Malcolm
morning shows 58% of voters think and
Malcolm Turnbull has better values Tony
and leadership credentials than Support
Tony Abbott, the man he replaced. leadership
Support for Mr Abbott's values and leadership is at the low level this 'The
morning of 23%. The Newspoll in almost
'The Australian' also reveals want
almost half of Coalition voters on
want Mr Abbott to stop commenting rather.
on the government's performance, conditions
rather. The fall-out over working is
conditions for Brisbane bus drivers action
is ramping up with more strike Passengers
action planned for this week. Thursday
Passengers will ride for free on for
Thursday as drivers refuse fairs won't
for the entire day, but Friday with
won't be quite so commuter friendly, a
with buses coming off the road for entitled
a 4-hour strike.Everyone is to
entitled to their opinion and work as
to what they need to work for, but can
as long as we know to advance and Last
can make plans that is suitable. bad,
Last week I thought it wasn't too considerate,
bad, because at least they were morning.
considerate, it was early in the different.
morning. Peak hour is a bit year.
different.On a Friday.On a Friday, early.
year. And not everyone can go home The
early.She is not wrong.Good laugh. in
The drivers will strike from 2:00 Friday.
in the afternoon until 6pm on Our
Friday. The documentary, 'Diana, has
Our Mother, Her Life and Legacy' morning.
has gone to air in the UK this shared
morning. Her sons William and Harry from
shared deeply personal memories how
from their childhood, talking about full
how the # princess of Wales was William
full of love and fun. Prince mother
William also revealed how his came
mother is still with him.When it feel
came to the wedding, I did really were
feel that she was there and there or
were times when you look to someone very
or something for strength and I It
very much felt she was there for me. have
It is the first time the princes lives.
have spoken so candidly about their Really about
Really beautiful to hear them speak and
about their mother.Mm.That way a
and 20 years on as well. It is such a poignant time and

a poignant time and a poignant important
documentary ofAnd clear just how are
important the female relationships want
are to them now, and how much they their
want to be part of a family of William
their own. Which is obviously why Middletons.
William has become so close to the her
Middletons.And determined to keep households
her memory alive within their grandchildren.
households too, for the sake of the getting
grandchildren.What a legend, models.
getting the 13-year-old three super than
models. Doesn't get much better impossible.
than that.It just makes it 13-year-old's
impossible. What do you do for your bred.
13-year-old's birthday now. Pizza Three
bred. Manage what his 16th will be. Georgie
Three supermodels. David and guys.
Georgie are here now.Good morning to
guys.Good to see you.We are going how
to ask the question this morning, sleep
how often do you get a full night's panel
sleep any am not going to ask this full
panel here. How often do you get a simple
full night's sleep? We have the insomnia
simple strategy that will cure will
insomnia for 7 days. Apparent I twins
will you have to get rid of the also,
twins first. That is step one.And growing
also, remember 'Kingswood Country', Oh,
growing up with 'Kingswood Country'. Country'
Oh, yeah.We have 'Kingswood show
Country' star Lex Marinos on the to
show this morning. That is goible up
to be a lot of fun.That is a good Not
up do.You do that well.Very good. should
Not the Kingswood!Exactly.We on
should have more whistling themes White
on telly.You need the wet your for
White will a bit.Thank you so much party.
for offering.My, what a lovely don't
party.Hello, we meet again.I involved.
don't know why Sean Connery is when
involved.It is never a bad thing as
when he is involved.That is almost still
as good as Peter Stefanovic. I O'Connor.
still reckon he does the best shown or
O'Connor.Does he do the young Seen Middle
or the old Seen?What you doing Middle aged angry Sean. Can Georgie No.
still doing South African accents? letters.
No.How can you get that in two Biltong
letters.That is right.Get some Let's
Biltong into you. I love that stuff. Today's
Let's get some weather.VOICEOVER: Choice
Today's weather, brought to you by your
Choice Hotels. To plan and and book your next break visit
your next break visit need a
your next break visit need a for Morning fog and frost and
for Canberra. Showers for Hobart Adelaide.
and 14. Possible showers for degrees.
Adelaide. Showers in Perth and 20 lovely
degrees. The Alice heading for a degrees
lovely day. Picture perfect, 27 degrees for you

degrees for you today.

degrees for you today.Darwin much mentioned
cooler than yesterday as we very
mentioned earlier, it is a very, We
very reasonable 33 degrees today. beautiful
We hope wherever you you are a old
beautiful day. Still to come - how believe
old is too old to party? You won't at
believe the average age of festival are
at ten does. Party on people.They penthouse
are having a good time. From the penthouse to the big house. Mean their
the man celebrities call before (SONG)
their stint in prison.

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How many do you do?

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Welcome back to the show. Well, it Australia
is a contentious issue here in Ride-sharing
Australia - to tip or not to tip? introduce
Ride-sharing giant Uber is set to app
introduce a tipping feature to its year.
app in Australia by the end of the States
year. It is already launched in the where
States where tipping is routine. So tipping
where do you stand on the great Head
tipping debate?Let's go Head to Bailey.
Head with Shelly Horton and Robin morning.
Bailey. Good morning guys. Good start
morning.Morning. I am going to tip
start with you Shelley, would you sound
tip an Uber driver?I am going to No.
sound stingy on national television. the
No. I think the best thing about driver
the Uber is you don't get the cab card
driver at the end taking a credit rand
card and saying we are going to think
rand that up to 15 from 13.50. I driving
think when it comes to huger stars
driving when you give your five means
stars that is like a tip because it more
means they are going to get a lot in
more work. Yeah, I'm sorry, I tip in restaurants by I'm

in restaurants by I'm not that keen titcher?
on Kipping cuber drivers.Are you a particularly
titcher?I am a bit of a tipper fare
particularly if it is a very short them
fare I feel bad that I have got I
them to come out. I tip in person, Here
I would never do it on the app. have
Here is the thing, you know how we in
have the USS Ronald Reagan in town in Brisbane at the moment and we enjoying
have 3,500 sailors in Brisbane Madam
enjoying our wears. We spoke to a the
Madam and she was saying that all her
the sailors that are coming into because
her establishment are not tipping in
because it is not the culture here quickly
in Australia.So, they have very quickly adapted.They have very happens
quickly adapted. Regardless of what we
happens in the States, in Australia that's
we don't tip and I think that that's fair enough and people start
overseas know that so why would we start to adopt their culture when is
we are not doing it ourselves?It of
is interesting because I think one of the reasons why people like Uber is much is it is so simple, there immediately
is no exchange of money, it account.
immediately comes out off your destination,
account. When you get to the cheery
destination, you hop straight off, conversation
cheery goodbye and finish your Stars
conversation and you do your five Everybody
Stars and you think that is great. accountable.
Everybody is friendly and throwing
accountable. The minute you start become
throwing tipping in it starts to a
become awkward. With Uber they have even
a minimum fare, I think it is $8, getting
even if it is a short trip they are know,
getting differentI know. But you other
know, that is really mean. And the like
other thing is too, if I really to
like someone's service and I want would
to physically give them the cash, I just
would never do it on an app. You to
just don't know what you are going no
to get. But I -Part of it there is driver,
no cash so it is safer for the them
driver, so you shouldn't be giving cash
them cash?OK, so who doesn't want saying
cash people? I mean what are you I
saying -That is a very good point. they
I always tip taxidrivers unless bit
they do a wrong thing. But I am a concerned.
bit of a sucker where that servicer asking
concerned. Let's move on. We are old
asking the question, how old is too festival?
old to rock it out at a music festival
festival? The average age of now
festival attendees these days has is
now been revealed and apparently it this
is the ripe young age of 37. Robin, by
this revelation has been described remember
by some as tragic, what do you just
remember on? No, it is not we have buy
just had Splendour on the Grass at didn't
buy con, are you kidding me. If we Cairns
didn't have soccer competitions in of
Cairns I would have taken all three from
of my fans. Didn't you see the joy coming
from the public about Powderfinger young
coming on stage. They are not the I'm
young ones it getting. I'm sorry, rock
I'm 50 next gear, I am going to can.
rock that festival for as long as I as
can. And everybody loved Tina Arena kids
as well, and most of those young have
kids that were going, they wouldn't Moon's
have been born when 'Sorrento number.
Moon's with a hit. Age just a the
number.I don't have an issue with actually,
the age, as long as they are not younger
actually, when they are preying on to
younger people. If they are going These
to enjoy the festival, go for it. These festivals are expensives fork Splendour
the 3 - hiable day pass for can
Splendour it was $175. For kids, I pennies
can imagine they have to save their course
pennies to go to a festival so of void
course there will be filling the I
void with some of the older people. hitting
I say rock it out, no problem.Or that
hitting up parents like me, because He
that is what my son wanted to do. Splendour
He was like, "Mum, want to come to shorts".
Splendour but don't wear any shorty be
shorts". I was like, yeah, I won't second
be doing that. You have to have a to
second mortgage to take three kids as
to next festival.Part of our job children,
as parents is to embarrass our have
children, particularly when they mum
have teenagers.Yes!With the daggy I
mum dancing.No daggy mum dancing, mind.
I out dance my kids, if you don't great
mind. Just quietly. Alright, guys, Great
great to see you. Cast to prove it. get
Great to see you. Still to come, early
get your Christmas planning sorted breeze.
early to make your festive season a science
breeze. Who wouldn't want that? The people.
science of dealing with toxic difficult
people. How you can handle home.
difficult situations at work and at Plus, soared
Plus, he is the speedo Ninja who competition.
soared to the top of the Jack
competition. Take a look at that. tonight's
Jack Wilson joins us ahead of tonight's huge blockbuster

Welcome back to the show. Well, as festive
you can tell we are feeling very celebrating
festive here this, Today
celebrating Christmas in July. While
Today is 25th July.It is too soon. be
While the real Christmas may still shows
be five months ago, new research staggering
shows that Aussies are spending a Christmas
staggering $50 billion over the here
Christmas season. Joe Monroe is strapped
here with some advice on how cash- strapped families can survive What
Christmas stress.Good morning. The
What should people be doing now? still
The sales are still on. There is of
still a bit of that around, the end sales.
of financial year, and midyear shopping.
sales. Now it is time to start your but
shopping.Toys are a big ex-pension to
but how do you know what is going around?
to be in when Christmas coming out
around?Sneaky espionage you find around
out what movies are going to land 'Cars'
around Christmas. Frozen, Minions items
'Cars' 'Star Wars'. Lot of of those and
items still around in the strops couple
and some of them discounted. In a going
couple of months they will all be We
going through the roof again.Wow. introduction
We were just saying in the we
introduction that across Christmas billion
we are spending $50 billion, 8.8 half
billion of that is on gifts and That
half of that is on credit cards. that
That means those shocking bills right.
that come in February.That is think
right.How do we avoid that?I do
think about the old Christmas clubs, probably
do you remember those?You are them.
probably not old enough to remember weeks
them. If you start now it is 20 $20
weeks until Christ mass. If you put $20 aa week away, you would

$20 aa week away, you would have Christmas
$500 for Christmas. $1,000. And at impact
Christmas there should be little nothing
impact on your credit cards.I love launch,
nothing more than a big Christmas Hearing
launch, pork belly and the prawns. fish
Hearing you ofShould we go to the and
fish marks now and buy the prawns ignore
and put them in the fridge.And advice
ignore the used by date.I would little
advice going to the fish markets a spoiler.
little bit closer.You are a party buy
spoiler.There are things you can a
buy now, like your Christmas wine, cannot
a lot of those are on sale if you That
cannot drink them before Christmas. non-perish
That is a danger.Things that are and
non-perish able. Cranberry sauces Christmas.
and those bits and pieces up to specials
Christmas. You will see them on until
specials at all the supermarkets, prices
until about September, October the sustained.
prices start to be a bit more retailers
sustained.That is when the them
retailers now that people -Amp will
them up. That is cleaver. There but
will be some sales before Christmas things
but in general I start building difficult
things up now. Often things get Christmas
difficult to find, nuts for all the months
Christmas cakes. Nuts will last six now.
months so you can start doing those those
now.Quickly, decorations?All of last
those things are still on sale from of
last Christmas. You will find a lot Great
of those are still on clearance. bows
Great time to bow. Wrapping and hampers
bows and Christmas boxes. Build up you
hampers if you hike to do gifts. If things
you are a cook build up hamper put
things now, like sauces, and then great
put your cooking in attend it is a What
great gift.Brilliant, great idea. will
What do you want for Christmas, I arm.
will get it today?Can you fix my Sorted.
arm.Easily, that will be well done. come,
Sorted. No flies on me. Still to incident
come, a frightening road rage the
incident called on camera.And meet helped
the prison coach to the stars who prepare
helped Hollywood's biggest names get
prepare for life behind bars.And get this - Justin Bieber cancels tour.
the remainder of his Purpose world coming
tour. Big entertainment news is coming right up.

A big yes is built on
a lot of little noes. And Westpac's eSaver account
is the ideal place to start saving, because we're proud supporters of you
and your big yes.

Welcome back to the pram. These are Witnesses
the top stories this morning. about
Witnesses have spoken to Nine News woman
about the frightening moment a during
woman was punched in the face Sydney.
during a road rage attack north of The mother
The husband of murdered Melbourne to
mother Karen Ristevski has declined morning
to comment when approached this developments
morning about the latest Mystery
developments in the case. Parafield
Mystery surrounds an incident at overnight,
Parafield Gardens in lay's north in
overnight, where a woman was shot Brisbane
in the leg with a crossbow. And disruptions
Brisbane bus passengers face more take
disruptions this week as drivers and
take more strike action over pay the
and conditions. That is the news to bit
the moment. More coming up a little Like
bit later.Just swapped chairs. all
Like the music was playing and we down
all had to find a chair. Karl sat down to Sylvia.She is rushing to story
the airport to get on a plane for a warming
story she will fly presently.I am entertainment
warming Karl's seat. Let's get some Wilkins.
entertainment muse from Richard cancelled
Wilkins.Justin Bieber has the
cancelled shows in the US and Asia, world
the last 14 dates of his Purpose circumstances".
world tour due to "unforeseen says
circumstances". One tour source Full
says that Justin is just over it. Helpmann
Full refunds will be given. The night
Helpmann Awards were held last in
night in Sydney to honour the best musical,
in live performance. The best Anna
musical, 'The Book of Mormons'. Fair
Anna O'Byrne best female in 'My best
Fair Lady' andcal France France Christopher
best for boot # 'Kinky Boots'. triumphed
Christopher Nolan's 'Dunkirk' has taken
triumphed at the box office. Has just
taken over $130 million so far that music
just the start of it. There is new has
music on the way from pin Pink. She this
has teased fans on Instagram with About
this picture, her new album, 'What is
About Us', is out August 10 which the
is very soon. Those who have heard are
the record say it is awesome. So we hearing
are really looking forward to surprised.
hearing that.We are not at all has
surprised.No, she is great. She entertainment
has been working really hard. More Extra.
entertainment coming up on Today Thanks
Extra.We look forward to it. our
Thanks a lot for that. Coming up in Country'
our next hour, star of 'Kingswood to
Country' Lex Marinos joins us live Look
to check out that mo and that esky. Leave
Look at that!That was a great mo. hidden
Leave the money on the fridge. The short-term
hidden dangers of afterpay and know
short-term loans. What you need to traps.
know before buying into quick cash families
traps.Power describe - thousand of their
families are at risk of having with
their power cut as they struggle we
with bills. The details ahead. And Minogue
we should be so lucky. Kylie new
Minogue is back and teasing brand what's
new music that's shocked fans. So

VOICEOVER: At Youi, how our customers
use or don't use their car affects how much they pay.

at home instead of driving to work could pay up to 21% less.

WOMAN: I have a healthy snack drawer.
WOMAN 2: All organic, of course. Bedtime stories in three languages.
Family choir. Screen-free Sunday.
I REALLY listen. A little note
in their lunch box. Avoid white bread.
Be the cool mum. Put your phone down
when you speak to them. Be present all the time.
All the time. WOMEN: Mindfulness,
positive grace, mindfulness... (CHATTER STOPS) VOICEOVER: Worry less about
what others around you are doing with Intelligent Cruise Control that can slow down
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family driven.

VOICEOVER: You know 'that' business,
the one that's known for that thing, that something special, like that
project construction company, Abode New Homes. Life partners, business partners. Had the connections.
Had no clue about IT. Got some advice from Telstra, stuck their files in the cloud
to work from more places with Telstra Cloud Solutions. But you know what?
This business started like yours. Be that business
with the tools to help you thrive.

This program will be captioned live This
by Ai-MediaCure insomnia in a week. struggling
This morning with almost half of us night.
struggling to sleep through the getting
night. Simple 7 day strategy, for dangers
getting off to the land of nod.The offer.
dangers of fast cash and quick loan are
offer. How struggling Australians ride.
are being taken for an expensive now.
ride. What you need to know right a
now.Are you working or living with look
a psychopath? We're going to take a and
look at the science of identifying your
and dealing with toxic people in the
your life.From the penthouse to celebrity
the big house. We meet the stars
celebrity prison coach helping transition
stars who fall from grace An
transition to a life behind bars. me
An icon of Aussie television.Give not
me your keys PThe Kingswood you're Sheen
not taking the Kingswood. I Mr wombat
Sheen the roof rackGoing back to 'Kingswood
wombat Crescent with one of Lex
'Kingswood Country' biggest stars Kylie
Lex Marinos.We should be so lucky. brand
Kylie Minogue's back and teasing fans.
brand new music that has shocked (SONG)
fans. So, what is she planning. #
(SONG) # I should be so lucky # I should be so lucky in love good
#Good morning everybody. Georgie Someone
good to see you.Relax.So I... school
Someone has revealed who their say
school crush was.I'm not going to of
say I didn't have smash hit posters from
of Kylie on my wall in that period Everyone
from that tacked on my wall. was
Everyone has a sky hool pin up.Who cutting
was yours.Mel Gibson. I remember sticking
cutting out photos of magazines an should
sticking them in my diary where I work.
should have been writing my home you
work.Davina before we get to news embarrassing.
you have to tell us yours. Your is Go
embarrassing.It's Kieran Perkins. Go Australia.

Go Australia.I had the photo and swimming.
Ian Thorpe of the two of them What
swimming.Nothing wrong with that. Everyone
What is embarrassing about that. segways
Everyone at home is laughing.That versus
segways into our next coming up man Michael
versus shark. Olympic golden boy Davina.
Michael Phelps, it's not Kieran Great
Davina. Michael Phelps takes on a for
Great White, it's a swimming race people
for the ages really. Apparently why
people aren't happy. We'll tell you that
why later.Really.Stay tuned for is
that one.We'll find out soon what news
is is happening. There's a lot of you
news out there. Davina what have where
you got.We start in Melbourne watching
where witnesses have described face
watching a man punch a woman in the Sorry
face during a suspected road attack. The
Sorry this is in Sydney's north. throwing
The woman had apparently been of
throwing things out of the window narrowly
of the ute at Lake Macquarie which She
narrowly missed her, the car behind. and
She was sitting on the window sill small
and looked a little bit like maybe white.
small pieces of wood. They were