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Two hours on telly starts right now. Glad you are here, if you want to be part of it, you know what to do. You can contact us on Twitter or Facebook, where plenty of people get the conversation 24-7. We will be joined by the great Graham Richardson, the equally wonderful Janine Perrett and Ross Cameron. And sport as well, so much to talk about, including what is happening in Collingwood. First, a few things worth firing up about. Fixed four-year terms the Federal Parliament. Count me out. This is an idea being pushed by lots of politicians in the past but got to a new level when Bill Shorten started talking about it on Channel two, his idea for the future of government would be a fixed four year term. First things first... The reason Bill Shorten is suggesting a fixed four-year term is nothing to do with re-form or good ideas or good policy or even good politics. You see, under the rules of the Labor Party, the leadership can't be rolled unless three quarters of the members, the MPs want to get rid of them, a Herculean thing to roll a Prime Minister. Why wouldn't Bill Shorten want to sign up to a four-year term so the bloke could pocket $2 million as well as being Prime Minister? That's where it's really coming from. Secondly, the fact the Prime Minister picked up the phone afterwards and said, you know what, this is a reasonable idea,... You look at every opinion poll, university study or conversation at a barbecue, does anyone think this generation of politicians has earned the right to have even more time building up the debt? Even more time spending money? Even more time playing personal and political politics? No way! In fact, when you look at some studies, trust in democracy itself is at record low numbers in Australia. John Howard did not need a fixed four-year term to introduce the GST, Bob Hawke didn't need a fixed four-year term to introduce revolutions to the finance industry, to float the dollar, to free up the banks. This is about as lazy a suggestion for changing our country as you could expect, but it's something that sadly doesn't surprise me about the go ahead on the gravy train and they are waist deep in this stuff. Can you imagine the backbench senator who has been approved by either a union or political hacks inside the Liberal Party and who are going to get an eight year term in Parliament? No way. If it wasn't good enough for John Howard and Paul Kenny and Bob Hawke, and all of them at some point in time suggested it as an idea, even though they didn't get that power, they went on and did something. Australia will not clock this. They can shove this idea as far as they could possibly reach and then I'll give them a broom handle and they can do the next meter. This will never happen. Because the joy of our system is that we would get the chance to vote on it. It would be a referendum, and you wouldn't win one state. Maybe the ACT, but other than that, nothing, this wouldn't get up anywhere, because they don't deserve it. Something that did happen on the weekend that people did deserve is the right to have more of the say inside the Liberal Party. Big victory for those who have been fighting for democratisation, for those that believe if you are a member of the party, if you have been a member for a long time, if they expect you to stand there and do how two votes on election day, you should have the say in who the candidate is. This is a process that has been going on for five years and it is one that the brass of the Liberal Party, the super lefties who have produced great dance like Felicity Wilson, that these people firstly keeps the issue off to a separate committee, secondly tried to put it at a point in an agenda so deep that they'd never really get to it and then run out of time to talk about and then they tried to charge people extra money on top of their membership to turn up to the special meeting to talk about it, and even then they put together a meeting, they booked a venue in Sydney for Friday, for Saturday and Sunday. Borges when the voting took place? Sunday afternoon. The rest of the time was a massive wankfest and they talked about anything but. I have in front of me all of the things on the to-do list of that meeting, 96 separate ideas to change the party. They only dealt with about a dozen. And here's where the problem begins. The same people that dragged their feet, the same people who did everything they could to hold the doors closed to the membership, they will now get to decide on the vast bulk of these ideas. Because when they ran out of time to vote on it, even though they booked the venue for Friday, Saturday and Sunday to get through 96 ideas, we had to have diversity panels, of course... The body that will decide the rest of this is the state executive, the State Council, the people who have held the Liberal Party in New South Wales and turned it into the joke it had become. They are in a position now to put the finer points on the deal. Do you have any doubt that the very same people who did everything they can to deny people a chance to have ownership of the organisation that they believe it will not come up with some system to guarantee that all existing MPs will not be affected by this decision question if so... If the people of North Sydney got a chance to vote for this plan, would it even get through the first round? Will they come up with new ways of making sure, as these documents are just, that you have to be a party member for four years before you vote, that they will limit the number of people you could bring into a branch to only ten per month? There are serious issues for the Liberal Party and it was a very big win yesterday, but as always, follow the fine print. The lefties were more than willing to lose the battle yesterday, because they hope that you are too stupid to follow the actual war. There are plenty more fronts to be fought on it and we will keep the same attention that we did before, during and after the meeting on everything they do with the rest of this document. Also we are talking about when government fails you. There are examples in Australia of one people have very minor car accident and then the airbag goes off but a little bit of metal part of the mechanisms that releases it ends up hitting people, in the neck or head and people get very seriously injured. In fact, one bloke was killed when it came off and shot through the side of his neck, through his throat, through the spinal cord and out the back. It was basically no different than someone firing a gun into their throat. Yet car companies have been caught out today by choice, and well done to them for this, that even when they were recalling the vehicles to fix this problem, they were putting the exact same product back into the car. I say government is failing us because we should be talking about this on television tonight. Ray Hadley shouldn't have spoken about this as loudly as he did on radio today, it shouldn't have had to get to this. Surely we have a system in place that when someone is killed by something that is supposed to save your life, that you have an instant product recall and if you have the product recorded on but the same dodgy thing back into the park that was killing people. Instead of the car companies are dragging their feet. Because they know it is an awful lot of money. But the them. State Government and Federal Government need to do something about this yesterday, because I'm sorry, I'm not willing to trust my safety or my family's safety to the ticking time bomb of these airbags. They save a lot of people's lives, but when people are being killed by them, you pulled off the road, now! Or wait and see happens. And finally, a big show at the moment is the Handmaid's Tale. It is an awful story about how a disease basically meant the number of women who could have babies has shrunk to a record low. So the women who are able to have babies, they are taken off the street, they are dressed in this garb and they are lent out to rich and powerful families to make sure that they will be able to have children. But here's where the crazy kicks in... I have read so many think pieces that say this is an insight into the dystopian future of Trump's America. It was this garbage as well from Wendy Squires, I call a Sheila because it will kiss her. She said...

Tony Abbott's idea is to reduce the number of women who can have babies and then the one who can have babies are shipped off to rich people and they're the ones that get to do it and if you disobey the system may pull out your eye! What's wrong with you? By the way, the Handmaid's Tale was written 30 years ago. This was not about Trump's America, it's not about Tony Abbott's Australia, it was a horrible story about potential dystopian future, but to try and link it to politics of today, you have to get your head read or more importantly get your column polls. There is one way to fight this madness when you see on the Internet, don't click it. Because if they don't read it, it doesn't get the attention and it falls. Because guess what, there will only be one person clicking on it, me, I will read it to you and remind you of the sheet you should be avoiding. Garbage like this. Do better!

Thank you. Police issued an Amber alert to find a five-year-old girl who was taken from the daycare centre on the Gold Coast this afternoon. A man was seen taking the girl just before 4pm from the centre on Birmingham Road. The man and the girl are known to each other and are believed to be travelling in a brown Saddam. Senior White House adviser Jared Kushner is denying US President Donald Trump's campaign colluded with Russia, saying in a statement ahead of a congressional interview that he has nothing to hide. The President's son-in-law released an 11 page statement in which he confirmed he had no additional contact with individuals who were or may have been Russian representatives. Jared Kushner insists he discussed discussed nothing improper in his meetings with Russians during the 2016 campaign and transition. There has been a development in the police investigation into the murder of the Melbourne mother. Police have reportedly seized a black Mercedes from her husband's home this afternoon. Karen disappeared in June last year, her body was found in bushland in February. Detectives investigating the murder of a greyhound trainer in the new New South Wales West say they have significant clues to help catch the killer. The developments in the case two years to the days since 58-year-old John Burroughs was killed at Portland. A special task force has been established to the identity of all the components of the bomb and now have a person of interest. That is the very latest in news headlines. Paul Murray, back to you. Thank you, I appreciate it. The reason I am wearing the velvet and corduroys because I was sure -- because I was trying to outdo Ross Cameron. But it's impossible. How are you and congratulations?Thank you, it was a good day.What a beautiful story by Charles on 60 minutes last night, we will show highlights later. Saying, I have to do it for my boy.I do, he's worth it. It was a great show. Amanda and Darcy outshone me. I was left trailing in their wake, I think.Was a surprise to you? My favourite bit, when they edited together Amanda, Amanda, Amanda, Amanda. She is an awesome Sheila and you are a wonderful man. Janine Perrett, wonderful to see you and apologies for the swearing and I'm sorry the editorial went so wrong but there was so much to rant about tonight. You don't need to swear!I agree.We don't want that swear box back.You will get the points from Media Watch and I will keep making their content for them. That will get me into trouble with Media Watch.I agree with the Sheila!You've got to do it. Fixed four-year terms, the idea being suggested by a lot of MPs for a while, lots of prime ministers for a while. Bill Shorten wants to back the idea and as I explained before, why would anyone a guaranteed job where no one can roll him for four years? Bill Shorten ramping up his campaign for four-year fixed terms, urging the government to sign on.As soon as I proposed four-year terms,, the naysayers from their rocks. Just once in our political lives, why do we look at the positives than I did before the negatives?I'm always open to the idea. Constitutional expert George Williams is the main positive could be more stable government. At the moment we have a system that is meant to run for three years but it often just runs for two and a half, that's not long enough for good government and we find government scrambling from an election to the next.It's not a top priority for the government. Bill Shorten raised it, he hasn't had the election year and he wants to be given four years, I don't think you should get three.I think should be zero priority for the government, especially when we talk about a lot of other issues around.Kenny and Howard and Bob Hope wanted it and for good reason, you are wrong about this. It's a matter of government that can do something. Governors get pretty frightened. After one year you looking at the next election, George is right, two and a half years is pretty close to your average. You basically get a very short time, because once the elections are in reach De Juan do anything. Every politician is sort of standstill, unless they make an error. I think we have a poorer form of government because it is three years. The states have got a longer term, the Americans have a longer term and we should have a longer term.What about my suggestion about the current class? Yes, they might have wanted it, but you were able to get something done in the period of time.So was Howard, but you could have done more if there was a change. The objection to is everyone hates politicians and the Senate has been so stupid over the last few years that the idea of them having 80 years will poorer people and I would agree there is no hope of getting a referendum through to do it. That doesn't mean it's wrong. I think it would really help government in Australia. It's not something I wake up and...When Darcy as Prime Minister he'll be suggesting it! I don't think it's an issue about political class, every industry says we don't trust them, the priority for Australia is, I want a longer term on the job...I think it is instructive that the first outbreak of bipartisanship comes in relationship to give it MPs more money, more time, more influence. The first outbreak of bipartisanship comes by depriving voters from expressing an opinion for longer. I think that is instructive. If this was a proposal to expand citizens rights and powers, the chances of bipartisanship are currently zero. I'd just say, I'm up as opposed to this as you are. I think if this is the best quality of idea coming out of Canberra, it shows you why we are falling down the rankings are virtually every indicator. We saw with the previous government, when the State Government had failed, about a third to half way through its term it was obvious the government had failed. You just had to sit there and watch this failing thing go on and on and on. Then when the failed government was elected, knowing ad four years, they just sat back and did nothing. Seneca wrote on the shortness of life, it is a beautiful work from the ancient world that resonates powerfully today. He said everyone makes the mistake of thinking life is too short instead of thinking, how much effectively can I use the time I have? Seneca says we'll have plenty of time but if we looked at what we did with our time, we will fight tooth and nail to protect our property from a neighbour in crouching on a boundary by one inch, yet we will give away our time as if we had a never ending supply of it. He says, if we just stop wasting so much of our time, we would actually get everything done that we need to get done. That was true in the ancient world and it is true today. This is just a further extension of the privilege for the inside class. You have the casting vote this evening, the host cannot vote and I wouldn't want to say anyone's opinion but what do you think? (LAUGHTER) I don't agree with you at all. I particularly loathed the way you say... We are allowed to raise other issues. We are allowed to talk about other things. This argument, you often say it if you are interested in like ATC, we are allowed to do other things, we can't just be focused, government is bigger than that. When something else comes up, oh no, we shouldn't talk about it. Of course we should! Of course I'm not saying I'm just with the rich. John Howard, we hold him up as the larger of the Liberal Party when it suits us, he thinks it's a good idea.The point is he didn't need it. He might have wanted it, or doesn't want more power?It was a different time, just because something wasn't done doesn't mean you shouldn't change it you sad old fogey.Do I get to give my bin invest much thank you for pointing out to the audience!You're so old and crotchety. My point being, at the their release would you at least agree, if it can't get the four-year terms than at least legislate the set three-year term so we don't have this two, two and a half year?I will compromise, I don't mind giving it up. What I can't stand about the third year of the government is will they or won't they, parking cameras out of the front of the building for six weeks on end and trying to decide if the Prime Minister, he's in Brisbane so he won't be in camp recalling the election this weekend. I know it is one of the advantages of incumbency.If they did three years, would you need a referendum on that? Could you set the three-year, which is in the limits... Maybe that can be done by Parliament? Because you are not extending the term, you are just making it a set term.It's possible, I've never examined it.It might be an easier way that to do it that doesn't involve referendum.You would set things on fire!I agree, I don't want Senators getting eight years, I would make them money four years.It is very clever of Bill Shorten to announce that when the leadership rules of the party mean you can't be blasted out.You can't now anyway so it doesn't make much bloody difference.Alright, let's turn our attention to the big story of the weekend, the changes in New South Wales. I understand it is one state and we are talking process, but I want to focus on principle. This is what matters. As Ross said in other forums, if you are a member of the golf club and all the work, shouldn't you decide who helps run the golf club will be able to play in the golf club? Part of should have the political parties expecting to be the soldiers, the people that go out and argue the case. You should decide who the person is, who is going to represent you on the ticket to go into Parliament. So once again, Ross, as always making news. He was making news on Channel 7 at the weekend. And expelled party member and factional warlord showed the bitterness of the rift in the party, leading the state and the Commonwealth.I'm all yours mate, here I am.This debate over how the Liberal Party chooses its candidates, who eventually can become MPs, premiers and prime ministers. The big vote on former PM Tony Abbott's motion calling for all party members to be involved not just factions, dominated by the left.You've got to decide, anyone can say they are for it, will you campaign for it?Will you vote for? The motion was overwhelmingly approved by the 1200 attendees, change and reform are on the way, possibly with more conflict. STUDIO: Jason was able to get into Parliament after some fractional zero now. You are suspended so you had to start on -- stand on the side of the line. What about my observation, yes, big bat and big win, but the war is over?John Ryder, the spiritual father of the democracy campaigntraditional only please.One of my local council friend said he wanted to open proceedings with reference to the traditional lobbyists of the Council area, which would be more accurate. John Ruddock says we have landed at Normandy, now we must march to Berlin.Correct.In truth, this result yesterday, I don't wish to be mean, I wish I could be encouraged at say nice things, but we have to concede that already before the ink was dry on the passage of the motion, the leading factional players were all seeking to degrade, die loot and delay. They are all saying that State Council and State executive will simply not endorse the clear-cut 61% on the first motion, 66% on the second motion. Every motion put was emphatically decided for immediate Democratic order. So we are now going to be in the war of ratification. I wish it wasn't so, I wish the state executive would just say, obviously the members have expressed their view, we are here to serve the members, we will implement their wishes faithfully with enthusiasm, but instead we are going to get this death of 1000 cats, this attempt to water down, all of which, every single so-called compromise is purely about protecting the monuments and privileges of MPs who got there without merit.That's the thing, about a dozen ideas got up and 96 to be discussed. They deliberately waited until the end, it all goes off to the body that has been ruining the joint.Absolutely. I think it's about protecting power. People love power. Once you vote, you don't want to give it up. They will fight very hard to keep it. On the same token, how ridiculous will they look if you just fly in the face of such a big majority of the State Council? They will look red hot and rotten, and if they do it, and there may be some way that the right can get off its as an organised properly. You need someone around that can coalesce, they don't seem to have what one of those. Had for Tony Abbott to do it, he's in Canberra or Croatia or wherever it is, all over the place. The left have got focus, who have the right got? No one. They have to find someone and that someone has got to really take them on, because if the rank and file are divided in this way, then I think there's going to be very fertile ground for revolution. The party in New South Wales needs revolution. It doesn't need a makeover, it needs a complete rebuilding.As I constantly say, Australian conservatives have 4000 members in New South Wales, party membership for one nation is 45, there are plenty of other places to go than just with a pollster. What role do you see of the Prime Minister here? Has he said sort of the right things in support of it but didn't actually vote for it? Didn't actually say, whatever you do, go and do this? Because his puppet strings go all the way back to the very people who will trying kill this off?He is a moderate and so long as he is seen not to interfere with what the trend is on the will of the people, that's fine. I'm more worried about the President, if he has the gravitas. When he pays lip service to disunity's death, the problem is it is great that this people power revolution started, and that's the start of rebuilding the party, but if there is going to be a long warfare... A lot of people don't understand all of it and all they see is more disunity.That's the game.That is exactly the game, that's what people look at, a lot of blokes fighting for power, that it. So while it seems to be a victory, I think it's about explaining what this means and broader clinic not just one faction got it now it's going to be the other faction's term, otherwise it will just increase the disillusionment with everyone.I read today about proportional representation. That is one solution. That way everyone gets a piece of the pie and you reduce very considerably the tensions. I opposed it when it came in. I was a nobody, so when I say I opposed it didn't make much bloody difference what I thought. You learn over the years that something like that, power-sharing, is a very good idea. You can't keep it all to yourself. If they're smart, that's what the go for, but he's not smart, just ruthless.Let me know what you think about that or anything else. A quick break. Then we talk about the speech to the Labor Party, more in a second.

Thank you for watching. If you want to be a part of the shows and send me an email. You can see outsiders, which is worth watching, on a Sunday morning. For anyone who saw 60 minutes last night and notice the bottom half of few is missing, means it is amazing you are with such strength. You will become a life member of the Labour Party, ten years after you qualified after putting it off. Note the haters have come out. A former president of the legislative Council said this:

What is your response?There has never been any finding against me of any kind. Some of those she alleges I was involved in, I was a witness for. Though one has thrown me to do anything wrong. I am not going to get carried away about what she thinks and will be others in the party who hold a similar view. You cannot be in the party and do what I did without having some enemies. The leader of the left is a great friend of mine. I have plenty of friends on the left these days and I don't worry about it.There has been won two stories written about you by Kate in the past. She has written this: I want ask you to respond.I will respond to that. A long time ago I didn't know what the future would bring. You can't blame anyone for those things that happened. I am not worried by people saying that. I wrote in There is Gillian -- I wrote about it in the Australian. It is a stupid thing to say. Their death is a hater and am not. I do not care. I think it diminishes you more than the person that you hear it.I want to show you some highlights from 60 Minutes last night. Here is part of an excellent story.I will not try to end things now.Are your mum and dad looking good? His boy is the chip off the old block.Do you want to go into politics? Not really, that wants me to. I want him to be Prime Minister. Would you like to be Prime Minister? No, I want to be a creative writer. What an awesome little man. What a beautiful boy.That was lovely. I didn't see it because I was on television. I'm dying to see it.It was a beautiful piece but there was a cameo of a fat bloke you may recognise from Sky News. This was my total time on 60 Minutes last night. The reason my arms were folded is because I had spilled sauce down the front of my shirt. I was on 60 Minutes. The primary vote is always the main story. They are basically 50-50. The Greens only lost one. 36% - 37%. The party preferred is just about the same.The one thing that is clear about our current situation is the trajectory. We have lost 13 new spoils in a row and it is clear that the people have made up their mind about Mr Abbott.Have been made up their minds about Malcolm Turnbull?I always feel a little bit torn. The various criticisms that have been made of me, it happens very rarely, one of them is that my critique of governments says it is one likely the Labour Party will win. Particularly criticisms of the Prime Minister's performance. This weekend I was partying. I do not take any pleasure in it. I wish I had come out here is a cheerleader for Tony, but when you have a Prime Minister who is actively engaged in spending hundreds of millions of dollars on a bond trainee tax on Australian citizens, which forces millions of Australians into poverty, I think, OK, what will I do? Willis say is great, except bulk, and not only is it a Turnbull policy -- not only is it a terrible policy, but also dominance, Americans are playing half as much a litre of fuel, the impact on the cost of energy on job creation and quality-of-life 's senior citizens and the rate it which even sky is massive. Yet we have a government standing over are saying that we have two suck it up. Will I expressed confidence? I cannot.Just because you've voted Liberal at the last election, are you to say that everything is also? I love the idea that if you criticise the government then somehow you are aiding and abetting the election of Short. It is not about those who want to throw stones at this show, but they can put our foot on the primary vote of the Liberal Party.I kick everyone equally. I want to know by one nation went down by two. The revolution is coming is what they say every time it goes up. Why are they down? Why are the Green Party only down one point? Is it because she was out of sight and out of mind? Is it because you are not seeing one nation?There are three points in the one nation vote that is just touching them, it does not want to cuddle them but it is going there and they will peel off and protest. There are 9% that are where they are, but I think the national security announcement last week would have been enough for a couple of people to pass back into the Liberal fold. Idle know Labour Party did to take off the Greens apart from the Greens own stupidity. There will always be some points on the main parties becoming go, but a political force that does not exist in our national conversation 12 months ago is having a bad week in 9%...It is having a bad week at 9%. De-4 months ago they were at 15%. Prior to the West Australian election they were firing. They had gone up since last July and then she stuffed up bad in Western Australia, she announced immunisations and then she felt foolish and had to back off. Then she did a stupid deal with the Liberals that her own team would not wear. She went downhill at 100 mph. Since then, people have had a different view and I think she's gone to struggle. I do not think she will get to 15 again, she will struggle even in Queensland. I do not think the voters like it was in the past.But what happens specifically since the last poll, there is only been a national security push that would make sense to me, maybe French protest supporters are willing to go back to stop I still believe most polls are to city centric.I do not think they give a North view from the bush. There is also a lot of turmoil within the party.

I don't think it has helped them. What does that say to us about the fact that the Greens can of such a bad week and only lose a few points. There is a far left foot finish area. -- a far left vote in Australia. They have released being an eye by men or party. -- they have ceased to be an environmental party. She took a selfie with Justin Trudeau. We're going to take a break and then we will be back to talk about posters and a new poll from the unions. More in a second.

Thank you for watching. Lunch has been booked over the ad break. He will be ordering the drunken prawns. I love a crab omelette.We can get through a few things in the to-do list because there is an hour's worth of show. A postal vote, as this is the solution to say that the 59% of people want a vote. Here is Ritchie Sutton been badgered about it.Our party promised a plebiscite that has not been impossible to deliver because we cannot get the votes buried in the Senate, that is the reality of the numbers in the Senate, but from that point what is the next best option? That is a postal plebiscite that allows the public to have their say.Here is what Tony had to say.I certainly think that would be better than trying to ram this thing through Parliament. To try to ram it through Parliament would be a breach of faith in the parliament, because we were clear that there would be no change in this.Can we show that footage again without the audio? Who decided... What is the best image they could find and they have put the Oval over this. Here is the rainbow coloured motorcycle coming up. Here is my favourite bit at the end. What extra detail that person wants to say they are really and proud. This is the thing that people leave out of the same-sex marriage chat. Every two weeks the essential media organisation, funded in part by the union movement, comes up with a different way of asking the question to push the numbers towards Parliament deciding. 59% says every fortnight we should have a vote. This is patient is. This is the news you will have. This is the media in its role telling us what we should think. This is a tribal totem of the big state and the Green left media. It is their issue. It is the issue... He doesn't open every editorial with it. I think we should introduce a quarter so that Mondays will be dedicated to gay marriage and the Sydney Herald will have pages and ABC...There will be a weekly show here at sky.We were promised a vote, we got elected promising a vote... Philip used to grind down opposition by giving 90 minute speeches. At the 85 minute mark, Philip needed to wake them up. I won a monetary on it until the next federal election.The Senate has said no and this is the way around it.Islamic State are coming closer to Australia. There should be a bigger conversation. Could we focus on the theory. It is an interesting story. The former security adviser said about the Philippines and radical Islam:

There are groups in this country who believe in the caliphate. They are not picking up arms like Islamic State, and they are not shooting people like in the Philippines, but there are people who would be happy to bring it on. As a national security situation, we have central to the Middle East to fight this but there is no conversation about whether Australia is involved in the fight.You can get the government in Iraq to invite UN because they are tied to the United States. The Philippines have moved away from the United States, I cannot imagine they would invite us in. My understanding is that the army in the Philippines is somewhat different in position from the president. I think they would like the help. We should perhaps find out if we can get some advisers and trainers and get them up there. That should be used as a cover because I think that is what the service.Can I clarify, a month ago we announced that we were giving help, we are backing them up and stop we have military doing that. We are giving.Should our spear be spinning in this part of the world? Obviously. The idea of the caliphate, it is a very attractive idea to a big chunk of the Islamic world, this secret text demands that they commit themselves to its establishment. Not every Muslim around the world is going to understand the text in the same way, but when you find the preachers who are calling for jihad for the purpose of establishing the caliphate, it does echo and we have