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(generated from captions) This program is live captioned by Ericsson Access Services. Concerns car-makers replaced recalled airbags with the exact same faulty device. Ruthless human trafficking. A man arrested in the US after bodies are found in the back of his truck. So much sugar it's basically sweets. The consumer watchdog takes Heinz to court over its Shredz toddler range. And Aussie Michael Matthews claims the sprinter's green jersey while Chris Froome takes his fourth Tour de France. Hello. James McHale with ABC News Early Edition. The consumer watchdog is urging people not to panic if they R their potentially faulty -- their potentially faulty airbags were replaced by potentially faulty airbags. Toyota, Mazda, Lexus and Subaru have confirmed like for like bags were used in some cars and will have to be recalled again. It's the latest controversy regarding the Takata airbags first recalls in 2009 and responsible for dozens of deaths. Over years since 200 # there's been a growing recall of car airbags. 100 million around the world and in Australia now that number has grown to 2.3 million cars with faulty airbags. We heard the news on Friday that a 58-year-old Sydney man had been killed by an airbag meant to save his life in a crash. He had shrapnel embedded in his neck and he died of his injuries. So a reminder locally, that we have a massive problem, with a recall and only 850,000 airbags have been replaced. Today we've learned out of those 850,000 airbags, that have been replaced, many hundreds of thousands of those have been replaced with the same types of airbags, with the same faulty products, faulty inflaters, which can explode on impact sending shrapnel through a car. There's a range of airbags that have been fitted. Some of them are Takata airbags. It was thought they fixed the fault in the original airbag. We're now advised by the technical experts and we're not that, by the technical experts that that airbag will also degrade. They degrade over five or six years.For two years the motorist body has been saying to government, to manufacturers, to the consumer watchdog, this is a problem. It's an international problem, it's on our doorsteps, it's affecting millions of cars and he said there's been this go-slow attitude, this is exactly the way recalls should not be conducted.If the last two years has done anything, it's given us an opportunity to reflect on the measures that are undertaken in Australia when it comes to recalls and what we can do to improve them. If a mandatory recall is what is required, that is what should be done. A Four Corners investigation revealed billions of litres of water published by taxpayers to save the Murray-Darling Basin is instead being harvested by wealthy cotton irrigators, a policy failure that means the Government has effectively been subsidising some large agricultural interests. The investigation also discovered problems with compliance to water laws in NSW. P Jamie Morgan used to be the top NSW water compliance investigator. Two years ago his team discovered irrigators in the state's north were taking huge volumes of water more than their licences allowed.It was clear not just one property was involved, but there was an entire river system that was seriously lacking accountability. Four Corners has obtained footage of some of these investigations. We haven't copped any rain lately, so it's through the pumping system on the property.Extensive evidence was ufr covered of illegal water extractions in one of the most critical parts of the Murray-Darling Basin. In the north-west as I looked at, I didn't see one that worked. We had cables unplugged, batteries removed. Despite inquiries taking place two years ago, the NSW Government is yet to prosecute any of the irrigators. I know that I personally raised these with my executive at the time, that I had issues in the Barwon-Darling and was no response from the executive.In a statement the NSW Government maintained investigations are continuing. Former Murray-Darling Basin official Bill Johnson says the lack of water compliance is undermining the Murray-Darling plan.Because of the scale of the industry people assume that metering is accurate. That's not the case.The head of the Murray-Darling Basin Authority Philip Glide says the entire Basin plan rests on proper accounting of how much water people are taking. It's not just the metering, the measuring, compliance, enforcement activities are vital to having faith in the Basin plan. With $9 billion already spent, that faith is looking shaky. You can watch that story in full.

US police found the bodies of 8 illegal imgrantses in the back of a truck in Texas. They suspect it's an horrific case of human trafficking. While they arrested the driver, they vowed to crack down on immigrants without visas. We stand for justice.The deaths of 8 people in the back of a truck has shocked the town of San Antonio. What happened today in our city is totally unacceptable. The tragedy came to light after this semitrailer pulled into a Walmart car park and caught the eye of an employee who realised something was wrong. He was approached by someone from that truck who was asking for water. Came back with the water, called the police.When police arrived, 30 survivors were crammed inside in sweltering heat without water or air conditioning. They were rushed to hospital with heat stroke and dehydration. Two of the dead were children and a ninth person died later.We had 20 patients that were either in extremely critical condition or very serious.Authorities say CCTV vision shows there were at least 100 people inside the truck, most picked up by various vehicles or fled the scene. We're looking at a human trafficking crime here this evening.Authorities are trying to trace where the truck came from and where it was going. San Antonio is two hours from the Mexican border and many survivors have told police they're Mexican. One Mexican diplomat says she's been in touch with victims' families about sebdzing their bodies home. The Government of Mexico has been very clear about the need to have a thorough investigation.The US administration has vowed to crack down even harder on trafficking groups that smuggle people across the border. Immigration raids have ramped up since President Trump vowed to stop people entering the US without visas. Attempts by Russian authorities to control and monitor internet posts have sparked angry demonstrations in Moscow. For years the Government has largely ignored the internet, preferring to focus on traditional media. With presidential elections in 8 months, the Kremlin is playing catch-up, introducing laws to bring cyberspace under its control. Anger on the streets of Moscow as protesters rally against the Government's crackdown on internet freedoms. They want to protect one of the country's few forums for political debate. TRANSLATION: In 2016, there were 53,000 cases against online users, ten times more than the year before. Now they're introducing new laws that want to control messenger services. One of the bills outlaws virtual private networks or VPNs, that can be used to access sites blacklisted by the government. Law-makers argue it could help stop the spread of extremist material. Google says Russian authorities asked for 13,000 videos to be removed from YouTube last year, more than any country. These people are protesting against measures taken by the government to crack down on the internet here. They're carrying banners and yelling slogans like, "Truth can stronger than censorship" and, "Free internet, free country".

Many governments are I attempting to restrict use but human rights group say the new laws are of particular concern in Russia.A lot of the measure also be implemented extra Jew dishly without any judicial oversight. -- Jew dishly without any judicial oversight. The government is determined to try to control what people say and do on line. A trial has opened in Adelaide, pitting the consumer watchdog against food maker Heinz. The ACCC is challenging the cham that one type of toddler food is 99% fruit and vegetables. More from Rebecca Opie. The ABC -- the ACCC says that Little Kidz Shredz misleads the public. It launched legal action in June last year by the Obesity Policy coalition about food products for toddlers. Koun September -- counsel representing the consumer watchdog told the court the products claim to be almost entirely fruit and vegetable when they contain more than 60% sugar. He said the court would hear evidence about the use of apple juice concentrate in the product which while occurring naturally, is a way food manufacturers add sugar. He said the sugar levels defied Heinz' own health guidelines and an expert witness would tell the court the products should be categorised as confectionary. In a statement Heinz says it stands by the range and the packaging and has a similar nutritional profile to dried apple or sultanas. It's taken over a century, but more than two dozen sacred objects have finally been returned to Indigenous people in Alice Springs. In these crates are 26 cultural items sacred to these Arrente men.It is very, very important for our land, important for our people, to know that they have come back.These objects ended up in a museum in Victoria. The process of getting them back took five years. The elders had to fly to Melbourne to make their case.They sighted these objects and gave Museum Victoria instructions to send them home so we can consult all the old people around here. Now they're being cleansed by smoke. Each object has a different story about how it ended up down south.A small number are stolen. The sacred objects can't be shown by Arrente men.The museum for a long time had the secret sacred objects on display. Until the late 60s they were open to the public.We want to work with all these men and other senior men around the community to strengthen Arrente men, to give us our responsibility and traditional roles back again. After 100 years, it will still be a few days until the crates can be open. The museum has to work out which men are culturally responsible for each item.Everything that has been taken away, is welcomed back home to where they belong. A home-coming a century in the making.

Not a great start to the trading week as energy and bank stocks led the broader ASX down with investors flocking to the relative safety of gold.

Now David Taylor for a closer look at finance. Economies of the states and territories have been weighed and measured. Who came out on top? That is right, James. CommSec puts together the quarterly State of the states report. It's a chance for states to compete based on economic performance. Again, NSW and Victoria came out on top. No surprises, really. Immigration, especially for NSW, boosting economic growth and the property markets of both states, giving a lift. Queensland did OK, largely helped by a big increase in gas exports, and Tassie is doing oak aa -- OK. They've been able to improve in terms of the labour force, jobs' growth. SA is in the middle as it is geographically and economically. The Northern Territory struggling a bit, especially with not many people going into the Top End. And WA not so great, partly because of the fact that you guys have come off a big economic boom and are struggling to lift back up. CommSec doesn't think that WA will lift from the bottom ranking for at least 12 months.And figures released on the occupations who claim the most tax deductions.That is right. Not journos, apparently. We have lawyers, truck drivers and tradies claiming the most amount on their tax returns in terms of expenses. Bankers were a little bit further down. Thank you. Food waste is something many of us try to avoid. With 4 million tonnes of food thrown away each year, there is still a long way to go. The ABC's War on Waste series brought the issue into sharp focus and now several groups have joined forces to make a change. This event is rescuing the forgotten ingredients at the back of your fridge. Ronnie is the founder and CEO of Oz Harvest. Before we get to solutions, give us a sense of the scale of the problem?Well, it's enormous. $20 billion of good food goes to waste every year in Australia. $10 billion is caused by consumers, by us.It's the economic waste but a big environmental issue? Yes, as well as social. If good food is available then it should be able to feed three million people in Australia that suffer from food security. So it is a problem.What are some of the bad habits people are in?We go shopping without a list. We go shopping when we're hungry. So we duplicate. We buy things that we've already got at home. We haven't checked. So our fridges get more full, and then suddenly it's the end of the week and we think, oh my goodness, there's some basil in the fridge, that we never used and now it's got a few little black leaves, so we throw it out. But instead we could turn it into gorgeous pesto. We have ingredients here. What can we do with some of the older ingredients?For example, today, here, at Martin Place, we've made beautiful banana ketch-up. So savoury. We can use soft bananas for smoothies and bread, but we turned it into a delicious chutney, we're serving today. In our cookbook there is a beautiful recipe for lettuce using it in a soup. Delicious. Kit be paired with many ingredients. You don't ever have to throw out those soft foods.Some are misshapen but they have a lot of character? . Exactly, they taste maybe better, because this is how they grew, and we haven't thrown these away so that we just choose perfect carrots. Thank you for taking us through that. This event is called Think, Eat k save and across the country at vary -- Think, Eat Save and happening across the country at various locations. Time for a look at sport with Clint Wheeldon from Grandstand. Aussie celebrations in full force at the Tour de France?Rightly show. Michael Matthews claimed the sprinter's green jersey to finish on the podium. He outlasted his rivals in a dramatic tour as Britain's Chris Froome claimed his fourth Tour de France triumph. For a man whose nickname is "Bling", this must be the ultimate accessory. Michael Matthews! In the ruthless business of sprinting at the Tour de France, Michael Matthews survived while others succumbed and capitalised where others crumbled. We were fighting every single day for every single point. Whether it was intermediate or final, we went for every opportunity to get a point. No matter where it was.As his rivals crashed out or faded, Matthews kept his head, to become just the third Australian to claim the green jersey. I'm extremely proud, happy, I just can't believe it is true I's amazing. I had tears in my eyes. Amazing.While it was Matthews' first time on the podium, Chris Froome has been here before, winning four of the past five tours.This year I think will be remembered for certainly being the closest and most hard-fought battle between the GT rivals.Chris Froome is on the verge of writing his name in history. He's just one victory short of the all-time record.Something magical about it when you've spent three weeks thinking about being here in this moment. It is so rewarding every time.But those history books are messy, making it difficult to judge where Chris Froome sits on the list of all-time greats.Each time I won the Tour it's been so unique, so different, such a different battle to get to this moment. So I mean, they're all special in their own ways.It was also special for French cyclist Cyril Gautier who proposed to his girlfriend. Happily, she said yes. Now, in golf t Open championship decided in a thrilling final round?It was an absolute beauty. Dramatic, certainly. The 23-year-old American Jordan Spieth is being compared to the game's greats after claiming his third major victory T text an won by three strokes.

He surrenders the outright lead before a remarkable escape on the 13th turned it back to his favour. The story of an amazing redemption from the brink of collapse. Oh dear. This is so far OK.After giving up a 3-stroke lead, things got worse for Jordan Spieth. Catastrophic.I hit the tee ball, I put my hands over my head, oh boy, this could be six.Must be 100 yards right of the fairway.With his ball on the side of a hill, Spieth decided to take a one-shot penalty and drop the ball 70m back.Taking an unplayable journey.He can't it off the slopes, you can hardly stand. I asked the question, is it out of bounds? I got the answer no. I played my second shot knowing it would be a while. I wanted to hit it while I was somewhat fresh and in the mood of swinging.At Kutcher's ball settled, Spieth went to the driving range. One coleader was waiting while the other worked through his options.Right out here. I felt bad about the amount of time that took, especially in this situation, for Matt. The shot was worth the wait. A 240m three iron that sailed sweetly and along the way may well have turned an uncertain champion into a real one. Michael Jordan and Michael Phelps are the greatest to do what they did. I'm not. But if you believe that you are, then you are almost as good as being that.Spieth salvaged a bogie, then went five under through the next four holes.One of the most stunning last few hole performances we've ever seen.He's now joined Jack Niclaus as a 3-time major winner before the age of 24. In cricket t hosts have claimed the women's World Cup. England too good. They won a fourth women's World Cup. They did it with a nail-biting nine-run strategic tri -- victory over India, astonishing bowling by the vice captain. It saw the home side clinch the title in front of a packed house at Lords. Anya Shrubsole single-handedly turned the World Cup final on its head. It was fitting she claimed the winning wicket.England have won the World Cup.Amazing. What a performance by Anya Shrubsole. The vice captain bowled England to the title with record-breaking figures of 6/46.I'm a bit lost for words. Unbelievable game. We looked for a minute like we were out. One of the great things about this team is we never give up.Set 229 to win, India looked headed for a victory at 3/191. Starting to cut loose, India.Then Shrubsole took the key wicket of Raut, out on 86. Got her. Raut goes. Shrubsole takes the wicket. India defeated England in the tournament opener, but the team was unable to replicate the feat in the final. Victory gave England a fourth World Cup title, its third on home soil. The character of this team, we knew we could pull through. We've done it before and knew we could again. Credit to Anya. Everyone amazing. There was a time when the match was in the balance, go either way, but that is the situation I think, we panicked and they came out victorious.The celebrations are set to be short-lived. England will now try to reclaim the Ashes from Australia in October. In the AFL, more trouble for a giant? Yes, GW SFOR ward Toby Green is facing two weeks on the sidelines after being charged with striking in his 19-point loss on the weekend. The match review panel deemed the incident intentional with low impact to the head. Green faces an increased penalty because of his bad record. The Brownlow hopes of Brisbane's Dayne Zorko are in trouble. He is facing a one-week ban for intentionally striking Carlton's Lachie Ploughman and Jack Redpath accepts a one-week ban for this striking charge. Outgoing Collingwood CEO Gary Pert has been moved to tears after the
announcing his resignation. He told the club last week he would step down after ten years to spend more time with his family. The former Pies fullback was overcome with emotion when speaking about his time at the club. I'm running a club... On behalf of the people at the back of the room, but also of... The supporters.Pert says he regards the 2010 Premiership and the club's work helping the homeless as his greatest achievements. And finally, in swimming, Olympic arch rivalling renew their dual at the world championships? Beautifully done, not the same result. Mack Horton won silver in the 400m Freestyle at the world's. He was almost 2.5 seconds behind his Chinese rival Sun Yang in Budapest. The Australian famously dismissed him as a drug cheat before and won gold in Rio. Probably a bit disappointed with the time. I thought I was capable of a bit faster tonight. Still happy to walk away with the silver. Australia also finished second in the women's 4X100m freestyle behind the United States. That's all in sport. the United States.
That's all in sport.

That is ABC News Early Edition.

This program is live captioned by Ericsson Access Services. Hello and welcome. I'm Ellen Fanning. Coming up - Labor's promise to be the party to fix inequality, but is there really as much to fix as Labor says there is? The UNHCR says the Australian Government has failed to honour its deal for vulnerable asylum seekers to settle in Australia. And strinthzs in Israel over security at -- violent tension in Israel over the security at Al-Aqsa Mosque. How are incidents reported there by outsiders?