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be quite clear, this is not a Homeland
united States style Department of will
Homeland Security. The agencies independence,
will retain their current statutory aspect
independence, which is such a vital The
aspect of our Australian system. include
The operational agencies will Federal
include ASIO, the Australian Border
Federal Police, the Australian Criminal
Border Force, the Australian the
Criminal Intelligence Commission, and
the Australian Transaction Reports and Analysis Centre or Aus Trac and They
the Office of Transport Security. department
They will be supported by a central department that will oversee policy coordination
and strategic planning and the response
coordination of the operational Importantly,
response to the threats we face. Australian
Importantly, ASIO, AFP and report
Australian Border Force will all minister.
report directly to the Home Affairs three
minister. This enensure that these direct
three important agencies have The
direct reporting into the cabinet. two
The Home Affairs minister will have security
two ministers working to him on the side
security side and the immigration doing
side Michael Keenan who has been Justice
doing an outstanding job as the be
Justice Minister will continue to minister.
be that important security-focussed portfolio
minister. The Home Affairs move
portfolio will be complemented by a General's
move to strengthen the Attorney- domestic
General's oversight of Australia's enforcement
domestic security and law moving
enforcement agencies. Including by intelligence
moving the Inspector-General of independent
intelligence and security and the legislation
independent national security Attorney-General's
legislation monitor to the government
Attorney-General's portfolio. The role
government will also review the role of the Attorney-General in the work
role of naso's operations in the new
work to design and establish the and
new portfolio to ensure continued always
and of fisht oversight. I have always believed strongly in the officer.
role of the government's first law critical
officer. It will only become more evolve
critical as threats continue to dealing
evolve and the challenges of I
dealing with them more complex. So oversight
I am determined to ensure effective details
oversight and I will come to some need
details about that in a moment. We system
need these reforms not because the security
system is broken, but because our quickly.
security environment is evolving complex.
quickly. It is becoming more for
complex. It is likely to remain so a
for the foreseeable future. We need challenge
a better structure to meet the we're
challenge of the times. That is why closer
we're adopting a model which is than
closer to the British Home Office Homeland
than the large-scale American want
Homeland Security Department. So I best
want to stress we're taking the and
best elements of our intelligence making
and National Security Community and making them better.

making them better. As terrorists evolve their methods, we have to announcement
evolve our responses. Now, this of
announcement is a result of years result
of planning and research. It is a study.
result of considered thought and consultation.
study. It is a result of extensive the
consultation. Last week, I was in with
the United Kingdom where I spoke and
with the Prime Minister Theresa May about
and the Home Secretary Amber Rudd system.
about the structure of the UK have
system. The Attorney-General and I counter-terrorism
have held extensive discussions on George
counter-terrorism with our partners, very
George having done so most notably the
very recently, and particularly in the context of cyber security. Now, better
the overseas experience is clear, a integrated
better coordinated, better structure
integrated counter terrorism So
structure is of vital importance. will
So the reforms I'm announcing today between
will entrench the cooperation helped
between the agencies which has attacks
helped us thwart 12 terrorist smuggling
attacks and stop 31 people It
smuggling ventures in recent times. further
It will take the cooperation strategic
further by ensuring more effective strategic planning and

strategic planning and coordination opportunities
of the agencies and identify the Office
opportunities for streamlining Back Office and other support functions.

That is the Prime Minister there terrorism
talking about this new counter- morning
terrorism portfolio live this similar
morning from Canberra which will be United
similar to the home office in the company
United Kingdom. Thank you for your company today. Stand by now for the Minister
morning news and more on this Prime Minister announcement. We will

This program will be captioned live with
by Ai-MediaGood morning, we start this
with breaking news out of Canberra Minister
this morning with the Prime security
Minister announcing a National Yaxley
security super department. Kerrie Parliament
Yaxley is standing by in our morning.
Parliament studios for us this Minister's
morning. Kerrie, by the Prime system
Minister's own admission, the needs
system isn't broken but he says it the
needs to change to stay ahead of what
the terrorists. Take us through announcement.
what this means.This is a huge said,
announcement. As the Prime Minister aur
said, it is the biggest shake up of in
aur National security arrangements What
in this country in over 40 years. affairs
What he has announced is a home United
affairs office, similar to the not
United Kingdom model. He says it is Security,
not a Department of Homeland Security, like we see in the US. individual
What that means is that the will
individual agencies this Ministry Police,
will take in, such as ASIO, Federal protection
Police, immigration and border of
protection will remain an element something
of independence and that's very
something that the community see as Minister
very important. There will be one department,
Minister at the helm of this others
department, and there will be two said,
others working alongside him. As I home
said, it is closer to the British Minister
home office model. The Prime best
Minister says that it is taking the and
best elements of the intelligence He
and the National security community. organisations,
He says that by amalgamating these it
organisations, then there will be - between
it will entrench cooperation enhance
between the agencies and also something
enhance strategic planning, says
something that the Prime Minister fight
says is vital in this evolving often
fight against terrorism. He says forget
often we can't take a set and security.
forget approach to National he
security. Here is a little of what conference
he had to say during his press a
conference here at Parliament House announcing
a few moments ago.Today I'm reform
announcing the most significant intelligence
reform of Australia's National arrangements
intelligence and domestic security more
arrangements and their oversight in facing
more than 40 years. Australia is facing complex and rapidly

facing complex and rapidly evolving environment
security challenges. Our security changes
environment is being shaped by involving
changes in our region and beyond, and
involving the relationships between being
and actions of key States, it is threat
being shaped by the very real is
threat of home-grown terrorism that global
is increased with the spread of the
global Islamist terrorism, and by who
the growth in activity by criminals Davina,
who continue to test our borders. speculation
Davina, there has been a lot of for
speculation about this announcement one
for quite a few months, now, and the
one important point to note is that security
the Prime Minister said that this extensive
security overhaul is the result of decision,
extensive consultation. This The
decision, however, is his decision. down
The arrangements of Government come Dutton
down to Malcolm Turnbull. Peter Minister
Dutton was tipped to be the Department.
Minister at the helm of this Super you
Department. It is very likely that Government
you will need to be sworn in at an
Government House soon. It is quite Canberra
an extraordinary development out of reaction
Canberra today.Plenty more Kerrie.
reaction to come across the day to
Kerrie. Thank you. We take you now Australian
to the fatal police shooting of an heart
Australian woman in the US. The Ruszczyk-Damond
heart broken fiance of Justine been
Ruszczyk-Damond says his family has Daish
been utterly devastated. Alexis us
Daish is in Minneapolis and filed Damond
us this report.Not only has Don happened
Damond revealed more about what police
happened on Saturday night when but
police officers killed his fiance disappointment
but he has expressed his deep said
disappointment in authorities. He said since that fateful night, him
police officers have not provided information
him or his family with any more exactly
information or clarity around after
exactly what went horribly wrong the
after Justine called 911. He used family
the word desperate. He said his also
family is desperate for answers. He called
also revealed the reason Justine hearts
called 911 in the first place.Oh utterly
hearts are broken, and we are Justine.
utterly devastated by the loss of Justine
Justine. As you know, it was evening,
Justine who called 911 on Saturday believed
evening, reporting what she assault
believed was an active sexual her
assault occurring nearby. Sadly, with
her family and I have been provided information.
with almost no additional question
information.Now, the critical answered
question which still hasn't been between
answered is what exactly happened police
between Justine approaching that arrived,
police car in her pyjamas when they then
arrived, after she called 911, and passenger
then that police officer in the multiple
passenger seat firing those killed
multiple shots that ultimately answer
killed her. We don't know the body
answer because the police officer's community
body cameras weren't recording. The are
community is behind Don and they question
are furious.I think the number 1 Cams
question is why were those baddy Cams off.

Cams off. That's unacceptable. Additionally
Legally they need to be on. calling
Additionally as a community, we are 911
calling for answers. Why hasn't the the
911 call been released? Why hasn't leave
the dashcam audio been released. To community
leave this family and this what
community wondering and not knowing when
what happened to their loved one people
when she called for help and the her
people who were supposed to help Interestingly,
her shot her, this is unacceptable. that
Interestingly, the locals here say lack
that there has been a particular particular
lack of transparency with this with
particular case. They say usually shooting,
with a police officer-involved have
shooting, by now the police would would
have released the 911 call. They in
would have clarified more facts but haven't.
in this instance they simply pressure
haven't. Hopefully with the the
pressure from Justine's family and neighbourhood
the wider community in the authorities
neighbourhood of Fulton, An
authorities provide some answers. fire
An elderly man has died after a Sydney's
fire ripped through his home in James
Sydney's northern beaches. Zara Zara,
James is live for us at St Ives. safely
Zara, fire and rescue said the man returning
safely managed to escape before Davina.
returning back inside?That's right, Davina. Many of

Davina. Many of the residents on this
the street here are still in shock tragic
this morning. It really is such a understood
tragic series of events. It is was
understood a working smoke alarm in
was sounding and neighbours rushed of
in to help the 81-year-old man out fill
of the home as smoke started to They
fill up some of the rooms here. They managed to get him out on to some
the street and call 000 but for wandered
some unknown reason the man has today
wandered back inside. Fire ease smoke
today confirmed he was overcome by It
smoke and passed away at the scene. when
It was just before 7:00 last night crews
when the blaze broke out. Fire the
crews arrived within 7 minutes but the fire has taken hold of much of and
the second half of this property has
and you can see part of the roof stopped
has started to collapse in. That in
stopped fire investigators getting unclear
in at this stage and it is still this
unclear exactly what has sparked being
this blaze. The 81-year-old man is neighbours
being remembered today by dropping
neighbours here who have been a
dropping off flowers saying he was everyone
a kind and generous man, loved by own
everyone in the street. He used to All
own a take away shop in the area. very
All the children around here were family
very fond of him and he loved his Experience
family and loved gardening as well. have
Experience and over the decades we gone
have found that some people have usually
gone back into a burning building, memorabilia,
usually to get photographs or some always
memorabilia, but, you know, as we never
always say, fire and rescue say building.
never go back into a burning resources
building. Ring 000, get those investigators
resources on the road.Fire determine
investigators will today work to blaze.
determine exactly what caused this it
blaze. Davina?Zara, we will leave arrested
it there. Thank you. A man has been found
arrested after a woman's body was north.
found in a home in Melbourne's Well,
north. Nine's Kieran Jones reports. surround
Well, mysterious circumstances in
surround the death of a woman here the
in Lalor in Melbourne's north in with
the early hours of this morning exactly
with police still investigating police
exactly what happened. We know Edgar
police were initially called to the this
Edgar S Road property about 1:00 revealed
this morning and it's since been men
revealed the victim knew one of the subsequently
men in the house. Police 40s
subsequently arrested a man in his shocked
40s in relation to the death, which a
shocked local residents.It's been like
a shock.You never think something by,
like that would happen just close a
by, especially, like, when you have and
a family and relatives and sisters, And
and you worry about their safety. -
And now this? I don't know, it just detectives
- it is concerning.Homicide Squad analysing
detectives spent the morning teams
analysing the scene and forensics evidence
teams took a number of bags of The
evidence away from the property. weeks
The house was only sold about two different
weeks ago and has had quite a few couple
different residents in the last It's
couple of years according to locals. through,
It's been sold multiple times within
through, like, three or four times arrested
within a year.The man who was since
arrested remains in custody and has relation
since been interviewed by police in right
relation to this incident.A home Canberra's
right next to a childcare centre in with
Canberra's south has been peppered the
with bullets. Shots were fired into after
the Ellerston Avenue home just as
after 1am in what's been described just
as a bikie-related shooting.We there's
just told the parents, look, bit
there's been an incident next door, taken
bit of a shooting, but it's been been
taken care of by police. They have morning.
been there all night and all that
morning. So, we just reassure them children
that the centre is okay, the children are okay, and, yeah, and is
just let them know that everything shooting
is under control.It is the third two
shooting in Canberra in the last part
two weeks. The previous attacks, Comancheros
part of a feud between the gangs.
Comancheros and Nomads motorcycle Jason
gangs. Convicted police killer year
Jason Roberts will serve his 35 Victoria's
year minimum sentence after out
Victoria's Attorney-General ruled Mark
out a review of the case. Nine's Convicted
Mark Santomartino reports. Roberts
Convicted police killer Jason taken
Roberts has already had his appeals Australia.
taken to the highest courts in murders
Australia. Now, 19 years since the Miller
murders of Senior Constable Rodney Attorney-General
Miller and Sergeant Gary Silk swatted
Attorney-General Martin Pakula has for
swatted down Roberts' latest bid he
for freedom.Mr Roberts had a trial, of
he was convicted, went to the Court Appeal
of Appeal and lost at the Court of Roberts
Appeal and lost in the High Court. Roberts only a teenager at the time innocence.
of the killings has maintained his respected
innocence. A stance now backed by Ron
respected former homicide Detective Iddles
Ron Iddles. In a sworn affidavit, innocence
Iddles has endorsed Roberts' killer
innocence concluding that convicted gunman.
killer Bandali Debs was the loan the
gunman. Called in to investigate backed
the case in 2012, Iddles also Debs'
backed a nine page statement from Nicole
Debs' daughter and girlfriend alone
Nicole stating her father left alone in a Hyundai on the night of to
the murders as Roberts slept next available
to her.All of that evidence was legal
available to Mr Roberts and his chose
legal defence team at trial. They trial.
chose not to call that evidence at trial. They chose not to put her on jailed
the witness stand.Roberts was 2002.
jailed for a minimum 35 years in police
2002. Changes to the law concerning the
police killers means he will spend It
the rest of his life behind bars. most
It would only be reopened with the evidence,
most compelling and extraordinary that
evidence, and I don't believe that The
that was in place on this occasion. been
The Attorney-General's stance has Association.
been backed by Victoria's Police they
Association. In a statement today, only
they have said the new reports will officers
only cause pain and suffering for Roberts'
officers around the state and that Australian
Roberts' conviction should stand. in
Australian families have gathered memorial
in Amsterdam for the opening of a MH17.
memorial for the victims of flight trees,
MH17. The touching tribute is 298 Nine's
trees, one for each person who died. Costello
Nine's Europe correspondent Seb years
Costello has more.It's been three the
years since MH17 was shot out of linked
the sky by a surface to air missile coming
linked to the Russian military, bordered
coming down in the Ukrainian field major
bordered by sunflowers and now a major memorial has been opened in been
the Netherlands. This memorial has Airport
been built on land not far from the bound
Airport where the flight took off includes
bound for Kuala Lumpur and it in shape
includes 298 trees planted in the for
shape of a remembrance ribbon, one for each victim, both passengers

for each victim, both passengers Australian
and crew. Many of the relatives of here
Australian victims travelled it here to be part of a service today loved
and read the names of their lost grandfather,
loved ones aloud.To our father and Anderson
grandfather, Nicoll Charles Anderson Norris, 68 years.Our

Anderson Norris, 68 years.Our Evie
beautiful children, Mo Maslin, 12, Peace
Evie Maslin, 10, and Otis Maslin, 8. become
Peace out, guys.That sunflower has MH17.
become a real symbol for victims of the
MH17. Of course, the field where sunflowers
the plane came down had a number of garden
sunflowers in it, and there is a garden of sunflowers planted near of
the memorial, which is how the King then
of Holland made his entrance and placing
then led a group of children, the
placing even more of the flowers on families
the memorial. Of course what the The
families here still want is justice. named
The joint investigation team have believe
named 100 persons of interest they shooting
believe may be involved in the people
shooting of the plane, but no yet.
people have been charged over this how
yet. There has been agreement on will
how a trial would take place. It under
will take place in the Netherlands at
under Dutch law, but those people shooting
at the moment responsible for are
shooting that plane out of the sky Plenty
are yet to be brought to justice. morning
Plenty more to come in Nine's crash
morning news, including thieves entrance
crash their car through the raiding
entrance of a shopping centre, Disruptions
raiding a jewellery store inside. Brisbane
Disruptions for commuters in city.
Brisbane as heavy fog blankets the sends
city. And the Duchess of Cambridge overdrive.
sends the royal rumour mill into expanding
overdrive. Are Kate and Will expanding their brood?

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Thieves have crashed their car centre
through the entrance of a shopping before
centre in Melbourne's south-east inside.
before raiding a jewellery store Greenbank
inside. Nine's Carrie-Anne Workers
Greenbank reports from the scene. shopping
Workers here at the Wheelers Hill work
shopping centre arrived early at centre's
work this morning to find the jewellery
centre's side doors smashed and its understood
jewellery shop ransacked. It is this
understood it happened around 5:00 four-wheel
this morning. Two thieves used a inside.
four-wheel drive to smash their way other
inside. One stood guard while the store.
other stole jewellery from the the
store. They then drove off, leaving morning.
the owner to clean up the mess this number
morning. It is the latest in a centre
number of break-ins here at the of
centre in recent months. A series small
of stores have been targeted and fed
small business owners are getting know,
fed up.I just wanted to cry. You Every
know, I just wanted to cry for them. through
Every morning when I come in know
through the back door, I just don't it
know what I'm going to find.Yeah, wonder,
it is unsettling. It just makes you getting
wonder, like, why? Why are we the
getting targeted?We have spoken to He
the owner of the jewellery store. reopen
He is insured and it hoping to hunting
reopen today. Police are still has
hunting for the thieves.Thick fog Brisbane's
has caused big traffic problems in Pore
Brisbane's south-east this morning. highways
Pore visibility affected major peak
highways causing congestion in the The
peak hour commute into Brisbane. and
The heavy fog came in around 4am and lingered for several hours. this
Brisbane's bus drivers stopped work this morning to protest unfair pay reports,
and unsafe conditions. As Joel Dry are
reports, the union claims workers had
are abused every day, and they have buses
had enough.Brisbane City Council for
buses are back on the road in time were
for the afternoon peak, and they the
were also back at it in time for strike
the morning peak after a two hour 6:30am.
strike this morning from 4:30am to different
6:30am. Drivers from three Virginia,
different depots from here in picketed
Virginia, Sherwood and Willawong workplaces,
picketed out the front of their for
workplaces, stopping work, arguing conditions.
for better pay and better Drivers
conditions.Safe work. Safe work. during
Drivers say they elected to strike get
during those hours so they could so
get their message across but also commuters
so they didn't inconvenience expected
commuters too heavily. It is impacted,
expected around 35,000 people were children.
impacted, including 5,000 school from
children.Actually, my first bus frustrating
from Springfield...It is pretty as
frustrating actually.I got the bus this
as usual and it was fine.While been
this was about pay, drivers have Brisbane
been offered a 2.5% increase by the it
Brisbane City Council. Workers say conditions
it was more so about safety of
conditions and protection. They are of the belief that not enough has since
been done to improve conditions was
since one of their fellow drivers last
was tragically killed on the job Council
last year.There is a Brisbane City assaulted
Council bus driver getting and
assaulted every week in Brisbane and our drivers are being abused basis.
and seriously abused on a daily return
basis.The commuter headaches will again
return again tomorrow. Drivers will 6:30
again go on strike between 4:30 and Commuters
6:30 this time from four depots. check
Commuters are again being urged to can,
check their time tables and if they Duke
can, avoid catching the bus.The touched
Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have children
touched down in Poland with tow.
children George and Charlotte in and
tow. Over the next five days, Kate a
and William will tour the region an palace
a charm offence of sorts. The wake
palace setting up the tour in the sweet.
wake of breakfast.You are very will
sweet. Thank you very much. She teeth
will love this.She's got little Kate
teeth coming through, hasn't she? tail
Kate sent royal watchers into a like
tail spin after hinting she would up,
like to have a third child.Coming Ferguson
up, Blues duo Josh Dugan and Blake during
Ferguson under fire for drinking Federer
during Origin camp and Roger Federer reveals details of his wild

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Rugby League first and the Sea the
Eagles are quickly proving they are contenders.
the real deal as premiership top
contenders. Manly is on track for a their
top four finish, winning six of period
their last seven games.Origin gets
period is over now, so everyone everyone
gets their players back and last
everyone can concentrate on the I
last however many rounds there are. back
I think it is going to be a special games
back end of the year. We have hard dig
games so we are going to have to investigating
dig deep.And the NSW hierarchy is Dugan
investigating after Blues duo Josh apparently
Dugan and Blake Ferguson were from
apparently drinking five days out pair
from game 3. It is believed the spent
pair left camp on a day off and Lennox
spent up to eight hours at the Champion
Lennox Point Hotel. 11 time World forced
Champion Kelly Slater has been Open
forced to withdraw from the J-Bay free
Open after breaking his foot during 45-year-old
free surfing prior to the heat. The for
45-year-old is expected to be out surgery.
for six weeks after receiving has
surgery. Australia's Julian Wilson beating
has advanced into round 3 after beating Josh Kerr. Roger Federer after
has come up a little worse for wear crown.
after celebrating his 8th Wimbledon know
crown.My head is ringing. I don't to
know what I did last night. We went would
to - I don't even know what you The
would call it - I guess it is a bar. the
The 36-year-old says he's now in ranking
the hunt to take the number 1 20th
ranking again, as he eyes off a month's
20th Grand Slam title at next finance
month's US Open. Still to come you.
finance and the latest weather for

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Today's weather for you now. There south-east.
is a cold front impacting the produce
south-east. It will continue to Alpine
produce strong winds, showers and will
Alpine snow. A trough in the east Queensland
will bring a few showers to cold
Queensland and NSW and there's a WA
cold front approaching south-west WA pushing showers on

WA pushing showers on to
cold front approaching south-west The
WA pushing showers on to the coast. cloudy
The rest of the day is looking could
cloudy in Cairns, 28. Brisbane Sydney
could see a late shower or storm. way
Sydney sunny and 21. Showers on the showers
way for Melbourne and Hobart. More a
showers forecast for Adelaide after with
a wild night. Perth, a sunny day sunny
with late showers, 24. Tomorrow, windy
sunny in Darwin, 33. Sunny but Windy
windy in Brisbane, reaching 20. Morning
Windy as well in Sydney, 18. a
Morning frost for Canberra and then for
a cloudy day. Showers are forecast personal.
for Melbourne, Hobart, Adelaide and Thursday's
personal. Looking ahead to sunny
Thursday's forecast for you now, Sydney,
sunny in Brisbane and 21. Sunny in Canberra,
Sydney, 8 to 16. Cloudy at times in Canberra, down to minus 3. Finance points
for you now. The All Ords closed 50 the
points lower in trade so far and worth:
the Aussie dollar is currently