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live by Ai-Media This morning - the devastated fiance of murdered
Australian Justine Damond speaks of
their family's heartbreak. An elderly man dies in
a house fire after rushing back inside
his burning house. And winter chill - more wild weather forecast
for the country's south as snow blankets the alps. VOICE-OVER: This is Seven News. Good morning. The fiance of Sydney woman
Justine Damond has fought back tears as he spoke
publicly about his bride-to-be for the first time
since her death. The policeman who fired the shots
has now been identified as a junior officer who says
being a cop is his calling. Ashlee Mullany reports
from Minnesota. Our hearts are broken, and we are utterly devastated
by the loss of Justine. Don Damond delivered a heart-breaking tribute
for his finance today, less than 48 hours after
she was shot dead by police. In a statement here outside
his home in suburban Minneapolis, Mr Damond described
his fiance Justine as a kind, loving woman, and said he did not know how he could go on
with his life without her. It is difficult to fathom how to go forward
without her in my life. The death of Justine is
a loss to everyone who knew her. She touched so many people. Sadness is quickly turning
to anger and frustration amongst the family
and community here, desperate for answers about
what went wrong. It's been confirmed today
that Justine was not armed. That no weapon was found
at the scene on the night of the shooting. We're desperate for information. Piecing together
Justine's last moments before the homicide would be a small comfort
as we grieve this tragedy. Among those questions
yet to be answered, why those officers weren't
wearing body cameras. It has been confirmed
of those officers is a junior officer. His name - Mohamed Noor. He had served two years
with Minnesota Police. It's understood he was sitting in the passenger seat
of his vehicle when he fired across his partner
to the window, striking Justine. This should not have happened. A woman should not call
the police for help and end up dead
at the hands of the police. In a statement today,
his lawyer said:

Both officers have been stood
aside from operational duties while a state investigation
gets underway. An elederly man who rushed
into his home after hearing the smoke alarm
go off was caught inside and killed in the fire. Residents and neighbours in
the north shore Sydney suburb are mourning his loss. Jessica Dietrich reports.

$$CLEARDISPLA There were
very distressing scenes here at this house in St Ives
last night. It was just before 7:00pm
when firefighters and police were called here. They arrived to find some
panicked neighbours, who told them that an 81-year-old
was outside with them at the time the fire erupted but he ran back inside when
he heard the fire alarm go off. They were not able to convince
him otherwise. It is unclear at this stage what
he was going back in there for, but sadly, he was caught up
in the fire and that roof actually collapsed as the firefighters
fought that blaze which took them more than
one hour. It is unfortunate that people
should be reminded

They managed to contain the blaze
to one property

but they did sadly retrieve
the body of this elderly man. We spoke to neighbours today who
said he goes by the name of Peter he has lived there for
many, many, years after losing his wife
just several years ago. They say he is a well-regarded
member of the community. Peter was a lovely man, really
concerned about his community, knew everyone around him
and knew what was going on. He was very lovely man. Police were here overnight
guarding the scene, they have been waiting on
fire investigators who will now work to determine
the exact cause of the fatal fire At this stage, they are
not treating it as suspicious.

A man's been arrested after
the body of a woman was found

in house in Melbourne's north. Police believe the pair
is known to each other. Teegan Dolling has more. Police were called to this house
in Lalor shortly after 1:00 this morning, and when they got here
they found a woman's body. They are yet to tell us
the circumstances surrounding her death,
why she died and if she was,
in fact, murdered. But forensic officers
and the homicide squad were here on scene early
this morning and took away a number
of evidence bags. We are still unsure as
to where the body was found, other than knowing
investigators spent a lot of time in the backyard of this property. Neighbours say they haven't
had any problems with the house in the past. It has changed hands four or five
times in the past few years. It was recently sold
around a month ago. They believe it has been vacant
as there is no furniture inside and they haven't seen anyone here
for weeks. I feel shocked, really. Really shocked. It has been really,
really quite messed up. It's concerning, I feel concerned about my safety
in this neighbourhood. The police have told us they have
arrested a man in his 40s, but is not sure
if he was actually found here at this address. He is currently being questioned
by the detectives as they investigate
suspicious death.

Victoria's Attorney General
has ruled out reopening the case of police
murderer Jason Roberts, despite claims by a former
homicide detective who believes Roberts is innocent. Sargeant Gary Silk and
Senior Constable Rodney Miller were gunned down while on patrol
in Moorabbin in 1998. There would need to be,
in my view, extremely compelling evidence
to reopen a case which has already been before
the courts three times and I took the view that that extremely compelling
evidence didn't exist.

Roberts is currently serving
a 35-year sentence.

To breaking news, the prime ministers has announced the biggest shakeup to our national security agencies in 40 years. He's unveiled the formation of a new national office of intelligence, a body to oversee all Australia's security, intelligence and counterterrorism operations.

Flying in amid reports
of a possible promotion. No announcements to make
at Canberra Airport. Peter Dutton
fending off suggestions he'd become
the minister responsible for several
national security agencies.

Would you be a supporter? I've made comments
in the past before. I'll leave any announcement to
the Prime Minister. Also inbound,
the Justice Minister

That announcement...The establishment of an office of National intelligence to coordinate the effort.

Also inbound,
the Justice Minister who's current job could change
if the proposal got up. I'm not sure if
I can add any more to what Minister Dutton
has just said.

It is on the agenda today, we will see what happens.

The Ministers speaking to
Seven News. Good morning. As colleagues, including
the Attorney-General arrived for Cabinet. As Seven News reported
last night, George Brandis and Julie Bishop
are believed to have serious reservations
if the AFP, ASIO, Immigration and Border Force
were merged, creating one single ministry. Colleagues point out the Prime Minister's
solely responsible for portfolio appointments. These matters don't
go to Cabinet. They never have.

In the past, any move to create a super ministry has been criticised by intelligence agencies as unnecessary.

Live now to political
correspondent Tim Lester for more on the security announcement by
the Prime Minister.

A lot of people have said in recent days if it isn't broke, don't accept. Did Malcolm Turnbull say at the press conference?He has confirmed the setting up of this new office of Nash -- National intelligence. It will essentially coordinate all of the governments antiterrorism effort. How does he justify fixing a system that is worlds best practice? He says we have to stay ahead of a rapidly changing thread. As well, all of our five eyes partners, according to Malcolm Turnbull, have single agencies overseas -- overseeing the threats. He will also boost cyber security to 24 seven capabilities. Malcolm Turnbull tells us these refinements to the system will be put into place over 2018.A lot of disappointed ministers today over that.

A taxi driver is recovering
after a terrifying robbery in western Sydney. The 61-year-old grandfather
has told Seven News he was attacked by two passengers
at Emerton. One held a knife to his throat
while demanding money, his hands slashed
as he tried to protect himself. The men then took off with
his mobile phone and money bag. They're still on the run. Adelaide is being lashed by
wild weather as a deep low pressure system moves across
the south of the country. More gusty showers are forecast
for today after yesterday's damaging winds uprooted trees
and brought down powerlines. Gertie Spurling has the details. Well, the conditions have eased
slightly this morning. Authorities warn the worst
is yet to come, with damaging winds expected
to peak around midday. A severe weather warning remains
in place for parts of the state, including the metro area
and the Mount Lofty Ranges, with wind gusts of
up to 90km/h forecast, as well as showers
and possible thunderstorms, too. In the past 24 hours, SES crews have responded to
dozens of calls for help. A number of trees
have toppled over. An antenna blew onto power lines, cutting off electricity
to thousands of customers in Port Lincoln. And there's been minor flooding at several properties
across the suburbs. It's not just Adelaide
feeling the chill. Australia's south-east
is experiencing its coldest front this season, with arctic winds and icy rain
lashing parts of Tassie, Victoria
and even New South Wales. Up to 40cm of snow is expected to fall over
our alpine regions, too. Holidaymakers hitting the slopes
in Falls Creek having enjoyed a fresh dose of snow
this morning. So, there is a silver lining
to this winter chill.

Next in Seven News -

commuter chaos as bus drivers
strike in Brisbane. Three years on, families remember the loves ones
who perished on board MH17. And the littlest royals
grab the attention as the William and Kate begin
their EU charm offensive.

Tens of thousands of
Brisbane commuters

faced a long trip to work
this morning after a two-hour bus strike. Drivers walked off the job
between 4:30 and 6:30 - calling on councils to improve
driver pay and safety. We're getting a driver abused,
and heavily abused, on a daily basis, we're getting on a weekly basis
a driver assaulted. Drivers are planning to strike
again tomorrow morning. A burst water main is causing
traffic chaos in southern Sydney right now. Water started gushing over
King Georges Road at Hustville just after 10:30 this morning. The road is currently closed
in both directions, with diversions in place. Drivers are being urged
to avoid the area. To finance now and joining me Martin Lakos from
Macquarie Wealth Management. Morning, Martin. The minutes from
the Reserve Bank's last interest rate meeting
are out today?

Good morning. The Reserve Bank minutes are out, as you mentioned. The key takeaway is the June quarter with a marked improvement on the March quarter. Modest improvements in the labour market, household spending and is this investment, particularly around this this confidence. That is good news. That is wrapped around a better global environment, where economies improve as Europe, China and the United States. The sharemarket is not reflecting that is in use. We have the Australian dollar just a touch under 78 US cents.

Families of those who died in
the MH17 tragedy have attended a ceremony in
the Netherlands to mark three years, since the
jet was shot down over Ukraine. It was held near
Amsterdam's Schiphol airport, where the flight took off. A new monument to the 298 people, including 33 Australians who were
killed, was officially unveiled. To my loving parents,
Arjen Rada, 54, Yvonne Ryder, 53. A forest of trees in
the shape of a memorial ribbon was also unveiled. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge
have touched down in Poland for a visit aimed at
strengthening ties with the European Union. As usual it was their children
who stole the show, from the minute the royal family
stepped off their plane. Europe bureau chief Hugh Whitfeld
has more from Warsaw. The Poles have literally
rolled out the red carpet for the Cambridges
here in Warsaw. Prince George, though, wasn't
too keen to step off the plane when it landed here in
the Polish capital. Prince William had to work
pretty hard to convince his young son,
who turns four this weekend, to take the steps down
onto the red carpet. From there, it was
into central Warsaw into the Presidential Palace where the Cambridges were greeted by hundreds of locals waving
Polish and British flags. Many of them had
flowers and presents for the Duke and Duchess,
as well. This is all part of
their Brexit tour, ordered by the UK government,
keen for some good PR here on the continent as it battles with
its Brexit negotiations. It's a real mix of old and new. There was a solemn moment
at the Warsaw Rising Museum, where the Duke and Duchess paid
tribute to those Poles who died in the failed 1944
uprising against the Nazis. And tonight, a garden reception. A garden party
in honour of the Queen. Catherine and I are delighted
to be embarking on our first visit to Poland. We hope to return many times
in the years to come. From here, all four Cambridges are headed
to Gdansk on the Polish north coast. And then it's three days
in Germany. Heidelberg, Hamburg and Berlin.

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all the day's sport with
Jim Wilson. Including Blues Origin stars
in hot water over a boozy day out before the series decider. Also an injury setback for 11-time world champion
Kelly Slater.

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Josh Dugan was a notable absentee

at the Dragon's training
this morning, while his NSW teammate
Jack De Belin was forced to defend claims
the Blues culture is

Dougan did not train in Wollongong this morning, while his teammate was forced to answer claims there are portal issues in the Blues ranks. -- Cultural.

It is disappointing
when you see they say there's cultural issues and
things like that with the Blues, but when I was there,
it didn't feel like that at all.

This is not the first time the two have been in trouble for alcohol fuelled incidents.

Essendon's Jobe Watson
has brushed aside speculation over his fitness. The Bomber's midfielder
was rested for last Friday's impressive win
over the Saints. But Watson says he's set to
return against North Melbourne this weekend as he continues
to manage his body after spending 2016
on the sidelines over the supplements saga. There's been some challenges. We were on a boat in Croatia
this time 12 months ago, so it's a fair way away
from being back in Melbourne but the body has adjusted. The Bombers hosted kids
from the Challenge organisation in the build to Saturday's
annual Clash for Cancer match. Roger Federer says his longevity is largely down to
the below-par standard of tennis' next generation. Federer turned up
to his media conference a little bit worse for wear after
celebrating his Wimbledon win, but he left no doubts
on the game's next generation. Yes, the next one
hasn't been strong enough to push all of us out, really, so that has been helpful
for us to stick around. Federer will be chasing
grand slam title number 20 at the US Open before a title defence at
the Australian Open in January.

You will see that right here on Seven.

Kelly Slater has broken two
bones in his right foot and is out of contention
at Jeffreys Bay in South Africa. Brazilian Felipe Toledo
posted a perfect ten in his win, and was due to meet Slater
in round three tomorrow. But the 11-time world champion
is on his way home for surgery and a six week layoff. Well, that's J-Bay
and Tahiti out for the year. Eight Aussies, including Julian Wilson,
Mick Fanning and Owen Wright, advanced to Round Three.

The Emirates Melbourne Cup

took pride of place in Sydney
this morning on its national tour. Some Cup winners
and their jockeys were on hand, as was our very own Rachael Finch who'll be part of
Seven's coverage in November. It's literally the race
that stops he nation, and to see everyone
come together at that particular
time of the year and stop for those
roughly three minutes, is just, it's magical. The Cup will visit
31 destinations over its four-month journey. Two more Australians were
crowned world champions overnight at the Para Athletics
Championships in London. Scott Turner is the undisputed
king of the track in the 100m T42, claiming a third consecutive
world title in the event. And James Turner set
another world record on his way to winning the 200m T36. Australia also collected a silver
and a bronze on day four of the titles.

Wonderful, wonderful scenes in London. I am delighted at the number of events that will be at the program in the Commonwealth games in April. Well done to the organisers.

Next in Seven's Morning News - the national weather forecast
with David Brown.

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And I just got biology teacher Dave
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Let's get a check of
the weather now. Brownie, wet and windy across
the southern states today? Indeed, Chris.

A deep low near Tassie is driving strong winds
and frequent showers. The latest radar scan
highlights frequent showers and isolated thunderstorms. The showers are falling
as snow on the alps. Good falls today, 30 - 40 cm. And to the north, fog engulfed Brisbane
this morning. Visibility dropped to 100 metres. Flights were delayed
in and out of the airport. Let's fire up the weather wall - it's a fine and sunny day
in Sydney, top of 22 degrees. In Melbourne, a few passing
showers and high wind chill. In Adelaide, frequent showers
and local thunderstorms.

In Doctor lands, it feels like six degrees. -- Docklands. In Perth, looking good today with showers developing tonight. The showers will come from this cold front approaching the southern part of W.A. Over the next 24 hours, this will eventually be out to sea, cold air shooting towards the Queensland border. A chilly morning on the way. For the capitals tomorrow, dry and 20 in Brisbane. Sydney also dry. The Melbourne one or two clearing showers.

That's the latest weather,
more at 4:00, Chris. And that's Seven News to now.


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