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(generated from captions) This program is live captioned by Ericsson Access Services. Tonight - new powers. A greater role for the Australian Defence Force in dealing with domestic terrorism.We've got to keep on improving the way we are able to respond to these threats.

How could it happen? An Australian woman shot dead by police in the United States. Giving up on the Australian dream. Home ownership at its lowest rate in more than 30 years. And eight is enough - another Wimbledon triumph for Roger Federer. I always believed that I could maybe come back and do it again and if you believe you can go really far in your life and I think I did that. I'm happy I did that - I kept on believeing and dreaming and here I am today.

Good evening, Dan Bourchier with ABC News.

The Prime Minister is poised to announce a shake up of national security agencies, to bring them under a new UK-style Home Office mega-portfolio. It's a controversial idea that hasn't yet been approved by cabinet, but Malcolm Turnbull's already strengthening the military's role in fighting terrorism - making it easier for elite soldiers to respond to threats on home soil. Here's defence reporter Andrew Greene.

Their identities are always hidden, but during a brief Prime Ministerial visit - the 'Tactical Assault Group' was the very public face of the government's latest move on national security. These are capabilities you have yourself?Yes. During Sydney's Lindt Cafe hostage siege, the elite soldiers of 'TAG Group East' were on standby. The call to move in never came. Now the government wants to ensure states can deploy their lethal abilities at any time in future terrorism incidents on Australian soil. We've got to keep on improving the way we are able to respond to these threats. As well as strengthening defence call in powers, the government's offering to provide more specialised military training and expertise for police across the country. Importantly, it acknowledges the primacy of the states and territories and the police in the domestic policing role. Labor's backing the overhaul, but questioning Malcolm Turnbull's choice of military backdrop. The Australian people can well see a prop when it's presented - they can sniff it from a mile away. Senior military figures describe today's changes as a "fine tuning" of informal counter-terorrism arrangements with police that have been in place for some time. It's also set up a national security focus for the government this week. Tomorrow cabinet's expected to discuss the much anticipated proposal of a Home Office-style mega department. The ABC's confirmed a long-anticipated review of the intelligence community has not endorsed the idea. However, the Prime Minister's believed to favour a minimalist model - combining ASIO, the AFP, Immigration and Border Force. Ministers opposed to the move aren't hiding their feelings.

Australians should feel confident that the arrangements we have in place at the moment do serve us very well. We have got outstanding arrangements at Australia, but we're always open to improving them. It's a captain's call, but one that'd prompt a ministerial reshuffle - and with each winner, there's always a loser.

An American police officer has shot and killed an Australian woman who called 911 for help. 40-year old Justine Damond had reported an assault near her home in Minneapolis. Her family in Australia say they're trying to come to terms with her death and want to know how and why it happened - and the local mayor has questioned why police didn't have their body cameras turned on. Ben Knight sent this report.

Justine Damond was a trained veternarian who worked in the US as a motivational teacher and healer. I decided to move to the USA to be with my fiance. Three years ago, she moved to Minneapolis from Sydney. She was engaged to be married to an American businessman. His son spoke out on social media. My mum is dead because a police officer shot her for reasons I don't know, and I demand answers. Neighbours said the area is well lit and she should have been seen by police.I just know that she heard a sound in the alley and she called the police. And the cops showed up. She was a very passionate woman, she thought something bad was happening. Then they take my best friend's life. She undoubtedly will be very missed either family. She was treasured and loved and we will really miss her. Dreadfully. Police say they were responding to a 911 call just before midnight. When officers responded, an officer was involved in a shooting which resulted in one female victim, who is deceased. Locals who drew hearts on the driveway where she was shot included names of others who've been killed by police. Dozens of people attended a vigil. I am heartsick and deeply disturbed. Officials say the officers' body cameras weren't turned on and a squad camera didn't capture the shooting. Like you, I have a lot of questions, questions about why it is a body cameras were not turned on. I anticipate and hope that those questions will be answered in the coming days and I will share those questions with the community. Tensions are high over police shootings in Minnesota because of the recent acquittal of the officer who shot and killed a motorist last year. Now, this community is questioning how this happened to a person who called police for help, and then became a victim. Ben Knight, ABC News, Washington.

American and Mexican businesses say millions of jobs and billions of dollars are at stake - as Donald Trump threatens to restrict trade. The US president says he'll scrap the North American Free Trade Agreement with Mexico and Canada, if he can't negotiate a better deal. And companies on the border say they're already suffering. North America correspondent Stephanie March reports from the US - Mexico border.

This city on the US-Mexico border is a manufacturing mecca. A factory pumps out cardboard boxes 24-7, mostly destined for America. But when it comes to trade, Donald Trump believes the odds are stacked against the US. He's accused Mexico of stealing American jobs and says it gets an unfair advantage from the NAFTA trade pact. But for people who work here, it's not that straightforward. Most of our raw material, if not all of the raw material, is coming from the United States. Hundreds of thousands of Mexican workers produce low and high-tech goods as part of the multibillion-dollar cross-border economy. Many of the companies in San Diego have it there on the manufacturing side, but also the offices and the design and research and engineering are all done in San Diego. This is the busiest land border crossing in the western hemisphere. A huge amount of what's produced in Mexico ends up in the United States, which is where we're heading. 95% of the customers are actually coming from Mexico. In the US border town here, business has plummeted since the election. The mood is palpable here on the streets. A lot of people have stopped crossing. And a lot of it is really based on rumour, led off of the fear of the rhetoric that's coming out of the White House. Mexico can always take its business elsewhere. So they're going to continue to trade with others and perhaps, you know, in some ways, become less dependant on the US as a trading partner. America First for now, but perhaps not forever. To Timor-Leste now as the country prepares for its national election. It's parliament has one of the highest proportions of women in the world, but female politicans there say more still needs to done to ensure women have a real voice. Felicity James reports from the capital - Dili.

Before the chief of Lausi village took on the role, she was told to stay at home with her family and cook, that village chief was a responsibility best left to men. Women who want to stand for village chief, the big challenges come from the family. There is some discrimination from society, and also men. Her advice to other women is to be brave, to get involved in family decision-making first, and try to access education. The big issue in my village right now, I fight about malnutrition. Timor-Leste's parliament has one of the highest proportions of women in the world. A quota system requiring one in every three candidates on political party lists to be a woman has led to women occupying 38% of the seats. In our society, for now, we really need the quota system to strengthen women's participation. For a long time, women have been absent from local politics, despite a strong presence at the national level. But in this district, there's been a surge of women wanting to be involved, with almost 30 candidates in last year's village elections. Before last year's local elections, the government passed a law requiring a female candidate in every village and hamlet election. Now there are four female villages chiefs in Aileu. But many women, at the grass roots level are very strong to say something. Just give them the opportunity. During the election campaign, these women's groups have put their demands to the Fretilin party, which is part of the coalition government. We are attempting to upgrade the participation, not in terms of numbers, but in terms of quality. They say they don't want to see a situation where competent women are overlooked for powerful cabinet positions, which they say has happened in the past. So this is very sad, and we hope this doesn't happen again in the future. This is part of our hundreds of years of traditions and day-to-day life. It will take time. Traditions these Timorese women say they'll continue to challenge.

Analysis of the latest census data shows the younger generation of Australians could face a life of renting. Home ownership rates are at their lowest in thirty years - across all age brackets except baby boomers. Economists from the grattan institute say it could take another three decades to turn it around, unless more medium density developments come online.

Eve Recht bought her home in Melbourne's north 36 years ago. Now she's decided its time to downsize. I was going to sell and then I was going to redevelopment, then I um'ed and ah'ed, and I was going to put two units on the block, sell one to pay for both of them and stay here, and it just doesn't add up. She's joined a group of people who plan to design and build their own apartment block, with the focus on creating a community. It's a bit scary, but it's very exciting. But Eve Recht is one of the lucky ones. The overall home-ownership rate still looks relatively good, but when you dig into the numbers the rates of home ownership amongst young Australians are falling a lot. The latest census data shows home ownership is declining in all age groups except 65 and above. For 25 to 34 year olds, the drop in home ownership over the past 10 years has been particularly dramatic. The number of home owners aged 35-44 and 45-65 has also fallen. Over the past decade, all states and territories have seen a drop in ownership. With Western Australia being the least affected. Brendan Coates says it's unlikely to change unless there's more housing options coming online. -- come. At the moment we aren't building enough houses in the major cities and policies like negative gearing and captical gains discount are certainly encouraging a lot of investment in housing, and that is keeping prices high. Unless politcians turn around and do something about it we are likely to see homeownership rates continue to decline. And a generation of permanent renters.

A man found guilty of arson over a fire at a Weston cafe has been sentenced to three years jail in the ACT Supreme Court. 24-year-old Nick Parlov set fire to the Brierly cafe in March 2014. The court heard a victim impact statement from the new owners - who had received the keys just seven hours before the crime. The statement revealed the extent of damage the fire had caused the owners - including personal and financial ruin. Parlov's accomplice - 47-year-old Leo Nicholas Ellyardis, will be sentenced tomorrow.

There's growing concern that the ACT's foster care system is letting indigenous children down. The Human Rights Commission has found many of them feel they're losing connection to their culture. With the territory having the country's highest rate of indigenous children in care - the situation has prompted a review of how fostering operates here.

Nikita grew up in the foster care system and through that time she has never known to her mob are.I have always wanted to know where I was from and by other family members, but nobody was entering me and if I did ask it was, I can't tell you or why are you asking that?After a month long search, she was able to find them and prove her average and Alan Easterby -- Aboriginal heritage.It really set down those doors of who am I, where am I from? Canberra has almost double the rate of Indigenous children in foster care system and hurt situation is common.Many young people feel they have been given this label as Aboriginal but didn't know what it meant.The human rights commission are also finding that any siblings are being separated in care.I don't think that is ideal.Now, a review will assess case plans of children in care to find out what is causing the high numbers. The community services director says it wants to work with Indigenous groups, something the children's Commissioner is says doesn't happen enough.One of the things I think we need to do better at with, is engaging that with the Aboriginal community in the ACT. If anybody knows, they are.Fornicator, family is everything and she fears for kids who don't have it.If you keep doing that and taking family away from each other, it will keep repeating. Until that changes, many of these kids will feel Aboriginal is just a way. It -- is just a label.

More than two years after shelling Campbells aunty was that death, she was still waiting for justice.It makes me wild and frustrated, why isn't nothing being done and yet I have a feeling he is running wild and free.In March 2015, the COMMENTATOR: Was stabbed to death, finding out she had endured years of mystic violence. The ABC understands Swan is the only suspect in this case and is living in northern Western Australia.Her partner has not been charged and it is pretty frustrating for us to know that this woman was murdered and was horrifically beaten and controlled through other forms as well. Throughout her whole time with him and he is not charged with her murder.A chilling Campbell wants her auntie to be remembered as more than just a domestic violence statistic, her family described her as a strong and a member of the Alice Springs community. The coroner said she loved helping people and lived for her children.It makes me angry as her niece and as a young mother, I went to school with her. We are both educated.How can a man who has a proven record of horrifically assaulting his partner over a very long extended period of time not be arrested for her murder? How could that happen?NT Police reopened their investigation after the coroner found that she did not kill herself, but died after being stabbed. The coroner did not find who had killed her. Police say they have reviewed the investigation and he matter is ongoing. -- the.

Still to come this hour: Multiple complaints about an abusive doctor who was allowed to continue practising for years. We look into why the body that's supposed to protect patients - didn't.There were certainly 10 people who were abused after Tom had gone to AHPRA.It was infuriating, I felt like I hadn't been listened to. See you soon. A Melbourne family is urging all airlines to stop serving peanuts, after a midair emergency involving their 3-year old son. The boy suffered a life-threatening allergic reaction onboard a flight from Singapore after other passengers opened packets of peanuts handed out by cabin crew. James Hancock reports.

It was Marcus Daley's third and worst allergic reaction to peanuts. He started vomiting, his eyes were starting to swell, and he couldn't speak properly.

The family was on the way home from a trip to Thailand when panic took hold on the Singapore Airlines flight. The family behind us, the mother was quite traumatised, because she felt that she had caused it. Fortunately, the 3-year-old's father is a doctor. About two minutes after the peanuts were opened, Marcus started crying. He immediately injected his son with adrenaline to bring the situation under control. I was vomiting, just this much.

There is a separate, or a nest which has been a. If you have a plain of them, concentration would increase.

-- or

A family friend on the flight complained to the airline on social media. It responded that even if peanuts were no longer served as a snack, it could not stop other passengers bringing them on board. We have just been brushed off. That's just careless and irresponsible and potentially fatal. Former Australian Medical Association president Dr Mukesh Haikerwal successfully lobbied Qantas to ban peanuts as an in-flight snack. Some European airlines actually make a virtue of being nut-free. All they have to do is just stop serving peanuts. Singapore Airlines says it will review the incident.

To finance now - and the Australian dollar

The Aussie dollar smashed through 78 on Friday night when some new data on the American economy hit the screens. Retail sales fell in June against expectations of a small rise, and the Consumer Price Index didn't change at all which means annual inflation remains stuck at 1.6%, so the US dollar fell as traders adjusted their thinking about how many more rate hikes there'll be in the US this year. The exchange rate has been flat since Friday night and is now just above 78 US cents. We seem to be back in the situation where markets quite like bad economic news because it means looser monetary policy, and as a result, Wall Street cheered the news that the economy is coughing and spluttering. But the US dollar can't stop falling this year and is now at a 2.5-year low, having lost everything it gained versus the Euro after Donald Trump was elected president last November, and then some. Political gridlock and presidential tweets aren't helping but the key reason is simply that the European economy is in better shape than America's. And the other place that seems to be doing better than the US again is China. Data today showed that Chinese GDP growth was an annual rate of 6.9% in the June quarter ahead of forecasts and the previous quarter. Retail sales grew 11% and industrial production expanded 7.6%. The chart shows GDP growth and it seems to be forming a bottom. Commodities went up today - apart from a minor fall in the iron ore price - and as a result, resources stocks offset some falls among industrials and financials on the share market today, leaving the overall index flat. Telstra fell quite a lot because a broker predicted it will cut its dividend, which is beginning to sound right. And that's finance.

After more than half a century and a dozen doctors - the makers of the TV series Doctor Who have cast a woman in the lead role. Jodie Whittaker will become the 13th doctor, with BBC producers deciding the timelord should keep up with the times. Nick Dole reports.

Venues came in the form of this trailer at Wimbledon.It is so exciting, we get our first female Doctor.She is best known for her work on the crime drama broad church. She will replace Peter Capaldi in the popular series.It is such a good idea, as long as they don't make storylines about her gender, just get on with it.Many fans were delighted...

But others claimed it was driven by vertical crack this. -- political correctness.

Whether you like the casting or not, a show like Doctor Who is perfectly engineered for this kind of change. The concept of regeneration is a central theme and there would very few fans who did not see this coming. It is also a sign of shifting attitudes in the industry, many fans think the doctor's timing is right.The flavour could be entirely different from what they are used to, but this has been going on for quite a few years, it needs to regenerate just like its lead character does.The new lead doctor takes to her character in December.

To sport now - the Brumbies are confident that a home crowd at Canberra Stadium on Friday night will help them win their sudden death Super Rugby quarterfinal against the Wellington Hurricanes. Coach Stephen Larkham rested 10 players for Saturday's end of season loss to the Waikato Chiefs. He's waiting to see if Christion Lealiifano will be fit enough to return to the top flight 11 months after being diagnosed with leukaemia. This afternoon we'll see how he trains and we'll announce the team tomorrow, but you know the way that he's trained over the last three months gives me a fair indication that he's ready to play. In the NRL - the Raiders will be minus Josh Papalii for two weeks after he took the early plea for a shoulder charge against the dragons Josh Dugan. It's a massive blow, he's a great player for us, he's a massive part of our squad and to backup the way he did after Origin was a massive effort from him. The Raiders must win every one of their remaining games to have any chance of making the finals. Roger Federer has pledged to return to Wimbledon next year to defend his title, after winning it for a record eighth time. The 35-year-old swiss didn't lose a set throughout the tournament and in victory, has taken his remarkable career to yet another level. ANNOUNCER: Roger Federer! Greatness comes in many forms. In men's tennis, it looks like this. Holding the trophy now and the tournament that I have played, not dropping a set, it is just magical. The 35-year-old beat Marin Cilic to win in straight sets. COMMENTATOR: It is a record eighth for Roger! He's now the oldest Wimbledon champion since the Open era began in 1968. I was just a normal guy growing up in Basel. I dreamed, I believed, and I really hoped that maybe I could actually do it. If you compare him to any other athlete in the world, I think he is right up there. If you talk Formula 1, running, basketball, football, I don't think there is anybody like Roger Federer at the moment. Roger Federer's love affair with Wimbledon began before his maiden title in 2003. UMPIRE: Game, set and match. Well, he's done it! It is an absolute dream for me, coming through, and I was always joking around when I was a boy saying "I am going to win this." -- true. Now, he's the only person to win it eight times. Five years after his last Wimbledon title, his technical brilliance and meticulous preparation was once again a cut above the rest. He had an unbelievable journey until the final, also winning Halle, and really, a great gentleman and one of the biggest ambassadors of tennis. Cilic had no answers. Plagued by a foot injury, he went down in one hour and 41 minutes. Oh, Federer is there. What a point! He'll be 36 in three weeks, but in the Indian summer of his carer, he could yet get back to world number one. You know, if you look at Murray, is Murray going to play the US season? Djokovic, is he? Warwinka comes into play. But you know, who is standing up here at the moment? Is it possible you could be playing here when you are 40? Well, you would think so. Time has been kind to Roger Federer. But when Federer's playing like this, time stands still.

To other sports stories making

-- To other sports stories making news around the world. Defending Tour de France champion Chris Froome has overcome a mechanical scare on stage 15 to keep the leader's yellow jersey. After a quick wheel change, Froome was able to re-join his rivals and keep his 18 second overall lead. Dutchman Bauke Mollema powered to a solo win, for his first Tour de France stage victory. South Korea's Sung Hyun Park has won her first major golf title, taking out the U.S women's open in New Jersey. The 23-year-old shot a final round of 67 to finish on 11 - under - par at the Trump National Golf Club. She won by two strokes. Australia's Minjee Lee finished in a tie for 11th. A Queensland cat has had one of its nine lives spared, all thanks to a bottle of vodka. The feline was on the brink of death after eating poison - but some quick-thinking vets administered a boozy antidote that kept him alive. It's odd for a black cat to be this lucky. The feline was found outside a tyre shop with just a whisker to live, after swallowing antifreeze. He couldn't stand, he couldn't lift his head, he was hypothermic and convulsions and having trouble breathing. Rushed to the RSPCA, quick thinking staff found an unusual treatment. The antidote is intravenous ethanol or vodka, it just so happened that one of our nurses had a bottle of vodka laying around, so we were able to administer it just in time to save his life. The cat given the stiff drink via drip to break down the poison as well as plenty of fluids to help with the hangover. Oh he was off his rocker, he was having a jolly good time. The RSPCA says its unsure if the cat, now named Tipsy, was intentionally poisoned. It could actually be in this case that he was outside a tyre company, maybe there was some antifreeze that has been left around, we just simply don't know. Tipsy is very lucky to be alive, but unfortunately he's not microchipped. The RSPCA is now looking for his owners - or he'll be put up for adoption. He's expected to make a full recovery. To weather - and thanks to Tony Fleming for sending in this pic of a king Parrott.