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live by Ai-Media Tonight - Why was she shot? A Sydney-born life coach
killed by US police. And the bodycam bungle that's left little proof
of what really happened. Call in the commandos. Military elite given the green
light to battle terror attacks. The grainy image that's pushed
a suspected predator to turn himself in. In breach. Amber Harrison ordered to pay
legal costs. A judge rules
she broke confidentiality with the Seven Network. Beyond reckless. The mindless manoeuvre
into oncoming traffic. What happened
in this Sydney tunnel. And how the high-rollers roll. Themed luxury inside
Sydney's newest hotel rooms. VOICE-OVER: Live from
our Sydney headquarters, this is Seven News
with Mark Ferguson. Good evening. Family and friends
of an Australian woman are demanding answers tonight, after Minneapolis police
shot her dead after she called them for help. Across two countries tonight
there are demands for answers,

Justine Rusczyk Damond was a
Sydney-born meditation consultant

set to be married next month. Why she died remains a mystery. The police who killed her say they weren't recording
their actions. Scrawled on concrete, tributes for
Justine Rusczyk Damond. (CRYING)

Hundreds of neighbours in shock
and grieving

for the Sydney-born life coach,
meditator, and spiritual healer. Killed by police,
after calling them for help. My mum is dead because
a police officer shot her for reasons I don't know, and I demand answers. The 40-year-old is engaged
to an American. This is her step-son,
on the streets, in disbelief. Heartbroken, wondering why. She thought there was like
something bad was happening, next thing I know,
they take my best friend's life.

I'm originally
from Sydney, Australia. One of Justine's
last presentations was three weeks ago. I'm not sure what I should do... ..has that changed? (LAUGHS) She quit her career as a vet
to use meditation to heal, after losing her mother
to cancer. At 11:27pm on Saturday night
local time, she called police over something
suspicious in an alleyway near her home
in south-west Minneapolis. When two officers arrived,
at least one gun shot was fired. It was lethal. More detail is scant. he officers body cameras
were switched off. Their vehicle's dashcam
also didn't record. I am heartsick
and deeply disturbed. And like you,
I have a lot of questions why the body cameras weren't on. The police chief's officers now face a lengthy
independent investigation. Every police officer
on the ground here in the State of Minnesota
wears a body camera. They're standard protocol, along with the training
to use them. The fact they weren't working
in this tragedy could lead to so many questions
never being answered. On Sydney's northern beaches, Justine's family asked
for privacy.

She undoubtedly will be very missed. She was treasured and love by the family. And we will really miss her. Dreadfully.

In America,
hundreds shared memories. She was like a mother,
she was like a best friend. She's a very conscious
loving person and you wouldn't associate that
with a gunshot in an alley. Right now, they're grieving. But that's quickly turning
to anger. It's the middle of the night here
on the quiet suburban street where the police shooting
took place, but a candelight vigil
remains lit. I've been told tonight Justine Damond was standing
in the alley, in her pyjamas, talking to police,
when she was shot, Mark. Ashlee, have the police officers
involved been stood down? They've been taken off
front-line duties. This year alone, over 500 people
have been shot by police in the United States, an Australian now part
of those grim statistics, Mark. Police will be able to call on
elite soldiers to assist them in the event of
a terrorist attack. The Prime Minister calls it
a worst-case scenario, but after the criticism
surrounding the Lindt Cafe siege, front line police can now
bring in military expertise to handle any ongoing crisis. The army's tactical assault group
commandos are always locked and loaded. How many people are ready to go
at any time? That fluctuates between 100-160
personnel at full strength. But weren't called in during
the deadly Lindt Cafe seige. The measures
I'm announcing today will ensure that the ADF
is more readily available to respond
to terrorism incidents. Measures putting commandos
on the terror frontline, removing call-out restrictions to allow police
to bring in the army. Using commandos to train police
anti-terror squads and help plan
police operations. State and Territory Police
are and will remain the primary responders
to any terrorist attack. Supported by Labor. We should be bringing to bear
the most potent capability that our country has. Lindt Cafe siege survivor
John O'Brien wishes the changes were in place
on that day. Absolutely, would have been
completely different, I think.

If they had gone in and had the power to 2 go in and take control.

Cabinet is expected to debate another major national security
reform tomorrow - the long-speculated creation of a Homeland Security-style
super ministry. The proposal would elevate
Immigration Minister Peter Dutton to head the Ministry, bringing the Federal Police,
ASIO, Border Force and immigration together, but Seven News understands Attorney-General George Brandis
and Foreign Minister Julie Bishop have serious reservations
about the powers and need for such a super ministry... There is no place
for set and forget. ..perhaps signalling
a national security reset. Police are tonight questioning
a man accused of grooming
a teenage girl online for sex. Investigators released an image
of their suspect this morning, and by this afternoon, a 37-year-old North Shore man
handed himself in. This is the grainy picture
police used to track down a man wanted over the repeated
sexual assault of a 14-year-old girl. Grooming a young child
of this age to then go to the next step of
sexually assaulting that person can only be described as
a sexual predator. Known online as Alex, he made contact with the girl
on the Meet Me chat app in early 2015. For months
he allegedly groomed her, eventually convincing her
to meet at this Hornsby park, where he's accused of raping her
on a number of occasions. Very traumatic for her. These sorts of circumstances
are extremely traumatic. Police suspect
there may be other victims. If a person has groomed
someone online, then this probably isn't
the first time they have done it or have done it since. More proof that parents
should pay close attention to what their kids do online. What we know
with online sex predators is that they move onto
these lesser apps that have no security,
that share location, and of course that's a recipe
for disaster. The 37-year-old walked into
Chatswood Police Station about 3:00 this afternoon. Police have confirmed
he's the man they're looking for. He's now being questioned
by detectives and is expected to be charged over the sexual assault
of a teenage girl later this evening, Mark. Ashlea Brown at Chatswood
Police Station, thank you. Sydney's Light Rail project
is pushing ahead, with a third of the tracks
now installed. That's 8km of rail, most of it outside
the city centre, with work also underway
on the first of 19 stops. It's quite significant
that a third of the track has now been laid
for the project. The team is working hard to lay
about 500 metres per week. Track testing
of the imported rail cars will begin later this year, with services due to begin
sometime in 2019. The long-running court battle between Amber Harrison
and the Seven Network is finally over. The former employee
was today ordered to pay the network's legal bill after a judge found she breached
a confidentiality agreement when she went public
over her relationship with the company's CEO. Emerging victorious, How has the client reacted? but today's judgement was
far from a celebratory moment for Channel Seven's lawyers. Seven took action against
former employee Amber Harrison after she breached a settlement
she signed off on before leaving the network
in 2014. She agreed to never release
confidential information about the company or talk publicly about
her relationship with CEO, Tim Worner. And was paid over $400,000
to keep quiet. But she didn't. After a four month court battle a judge found she was bound
by a contract and broke it. But both sides have been wounded
in the process.

Justice John Sackar said.

In a statement, Seven said:

Amber Harrison was offered
the opportunity

to hear today's judgement
via a telephone hook up but she declined. And given she was unrepresented
in court,

She claims today's decision
will send her broke.

They knew it would bankrupt me and the Supreme Court of New South Wales has helped them do that.

Police investigating the death
of a woman during a bucks party
in Melbourne have now ruled out foul play. Lets go to Laurel Irving
in Melbourne. Laurel, do police now know how
the woman died? They do, Mark, but they're not
releasing any details except to say
her death is not suspicious. The woman was found dead in the
shower in a serviced apartment here at the Oaks on Market hotel just before 8:00
yesterday morning. The apartment was one of three
booked for the weekend by a group of men
from NSW and Canberra who were visiting Melbourne
for a mate's bucks weekend. Four men were taken into custody
and interviewed, but were released without charge. It's still not known
how the woman ended up here, but police say she wasn't paid
to be there - she'd just met the men that night
at a club. Do you want to tell us
what happened? I don't know what happened. How did the woman die? I don't know. Four men were taken into custody
and interviewed, but were released without charge. The woman is in her late 20s
or early 30s. Police are now trying to contact
her family, Mark. Police say lives were put at risk
by the stupidity of a driver who did a three point turn
in the Cross City Tunnel. Cameras captured the manoeuvre and the terrifying moments
afterwards, as the offender drove into
the path of oncoming traffic. But there was no clear shot
of the number plates. It's the early hours
of the morning, 2:30am, and this grey Toyota Corolla
is heading south. It's one way, but this driver
doesn't seem to know, or care. They do a three-point turn, narrowly missing a taxi,
then a mini bus, driving straight into
oncoming traffic. Perhaps realising their error, the driver pulls over, waits,
dodges more traffic. Then, as these exclusive
pictures show, pulls another three point turn and heads the right way
through the Cross City Tunnel. Well it's just stupidity to try and pull off
a manoeuvre like that, putting that driver
and other road users at great risk on our roads. It's motoring madness
all caught on camera. The city's tunnels are monitored
around the clock in this bunker in north-west Sydney. Careless drivers
caught on this tracking system. So it doesn't matter what time
these sorts of incidents happen, we're watching them
all the time. Almost 50 cameras live stream, the pictures then handed over
to the police. The moment we see any incident
in any of our tunnels or any of our roads, our incident response crews
can immediately take action. Police are still hunting
the driver but when they do track him down, he will be charged
with a lot more than making a three-point turn. He'll be booked
for negligent driving, fined around $500, and lose
at least three demerit points. Luckily, the tunnel network has a very significant
camera system. We'll look for
that registration plate, we'll look for that driver, and take action very swiftly. Sydney drivers will start paying
tolls on the widened M4 motorway from next month, but they'll have to wait
for new smart technology on ramps to help with traffic flow. Chris Maher is at the Roper Road
intersection approaching the M4 tonight. Chris, just how long will drivers
have to wait? Mark, construction of
the smart motorway project will start next month, but it won't be complete
for three years, meaning drivers can expect
more disruptions before they get in the fast lane. Once complete, the M4 between
Mays Hill and Lapstone will be Sydney's
first smart motorway. Traffic lights will be installed
on entry ramps to manage traffic and make merging safer. There will also be variable speed
limit signs and message signs. Traffic will probably get worse
before it gets better. All that smart technology
still needs to be installed. On-ramps will also be extended
and widened to reduce queuing onto the M4. Intersections will also
have to be upgraded. The government says the work
will take place in five stages to help limit disruption. Once complete, drivers are
expected to save 15 minutes travelling from Mays Hill
to Penrith, Mark. Customers of health insurance
company Bupa have been hit by
a security breach. The personal information
of more than 500,000 people was copied and removed
by an employee at its global office. It's understood nearly 20,000
Australians are affected. Bupa Australia is contacting
customers to apologise and advise them of what to do. Olympic champion shooter
Michael Diamond is in trouble with the law again. Police have taken out
an AVO against him to protect his wife, Cathy. Under the order, he can't go anywhere near her if he's been drinking
or using drugs. Diamond is already on
a good behaviour bond after being found guilty
of firearms offences and drink-driving in May. If you've ever wondered what thousands of a dollars
a night gets you when it comes to
a Sydney hotel room, The Star at Pyrmont is about
to unveil three new theme rooms it hopes will set a new standard
for high-end luxury. We've been given a first look to see what it now takes
to produce a wow factor. We come into
the main vestibule here. This is the main studio. As you can see, it's all decked out
in really true 70s style. From the furniture,
to the phone, to the...OK, then. A party pad
that can host up to 25 people. You can get into putting on
the 70s wigs. Put on our 70s sunglasses. Sound-proofing means karaoke
as loud as you like, Grab your microphone! and nothing says 70s
like a swing bed. Underneath the glitter of
the mirror ball. From 'Flashback' to just flash. Everything is all
cyber sci-fi chic. Cyber-punk is the digital den. It comes with four gaming
stations all lined up, plus Travis... ..the technology butler. A technology butler
in this room, Cyber Punk, looks after the X-Boxes
and the VR, virtual reality. While you're shooting
space pirates he'll even offer help
getting to the next level. The past and future rooms
are $3,000 a night. For $800 a night,
there's Dark Romance. Fireplace, fancy food,
four-poster bed, bath for two. What happens when you push
the romance button? It sets the mood for you - the lights dim down,
music comes on. For the expense,
it's all about the experience. You want to be able to
create something that can only be created here and you can share it
with your friends. If you'd like to take the rooms
for a spin, they're available now. The Star has spent $1 million and more than a year
pulling them together, which goes to show just how competitive the luxury
hotel game in Sydney has become. Now with the very latest
on Sydney's weather, here's David Brown. Fergo, it's been a stunning day
for this time of year. A taste of things to come. Right now it's a clear
16 degrees. But earlier today an earth tremor was felt along
the northern beaches at 10:39 this morning. According to Geoscience Australia the minor quake measured 3.2
on the Richter Scale, 35km out to sea. There have been seven other
offshore events like today's since 2010. For the state,

scattered light showers
swept across the south today, falling as snow on the alps. There's a lot more snow
in the wind tomorrow. Back home,
it's 14 in Terrey Hills. Bondi, 16 degrees. I'll have the latest forecast
after sport, Fergo.

Drivers have captured
a frightening hazard in Western Sydney. Next, the flaming car
in a turning lane. Then, record low - President Trump's reaction to his
very dismal approval rating. Who's the new Doctor
in the Tardis? A twist as the 13th time keeper
is named. Then, the 'Fed Express' writes
another historic chapter. But is there one record
he's still eyeing off. And later, scalpers on notice. The new fight against
price gouging on your tickets.

Two incomes, three shareholdings, four dependents, one accountant.

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A fiery hazard shut down
several lanes

of the Great Western Highway
this afternoon. flames were shooting from a car stopped in the right-hand
turning lane. Paramedics treated a male driver
for burns to his face. Police believe he managed
to get out of the car just before the fire took hold. The Premier was on
the defensive today after plans were leaked showing potential sites
for tunnel smoke stacks on the Lower North Shore. As Seven News revealed last week,
there are classrooms nearby, but Gladys Berejiklian claims
it's way too early to worry. The Western Harbour Tunnel
and Beaches Link, talked about since 2012, but now
there's a preferred route. Coming down
the Wakehurst Parkway, going past Balgowlah
under Middle Harbour, linking up with the Warringah
Freeway at North Sydney. And, revealed within
secret Cabinet documents, potential sites
for the tunnel exhaust stacks. Among them, one in Ridge Street,
North Sydney, near Wenona School. Another in Cammeray Golf Course, near the Anzac Park
Public School. And a third
across Middle Harbour at Dudley Street, Balgowlah,
near Seaforth Public School. The Premier, whose Willoughby electorate
could be affected, hosing down the reports. Once we have that design work
at a more mature state, we'll be able to start having
those conversations. But it's way too early
for anyone to feel any worries at this stage. But parents at the prestigious
Wenona School are concerned. What a horrible idea, to put something near
a whole bunch of little kids. Government sources, though, say the leaked documents
are months old and the locations within them
out of date, but admit
if there is to be a tunnel, the stacks need to go somewhere. They've not been finalised
at all.

The people
in the northern suburbs

have every right to be nervous, given this government's
track record. The exact locations
could be known by the middle of next year. Six months into
his administration, US President Donald Trump
has set a new record, and it isn't a good one. A new poll has given him the lowest half-year
approval rating of any President for the last 70 years. Only 36% of Americans think
he's doing a good job - a slide underpinned
by ongoing questions over Russia and his performance
on the world stage. President Trump
dismissed the poll, tweeting that almost 40%
isn't so bad, but saying this same poll was just about
the most inaccurate one around election time. The last President
to dip near that number was Gerald Ford in 1975. An accused drunk skipper
has left ten people injured after a runaway boat caused chaos
in Indiana. The unmanned vessel smashed
into a dock then a patrol boat. Oh, my god! Oh, no, oh my god! The 21-year-old driver
took a violent turn, throwing everyone overboard, but the boat kept going. An officer on a jetski
finally leapt onboard. The driver's been charged
with boating while intoxicated. There's a new Time Lord
stepping into the Tardis, and, for the first time,
it's a woman. Jodie Whittaker has been named as
the 13th Doctor Who in the long-running
sci-fi series. Whittaker's had roles in movies
and TV shows like 'Black Mirror' and 'Broadchurch.' She says she's overwhelmed
by the challenge, but it's proof you don't have to
be boxed in by what you're told you can and can't be. Swiss maestro Roger Federer
has created yet more history in the men's singles overnight
at Wimbledon. Mel McLaughlin is here, and Mel, surely there can't be much doubt
now, he is the greatest ever? His incredible year
has continued,

His incredible year
has continued,

and he's added once more
to the record books, taking an eigth title
at the All England Club in straight sets. For the Fed Express,
it all looked relatively easy against an opponent who,
at one stage, burst into tears. But don't think
this spells the end. Roger reckons he'll be back, trying for title number nine
next year. His place in Wimbledon history
was already assured, but for Roger Federer, his eighth win here
sees him rise above every other grass-court champion. A new record in men's singles achieved without dropping a set
the entire tournament. It is truly unbelievable
that I can mark history in this way,
by winning my eighth title. That has never been done before. Federer began with the confidence
of a man who considers this arena his home court, taking the first set
in 36 minutes. COMMENTATOR:
Oh, Federer's there. What a point. And when he sped to an early lead
in the second, it was too much for Marin Cilic. Emotionally broken down. The blisters on his foot
playing havoc with his mind. Marin seemed to be struggling
physically and emotionally a little bit there at one stage. How hard was it to remain focused
on your game? I was ahead in the score, and I think that kept me calm and, with my experience, I think that also helped me
to get through at the end. Federer didn't let up - a perfectly-placed ace sealing his first All England
Club trophy since 2012. There is no longer
any need for debate. Roger Federer is the greatest
male player ever to grace the grass courts
of Wimbledon. He's now also the oldest man
to win a singles title here in the Open era. He turns 36 next month. You have 8 titles,
Martina Navratilova has 9 - 9 or 10 sounds good, doesn't it? Of course, yes,
of course we'll take it, but let's first enjoy the year
as Australian Open champ, as a Wimbledon champ.

Just ridiculous. The last time he won at Wimbledon was 2012. Not many people thought he would come back in 2017 and do it again.

Cancer patients already facing
a tough fight could now have their treatment
compromised. Next, the warning from doctors on how budget cuts
could impact our health. Then, the race to save two
ageing ladies from retirement. Red Symons
sends a message from hospital following a nasty fall. And later - it's being described as like
finding the key to a lock. The new prostate treatment
with remarkable results.

Cancer specialists are warning

some patients may end up being
treated with outdated equipment because of a change
in how funding is allocated. The State Government's
also raised concerns, but the Commonwealth insists
there'll actually be more money for treatments. Breast cancer survivor Lee Hunt
says radiation therapy
helped save her life. Cancer can be very painful and therapy of radiation
reduces that pain. But there are now fears patients
could miss out on key treatments, with claims
the Federal Government will cut up to $70 million
over the next three years - money which would have been used
to replace radiation equipment. The cuts will affect everybody, because the cuts won't
differentiate from patients, in a way. It would be of concern
if they continue down that path, absolutely. Under the new model, funding is no longer based
on patient numbers. Instead, it's a flat rate. Radiation therapy
is a contributing factor to around 40%
of all cancer cures. Cancer specialists are concerned that with the cuts
not every patient will be able to recieve the best treatment. We don't want to penalise
a treatment which has shown
to have better outcomes because it is not
appropriately funded. But the Federal Government

..saying the new measures
are simply a rebalance of funds,

benefiting public hospitals. A 13-year-old Bankstown girl
is missing and police are worried
about her welfare. Bethany Chamberlain hasn't
been seen since 5pm yesterday and hasn't contacted family
or friends. Anyone who spots her
is asked to call Crime Stoppers - 1800 333 000. ABC broadcaster and
former rock musician Red Symons is in hospital following a fall. The 68-year-old blacked out
12 days ago while walking home from the shops
in Melbourne. His head hit the pavement. He was taken to hospital,
where he remains. The Skyhooks veteran
has released a statement, saying he hopes
to be back at work soon. An 11th-hour community campaign is trying to stop
two historic Sydney ferries being decommissioned. The grand old ladies of the sea
are earmarked for retirement in October, after almost 50 years of service
on Sydney Harbour. But it's hoped a petition
could save them. Stepping aboard
a Lady Class ferry is like stepping back in time. From the wooden wheel
to the shoebox shape, they are part of the postcard
image of Sydney Harbour. It's gorgeous.
It's a lovely ride. It feels a bit historic. They have a nice
old-fashioned look to them. They don't look modern,
like everything else. They're really slow. You like them
because they're slow? Yeah. The 'Lady Northcott'
and the 'Lady Herron' are the last two lady class
ferries in Sydney. The first plied these waters
before 1900. Most took the names of
New South Wales governors' wives. But now a government decision
will spell the end of these ferries.

They will be transitioning out between now and the rest of the year.

But a growing number
are petitioning to have them retained. They have beautiful aesthetics. It feels like
you're on an old steam boat. It's a smooth graceful ride
when you're on here. Please keep these ferries on. The community wants them. We should keep these
for heritage and a tourist attraction. They're not the fastest
or the cheapest to run, but supporters say
that's not the point. Nothing has the romance or class
of these grand old ladies. These are the last two ladies
that are around. They are significant. It's like losing
the Harbour Bridge and the Opera House. To join the petition,
visit our website. A driver has walked away
after flipping his car at Casula early this morning. Police suspect the man,
aged in his 30s, struck the safety rails
before his car rolled on the M5. He was checked over by paramedics
and given the all-clear. We're about to get
the first glimpse in a while of the Duke and Duchess
of Cambridge and their children. They're enroute to Poland. Our Europe correspondent
Hugh Whitfeld is in Warsaw tonight. Hugh, what's behind
the family trip? Mark, commentators are calling
this a 'Brexit tour'. Prince William, Kate,
and little George and Charlotte are essentially on a PR mission as Britain battles through
negotiations to leave the EU. Warsaw will be the first stop
of their tour, then it's on to Germany. There'll be some solemn moments, including visits
to Holocaust memorials, but the duke and duchess will
also take part in a row-off. We know they can be competitive
and love their sport. They managed to get
in the men's final at Wimbledon before setting off. That wasn't the only
champagne-worthy event though this weekend. Camilla has a special birthday
to celebrate her 70th. This is the official portrait. 250 family and friends attended
the birthday bash. The duke, duchess and children
arrive here soon. Pictures of their arrival
and adventures in the news tomorrow night, Mark. It remains one of the biggest
killers of Australian men, but next there's new hope
for prostate sufferers. That story's next. Then, the app to help chefs when it comes to serving food
to allergy sufferers. Fuelling the competition - the megastore opening
more bowsers. A touch warmer in town tomorrow, but a big dump of snow
is lining up the Alps.

I like the fact that
we're not just handing out money to a private organisation. I like the fact that the money
goes back to us and our family and the benefits
that we reap from that. Find a health fund
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Taking a look at the markets,

and the ASX 200
closed slightly lower today, following a slump in banking,
consumer and health stocks. Locally, shares in cyber safety firm
Family Zone surged on news its digital products will be
rolled out in Indonesia. The Aussie dollar is up again, tonight buying
just over 78 US cents. Members-only chain store Costco
has a new discount outlet - selling petrol. Its Marsden Park fuel station
opened today, offering E10, premium and diesel all at below
competitors' prices. The only catch - you have to be a member,
which costs $60 for individuals. Costco's nearby
Marsden Park warehouse opens on August 20. It's third store in NSW
and the ninth nationwide. For people with food allergies, anything from
a contaminated chopping board to the wrong salad servers could trigger a deadly reaction. Now, there's a new online tool helping waiters and chefs
safely prepare meals for people with allergies. My experience
with the food services industry has been very varied, from the super vigilant
to the completely neglectful. The site tackles situations from handling
special dietary requests through to spotting
allergic reactions. There's now a link
on the Seven News website. A new trial for patients
with advanced prostate cancer is being described by researchers
as a game changer. The disease remains
one of the biggest killers of men but this therapy has opened
a new frontier. 20 years ago, Barry Elderfield was advised
to get his affairs in order. I was told at that point in time
I had about six months. As prostate cancer spread
to his bones, the grandfather of four tried
every new treatment available. You don't know what's next, and you've run out
of treatments. It's not a nice feeling to have. Last year, the 76-year-old
tried a new therapy through the
Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre - an infusion that makes cancer
cells light up, then, like a key into a lock, cancer-killing radioactive atoms target the prostate cancer
tumours directly. The impact was quite remarkable. The doctor is showing you
it's getting smaller, and some have disappeared. The radioactive atom
emits radiation like a mini-radioactive
therapy machine, and kills off the cancer cells
exactly where they are. Because this new therapy
targets cancer cells directly, early studies have found it
to have less side effects than chemotherapy. Results have been so successful, researchers are now looking to
recruit patients Australia-wide for a more extensive study. We really do believe this treatment
could be a game-changer. I'm alive. And I mightn't have been here
today, talking to you now, if it hadn't been for luticium. Anyone interested in the trial should talk to
their general practitioner first. Ticket scalpers have a new target
on their backs. Next, plans to stop them
fleecing customers. New details soon on Seven News. Plus, pressure on the big banks. Why there could soon be
more of them. And channeling Grace Kelly - Miranda Kerr's
custom-made wedding gown. But now Mel's back with sport,

and Todd Greenberg had
some strong opinions today at the Women in League Round
launch? The NRL boss shared
his thoughts on the actions of some players
during Origin week surrounding the pay dispute. That's coming up next. Plus, Mitchell Moses all smiles ahead of Sunday's clash
with his former club, including his housemate
and former halves partner. And at 81 years of age, golf legend Garry Player
puts the rest of us to shame.

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Todd Greenberg's hit back
at players

using Origin as a platform
to promote their pay war against the NRL. Launching the Women in League
round, the NRL boss declared he was
unimpressed with Origin stars wearing Rugby League
Player Association caps to help sell their message. My personal opinion of that is that wasn't a good look
for the players or for the game, but again, they are decisions
players will make. Greenberg confirmed the NRL will
audit Manly's books this week after allegations
of illegal payments. Still with the Sea-Eagles prop, Darcy Lussick has been fined

-- $1500

for pulling Aaron Woods' hair. Trent Merrin may not play again
this season. The Panthers forward is facing
two months out with a knee injury. At the Roosters, Mitchell Aubusson could miss
Friday's clash against Newcastle. His wife, Laura, is due
to give birth on the same day. I'm going to be with her
the whole time. That's my main priority. Let's hope
it doesn't come down to that. Mitchell Pearce returns
to training tomorrow after a holiday in Fiji. The Tigers are hungry for revenge
on Mitchell Moses. Parramatta's new playmaker
confronts his old team on Sunday. And the showdown could well prove
a blessing for ex-halves partner
and current housemate Luke Brooks. Laughing loudest,
but not necessarily last, Mitchell Moses is preparing
to dine out on his old club. He's definitely
going to be chirpy and he's going to be at us, and he's not going to let us
get one over him. To have Mitch,
he knows their moves inside out, knows their players,
little things that they do. None better than former
halves partner Luke Brooks. The pair not only rose
through the ranks together, they also live together. It will be interesting to see if they share a car ride
to the game or not. I think he's used to copping it
a bit. He'll be fine. Hopefully, the Tigers fans
get into him a bit but. (LAUGHS) That much is guaranteed. The faithful on him as a Tiger
earlier this year. The best revenge
we can get on Mitch is to get one over him
and get the two points. Now out of Moses's shadow, Brooks gets no better chance
to prove himself as a leader. Maybe that did hinder us. We were both young players
coming through. It was hard having
two young halves. Mitch is a very vocal
type of guy. Brooks probably took
a backward step in that sense. By complete coincidence, Moses just happened to be
one of two Eels players who weren't available
to the media today, and that left him without
a right of reply to Brooks, who has fond memories
of the last time the two clashed on the footy field. He actually threw an intercept
to me and I scored. Hopefully, another one of those. Whoever gets the win
is going to be laughing. Returning to Wimbledon, and Roger Federer
has broken down in tears after securing
his 19th Grand Slam title - his eighth
at the All England Club. The Swiss maestro
didn't lose a set en route to the title, the match all over
in just one hour and 41 minutes. Federer was at his dominant best, while the former US Open Champion
had no answers, battling a bad case of blisters
throughout the match. For me to pull that through
at my age, after all these years
where there was a lot of doubt and injuries as well - it's quite fascinating. In the mixed doubles final, another Swiss legend,
Martina Hingis, and Scot Jamie Murray won
in straight sets for Martina's 23rd
Grand Slam title. Aussie Daniel Ricciardo has
been named driver of the day, and that's despite failing
to make the podium at the British Grand Prix. A penalty for a gear box change
saw Riccardo start in 19th, but he stormed home
in fifth position. Mercedes' Lewis Hamilton
turned it on in front of his home crowd to claim
his fourth race of the season. Ferrari's Kimi Raikkonen
and Sebastian Vettle suffered costly punctures. Vettle sits just one point ahead
of Hamilton in the championship. And here's proof
that age is just a number. At 81, legendary golfer
Garry Player has pulled off
a stunning back flip while on holiday with his family.

And Kurtley Beale has literally
put on a song and dance returning from the UK. He's showed off the indigenous strip
the Wallabies will wear in the third Bledisloe Cup match
later this year. The Melbourne Cup
has visited Sydney, four months out from the race
that stops the nation. Two-time winning jockey
Kerrin McEvoy hit the stables with his family,
visiting Brew, one of the horses he rode to
victory in the Cup 17 years ago. Such a tough race. To be in the winners list,
and, yeah, I've got my name on there,
so, pretty privileged. The Spring Canival can be seen
live and free on Seven.

Special tree just for you. We have the Melbourne Cup right here. It is worth $200,000 and you can come and get your photo with that at Martin Place. It will be on sunrise tomorrow morning.

The days of being charged
overinflated prices for a ticket to a concert or sporting event could be ending. The State Government's proposing
law reforms designed to limit the profits
ticket scalpers can make to prevent consumers
being ripped off. A scam the Government's
determined to slam - profit-gougers
who use computer technology to buy out tickets to events then flog them online
at massive prices. We want to put an end
to that practice, and that is why we are going
to crack down on bots that are sweeping up tickets
and gouging consumers. Queensland's already moved
to cap mark-ups on tickets to a maximum of 10%, with fines of $2,500
to sellers and buyers who charge, or pay,
above that limit. New South Wales
is considering the same. We need a Federal
legislative approach. If the Federal Parliament
doesn't do it, then it has to be
state governments to fill the gap. A ticket to Katy Perry's
Witness tour around $130 more with viagogo. Want to see Ed Sheeran in March? Almost $200 extra
on the resale website. Today's announcement follows
the Australian Senate's call for similar reforms
to ticket scalping, so it's hoped
the NSW Government's move will reinforce the proposed
national regulations. Go through
the official ticket seller, contact Ticketek, Ticketmaster,
or contact the venue And find out who is the company
behind selling the tickets. And until the state governments'
proposals are law, steer clear of ticket resellers. Love 'em or hate 'em, Australia could soon have
a lot more banks. Treasurer Scott Morrison
is planning to allow up to 60 credit unions
and building societies to call themselves 'banks.' It's hoped that will encourage
more competition, leading to cheaper loans
and lower fees. Presently, only institutions
with capital of over $50 million qualify as banks. Australian supermodel
Miranda Kerr tied the knot a couple of months ago, but only now can we show you
what she wore. In pictures published in 'Vogue', Kerr looked regal
in a long-sleeve, custom-made Dior dress, that took two fittings and a team
of designers to create. Grace Kelly was a real
inspiration with her dress and how timeless it is. Miranda married Snapchat founder
Evan Spiegel in the garden
of their Los Angeles mansion. He might be one of our bad boys
on the court, but why is Nick Kyrgios
ripping up a race track? That's next. A fine 19 today. A touch warmer tomorrow
out of the wind. Details after the break.

Hi eveyone hope you had a great
weekend it was a chilly one again today if you found yourself in
the shade at any point, now strong wind warnings alond the coast
tomorrow and we then see a very cool pool of air passing through so the next few days
are very chilly indeed, and with that wind, it )ll seem quite
lazy, wont go around you, just straight through you! The reward though should be a much
better weekend on that way, sunny and warmer too!

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Tonight's Seven News headlines -

demands for answers after Sydney-born woman
Justine Ruszcyk Damond is shot dead by US police. Their body cameras
weren't working. Police can now
call in the military to take over at terror attacks, following criticism
of the Lindt Cafe siege. Amber Harrison has been ordered to pay Seven Network's
legal costs after a court ruled
she breached confdientiality after an affair with the CEO. He's a tennis bad boy. Now, Nick Kyrgios
has the muscle car to match. He's traded the serve
for a high-powered swerve, test driving a $200,000
Dodge Challenger Hellcat. And, seemingly,
slightly intimidated. (TYRES SCREECHING) It's my first time driving it, so, obviously, right now
I'm still a little scared, but I'll see how I feel
after this. Kyrgios spotted the muscle car
while playing in Miami and just had to have one. Now here's David Brown
with Sydney's weather. Thanks, Fergo. Our spell of settled weather
rolls on. Fog patches are likely
in our west first thing tomorrow. Today's top of 19.3 degrees is
about 3 degrees on the warm side of normal. Across the suburbs -

light frost was reported at
a number of centres in the west at sunrise. It was a dry
and partly cloudy day under a northerly breeze. The latest satelite data
highlights thunderstorm activity across Victoria. Showers over our state
were few and far between and confined to the south. The wind will tend westerly
in the wake of this trough. That means a big dump of snow on
the Alps - up to 40cm. The westerly winds reaching
strong wind force over most coastal waters. Interstate, a late shower
in Brisbane, 25 degrees. Melbourne a few showers and 14. Broome warm and sunny 32. Perth a few showers and 23. A strong wind warning
is up and running for all coastal waters between Monty Island
and Smoky Cape tomorrow. Early fog and frost patches
on the slopes and ranges. Scattered in the south,
falling as snow over the alps. Closer in early fog patches
in the west. A sunny day. Becoming windy by the afternoon. Low 20s in most centres. For the Coast,
a strong wind warning is current. A westerly wind at 20-25 knots, hitting 30 knots offshore
by the evening. A forecast top of 21 tomorrow. A sunny day
and a windy afternoon. It'll feel cold in the dry wind. The week ahead goes like this - dry and windy Wednesday. Thursday, a cold and sunny day,
16 degrees. Friday, fine and 18 degrees. Warming up a little
across the weekend. That's the latest weather. It's a dry outlook,

That's Seven News
for this Monday. We'll have updates for you
throughout the evening. I'm Mark Ferguson.
I hope you have a great night. Live captioning by Ai-Media (UPBEAT GUITAR MUSIC)

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you guys will be mates again. You're a good friend, Tori.

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I would never crack on to you. I don't see it like that. Me either. Right.
Right. So, yep, we are totally
on the same page there. Could I hit you up for a favour? I was wondering if maybe
you could babysit Luke? Tori!
You're looking after Luke for us? Yeah! Surely there has to be a way
that we can step back and release some of the pressure? Just going back to dating again? I'm open for business again,
and I want you with me. Remember that delivery you took? I told you 'No'. Now, get out.

Talk to you later,
when you've got a clearer head.




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