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This program is live captioned by Ericsson Access Services. An Australian woman shot dead by police in the US after calling them for help. Greater scope of work, Australia's defence force given expanded an expanded role whenit comes to terrorist attacks. New research out showing Australia's younger generation faces a life of permanent renting. And a gender bending appointment - the new Dr Who, a woman. Hello, James McHale with ABC News Early Edition. An American police officer has shot and killed an Australian woman who called 911 for help. 40-year old Justine Damond had reported an assault near her home in Minneapolis. Her family here in Australia are trying to come to terms with the tragedy and understand why it happened. The local Mayor has questioned why police didn't have their body cameras turned on. Ben Knight sent this report. Justine Damond was a trained veternarian who worked in the US as a motivational teacher and healer. Three years ago, she moved to Minneapolis from Sydney. She was engaged to be married to an American businessman. His son spoke out on social media. My mum is damp because a police officer shot her for reasons I don't know, and I demand answers -- dead. Neighbours said the area is well lit and she should have been seen by police.I just know that she had a sound in the alley and she called the police. And the cops showed up. She was a very passionate woman, she thought something bad was happening. Oh, they take my best friend's life. Police say they were responding to a 911 call just before midnight. When officers responded, an officer was involved in a shooting which resulted in one female victim, who is deceased. Locals who drew hearts on the driveway where she was shot included names of others who've been killed by police. Dozens of people attended a vigil. I am heartsick and deeply disturbed. Officials say the officers' body cameras weren't turned on and a squad camera didn't capture the shooting. Like you, I have a lot of questions, questions about why it is a body cameras were not turned on. I anticipate and hope that those questions will be entered in the coming days and I will share those answers with the community. Tensions are high over police shootings in Minnesota because of the recent acquittal of the officer who shot and killed a motorist last year. Now, this community is questioning how this happened to a person who called police for help, and then became a victim. Elite Australian soldiers will take a greater role in helping police respond to terrorist incidents under security changes unveiled by the Prime Minister. While Labor backs the changes, it's accused Malcolm Turnbull of trying to politicise the defence force. For 16-and-a-half hours, the Lindt cafe was under siege. Dozens were held hostage, while a crazed gunman was locked in a standoff with police. For the first time in years, terrorism had reached the streets of Sydney. The tragic conclusion sparked a coronial inquest, and wider reviews into the way such threats are handled. We've got to keep on improving the way we are able to respond to these threats. By giving police the ability to call in highly trained soldiers more quickly and more easily. The Government wants to overhaul what's known as "call-out powers", which currently restrict Police from asking for ADF support until their capability has been reached. In worst case scenarios, the ADF has a range of specialist capabilities to resolve complex terrorist incidents, especially protracted sieges and hostages. To help facilitate the change, state and territory police will be trained by elite, special forces soldiers, and ADF personnel embedded in law enforcement agencies. Australians would understand that we need to have the most flexible arrangements possible. But he insists police would still take the lead in responding to incidents. Labor's responded warmly to the announcement itself, but has questioned the Prime Minister's backdrop. There is a fine line between acknowledging and indeed celebrating the work our ADF personnel do on the one hand, and politicising them on the other. Today's announcement comes amid ministerial manoeuvring for control of the country's intelligence and policing agencies. The Prime Minister is considering creating a UK-style home office, but the idea's facing resistance in Cabinet from those who believe the system's working fine as it is. It's understood Malcolm Turnbull's waiting on the findings of a wide ranging review of Australia's intelligence community before making his final decision. Jane Norman, ABC News, Canberra. Analysis of the latest Census data shows the younger generation of Australians could face a life of renting. Home ownership rates are at the lowest they've been in three decades across all age brackets - the only exception being the baby boomers. Economists from the Grattan Institute say it could take another 30 years to turn the situation around unless more medium density developments come online. This woman purchased her home 36 years ago. Now, she's decided it is time to downsize.I was going to sell or redevelop, and then I thought that I would put two units on this block. I wanted to pay for both of them. It just doesn't add up.She has joined a group of people who have decided to design and build our own apartment block, with a focus on the community.It is scary, but very exciting.She is one of the lucky ones.The overall homeownership rate is overall good, but younger Australians are falling quite a lot.The latest census data shows home ownership is declining in all age groups, except 65 and above. The drop in home ownership for young people has been particularly sharp. The number of homeowners aged 35-44, and 45-54 has also fallen. All states and territories have seen a drop in ownership, with Western Australia being the least affected and Victoria showing the greatest decline. It is unlikely to change unless more options, online.We are not building enough houses. Policies like negative gearing are helping, but keeping prices high. Unless politicians do something about it, we are likely to see homeownership rates continue to climb.And a generation of permanent renters. The Referendum Council has recommended an Indigenous representative body be included in Australia's constitution. The council has been speaking with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people about changing

people about changing
the nation's founding document. In its final report - it says a question about a so-called 'voice to parliament' should be the only one put forward in a national vote. The council says Federal Parliament should legislate for a process to work towards a treaty, And all Australian parliaments should pass a Declaration of Recognition. The former lover of Seven West Media boss Tim Worner has been ordered to pay the company's six-figure legal costs after TV took her to court for breaching a confidentiality agreement. And Harrison had argued she would be driven to bankruptcy if she was forced to pay the 6-figure legal fees.

But in handing down his ruling, Justice John Sackar said that did not come into consideration, and neither party's financial position was relevant. He added, Ms Harrison never brought forward any admissible evidence to show why she shouldn't pay Seven's legal bill - and he was scathing of her for turning down every opportunity to settle the case. Ms Harrison was not in court for today's judgement. She's already agreed to a gag order preventing her from releasing information about the Seven Network or speaking publically about her ill-fated affair with Mr Worner. Timor-Leste has one of the highest proportions of female politicians in the world, but with an election this weekend, those parliamentarians say more needs to done to ensure women have a real voice. Timor-Leste's parliament has one of the highest proportions of women in the world. But as the country approaches an election this coming weekend, female politicans say more needs to done to ensure women have a real voice. Felicity James reports from the capital Dili. Before the chief of this village took on the role, she was told to stay at home with her family and cook.By women who want to stand for village chief, the challenges come from the family. There are some discrimination from society and from men.Her advice to other women is to be brave, get involved in decision-making in the family and try to access education.The big issue in my village right now, I am fighting against malnutrition.At a national level, the Parliament has one of the highest proportions of women in the world, 38%. One in every three candidates must be a woman.In our society, we need our court system to have a strength in women's participation.For a long time, women have been absent from local politics, despite presence at the national level. In this district, there has been a surge of women wanting to be involved, with almost 30 candidates involved in the elections. Before last year's elections, the government passed a law requiring a film -- female candidate in every village election. Many women at the grassroots level are very strong. This is a gift and an opportunity.During the election campaign, these women's groups have put their demands to a party that is part of the Coalition government.We are trying to encourage participation, in terms of quality. They say they don't want to see a situation where competent women are overlooked for powerful Cabinet positions, which they say has happened in the past.This is very sad. We hope this is not happening again in the future.We have hundreds of years of traditions. It will take time. Traditions these women from Timor-Leste say they will continue to challenge. Cyber crime is a growing problem for internet users in Australia. But on the Gold Coast those at the front line of the cyber defence are meeting, as Tom Forbes reports. Behind me are some of the greatest cyber experts from around the world, and they are here on the Gold Coast to learn from each other as they battle online criminals. They are attending an international conference looking at ways of better identifying and dealing with criminals who use the internet to pray on individuals, companies and Government departments. Telstra's chief scientists say hundreds of people work in their cyber security department, but the best form of defence is for individual internet users to be cyber aware. You should protect your email accounts with two-factor authentication. You should have strong passwords and use a password manager. You should patch your system regularly, make sure it is up to date and have a virus detection program. Those are simple things everyone can do. The Federal Government is spending $230 million to develop a national cyber security strategy. The minister assisting the Prime Minister on counter-terrorism, Michael Keenan, says cyber criminals are on notice. If you are a cyber criminal and you are targeting Australia, we will track you down, we will go after you and we will do everything we can to prosecute you for your crimes. Delegates will be examining new technology being used in the fight against cyber criminals. The conference wraps up tomorrow.

A delicate operation is under way to salvage a fishing boat which washed up on a Queensland beach at the weekend. The vessel is expected to be craned off the Sunshine Coast beach which won't be an easy task. Jonathan Hair reports. This isn't what you'd usually expect to find on the beach. Find me, this washed up on the sandy shores here on Saturday night. Maritime authorities are investigating what caused the vessel to become stuck as the salvage operation gets under way. Crews will attempt to move the boat of the beach so it can be repaired. Parts of the vessel need to be cut off so it can be driven through the streets. It also needs to be assessed for insurance purposes. Yesterday, the boat was towed away from the edge of the water so crews won't have to compete with the tide. Today, plenty of people are out seen the unusual sight with their own eyes, as this is a popular tourist spot. The salvage operation is expected to take a number of days.

take a number of days. The sharemarket has ended the day lower, despite stronger than expected economic growth figures from China and Wall Street's record close today.

The ASX 200 index slipping one-5th of 1%. And the Australian dollar is trading at its highest level for nearly two years and is buying 78.1 US-cents. Time to check in with David Taylor for a closer look at the day in business and finance, David, what's behind the dollar's recent rise? It is really on the rise. There are two key points to make, number one we are getting better data out of China that we have expected. China is growing at a rate of 6.9%. We were expecting a figure of 6.8% today. To get a figure of 6- 7% growth from our largest trading partner have to give a bit of wind to the sales in Australia. We are also comparing our dollar to the US dollar, and there is weakness in that. There are expectations that the interest rates rising, but we expect out of the US, they will not happen. That is putting upwards pressure on the Australian dollar. The Australian dollar has got a bit of a tailwind. So is this good news or bad news for the economy? It's had to put it into a good news or bad news category. Put it this way, in our current situation, we would prefer the Australian dollar to be lower, as it provides stimulus. As it rises, it makes exports more difficult. In particular, tourism, a growing industry in Australia. At the moment, more bad news than good. In a move that's electrified fans of the longest running science-fiction TV show, the lead role in Doctor Who is changing gender. In a trailer broadcast at the end of the Wimbledon men's singles final, The BBC announced 35-year-old Jodie Whittaker will become the next doctor. The star of the series Broadchurch says she's overwhelmed as an actor and feminist to be cast as the first female doctor. In 54 years, the keys to the Tardis has been handed over to a select few - white males. But the 13th doctor has been decloaked to reveal Jodie Whittaker will take over from Peter Capaldi. The gender switch will have the detractors, but for many fans, it's a long overdue and not surprising change. Anything can go in Dr Who. It's one of the things that I love about this show is that anything you can possibly imagine, they will be able to top you. From now on, you don't say nothing in front of Pete. Jodie Whittaker is a versatile actress, with her work ranging from comedies like St Trinians to the murder drama Broadchurch, where she played a bereaved mother alongside a former doctor, David Tennant. But he can change again, can't you, doctor? 'Fraid not, my dear. The energy is too powerful. It's destroyed my ability to regenerate. For decades, the BBC has been under pressure to get with the time. Joanna Lumley the first to test a doctor in a comedy sketch. You've come back to life and this time, you're a woman. Really? I've always wanted to get my hands on one of these! In finally casting the first official female doctor, the BBC is following the lead of many successful and strong female-led stories in films like Star Wars and TV series like Game of Thrones. Dr Who is all about change, and this is potentially a really big and exciting change to the show. The question now is whether there will be a male actor to play the new assistant when Jodie Whittaker makes her debut on the show in the Christmas special.

Time for sport now, and Grandstand's Clint Wheeldon joins me. Clint, Roger Federer claims a record breaking eighth Wimbledon title. Roger Federer has pledged to return to Wimbledon next year to defend his title, after winning it for a record eighth time. The 35-year-old Swiss didn't lose a set throughout the tournament and in victory, has taken his remarkable career to yet another level. Roger Federer! Greatness comes in many forms. In tennis, it looks like this.Holding the tournament, the tournament that I played, it is just magical.He beat Marin Cilic to win in straight sets. He's now the oldest Wimbledon champion since it began in the Open era in 1968.I was just a young guy growing up in Scotland, I dream band really hope that I could actually do it.If you compare him to any other athlete in the world, he's right up there. Talking about Formula 1, basketball, I don't think there is anybody like him.His love affair with Wimbledon began before his maiden title in 2003.It's an absolute dream for me, coming true. I was always joking around as a boy. I am going to win this.Now he's the only man to win it eight times. Five years after his last Wimbledon title, his technical brilliance as a cut above the rest. He had a great journey, a really great match. He is one of the best ambassadors of tennis.Marin Cilic had no answer. He was plagued by a foot injury and went down in one hour and 45 minutes. Roger Federer will be 36 in three weeks. He could yet get back to world number one. If you look at Andy Murray, is he going to play in the US season?Novak Djokovic? Stan Wawrinka comes into play. But who's standing up at the moment?Is it possible you could still be playing here when you are 40?I mean, you would think so.Type has been kind to Roger Federer, but when he's playing like this, time stands still. Fremantle captain Nathan Fyfe is set to be a one club player after re-signing with the Dockers on a 6-year deal. It brings to a close speculation surrounding the playing future of the 2015 Brownlow medallist. He's one of the biggest names in the AFL. His future has been the source of much speculation. Now, Fyfe has cleared the air.Fremantle has been my home is the start of my career. It is something we have worked hard at and I am really excited to be part of a group that is starting to evolve.Long-term security is a massive six year deal. The 2015 Brownlow medallist was reportedly wanted by several Melbourne clubs, but moving interstate was never a consideration.Other than the prospect wandering across my conscience, no thought was of put into moving to another club.When he first put on the purple in 2010, he looked nothing like the 2017 version. The last two years have been tumultuous for Fyfe. He played a preliminary final with a massive injury. But he sees a bright future. I intend to be of Fremantle's first premiership. It is an ambitious goal but we are pretty confident we have the right people.The new contract will tie him to the Dockers until 2023. The NRL will dramatically increase its penalties for players found guilty of abusing women. Previously, players could be welcomed back into the game after serving a ban.

after serving a ban.
But the new punishments, which are yet to be formalised, will mean players could be banned for life in serious cases. If necessary and for the most serious of acts absolutely we will but again we'll have to judge those on their merit. When you make poor decisions and women are involved we are going to have big consequences. This week marks the 11th year of the NRL's women in league round. Daniel Ricciardo's run of five successive podiums has come to an end? In Formula 1, Lewis Hamilton has won his home British grand prix for a record-equalling fifth time, and for the fourth straight year at Silverstone Hamilton is now just one point behind World Championship leader Sebastian Vettel, who suffered late tyre drama to finish seventh. Australia's Daniel Ricciardo stormed through the field to finish fifth, after starting the race in 19th.

15 stages down, but still quite a way to go?

Defending tour de france champion chris froome has overcome a mechanical scare overnight to keep the leader's yellow jersey. After a quick wheel change, Froome was able to re-join his rivals and keep his 18 second overall lead. Dutchman Bauke Mollema powered to a solo win, for his first Tour de France stage victory. South Korea's Sung Hyun Park has won her first major golf title, taking out the US women's open in New Jersey. The 23-year-old shot a final round of 67 to finish on 11-under-par at the Trump National Golf Club. She won by two strokes. The US President was actually watching on. South Korea has claimed eight of the top 10 spots. Australia's Minjee Lee finished in a tie for 11th. And that's sport. A black cat is not often associated with good luck, however, one cat has had his life spared by a bottle of booze. Quick thinking nurses use alcohol as the antidote to this tale. Dipsy was found very ill out the front of a tyre store after swallowing AntiFreeze -- Tipsy. It was suspected the animal was poisoned intentionally. What is surprising is how the RSPCA gave him another lie. They treated him with a dose of vodka in a drip.Surprisingly, the AntiFreeze we suspect he ingested, the Dewar is intravenous ethanol, or vodka. I was lucky that one of our nurses had a bottle of vodka laying around.Despite being whizzy the next day, Tipsy was treated to a big, greasy breakfast and is expected to make a full recovery. big, greasy breakfast and is
expected to make a full recovery. A quick look at tomorrow's weather.

And that's ABC Early Edition for today. Your state bulletins are up at 7pm. Thanks for your company, bye for

This program is live captioned by Ericsson Access Services. Hello, welcome to The Drum. I'm Ellen Fanning. Coming up: Will bringing in the military lead to better outcomes in domestic terror situations? AFL executives resign over affairs. When does a workplace romance become a problem? And Dr Who finally inkarn nated as a woman. What is all the fuss about?

Joining me on the panel, columnist at The Guardian, Van Badham. Nice to