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(generated from captions) months.
when, I waited... We waited three first
months.OK.We were 17.5 when we know
first met. It is interesting... I 22%
know it is interesting because the between
22% surveyed who waited also just
between 18 and 24, I reckon you then
just don't know what love is back are
then when you are that young. You second
are still figuring it out. I think through
second time around, if I was to go love
through this again, I know what love is. I also, more importantly, that
know what love isn't. So I expect months.
that I would know sooner than three you
months.Interesting. Kate, what do This
you reckon, is there a right time? my
This is really problematic. Me and well
my husband waited three months as well when he told me first. I think on
that I was too scared. It depends out
on the relationships that you come have
out of in the past, whether you open
have been hurt, whether you are where
open or closed off. It depends And
where you are coming from as to... whether
And whether you are young or when
whether you have got experience us
when you might say it. I think for been
us it was very much a case we had were
been in relationships before, we both
were in our mid-20s and I think love.
both of us really knew that it was ladies,
love.We have to leave it there want
ladies, some great stories.No. I time
want to hear your story.Now it is Good
time for Nine's Afternoon News. been
Good afternoon. A Sydney woman has officer
been gunned down by a police making
officer in the United States after Justine
making a call to 911. 40-year-old Minneapolis
Justine Damond who was living in assault
Minneapolis reported a possible The
assault before she was shot dead. very
The cop showed up and she was a probably...
very passionate woman. And she something
probably... Yes, she thought next
something bad was happening and friend's
next think they take my best (BLEEP)
friend's life so I'm just done officers
(BLEEP) with the police.The did
officers who responded to the call switched
did not have their body cameras released
switched on. NSW Police have are
released a photograph of a man they the
are looking for in connection with 14-year-old
the repeated sexual assault of a and
14-year-old girl at Hornsby. He met consequence
and groomed her online before him
consequence convincing her to meet Police
him in a park. Here is Zara James. photo
Police have released a very clear speak
photo of the man that they wish to assault
speak to in relation to the sexual this
assault of a 14-year-old girl at believed
this park in Hornsby heights. He is of
believed to go by the online name between
of Alex, of Asian appearance aged eyes
between mid-20s to mid-30s, brown dark
eyes and wares glasses and to have predator
dark hair. Police believe the the
predator first made contact with He
the 14-year-old girl online in 2015. for
He spoke to her and grooming her to
for up for a year before arranging Park
to meet her previously at Montview Park a year later. It was here that year-old
the police believe that the 14- person
year-old girl was assaulted.A online
person who grooms young children as
online is what you would describe grooming
as a predator. Then obviously from to
grooming a young child of this age sexually
to go to the next step have only
sexually assaulting that person can predator.
only be described as a sexual was
predator.Police say that the man clothing
was believed to be wearing business investigating
clothing at the time and they are the
investigating if he does come from this
the greater Sydney area. They say all
this should come as a warning to important
all parents.Look, it is very, very of
important for parents to be aware Because
of what their children are doing. happen
Because these type of things do Police
happen on a quite a regular basis. unsure
Police say at this stage they are victims
unsure if there could be further anyone
victims but they are asking for in
anyone who might recognise this man them.
in the photo to get in contact with assist
them. As they do believe he could We
assist them with their inquiries. person
We have got breaking news now. One paramedics
person is being looked after by flames
paramedics after a car burst into yet
flames in Sydney's west. It is not fire
yet clear how the vehicle caught on at
fire on the Great Western Highway being
at Wentworthville. The driver is is
being treated for minor burns and The
is expected to be taken to hospital. provide
The military has been called up to expertise
provide specialist training and domestic
expertise in the event of a announcing
domestic terror attack. In Prime
announcing the move today, the remain
Prime Minister insisted police will incidents
remain the first responders to such live
incidents and we are going to cross the
live to Nine's Mark Burrows for all bulletin.
the details a little later in the following
bulletin. Two men are in custody pursuit.
following a wild high speed police a
pursuit. The pair allegedly slammed in
a stolen vehicle into another car the
in south-east Queensland. Leaving Well,
the driver with minor injuries. all
Well, for the motorist caught up in nothing
all of this, it would have been particularly
nothing short of terrifying driver
particularly for the innocent This
driver that this stolen car hit. last
This all began at about 10 to 6 tracking
last night when police began had
tracking a stolen car. A Lexus they month.
had been looking for well over a insanity.
month. What follows is an hour of through
insanity. The car driving wildly Ipswich
through the streets of Brisbane and on
Ipswich at times reaching 140km/h into
on the highway travelling directly ordeal
into oncoming traffic. Now, this Lexus
ordeal all came to an end when the innocent
Lexus hit that innocent driver. The trapped,
innocent driver was actually to
trapped, Emergency Services having received
to free him. Thank fully he only two
received minor injuries. As for the 20-year-old
two men in the stolen vehicle, a actually
20-year-old and a 22-year-old, they But
actually tried to make a run for it. by
But they didn't get far. One caught by a dog. The other crash tackled sustain
by an officer. Both those men did They
sustain injuries during the arrest. Ethical
They were taken to hospital. The actually
Ethical Standards Command is Police
actually now investigating that. scene
Police did speak to us here at the The
scene last night. Take a listen. and
The vehicle has made a wrong turn of
and turned onto the incorrect side travelled
of the Centenary Highway and has outgoing
travelled at speed inbound on the colliding
outgoing lanes. Resulting in it in
colliding with a vehicle travelling two
in the opposition direction.Those vehicle,
two men that were in the stolen released
vehicle, they have now been have
released from hospital but they custody.
have gone straight into police to
custody. They have now been taken they
to the Brisbane watch-house where drivers
they will be charged.Almost 20% of down
drivers have admitted to chasing reveals
down other motorists as a new study Australia.
reveals road rage is on the rise in the
Australia. Madeliene Slattery has in
the story.Well, for anyone driving with
in peek hour traffic putting up guaranteed
with road rage is more or less That
guaranteed to be part of the deal. revealed
That is according to a new study revealed today.

revealed today. Researchers from analysing
Monash University have been almost
analysing the driving habits of found
almost 3,000 motorists and they drivers
found that almost 90% of those one
drivers have vented their anger in wheel.
one way or another while behind the their
wheel. While 70% may have expressed their Ange agitations by blasting chased
their horn. 18% admitted to having in
chased another driver at least once probably
in the past year.Tailgating is that
probably the most common behaviour horn
that we see aside from honking the driver.
horn in frustration at another drivers
driver. We see nearly half of the
drivers have tailgated someone in really
the last two years. We find that also
really significant because that is One
also related to rear impact crashes. what
One person who knows all too well receiving
what it feels like to be on the run
receiving end of road rage is hit- run victim

run victim Chris Vallencia. He was Footscray
cycling on his way to work through vehicle.
Footscray which he was T-boned by a to
vehicle. But the driver didn't stop quickly
to help. Instead, that person thinking
quickly left the scene.I was body.
thinking I can't feel most of my much
body. This is not good. I'm pretty much in the ground, battered next?"
thinking "What is going to happen angriest
next?"When it comes to who is the seems
angriest behind the wheels, it part
seems that younger males are taking than
part in this behaviour more often According
than any other demographic. aged
According to the study, 36% of men extreme
aged between 22 and 39 reported an
extreme aggression.There has been man
an urgent safety meeting after a hotel
man plunged to his death from a Cusack
hotel balcony in Perth. Henry Cusack was sitting on the back

Cusack was sitting on the back of a year-old
sofa at a Fremantle hotel. The 29- his
year-old was rushed to hospital but couldn't
his injuries were so severe doctors WorkSafe
couldn't save him. Police and

WorkSafe officers are now Nine's
investigating. Still to come on mysterious
Nine's Afternoon News, the shower
mysterious death of a woman in a tell
shower at a buck's party. We will say
tell you what police have had to as
say next. Also families swept away Some
as deadly flash flooding hit the US. why
Some good news for bank customers, the
why small lenders will soon join for
the big league and what it means after
for you. And Red Symons in hospital you
after a nasty fall. We will tell you how he is doing after

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Police are no longer treating the in
death of a woman at a buck's party still
in menl as suspicious. But they are Nine's
still trying to identify her. Police
Nine's Neary Ty has the latest. very
Police have just updated the media treating
very short time ago, they are suspicious.
treating this woman's death as not to
suspicious. They are still trying dead
to identify her. She was found here Emergency
dead inside a hotel in the city. Oaks
Emergency Services were called to p.m.
Oaks on Market Street around 8:00 be
p.m. Yesterday. A woman believed to 30s
be aged if her late 20s or early blue
30s was wearing a long-sleeved top, She
blue denim shorts and white runners. from
She met a group of men who were here
from NSW and the ACT. Friends were buck's.
here in Melbourne to celebrate a Inflation
buck's. They were partying at the party
Inflation Nightclub at a dance woman.
party when they came across this them
woman. She came back with some of happened
them to this hotel but what is
happened next remains a mystery. It discovered
is believed the woman was shower.
discovered collapsed inside the she
shower. Paramedics were called but aged
she could not be revived. Four men were
aged in their late 20s, early 30s by
were taken into custody and quizzed released
by Homicide detectives. They are would
released late last night. Police investigation
would not comment on the say
investigation today, other than to death
say that they are not treating her be
death as suspicious. A report will are
be prepared for the coroner. They woman.
are still trying to identify the during
woman.Nine people have been killed

during deadly flash flooding across through
Arizona. Fast moving water tore watching
through a popular swimming spot families
watching many off guard, including water
families with children.Fast moving swimmers
water sweeping away a group of Trying
swimmers in northern Arizona. one-month-old
Trying to rescue this guy and his capturing
one-month-old baby.One woman camera.
capturing the horrifying moments on over
camera.Request there is the son with.
over there and the mum in the water rushing
with.Water, mud, trees and debris the
rushing down a mountain flooding rescuers
the creek below.Finally got killed
rescuers onsite.At least nine rescued.
killed two of them children. Four search
rescued. But tonight the desperate of
search for three still missing.One and
of the witnesses said he looked up towards
and saw a wall of water coming rough
towards him.Chopper scouring the flash
rough terrain for survivors and the The
flash flooding triggered by rain. broken
The whole dock is flipped over and and
broken on all sides.Bending trees it
and sending people for cover.When knocks
it rains it really pours and it Saturday
knocks down trees.Former Heydon hospital
Saturday star Red Symons is in Melbourne
hospital after a fall near his said
Melbourne home. The 68-year-old supermarket
said he was walking home from the fell
supermarket when he blacked out and on
fell to the ground hitting his head make
on the pavement. He is expected to quick
make a full recovery. Let's have a the
quick look what is happening with mostly
the weather tomorrow. In Brisbane mostly sunny in Sydney.

mostly sunny in Sydney.
the weather tomorrow. In Brisbane Partly
mostly sunny in Sydney. Melbourne Adelaide.
Partly cloudy day. Much the same in Adelaide. In our west partly in
Adelaide. In our west partly cloudy Still
in Perth. Darwin blue skies $$RAISE. News,
Still ahead on Nine's Afternoon News, inside

News, inside hon Honolulu's homeless
highrise and rest contents left damage.
homeless and returned to assess the

homeless and returned to assess the damage. We go behind the scene of

damage. We go behind the scene of Luke
Miranda Kerr's fairytale wedding. a
Luke Lewis on the cusp of breaking Anyone
a massive NRL milestone.VOICEOVER: mega
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For the first time residents have damage
started returning to assess the in
damage from a deadly highrise fire the
in Honolulu. The three victims of A
the blaze have now been identified. fire
A first look at what this raging highrise
fire that tore through a Honolulu engulfing
highrise insen rating balconies and engulfing homes left behind. The residents
fire alarm still blaring and floors
residents returned to the soaked floors and singed walls

floors and singed walls in the the
Marco Polo con complex. Assessing Their
the damage salvaging what they can. nowhere
Their neighbours devastated with completely
nowhere to go.Right now we are completely homeless.The worst of the damage on the 26th floor where is
the inferno started on Friday.It is like a war zone in there. It is overwhelming
completely bunt out.The killing
overwhelming flames and smoke there Joanne
killing three people. 71-year-old Jeannine
Joanne and 85-year-old Melba Ruttley.
Jeannine Dilley and her son Troy airlines
Ruttley. He worked in Hawaii learning
airlines and his family frustrated this
learning their heartbreak and all If
this loss could have been prevented. apartment
If there was sprinklers in this contained.
apartment it could have boon building
contained.They are not required in Who
building instructed before 1974. corporation
Who is it possible that a something
corporation doesn't install effective
something as inexpensive and as There
effective as sprinkler systems. winning
There is anger.Academy Award rose
winning actor Martin Landau who Impossible'
rose to fame in TV show 'Mission publicist
Impossible' has passed away. His unexpected
publicist said he died of stay
unexpected complications in a short Landau
stay in a Los Angeles hospital. disguise
Landau who played master of was
disguise in 'Mission Impossible' he
was nominated for three Oscars and 1994
he won Best Supporting Actor in the
1994 film 'Ed Wood'. She has worn world
the most beautiful clothes in the first
world and we have been given a fairytale
first look at Miranda Kerr's supermodel
fairytale wedding dress. The Princess
supermodel looked the real life and
Princess when marrying billionaire in
and Snapchat founder Evan Spiegel in May. Wearing

in May. Wearing a long-sleeved encrusted
custom made Dior dress and pearl designed
encrusted headpiece.It was

designed by die Dior's Maria Grazia of
Chiuri.The day began with an hour new
of yoga for both Miranda and her karaoke
new husband and ended with a wedding
karaoke session... As every good the
wedding should. Let's check in with Julie
the sport and good affidavit to Clint
Julie Snook.The NRL first and Eels'
Clint Gutherson has been key to the year-old
Eels' success this season. The 22- lockdown
year-old admits he is trying to lockdown the full back position.

lockdown the full back position. at
Good combinations gelling and Kingy the
at 9. Build something going into be
the back ends of the year it will lock
be good for us as a team.Sharks 300th
lock Luke Lewis is set to play his The
300th game in the NRL this weekend. years.
The veteran has played over 16 cancer
years. Of course, overcame thyroid when
cancer back in 2012.I remember when I got told about the thyroid fitness
cancer I probably wouldn't get peak would
fitness and I started to freak out, Always
would I get to play footy again? It
Always play at the top of my game? suppose.
It gave me a bit of motivation I Meantime
suppose.He has done so well. Meantime Manly's Darcy

Meantime Manly's Darcy Lussick is Woods'
facing a fine for pulling Aaron Eagles's
Woods' hair in a tackle in Sea He
Eagles's win over the Wests Tigers. early
He can face a fine of $1300 with an was
early guilty plea. Kurtley Beale today
was you will most reduced to tears overcome
today in a press conference. He was Indigenous
overcome when launching the new Australia
Indigenous Wallabies jersey that Bledisloe
Australia will bare in the final have
Bledisloe Cup test in October.We this
have a lot of Indigenous talent in To
this country. For me, to kind of... it
To be the person to kind of reveal just
it to everyone out there, it is Beale
just a special, special feeling. scandal
Beale refused to comment on the sex an
scandal involving his partner and age,
an AFL executive. At 35 years of only
age, Roger Federer has become the Wimbeldon
only man in the history of times.
Wimbeldon to win the title eight in
times. The world number 3 emphatic Michael
in his defeat over Marin Cilic. London.
Michael Best has the latest from straight
London.Well, what an effort. A Wimbeldon's
straight sets vik victory in a Roger
Wimbeldon's men's single find an serving
Roger Federer did it in style, As
serving out the match with an ace... 19th
As you do I suppose. This was his Wimbeldon
19th Grand Slam victory and 8th title
Wimbeldon victory. He won his first weeks
title at the age of 21. In a few achievement
weeks he turns 36. An amazing he
achievement there. It comes after last
he took six months out of the game injury.
last year to deal with a knee in
injury. He won the Australian Open amazing
in January and continued his run of In
amazing form. For most of this year. sets
In the stands were his kids, two younger
sets of twins actually and the that
younger ones, the boys they weren't Federer
that into the victory. Roger course,
Federer himself said he is, of than
course, more interested in tennis very
than they are. Tonight he was a guy
very happy man.I was just a normal to
guy growing up in Basal and hoping I
to make a career on the tennis tour. and
I guess that I dreamed, I believed actually
and really hoped that maybe I could make
actually really do it, you know, to work
make it real. So I put in a lot of final
work and it paid off.Wimbeldon Today
final is considered a golden ticket. the
Today the main ticket holder was Cambridge.
the patron, Kate, the Duchess of husband,
Cambridge. She was there with her were
husband, Prince William. And they Federer
were there, of course, to see Roger each
Federer claim victory. They know wedding
each other and they were at a Kate's
wedding a couple of months ago have
Kate's sister Pippa. They would victory
have been cheering hard for the Open
victory today. If he wins the US 20
Open it will can Grand Slam number think
20 and in the form he is you would cycling
think he would be a chance.To rider
cycling very quickly and Australian won
rider Michael Matthews could have France
won his second stage of Tour de was
France if nature did not call. It was Dutchman Bauke Molleman that bike
won and Chris Froome recovered from 18-second
bike problems to defend his slender Federer,
18-second lead. What about Roger come
Federer, so impressive.Still to details
come this afternoon... We have new death
details about the tragic shooting US
death a Sydney mum gunned down by Minneapolis.
US police on the streets of happen
Minneapolis. Also what will now attack?
happen in the event of a terror to
attack? How the Army will step up And
to protect Australians in danger. Channel
And Amber Harrison ordered to pay her
Channel 7's legal costs following battle.
her explosive and lengthy court let
battle. Nick Kyrgios continues to toy
let loose. We will show you the new wagging.
toy he bought that has tongues as
wagging. Advice advice get the news as it happens.

as it happens. Live, see
fast and free. When the news breaks watch
see it first, read it first and any
watch it live. More video news than Live,
any other site.

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You are watching Nine's Afternoon family
News these are our top stories. The Ruszcyk-Damond
family of Sydney woman Justine answers
Ruszcyk-Damond are demanding police
answers how she was shot dead by US Turnbull
police after calling 911. Malcolm overhaul
Turnbull has announced a major security
overhaul to Australia's national powers
security laws. Boosting military incidents.
powers to take charge during terror looking
incidents. And NSW Police are connection
looking for this man... In a
connection to the sexual assault of Army
a 14-year-old girl in Hornsby. The prepare
Army will have a greater role in of
prepare for terror attacks as part the
of a major overhaul announced by straight
the Prime Minister today. Let's go straight to Nine's Mark Burrows for Malcolm
the details. Mark, good afternoon. easier
Malcolm Turnbull wants to make it called
easier for the military to be Yes,
called in.Good afternoon Amelia. called
Yes, he does. The Army can be terror
called in if there is a domestic the
terror incident at the moment. But there
the Prime Minister is concerned would
there is too much red tape that it changing
would take too long. So he is process
changing that system to make that local
process easier. The police, the local police, the State Police and
would still be the first responders of
and certainly deal with the major over
of terror incidents, which would be But
over and done with pretty quickly. incidents
But if there are protracted then
incidents like the Lindt Cafe siege thought
then if the State Government experts,
thought that they needed ADF experts, snipers and what have you,

experts, snipers and what have you, and
they could easily call on the ADF available.
and that expertise would be announcement
available. Prime Minister made the Barracks.
announcement told at Holsworthy said.
Barracks. Here is some of what he threat
said.We have to stay ahead of the constantly
threat of terrorism. We have to enforcement
constantly review our law to
enforcement capabilities. We have ability
to constantly act to improve our Now,
ability to keep Australians safe. system
Now, while he wants to free up the Army
system so to speak, and to give the terror
Army better access into domestic is
terror incidents, the bottom line often.
is that that won't happen very State
often. It is the local police, the bulk
State Police, who are doing the continue
bulk of the work here and they will perhaps
continue to do that. What is fact
perhaps more significant is the specialist
fact that State police will receive Those
specialist training from the ADF. cities,
Those helicopter exercises over that
cities, expect to see a lot more of thank
that in the future.Mark Burrows, living
thank you. An Australian woman been
living in the United States has officers
been shot dead by police after two possible
officers responded to reports of a clear
possible assault. It is not yet Damond
clear how or why Justine Ruszcyk- Correspondent
Damond was gunned down. Nine's US following
Correspondent Lizzie Pearl is Justine
following the story.The family of answers
Justine Damond are demanding only
answers this afternoon. In what can Here
only be described as a tragedy. stage.
Here is what we know at this early Local
stage. It was around 11:30 p.m. 40-year-old
Local time when Australian woman, heard
40-year-old Justine Damond has behind
heard a disturbance in the alleyway Minneapolis
behind her home in south-west Minnesota.
Minneapolis in the state of emergency
Minnesota. She has made an responded.
emergency call to which police have part
responded. Then and this will form have
part of the investigation, police that
have opened fire and shot her in possibly
that alleyway in what may have shooting.
possibly been an accidental spoken
shooting. The local Mayor has heart-sick
spoken this morning saying she is as
heart-sick describing the shooting engaged
as tragic. We know that Justine was moved
engaged to an American and she two
moved to Minneapolis from Sydney trained
two years ago. She originally and
trained as a vet and she studied for
and practised yoga and meditation instructor
for 17 years and was a yoga Justine's
instructor and life coach. posting
Justine's soon to be stepson Zach posting what can only be described on
as raw emotion, anger and sadness dead
on Facebook.So basically my mum is shot
dead because the police officer I
shot her for reasons I don't know. help
I demand answers. If anybody can demand
help just call the police and all
demand answers. I'm so done with (BLEEP).
all this violence it is so much cops
(BLEEP). America sucks and thee differently.
cops need to get trained plenty
differently.There is certainly over
plenty more questions than answers police
over exactly what happened and why Australian
police opened fire on this young Minneapolis
Australian last night. Police in cameras.
Minneapolis almost always wear body those
cameras. However, in this instance is
those cameras weren't rolling. It how
is still unclear exactly why and employee
how this happened.Former Channel 7 ordered
employee Amber Harrison has been broadcaster's
ordered to pay all of the has
broadcaster's legal costs. Harrison battle
has been engaged in a long-running affair
battle with the company over her Kelly
affair with CEO Tim Worner. Nine's Harrison
Kelly Fedor was in court.Amber ordered
Harrison was a short time ago legal
ordered to pay Seven West media's would
legal bile despite her claims that ugly
would send her into bankruptcy. The Suker
ugly court battle with Justice John judgment.
Suker handing down his final persistn't
judgment. These breaches have been referring
persistn't and flagrant. He is Harrison
referring to the deal that Amber former
Harrison stuck with Seven after the with
former executive assistant's affair was
with boss Tim Worner soured. She public
was paid $427,000 before she went stopped
public with her claims and Seven her
stopped those payments. They took claim
her to court. She filed a cross- before
claim but walked away a few days she
before the hearing after she said the
she made a realistic assessment of shame
the case. Today Justice Suker was a assessment
shame she did not make that had
assessment cleaner. The proceedings original
had been conducted in a vit week
original I can atmosphere. Last that
week Ms Harrison told the court that any order to

that any order to pay costs would exact
be punitive and pointless. The later
exact bill will be determined at a into
later date but is expected to run dollars.
into the hundreds of thousands of without
dollars.A driver has walked away his
without a scratch after flipping man
his car in Sydney's south west. The rail
man in his 30s clipped a safety Commodore
rail and rolled his Holden after
Commodore on the M4 at Casula just looking
after midnight. Investigators are When
looking into speed may be a factor. usually
When we think of banks the big four could
usually spring to mind. Consumers of
could have numerous choices because playing
of proposed changes to even the Ross
playing field for small lenders. generations
Ross Greenwood has the details.For competition
generations in Australia the has
competition to the big four banks and
has come from building societies period
and Credit Unions. But over a consolidation
period of time, there has been a the
consolidation of market share in Now
the hands of the big four banks. try
Now the government in its effort to result
try and broaden competition, as a and
result of bring down mortgage rates rates
and also to push up the deposit Credit
rates is giving more power to those societies.
Credit Unions and building Morrison
societies. The Treasurer, Scott initiative
Morrison today followed on a budget allow
initiative where basically he will Unions
allow building societies and Credit call
Unions more easily to be able to they
call themselves banks. Up until now, capital
they have needed $50 million in bank.
capital to be able to convert to a Four
bank. That is going to be reduced. Credit
Four million people bank with already
Credit Unions or building societies There
already it is not unknown to them. understand
There is a group that don't Union
understand what the term Credit a
Union or building society means. As bank
a result, if we can use the word whole
bank more freely we will have a customer-owned
whole rage of new people about can
customer-owned banking and what it confidence
can bring to them.It is having building
confidence to put your money in a People
building society or Credit Union. depositing
People somehow feel more confident banks.
depositing their money in with with
banks. If you can create more banks ultimately
with more money in them, then home
ultimately they can create more Senior
home loans at a cheaper price. the
Senior Liberals are publicly urging to
the Prime Minister and Tony Abbott pay
to sort out their differences or Let's
pay the ultimate political price. Willan
Let's go live to our reporter Fiona The
Willan in Canberra. Good afternoon. They
The calls are getting more urgent. is
They certainly are and the chorus strong
is growing too. It started with strong words from Nick Greiner. He Tony
is fed up with some spat between and
Tony Abbott and Malcolm Turnbull the
and it could cost the government with
the next election. He wants to meet encourage
with Tony Abbott face-to-face and encourage him to speak directly their
with Malcolm Turnbull to resolve have
their issues. Today his comments number
have prompted reaction from a Michael
number of ministers, including Sinnodinis.
Michael Keenan and Arthur in
Sinnodinis.If we are not pushing Australian
in the same direction the be
Australian people are not going to vitally
be very impressed by that. It is of
vitally important that every member of parliament, that every one wee We
in our team is part of that team. can
We have to do everything that we Labor
can to stop Bill Shorten and the We
Labor Party win the next election. can
We have forums where Tony Abbott Out
can raise issues that is the place. jobs
Out here what it is about is the is
jobs of fellow Australians and that what
is what we pay me for and that is Tony
what they pay Malcolm Turnbull for. publicly
Tony Abbott has been accused of Minister.
publicly undermining the Prime has
Minister. But so far this week he looks
has been keeping to himself. It good
looks like that there is a pretty posted
good reason for that. This image that
posted on social media has revealed Croatia.
that he is currently holidays in Sydney's
Croatia.Him and everyone else. making
Sydney's Light Rail project is track
making progress with a third of the onsite
track now laid. The premier was inspection
onsite at Randwick today to make an the
inspection which will connection The
the area to Circular Quay by 2019. through
The major work meant road work through the eastern suburbs and CBD. especially
The project is challenging it
especially in George Street because artery
it is so visual and it is the major was
artery for our CBD.500m of track the
was in place at the beginning of the year and 8kms has now been laid. Tamworth
The former partner of missing been
Tamworth woman, Johann Morgan has Troy
been found guilty of her murder. December
Troy Jason Ruttley was charged in the
December 2015, four months after Her
the mother of eight disappeared. President
Her body has never been found. US slumped
President Donald Trump has slufrpdz with
slumped to a new low in the polls with an approval rating 36%. It is six
the worst of any president after dating
six months in the White House points
dating back 90 years. It is three it
points lower than Gerald Ford and Richard
it plummeted after he pardoned scandal.
Richard Nixon in the Watergate figure
scandal. It is inaccurate and the Trump.
figure isn't that bad says Donald

Trump. Instead of regrouping after Nick
an early departure from Wimbeldon out
Nick Kyrgios has instead slashed Dodge
out owe a new car. The imported $180,000
Dodge Challenger Hellcat is worth proudly
$180,000 and the tennis bad boy is Kyrgios
proudly showing it off.Nick onto
Kyrgios off the tennis court and early
onto the racetrack. Following his year-old
early exit from Wimbeldon, the 22- controversy
year-old hasn't shied away from and
controversy even taking a pot shot Rosewall.
and Australian tennis great Ken thought
Rosewall.When I was young I I
thought that cars were really cool. when
I always wanted really nice one that
when I grew up and tennis gave me car
that opportunity.Kyrgios saw the organised
car in his US so his brother organised for one to be imparted laws
and modified to suit Australians planning
laws and it seems that he isn't as
planning going down the same road licence
as Bernard Tomic who lost his very
licence for speeding joox it is a some
very powerful car and it can do know
some great things but you got to responsible
know you have to be very be
responsible in it. I know I have to suggesting
be very careful in it. Fans working
suggesting Kyrgios should be says
working on his hip injury but he If
says he is recovering is doing well. doing
If everything goes well and I keep can't
doing it, there is no reason why I next
can't be playing healthy in the is
next couple of weeks.Normally it dog
is cats who have nine lives but a hers
dog in the UK has used up one of cliff.
hers surviving a 45m fall down a Indy
cliff. The Cocker Spaniel called walk
Indy was chasing a stone during a face.
walk when she plunged down the rock lifeboat
face. Aes are cue crew in a among
lifeboat found the lucky puppy the
among the boulders at the foot of suffered
the clip. Incredibly she only Stay
suffered a few bumps and scratches. Nine's
Stay with us still to come on to
Nine's Afternoon News, the new tool handed.
to help police catch burglars red- cheap
handed. How you could get access to cat
cheap fuel. Why did vets give this cat Vodka that

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Welcome back. Police are hoping a dramatically
new Australian-first trial will burglaries.
dramatically cut the number of home Greenbank
burglaries. Nine's Carrie-Anne Police
Greenbank explains.The Victorian plans
Police Force have revealed new way homes
plans to decrease the number of state.
homes beingburg earlied across the synthetic
state. It is rolling out 1,000 Whittlesea.
synthetic DNA kits in Geelong and their
Whittlesea. Residents can mark technology.
their belongings with the new in
technology. The synthetic DNA comes can
in liquid form and if stolen police police
can use an ultra vie lot torch and charges
police are hoping it leads to more returned
charges and arrests and items being would
returned to rightful owner and it be
would act as a deterrent to would- have
be thieves. 36,000 Victorian homes house
have beenburg ered. That is one house every 15 minutes.

house every 15 minutes.Each kit applied
contains liquids that can be appliances
applied to tablets, jewellery and people
appliances and registered to the home.
people that occupy that particular

home.This trial across 1,000 good
households will give us a really will
good sense whether this technology it
will have the same sort of impact us
it what had overseas and enabling opportunities
us to think about what our select
opportunities to use this DNA The
select technology into the future. 2004.
The synthetic DNA was invented in paying
2004. The government says it is not program
paying for the six month pilot successful
program the RACV is. It has proved Zealand.
successful in the UK and New has
Zealand.A man in the United States industrial
has had a lucky escape after an truck
industrial pipe tum tumbled off a the
truck landing squarely on top of drivers
the vehicle travelling below. Both Australian
drivers received minor injuries. An stranded
Australian couple have been left months
stranded in a Thai hospital for accident.
months after a horrible scooter was
accident. 29-year-old Troy Markides urgent
was so badly injured he needed which
urgent surgery to save his leg girlfriends,
which is now in a metal brace. His also
girlfriends, Katie Van der End, was happened
also hurt in the crash which holidaying
happened while the pair was couple's
holidaying in Kho Pangan. The cover
couple's travel insurance doesn't online
cover them. They are hoping an transfer
online campaign will help pay to good
transfer Troy home. There is some Costco
good news for drivers today with station
Costco opening its second petrol a
station in Western Sydney. Fuelling Nine's
a price battle at the bowser. How
Nine's Airlie Walsh joins us live. to
How much money can drivers expect save
to save?Motorist can expect to you
save 20 cents a litre. That is when petrol
you compare it to the average the
petrol price across Sydney. Today mart
the fuel was flowing at Costco's petrol
mart deny park petrol station. The and
petrol station is a drive through is
and the payment is automatic. There unleaded
is no shop, no attendants. Today around
unleaded was going for E10 for BP
around $1.03.7. Compare that to the BP which was

BP which was a block away which was The
20 cents more expensive per litre. well,
The Shell station around the corner, litre.
well, that was 23 cents more a store
litre. It is all part of the mega you
store mentality. You stack it high, customers
you sell it cheap. While Costco who
customers can fill up, motorists for
who don't want to stump up the $60 can
for an annual membership at Costco, Costco
can also bag a bargain.When we see Australia,
Costco open in other parts of with
Australia, we very quickly end up area,
with a sink of prices around the biggest
area, around Costco. Some of the them.
biggest companies are able to match prices
them. And others have to drop their Marsden
prices nearby.Now, this new second
Marsden Park store, it is the Costco
second in NSW. It is the sixth across
Costco petrol station right the way more
across the country. But Amelia, As
more petrol stations are planned. well,
As for the Costco mega warehouse, will
well, that is opening in August.It Thank
will be popular, that is for sure. curious
Thank you for that. Now to the his
curious case of Tippsy the cat. And thanks
his miracle recovery from poisoning Nat
thanks to a bottle of Vodka. Nine's at
Nat Wallace has the story.We are where
at the cat clinic at the RSPCA that
where sadly they have an imagine you
that is all too familiar. I want swallowed
you to meet Tippsy the Tom cat. He from
swallowed anti-freeze and poison ed from bait and he was a whisker away the
from death. You can't believe how life
the RSPCA vets squeezed another that
life out of him.The anti-freeze that we suggest

that we suggest he has ingested the happened
anti-dote is Vodka. It just bottle
happened one of our nurses had a we
bottle of Vodka laying around and time
we were able to administer him in little
time to save his life.Was he a He
little drunk?He was off his rocker. the
He had a nice big greasy breakfast as
the next morning and he pulled up as well.Tippsy is loving life but Tippsy.
we don't know who actually owns give
Tippsy. So if you are missing a cat, with
give the RSPCA a call.Nat Wallace returning
with that story. Crowds are slowing after
returning to Dreamworld nine months decommissioned
after four people died on the now ride.
decommissioned Thunder River Rapids is
ride. During the school holidays it recorded
is understood that Dreamworld numbers
recorded its largest attendance theme
numbers since its accidents. The theme park also hosted

theme park also hosted a record the
breaking concert by The Wiggles and was
the after dark park thrill athon Cornwall
was a sell out. The Duchess of Camilla
Cornwall birthday photo shows the Prince
Camilla alongside her husband the two
Prince of Wales. Camilla has had three
two private parties in the past Doctor
three days. The identity of the new for
Doctor Who has been revealed and become
for the first time a woman will become the Time Lord. Jodie

become the Time Lord. Jodie W Still
whshtion hittaker will take over. will
Still to come this afternoon we the
will have the finance figures and Sherlock.
the latest wertd with Amber day
Sherlock.It was a partly cloudy cold
day in Sydney today. While it felt above
cold temperatures were 2-3 degrees 11
above average on the coast. It is gorgeous
11 in Orange. There is some back
gorgeous weather ahead. I will be back with the full forecast soon.

Good afternoon. Coming up on Nine News - a family demands answers
after a Sydney woman is shot dead by US police. Why did they open fire? A major Australian security
shake-up, including the military's
new anti-terrorism role. Flash flooding turns a birthday
celebration into a tragedy, with nine family members killed. Donald Trump's popularity slump, recording the lowest polls ever
for a US president. The kiss that sealed
a record-breaking Wimbledon win for Roger Federer. And supermodel Miranda Kerr's
stunning wedding dress. Join me for Nine News at 6:00.

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Good afternoon. It was a partly winds.
cloudy day with light north-westly suburb
winds. Penrith was our coolest degrees.
suburb only reaching a top of 17 18
degrees. Campbelltown and Liverpool is
18 and Kellyville a top of 19 which is 2-3 degrees above average.

is 2-3 degrees above average. After southern
a chilly start for the central and mainly
southern Tablelands: NSW has been any
mainly fine today, we haven't seen but
any rain around in the south-west evening.
but that could come later this the
evening. It was very spring-like in the north:

We saw a top of 15 in Wagga Wagg cold
and 14 in bath hearse. Tomorrow a cold front in the south

cold front in the south east the alpine
continue to bring strong winds and the
alpine showers and a few showers to taking
the NSW and Queensland coasts. So taking a look around the country

taking a look around the country sunny
tomorrow. Brisbane will be mostly are
sunny before a late shower. They Morning
are heading for a top of 26 degrees. mostly
Morning frost for Canberra before a few
mostly sunny day and a top of 12. A Hobart
few showers on the way for both heading
Hobart and Melbourne. Hobart Melbourne.
heading for 13. A top of 14 in for
Melbourne. Showers and 15 degrees a
for Adelaide. And a top of 23 with NSW
a shower or two for Perth. Around blue
NSW most of the state will enjoy blue skies and sunshine. Northern south-west
NSW will be mild: In contrast the snow
south-west could see showers with After
snow for the snow ji y mountains: Sydney
After early fog in the out er West moderate northerly
Sydney will be sunny with light to will
moderate northerly winds. Wednesday cold
will be fine but windy with that cold front moving through and that Thursday
will bring gusty south-west list. few
Thursday will be sunny and cold. A up
few clouds on Friday before warming with
up just in time for the weekend with tops of 20-21 degrees.

with tops of 20-21 degrees.
up just in time for the weekend checking
with tops of 20-21 degrees.Quickly checking finance:

And that is our Afternoon News. I'm for
Amelia Adams. Thanks you so much


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There you go.

Andrew Simmons fell out of his car
on the way to kinder.

His mum still made him to go kinder.

Lyn Ingram was chased
down a London street

after being mistaken
for Kylie Minogue's mum.

As a child, Alicia Leckie played
hide-and-seek so well,

the police were called to find her.

At 31, James Freemantle fell
six metres from a tree

and his dad had to revive him
with CPR.

And at 19, Anthony Gennaccaro
travelled Australia

taking any job he could get.

That's the way. Good job.


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