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(generated from captions) as the government
looks to improve the budget. about the day the fashion icon
was murdered, 20 years ago. VOICE-OVER: This is Seven News
with Angie Asimus. Good afternoon. US President Donald Trump has condemned North Korea's
latest ballistic missile launch, the fourth since March. The failed test has inflamed
already tense relations on the Korean peninsula, triggering a warning
from the Trump administration that it is running out
of patience. Mike Amor has the details
from Washington. Angie, this is North Korea
thumbing its nose not only at the US
but all of the world. The White House says it wasn't
surprised by this latest test, that it's obviously been
monitoring the region heavily. The ballistic missile was fired
early this morning in a province
north of the capital, but it only remained in the air
for a short period Now, the test comes
as Donald Trump warns that there was a chance of a "major, major conflict
with North Korea," as the White House calls
for the world to come together and act against the regime. Failing to act now, on the most pressing
security issue in the world, may bring catastrophic
consequences. The more we bide our time, the sooner we will
run out of it. Overnight, North Korea
released a propaganda video portraying what it would be like
for it to attack the US. America has sent
a second aircraft carrier towards the Korean peninsula. Now, Donald Trump spent the eve
of his 100 day in office at a convention for
the National Rifle Association - America's powerful gun lobby. He is only
the first sitting president since Ronald Reagan
to attend the conference. He's promised to rollback
any gun controls introduced by Barack Obama. We can't be complacent. These are dangerous times, And in a candid interview, Donald Trump has admitted
he misses his life The life here,
at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue as the most powerful man
in the world, is a lot more difficult
than he thought.

With tensions
continuing to increase along the Korean peninsula, this is a job that is not likely
to get any easier, Angie. A man is being questioned
by police, after his wife was found dead
at a home in Brisbane. The woman, in her 60s,
was discovered this morning at the house in Stafford Heights,
suffering stab wounds. Police say the woman's husband
called emergency services just after 9:00, but she was dead
when they arrived. Parts of the street
have been closed for much of the day, as police investigate
the circumstances surrounding the incident.

Is 68-year-old man was known to the woman.

There's been a violent brawl
outside a Hillsong Church campus A security guard
was knocked unconscious Some young worshippers
were also injured. Natassia Apolloni reports. The security guard remains here
at St Vincent's Hospital in Sydney,
after he was punched in the head and knocked to the ground. The 33-year-old was working
at Hill song's city campus when brawl broke out at 9:45 pm. Now, paramedics treated
a 21-year-old and an 18-year-old that were allegedly
hit in the face. It is believed a youth leader
from the church was waiting, with a group
of high school students, to be picked up,
when another group of men, unknown to them,
began attacking them. That's when the security guard
stepped in to break up the fight and was king-hit from behind
and knocked unconscious. He's actually
a really great guy, and has served as part
of the security team here for many years, and our thoughts
are really with him. Hundreds of youngsters were attending
the church's weekly youth night, which includes a live concert. We spoke to neighbours, who said it often attracts
a rowdy crowd and fights. Every young person brings along
stuff and baggage, to make sure that
the young people here are safe. Now, the security guard
is in a stable condition, but will remain here in hospital
under observation, after scans revealed
bleeding on the brain. Police are now hunting
for the men allegedly involved, wanting to find out
what provoked the attack. Eight people have been hurt,
after a balcony collapsed at a home in northern
New South Wales. Witnesses reported
hearing a noise, shortly before
the second-storey balcony in Yamba gave way
around 8:15 last night. Emergency services
treated eight people for broken bones,
bruising, and cuts. A 60-year-old man
was airlifted to hospital, while three others were taken
by road, in a stable condition. It's not yet known
what caused the collapse. The parents who sparked
a wide-scale search when they took their young boy
from a Brisbane hospital say police overreacted. The couple say they disagree with doctor's
suggested treatment, and want to treat their child
with cannabis oil.

A disputes over what treatment
is best for a sick little boy sparked a cross-border search
yesterday afternoon. the four-year-old was taken to
the John Hunter Hospital to be treated. He suffers from a serious illness
that causes severe seizures that can occur up to
100 times a day. His mother and father took him
to northern New South Wales after leaving the
Lady Cilento Children's Hospital without attending a previously
arranged appointment. The police issued an amber alert
on the advice of doctors, a move the family feels
was unnecessary. Everyone,
this is beyond a joke. My son isn't in any danger,
his stats are completely fine and now they want
to take my child and keep him in overnight with the police standing there
waiting around. The family have made their views
clear on Facebook, they believe vaccinations
caused Chase's illness, and prefer to treat him
with cannabis oil. The mother disagrees with
the treatment the doctors at Lady Cilento have
recommended. This is disgusting, my son deserves
the best of the best and I am his best. I know him more than anyone else
in this world, 100%. The family remains in Newcastle, police are continuing
their investigation. Seven News understands that at this stage police will
not be pressing any charges.

University students could be
slapped with higher fees, as the Turnbull Government
looks at tough measures to improve the budget. But Labor says the move
would be tragic for our nation, and could lead to
$100,000 degrees. Natalie Forrest has the details. The Turnbull government
clearly has universities in it's budget sights, with students
set to bear the brunt. The Federal Government
has come up with a new funding formula,
which will see students pay more, while funding cuts
to universities will be scaled back. Currently, students contribute
about 40% of the cost of their course. The Government
is looking to up that, with reports of minimum hikes
of 25%. Students could also
have to start paying back And they could be hit
with a loan fee at the start of their studies. While universities will be spared
their 20% funding cut imposed by
the Abbott Government, in favour of
an efficiency dividend. But Labor says
it's just bad business. Young people
are incurring these debts, these $100,000 debts, at the same time as they're
looking to establish a family, to buy a home of their own. Students are copping it twice, they're both paying more
for their degrees, but there's not more money
being invested in the universities. Education Minister
Simon Birmingham insists funding for students has grown
at twice the rate of the economy, and Australia
has one of the most generous student loans systems in world. Any government makes choices about who they want
to inflict pain on in order to get the budget
in better shape. It's shocking, really,
that this government thinks that university students
should pay for the $50 billion of big business tax cuts. University vice-chancellors
are expected to be briefed with an official announcement
early in the week. More details have emerged
about a man arrested near British Prime Minister
Theresa May's office, armed with three knives. Friends say he was educated
and popular, but had recently changed,
focusing more on his religion. It comes as counter-terror police
foiled two more potential attacks in less than 24 hours. An arrest is made
for suspected terrorism in Britain almost every day... (GUNSHOT) ..but rarely do they sound
or look like this. (GUNFIRE) Northwest London yesterday,
a woman led away... (SCREAMING) ..officers armed, CS gas sprayed. Another woman was shot and was treated
on the street outside. After about ten minutes, we heard some really serious
screaming from a lady, but we didn't see her
or nothing. After that, it just went quiet. Three people were arrested here,
one of them a 16-year-old boy. Then, nearby,
another woman arrested. One of two detained here,
she was dragged from the street, and later, taken into custody. All we could see, basically,
is that the bus... Obviously, the police
ran onto the bus, they got hold of the lady, she was on there
for quite a while, to be quite honest, before they actually
took her off the bus. They took her off the bus
and bundled her just over there. This scale, and the nature
of this police operation, suggests they believe
the plot was serious, imminent, or perhaps both. A senior Scotland Yard officer was asked whether the raid
foiled a plot. His response - unusually direct. Is this an active plot
that you foiled? Yes. No, again, this is
a live investigation. We have people in custody,
under arrest. And all this, hours after the arrest
of a man in Whitehall - a lone suspect. A couple from western Sydney
has been charged, after allegedly
staging a car crash and making a fraudulent
green slip claim. Police say
this isn't the only case, and are committed to catching
more scammers making fake claims. Peter Fegan has the details. Well Angie, detectives
from the fraud squad made a major breakthrough
yesterday, when they arrested a 39-year-old
woman at her home in Marylands. Now, this is
a two-year investigation. Police believe that back in 2015, in Liverpool. She was on-board a hired minivan
with 12 other people, including her young children, when they crashed with
a Toyota Kluger. But police will allege that
the Toyota Kluger was actually involved
and that was a staged accident. They then made fraudulent claims
to CTP insurance companies. Now this claim was in excess
of $1.2 million, so police have been investigating
for some time. Now, we caught up with her today. She is an Iranian national,
she doesn't speak any English, so her son translated for her. Let's take a listen. Two of the people in the van,
they say... Everyone say the lie
but we say the truth. Now, detectives
from the same fraud squad made another huge arrest
earlier this month, Now, they arrested him
at a business in Liverpool and then they raided
his home shortly after that, where they found
a number of firearms and a large quantity of money. Now, police believe that this man
is actually the ringleader, and that these scams
have been going on for some time. The New South Wales government
is determined to crack down on these criminals
and bring them to justice. Now, Angie,
this 39-year-old woman that was arrested yesterday
will face court in May, and police believe there will be
further arrests. Police in Sydney
are hunting for an arsonist who lit a car on fire
at St Leonards overnight. The car was allegedly set alight
around 4:00 this morning. It then rolled backwards
into the front of a building, coming to rest across a pathway. Firefighters raced to the scene, quickly extinguishing the blaze
before it spread. The ute was destroyed, but there was only minor damage
to the building. South Australian police
have issued an arrest warrant for the man wanted
over a fatal stabbing at a crowded shopping centre
in Adelaide. Young father Alexander Watt
died on Thursday, after trying to break up a fight. He's left behind
a grieving fiancee

Today under the brawl broke out as the victim's father returned to the scene of the fight.

Police are urging
his alleged killer, Shaun Falkiner,
to give himself up. It's believed he's on the run
with his partner and young child. Still to come in Seven News - a tragic crash. A group of children
hit by a drunk driver, moments after getting off
a school bus. And Gianni Versace's partner
breaks his silence on the night
the fashion icon died. That's next.

A teenage boy is dead
and four others are hurt, after they were mowed down
by a drunk driver at a bus stop in Florida. They were hit
by a former police officer, moments after getting off
their school bus. The driver then sped off
and crashed into a stopped car, injuring a pregnant woman. Three of the children
were treated at the scene, while another
remains in hospital. The former cop registered
twice the legal alcohol limit seven hours after the crash. The luxury Fyre Festival
in the Bahamas has had to be postponed, after the first lot of fans
arrived at the venue to find it looking like
disaster relief. They were lured in
with top-line musical acts, gourmet cuisine,
and models on yachts, but were, instead,
faced with dirt fields, no water, bad food,
and folding chairs. With tickets costing
up to $12,000, the inaugural music weekend
has been branded a flop. The partner of murdered
fashion icon Gianni Versace has broken his silence, almost 20 years
after the designer's death. He revealed details
about the night Gianni died, gunned down on the steps
of his Miami Beach mansion. Gianni Versace lit up
the fashion world... I loved the audacity of
what he did, I loved his fearlessness. And he was fearless - on July 15, 1997,
he was walking alone, no entourage, no bodyguard, and a stranger approached
and shot him in the head.

Versace's long-time partner,
Antonio Domingo, was at home. I heard the shot, Something said to me,
something happened. Anyway, so, I ran out and I saw Gianni laid out
on the stairs in the blood. were looking for a man
named Andrew Cunanan. He had killed four other men,
eluding police every time. Police aren't sure why Cunanan
targeted Versace. Cunanan told friends
they'd met years before, but Antonio has his doubts. There is no way - this guy comes from nowhere. For eight days, police looked for
Versace's killer, until they found him
in an abandoned houseboat, dead of a self-inflicted shot
to the head. It was, indeed, Andrew Cunanan. The failure who came to fame
by destroying a genius - Gianni Versace. There's been a sea of red
in Melbourne's CBD today, for the second annual
Ginger Pride Rally. Thousands of people gathered
at Federation Square to celebrate uniqueness
and diversity. There was plenty of ginger beer
on offer, as well as performances from red-head artists
The Vanns and Brentwood. Money raised at the event
will go to the Alannah and Madeline
Foundation to stop bullying
against children.

Sport is next
with Matt Carmichael. Matt, the Giants look very good
in the AFL? Angie, they won a classic
over the Bulldogs last night, but one star is in strife,
that's next. Also, Buddy in a blue as the Swans
try to break their duck at the MCG. And Origin's coming. Suddenly, the Hayne plane's
firing again.

Wests Tigers star James Tedesco is officially joining
the Sydney Roosters next season, after signing a multi-year deal. On the Gold Coast this afternoon, the Titans conceded the first try
against the Knights, COMMENTATOR: Tap and go! Jarryd Hayne
catches them napping

Konrad Hurrell also scored twice, as the Titans ran in
six unanswered tries after the break
to run out 30 point winners.

Rabbitohs fans
booed their own team off Allianz Stadium, after last night's
nine-try thrashing by Manly. Winger Aku Uate
scored four of them in the Sea Eagles' 46-8 win, and the Rabbitohs remain winless
at home this season. They're well aware
of what this club's about, and we're gonna make sure that we, you know,
work extremely hard to do the things that we know
we should be doing out there because it didn't
happen tonight. Still without Johnathan Thurston,
the Cowboys crashed to a 26-6 home defeat
to the Eels. That's three straight wins
for Parramatta.

The Swans nightmare start
to the AFL season continues. Buddy Franklin
had the Blues fired up before the opening bounce
at the MCG today. After a tight first half, Gary Rohan's shocking fall
stunned the Swans. COMMENTATOR: Oh,
Roh stood his ground. Rohan was taken to hospital
for precautionary scans, while the Swans remain winless
from six games, beaten 97-78. After winning their first game
last week, Hawthorn crashed to another
huge defeat today. The Hawks were thrashed 130-55
by St Kilda in Launceston.

The Giants
won a two-point thriller over the Bulldogs, in last night's prelim final
rematch in Canberra. The premiers led by five
into the final quarter, but Jon Patton's massive boot
was the difference, giving GWS
their fifth straight win. For our young fellas,
it was really pleasing because we gave up a
couple of close games last year, so it's really pleasing
to find a way when things probably
didn't work out, you know, perfectly
for the night, and you're never ever
gonna get that

Toby Greene kicked three
for the Giants, but was reported
for striking Caleb Daniel in the third quarter. The first A-League grand finalist
is decided tonight, with Sydney FC
hosting Perth Glory in the semi-final
at Allianz Stadium. The Sky Blues have already
secured the Premiers' Plate, and are certain they'll add
the Championship Trophy. Sydney have scored 11 goals in their three wins
over the Glory this season. More than 10,000 Supercars fans
lined up for more than a kilometre, just to secure first tickets
for the new Newcastle 500 today. Pretty awesome to see. Obviously, everyone's
pretty pumped to come back here, the track looks amazing. The 2017 series will be decided
on the Newcastle streets from November 24. Aussie Joe Ingles
and his Utah Jazz blew their chance
to go into the second round of the NBA playoffs today. Up 3-2, the Jazz couldn't clinch
their round-one series against the LA Clippers at home. COMMENTATOR: A fadeaway three. Oh, his Dad's
gonna love that one as does Steve Ballmer,
the Clippers owner. The Clippers won 98-93
to book a deciding game seven. Boston clinched their series 4-2
over Chicago and will face Washington
in the Eastern Conference semis.

Ginger pride day today, not a good look for it Gary Roman, that he is OK.

Next in Seven News,
the latest weather

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Checking the national forecast
for the rest of the weekend.

On the satellite,
Tropical Cyclone Frances is located
off the Kimberley coast of WA. Onshore winds are generating
a few showers in Victoria and Tasmania. While a large high in the south
is bringing settled conditions across much of the country, leading to foggy
and cool mornings inland. Tomorrow's capitals, fine and warm in Brisbane,
26 degrees. A cooler top of 22 for Sydney
under mostly sunny skies. Just 19 degrees
for a maximum in Canberra, Melbourne, and Hobart. Adelaide may see a light shower
and 20 degrees. Staying settled for Perth, 25. Darwin, mostly sunny and 33.

This gator was filmed lurking on the lip
of a fairway bunker in Louisiana, unfazed by the golf game
going on around it. Player Kelly Kraft also seemed
undeterred by the reptile closely watching on, casually hitting his shot
before walking away. It wasn't the only alligator
keen to get on the course. American golfer Rickie Fowler
wasn't intimidated by this one, using a rake to scare it away.

And that's Seven News for now. Our next bulletin
is Seven News at 6. I'm Angie Asimus,
thanks for your company. Live captioning by Ai-Media

Tonight, on 'Border Security', nerves are frayed at Arrivals... Can bring your dogs to the gate? We've got a suspicious package
on an aircraft. ..when a strange parcel
is discovered in an airline
toilet... Good dog. Good boy. No food? ..a routine check turns sour... This is very serious. ..and Immigration thinks
he may be a threat to society. I never committed any crime These guys were ready
for a big shopping spree... Say each one of them
has got $10,000 on it, there's $140,000 worth of stuff
they could rip off. ..but they had no intention
of paying cash.

These are all your bags?
Yep. Don't have any food?
No. No food. Okay?

Just one. The fruit in Ezana's bag is only
the beginning of his troubles.

What was this one about? This is a girl which I met in...
in Gold Coast. Mmm. Why?
In Australia? Yeah.
Yeah. We've found an exercise book
in his luggage that looks like
he's written a letter. We don't know who to yet
or where they are, but it says,
"Hi, Leanne, how are you? "I hope you are fine, sweetheart. "I don't want to pay money
to get married "Please help me." and where she's located. What...what do you mean here - "Don't want to pay to get married"?

Okay. The officers are not convinced that
Ezana is telling them the truth. They think this passenger is hiding
a lot more than his love-life. You haven't ever been in trouble
with the police in Singapore?

Alright, mate, do you want to come
with me? We'll have a little chat. Your bags will be safe here. At Sydney Airport,
Immigration officer Peter has found himself
with a wayward passenger. This gentleman actually turned up
on the wrong side of the airport. His flight came down on one side
and he turned up on the other. And that's why we started looking. Just a quick chat. Have you been to Australia before?
Yes. And this was on
your Canadian passport? Yes. Have you ever used your Romanian
passport to travel to Australia? No, because with Romanian,
I need visa. Right, okay. Can you tell me why you're here? I come to arrange, uh, some boxing. Because I am here to arrange...
with Vlad. Vlad?
Vlad. And I forget the... Vlad is the manager of Kostya Tszyu. You're a boxer too, huh?
Yes. What division do you fight in?
80. 80 kilos?
Yeah, depends. One of the things
that we're a little worried about is that your passport
seems to have some damage to it. We're not sure, at this stage,
what to make of that. We don't know what to think, about whether or not your passport
has been damaged with... Damaged, you know,
through normal wear and tear. Or whether or not somebody's perhaps
deliberately played with it. Maybe somebody fooled with
this passport, maybe, we think.

Were you ever in prison or...
Yeah. Yeah?
Drugs. Yeah? When was that? Uh, in, uh... ..the last one was...

Tony isn't happy with the
information he's gathering
from Ezana and he thinks Immigration
should take a closer look. Always, I go in for two years,
two years, two years. TONY: He's told me that he's been
in and out of prison for drug-related offences.

And he hasn't declared
any criminal convictions on his incoming passenger card. We'll have to refer him
to Immigration and see whether they decide
to grant him entry or not.

I did nothing wrong to be nervous. I'm not a terrorist, you know.

Airlines only make money
when their jets are in the air. So any delay that causes a plane
to stay on the ground has to be for a very serious reason,

We've got a suspicious package
that the cleaners have found and we're going up there
to investigate.

Can you bring your dogs to the gate? We've got a suspicious package
on an aircraft. I want the dogs to run over it.
Copy. The package could be dangerous
and no-one will touch it. The trained dog
will confirm its contents. We got a call to check out
a package on an aircraft. We'll have a look
and see how we go.

Depending on the dog's reaction, officers will decide
how to handle this package.

All that training has paid off -
it's narcotics. Good dog. Good boy.

Get ready for the thickest
thickshakes ever.

Just $5.95 from Domino's.

Handcrafted at minus-14 degrees

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