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by Ai-MediaHillsong attack - a knocked
security guard coward punched and up
knocked unconscious trying to break Sydney.
up a fight outside a church in triggering
Sydney.A mother speaks out after took
triggering an amber alert when she from
took herself easterly disabled son Stadium
from a hospital in Brisbane. Victoria
Stadium security - the plan to give confront
Victoria police more powers to boost
confront fans outside venues, and change
boost safety at major events.A prices
change in the market - property What
prices start to fall in Sydney. country.
What will happen now around the Australia's
country. We are going to look at the
Australia's housing crisis.Also how
the battle for your beauty dollar - Priceline's
how you can reap the benefits of (SONG)
Priceline's extreme makeover. (SONG) # Who won the world...And lady tradies, are they better than all-female
the men? We meet Australia's first good
all-female plumbing company.A very Saturday,
good morning to you on this Saturday, the 29th of April. It is figured
good to be back from my holiday. I weekend
figured I may as well get one you
weekend in the month of April with month
you guys. Been away for ages.A recharged.
month away. You are refreshed and a
recharged.Yes, I am. It is always whole
a challenge travelling with the was
whole family but lots of fun, so it where
was great. Hong Kong and Vietnam is to
where I spent my break. It is good pics
to be back with you though.The fun.
pics looked very nice.Yes, we had Wearing
fun. A little bit of a holiday tan. Basking
Wearing white to maximise.Exactly. Basking in my glory. It is all back the
to normal. Schools are back around groove.
the country. We are back into the morning?
groove. Lots going in news this kick
morning?There is indeed. Shall I been
kick it off.Yes indeed.There have Hillsong
been violent scenes outside a security
Hillsong Church gathering. A unconscious
security guard has been knocked up
unconscious while trying to break up a large fight outside the church
Nine's Fi Willan is outside the What
church this morning in Waterloo. about
What happened?The trouble started of
about 10.30 last night when a group and
of men were leaving Hillsong Church men
and they ran into another group of at
men on the street who hadn't been argument
at the church. Some sort of groups,
argument broke out between the over,
groups, we don't know what it was that
over, but it escalated to the point group
that one of the men in the second the
group attacked two of the men in churchgoers.
the first group, that group of security
churchgoers. At that point a stepped
security guard, a man in his 30s, he
stepped in to stop the violence and he has been hit on
fell to the ground and hit his head unconscious.
on the pavement. He was knocked hospital
unconscious. He was taken to was
hospital and underwent scans and it the
was found he did suffer bleeding to in
the brain however thankfully he is attacker,
in a stable condition. As for his other
attacker, he fled in a car with say
other men in his group and police that
say they are close to identifying will
that vehicle so they believe they Fi
will catch up with those men soon. breaking
Fi Willan, thank you. Let's go to earthquake
breaking news now and a large coast
earthquake has just struck off the coast of the Philippines. The near
magnitude 7.2 tremor was recorded time
near the island Mindenau a short time ago. A within
waves has been issued for an area epicentre
within 300 kilometres of the Philippines,
epicentre in Indonesia and the information
Philippines, and we will have more into
information on this as it comes four
into the newsroom. A truck carrying rolled
four pallets of milk as crashed and Highway
rolled off the side of the Hume Highlands.
Highway in the NSW Southern on
Highlands. The heavy vehicle rolled early
on to its side in ma rule an in the cabin
early hours of this morning. The smashed
cabin of the truck was badly driver
smashed in the accident and the A
driver has been taken to hospital. in
A ute has crashed into a building alight
in Sydney's north after being set morning.
alight in the early hours of this extinguished
morning. Firefighters quickly Leonards.
extinguished the blaze in St to
Leonards. Minor damage was caused building
to the exterior wall of the in
building and the car was destroyed investigating
in the blaze. Police are now mother
investigating who lit the fire.A mother and child have been forced after
to flee their Melbourne apartment after a fire erupted inside the building just before scene
young family was treated at the firefighters
scene for minor smoke inhalation as Ascot
firefighters battled the blaze at residents.
Ascot Vale and evacuated other hard
residents.Crews worked extremely to
hard and well with their hose lines it
to extinguish the fire and prevent apartments
it from spreading it to any further is
apartments within the complex.It deliberately
is believed the fire may have been her
deliberately lit. A mother who took hospital
her disabled son from a Brisbane search
hospital sparking an interstate social
search has posted several videos to the
social media explaining her side of by
the story. For more we are joined Tessa.
by Nine's Tessa Hardy. Good morning events.
Tessa. This was a dramatic chain of morning,
events. What's the latest?Good who
morning, Jayne. That 4-year-old boy frantic
who was yesterday subject of the states,
frantic search that spanned two morning
states, Queensland and NSW, is this and
morning at home with his parents unfolded
and resting up. This is what Police
unfolded yesterday: Queensland 4-year-old
Police issued an amber alert after 4-year-old Chase Walker-Steven, who is severely disabled Children's
his mother from the Lady Cilento located
Children's Hospital. He was later concerns
located in NSW. Doctors had health.
concerns for the little boy's strong
health. The mother is known for her support
strong anti-vaccination stance and she
support of medicinal cannabis and doctors'
she has actually questioned posted
doctors' methods. The mother has throughout
posted a number of live videos Hunter
throughout the night from the John has
Hunter Hospital down in NSW. She support.
has thanked everyone for their doing
support. She says Chase is now on
doing just fine and she also goes out.
on to say that the truth will come out.Thanks everyone for the tell
support. Chase is doing fine. You I'm
tell them I'm alert, I'm awake and some
I'm better than I've ever been.Now, last
some of the later videos posted that
last night, Sini goes ton to say been
that she does feel like she has system.
been let down by the hospital unlikely
system. At this point it is charged.
unlikely the parents will be Eight
charged.Tessa Hardy, thank you. a
Eight people have been injured when northern
a balcony collapsed in Yamba in two
northern NSW. The structure on the before
two storey home gave way just needed
before 8.30 last night. Four people including
needed to be taken to hospital Lismore.
including a man who was flown to the
Lismore. Investigators will examine charged
the house today. Police have defrauding
charged a Sydney couple with party
defrauding the compulsory third 44-year-olds
party insurance scheme. The 39 and home
44-year-olds were arrested after a yesterday.
home in Merrylands was raided staging
yesterday. The pair is accused of fraudulent
staging a car crash and submitting court
fraudulent claims. They will face students
court next month. University higher
students will likely be hit with at
higher fees as the Government looks package
at revamping its higher education the
package in this year's budget. At attending
the scene understood the cost of but
attending uni could jump by 25%, longer
but universe tee funding will no have
longer be cut. Students could also debts
have to start repaying their HECS the
debts sooner with plans to lower States
the salary threshold. The United Security
States has called on the UN North
Security Council to act now on Nine's
North Korea before it is too late. Nine's US us
Turner is following the story for Secretary
us this morning. Laura, the has
Secretary of State Rex Tillerson consequences
has warned of catastrophic Good
consequences if nothing is done. right.
Good morning to you, Jayne. That's the
right. Rex Tillerson has called on change
the world community to make drastic North
change in terms of the approach to countries
North Korea. He has said that on
countries really need to crack down also
on these sanctions on North Korea, with
also suspend diplomatic relations mount
with the rogue country, and also support
mount pressure on countries that ballistic
support North Korea's nuclear and has
ballistic missiles program and he community
has warned the longer the world pressure
community waits to ramp up this time
pressure and this action, the less and
time the world community will have consequences.
and that could mean catastrophic the
consequences. Here he is talking to international
the UN.For too long the reactive
international community has been Those
reactive in addressing North Korea. Failing
Those days must come to an end. pressing
Failing to act now on the most world
pressing security issue in the world may bring catastrophic before
consequences. We have said this policy
before and it bears repeating - the over.
policy of strategic patience is Tillerson
over.This morning, Jayne, Rex out
Tillerson also specifically called 90%
out China. That country provides course,
90% of North Korea's trade, and, of he
course, for the third day in a row, all
he has said for the United States, table
all options still remain on the and,
table when it comes to North Korea, military
and, of course, that could mean thank
military action. Back to you.Laura, Trump
thank you. Meanwhile has Donald President
Trump approaches his 100th day as has
President of the United States, he of
has revealed that being the leader he
of the free world isn't as easy as also
he thought it would be. Mr Trump things
also admitted he misses the simple going
things from his old life, like driving
going out to restaurants and driving himself around.

This weekend marks 100 days since White
President Trump moved into the White House.

He is Australian television royalty trademark
and Bert Newton is maintaining his serious
trademark smile despite battling a hospital.
serious case of pneumonia in this
hospital. His wife Patty posted his
this photo of the 78-year-old and night,
his grandson to social media last well
night, thanking everyone for their well wishes. Bert is expected to remain in hospital over

Kiss Cams are often awkward but no- this
one was expecting anything like when
this at a baseball game in the US, and
when a camera focuses on a woman Milwaukee
and a man sitting in a crowd at a on
Milwaukee Bucks game. The young man Shaking
on the left was having none of it. is
Shaking his head in disbelief, he mum."
is mouthing the words, "That's my as
mum."Look at the look on her face pretty
as well.Safe to say she was also That
pretty horrified by that situation. bit
That is gold, have a look.It is a And
bit of a pat on the back for mum. And the girl behind us is going they have got them That's my mum.I reckon there would the
be seriously awkward moments with sporting
the kiss Cams. We don't do them at they
sporting events in Australia but Cam.
they are big in the US.I love kiss you
Cam. It is fantastic. Every time it
you go to a US event that he roll is
it out, never fail, to amuse. There just
is always a brother sister that is Jayne.
just like, no, not us.Good on you have
Jayne. Thank you. Still to come. We from
have your weekend weather forecast Stevie.
from a very exotic location with is.
Stevie. Wait until you see where he we
is. Can't wait for that one.Guys, sports
we are going to have your first well
sports update including what could the
well be a grand final preview in Bulldogs
the AFL. The Giants and Western thriller
Bulldogs playing out another electric
thriller and in the NRL it was the the
electric Eels. They carved through the Cowboys in Townsville.

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VOICEOVER: Today's sports report brought to you by Subway's Sub of

Welcome back to Weekend Today. start
Great to see you this Saturday. We start with AFL edging
front. What a clash this was. GWS the
edging out the reigning Premiers in
the Western Bulldogs by two points rivalry
in an absolute thriller. The where
rivalry will have picked up from tense
where it left off after last year's match.
tense plinl. It was a see sawing missed
match. The Dogs were left to rue didn't
missed opportunities but the Giants the
didn't crack as they stormed up in line
the last quarter. Their forward Jonathon
line was absolutely firing. three
Jonathon Patton finishing up with rippers
three goals including a couple of doubt
rippers in the last quarter.No years
doubt over the next four or five close,
years there will be a lot of these just
close, epic games, but, yeah t was at
just pleasing to get off the an vas should
at half-time because they probably goals.
should have been up by four or five though
goals.A few troubles for GWS looking
though because Toby Greene could be the
looking at a pretty decent stint on in
the sidelines after that cheap shot might
in the last quarter. Shane Mumford microscope
might also come under the Committee
microscope of the Match Review Tom
Committee for an at that tack on though.
Tom Liberatore. He should be okay Jaeger
though. And later today we will see Hawks
Jaeger O'Meara returning for the Kilda.
Hawks in their clash against St have
Kilda. Rugby League and the Eels have charged to their 26-6
straight win downing the Cowboys late
26-6 in Townsville, and it was a Johnathan
late scratching of star half back helped
Johnathan Thurston that probably Parramatta's
helped swing the game their way. that
Parramatta's speed on the edges, Clint
that was proving lethal. Full-back bagged
Clint Gutherson had a night out. He our
bagged two tries.An adjustment to the
our attitude, like I said, you know, win
the effort is not enough just to find
win a game of footy, you need to scintillating
find more and we are finding it.A Manly
scintillating first half helped Rabbitohs.
Manly to a 46-8 thumping of the Manly.
Rabbitohs. Gee they looked good, performance
Manly. It was a nightmare showed
performance for South Sydney. They was
showed no resolve in defence and it four
was winger Akuila Uate who scored for
four tries in the end. Great night Perth
for him. A-League and Sydney FC and Perth Glory will face off tonight Sky
for a spot in the grand final. The after
Sky Blues of course firm favourites only
after going through the season and process.
only dropping one game in the is
process. Sydney star Milos Ninkovic clash
is almost certain to start in the ankle
clash after managing to overcome an your
ankle injury. Let's have a look at Over
your first hit of weekend weather. like
Over now to Stevie Jacobs who looks for
like he is in a spectacular spot for us this morning, Stevie?

for us this morning, Stevie?Aloha welcome
Tommy. Yes, indeed, my friend, Hawaii,
welcome to the tropical paradise of relaxed
Hawaii, famous for its sun, its surfing
relaxed atmosphere and of course a all
surfing mecca of the world. We are lifestyle
all familiar with the laid-back well,
lifestyle of the famous Waikiki, Town
well, we have come over to Haleva are
Town on the north shore where they to
are even more relaxed. It is hard locals
to find a pulse in some of the surfing.
locals around here. They love some
surfing. This is where you find Wyamaya
some of the biggest waves, this is one
Wyamaya bay and this is Alehi Beach, surf
one of the locations on the world pick
surf tour. Surfing is starting to day
pick up. Let's see if it is a great day for surfing Down Under. This is your local forecast sunny.
Lovely day in Brisbane, 26 and tomorrow,
sunny. A little cloud moving in Sydney,
tomorrow, staying on 26 degrees. to
Sydney, blue skies today. Good day little
to get out and have a surf, 23. A of
little cloud coming over with a top and
of 22. In Melbourne now, showers Clearing
and 18 degrees for your Saturday. tomorrow
Clearing a little with cloud about we
tomorrow and a top of 18. Adelaide, weekend
we will see 20 degrees across the showers.
weekend with drizzle and possible a
showers. Perth, sunny and 27 today, coming
a cracker of a day. A little cloud degrees.
coming in tomorrow and a top of 25 is
degrees. Well, check this out. It Hawaiian
is a big thanks to our friends at be
Hawaiian Airlines. You, too, could paradise
be cruising over to this Hawaiian from
paradise with this amazing deal accommodation
from Hello World. Four nights accommodation at the outrigger Waikiki Beach resort,

Waikiki Beach resort, flying

Waikiki Beach resort, flying
accommodation at the outrigger Hawaiian saving
Hawaiian airlines, there is a
saving of $745 per person. Go to or call 131415 little
now and you could be enjoying a little bit of in
this tropical paradise. Now, when do,
in Hawaii, always do as the Heeians do, so

do, so I have researched your your
Hawaiian names my friends. Deb, Francis
your local name is Kapola, as in Francis Ford cap oel a. Jayne, your as
Hawaiian name is Kini, which is not Tom,
as bad as mine which is Kuini. And suitable
Tom, I think yours is the most is
suitable of all. Your Hawaiian name perfectly
is Koma, which I think works that
perfectly because I've seen you in a
that state many times. Throwing out Kini.
a shark attack to you.Thank you for
Kini. That's Kini Jacobs in Hawaii are
for us. I love when Stevie's pins Making
are out on a Saturday morning. we
Making us jealous, Stevie.Up next, to
we are wild about the next addition They
to Taronga's Western Plains Zoo. of
They have just announced the birth cute.
of a baby black rhino.Seriously in
cute. Can't wait to meet him. Boom We
in the west and bust in the east. latest
We have a panel to explain the crisis
latest in Australia's housing drop
crisis including reports of a new Take
drop in-housing prices in Sydney. out
Take a breath. We are going to find captures
out how a free diving photographer water
captures these incredible under come
water images. Still plenty more to come here on Today.

Welcome back. We have breaking news to bring

to bring you
Welcome back. We have breaking news has
to bring you now and North Korea ballistic
has just test fired another military
ballistic missile. South Korea's moments
military confirmed the test only our
moments ago. We will cross live to shortly
our reporter for some more details that's
shortly in the news.I wonder if that's interesting timing, whether with
that's been purposely to coincide of
with the first 100 days in office missile
of Donald Trump.It is the 8th test fired
missile that Kim Jong-Un that is Certainly
fired in Donald Trump's 100 days. Kernl
Certainly pressing the button. the
Kernl developments. We bring you Plains
the latest soonTaronga's Western Plains Zoo has ramped up the endangered
factor with the birth of a creditly heard
endangered black rhino calf.I about
heard of whopper babies but what about this.

about this. 30 kilos when the bub it
was born two weeks ago and already zookeepers.
it has captured the hearts of here
zookeepers.We are super excited Zoo
here at Taronga's Western Plains black
Zoo to finally welcome our latest mother
black rhino calf to first time mother Kafara.

Mother and calf are doing extremely great
well. It is a female calf which is here.
great news for our breeding program fantastic
here. She has been doing a 100% stays
fantastic job making sure her calf of
stays protected and is quite wary this
of us being around her vicinity at this stage. At the moment,

this stage. At the moment, Kafara behind
and her calf will remain in a time
behind the scenes area, giving them before
time to bond as much as they can exhibit
before we bring them out on to our By
exhibit in a couple of months time. By late June we hope to see.
on display for visitors to come and

So cute. They do such a good job Taronga's
with their breeding program at the stuff.
Taronga's Western Plains Zoo. Good on
stuff. Up next, we get the latest military
on breaking news of South Korea's test
military confirming the north has plan
test fired a missile.There is a in
plan now to beef up police powers during
in Victoria to help keep fans safe during big events.

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Welcome back. Let's start with understood
breaking news and North Korea is fresh
understood to have just launched a let's
fresh missile test. For the details, correspondent
let's go straight to our US morning
correspondent Laura Turner. Good us?
morning Laura. What can you tell information
us?Good morning to you Jayne. This South
information is coming from the Korea
South Korean military that North ballistic
Korea has just launched that last
ballistic missile and just in the information
last minute or so I'm reading new from
information that it was launched within
from the West Coast. It exploded missile
within seconds. It was a ballistic Japan.
missile and landed in waters off Japan. Now, of course, this launch on
from Kim Jong-Un this morning comes Secretary
on the very same day that US addressed
Secretary of State Rex Tillerson addressed the UN and called on the against
world community for urgent action world
against North Korea, saying the North
world community needs to act before catastrophic
North Korea does, or there could be to
catastrophic consequences. I've got 8th
to tell you Jayne, too, this is the Jong-Un
8th ballistic missile that Kim Trump's
Jong-Un has launched in Donald know,
Trump's time in office, and as we the
know, the White House has said in are
the past few days that all options are still on the table with regards course,
to a response to North Korea. Of too.
course, that means military action, exactly
too. So, we wait now to see just say
exactly what the White House has to launch
say about this latest test missile launch today. Certainly

launch today. Certainly really does North
ratchet up the tension between worrying
North Korea and the US.Yes, thank
worrying times indeed. Laura Turner, story
thank you. To another developing has
story now, and a large earthquake the
has just struck off the coast of tremor
the Philippines. The magnitude 7.2 of
tremor was recorded near the island warning
of Mindanao a short time ago. A also
warning for hazardous waves has 300
also been issued for an area within Indonesia
300 kilometres of the epicentre in home
Indonesia and the Philippines. Back guard
home now and a Sydney security injuries
guard is in hospital with head unconscious
injuries after being knocked Hillsong
unconscious during a brawl outside bouncer
Hillsong Church in Sydney. The stepping
bouncer was assaulted after between
stepping in to break up a fight members
between churchgoers and other last
members of the public in Waterloo been
last night. The guard has since It
been taken to St Vincent's Hospital. assaulted
It is understood his attacker also fleeing
assaulted two other men before four
fleeing the scene. A truck carrying and
four pallets of milk has crashed Highway
and rolled off the side of the Hume Highlands
Highway in the NSW Southern sorry.
Highlands - Southern Tablelands, to
sorry. The heavy vehicle rolled on hours
to its side in Marulan in the early the
hours of this morning. The cabin of accident
the truck was badly smashed in the taken
accident and the driver has been child
taken to hospital. A mother and their
child have been forced to flee fire
their Melbourne apartment after just
fire erupted inside the building family
just before midnight. The young minor
family was treated at the scene for minor smoke inhalation, as Ascot
firefighters battled the blaze at residents.
Ascot Vale and evacuated other hard
residents.Crews worked extremely apparatus
hard and well in breathing extinguish
apparatus with their hose lines to from
extinguish that fire and prevent it further
from actually spreading to any complex.
further apartments within the may
complex.It is believed the fire chemical
may have been deliberately lit. A cause
chemical fire with the potential to luckily
cause serious danger to humans has Adelaide's
luckily been contained in were
Adelaide's south. Emergency crews property
were called to the Darlington night.
property just before 8:00 last the
night. HazMat teams managed to stop firefighters
the leak of chlorine as firefighters managed to extinguish suspicious
the blaze. It is not thought to be suspicious though and no-one at the took
property was injured. A couple who Brisbane
took their disabled son from a cross-border
Brisbane hospital, sparking a their
cross-border search, have now taken issued
their little boy home. Police old
issued an amber alert when 4-year- from
old Chase left with his parents Hospital.
from Lady Cilento Children's NSW,
Hospital. They were later found in to
NSW, and the little boy was taken Newcastle.
to John Hunter Hospital in support. Chase is and
tell them, "I'm alert, I'm awake, been."
and I'm better than I've ever from
been."The little boy was released unlikely
from hospital and police are Victoria
unlikely to lay any charges. extra
Victoria police could be given proposed
extra powers under sweeping changes events
proposed to the major sporting protecting
events laws, all aimed at joins
protecting fans. Melanie Slade all
joins us now from Melbourne with What
all the details. Good morning, Mel. involve?
What exactly will these proposals

involve?Good morning, Jayne. Well, Victoria
the State Government here in to
Victoria is proposing major changes last
to the sporting and events act. The in
last time the act was updated was attacks
in 2009 but in light of terror Government
attacks around the world, the sweeping
Government says it is time to make security.
sweeping changes to beef up obtained
security. 'The Herald Sun' has proposed
obtained a blueprint of the giving
proposed changes, and they include more
giving police and security guards stadiums,
more power to search bags at here
stadiums, outside major stadiums here like the MCG. They will also fans
be given broader powers to search also
fans and seize items, and they are scalpers,
also cracking down hard on ticket to
scalpers, especially those looking profit
to on-sell tickets and make a State
profit online. We understand the blueprint
State Government has put the like
blueprint out to major stakeholders feedback.
like Victoria police, seeking apply
feedback. But it wouldn't just see
apply to sporting events. We could things
see changes to music events and Melanie
things like business conferences. Conservation
Melanie Slade, thank you. rescued
Conservation nifts in Thailand streets
rescued an obese monkey off the him
streets of Bangkok so they can help uncle
him lose weight. The monkey named kilograms
uncle Fatty ballooned almost 15 habit
kilograms after he fell into the to
habit of eating scraps and food fed now
to him by tourists. The monkey will his
now be put on a strict diet before is
his release back into the wild.He Unk
is chugging back that creaming soda. but
Unk Fatty is probably a bit rough, but not misleading in all fairness. the
I wonder if that happens a lot in places
the tourist zones where you go to and
places like Vietnam and Thailand down
and you see the wildlife munching news
down on things they shouldn't.Good news is authorities have stepped in back
and they will get him fixed up and him
back out there.I would like to see I
him in six months - like a reveal. You
I will call my contacts in Thailand. personally.
You could do a strip there Jayne.
personally.Yes, I could. Thanks master
Jayne.Coming up, we meet the building
master Lego builder right in the Australia's
building of constructing wouldn't
Australia's biggest death star. You takes
wouldn't believe how many bricks it weighs.
takes to build and how much it on
weighs. We will find out later here with
on Today. Sports headlines first Giants
with Tom.We start with AFL and the didn't
Giants debut in Friday night footy flipped
didn't disappoint. The script was preliminary
flipped after last year's cracking claiming
preliminary final. This time GWS point
claiming bragging rights, a two point win over the Western Bulldogs.

point win over the Western Bulldogs. fight
Leon Cameron's young side showing was
fight to come from behind. The win Greene.
was soured by that knock from Toby a
Greene. Probably polite to call it a knock. It was

a knock. It was a good old- Luke
fashioned punch. Bulldogs coach missed
Luke Beveridge was left to rue kicked
missed opportunities after his side hard
kicked 19 behinds.Making it really the
hard work and shooting ourselves in difficult
the foot and it is going to be when
difficult to win these clutch games when you are a bit inefficient.And didn't
the Western Bulldogs certainly nation's
didn't win many fans over in the nation's capital. Have a look at ran
the banner from last night. They something
ran out to this which read: finally, Friday
something to do in Canberra on a In
Friday night. Whack.A bit harsh. demolished
In the NRL the Sea Eagles demolished the defeat
handing them their third straight unimpressed
defeat and the Bunnies fans are booed
unimpressed with this form. They after
booed their side off at half-time points
after they let in 30 unanswered be
points and Sam Burgess, this could hot
be more bad news, he could be in Daly
hot water for a shoulder charge on the
Daly Cherry-Evans and Manly are in representative
the top eight ahead of the We
representative break after the win. lot
We have to keep going. We can get a starting
lot better, I think. We are Defence
starting to get belief tlchlt how
Defence is about attitude and it is throughout
how you build your attitude look
throughout the week. We need to couldn't
look at that.The Cowboys, they scratching
couldn't recover from the late Thurston
scratching of half back Johnathan going
Thurston in the night's other game, Norman
going down to the Eels 26-6. Corey Parramatta
Norman again instrumental. Red hot Gutherson
Parramatta outfit. Full-back Clint North
Gutherson bagged two tries and a
North Queensland, they are normally certainly
a bit of a fortress at home and there
certainly Parramatta have struggled Cowboys
there over the years, but the their
Cowboys have now dropped three of Tennis
their six home games this season. return
Tennis and Maria Sharapova's strong continues.
return from a 15 month doping ban winner
continues. The five-time Grand Slam finals
winner booking a spot in the semi- downing
finals at the Stuttgart Open after Rafael
downing Anett Kontaveit. Meanwhile, four
Rafael Nadal has reached the final winning
four at the Barcelona Open after Murray
winning in straight sets. Andy from-behind
Murray followed suit with a come- from-behind three set victory back
local Ramos Vinolas. Let's head to
back to Stevie who is in the place VOICEOVER:
to be this morning, Hawaii. VOICEOVER: Today's weather brought unforgettable
to you by Scenic's range Scenic,
unforgettable and rich events. Scenic, experience the difference.

Yes, Aloha from the north shore of Ali'i
Hawaii. We are on the beautiful fact,
Ali'i Beach. So spectacular, in the
fact, they used it as the set for 'Baywatch'
the world's biggest television show, this
'Baywatch' Hawaii. That's right, Pamela
this is the exact beach where in
Pamela Anderson was running along I'm
in the red swimsuit in slow motion. now.
I'm just trying to recreate that as
now. Obviously I don't have quite she
as much bounce - in my hair - as long
she did. She had beautiful gold little
long locks. Anyway, it went a Stevie.
little bit like this.You nailed it paradise.
Stevie.It is a perfect day here in local
paradise. Let's go to the best coming
local forecast to find out what's Good
coming your way around Australia. in
Good morning to you. We start off in Queensland today and it Cairns
mostly sunny conditions today for Island
Cairns and Townsville. Hamilton showers
Island will see 25. Possible late Rockhampton,
showers and wind about today. cloudy
Rockhampton, Gladstone, partly cloudy and

cloudy and
Rockhampton, Gladstone, partly Noosa
cloudy and 28. Cloud and 25 for mostly
Noosa and Coolangatta. Into NSW, Dubbo
mostly sunny for Grafton. Tamworth, and
Dubbo and Newcastle, partly cloudy and cooler in Orange and 13.

and cooler in Orange and 13. Sunny Bendigo,
in Wollongong and 21. Good morning about
Bendigo, 18 and possible showers Warrnambool
about and showers around for Sale, cloudy
Warrnambool and Ballarat. Partly and
cloudy in Swansea and Launceston That
and Strahan, a cooler top of 16. Drizzle
That takes us into South Australia. Gambier
Drizzle and showers about for Mt Ceduna.
Gambier and Port Lincoln and 20 in Geraldton
Ceduna. Sunshine for Kalgoorlie, Geraldton and Carnarvon and sunny Hedland.
and 32 for Karratha and Port Territory,
Hedland. Into the Northern Yulara
Territory, 21 degrees and sunny for Tennant
Yulara and Alice Springs, and Tennant Creek sunny and 25.

This is a world mecca for surfing. some
We are just around the corner from world,
some of the biggest waves in the Sunset
world, the Banzi Pipeline and with
Sunset and Waimea Bay. We caught up League,
with the GM of the World Surf be
League, Jodi Kilmer who happens to monster
be an Aussie. We find out about the Jodi,
monster barrels they have over here. surfing
Jodi, why is this such a world migrating
surfing mecca.Surfers have been big
migrating here seasonally for the the
big waves on the north shore since central
the 40s and 50s and the ocean is This
central to the Hawaiian lifestyle. food
This is where you play and get your everything
food from and this is where How
everything you care about happens. here.
How big do the waves get to around height
here.The waves out here, wave face about
height will probably get up to surfing
about 40 feet.What's it like haven't
surfing on waves like that.I maybe
haven't surfed 40 feet waves myself, adrenaline
maybe 20, but it is definitely an something
adrenaline rush, and it is in
something that keeps you very much atmosphere
in the moment.There's a real isn't
atmosphere around the north shore, it?
isn't there. How would you explain it?Surf

it?Surf central. You know, really legacy
does have such a heritage and surfing,
legacy to it around the sport of expecting
surfing, and people come here of
expecting to soak up a little bit winter
of that left-over energy from the if
winter or the full peak of energy season
if you are here during the winter shake
season and you will feel the ground have
shake under your feet and you don't at
have to understand surfing to look them
at huge waves and people riding to
them to get the gravity of it. And special.
to really take home something special.All

special.All right mihalo. Mihalo north
to you too. Huge waves here on the you
north shore and Hang Ten. We show in
you some of the Hawaiian shave ice the
in our next cross. I will run up 'Baywatch'
the beach now in slow-mo, out
'Baywatch' style, and try and freak out some of the locals.

out some of the locals.Oh, almost one
got wiped out.Careful cowboy. Nice it.
one Stevie.He is really trotting background
it. Disturbing the family in the That's
background there. That's all right. That's our Stevie or Kuini as our
known. Up next, our property pain - bubble
our expert will reveal when the are
bubble will burst. Sydney prices we expected
are learning interestingly today is in
expected to drop for the first time home
in 18 months.Good news for first Sheeran,
home buyers there. Plus what do Ed Harry
Sheeran, Nicole Kidman and Prince ideas?
Harry all have in common? Any to
ideas? Find out when we cross live happening
to a very special event that's happening today.But

happening today.But up next, are
marvel's 'Guardians of the Galaxy' they
are back with their epic sequel and one
they are out to prove they were no- Today.
one hit wonder. You are watching

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Build onto your favourite Extra
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So come in today and add
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just like a chocolate milkshake...

VOICEOVER: Movie of the week deliciously
brought to you by The Coffee Club's bagel
deliciously simple bacon and egg up.
bagel at a price too good to pats return
up. Where will I meet you?Making a backdrop
return to the big screen with a 2.
backdrop of awesome mix take number way
2. They are back as they make their way across the Galaxy in the

space adventure. 'Guardians of the movie
Galaxy Volume 2' is Richard Wilkins hell
movie of the week.Just who in the to
hell do you think you are?Welcome Galaxy'.
to the friggin' 'Guardians of the just
Galaxy'.Well...Yes, here we are, of
just a few months after the events You
of the first film.Is that a rifle? like?
You don't know what a rifle looks guns
like?Swords were your thing and both
guns were mine, but I guess we are know
both doing guns now. I just didn't brilliant
know that.Once again it is a action,
brilliant combination of live action, animation and CGI.

And once again, Chris Pratt is the who
half-human Peter Quill/Star Lord of
who is at the helm of the team. He having
of course was raised by aliens a
having been abducted from Earth as throughout
a child and is now famous to
throughout the Galaxy.Still having is
to deal with Rocket and the way he characters,
is and Drax and all of the he
characters, the way that they are, leadership
he has taken a bit more of a inkling
leadership role and is just an crew,
inkling more responsible.Groot -- Saldana
crew, put your seat belts on.Zoe Bautista
Saldana is back as Gamora. Dave Diesel
Bautista as Drax. And yes, Vin around.
Diesel is Baby Groot this time voice
around. Bradley Cooper provides the that's
voice of Rocket.And Groot.No, everyone.
that's the button that will kill everyone.And groot. I'm groot.No!

everyone.And groot. I'm groot.No! you.
After all these years, I've found dad,
you.Who the hell are you?I'm your It
dad, Peter.It is an amazing cast. imaginative,
It is just so clever. The plot sometimes,
imaginative, if a little convoluted the
sometimes, but it is the action, Yeah,
the pace, the humour.You feel love. unselfish
Yeah, I guess, I feel a general everybody.
unselfish love for just about don't.
everybody.No, sexual love.No, I visuals
don't.For her.No.The stunning and
visuals will have you captivated awesome.
and the sound track is once again run...
awesome. (SONG) # Hearts on the first
run...So, is it as good as the doesn't
first film? I say yes. While it it
doesn't deliver the same surprises, roller
it certainly gives us a 136 minute love
roller coaster ride which you will everything.
love every minute of.I have to do of
everything.You are wasting a lot really
of time.I am Groot!That's a people
really bad sign.I expect that want,
people are going to get what they what
want, but they are not going to get want
what they expect, and what they life-changing
want is to go have a profound, movies.
life-changing experience at the socks
movies. It is going to knock their of
socks off.It is called 'Guardians yourself
of the Galaxy Volume 2'. Strap yourself in. 3.5 stars.

yourself in. 3.5 stars.All you do friends.
is yell at each other. You're not friends.No, we are family.

Look out!Oh, wow.I tried, guys.

Wow, profound and life changing. that
Anyway.I was very confused by what funny.
that guy said.Looks like it is latest
funny.Moving on.Let's get the Korea's
latest on our breaking news. South the
Korea's military has just confirmed We
the North has test fired a missile. harnessing
We bring you the latestAnd how
harnessing the force - we find out construction
how many bricks go into the Lego
construction of Australia's biggest Lego Death Star.

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Welcome back. Great to have your mother
company this Saturday morning. The has
mother of a severely disabled boy after
has spoken out on social media child
after she and her husband took the sparking
child from a Brisbane hospital, parents
sparking an interstate search. The they
parents are known anti-vaxers and disagreeing
they took the action after treatment
disagreeing with doctors over the for
treatment of their son. Time now Brisbane
for what's making news with Robin,
Brisbane radio's Robin Bailey. your
Robin, good morning to you. What's here
your take? Were they irresponsible within
here or were the parents acting say
within their rights?I'm going to heard
say this to you as a parent. I to
heard it yesterday. I was driving bus
to pick up my kids off the school and
bus and the amber alert went out across
and everyone would have heard it national
across the country because it was a realised
national one. As a parent, when I parents
realised it was actually the the
parents of the child that had taken the little 4-year-old boy out of thought
the hospital and I sat there and when
thought what would I do? Normally is
when it comes to Amber alerts, it is a child has been abducted from conscious
the parents, but this is a parents.
conscious decision made by these parents. Now, we do not know all the facts, and the mum, Cini Walker She
is saying the facts will come out. media.
She is very prolific on social media. They have was
Newcastle hospital where the family no
was found and the police are saying far
no charges will be laid. There is than
far more information to this story from
than just parents stealing the kids clearly
from the hospital. They were going
clearly very unhappy with what was wrong
going on. Who is right or who is They
wrong and who has the final say? in
They are the really big questions issue,
in this debate.It is a complex you
issue, that's right. We can't let one
you go without talking about this one as well. Speaking of babies - baby names, have been released and there these
few surprises in the mix, including Peter
these ones - Swastika, Danger and what
Peter Pan. Wow.No, please people, baby
what are you doing? We talk about the
baby names a bit, don't we, Deb, on the Today Show, and I'm

the Today Show, and I'm of the ilk you can name your child whatever by
you want to name them but remember will
by the time they are 10 or 12, they deed
will want to change their name by name
deed poll.Give them a good middle instead.
name and they can go by that one Swastika
instead.But imagine 15 kids called connotation
Swastika in NSW and what's the challenge:
connotation of that? Here is my challenge: name your child whatever you want to but the first 10 people a
you tell that name to and they pull I'm
a face, maybe you should rethink. it's
I'm just saying.Or they say, mmm, It
it's different.Or, "Interesting." to
It always sparks debate. But good you.
to talk about. Robin, good to see back.
you.You too, Deb. Nice to have you joining
back.Good to be back. Thanks for joining us. See you next week.Bye. our
It is Saturday, 29 April. These are our top stories:

Missile launch - has
North Korea where the rogue state has just test fired a ballistic security
missile.Hillsong attack - a knocked
security guard coward punched and break
knocked unconscious, trying to in
break up a fight outside a church after
in Sydney.A mother speaks out when
after triggering an amber alert disabled
when she took herself easterly Brisbane.
disabled son from a hospital in Property
Brisbane.A change in the market. Sydney.
Property prices start to fall in the
Sydney. What will happen now around at
the country? We are going to look at Australia's housing crisis.Also, how
the battle for your beauty dollar - Priceline's
how you can reap the benefits from (SONG)
Priceline's extreme makeover. lady
(SONG) # Who won the world?And lady tradies - are they better than all-female
the men. We meet Australia's first morning,
all-female plumbing company.Good Weekend
morning, thanks for joining us on this
Weekend Today. Let's go straight to Korea
this breaking news out of North Korea with the US just confirming that in
ago. For the details, let's bring Turner.
in our US correspondent Laura us?
Turner. Laura, what can you tell ballistic
us?Morning to you Tom. This seen
ballistic missile test is being retallation
seen as coming in direct State
retallation to the US Secretary of UN
State Rex Tillerson addressing the world
UN this morning and calling on the down
world community to act, to crack it
down on North Korea. We know that and
it was a ballistic missile test, course
and landed in the Sea of Japan. Of UN
course it is in direct defiance of UN Security Council resolutions, well,
and comes right as Rex Tillerson, we
well, really warned the world that consequences
we cannot wait any longer or the Here
consequences could be catastrophic. international
Here he is.For too long, the reactive
international community has been Those
reactive in addressing North Korea. Failing
Those days must come to an end. pressing
Failing to act now on the most world
pressing security issue in the consequences.
world may bring catastrophic before
consequences. We have said this policy
before and it bears repeating - the policy of Rex
over.Now, Tom, in that UN address, really
Rex Tillerson also called out China, really saying that that nation and
really needs to step up its action course,
and act out against North Korea. Of the
course, they provide about 90% of latest
the trade to North Korea. And this understand
latest missile test, which we ago,
understand happened about two hours in
ago, is being seen, especially here in the US, as a direct affront to you,
the US but to China as well.Thank reports
you, Laura. Interesting to note the this
reports coming through now that all
this missile launch failed. So for bluster,
all of North Korea's bluff and military
bluster, it does seem like their what
military technology isn't quite it
what they want the world to believe guard
it is. Jayne?Back home, a security with
guard has been knocked unconscious scenes
with a coward punch during violent gathering
scenes outside a Hillsong Church Willan
gathering in Sydney. Nine's Fi morning.
Willan is in Waterloo for us this know
morning. Good morning, Fi. Do we was
know why the man was targeted?He was targeted for doing his job. He was trying to break up a fight out here
the front of the Hillsong Church here at 10.30 last night. That outside
started after a men of group came another
outside the church and encountered verbal
another group of men out here. A the
verbal argument broke out between in
the two groups but one of the men he
in the second group became to angry the
he became violent and that's when the security guard stepped in. As in
he did so, he was suddenly punched in the back of the head. He fell to the ground and knocked his head on unconscious
the pavement. He was knocked time.
unconscious for a short period of it
time. When he was taken to hospital, suffered
it was later revealed he had Thankfully
suffered some bleeding to the brain. condition.
Thankfully today he is in a stable fled
condition. Police say his attacker wanting
fled the scene, but they are assaults,
wanting to speak to him over three the
assaults, not only the attack on two
the security guard, but they say that
two other men were assaulted during churchgoers.
that incident - two of the they
churchgoers. They say thankfully Fi
they suffered only minor injuries. carrying
Fi Willan, thank you. A truck crashed
carrying four pallets of milk has crashed and rolled off the side of Southern
the Hume Highway in the NSW vehicle
Southern Tablelands. The heavy Marulan
vehicle rolled on to its side in morning.
Marulan in the early hours of this badly
morning. The cabin of the truck was badly smashed? The driver has been taken to hospital. today
A man will face court in Melbourne standoff
today charged after a three hour old
standoff with police. The 36-year- himself
old is accused of barricading home
himself inside his wit sewnia North allegedly
home late yesterday and he police
allegedly made violent threats to property.
police and others inside the attended
property. Critical response teams arrested
attended the scene and eventually her
arrested the man.A mother who took hospital
her disabled son from a Brisbane search
hospital sparking an interstate social
search has posted several videos to the
social media explaining her side of by
the story. For more, we are joined really
by Nine's Tessa Hardy. Tessa, a that
really dramatic chain of events the
that was triggered here. What is boy
the latest.Deb, this 4-year-old home
boy with special needs is now at and
home with his parents resting up, yesterday.
and this follows all of that drama being
yesterday. The 4-year-old ended up Hospital
being rushed to John Hunter located
Hospital in Newcastle after being located safely is
located safely by police. His name subject
is Chase Walker-Steven. He was the means
subject of an amber alert and that public
means the police had asked the public to keep an eye out for him and help
and help find him after his own parents took him from a Brisbane receive
hospital just before he was due to parents
receive medical treatment. His also
parents are known anti-vaxers. They media
also have a very strong social claiming
media following and presence after conditions
claiming they treated his They
conditions with marijuana products. doctors'
They also have strong opposition to posted
doctors' methods. His parents have Facebook
posted a number of videos live to side
Facebook overnight, telling their point
side of the story. They say at one them.
point they had 30 police around fine,
them. They say Chase is doing just emotional.
fine, but they are tired and come
emotional. They say the truth will support.
come out.Thanks everyone for the tell
support. Chase is doing fine. You and
tell them, "I'm alert, I'm awake, been."
and I'm better than I've ever overnight,
been."In a later video posted lot
overnight, Deb, this mother is a saying
lot more visibly angry and upset the
saying her issue is with control at like
the hospitals. It is not looking They
like the parents will be charged. little
They have agreed to take their Monday
little boy back to the doctor on story.
Monday for a check-up.Complex people
story. Tessa, thank you.Eight balcony
people have been injured when a northern
balcony collapsed at Yamba in northern NSW. The structure on two storey home gave way just needed
before 8.30 last night. Four people including
needed to be taken to hospital Lismore.
including a man who was flown to the
Lismore. Investigators will examine have
the house today. A mother and child Melbourne
have been forced to flee their erupted
Melbourne apartment after a fire before
erupted inside the building just was
before midnight. The young family smoke
was treated at the scene for minor battled
smoke inhalation as firefighters evacuated
battled the blaze at Ascot Vale and worked
evacuated other residents.Crews breathing
worked extremely hard and well in lines
breathing apparatus with their hose preventing
lines to extinguish that fire and spreading
preventing it from actually within
spreading to any further apartments the
within the complex.It is believed lit.
the fire may have been deliberately likely
lit. University students will the
likely be hit with higher fees as its
the Government looks at revamping year's
its high education package in this let's
year's budget. For more details Canberra.
let's go to Lauren Gianoli in mean
Canberra. Lauren, what will this will
mean for students?The Government increase
will firstly try and argue the benefit
increase by saying that graduates spending
benefit once they graduate and 26%
spending in the sector has gone up 3%.
26% compared to growth of less than reporting
3%. The Australian newspaper is paying
reporting that students will start loans
paying back their higher education don't
loans earlier. At the moment, you you
don't get taxed for the debt until if
you are earning above $59,000 but $50,000,
if that threshold was lowered to capture
$50,000, for example, it would This
capture an extra 180,000 people. the
This new plan would also increase from
the cost for University students Tertiary
from the current 40%. The National modelling
Tertiary Education Union has done share
modelling and analysis that if the 50%,
share for students was lifted to quarter.
50%, then fees would go up a 2014,
quarter. You might remember back in budget
2014, the Abbott Government's first and
budget proposed funding cuts of 20% fees,
and the deregulation of university fees, despite some toing and froing going,
and trying to get some negotiation Senate.
going, this never got through the campaign,
Senate. Labor ran a very successful would
campaign, claiming that degrees would cost students we saw the mass protests across is
country. The new Education Minister understood
is Simon Birmingham and it is this
understood he has been working on Jayne,
this package for over a year, and announcement
Jayne, we are expecting an week.
announcement before the budget next Tom?
week.Lauren Gianoli, thank you. developing
Tom?Let's get no another earthquake
developing story now and a large coast
earthquake has just struck off the magnitude
coast of the Philippines. The near
magnitude 6.8 tremor was recorded time
near the island Mindanao a short hazardous
time ago and a warning for the
hazardous waves has been issued for epicentre.
the area 300 kilometres around the Indonesia
epicentre. It is affecting parts of this
Indonesia and the Philippines. At are
this stage, although early, there injuries.
are no reports of damage or royalty
injuries. Australian television his
royalty Bert Newton is maintaining battling
his trademark smile despite pneumonia
battling a serious case of Patty
pneumonia in hospital. His wife year-old
Patty posted this photo of the 78- media
year-old and his grandson to social for
media last night, thanking everyone expected
for their well wishes. Bert is the
expected to remain in hospital over tests
the weekend undergoing further best.
tests and we wish him all the very been
best. Deb?We certainly do. It has Conservative
been a big week for Cory Bernardi's Australian
Conservative Party with the South new
Australian Senator announcing his Family
new team is joining forces with but
Family First. It is a bold move, but will it be enough to conceal Nation.
the conservative thunder from One to
Nation. Cory, thank you for coming Why
to the studio.My pleasure, Deb. supporters
Why merge? Do you not have enough a
supporters to go it alone?We have the
a strong response to the launch of frankly
the Australian Conservatives, but frankly we need the minor parties conservative
to come together to strengthen the historically
conservative voice. That's historically been the success of The
the left of the political spectrum. needs
The right of the political spectrum and
needs to do the same to put steel voice
and vigour into the conservative paid
voice in this country.How many We
paid members do you actually have? the
We have more members actually than the party we merged with originally, think
and we are growing like Topsy. I hysteria
think at the peak of the One Nation we
hysteria if you go back 20 years, we are halfway to that already and registered
we have tens of thousands of registered supporters. We are but
actually in a pretty good position question
but we have a long way to go. No merger,
question about it.As part of the First
merger, we have not seen the Family across.
First Senator Lucy Gichuhi come part
across. Why is that? Why is she not an
part of the deal?I think Lucy was a
an unexpected Senator. She has had few
a lot to deal with over the last Our
few weeks including the court case. spoke
Our program has been in place and I occasions
spoke to Lucy on a number of make
occasions and she wasn't ready to staund
make a decision at the time and I together
staund it but we will work closely supporters
together in Canberra.In terms of Liberal
supporters coming on board from the rumblings
Liberal Party or the Nationals, any you
rumblings of discontent seeing what leave
you did and moving across?I didn't leave the Liberal Party, the and
Liberal Party seemed to leave me heartland
and tens of thousands of true number
heartland members. There's any considering
number of people who are we
considering options, but ultimately, outcomes
we just want the best possible means
outcomes for Australians, and that want
means we want to see taxes cut, we see
want to see Government get smaller, see civil society maintained and the
see Government making decisions in the interests of Australia, not news
international bodies.Now, in other confirmation
news this morning, we have had launched
confirmation that North Korea has concerning
launched a ballistic missile, region.
concerning particularly for this tough
region. Do you think Donald Trump's the
tough stance against North Korea is can
the right move.I don't think we nuclear
can allow North Korea to develop intercontinental
nuclear weapons and You
intercontinental ballistic missiles. Trump
You have to do something. Donald think
Trump is being vocal about it. I regime
think that's positive. But the propped
regime in North Korea has been Government
propped up by the Chinese time
Government for decades now. It is time for that to stop and I really in
think for the safety of the world concerted
in this region, there needs to be a approach
concerted approach. So, a united North
approach by everyone to disarm first
North Korea.And heading into the office,
first 100 days of Donald Trump in Australia
office, our relationship with off
Australia and Malcolm Turnbull got that
off to a bit of a dodgy start with to
that phone call. What's your advice personally
to Malcolm Turnbull when he meets I've
personally with President Trump? I've learned never to give advice part
to politicians.Come on, that's But
part of the deal.Sometimes it is. greatest
But ultimately they are our had
greatest alliance partner we have had a with and that should be maintained got
and we have to look at what we have together.
got in common and how we can work your
together.You have been hedging reporting
your bets there. The Australian is up
reporting this morning as we come university
up to the May budget that to
university students could be forced enough
to pay more fees. Is that fair you
enough - the justification that if tertiary
you get a university degree, ultimately
tertiary level, means you will so
ultimately earn more of an income It
so it is okay to charge you more. for
It sounds great in theory except going
for the fact that too many kids are jobs
going to uni and not able to get train.
jobs in the fields in which they seed
train. We seem to be scattering our narrow-casting
seed far and wide rather than degrees
narrow-casting it and producing the graduates
degrees and the generation of the
graduates that are going to deliver country.
the results that we need for the act
country. So, there's a balancing sures
act that's necessary here. I'm not money
sures asking them to pay for more really
money for things that are not would
really going to give them a benefit something
would be the answer.Is that Senate
something you would support in the at
Senate or not?I will have a look media
at the details of it. It is only concern
media speculation this morning. My debts
concern is saddling people with delivering
debts for degrees that aren't jobs
delivering outcomes for them or jobs for them is unwise.Okay. Now, we have and
photographs of politicians at work, hands
and we have managed to get our really
hands on this picture of - who your
really does the heavy lifting in isn't
your office - this is your pooch, number
isn't it?That's Remi. He is, he is right
number 1 in our family. I rank office
right down the bottom and in the anyone
office he attaches himself to likes
anyone who has got food and he actually.
likes to sit up at meetings someone,
actually. If I have a meeting with a
someone, he will walk in and sit on you
a chair and be part of it.I'm glad pecking
you know where you are in the pooch
pecking order - you are below the least.
pooch Remi. He is on the seat at coming
least. Cory Bernardi, thanks for you
coming in.My pleasure, guys.There take
you go, guys.Coming up on Today, free-diving
take a breath, we take a dip with a out
free-diving photographer and find incredible
out how he captures these some
incredible up-close images with That's
some of the Giants of the deep. today
That's coming up a little later on with
today and now it is time for sport has
with Tom.Thank you and in AFL GWS preliminary
has revenged last year's thrilling
preliminary final loss with a Western
thrilling 2 point win against the Western Bulldogs. It was the Bont He
who had the Dogs still in the game. but
He stored for the reigning Premiers, costing
but missed opportunities ended up at
costing the Dogs who were leading them
at half-time and the Giants put quarter.
them to the sword in the final sealing
quarter. The Jonathon Patton bomb doubt
sealing it from the sidelines.No years
doubt over the next four or five these
years there's going to be a lot of was
these close, epic games. Yeah, it canvas
was just pleasing to get off the should
canvas at half-time, because they four
should have probably been up by four or five goals.

four or five goals.Later today, further
the battling Hawks will have a for
further blow without Cyril Rioli against
for their all-important clash against St Kilda. Rugby League and continuing.
the Eels, their hot form is at
continuing. They are looking great score
at the moment. 26-6 was the final in
score in their win over the Cowboys scratching
in Townsville last night. The late Johnathan
scratching of star half back North
Johnathan Thurston really hurt coach
North Queensland and Parramatta his
coach Brad Arthur was pleased with crediting
his side's third straight win, with
crediting an intervention he had our
with his players.An adjustment to is
our attitude - like I said, effort footy.
is not enough to win a game of footy. You scintillating
are finding it.Earlier a Manly
scintillating first half helped Manly to a 46-8 thumping over from
Rabbitohs. It was turnstile defence to
from South Sydney as they slumped to another loss.

to another loss. Sea eagle Akuila out.
Uate scoring four tries. A night the
out. A man having a day out with Hawaii.
the weather is Stevie, who is in

Yes, he is so caught up in the lost
moment, is Stevie, that we have cross
lost our link to him, but we will pictures
cross back to him shortly. We have He
pictures of Stevie taking it all in. He is so deep in thought for Stevie. action
He is. We will get more Stevie back
action shortly. Have we got him you
back yet?Stevie, hello?Aloha. Can there?
you hear us. Stevie J, are you are
there?Good morning everyone, we shore
are coming to you from the north little
shore this morning, a beautiful is
little town called Haleava, and it where
is a little shopping area. This is legendary
where you will find one of the the
legendary and most popular shops in warm
the whole of Hawaii. Because of the tropical
warm temperature here and the popular.
tropical feel, shaved ice is very snow
popular. It is a little bit like a ice.
snow cone. This is Matsimoto shaved normally
ice. It is early in the day but door
normally the line comes out the they
door and out around the corner and day.
they sell up to 1500 shaved ice a cone
day. A little bit like our snow will
cone and a little bit different. We a
will go in and check it out. First, what
a look at the weather to find out country
what is going on in your glorious in
country back Down Under. We start have
in Queensland this morning and we Townsville
have sunshine for Cairns, 28.

Townsville 27.
have sunshine for Cairns, 28. Sunshine
Townsville 27. Sunny on the hitting
Sunshine Coast and Brisbane, both a
hitting 26 today. On the Gold Coast, skies
a sunny top of 25 degrees. Blue top
skies also for Sydney today and a mostly
top of 23 degrees. Canberra, a of
mostly sunny afternoon, and a top the
of 19. Melbourne a few showers on the way and 18 degrees, your top bit
temperature. We will see a little Drizzle
bit of drizzle around in Hobart. They
Drizzle periods for Adelaide also. degrees
They should ease to a top of 20 in
degrees and a lovely blue sky day in the west today with Alice Springs sunny 32
Darwin partly cloudy and a top of 32 degrees.

32 degrees.
Darwin partly cloudy and a top of Matsumoto
32 degrees. Okay, welcome to little
Matsumoto shaved ice. It is a Snow
little different to a snow cone. they
Snow cone is crushed ice and this so
they actually shave off the block have
so it is a little bit finer. They here
have around 40 different flavours here and a lot of tropical flavours,

here and a lot of tropical flavours, guava,
Hawaiian flavours, a little bit of are
guava, green tea, pineapple. They can
are colourful and very tasty. You Japanese
can have them with icecream and which
Japanese beans - sweet beans - Look
which are soaked in sugar and water. The
Look at that, it looks fantastic. about
The only thing you have to worry everyone.
about is the brain freeze. Morning

everyone.Oh...Yeah, brain freeze. Hawaii.
Occupational hazard for Stevie in better
Hawaii. Good stuff.They make make
better TV presenters but do tradies make a better tradie than men. We company.
go to an all female plumbing local
company.Plus changes coming to our revamp
local Priceline store. Will the new -
revamp tempt you in to buy.Up next west.
- boom in the east and bust in the explain
west. Our real estate experts housing
explain the latest on Australia's housing market crisis.

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your Holden dealer today.

It is Saturday morning, so is underway
property hunt is well and truly underway across the country and the continue
housing affordability crisis does country
continue with both sides of the price
country suffering extreme property the
price pain.Yeah, on the East Coast, out
the housing boom, it is blocking while
out an entire generation of buyers into
while the west is falling further on
into debt. With a huge slump going countries,
on there.Yeah, it's a tale of two comes
countries, that's for sure. It is
comes is at the Turnbull government issue
is promising to try to resolve this unveiled
issue with new measures to be what
unveiled in the upcoming budget. So chief
what is the solution? Well, domain joins
chief economist Dr Andrew Wilson Australian
joins us this morning along with Pawle,
Australian property reporter, Fred Prices
Pawle, we will start with you. in
Prices we know along the East Coast quite
in particular tend to be slowing seen
quite dramatically to what we have is
seen in previous years.Yes.What prices
is your take?There is an easing of market
prices growth. The peak of the last
market would have been the end of energy
last year. Of course, that was the We
energy from lower interest rates. May
We had a rate cut in August and in markets
May last year. That drove the further
markets higher. Of course, the rate
further away we get from those low we
rate environments, the less energy had
we have for higher prices. We have as
had higher interest rates this year particularly
as well directed towards

that will create lower prices are
growth. But the underlying drivers board,
are very strong on the eastern sea record
board, particularly migration, the
record migration into Melbourne at Sydney.
the moment and very strong into turn
Sydney. We are starting to see a east
turn around in migration into south always
east Queensland as well. That is house
always an early term driver of the
house prices.We hear so much about potentially
the property bubble and the bubble Is
potentially bursting.Very exciting. perspective,
Is it a reality? Fred, from your actually
perspective, do you see prices ever down
actually on the East Coast going could.
down much again?Well, I mean, they high
could. I mean, prices are extremely interest
high at the moment. Driven by low buffer
interest rates. And there is no of
buffer in a lot of families, a lot of property owners, there is no up.
buffer against interest rates going up. If

up. If they do, there could be an end
exodus from the market. That's the there
end of a bubble. So, you know, density
there is an over supply of high cities
density property in the inner already
cities at the moment. We have going
already seen prices in that sector against
going down. So I wouldn't bet you
against a bubble being burst. But you know, who will
future.What's your take, Andrew?I though,
will bet against it.You reckon, require
though, no bubble?What we would in
require to have a significant fall increase
in prices would be a significant that
increase in interest rates. I mean, scenario
that is the cause and effect way
scenario and really, we are a long interest
way from a significant rise in seen
interest rates, I think...We have base
seen them going up from a very low hedges,
base though?That's right.For the a
hedges, how far you do think before It
a significant interest rate rise? least
It would have to be per cents. At That
least a year of significant rises. even
That is what history tells us. And interest
even then, with significant clatta
interest rate rises, we don't see a the
clatta clis Mick fall in prices. At got
the moment, I still think we have got a chance for lower official economy
interest rates. The national We
economy is not doing well at all. unemployment
We have got the highest capital
unemployment rate in a year. Most rates
capital city markets unemployment they
rates are higher now than where spending
they were a year ago. We had retail latest
spending down in February. Even the better,
latest inflation numbers were So
better, but there is still very low. be
So I think the Reserve Bank would seeing
be very mindful of not baiting and seeing the economy move into mid 6% unemployment rates before still
they acted. Now interest rates are the
still higher than any where else in talking
the world? We are seeing Labor they
talking a great deal about what budget.
they expect to see in the upcoming argument
budget. They are putting the some
argument that if you don't have property
some sort of policy to deal with negative
property issues, that addresses basically
negative gearing, then that's of
basically not covering off on all think
of the key issues. What do you this
think is the solution here to help you've
this lost generation which I know Federal
you've written about? I think the to
Federal Government probably needs needs
to step away from it and everyone Government
needs to stop expecting the Federal this.
Government to do something about issue.
this. It is not really a federal a
issue. The biggest problems are at are
a state and local level. Our cities all
are not being designed to cater for moment,
all types of Australians. At the nesters,
moment, we've got retirees, empty housing
nesters, sitting in the best but
housing stock for young families to
but there's no incentive for them create
to get out. And what we need is to our
create medium density properties in that
our cities and for young families, the
that make it affordable to live in the city and so on, and that's Federal
state and local issue, not a investors
Federal Government issue. I mean, dominated
investors have come in and breaks
dominated the market and the tax but
breaks for them are a federal issue around
but really, that's just tinkering need
around the edges at the moment. We for
need to design our cities better to
for Millenniums an young families young
to get their toe in the door.So young families that question
home, watching right now, the big or
question for them - do they buy now Stay
or do they sit it out for 12 month? are
Stay in the market. Most sellers First
are buyers and buyers are sellers. should
First time buyers though?They they
should get in the market as soon as when
they can really. Trying to pick fall
when the cycle is going to rise or Sydneysiders
fall is always fraught with danger. game
Sydneysiders really are out of that bolted.
game now. I think the horse has going
bolted. I don't think we are ever levels
going to see again those average market.
levels for first time buyers in the now
market. I think our big challenge and
now is for tenants in the Sydney why
and Melbourne market. And that's investor
why I'm concerned about restricting only
investor lending because it will we
only push rents up, I believe, and we have got a rental stock in most debate
markets and I think that is a The
debate that we have largely ignored. just
The best advice for young people is Melbourne.
just get the hell out of Sydney and Move
Melbourne.Move to the country? cheap.
Move to Perth.Exactly. They are data
cheap. But core logic released some comparing
data just a couple of months ago to
comparing average property price's you
to average incomes. The problem, way
you know, where property prices are all
way beyond average incomes, it is and
all in the inner city of Melbourne Perth,
and Sydney. Brisbane, Adelaide, you
Perth, Newcastle, you know, Bunbury, places
you know, wherever, all of those prospects
places have reasonable employment properties.
prospects and pretty accessible the
properties. So if you want to get where.
the toe in the door, just look else that
where.That's a big issue and one more
that we will have to talk about Because
more in the future.Absolutely. today.
Because we gave a lot of time to it in.
today. Thank you so much for coming with
in.Right let's get the latest news home.
with Jane.Good morning to you at breaking
home. We will start with our confirmation
breaking news this morning with test
confirmation that North Korea has missile.
test fired yet another ballistic go
missile. For all the details, let's Laura
go straight to our US correspondent can
Laura Turner. Good morning. What test?
can you tell us about this latest the
test?Good morning to you. Well, that
the US military has just confirmed from
that this test missile was launched That
from the West Coast of North Korea. seconds
That it exploded just a couple of headed
seconds after take off. And it was didn't
headed towards the Sea of Japan but exploded
didn't actually get there. It of
exploded before it got to the Sea provocty
of Japan. But certainly a very course,
provocty move from Kim Jong-un. Of that
course, we have known for weeks between
that tension has been mounting Korea.
between the United States and North just
Korea. And Donald Trump even saying we
just yesterday he's very aware that out
we could reach the stage of an all- comes
out war with North Korea. And it Secretary
comes on the very day that US addressed
Secretary of State Rex Tillerson world
addressed the UN and called on the act
world community to act, to really Korea.
act out and crack down on North Korea. Here he is.We diplomatic
countries to suspend or downgrade diplomatic relations with North Korea. North Korea exploits this illicit
diplomatic privileges to fund its constraining
illicit and nuclear programs and activity
constraining its diplomatic needed
activity will cut off a flow of Tillerson
needed resources.Now, Rex specifically
Tillerson called out China that
specifically as really saying that really
that country is the one who can reign
really help apply the pressure and eighth
reign in North Korea. This is the been
eighth ballistic missile that has in
been launched by Kim Jong-un just in the time that Donald Trump has Frightening
been in office. There
Frightening developments. Thank you. outside
There have been violent scenes in
outside a Hillsong church gathering has
in Sydney where a security guard trying
has been knocked unconscious while church.
trying to break up a fight outside church. Nine's

church. Nine's f Fiona is there have
this morning. What happened?Police on
have released some new information minutes,
on this, just in the last few minutes, they say it all at about 10:00 last night when a Hillsong
group of men who had been at heading
Hillsong church left and they were station
heading towards Redfern train come
station when nearby here they have Some
come across another group of men. out.
Some sort of argument has broken group
out. One of the men in the second became
group became so angry, that he church
became violent. He hit one of the at
church goers, an 18-year-old, and who
at that point, security cupboard 33-year-old
who was with that 18-year-old, a intervene.
33-year-old man, stepped in to in
intervene. However, he was struck the
in the back of the head. Knocked to on
the ground and he was knocked out hospital
on the pavement. He is now in he
hospital in a stable condition. But revealed
he has undergone scans which has bleeding
revealed that he has suffered some say
bleeding to the brain. Now, police before
say his attacker fled the scene but 21-year-old
before he did, he also attacked a suffered
21-year-old church goer who they
suffered minor injuries. Police say person
they are just looking for one thank
person over this attack.All right, pallets
thank you. A truck carrying four rolled
pallets of milk has crashed and Highway
rolled off the side of the Hume Tablelands.
Highway in the NSW Southern Tablelands. The heavy vehicle hours
rolled on to its side in the early hours of this morning. The cabin of the truck was taken
accident and the driver has been -
taken to hospital. To Melbourne now - a man will face court today following a three hour Slade
with police. Our reporter Melanie Court
Slade is outside the Magistrates the
Court for us this morning. What is this
the man accused of doing?Well, suburban
this man is accused of placing a in
suburban street in Melbourne's east siege
in lockdown last night as this to
siege unfolded. But police managed to arrest a 36-year-old who spent the night in custody and he's due today,
to appear before a magistrate here It's
today, charged with making threats. himself
It's alleged that the man locked making
himself inside his home and he was special
making threats. Members of the brought
special operations group were the
brought in and they tried to coax canine
the man out with weapons drawn. The then
canine unit was also brought in and managed
then after a few hours, they dragged
managed to arrest this man. He was dramatic
dragged out in handcuffs. So street
dramatic scenes in a suburban ended
street but police say the incident thankfully
ended without any major event and is
thankfully nobody was injured.That students
is good news. Thank you. University fees
students could be facing higher government's
fees as part of a shake-up to the package
government's higher education package to be of
budget. There are reports the cost by
of attending university could climb institutions
by at least 25% but funding to Conservatives
institutions would no longer be cut. Cory
Conservatives Australia senator proposal
Cory Bernardi weighed in on the the
proposal just a short time ago on I
the show. Here's what he had to say. of
I will have a look at the details this
of it. It is only media speculation asking
this morning. But my concern is for
asking - saddling people with debts outcomes
for degrees that aren't delivering is
outcomes for them or jobs for them expected
is unwise.The government is early
expected to announce the changes charged
early next week. Police have charged a Sydney couple with

charged a Sydney couple with Party
defrauding the Compulsory Third 44-year-olds
Party Insurance Scheme. The 39 and home
44-year-olds were arrested after a yesterday.
home in Merrylands was raided staging
yesterday. The pair is accused of fraudulent
staging a car crash and submitting face
fraudulent claims. They are due to took
face court next month. A couple who Brisbane
took their disabled son from a Brisbane hospital sparking a cross border search have now amber
little boy home. Police issued an left
amber alert when 4-year-old Chase Cilento
left with his parents from Lady were
Cilento Children's Hospital. They little
were later found in NSW and the Hospital
little boy was taken to John Hunter everyone
Hospital in Newcastle.Thanks everyone for the support.

everyone for the support. Chase is I'm
doing fine. You tell them I'm alert, ever
I'm aware, and I'm better than I've the
ever been.Chase was released by unlikely
the hospital and police are Dramatic
unlikely to lay any charges. rugby
Dramatic vision has emerged from a shows
rugby league game in France which knocked
shows the moment a referee was footballer
knocked out cold by a player. The because
footballer punched the official causing
because he was sent off the field involved
causing both sides to then become player
involved in a large brawl. The ban
player is now looking at a lifetime from
ban as the referee is recovering cheekbone.
from a badly injured jaw and Goodness
cheekbone.Gee, he was fired up. better
Goodness me.Yeah. I have some now.
better vision from a sporting game Awkward.
now. We know Kiss Cams are awkward. and
Awkward. We nearly had a Bec Judd one
and Tony Jones moment then but no- this
one was expecting anything like US.
this at a bavenlgt ball game in the man
US. When the camera focussed on a at
man and woman sitting in the crowd young
at a Milwaukee Bucks game, the Shaking
young man was having none of it. mouthing
Shaking his head in disbelief and Safe
mouthing the worth "That's my mum"!. horrified
Safe to say mum also looks rather expression
horrified by the situation.Her expression is gold. I love it. Look is
at it. Here she goes.I think this She
is my favourite story of the day. think
She is like what? Oh no, I don't the
think so.That's a massive pat on you
the back for mum. That is saying you look so youthful, that we think your
you would be of the same ilk of it
your son.I think she should take summed
it as a compliment.Her reaction summed it up entirely. And I like missed
your awkwardness too. We just right,
missed that. I missed you guys.All Today
right, thank you. Coming up on Today -

Today - the revamp coming to your battle
local Priceline. Find out how the heating
battle for your beauty dollar is their
heating up and if the new look for you
their stores will actually tempt details
you inside to buy. All of the minutes.
details coming up in just nine now
minutes. Let's get a hit of sport start
now with Tom.Thank you. Let's the
start with AFL - the Giants flipped from
the script on the Western Bulldogs revenging
from last year's prelim file. GWS narrow
revenging that loss but this time a Cameron's
narrow two point victory. Leon nation's
Cameron's big men shining in the nation's capital.

nation's capital. Johnathan Pattie soured
nailing four goals. Even though he Greene,
soured a bit by that hit from Toby weeks
Greene, I reckon he might cop a few Beveridge
weeks for that, the dogs coach Luke opportunities.
Beveridge was left to rue missed embarrassing
opportunities. His side kicked an really
embarrassing 19 behinds.Making it ourselves
really hard work and shooting going
ourselves in the foot and it's close
going to be difficult to win these inefficient.
close games when you're a bit they
inefficient.Later today, the Swans, searching
they are in dire straits, they are searching for their first win as NRL
they take on the hapless Carlton. the
NRL - the Sea Eagles ran riot over there
the Rabbitohs. The final score straight
there was 46-8. That was the third their
straight defeat for the bunnies and They
their fans, they weren't happy. time
They booed the team off at half coach
time and they were questioning the points.
coach after his side led him 33 eight.
points. They now sit in the top going.
eight.We have just got to keep better,
going. We can still get a lot starting
better, I think. But we are belief
starting to get a little bit of about
belief there.The fence is all build
about attitude, so it is how you we
build attitude during the week so Cowboys
we need to look at that.The they
Cowboys have a fortress at home but scratching
they couldn't recover from the late Thurston,
scratching of half back Johnathan Parramatta.
Thurston, they went down 26-6 to instrumental
Parramatta. Corey Norman again outfit
instrumental for the red hot Eels two
outfit while Clint Gutherson bagged have
two tries. North Queensland, they home
have now dropped three of their six this
home games this season. And check for
this one out. You might feel sorry the
for the guy here. NFL draft, one of brings
the biggest events in US sport, it sides
brings a lot of hope for fans whose that
sides need some fresh talent but Chicago
that wasn't the case for the less
Chicago Bears faithful. Who were less than impressed when quarter
franchise gambled on drafting pick
quarter back trob with their second no,
pick -- Mitch Trubisky.Oh my God, I
no, no, no!OT it..Poor old Mitch. after
I just want to give trib a hug Mitch
after that. It would be great -- proved
Mitch Trubisky if he came out and his
proved them wrong.The ball is in sporting
his court, so to speak.Good one?
sporting analogy,Did you like that analogies.
one? Bit rusty on the sporting the
analogies.Very nice. Top pick of now
the draft for you. All right. Time to
now for your latest weather. Over to Stevie in Hawaii.

Yeah, that is my local Hawaiian Hawaii.
name, Kuini, thank you, welcome to yesterday
Hawaii. We are on the island but the
yesterday we went and checked out the island of Ka 'i. It is called allowed
the garden aisle. No billing is palm
allowed to be built taller than a palm tree. It is the fourth growth.
and oldest island. So a lot of old amazing
growth. Tropical rain forests, falls
amazing rivers an cascading water like
falls which you will see in movies absolutely
like 'Jury ASIC park'. It is you
absolutely stunning. We will take water
you to another one of the famous take
water falls here but first, let's take a look at the weather:

Plenty of water falls to check out famous
here. Many of them feature in a
famous TV shows an films so we took a little tour to one of them falls,
yesterday. This one is called Walua off
falls, stunning water falls, just streams
off the beat enpath. It has two with
streams that drop around 35m and no
with scenery this beautiful, it is long
no surprise that it features in a For
long list of films and TV series. extra
For those of you who have a few recognise
extra years on you, you may titles
recognise this from the opening that
titles of 'The fantastic series the
that was shot here' factcy island', the plane, the plane.I did take
recognise that.So we are going to That
take you...The plane, the plane. That water fall was the opening titles of 'Fantasy island', we will bit
take you to the location a little sort
bit later on in the show, which is where
sort of the home away from home films
where they shot some of the biggest talking
films in recent history. We are the
talking Indiana Jones, pirates of ASIC
the Caribbean, and, of course, jury I
ASIC park, and we will be back soon. back
I love it. I know I have just come my
back from holidays but I'm planning be
my next break, I think Hawaii will You
be a great destination. Thank you. beautiful
You know who else might like those beautiful waters from
next guest, they are free divers combined
from Australia an they have with
combined their passion for the deep capture
with a love of photography to images.
capture some truly breathtaking animals
images.It's a focus on the big an
animals like whales and mantra rays an David Edgar travels the world search
with his fiance, Alice Chan, in the they
search of the perfect shot. I think of
they have managed to capture a few now.
of them along the way. They join us incredible
now.Morning.These are such manage
incredible pictures. How do you and
manage to get these great animals with
and get up so close and personal the
with them?It's really all about in
the interaction with these animals And
in the most natural way possible. through
And for us, we find the best way is just
through free diving which is really down
just taking one big breath an going an
down and playing with these animals way
an interacting in the most natural breath.
way possible.Wow. That is a big the
breath.Who can hold their breath Normally
the longest out of you two? wit
Normally I can hold my breath for a whale,
wit longer...But when there's a long.
whale, I tend to hold it twice as Like,
long.Inspired by it.Just in awe. forgot
Like, just in the moment and you done
forgot to breathe.Obviously you've doing,
done this so you know what you're hold
doing, but I would be able to not so
hold my breath because I would be situation.
so shocked by the reality of the find
situation. Do the animals, do you you're
find that they react to you because don't
you're there with them, that you what
don't have all the gear on, is that around?
what you find that they stick right.
around?Yeah, that's absolutely as
right. I think they sort of see us environment
as just another creature in their And
environment in the water with them. the
And typically, the younger they are, young
the more curious they are, so the close.
young calves like to come right up these
close.How close do you get in you're
these pictures make you look like that
you're just a few metres away, is have
that for real?Absolutely.They They
have no sense of personal space. They really don't. So in times we I've
have been an arm's length away, actually
I've had a young calf come up and once
actually take a nibble on my fin are
once before.No way.So they really talking
are very curious.I remember flipped
talking to someone once who got how
flipped by the tale of a whale an anything
how powerful it was. Have you had thought
anything like that where you've of
thought oh yeah, I'm close an all quick
of a sudden, whack, you get that quick reality check of the
they are?I found fortunately that interacting
the whales that we have been aware
interacting with, tend to be quite they
aware of our presence. So sometimes minute.
they will just duck out at the last get
minute. So we certainly sometimes get a little bit worried that they move
get close. But they usually sort of it
move out the way in times.Because are
it is interesting I know that there about
are certain rules an regulations whales.
about how close you can get to with
whales. Are there similar rules generally
with free diving?With free diving, we
generally the approach we take is will
we let the whales come to us. So we see
will sort of read their behaviour, to
see what they're thinking and try more
to get a feel for it. And often, right
more often than not, they will come Where
right up to take a close look. have
Where are these pictures? Where So
have you encounter's these whales? moment
So these whales on screen at the Pacific
moment are from Tonga. So South clear
Pacific island, beautiful crystal with.
clear waters and a lot of fun to be that
with.Is there a particular animal picture?
that you still find as the elusive dream
picture? Have you got that sort of achieve?
dream photo that you still want to us
achieve?Yeah, the dream photo for whales.
us is very much with the killer the
whales. So Alice and I are going to dive
the artic circle early next year to and
dive with killer whales in Norway No
and that is for our honeymoon.Wow! That
No tropical beaches for you guys. That is some Instagram selfies of you,
the honey moon, just the three of you, the you two and the whale. you
That will be the dream.Make sure you share them with us. When are it
you getting hitched?We are doing touch.
it in December.OK. Well, stay in honeymoon
touch. We will show some of your from
honeymoon pics when you come back joining
from your trip. Thanks so much for this
joining us. Beautiful photos.Well, ground
this one is the latest battle Priceline
ground for your shopping dollar. with
Priceline is going head to head really
with cosmetics giant Sephora with a hoping
really dramatic revamp that is into
hoping to entice more customers brighter
into their stores.So, will get
brighter lights and wider aisles expert,
get more shoppers on side? Retail Mortimer,
expert, associate Professor Gary look
Mortimer, joins us now to have a well,
look at all of this. Priceline, focus
well, they are trying to get the people
focus on the price and getting think
people through the doors. Do you making
think this focus on health, beauty, competitive
making sure that the prices are absolutely
competitive will work?Yeah, very
absolutely guys. I mean, this is very much

very much about Priceline from
differentiating themselves away got
from other pharmacies. So we have We
got the discounter-style pharmacy. This
We have got the community pharmacy. space
This is Priceline moving into a and
space around cosmetics, fragrances, do
and beauty. And they are going to So,
do that by revamping their stores. aisles,
So, shopper also start to see wider better
aisles, better lighting, probably a more
better range, more staff trained, activities
more testing an certainly more well.
activities happening in store as though,
well.If they want that experience some
though, wouldn't shoppers go to existence,
some of the big stores already in Myer,
existence, the David Jones, the draw
Myer, isn't price really the big Priceline?
draw card for stores like a
Priceline?Yeah, so they will play what
a little bit in price but I think retailers
what retailers, ernl is the focussed
retailers I speak to, are very that
focussed on today is the enhancing are
that customer experience. And we of
are seeing that happen in a number and
of ways. Certainly through lighting we
and music and atmospherics. But if been
we think about Bunnings, they have number
been doing DIY workshops for a cafes
number of years now. We have seen about
cafes really educating consumers roasts.
about brands of bean and types of focussed
roasts. So retailers today, very they
focussed on the experience that low
they can offer consumers, not just such
low price.Sephora, of course, is mean,
such a big global powerhouse. I pose
mean, how much of a threat does it of
pose to basically wiping out a lot Yeah,
of our local Australian retailers? big
Yeah, you're right. They are a very been
big retailer. So French retailer, years
been around for around about 50 about
years now, they operate around dollars
about 1,700 stores, about 4 billion any
dollars in sales every year. So, into
any international player coming certainly
into the Australian market income.
certainly is going to shake up fast
income. We have seen that happen in probably,
fast fashion over the last, with
probably, five or six years now coming
with Zara, Top Shop and H and M opening
coming in and certainly it. J max opening this week.Yeah,

opening this week.Yeah, TJ Maxx, I hadn't encountered They
before, but what do they offer? They are owned

They are owned by the parent different
company TJ Max, it is a very this
different shopping experience. So Their
this is an off price retailer. Their strategy is

Their strategy is about buying out Hugo
exclusive brands like Donna Karan, runs,
Hugo Boss, but be end of season they
runs, just the remaining items, and and
they bring them into their stores about
and show case them. So, this is not is
about sort of cheap product. This brands,
is highly expensive, very important catchments
brands, but just isolated bit
catchments of brands. So it is a be
bit of a treasure hunt. You need to go
be conditioned to go in and slowly those
go through those racks, looking for every
those items. But that range changes another
every week. So every week there is more
another container turning up with Interesting
more range to have a look at. competition
Interesting development.Yeah. More us
competition means more savings for Thank
us I think. Very interesting stuff. morning.
Thank you for joining us this they
morning.Any time.All right. Now, experience
they have all the training and experience of all
parts. But Tradettes Plumbing is an first
all female company and it is the first of its kind here in Australia. Yeah, when she
pretty bored of sitting at her desk, to
she decided that's it, she's going create
to throw on the tool belt and pleased
create a business. And Helen I'm her
pleased to say joins us now with her apprentice, Sarah. Good morning morning.
to you both.High viz, woo!Good straight.
morning.Helen, let's get this a
straight. Very early on, what makes think
a femaly better than a bloke?I ladies
think it comes down to the way us way
ladies present ourselves and the I
way we communicate with our clients. above
I think the fact that we like to go makes
above and beyond for our clients the
makes us unique in comparison to the male counter parts.I do love business.
the promise that you've got of the what
business. Is it no cracks s that a
what you promise?Yes, we have got of
a no crack promise.Play on words plumber's
of the builder's crack and the response
plumber's crack. Tell us, the what's
response you've had from clients, Very,
what's it been like?Very positive. in
Very, very positive. There's a need we're
in the industry for change. And change
we're bringing that need to - that Now,
change to that - to the industry. stereo-type
Now, am I getting a bit of a gender often
stereo-type thing here, but quite they
often when you call out a tradie, bit
they leave the place in a little tradies
bit of a mess. Do the female clean-up
tradies do a better job of the It's
clean-up afterwards?Definitely. complimented
It's the biggest thing we get leave
complimented on. Every time we than
leave a job, we leave it cleaner there.
than what it was when we first got values
there. So it's one of our core make
values within the company, is to better
make sure that the property is there.
better than what it was when we got award
there.Sarah, you recently won an Congratulations.
award for your work. what
Congratulations. Can you tell us much.
what that was about?Thank you very about
much. The award was given out to only
about 139 apprentices applied and of
only seven females applied and out female
of the 10 winnerth, I was the only for
female winner. So I'm very grateful effort.
for that.That is such a great become
effort. Why did you decide to decided
become a plumber?I actually decided to go into electrical
and I did a preapprenticeship finishing
electrical course, but after you
finishing that course, I thought into
you know, bit boring, I would go diversity
into something a little more one
diversity and I found plumbing.Now, actually
one thing I'm interested in. Who find
actually hires you more, do you are
find that you have more men that female
are interested in getting that who
female touch and perhaps someone perhaps
who is a bit nicer to look at than or
perhaps Barry from down the corner, fact
or is it women who appreciate the it
fact that you guys probably do do clientele.
it better?We have a broad range of definitely
clientele. Our main clients are or
definitely your stay at home mums are
or your single ladies at home that in
are more comfortable with females aspect
in the house. There's that safety house
aspect there with us being in the house with the ladies. But we through
definitely do get men coming few
through wanting us. We have had a that
few gentlemen come through saying to
that they prefer us because we talk make
to them on their level and we don't Well,
make them feel like idiots.Nice. grubby
Well, that's good. It's a pretty trades,
grubby job. I mean, in terms of the makers,
trades, you know, the cabinet the
makers, they are sort of up there, ap
the brickies are at another level ap the plumbers, you get down dirty and do all of the think
you find that you really sort of No,
think sometimes what have I done? wouldn't
No, I love it. I love it. I It's
wouldn't change it for the world. actually
It's not as dirty as it seems. It's that,
actually a lot more diverse than mud,
that, yeah. One day you're in the completely
mud, and the next day you're say
completely clean.So what would you are
say to young women out there who when
are thinking of starting a career, jobs
when you talk about all of these decades
jobs that will disappear in a few to
decades time, plumbing is not going spiel
to be one of them, give me the pitch.
spiel for why they should...The demand
pitch.Get a trade.There's a to
demand in the industry for females collective,
to come into the trades. We, as a females
collective, are pushing for more a
females in trades. Our company has So
a goal of 1,000 apprentices by 2024. plumbing,
So we're not just looking at supporting
plumbing, we're looking at supporting girls into other trades. trades,
So if you're wanting a career in on
trades, hit up our website, click email
on the careers link and send us an email an we will see what we can do seeing
to help you.I love it. We are apprentices,
seeing pictures here of the trades
apprentices, people in various mechanics
trades an we are seeing the women manicures
mechanics who have got very nice contrast.
manicures by the way. It's a nice the
contrast.Very good. Ladies, tip of here.
the hat to you both.No manicures Absolutely.
here.Not when you're in the dirt. us
Absolutely.Thank you for joining the
us this morning. All the best with Thank
the business.Thank you very much. on
Thank you.Love a bit of high viz fantastic.
on a Saturday morning. That is turned
fantastic. Our next guest has lifestyle.
turned Lego into more than just a of
lifestyle. Living the dream in fact ups
of a lot of children and some grown builder
ups too. Working as a master heads
builder for Lego.Yeah, my nephews see
heads might just explode when they are
see some of these pictures. They Steininger.
are full of envy for Chris the
Steininger. He's going to harness putting
the force for his latest project, Wars'
putting together the biggest 'Star joining
Wars' creation in Australia. He's lot
joining us now. Chris, as I said, a lot of people very jealous, I love absolute
the suit by the way, that is an become
absolute ripper there. How do you become a Lego master builder,

become a Lego master builder, talk us through the process?Yes, We
a pretty difficult job to get to. Lego
We are talking there is only eight and
Lego master builders in the world Connecticut
and we are all based out of American
Connecticut which is a north we
American headquarters for Lego but essentially.
we really look for artists with
essentially. So artists who sculpt sculpt
with Lego, just as someone would happen
sculpt with clay or wood, we just It
happen to create with Lego pieces. true?
It runs in your family, is that I'm
true?It does run in the family. So Lego
I'm actually the second generation also
Lego master builder. My father is builders
also one of the eight master able
builders and it's pretty cool being really
able to work with your dad, doing and
really large scale building events old
and travelling the world too.How can
old were you when you started? I little
can imagine there would have been a when
little bit of parental pressure Lego
when you were starting with the piece
Lego quite young to create a master I
piece early?So, believe it or not, was
I started playing with Lego when I old.
was probably about six, seven years at
old. My father didn't play with it at that time. He hadn't had a job an
at Lego yet. He was coulding sales it
an stuff. And he actually got into building
it because of me. So he started building with and
it. Because he had art background model
and eventually got a job in the become
model shop and rose to the ranks to great
become a master builder, which is lot
great for me, which meant I had a What
lot more Lego coming home to me. ever
What is the coolest thing you've ever built?The coolest thing I've honest,
ever bit, well, I mean, let's be weekend
honest, the one I'm building this Massive
weekend is absolutely incredible. beat
Massive death star. How can you everything
beat that. But I've built Olympics
everything from some models for the massive
Olympics last year, we built a so
massive 5 x 6m model. City of Rio, awesome
so we have been involved some some life
awesome ones, including a massive few
life size X wing that we bieltd a are
few years back in the states.They you
are such great creative things that death
you come up with. Tell us about the can
death star behind you because we bricks,
can see it taking shape. How many us
bricks, how long does it take, give details?
us some of the specks and the to
details?Yes. We are actually going around
to be finishing up here tomorrow around 2p.m. With a grand total of is
around 210,000 pieces in it. So it massive.
is going to be 2.5m tall. It is all
massive. Huge undertaking. We need weekend
all the help from the kids this me
weekend to come in here and build to
me three times bricks. So they need times
to help build bricks that are three brick.
times the size of a standard 2 x 4 in
brick. So we will use their brick What
in this death star.That is awesome. done?
What do you do with it when it is I
done? If you haven't got plans, can going
I have it?Yeah, well, Luke is and
going to come by in the end here will
and he is going to blast it and it So,
will be all over. So no. (LAUGHS) really
So, no, actually, we have got a feature
really cool aug meanted reality to
feature here and kids will be able they
to stand in one spot, act as if star
they are Luke blowing up the death star and it over lay on the screen you.
and see it all employee up around you.We can just feel the passion creations
and energy that comes from your the
creations an we can't wait to see can
the finished product.Before we go, your
can we get a quick wide shot of overalls
your outfit. I want to see the full overalls in Beautiful.
now. We don't mess around at Lego.

Beautiful.Just in time for May the It
4th be with you as well.Yes, yes. involved
It will be fun to get the kids of
involved with that today too. Heaps news
of fun.Let's look at our latest morning
news with Jayne.Thank you. Good with
morning to you at home. We begin Confirmation
with breaking news this morning. fired
Confirmation North Korea has test Our
fired another ballistic missile. joins
Our US correspondent Laura Turner do
joins us now with more. What more Good
do you know about this latest test? being
Good morning to you. Well, it is this
being - it is coming in now that Korea
this latest missile test from North saying
Korea did fail. The US military is West
saying that it was launched off the aimed
West Coast of North Korea. It was never
aimed at the Sea of Japan. But it exploding
never got there. That missile after
exploding just a couple of seconds after being launched. Despite that,

after being launched. Despite that, great
though, it still gives Kim Jong-un more
great opportunity to learn and do missile
more research on these ballistic missile tests ahead of doing the
which is, of course, expected, in very
the future. It also comes on the Rex
very day that US Secretary of State specifically
Rex Tillerson addressed the UN, urged
specifically on North Korea, and world
urged for more countries around the against
world to really take up the fight is.
against the rogue nation. Here he community
is.For too long, the international community has been

community has been reactive in must
addressing North Korea. Those days now
must come to an end. Failing to act issue
now on the most pressing security catastrophic
issue in the world may bring said
catastrophic consequences. We have repeating.
said this before and it bears patience
repeating. The policy of strategic Tillerson
patience is over.Now, Rex countries
Tillerson has also said that on
countries need to really crack down decrease
on this. Sanctions on North Korea, and
decrease diplomacy with the country countries
and also crackdown on those Korea's
countries that support North missiles
Korea's nuclear and ballistic well.
missiles and weapons programs as Plenty
well. Back to you Jayne. Plenty more to come news
Thank you.We have more breaking there's
news out of Sydney now where in
there's been a nasty two car crash happened
in the south in Blakehurst. It closing
happened on the Princes Highway yet
closing lanes in the area. It's not injured.
yet clear if anyone has been information
injured. We will bring you more security
information as soon as we get it. A unconscious
security guard has been knocked during
unconscious with a coward punch Hillsong
during violent scenes after a Sydney.
Hillsong church gather anything scene
Sydney. Nine's Fiona is on the was
scene for us at Waterloo. How badly his
was this man injured?He knocked and
his head pretty hard on the ground the
and he did suffer some bleeding to morning
the brain. He's in hospital this now
morning under observation but he is happened
now in a stable condition. This all after
happened at around 10:00 last night church
after the event at the Hillsong among
church behind me here. The man was left
among a group of people who had Redfern
left the church and were heading to come
Redfern train station when they've Now,
come across another group of men. broken
Now, some sort of argument has And
broken out between the two groups. became
And a man in the second group the
became violent. He attacked one of the church goers, that
hitting had imin the face and at security
that point, that 33-year-old in
security guard has stepped in and in doing so, he's been punched in crashing
the back of the head sending him attacker
crashing down. Now, before that goer
attacker fled, a 21-year-old church they
goer was also attacked. Police say area
they will be door knocking this somebody
area today in the hope that help
somebody saw something. So they can Thank
help them identify who did this. Melbourne
Thank you.A man will face court in three
Melbourne today charged following a The
three hour stand-off with police. barricading
The 36-year-old is accused of sownia
barricading himself inside his watt allegedly
sownia north home yesterday police
allegedly making violent threats to property.
police an others inside the response
property. Critical incident and
response teams attended the scene Eight
and eventually arrested that man. a
Eight people have been injured when northern
a balcony collapsed at Yamba in two
northern NSW. The structure on the before
two storey home gave way just needed
before 8:30 last night. Four people including
needed to be taken to hospital, to
including a man who had to be flown set
to Lismore. Investigators are now today.
set to examine that house later disabled
today. A mother who took her hospital
disabled son from a Brisbane search
hospital sparking an interstate videos
search has now posted several her
videos on social media explaining are
her side of the story. For more, we It
are joined by Nine's Tessa Hardy. events.
It was really a dramatic chain of this?
events. What's the late west all of four-year-old
this?It was. The parents of that have
four-year-old severely disabled boy and
have expressed their frustration hospital
and anger both at police and the videos
hospital system in a series of live In
videos posted to Facebook overnight. visibly
In one, the mother is clearly backtrack
visibly upset. Let me just yesterday.
backtrack and explain what happened a
yesterday. Queensland police issued their
a nationwide amber alert after taken
their four-year-old son, Chase, was Brisbane
taken by his parents from a wanted
Brisbane hospital. Doctors had eventually
wanted him there for treatment. Now, all
eventually in the end, they were little
all found safe in NSW. But the John
little boy was then rushed to the for
John Hunter Hospital in Newcastle night
for further treatment before last go
night eventually being allowed to parents
go home with his parents. His strong
parents are well known for their strong anti vaccination stance presence
they also have a very strong claiming
presence on social media after his
claiming they've treated some of products.
his illnesses with marijuana support.
products.Thanks everyone for the tell
support. Chase is doing fine. You I'm
tell them I'm alert, I'm awake an this
I'm better than I've ever been.Now, mother
this video goes on to say from the families.
mother that it's not nice to harass are
families. She claims families who children.
are only trying to heal their police
children. It is not sounding like charges
police are going to be laying any parents
charges over this issue. The their
parents have said they will take for
their little boy back to the doctor right,
for another checkup on Monday.All University
right, thank you for the update. hit
University students will likely be government
hit with higher fees as the higher
government looks at revamping its year's
higher education package in this let's
year's budget. For the details, in
let's go to Nine's Lauren Gianoli in Canberra. What does this mean justify
for students?The government will arguing
justify this fee increase by paid
arguing university graduates are sector
paid more and spending in the growth
sector has gone up 26% compared to growth of less than 3%. Next week, to
the Education Minister's expected tertiary
to announce the government's Canberra
tertiary education policy here in Simon
Canberra at the Press Club and much
Simon Birmingham's looking at how funding
much students contribute and what Commonwealth.
funding universities get from the Australian'
Commonwealth. According to 'The students
Australian' newspaper this morning, their
students could start bying back earlier.
their higher education loans get
earlier. At the moment, you don't you're
get taxed for that debt until new
you're earning above $54,000. The cost
new plan could also increase the the
cost for university students from Australia
the current 40%. Conserve timps told
Australia Senator, Cory Bernardi, rather
told Deb earlier that he would funding
rather see universities get less to
funding instead of students having the
to pay more.I will have a look at speculation
the details of it. It is only media concern
speculation this morning. But my with
concern is asking - saddling people delivering
with debts for degrees that aren't jobs
delivering outcomes for them or 2014,
jobs for them is unwise.Back in budget
2014, the Abbott government's and
budget proposed funding cuts of 20% university
and also the deregulation of through
university fees, this never got very
through the Senate. Labor ran a students
very successful campaign and country.
students protested across the opposition
country. This morning, the We're
opposition has already responded. Plibersek
We're expecting to here from Tanya They
Plibersek later on this morning. $100,000
They say that Tony Abbott's back.
$100,000 university degrees are suggests
back.Thank you. A new poll their
suggests Queenslanders have thrown following
their support behind the premier Debbie.
following her handling of Cyclone poll,
Debbie. According to a new Galaxy winnable
poll, Annastacia Palaszczuk is in a winnable position months out

winnable position months out from Labor's
an expected November election. following
Labor's primary vote has climbed 5% tell
following the natural disaster.I while
tell you what, I've missed this panda
while I've been away. Our dose of captivity
panda action. A panda bred in captivity is currently undergoing Chinese
an extensive training program at a her
Chinese animal sanctuary to prepare learnt
her for life in the wild. Chen has shelter
learnt how to find food, water and keepers
shelter without any assistance and keepers say she has developed could
skills to survive in the wild and just
could soon be released.Now, see, I holiday
just assumed when you went on you
holiday to Asia for a month, that for
you were going to research pandas the
for the show.I did see a panda in dicheck
the Hong Kong ocean park actually, they
dicheck out in panda action there, pandas
they are great, they do what these bamboo.
pandas do, hang out, eat some Jenner
bamboo.That is on trend. I Kendall that
Jenner wears chokers, so I think hope
that is an attempt at fashion.I even
hope the panda Cam does follow, captivity
even though they are not in in
captivity any more, it will have it track
in trees an stuff so we can keep bit
track of the action.We have got a league
bit of breaking news this rugby with
league this morning. He has signed Ivan
with the West Tigers and will join night,
Ivan Cleary's squad shortly. Last form
night, the Eels were in electric Cowboys
form in Townsville downing the Gutherson
Cowboys 26-6. Full back Clint two
Gutherson had a night out bagging they
two tries. North Queensland, though, back
they struggled with regular half omission
back Johnathan Thurston, a late adjustment
omission in that game.An said,
adjustment to our attitude, like I enough
said, you know, that effort is not enough just to win a game of footy. You need to find the
finding it.Earlier, Manly clutched nightmare
the Rabbitohs 46-8. It was a Sydney
nightmare performance for South Sea
Sydney who showed no resolve but scored
Sea Eagles winger Akuila Uate edged
scored four tries. AFL - GWS have edged out the reigning premiers, in
the Western Bulldogs by two points rivalry
in an absolute thriller. The after
rivalry picked up where it left off

after last year's preliminary final. roost
The dogs in the end were left to They
roost some missed opportunities. Didn't
They had a lead at half time. Cameron's
Didn't quite get it done. Leon last
Cameron's men storming home in the next
last quarter.No doubt over the be
next four or five years, there will But
be a lot these close epic games. get
But yeah, it was just pleasing to because
get off the canvass at half time been
because they should probably have forward
been up by four or five goals.GWS looking
forward Toby Greene could be say,
looking at a bit of a holiday, I'd after
say, about a three week holiday Jaeger
after that hit. Later on today, Hawks
Jaeger O'Meara returns for the Kilda.
Hawks in their clash against St Kilda. A-League - Sydney FC corner Graham Arnold is to
more records. The Sky Blues looking final
to send Arnold to his fourth grand he
final in six seasons. What a record beat
he has. They will do that if they semifinal.
beat Perth glory in tonight's favourite
semifinal. Sydney FC starting game
favourite after dropping just one All
game throughout the regular season. at
All right. Let's have another look Hawaii.
at weather. It's over to Stevie in

Thank you very much. That I canning Plenty
the life in my hands this morning. Hawaii.
Plenty of water sports over here in Hawaii. We are not far from some of Waimea
the big wave beaches like pipeline, here,
Waimea Bay, you can also come out or
here, check out a bit of out rigger or maybe a stand up paddle. I've

or maybe a stand up paddle. I've a
got Kalon who is taking me out for river
a paddle today. You can go up the rivers
river behind me, one of the longest by
rivers here, and it is surrounded will
by lush tropical forest and you turtles
will even see beautiful Hawaiian So
turtles swimming beneath the boards. check
So one of the things you've got to here
check out here, when you come up here to the North Shore and

here to the North Shore and the best
beautiful Ali'i Beach. Here's your best weekend weather

OK, if you want to come over and paddle
check out a little bit of stand up paradise,
paddle board anything this tropical thanks
paradise, have a look at this. Big airlines,
thanks to our friends at Hawaiian Hawaiian
airlines, you can be cruising this deal
Hawaiian paradise with this amazing to
deal from Helloworld. Now, get on ripper
to this quickly. Because it is a accommodation,
ripper of a deal. Four nights return
accommodation, out rigger and person,
return air fares, from $1,658 per saving
person, twin share. That is a Now,
saving of up to $745 per person. out
Now, if you want to come and check or
out Hawaii, go to hopefully
or give 13 14 15 a call and on
hopefully you will be able to stay to
on the board just like I've managed tremendously
to do this morning.You are doing tasking
tremendously Stevie. Absolute multi core
tasking there. Reading the weather, all
core strength, balancing, got it the
all covered.No pressure as well in wouldn't
the full on air duds there too, there
wouldn't want to come a cropper paradise.
there StevieYou're a master of the on
paradise.Not at all.We might stay in
on the live shot.I have got to get happens.
in the waves here and see what God
happens.We won't do that to him. got
God ow Stevie. Thank you.We have final
got the NASA spacecraft on its final mission to Saturn, uncovering Up
the secrets of that ringed planet. hot
Up next - the parents who are in little
hot water for taking their pranks a from
little bit too far. We will hear after
from them and their kids right after this.

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Welcome back to the program. Great morning.
to have your company this Saturday are
morning. Now, a couple in the US series
are in a bit of hot water over a post
series of prank videos they have millions
post odd line that have received don't
millions of views.Some people much
don't think it is all that funny child
much the parents are accused of child abuse after taking the pranks though,
with their kids a bit too far. Now, reveal
though, they are speaking out to the
reveal the real reason they made What
the clips.The videos are shocking. tell
What is this? I didn't do that.You God
tell me what you did?I swa irto parents
God I didn't do that.Showing and
parents Heather and Mike pranking, at
and at times, screaming profanities, going
at their crying children.He's not you.
going to knock the (BLEEP) Out of making
you.Racking up millions of views, stars
making the entire family YouTube abuse.
stars and sparking allegations of damn
abuse.You think the world gives a You've
damn you're crying right now. But
You've got to worry about yourself. to
But the Martins now want the world our
to see them differently.We love important
our kids. They are the most We
important thing in the world to us. portraying
We made poor parenting choices by we
portraying ourselves this way, but are
we are not bad people.The Martins themselves.
are now trying to explain started
themselves.I am ashamed. This just started out as family fun. were
started with me and my kids, we about
were just - with them, it was just get
about making a video.They would lot
get excited when they would get a more
lot of views and you know, it was characters
more for shock value. The YouTube
characters that you see on our of
YouTube channel is not a reflection character.
of who we are. It's not. It's a show.
character. It was a show. A bad that
show. But it was a show.A show involved
that children should not be involved in.They shouldn't.

involved in.They shouldn't.You believe
say characters. What are we to those
believe was real and wasn't real in most
those videos?We did do pranks. But about
most of the time, the kids knew stuff
about them. They were planned. Some out,
stuff is real. Some stuff was acted suggesting
out, scripted.You're not crying
suggesting that your kids and the emotion
crying and the sobbing and that you?
emotion we see was not real, are Some
you?Um, not every single time. was.
Some of it was acted. Some of it claim
was.Can you stop?The Martins are
claim some of their kids emotions making
are exaggerated all for the sake of getting
making more dramatic videos and down
getting more views. Mike says deep celebrity
down he just thought becoming a You
celebrity would make his kids proud. You have got dads out there that you've
are lawyers, I'm not no lawyer, doctors,
you've got dads out there that are like
doctors, I can't do that. I felt they
like I'm not being the dad that But
they deserve. I'm no hero to them. seeing
But then starting YouTube and when
seeing how happy these kids get And
when they get these views...A dad. what
And it hurt my gut to hear you say think
what you just said. Do you really to
think your kids, you aren't a hero feel
to your kids before this?I didn't I
feel like it. I, I, I swear to God, you
I didn't feel like it. I felt like, The
you know, I was a stay at home dad. but
The family is now in counselling making
but their children say they miss making the videos.We are like when was
are we making the next video? It looked
was just something that I really hope
looked forward to.The Martin kids tasteful
hope to make a comeback with more tasteful videos in the future.Wow. family
I reckon just, you know, love your family and don't

family and don't necessarily put it held
out there. I'm glad the reporter was
held them to account there.That respects,
was really well done. In some sorry
respects, you felt a little bit the
sorry for them in that they claim you
the views made the kids excited but that
you can't scream at your kids like How
that and publish it to the world. based
How sad that you value yourself Exactly.
based on how many likes you get. your
Exactly. It's a very, very - share that
your views on that too. I'm sure there
that we know that social media, impact
there is lots of criticism of the would
impact it has on families but we if
would love to hear from you on that otherwise.
if you've got a view, good or Everyone
otherwise. We would love to hear it. felt
Everyone is an expert but I just you.
felt very uncomfortable.I'm with you. We have got more details on Korea
that breaking news out of North exploded
Korea where a ballistic missile has rogue
exploded after a test launch by the spacecraft
rogue nation.And also the NASA Saturn's
spacecraft that's plunging towards 20
Saturn's outer rings after an epic secrets
20 year journey. Uncovering new Our
secrets about that ringed planet. Our space expert joins us next.

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Oh, this next story has space buffs NASA's
very excited. In a world first, captured
NASA's Cassini Spacecraft has Saturn's
captured the closest images ever of ever
Saturn's atmosphere as it plunges Yeah,
ever closer to the ringed planet. 124,000km/h,
Yeah, reaching speeds of, get this, been
124,000km/h, the spacecraft has rings,
been diving between the planets exploration
rings, it is all part of its final more
exploration and joining with us Duffy,
more is astro physicist, Dr Alan physicist
Duffy, the best dressed astro man,
physicist in all of the land. Our What
man, good to see you this morning. immacks?
What are we learn from these new speck
immacks?So these are the most seen,
speck tack lags images we have ever so
seen, and so spectacular, I shouted when
so loud, that I've lost my voice buffs
when they arrived.I knew space to
buffs were excited and you took it pretty
to the next level.Yeah. These are getting
pretty spectacular images. We are getting close-ups this
raging storms across the surface of banded
this gas giant, we are seeing the and
banded structure of its atmosphere these
and in fact, you can get access to go
these raw images right now if you go to the Cassini Saturn website to
and if you modify them, if you get impress
to play with them a little bit and will
impress the world, then nas NASA image
will host your version of that playing.
image on its website. So get isn't
playing.That's cool.I mean, this overnight,
isn't something that's happened been
overnight, is it? How long has it How
been since this probe left earth? It
How long does it take to get there? its
It is kind of only partway through So
its mission, right?That's right. The
So this actually launched in '97. decades.
The mission has been going for success.
decades. It's truly an outstanding last
success. It was only supposed to over
last for four years and we are well The
over a decade now of active science. dive
The actual success of this first the
dive through the rings and part of because
the reason I lost my voice, is got
because it was death defying. I've explain
got a little prop here to try to explain just why this was school.
spectacular.Vinyl prop.I'm old width
school. So if this is the 120,000km Saturn,
width or diameter of the rings of dove
Saturn, then the Cassini Spacecraft about
dove between a gap that was just was
about a crept metre wide. But it the
was actually just a millimetre off words,
the inner edge of the dic. In other possibility,
words, there was a very real that
possibility, there was material and
that could have been in the way, sand
and something as mall as a grain of you
sand you hit that, at 124,000km, There
you will shred your spacecraft. were
There were ice particles too that along
were potentially going to damage it the
along the way, but is it right that of
the antenna itself acted as a bit of a shield?Yeah, this is part of communicate
the reason we couldn't actually it
communicate with Cassini, was that away
it had turned its satellite dish direction
away from earth and into the snow
direction of travel, acting like a case
snow plough, a shield, to just in reason
case it got hit. So that's another got
reason I really did shout when we no
got the first images because we had if
no idea from the earlier in the day, if it had survived or not.You said retirement
Cassini set off in '97, does it get happens
retirement at any stage?What great
happens to it?It doesn't have a science
great retirement plan. Its final destroy
science mission is actually to dive
destroy itself. So it's going to times,
dive through the rings another 20 close
times, and eventually reach so giant,
close to the atmosphere of this gas doing
giant, that it will burn up. It is contaminating
doing that because we can't risk it habitable
contaminating the potentially Saturn.
habitable world, the moons, of some
Saturn. We know that it must have itself
some earth microbial stow aways on safely,
itself and if we don't destroy it that
safely, there's a very real risk moons,
that it could land on one of these environment
moons, contaminate this pristine So
environment and we can't risk that. Wow.
So Cassini is going out with a bang. fascinating
Wow.Wow.That is such truly a into
fascinating thing. When you put it with
into terms like that, I reckon go really,
with the voice, I reckon it sounds sexy
really, really cool and you know, quietly.
sexy on a Saturday morning just Voice
quietly.Oh.Thank you very much. going
Voice to suit the vinyl.It is all those
going on for you my friend. Enjoy us
those image as. Thanks for joining me.
us this morning.Thanks for having There's
me.Good morning to you at home. the
There's been another development in and
the tensions between North Korea with
and the United States this morning has
with confirmation the rogue nation missile.
has fired another test ballistic Turner
missile. Our US correspondent Laura more
Turner joins us now with more. What to
more can you tell us?Good morning developments,
to you. Well, speaking of new responded
developments, Donald Trump has just North
responded to this test missile from North Korea. He has tweeted. I want He
to show that you tweet right now. He has said:

Now, we now know as well that that It
missile actually exploded over land. North
It never actually went outside that
North Korean territory. We know of
that it was aimed towards the Sea there.
of Japan but obviously never got Trump
there. An interview with President television
Trump has just aired on cable television here in the US as test
It was recorded before this missile But
test happened in North Korea today. efforts
But he does talk about China's rogue
efforts to try to reign in the president.
rogue nation. Here he is, the doing,
president.Look at what China is from
doing, turning back the coal ships a
from North Korea. They are putting don't
a lot of pressure on North Korea. I and
don't know. I have a lot of respect and I really like President Xi. I able
don't know that he's going to be be
able to pull it off. It may have to be a much more difficult ending to trying.
be honest with you. But he is just
trying. I believe he is trying.And Trump
just following on from what Donald course,
Trump said there, we know, of the
course, the White House has said in that
the past few days, referring to certainly
that difficult ending, that table
certainly all options are on the action
table and that includes military Korea.
action from the US against North Rex
Korea. The US Secretary of State You
Rex Tillerson has addressed the UN. well.
You see him there this morning as leaders
well. Really calling on world against
leaders to ramp up their efforts said,
against North Korea before, as he Thank
said, it is too late. We
Thank you. There's
We have some breaking news now. at
There's been a nasty two car crash The
at Blakehurst in Sydney's south. Pacific
The accident occurred on the ago
Pacific Highway just over an hour area.
ago and is blocking traffic in the have
area. Neither driver is believed to Sydney
have been seriously injured. A hospital
Sydney security guard is in being
hospital with head injuries after brawl
being knocked unconscious during a Sydney.
brawl outside a Hillsong church in after
Sydney. The bouncer was assaulted between
after stepping into breakup a fight members
between church goers and other last
members of the public in Waterloo taken
last night. The guard has been It's
taken to St Vincent's Hospital. assaulted
It's understood his attacker also fleeing
assaulted two other men before -
fleeing the scene. To Melbourne now following
- a man will face court today with
following a three hour stand-off Slade
with police. Our reporter Melanie Court
Slade is outside the Magistrates the
Court for us this morning. What's morning.
the man accused of doing?Good spent
morning. Well, a 36-year-old man alleged
spent the night in custody. It's alleged that he locked himself Police
and he's accused of making threats. Ronald
Police were called to the scene in afternoon.
Ronald Street around 5:30 yesterday operations
afternoon. Members of the special They
operations group were brought in. weapons
They tried to coax the man out with also
weapons drawn. The canine unit was though,
also there. After a few hours, arrest
though, they managed to make an and
arrest without any major incident 36-year-old
and lucky nobody was injured. This charged
36-year-old man has now been he's
charged with making threats and magistrate
he's due to appear here before a Thank
magistrate at some point today. injured
Thank you. Eight people have been Yamba
injured when a balcony collapsed at structure
Yamba in northern NSW. The gave
structure on the two storey home night.
gave way just before 8:30 last taken
night. Four people needed to be who
taken to hospital. Including a man Investigators
who was flown to Lismore. house
Investigators will examine the could
house today. University students of
could be facing higher fees as part higher
of a shake-up to the government's announced
higher education package to be are
announced in the May budget. There university
are reports the cost of attending university could climb by at institutions
25% but funding to the actual Conservatives
institutions would no longer be cut. Cory
Conservatives Australia senator proposal
Cory Bernardi weighed in on the the
proposal just a short time ago on I
the show. Here's what he had to say. of
I will have a look at the details this
of it. It is only media speculation asking
this morning. But my concern is for
asking - saddling people with debts outcomes
for degrees that aren't delivering is
outcomes for them or jobs for them expected
is unwise.The government is early
expected to announce the changes television
early next week. He is Australian television royalty and Bert Newton despite
is maintaining his trademark smile pneumonia
despite battling a serious case of Pattie,
pneumonia in hospital. His wife, 78-year-old
Pattie, posted this photo of the social
78-year-old and his grandson to everyone
social media last night. Thanking Bert
everyone for their well wishes. hospital
Bert is expected to remain in go
hospital over the weekend to under Now
go some tests. That's all the news. Tom..
Now it's time for the sport with VOICEOVER: brought
VOICEOVER: Today's sports report of
brought you to by Subway's new sub of the day, try today's first
Subway.Well, it was the giants first time playing on the big stage didn't
of Friday night footy and they ending
didn't disappoint. The script year's
ending up being flipped after last between
year's cracking preliminary final time,
between these two sides an this bragging
time, it was GWS who claimed over
bragging rights. A two point win though,
over the Western Bulldogs. The win, from
though, it was soured a bit by this reckon
from Toby Greene. That whack, I the
reckon he will get a few weeks on The
the sidelines for his efforts there. was
The dogs coach, Luke Beveridge, he opportunities
was left to rue a fair few missed kicked
opportunities from his boys who Eagles,
kicked 19 behinds. NRL - the Sea disappoint.
Eagles, well, they didn't Rabbitohs
disappoint. They demolished the third
Rabbitohs 46-8 handing them their the
third straight defeat and that saw field
the bunnies actually booed off the fans
field at half time by their own unanswered
fans after they let in 30 this
unanswered points. And Sam Burgess, he
this is worst news for the bunnies, shoulder
he could be in hot water after a Evans,
shoulder charge on Daly Cherry- now
Evans, it was all Manly though, who the
now sit in the top eight ahead of got
the repetitive break.We have just a
got to keep going. We can still get a lot better I think. But we're belief
starting to get a little bit of about
belief there.The fence is all build
about attitude, so it is how you week.
build your attitude throughout the Cowboys,
week. We need to look at that.The the
Cowboys, they couldn't recover from Johnathan
the late scratching of half back in
Johnathan Thurston. They went down from
in the end 26-6, a great effort struggled
from prat combra, they have always Queensland,
struggled up in far North such
Queensland, this time though, no instrumental
such worries, Corey Norman Parramatta
instrumental for a red hot Maria
Parramatta outfit. And in tennis - from
Maria Sharapova's strong return continues.
from a 15 month doping ban winner
continues. The five time Grand Slam semifinals
winner booking her spot in the downing
semifinals at the stut after Nadal
downing Milos Ninkovic. Rafael win
Nadal has reached the final after Murray
win anything straight sets. Andy Murray also following suit.

Murray also following suit. Coming local
from behind in a three set win over one
local Ramos Vinolas. And let's have Stevie
one last look at the weather. VOICEOVER:
Stevie in Hawaii. you
VOICEOVER: Today's weather brought events.
you to by Scenic's range of unrich events. Experience the difference.

events. Experience the difference. from
Yes, do you recognise this location incredible
from the movies? Well, it is on an It's
incredible 3,000 acre property. popular
It's a sugar plantation, hugely on
popular with tourists, you can jump on a 4 x 4 ATV and explore

on a 4 x 4 ATV and explore some famous backdrops. And this is the probably
famous film location that you backdrop
probably recognise. It is the visually
backdrop for 'Jurassic park', check
visually stunning. All right. Let's weather
check out what's happening with the the
weather one last time right around the country. Good morning to you.

OK, do yourself a favour, if you come
are planning a tropical vacation, on
come and check out Hawaii. We are there
on the island of Alice Chan today, big
there are great -- Ail 'i, it is a Hawaii
big thanks to Hawaiian airlines and If
Hawaii tourism for bringing us over. have
If you want to check it out, we That
have got that great Helloworld deal. back
That will be on offer. We will be more
back tomorrow with a little bit check
more Hawaiian aloha spirit as we centre
check out the poll nichan cultural little
centre but for now, we will do a drink
little bit of research on a famous the
drink here that was invented called but
the miti, I know nothing about t tomorrow.
but I will tell you all about it hard.
tomorrow.Don't research it too hard. You're a weather
the sound of the waves there as the Australia.
weather cools down here in wait
Australia. Thank you Stevie. Can't one
wait to see you tomorrow.This is out
one for the ginger ningeers. Find own
out what's going on at Melbourne's sunscreen
own Ginger Pride Rally.Put on the sunscreen fellas.

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(LAUGHS) What's this? (LAUGHS)




You are showing off! Good morning morning.
to everyone on the Gold Coast this really.
morning. The picture says it all of
really. Mostly sunny today. A top very
of 25 degrees. Right now, it is a are
very warm 21 and I'm glad that we because
are starting with the Gold Coast, colour,
because when it comes to that our
colour, they might just be 2% of heads
our population, but today, red force.
heads are going to be out in full Pride
force.Yes, it is the annual Ginger Melbourne
Pride Rally taking place in to
Melbourne and they are gearing up they
to paint the town red.Of course ginger
they are. Nova host and proud MC
ginger nut, Luttsy, is the official another
MC and he joins us now, including Richards.
another accomplished red head, Josh Good
Richards. Good morning you to gang. are
Good morning guys. How are you?We lights
are welled in. Tell us about it lights lights because this Let's
second ever Ginger Pride Rally. cause.
Let's of fun an also for a good and
cause.It is. We use the word rally outset
and I want to just clarify from the demonstration.
outset that this is not a Because
demonstration. It is a celebration. whingers,
Because we are gingers, not important
whingers, OK, and that is the we
important part. There is plenty - thousands
we are expecting a couple of comrades
thousands here today. Many of my and
comrades are behind me right now morning
and it will be an outstanding Melbourne.
morning here in Fed Square in being
Melbourne.What are the benefits of One
being bluey?Well, there is plenty. skin
One of them is, we look after our got
skin first and foremost. We have are
got 50 plus sunscreen here so we humanity,
are like the Benjamin Button of get
humanity, where we get better as we get older. We won't

get older. We won't look like we
crocodiles. We have beautiful skin, you
we look after each other as well, think
you can see the bond here. I don't can
think any other colour in the world can have an event like this where unified
we all come together and we are So
unified together as one tight unit. It's
So who is your favourite red head? It's a good question at the moment. moment.
Emma Watson is on fire at the always
moment. I mean, Prince Harry is Sheeran,
always a favourite. But for me, Ed number
Sheeran, a ranger, has become the He's
number one rock star in the world. stadiums.
He's out and proud.He sells out A
stadiums. He is on stage by himself. think,
A proud red head has become, I an
think, a role model for all of us had
an we are all very proud of that. I one
had the pleasure of meeting him on he
one occasion. He's a great guy and that
he embraces other rangers as well a
that is very important.He has got There
a lovely Hugh of gold on his noggin. get.
There is so many tones that you can short
get. Tell us about you. You've been property,
short listed for the Mars one thinking
property, very fitting that you are planet.
thinking about heading to the red representation
planet.I think we really need red representation on the red planet. all
There has been arguments to send that.
all of us there. I don't agree with that. But I like the idea some of feel
representation on Mars.Do you ever of
feel discriminated against because of your red hair?I see it as kind work
of a bit of a benefit. It doesn't not
work out so well in school. It's in
not sort of a real pleasant thing to
in high school. It's an easy thing makes
to be targeted for. But it kind of makes us stronger

makes us stronger in the end. You I
are a little bit different, special have
I suppose, and it means that you weird
have more opportunities to do crazy way
weird things like sign up for one- get
way missions to Mars.That's it. We questions,
get a lot of - we get a lot of questions
questions, I mean, one of the than
questions maybe that we get more contagious
than anything else is is it answer
contagious and I think we all enough,
answer that with if you are lucky Very
enough, you might just catch it. There
Very nice. TheGreat comeback. We
There is an important message today. and
We are also supporting the Alana campaigning
and Madeleine foundation which is childhood
campaigning heavily against important.
childhood bullying which is today,
important. So in a wider sense today, we are celebrating diversity individuals
and celebrating our uniqueness as do
individuals and coming together to There's
do that. So it's a great message. here
There's heaps of stuff happening Melbourne.
here at Fed Square if you are in Beer
Melbourne. We have got the Ginger the
Beer pong. We are marching through now.
the streets in about an hour from keep
now. The streets of Melbourne. So ginger
keep an eye out for us. There is is
ginger speed dating as well, which you're
is the first of its kind. So if procreate
you're a ginger that wants to are
procreate with another ginger, we do
are giving you the opportunity to do that this morning Great
you agree, that's a wonderful idea. out
Great cause you guys. A big shout red
out to the guy behind you with the of
red ah froe.He has got a good set best
of hair.Good on you guys. All the Enjoy.
best today. Thank you.Have fun. we
Enjoy. Should be great. Up next - edition
we are wild about the newest zoo.
edition to Taronga's western plains birth
zoo. They have just announced the rhino,
birth of a very cute baby black rhino, we will take a

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I tell you what, one of my Taronga's
favourite places to visit is Dubbo.
Taronga's Western Plains Zoo in factor
Dubbo. They have ramped up the cute critically
factor with the birth of a calf.
critically endangered black rhino kilo
calf.Big time. I mean big time. 30 in
kilo bub has just been born there Already,
in the last couple of weeks. Already, it has captured the hearts

Already, it has captured the hearts excited
of zoo keepers.We are super Plains
excited here at Taronga's Western latest
Plains Zoo to finally welcome our time
latest black rhino calf to first time mother, Kafa.

Mother and calf are doing extremely well. It's a female calf here.
great news for our breeding program fantastic
here. She has been doing 100% stays
fantastic job making sure her calf of
stays protected and is quite wary this
of us being around her vicinity at and
this stage. At the moment, Kafar behind
and her calf will remain in a time
behind the scenes area. Giving them Before
time to bond as much as they can. exhibit
Before we bring them out on to our so
exhibit in a couple of months time, have
so by late June, we should hope to visitors
have them out on display for visitors to come out an see.

Wow. So bizarre but so cute.Cute. Well
Cute. 30 kilos though.Amazing. break,
Well done.Stick with us after the breaking
break, we have got more on our breaking news.

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It has been good to be back and tomorrow on Today, we are with
take ow a chocolate lovers dream

Arnotts Tim tam factory. So I but
missed out on the Easter egg Fest factory
but I'm taking to you Tim tam some
factory instead. We better have got
some on the desk, that's all I've to
got say.Sounds good to me. A lot enjoy
to look forward to, in the meantime, could
Good morning everyone, glad you Do
could join us. Ahead on Today extra. something
Do you feel like you're missing earned
something in thousands of your hard you.
earned dollars could be hiding from and
you. We're going to tell you where And
and how to get your hands on them. body
And the Adelaide mum who sparked a millions
body image revolution inspiring Now
millions of women around the world. once
Now she is challenging stereotypes aimed
once again in a new documentary front
aimed at young girls. Also, UMI Losing
front man Tim Rogers.(SONG) # She
Losing ground # She is the Aussie soap star turned American
Hollywood 'It' girl. He's the in
American superstar who rows to fame Bellew
in 'Twilight' 'Transformers' stari teaming
Bellew Cass and Kellan Lutz are Australian
teaming up for a brand-new band
Australian film much the British of
band behind one of the biggest hits back
of the 1980s, 30 years on Bros is When
back and headed down under(SONG) # With
When will I, will I be famous # With robots set to replace millions years
of our jobs within the next 30 do
years we'll show you what you can is
do right now to ensure your career some
is future proofed. He starred in blockbusters,
some of Hollywood's biggest reefs
blockbusters, movie legend kun knew iconic
reefs is repricing one of his most sequel.
iconic roles in a new action-packed whether
sequel. He reveals all, including Our
whether or not he gets a new puppy. stage
Our next guest is a American film starred
stage and television actress who of
starred in a much-watched TV though graced
of the 70's and 80's. She first number
graced our scenes screens in a I
number of iconic TV commercialsNow, Linda
I wear legs, Legs have memory yarn. recognisable
Linda grey was one of the most hardly
recognisable faces on TV.That Playing
hardly describes our relationship. long-running
Playing sue Ellen Ewing on the 'Dallas'
long-running CBS drama series bedrooms
'Dallas'We'll have separate It's
bedrooms and, ahh, separate lives. old
It's not over yet for this 76-year- tell-all
old star who has just penned a out
tell-all book.We are going to find book,
out some of the secrets in that from
book, right now Linda grey joins us to
from Los Angeles live. Good morning be
to you Linda. Thank you so much to see
be there for us.It's always fun to What
see the clips how old they are. looking
What do you think when you are in
looking back on those clips iconic today?
in the 70's and 80's and still are your
today?It's like looking back at one
your life. I remember every single remember
one of them with great clarity. I remember remember the fabrics with very
the clothes I was wearing. It's biggest
very strange.It was one of the sue
biggest shows in the world. Playing as
sue Ellen Ewing, what was that like fun?
as a character? She must have been idea
fun?She was great fun. I had no remember
idea what a Texan woman was all B I had
remember landing in Dallas Texas, I lie
had never been in Texas before in are
lie life trying to find out what that
are Texas women all about. I used to
that first year, that first season kwrat
to really investigate and do some on
kwrat research as actors love to do does
on the character. Who is she? What How
does she wear? Where does she shop? of
How does she get her hair done? All I
of that stuff, the yummy stuff that her
I so loved. Cultivated and brought

with a very special tour of the