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(generated from captions) So excited about the huge announcement, the week after next we're off to Disneyland! We will tell you more next week.And there is a reason for it, 10 years!What better place to celebrate?

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live by Ai-Media This morning - a man stabbed to death outside
a busy Adelaide shopping centre, his killer on the run. Attack thwarted -
British police arrest a man with a backpack full of knives
in central London. And Bert's battle - the showbiz legend in hospital
for another day. VOICE-OVER: This is Seven News
with Chris Reason.

Good morning. A father of three
has been fatally stabbed in an attack outside
an Adelaide shopping centre. His killer ran from the scene
with a woman, who had a baby in a pram. Amanda Bachmann reports. Police say they do not believe
this was a random attack and they are following some
positive lines of enquiry. It happened about 7:00 last night here at the Elizabeth city
shopping centre in front of horrified onlookers. A 25-year-old man from
nearby Blakeview was stabbed in the chest. Paramedics and police were called and he was rushed to
the Royal Adelaide Hospital, but sadly he died
a short time later. Online tributes this morning say
he was a wonderful person and a loving father
who was soon to be married. The police say that the man they
are looking for is a Caucasian man
in his late 20s. Witnesses say he left the scene
here on foot with the company of a woman who
was pushing a pram with an infant inside. Throughout the night
police have interviewed witnesses as the day progresses. Three Australians could be
stripped of their citizenship after being captured in Lebanon, accused of fighting
for Islamic State. Live to Olivia Leeming
in Canberra. Olivia, they were trying to flee
the conflict zone? Chris, it's understood
they've been arrested on the border of Syria and
Lebanon by Lebanese armed forces. The government won't officially
confirm the arrests, but warn more Islamic State
fighters are trying to leave Syria through
Lebanon, Jordan and Turkey. All three are believed to be
dual nationals, so could lose their
Australian citizenship under the government's
new anti-terror laws. We'll look very carefully at what those three
have been doing and of course give them a very
fair hearing, but we will take action
if necessary to protect Australians
from potential terrorists. And Olivia, the Prime Minister
has responded to North Korea's latest threat that there could be
a nuclear holocaust? North Korea's foreign minister because of America's actions
and he's strongly criticised US military exercises
with South Korea. Malcolm Turnbull says
it's largely up to China to diffuse tensions. What the Chinese need to do
is work with the United States and other countries
in the region to bring North Korea
to its senses and stop this reckless conduct
and all these reckless threats. He hasn't ruled out upgrading Australia's
missile defence system, if the threat evolves, Chris. Thank you, Olivia. A woman has been shot and wounded during a counter terrorism raid
in north London. Four other people
including a 16-year-old boy were arrested. The operation is not connected to
an earlier incident in centarl London, where a man was detained
carrying a bag full of knives near parliament in Westminster. Europe correspondent Cath Turner
is in London. Is man was already known to police, apparently under surveillance as part of an ongoing operation. It is believed he was living in London but was actually born outside the United Kingdom. We don't yet know exactly why he was arrested at this moment, but there are reports of his family tipped off police.

Police believe
this man is a terrorist. He's just been
arrested and handcuffed, and is surrounded
by heavily armed officers. He's calm and doesn't resist. He's not going anywhere. Nearby, police in forensic suits are taking photos
of his backpack. The man was carrying
three knives and a mobile phone. Moments earlier, he was forced
to the ground by armed police. It's a scary world
that we live in, but it's not going to
stop me doing what I do. Scotland Yard says the man,
aged in his 20s, was under surveillance
as part of an ongoing operation. He's being interrogated
by counter-terrorism detectives on suspicion
of planning a terror attack. The Prime Minister
was on the campaign trail But I think it shows that our
police and our intelligence and security services
are on the alert, as they always are, looking to
keep us safe and secure. The arrest happened just metres
away from the Westminster Bridge, where Khalid Masood went on
a deadly rampage five weeks ago, killing five people. After a security review, there are more armed police
guarding government buildings. Today's arrest
proves they're needed. A Queensland woman has been
killed in a scooter crash while on holidays in Bali. Ella Knights was found face down
in a drainage ditch in North Kuta in the early hours
of yesterday morning. Local authorities say
her nose and mouth were submerged
in a small amount of water. They believe she lost control
of the bike. It was found on its side nearby,
its engine still running. She died a week and a half after posting this video
on social media, apologising to her mother
for not wearing a helmet. A car has crashed and flipped
in Sydney's south early today. The sedan ended up
on the driver's side blocking two lanes of traffic
at Allawah. Paramedics arrived at the scene,
but no one needed treatment. Emergency services
joined together to push the vehicle back upright. Donald Trump sailed into the
White House on a sea of promises about overhauling America's
immigration and health care policies. Now, 100 days after
he became President, most people say his performance
hasn't lived up to the hype. US bureau chief Mike Amor
is in Washington. It all began
January 20, 2017 -

His popularity rating is hovering in the low 40s, making him the most unpopular new president in modern history, but the 100 they milestone is really a worthless tradition, but Donald Trump did buy into it, signing American contract to, among other things, get rid of the Barmah care and introduce a travel ban against Musl nations, for one reason or another postings are not happened. There has also in a scandalous start, with possible links to It all began
January 20, 2017 - Donald Trump inaugurated as the 45th President
of the United States. It's going to be only
America first. At the get-go,
Trump took to Twitter to deny any Russian involvement
during the campaign. Russia is fake news. This is fake news
put out by the media. Very little legislative change
but plenty of executive orders, including the construction of
a wall on the US-Mexico border. (APPLAUSE) Plus, a controversial
refugee suspension and unsuccessful travel ban for seven mainly-Muslim
countries. The proposal sparking
worldwide protests. No fear,
refugees are welcome here! Trump has also flexed his muscles
on the international stage, launching a military strike
on Syria in response to
a chemical gas attack. Assad choked out the lives of helpless men, women
and children. And making threats
to North Korea. As far as North Korea
is concerned,

we're building our military
rapidly. Unwavering self-esteem
and confidence. 100 days in office,
so many accomplishments. The Simpsons never missing a beat in its portrayal
of the Trump Administration.

Coincide with the 100 they milestone there could be a complete government shut down, with Congress refusing to pass his spending bill, but at the end of the day, the presidency is not decided on the first 100 days.

A Melbourne teenager
has been charged over a series of school
bomb hoaxes in Victoria, New South Wales
and South Australia. The 17-year-old allegedly
made threats to various schools between May 2016 to this month. He's been charged
with 74 offences and police have seized
electronic devices from his home. Thousands of students were
evacuated from dozens of schools across three states last year after a wave
of co-ordinated threats about bombings and shootings. The suspect
has been released on bail Bert Newton is resting
comfortably in hospital in Melbourne after another
concerning health scare. The showbiz legend is being
treated for a lingering cough, connected with pneumonia. Nathan Templeton has the details. Bert Newton has now spent
two nights at the Epworth and we are now getting new
information about his condition. The latest health scare
started on Wednesday afternoon when his wife, Patti,
became concerned about him. About five weeks ago,
78-year-old Bert had a very bad case of pneumonia,
he was hospitalised then, and since that, he hasn't been able to shake
a persistent bad cough and other ill effects
from the disease, he has had a series
of tests and x-rays, and as Sunrise entertainment
reporter Pete Ford revealed, he is been diagnosed
with anaemia, which is a lack
of red blood cells. They want to get that
under control, it may be a few more days
in hospital, but Patti very keen for people
to know there is no cover-up, it is not a stroke
or heart attack, it is just these ongoing
complications from pneumonia. Bert had plenty of visitors
since he has been here, including his daughter, Lauren,
and a tribe of grandkids. He may need to spend
another night here at Epworth, but hopefully now the doctors
have got the extra diagnosis they will get him back
to full health very soon. Next in Seven News - United Airlines pays up to the passenger dragged off
one of their planes. A bittersweet rescue
for a trekker who survived 47 days
lost in the Himalayas. And, first pictures - NASA dives into Saturn's rings.

Australian Olympic Chief
John Coates has spoken publicly about the latest scandal
threatening his career. He apologised for the second time before joining colleagues
and athletes at the Australian Ski
and Snowboard awards in Melbourne. It was all smiles
from John Coates last night, despite a bullying scandal
which is undoing his reputation. the Australian Olympic Committee
president was forced to issue an apology
to the Paralympic Committee for a rude email criticising
an unwell junior staffer.

The embattled chief is scrambling
to save his position. He's up against Olympian
Danielle Roche at the AOC presidential election
next week.

The former Hockeyroo
says it's time for change. She's even vowed to cut
the $750,000 pay packet and work for free, to give
the cash back to athletes. As for the man himself, who has
safely held his title since 1990, he refused to speculate
on the potential outcome.

A trekker missing in a remote
area of north west Nepal Sadly, his 19-year-old girlfriend
didn't survive - she died three days
before rescuers spotted them. The 21-year-old was airlifted
to hospital in Kathmandu. The Taiwanese nationals
were following a river when they became trapped
in a valley. He survived by eating snow
and drinking water. United Airlines
has reached a settlement for an undisclosed sum with the passenger who was
dragged off a Chicago flight earlier this month. Video of a bleeding Dr David Dao
being dragged down the aisle of the plane
for refusing to give up his seat sparked global outrage and
calls for United's CEO to resign. The airline
will now offer passengers who give up their seats
more than $13,000, and provide its staff
with more training. Delta Airlines has defended
its decision to remove a man from a flight
after he ignored cabin crew and left his seat
to use the toilet. Kima Hamilton said he couldn't
wait any longer, after the plane was delayed
for two hours NASA has released
the first photos taken from inside Saturn's rings. The Cassini satellite
snapped them on its crash and burn mission
to the second biggest planet in the solar system. They show incredible close-ups of the gigantic swirling
hurricane at Saturn's North Pole, and of the atmosphere. The signals take more than an
hour to travel to Earth.

Next in Seven News - all the day's sport
with Matt Carmichael. Including, the latest AFL. Also, the Jet-powered Broncos
punish the Panthers in the NRL.

Penrith's NRL season
continues to slip away after a 14-point loss
to the Broncos at Suncorp Stadium last night. A controversial decision
from the bunker disallowed a try to James Tamou
in the fifth minute. From there, the Panthers
fell behind, 28-0, before fighting back late
to restore some respectability. It's their fifth straight loss,
and seventh from nine games. And that's just the way
we're going at the moment. We're killing ourselves, but the character we showed
and the execution we showed when we got our chances
at the back end of the game. We'll get a lot of confidence
out of that. James Roberts bolted right
into Blues origin calculations, showing his blinding speed
in a sensational first half. late in the game, and the Broncos are sweating
on this morning's scan results. Round six in the AFL
begins tonight, with the GWS Giants
taking on the Bulldogs in their first ever
Friday night game. The unbeaten Tigers face league
leaders Adelaide on Sunday, in what shapes as their toughest
test of the season so far. Oh, it's a big game, I think you've only got to look
at the way the Adelaide Crows are playing, they're incredibly impressive
offensively with the ball, I think they're averaging
130, 135 points, so it's going to be
a significant task, but our boys are up for it. Tonight's Giants-Dogs game
from Canberra is live and free
on the Seven network. Sydney FC coach Graham Arnold says his squad is
at its mental and physical peak ahead of tomorrow night's
A-League semi-final against Perth Glory. The Sky Blues
head into the do-or-die clash with the luxury of a week off, a healthy squad to choose from, and an unbeaten record
against the Glory this season. when we come in into training
every day that we come in prepared,
preparing to win the game, and we expect to win
on Saturday night. Sydney FC have lost just
one of 27 games this season. Manchester United
had Marouane Fellani sent off in a fiery scoreless derby against Manchester City
this morning. City enjoyed
the majority of chances, and momentum swung
more in their favour when a headbutt
reduced United to ten men. The home side thought
they'd won it late, but had it correctly ruled
offside. City remain fourth on
the Premier League ladder, with United in fifth. Maria Sharapova's strong return
to competitive tennis continues, but not everyone is cheering. The former world number one breezed into
the Stuttgart Open quarters with a straight sets win. But Eugenie Bouchard
isn't impressed - she lashed the WTA for issuing
her with tournament wildcards, and also took aim at Sharapova. She's a cheater,
and so I think from the WTA cheat, and we'll welcome you
back with open arms. Meanwhile, Rafael Nadal
has racked up 50 career wins at the Barcelona Open with
another straight sets victory. A pair of Aussies starred
in the Gujarat Lions' win over Royal Challengers Bangalore
in the Indian Premier League. Crafty paceman Andrew Tye
ripped through Bangalore with three wickets. The Lions needed 135 for victory, Aaron Finch smashed 72
from 34 balls as they reached the target with
more than six overs to spare. COMMENTATOR:
And there's another one. Over mid-wicket. Another maximum second tier. Tye upstaged Finch for
'Man of the Match' honours.

Big one in the AFL tonight. It is half as good as a preliminary final, what are the games of the year.

Thousands of Australians... Like me.
Like Dad. Like Grandma. Wouldn't be here today... If it wasn't...
For cancer research. Please support Cancer Council. Please. It's great to be here.

A major manhunt is underway. The alleged killer fled on foot. The man is conscious
and breathing. 74 counts of making
those hoax bomb threats. Arrested at gunpoint. There are reports that his family may have
tipped off police. Lost control of her motorbike. Has now been diagnosed
with anaemia. The most unpopular president
to hit the 100 day mark. VOICE-OVER: Wake up to
all the news on Sunrise,
Australia's number one. taking its lead
from a softer Wall Street. The Australia dollar is buying
nearly 75 US cents. 83 Japanese Yen. And $1.08 New Zealand. Let's get a check
of the weather forecast now,

with Angie Asimus. Angie, the winter chills
have arrived? Chris, good morning. It was certainly a crisp start
to the day. That's in part
due to these clear skies allowing the sun's warmth
to escape overnight. If we take a look outside
right now on our Weatherwall. Brisbane is enjoying mostly sunny
conditions. It will warm up to a pleasant top
of 25 degrees a little later. In Sydney,
plenty of sunshine today. But with the wind chill, it feels like just 14 degrees
at the moment. Some drizzzle patches
for Melbourne today. And the forecast maximum
is only 19 degrees. Cloudy for Adelaide with showers
easing this afternoon. Right now it is 15 degrees. On the satellite. Brisk southwesterly winds
in southeastern Australia are causing a few showers,
mainly coastal. And a high in the south
is bringing light winds, resulting in that cool start
to the day this morning. A high pressure ridge will bring
fine conditions to the southern states and
another cold and frosty morning. Onshore winds may bring
a light shower to the NSW coast. Your Saturday outlook. Brisbane, sunny and 26. Clear skies for Sydney as well,
23. Top of 19 for Canberra. Overcast with a possible shower
in Hobart and Adelaide. Perth is looking good,
fine and a warm 27 degrees. That's the latest weather.
More at 4:00 and 6:00, Chris.

And that's Seven News to now. We'll leave you with pictures of Taronga Western Plains Zoo's
newest resident, a two-week-old
southern black rhino calf. The little girl is very active under the watchful eye
of mum, Kufara. I'm Chris Reason, thanks for your company,
have a good day.

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It's the biggest night
of the year This is the My Kitchen Rules
Grand Final

We made it.

This is the strongest
Grand Final we've ever had.

It means the world, really,
to make it this far,

especially with my mum.

Just really proud of what
we've done together.

I wouldn't have done it with
anyone else.

Hi, guys!

Get your friends together...

Hey, hey, hey.

..get your family together...

That title is worth more
than the money for me.

..cause it's never meant more.

I'm beaming with pride.

# We're conquerors #

Doing this together, it's a dream.

You alright?

I'm so happy that I have my daughter
standing beside me.

It means so much to me.

My tastebuds are dancing
on my tongue.

Best dish in eight years.

# pushing forward #

They've created something
quite remarkable.

Australia will be watching...

10, 9... the nail-biting end. My hands are shaking.

I'm gonna push this to the wire.

You are the My Kitchen Rules

This is the even that cannot be

The My Kitchen Rules
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