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downward pressure on power prices households.
for manufacturers, industry and households.In terms of the gas crisis, does Labor take some these
responsibility for this? Most of these gas plans were approved under the Gillard-Rudd Government?Most of these gas trains were given the approvements led by gas consortups, would not
particularly sant yotion, that they would not use old gas. So the gas that had been developed or extracted for many decades from the Cooper Basin, from Bass Strait and elsewhere and made available to Australian generators and households, in their environmental it
impact statement in 2011 Santos made it very clear, they said that the LNG operations would not come at the expense of the domestic market.Did you take them at their word?It wasn't at the word, it was in writing and part of the approvals is they
process. What has become very clear is they have not been able to gave
satisfy that assurance that they gave the Australian Government, the Australian community.
Queensland Government and the have
Australian community. That is why we have said action needs to be taken this. Is significant action. It is unusual action for a Government to take but we are in a very difficult position here. If this action is not the Prime
taken and properly benchmarked by the Prime Minister, not subject to these changing benchmarks he seems hours,
to be putting out there every three hours, if this action is not taken we will lose thousands and thousands of manufacturing jobs.You state Labor colleagues in South Australia have a problem with what the prime minister is doing, they say it could result in job losses at companies that?
like Santos, what do you say to invidious position
that?I say Australia is in an invidious position at the moment. We are in a position where either gas goes overseas or to Australian manufacturers or power generators. There is just not enough gas to satisfy Santos's export obligations and the needs of Australian manufacturers and power generators. We say if it is a choice between Australian needs.
those two we have to choose the Australian needs. That is what we have been urging the Turnbull Government to do for weeks now. It appeared they were doing that yesterday but we are still not manufacturers are
satisfied and Australian manufacturers are entitled not be satisfied that the Government has set the benchmarks properly. How significant do you expect them to be on power prices?One of the big drivers of power prices going up and wholesale power prices have doubled since this Government took office in 2013, has been the gas price going up. There's also an investment strike which means there's a shortage of supply, which is giving more power to the power generators to lift their prices. Overall, though, we've got to get gas prices down for the transition in our power sector as well as the needs of manufacturers, but we also have to get an investment framework to ensure that as the old generators like Hazlewood inevitably shut down because of their age, there is new generation being invested by companies because they have confidence there's a stable framework. That must be an emissions intensity scheme.What seems to come from all these groups and the business groups is not so much the mechanism itself but the need for whatever mechanism is chosen to be applied consistently over an extended period of time. Is Labor up for a discussion on a mechanism that may not be called an emissions intensity scheme? Or something else that could work in this space?As a policy
you'd recall, we had for many years a policy of an economy-wide cap and trade scheme to cover the electricity sector. We changed that policy over the last couple of years because I heard from industry, whether they were users of energy or the power industry itself that an emissions intensity scheme was more likely to get support from the business sector that we do need to give long-term confidence to investors. That was not an easy decision for us to take to shift from a long-eld position, but it was one that we took because we thought there was more likelihood of there finally being a bipartisan consensus around this, and that would last for years and decades. We thought we were almost there in December. The Prime Minister was going to present this policy to COAG. It had the support of State Liberal governments as well as state governments and business and the CSIRO and many more, and at the last hurtle, Malcolm Turnbull was spooked by Cory Bernardi. It is time for him to shift the Government back to the position he held.Can Labor half gas prices?We said that proper regulation to ensure that we don't have gas being sent overseas that is would
needed for Australian manufacturers would mean that those assurances that were given over recent years, that mean that gas prices would be the Asian price minus the cost of transport and refrigeration would be guaranteed to the manufacturing industry. And it is quite clear, and the Government has more access to this information than we do, but it seems quite clear on the publicly available information that that would see gas prices halved according to the offers currently in the market which are reported as being $20 or more. We think that's a reasonable position for the manufacturing industry to expect from this Government, that Malcolm Turnbull, after giving that guarantee early yesterday morning, has walked away from it. Either he lied then or he's just lost his sense of resolve.Is there a risk that this policy, we talk about an investment strike in the electricity sector, is there a concern that taking this step, intern serening in the export market could result in a strike in the gas sector, that none of the new fields that have been explored or wells dug, that there is an impact on price, and there is an impact on demand?Well, there's a growing demand for gas around the world and that hasn't changed because of the way in which the Gladstone operations were set up. But we think it's reasonable for a country like Australia that's rich in resources to have a policy in place and that's why we've place and that's why we've argued for the national interest test, that ensures that local manufacturers and local power generators and households have first access to the gas before it is shipped overseas. We don't see that this decision, which is really correcting a problem which has emerged since 2011, should impact the overall investment climate in the medium and long-term sense for Australia. There's still good prospects for gas demand overseas, particularly in Asia. We've just got to make sure that our export operations aren't set up in a way that disadvantages local operations.Thank you very much. You've been listening to the shadow Energy Minister Mark Butler in Adelaide there. Let's just bring in our Canberra political reporter. So Dan, the Federal Government is this morning attempting to sell the plan to restrict the export of gas. If it's needed domestically but the Energy Minister, he's not willing to guarantee prices will fall. We've just heard there from the shadow Energy Minister saying that it appears that the Prime Minister is either lying or he's making it up. So how is the Government handling this at the moment?You're right. Strong words there from Mark Butler speaking in Adelaide. What he wanted to do at the start of that press conference was just highlight what we've seen over the past 24 hours from the Government in terms of how this announcement was made and what it is saying in terms of what will happen with prices. As Mark butler said there in an interview with the ABC on radio in Brisbane yesterday, the Prime Minister, at least for manufacturers, said that prices would fall. He gave a guarantee that prices would fall. Then a few hours later, he sought to clarify those comments, saying that was specifically for manufacturers. Not for households, for instance. And of course, Labor is seizing on this and comments from Josh Frydenberg this morning where Mr Frydenberg wouldn't guarantee that the prices would fall, saying that we'll have to wait and see what happens in the market. So a policy that was announced yesterday by the Government to try to ensure that there was enough gas for domestic purposes. Trying to stem exports of gas going offshore if there was a need here at home, but in terms of selling that over the past 24 hours, probably a little messier than they'd like.OK, we might just hear then from the Prime Minister and see what he had to say on it.It will ensure that the price of gas in Australia is at levels comparable to that in the international market, because it is a global commodity. Well, it will be cheaper than the prices that they have now. People are offered prices of $20 a gigajoule. It should be around half that or less.That is that Brisbane radio interview from yesterday morning. Here is Josh Frydenberg on AM this morning.We can't guarantee price in relation to any industry, but what we can guarantee is that this mechanism will put more gas into the domestic market.Josh Frydenberg there speaking this morning. So essentially, we have to wait and see what impact this has, how much extra gas it will inject into the domestic market and whether or by how much those prices fall. But the Prime Minister this morning was keen to emphasise the fact that he was talking about wholesale prices and in terms of the business that you and I pay for gas, the wholesale price only makes up a small component of that. So while manufacturing companies might see a halving of their bills, you and I as households, as consumer, aren't likely to see that, that same discount if all goes to plan with this policy.OK, thank you very much. A fresh investigation has been launched into US President Donald Trump's sacked national security advisor over payments from foreign governments including Russia. Democrats have released documents showing retired General Mike Flynn was warned about receiving payments from foreign governments before taking a role in the new administration. He received a payment from a Russian TV station. He lost his job as Mr Trump's national security advisor after just 23 days after conversations with Russia's ambassador. The Pentagon has launched its own investigation into the pams. -- payments.That's appropriate. If they think that there's wrong doing, the department's inspector general should look into that. China has told the United States it warned North Korea that it would impose sanctions on Pyongyang should it carry out another nuclear test. Speaking to Fox News, US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson says there's ongoing communication with his counterparts in China. Mr Tillerson also says US intelligence reports suggest that the North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is not crazy, indicating that he might be a rational actor who could be negotiated with as the international community seeks to reign in Pyongyang's nuclear and missile programs.If they did conduct further nuclear tests, China would be taking sanctions actions on their own. So I think that the Chinese seem to be willing to work with us. We hope they are. We believe that they are an important element to us causing the regime to take a different view towards future talks. President Donald Trump has told Mexico and Canada that he wants to renegotiate, rather than withdraw from the North American free trade agreement. Our North American correspondent reports from Washington. As a candidate, President Trump said that this was the worst deal in the history of trade deals and he repeatedly attacked his opponent, Hillary Clinton, over the deal. It was signed by her husband Bill Clinton in the 1990s but originally negotiated by George Bush Sr. But it was throughout the election, it was a huge theme as the President called it anything from the worst trade deal to a deal that dudded American workers out of jobs and vowed to negotiate it. But now it seems that it's not so bad that it can exist for another couple of months. The President has tweeted that he was considering getting rid of the agreement as recently as three days ago but last minute phone calls with Mexico's leader and Canada's leader convinced him that he should stick with it and try to renegotiate the deal rather than rip it up. And here's a little of what the President said earlier today.We have to make a deal that's fair for the United States. They understand at that. So I decided rather than terminating NAFTA, which would be a pretty big shock to the system, we will renegotiate. Now, if I'm unable to make a fair deal, if I'm unable to make a fair deal for the United States, meaning a fair deal for our workers and our companies, I will terminate NAFTA. But we're going to give renegotiation a good, strong shot.There's been some interesting reports coming out of Mexico that some in Mexico are now seeing President Trump as something of a bluffer, that the tough rhetoric doesn't necessarily always match up with the reality of how he's behaving in office, but certainly, as well as Mexico and Canada, there's a number of Republicans here in the US who would be relieved that the deal is being renegotiated rather than torn up. Prominent Senator John McCain is one of them who says that getting rid of NAFTA would decimate employment in his state. To the UK and a man has been arrested opposite the Houses of Parliament in London on suggestion pigs of -- suspicion of carrying out a terror attack. Authorities say that the suspect was known to Scotland Yard's anti-terrorist squad. Our correspondent reports. We've seen very David Cameron why theic scenes here in London this afternoon. Just after 2:20pm, a man in his late 20s was seen in a black hoody walking across the street there. Police tackled him to the ground. He had a backpack on him that apparently this knives in it. Eyewitnesses said that they saw between two and three knives on the ground after he was tackled. Forensics police have been here at the scene for about an hour and been looking through the brown backpack on the ground behind me. Also looking at the knives and taking them away and taking photographs. They're still working here this afternoon and making sure that they're accumulating all of that evidence. We've also heard that police were actually tracking this individual. Bear in mind that this is diagonally opposite the Houses of Parliament, just a few hundred metres from where the terrorist attack occurred just five weeks ago that killed five people. Just up the road is Number 10 Downing Street where the Prime Minister lives and works. So this is right in the heart of the democracy here in London. Police say that they have detained this man under the Terrorism Act. He's been taken to a South London police station where he is being questioned. They're questioning him over the weapons that he had on him and whether he was planning a terrorist attack. The top stories from ABC News: The Energy Minister Josh Frydenberg says the Government can't guarantee that household gas prices will fall under a plan to reduce gas exports. A fresh investigation has been launched into US President Donald Trump's sacked national security advisor over payments from foreign governments. The British counterterrorism unit is questioning a man who was arrested near the hows of Parliament in London overnight. We're going to take you to the Northern Territory. The former Chief Minister Adam Giles has been questioned at the Royal Commission into youth detention. He's currently having questions resolving around cost-cutting at the Connections Department. Let's have a listen.OK, well, that's noted. When you say you don't recall, are you saying that it's not genuine or it didn't exist? Or just that you don't know?I remember wanting to give charter letters to everybody, and one of the things that the Chief Minister or Premier or so forth does is give a letter of direction for a minister about how to move forward with things. And I just can't recall actually doing that with John on Corrections. That's why I asked if the letter was there, because I wasn't CCed on the email and I haven't seen my name anywhere in it. That will do.But I think your evidence is - but that was a practice that you had of issuing such a document?Well, we wanted to do it. I can't remember if we actually ever did it, to be frank. It seems like you came pretty close here.There's a couple of times that we wanted to issue charter letters and I can't recall us ever doing it. I was just asking if the letter was there if I could see it. So I don't know if that is a document that was prepared in draft by staff or whether it was a document that I actually sent.If we can just use this one as an example, would that have been sent to the relevant department for comment?No. I'm surprised that it's gone to the department. To me, it would have been... If it was done, it would have been undertaken between the Chief Minister and the minister. That's what the document says, Mr Giles. It's from the chief of senior minister advisor to Mr John Elferink to Ken Middlebrook.Which surprises me.But it says attached is an excerpt from the Chief Minister's letter to the minister which relates to your area of responsibility.Yes. That's all that says. So going from that, you can almost assume that there would have been a letter, a letter of charter to the minister? Yeah, I was making the point that I done recall sending it.A senior advisor making it up?Well, you could imagine commissioner, my Chief of Staff sending a draft over to another minister's Chief of Staff. And all I was making the point is that I don't recall it, I don't recall signing the letter.No, I'm just making a point. That's all.And I wouldn't have...The email says that it is from the ministerial advisor to the commissioner of... You wouldn't normally be copied into that.I know, but if I had signed a letter to any minister saying this is what I expect you to do in your portfolio, that's why I was just asking you if the letter was there. Leaving aside that the patterns of correspondence, do you recall requiring the minister for corrections to reduce costs of corrections by at least 20%?Never. Do you say that you did not do that? I don't recall it.But the question...And in my vocab, I never remember reducing it by 20%. And in fact, the thing that I am aware of is that we kept putting more money into the corrections budget and went from about $130 million when we came to Government to about $250 million when we left.But the crumple is that there is a document suggesting that a request came from you to reduce costs of corrections by at least 20% at that time. Is your evidence that you didn't impose that requirement? By reducing costs by 20%.My evidence is that I don't recall ever seeing the list.Don't worry about seeing the document. Come to the 20% reduction. Did you require a 20% reduction at that time or not?No.On a practical point, Mr Morrissey, both documents 18 and 19 have already been tendered, I'm reminded.Thank you, yes. Could we please have supplementary of April 18, tab 31 on the page. What we have here is an apparent request by you. It will come up, to arrange a briefing on youth justice matters across the territory. The page is 7, 9, 4, 7. You've been listening to the hearing there of the Royal Commission in the Northern Territory into child youth detention. The Chief Minister, former Chief Minister guys gile guys being questioned just in relation to -- Adam Giles being questioned in relation to the cost-cutting, supposed cost cutting at the department of creks while he was in Government. He made the -- department of corrections while he was in Government and he said that he increased it from $130 million to $250 million when he was in Government. A man responsible for a fatal shopping in a shopping mall in Adelaide's north remains on the run. A 25-year-old man was stabbed in the chest outside the building last night and taken to the Royal Adelaide Hospital for treatment and died from the injuries. Our reporter has the details. Late night shopping last night so a terrible incident for people to see just outside the Elizabeth shopping centre, which is in Adelaide's northern suburbs. Just before 7:00 last night. This 25-year-old man from the nearby suburb of Blakeview was stabbed in the chest. Paramedics who were called to the scene treated him. He was then rushed to the Royal Adelaide Hospital but died from his areas. A terrible incident. As I said, many witnesses there. One of them spoke a short time after the incident occurred.I saw cops and ambulances running everywhere. I heard screams. It was absolutely crazy. And there are a lot of people very frightened right now.So anything more known about the suspect?Well, the amazing thing is that the offender fled on foot but wasn't alone. He was with a woman pushing a for example with an infant on board. So truly bizarre that a child would be involved in this. It's not a random incident, police say. They have several positive lines of inquiry and there's a lot of security cameras in the area. So it's believed that there may be a breakthrough at some stage soon. The suspect described as Caucasian with a slim build in his late 20s. So the man-hunt does condition. -- continue. An Afghan refugee who brought a boy in the Manus Island detention centre say he and friends only gave the child some food. The man says he's confused and upset by allegations from Australia's Immigration Minister that local people suspected him of sexual assault and that his actions contributed to the Good Friday attack on the centre. Our PNG correspondent has more. He's very clear in his account and it accords with the accounts we had from the Papua New Guinea police last week who said that their understanding was that a boy was begging for food at the front of the centre and went inside with some of the detainees. He was given food and then taken out by guards and that's the same thing that this man says. He's an Afghan refugee, a 34-year-old man and doesn't want to give his name, given the sensitivities around this issue at the moment. But I've spoken to a number of people who say that he is one of the men who brought the boy inside the centre. And he says exactly the sap thing - he and friends were playing soccer. It was a number of days before the Good Friday attack. They were approached on their way back to the centre by a boy asking for food or money and they said that if they didn't have money but if the boy wanted to come and wait for them, they would give him food. They went through one of the manned gates outside the compound in the centre where the security staff, who he this say were from Papua New Guinea asked - what are you doing bringing a boy in the centre? They said, he wants food and we're going to give him food. The guards said fine. The boy waited outside the accommodation quarters and a number of men put food into a plastic bag for them and then the guards took the boy out. That's the same thing that the police told me last week and now what the men inside the centre are saying as well.So just to clarify there, he's saying that security guards in the compound allowed them to take the boy inside?Yes. The panning panning staff, locally employed staff, and he said that -- Papua New Guinea staff. I've seen the centre from the outside. There's a fairly large security presence. So they say that the guards said to them - what are you doing bringing a boy inside the centre. And when they explained they were allowed to bring the boy inside and it was only afterwards that guards took the boy outside once he'd been given the food. He said that he was spoken to by what is called a culture advisor, that's a staff member of broad spectrum. The centre operator that speaks the language of some of the detainees. He was asked afterwards and approached by the culture advisor and asked what happened and he explained and the culture advisor said OK and left. And that of the last that he heard of the incident until Minister Dutton brought it up in relation to the Good Friday attack.And the Afghan detainee has, I understand it, made an official complaint to the centre's operators and wants security vision to be released?That's right. There's a number of CCTV cameras around the centre. Peter Dutton himself has referred to the security vision as part of the reason for giving his account. So now the detainees are saying - well, we'd like the security vision to be released because we believe that it shows our account is correct that yes, we brought a boy into the centre but that we gave him food and he was taken out by guards. And indeed, what seems to be in contention is not that a boy was brought into the centre but the bearing that it had on the Good Friday attack and whether or not it was associated with completely separate allegations of sexual assault that have been made on the island about other asylum seekers and that relate to incidents within the town on Manus Island which is more than half an hour's drive away from the detention centre. So that's really the issue here is whether this incident with the boy, which seems to, most accounts seem to concur that the boy was brought in and brought out again without being harmed, whether that had any bearing on what later happened at least a number of days later when PNG Defence Force personnel shot their guns into the air and into the detention centre and tried to gain access. Israel has shot down what it says was a target over the Golan Heights along the border with Syria. The incident comes hours after Syria accused Israel of firing missiles at a military position near Damascus airport. Israeli media say that a drone infiltrated Israeli air space from Syria. Syria is blaming Israel for the missile attack near the airport. The Israeli military has neither confirmed nor denied responsibility. This is the moment Syrian activists say Israeli war planes fired at Damascus international airport. The target was an apparent weapons delivery from Iran, destined for Hezbollah fighters in Syria. The blast was so intense, it was felt several kilometres away. In keeping with ol policy, the Israeli Government did not directly confirm or deny the attack but Israel's intelligence minister seemed to acknowledge involvement. TRANSLATION: I can confirm that the incident in Syria is entirely consistent with our policy to prevent Iran with the transfer of weapons from Syria to Hezbollah in Lebanon. Ki not expand on this but this incident is enkirly consistent with our policy.Hets his made no official comment but analysts -- Hezbollah made no official comment but analysts said that they're prepared to retaliate.Hezbollah is trying not to go into a war because of the Syrian battle. But, if the Israelis attack Hezbollah, then the battle would open and would not end and Hezbollah now is capable of doing losses.It's not the first time Israel has targeted Hezbollah inside Syria. Four days ago, Israel reportedly attacked pro-government troops in the countryside - an area of the Golan Heights not occupied by Israeli forces. A week ago, Israeli war planes attacked another weapons convoy in the same area. The Government responded by firing several rockets at the Israeli jets which, for the first time, led Israel to use an updated version of the arrow intercepter missiles to knock down a Syrian rocket. The move prompted a rare confirmation by Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu of an attack inside Syria. They both respect and fear each other, Hezbollah and the Israelis. And the Israelis are seriously worried about Hezbollah because of their capabilities and the motivation, which is one of the big advantages that Hezbollah has over many of the other forces in the region that Israel has faced historically.Whatever the case, analysts believe the tensions between Israel and Hezbollah in Syria will only continue to rise. In France, opinion polls have centrist Emmanuel Macron maintaining a comfortable lead over his rival for the French presidency, the far right candidate Marine Le Pen. Two surveys have him polling at 60% with Ms Le Pen on 40%. Although one poll earlier suggested that Mr Macron's poll had slipped. It's down from 6% from polls taken before the first round of voting. A man who made international headlines when he was pulled from a passenger flight in the United States has received a payout from the airline. United airlines made a confidential settlement with Dr David Dao after he was dragged by aviation police for refusing to give up the staff. He suffered a broken nose and lost two front teeth in a clash that his lawyer described as terrifying. United airlines has apologised for the incident and will change its booking policy. Let's have a look at the weather now.

Starting with the satellite pict year, a large mass of cloud in the north of WA. That's associated with a tropical cyclone Frances. That system is forecast to move west to south-west ind the Indian Ocean and shouldn't affect the -- Indian Ocean and shouldn't affect it. Looking at the synoptics for the rest of the country being dominated by a large high in the Bight. And looking ahead to tomorrow: rain in the south of the country and that tropical cyclone should move well offshore. Let's take a look at your weather for Saturday:

The top stories from ABC News. The energy minister Josh Frydenberg says the Government can't guarantee that household gas prices will fall under a plan to reduce gas exports. The to
Government wants to force producers to boost supply for domestic users before they are allowed to send gas offshore. Mr Frydenberg says the
wholesale gas prices will drop under the plan. A fresh investigation has been launched into Donald Trump's over payments
sacked national security advisor over payments from foreign Governments. Democrats have released documents showing retired General receiving foreign
Michael Flynn was warned about taking
receiving foreign payments. Before taking a role in the new administration he received a payment from a Russian TV station. The British counter-terrorism unit is Houses
questioning a man arrested near the Houses of Parliament in London overnight. A Londoner in his late 20s was wrestled to the ground and arrested after police received planning
information that he could be was carrying
planning a terrorist attack. The man was carrying several knives on him at the time of his arrest. NASA's Cassini probe has made the first of 22 dives through the narrow gap providing
between Saturn and its rings atmosphere.
providing images of the plaitet's atmosphere. It is travelling with like
its antenna dish pointing forwards like a shield to provide some protection from orbiting rock and ice fragments. The energy minister, Government
Josh Frydenberg, says the Federal Government can't guarantee or make prices.
guarantees about domestic gas prices. The Government has announced a plan to impose export controls when there is a gas shortage, which is Prime Minister says could halve some wholesale prices. The Opposition has attempted to hold Prime Minister to his claim. Mr Frydenberg says although the Government had to act, it can't prices.
provide absolute assurances about prices.I think Bill Shorten has been mischievous in the extreme or inseed misleading because the Prime Minister never said that all gas users would see a halving of their gas price. What he was pointing to was the fact that some energy users are being quoted contracts for gas at $20 a gigajoule, which is double what you should be paying or more paying
than double what you should be paying if you take into account what is called the netback price, which is the price overseas for gas minus the transportation and the liquefaction costs. The Prime Minister's announcement of this new be
energy domestic gas mechanism will be very - has been very warmly received from everyone from the Manufacturers Council to the Grattan Industry Group.
Institute and the Australian Industry Group. Clearly we have a it comes
real tight market domestically when it comes to gas and we have more than 65,000 jobs that are in gas-dependent industries. They range food
from chemicals to paper to glass to food manufacturing and we can't afford the see those jobs lost and those companies put under sustained prices
economic pressure because of gas prices that are higher than the international market.Meanwhile a report into Australia's electricity market has found consumers will pay billions of dollars more or mace a national
less stable supply unless a detailed national energy plan is developed. The Energy Networks Australia and CSIRO electricity network transformation road map has been released this morning. The chief executive of energy Networks plan
Australia John Bradley says a stable plan is needed that doesn't change at each election.That was our aspiration in Paris to achieve the emissions outcome by 2050. To do that there are a lot of things that need to be done by industry including reforming pricing, for integrating
ensuring we have the right standards for integrating all of the new technology that is coming onto the grid. There are things that need to be done by state and federal enduring carbon
governments including stable and enduring carbon policy. That is a really a critical priority out of this plan. With the right outcome-based carbon policy, that scheme,
could be an emission intensity that the
scheme, there could be other things that the Government looks at in its review this year, but with the right kind of carbon policy it is possible the
to achieve significant savings in the cost of this transition we are going to make and to not only meet our current targets by 2030 but exceed those and put us on a pathway to zero net emissions by 2050. The technology is there and we can see battery storage
significant use of renewables and battery storage and make use of gas resources provided we have the right to
environment for efficient gas supply to our major industrial customers and make use of that entire energy suite to deliver a decarbonised system.Overseas a man has been Parliament
arrested opposite London's Houses of Parliament on suspicion of planning to carry out a terrorist attack just attack.
metres from last month's deadly attack. The 27-year-old had been under surveyance by -- surveillance by security services. There has been since
heighten security around parliament people
since Khalid Masood killed five people in his assault.Under arrest in the shadow of Government buildings in Whitehall. This wasn't a random stop, search and arrest, the man was under surveillance as part of an ongoing operation. Close to Parliament Square, just before 2:30 this afternoon, is suspect was quickly in handcuffs. Police had traffic
wrestled him to the ground on a traffic island. It is close to the Downing
foreign office and the entrance to an
Downing Street. He was led away to security
an unmarked car and taken to a high security police station in South London. (SIRENS WAIL) This is what he left behind, his rucksack and his knives.One of one really
them, there was like quite a long don't know
one really and it looked like - I don't know what kind of knife it was but it was like a really proper, away
strong knife.The Prime Minister was away from London on an election visit to Derbyshire.I'm aware an individual has been arrested in individual
Whitehall today and that that individual has been arrested on the basis of a terrorism charge. Obviously I can't say much more about it because it is an ongoing police investigation. But I think it shows that our police and our until security
against and -- our intelligence and security services are on the alert, as they always are, looking to keep us safe and secure.For the second time in just over a month terror alert.
Westminster was once again on a terror alert.Security is a concern with the police and everything like that. Overall I think people still feel safe and tourism - people will continue doing what they do.Scary to be honest because it has happened the second time in one month. It makes me really, really worried.We saw the helicopters circling.People you
got in touch with you to find out if you were OK.Friend and family up north said, "Make sure you are alright down there. You are not walking about."The suspect is said to have no link to the killer Khalid Masood who launched his murderous assault, first with a car and then with a knife. He took the lives of five people, including PC Keith Palmer and injured many more. Since then, there's been a heightened sense of security here.The fact that he is in a location which has recently been the subject of a terrorist attack, that would tend to think, "This
make any investigating officer think, "This is the time we need to step in before he causes some harm." The fact that perhaps he was making is a
his way towards parliament as well is a very key point that they would want to take him out while he was least expecting it.So what do we today?
know about the man arrested here today? He is 27 and lives in London. It is said that while he is a British national, he wasn't born in the UK. Counter-terrorism detectives and the security service, MI5, will have been trying to build a picture of his background as they have been monitoring his movements.Tensions has
over North Korea's nuclear program and
has dominated talks between Japan for
and Russia in Moscow. Leaders called for North Korea and other countries escalate
to avoid language that could escalate the situation. Earlier, China told the United States it warned Pyongyang it would impose actions again North Korea should it carry out -- against North Korea should it carry out another test. Besides the decades out dispute over the ocean and the signing of more Korea.
economic deals they focused on North TRANSLATION: We call on all the countries involved in ream natural issues to refrain from military rhetoric and strive for calm and constructive dialogue. We see as a six-party
common task the early resumption of six-party talks. TRANSLATION: President Putin and I agree that Japan and Russia will continue to closely cooperate and appeal to North Korea to fully comply with the UN Security Council resolutions and avoid further provocative actions.Public agreement but there are differents in the detail.I think Abe is trying to bring the message that Russia should be cooperating with the US and Russia should be open to the idea of new sanctions and that Russia should be constructive and use its influence over North Korea. I think that is a fairly unrealistic assessment because Russia doesn't really have a lot of influence. But it tries to portray itself as a very influential... Supply regardless it is --Regardless it is providing a source of television. This is the weatherman showing off the doomsday clock saying the threat of arma Geddion was only as close in 1958. in
He says these are allegedly bunkers in Pyongyang and these are allegedly President Trump's personal bunkers in if White House and two under golf courses in Florida. Tongue in cheek for sure but the concerns on the North Korean peninsula are for real. The North Korean issue should be resolved through dialogue using to's
diplomacy rather than military might to's tensions, say the Kremlin. Critics say Russia is not doing enough. Despite public condemnation of North Korea's actions it needs to Pyongyang.
do more to put pressure on Pyongyang. Russia has a 17km land in
border with North Korea. They work money
in Russia's far east sending down money from which the North Korean Government takes a cut. A ferry service between the two countries is set to start early next month tourists and
supposedly bringing workers, Chinese with
tourists and some goods. The timing with the increased tension is certainly not ideal. Russia's argument, keeping good relations, can go a long way to deescalate tensions. This shows Russian border
military reinforcements sent to the border with North Korea earlier this month. The rise in rhetoric has all the countries involved concerned. They all say they don't want the situation to escalate.US President Trump is approaching his first 100 days in office with an approval rating of 44%. It is the lowest of any incumbent at this stage in their presidency. According to the CNN poll he has a disapproval rating of 54%. Author and US political analyst supporters
Thomas Frank says the President's supporters will continue to ask for him to be given more time.You have to understand partisanship in America, people are in some ways really, really devoted to their way of seeing the world and to their candidates and it will take more than this to shake them out of it. They will say, "Give the guy time." 100 days an arbitrary measure that goes back to Franklin D Roosevelt administration. Before that it goes back to Napoleon, remember. It is totally arbitrary. That is what they will say.He, himself, has said 100 days too early to make this judgement. However, when I talk about his supporters, is there some disappointment there he has not followed through on more?Can I tell you how I feel about it?Yes.In some ways ways he is worse than I thought he would be and in some ways he is better. When he was elected, using
the ways he is better, they were using the word Facism to describe what was happening in America and they said he is a would be dictator. He is no dictator. He can't get anything done! He can't get bills through Congress! This guy is incompetent is what he is. He may grow into the job. Let's not - he may get p good at this, right, eventually, but right now he hit the ground and went splat on his face. The ways in which - that's my opinion. That's why I think it is think. The
somewhat better than other people think. The ways in which it is worse is he has appointed some of the worst people to run the American Government that I've ever seen. disagree
People who really profoundly agencies that
disagree with the mission of the agencies that they have been appointed to run. Completely with regards to the military involvement - America is involved in wars and conflicts all over the world and he has given his generals the green light to do whatever they want, which is a little bit frightening. Am I right in detecting some perverse delight from you in that - are you saying, "I told you so." ." ?About the incompetence?Yes.The experience
man never had any Government experience at all. He come into office with a lot of advantages, he has a Republican Congress and won an manner.
election in a fairly convincing manner. He didn't win the popular vote but he flipped all sorts of states that have traditionally been Democratic in. The hands of a more seasoned politician, a real politician, I mean they could have scored
run the table. They could have over the
scored touchdown after touchdown over the Democrats. He hasn't done. barely
That he has not been able to do Congress. He
barely anything with regards to Congress. He signed a lot of have
executive orders. A lot of those have been stopped by the courts. What really matters, getting legislation past, he has been able there
to do barely anything.I opened there talking about his supporters, whether they would be disappointed, you look at some of the things he wall, obviously
has promised such as building the wall, obviously that hasn't happened. Cracking down on immigration, that has run into many problems. He is now promising the tax cuts for income tax paid by corporations, a massive tax cut. He'll get that. The Republican Congress loves that. They love tax cuts. He will have no problems with that.He has failed with Obamacare. NAFTA,
Even today, rather than killing or renegotiating
NAFTA, he is looking at unwinding it or renegotiating the deal?He is job
also - he has also grown into the job to a certain degree. He realised Obamacare - you go back and look at the history of it, it was a Republican proposal that Barack Obama adopted as his own and got tremendous cost
passed through the Congress at tremendous cost to him. Here is Trump, he has been denouncing it as finally takes
a candidate for a long time, he decides this
finally takes a good look at it and decides this is not all that bad. is
This is a pretty good system. That is right. It was designed by Republicans. The same with several of the other - NAFTA was a Republican proposal way back in the things is
day. He is going to warm to these things is my prediction.The top stories from ABC News, the energy government can't
minister Josh Frydenberg says the government can't guarantee that household gas prices will fall under a plan to reduce gas exports. A launched
fresh investigation has been Trump's
launched into US President Donald advisor
Trump's sacked national security advisor over payments from foreign Governments. The British police counter-terrorism unit is questioning a man who was arrested near the Houses of parliament in London overnight. Images of Saturn's atmosphere have been sent to earth from the Cassini spacecraft's first dive inside the planet's rings. It is the closest a spacecraft has ever come to the planet. It will attempt another 21 close encounters before destroying itself by flying directly into the crushing atmosphere. Brad doing
Tucker explains what Cassini is doing and why the probe is going so close.You have to look at why we will do this whole crashing and that is because we don't want Cassini to Titan
accidentally land on Enceladus or Titan some of the other moons of Saturn that could host life.You don't want to can Tam Nate those moons?Exactly. We already have a robot army on Mars. We don't want to contaminate another place. The best Why
way is to destroy it into Saturn. Why not be dangerous with it. If we accidentally steer it into Saturn, it will happen already. Why don't we get as close as possible, because at 3,000kms that is closer than some of our satellites fly to earth.What do the new images reveal? We have some animated vision we are seeing at the moment but we might come back to that vision, very raw images that we hurricane
have seen, particularly also of a hurricane at one of the poles?Some people don't realise that there is this giant hurricane, we know the big red spot on Jupiter is a cyclone but Saturn has it own at the pole. It did purposely fly over the pole for the first time. You not only see the main storm system but the what
auxiliary systems and pockets of currently
what could be thunderstorms this cyclone.
currently going on on Saturn near this cyclone. It is kind of breath taking to think we are essentially doing - predicting the weather and weather monitoring on Saturn. That's going
what they're showing us.What is it going to tell us?We have been able to really see the composition of the atmosphere. They will be doing 21 more of these kind of manoeuvres so every week we will get these images and I'm really excited to see when rings
they start pointing it towards the rings because they will be flying within tens ofkm, inis shally in the rings of Saturn to figure out the and
composition. Is there an atmosphere objects.
and other things flying around the objects. We will get up close and personal with everyone's favourite planet. Maybe second to earth.As far as the rings are concerned, am I right in saying they are made up, estimated to be about 99% of iceYes It is that 1% they are trying to work out what that constitutes? Exactly. We always say ice and rock. Rock is a very big word. What is that rock? What is the composition? What are the elements? Is there some atmosphere or gas around it? We believe the rings are making or were planets or moons and we see this where we see the gaps in the rings but what stage is it? Everywhere we look on the Saturn system there is a possibility of hosting life so maybe very well in rings itself life could be hosted in the future.When it comes time to actually, in its final death dive and it heads towards the planet's surface or through the one
atmosphere, are they hoping to take one last look at perhaps how that atmosphere is made up?Exactly. The idea is to just keep looking until it is crushed like a tin can and you can't look anymore. We only get one show. Once it is in it's gone. We might as well see what is it like inside Saturn. If you ever wanted to see what it is like inside Saturn, mind boggling
we will actually see that, which is is
mind boggling to think of that. That is what will be exciting to see. The biggest worry was the first and it
manoeuvre, if it would work or not, quickly,
and it did. That is awesome.Just mission.
quickly, it has been a remarkable mission.YesSome 20 years in the the
making. Just recently we have seen the potential for life revealed on the moon of Enceladus?We know in the very first aspect of - it seems a decade ago, which it was, we saw another
the rivers and lakes of Titan, another moon of Saturn. It will show that this system, Saturn and its moons, is really where we should be and hosting
putting effort for looking at life moons
and hosting life just as some of the focus on
moons of Jupiter are, that we always focus on Mars because it is easy but there are great things that currently might have life in it and it is all thanks to Cassini.Time to catch up with business news.

The consumer watchdog has launched legal action against milk processor marry Goulburn acruising it of -- accusing of of breaking the law by misleading consumers about milk prices. They engaged in Conloguionable conduct and made milk prices.
false and misleading forecasts about milk prices. The case relates to the prices the company plans to pay and South
farmers in Victoria, southern NSW farmers were
and South Australia. Many dairy farmers were left in debt or went out of business after Murray Goulburn suddenly gut the farm gate milk price last year. The Reserve Bank governor says the use of the Chinese currency as a global currency is a key event that will have a big impact on the global financial system. In a speech in Sydney last night he said China needs to strike a balance between cracking down on money leaving the country and freeing up the economy. Dr Lowe Lowe said house prices around the world have been given higher by Chinese buyers. Australian shares are weaker at midday, the All Ordinaries index down a third of a%. -- of a per sent.

Spot gold fell after the US President adownsed tax cuts but didn't say how he would pay for them. Oil fell as Libya increases production.

Now let's check news in sport.It is another big round of super Netball coming up and we took the opportunity this morning to speak to play
Caitlin Bassett, arguably the best play her the world. She has been in dominant form as usual but for a different team this year, the from
Sunshine Coast Lightning. She came from Perth from the West Coast Fever and made the big jump. She was convinced by the new coach that she had more improvement in her and, as it turns out, it is true. She said this morning that she is feeling on the
more confident and comfortable out on the court. This from the person who has been the best and most dominant player, I think, in the world in the last couple of years. A key shooter for the Diamonds of course. Now with the Lightning. They weekend,
will play the Vixens over the weekend, the top two teams. Both teams have adapted well with new line-ups and have a dynamic balance within their teams and Bassett Langman
benefitting from Mentor and Laura Langman and plenty of others as well. Plenty of others have improved and the same with the Vixens. The Vixens have a team full of people that have not been in bright lights playing for the Diamonds but people like Kate Maloney and Liz Watson, leaders.
real outstanding, emerging young leaders. It will be a great game. That interview with Caitlin is online if people want to go to that ambitions.
and hear about her leadership lightning with
ambitions. By landing at the and
lightning with the coach and Mentor and Langman she has been gifted a leadership masterclass. It has really motivated her to maybe want to lead the country one day. Which is certainly not beyond her.Let's take a look at the NRL, the Broncos winning last night.The Broncos, there was some great highs in this game by the Broncos. They were able to beat Penrith. A bit of head shaking at the Panthers at the moment because they are 2-7 after being before season favourites. Roberts was great in the first half. Look at this footwork. Billy Slater couldn't have done it any better. It is Slater-like I reckon. James second
Roberts injured himself in the second half. He went off with what seemed to be a knee injury but the coach confirmed later it is an ankle and they will have to scan that today if they haven't done it already to find out just how bad it will be. It looked ordinary. The timing couldn't be worse for a State of Origins a pairant because now is aspirant
the time when -- State of Origin aspirant because now is the time because
when you need to be fit and healthy line-ups
because they are working out the line-ups behind the scenes.Just quickly, your preview for the semiin Perth?
the A-League between Sydney and Perth?Your mob the Perth Glory up against it this week. Is there any Australian
bigger challenge at the moment in Australian sport than taking on can remember,
Sydney FC? The most dominant team I can remember, possibly the most history.
dominant team in national league history. They have won the Premier's Plate by a mile and the coaches are players are
smiling there because all the players are fit. They have a fit and Glory
firing squad for this weekend. Perth Glory has done well to reach this yesterday
stage and Kenny Lowe had a smile yesterday and he was very relaxed, in fact. Hardly have I ever seen an underdog in a final be more relaxed because they have nothing to lose take a
really. They can have a crack.Let's take a look at the weather now. Here is Nate Byrne. take a look at the weather now. Here
is Nate Byrne.

Starting with the satellite picture. We have a large mass of cloud in the north of wampb A associated with Tropical Cyclone Frances. That system is forecast to move west to south-west into the Indian Ocean and much apart
shouldn't affect the mainland too much apart from some gale force wind warnings for WA between Kuri Bay and Wyndham. The rest of the country is dominated by a large high in the will
Bight. Looking ahead to tomorrow, we will still have some rain in the south of the country and that tropical cyclone should move well offshore. Now let's take a look at your weather for Saturday:

Thanks very much. Thanks for your company. I'm Andrew Geoghegan. Stay with us, Katherine Robinson will have more news after the break.

This program is not captioned. This program is live captioned by Ericsson Access Services. Today - war of words. The Prime Minister weighs into the debate on gas prices, accusing Labor of lying.

US President Donald Trump says a major conflict with North Korea is possible in the stand-off over its nuclear program. The ACCC takes legal action against the nation's biggest milk processor, alleging breaches of consumer law. A unique view of Saturn's atmosphere as the Cassini spacecraft takes its first dive.

Hello, Kathryn Robinson with ABC News. First today the Federal Opposition is accusing the Turnbull Government of backing away from its commitment to reduce gas prices for manufacturers. The Coalition yesterday vowed to restrict gas