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(generated from captions) of the ideologies rub off?When you're the author or something? No. You get to see people in 3-dimensions. I try to put a comedy spin to things. I take the funny things they say. But you get to see the three dimensions of people. So that's sort of interesting. But it is sort of, it cuts both ways. It doesn't mean because you see someone in three dimensions that you start apologising and saying that they don't deserve to be criticised or anything like that.John Safran, good to talk to you. Thank you for joining us.Thank you.That's all for Lateline. Goodnight.

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This program is not captioned. This program is live captioned by Ericsson Access Services. Syria ambush - opposition activists say Israeli airstrikes were behind a massive explosion at Damascus International Airport. Sorting the good from the bad. The Treasurer's push to redefine debt two weeks out from the Budget. Australian Olympic Committee president John Coates apologises for his comments about a cancer patient. And Penrith's season continues to freefall after suffering a fifth straight loss, going down to Brisbane. Israel has been accused of bombing a weapons depot near demasks International Airport. Syrian state media says a