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(generated from captions) to repeat, I support the right of anyone to challenge, because that's the way politics is. You're not a protected species, you've got to answer for yourself. But I am so over all this talk about women coming up the side of one mouth and in reality, coming out the other. It's just so disingenuous.But Lisa, there is an observation, that if there is not a single woman deemed impressive enough to be in a safe enough seat, for the liberal party, that in of itself is an observation worth making?Looking at women going into politics. They are building their careers, and having families. I don't think it's a focus. The partyings need to make it more attractive.When will you run? I have to see this. I want to see the opposition research on you. It will be... Your Twitter feed.The Daily Mail.They will go, and on 18th January, you tweeted this. (LAUGHTER) My kid is a Dick head.I will vote for you five times over. Troy, I will letter box for you. Troy, what about what is happening in Victoria? Does it give you an insight into the ugliness - why so visible on the Liberal side when there's just as much ugliness in the Labor Party. been a distraction that has gone on
for some time. It was unfair to rope Peta Credlin into this when she wasn't the one doing the numbers and trying to knock off a sitting member. It is appalling this has happened while she's pregnant and giving birth to her son. So this is a huge distraction for the Government. It is unedifying about what is going on inside the Liberal Party, particularly in Victoria, which used to be the jewel in the Liberal Party's crown. It's in the Government's interest to make sure this issue is dealt with quickly and the Prime Minister probably should have been and other ministers should have been much more stronger out of the gates defending and protecting

French, it is a rock star! He is the lefty who is going to be going up against Marine Le Pen who has stepped away from her party. The conspiracy theories have begun, the Russian hackers are involved, so if Le Pen, the evil right-wing Trump in a dress wins, it is the Russians' fault.The Russians must be in there looking for something which is true and they can drag out and show. What are they going to find? That Macron is a Socialist. He was a minister in Hollande's Government.Correct.He's suddenly become a non-Socialist. I have said before that Socialists are like alcoholics, you can recover! If you are trying to tell me that he's been on the wagon for the last two years, I don't believe it! He is still a Socialist, representing that same party that Hollande is now 6% same he's got...Pro-immigration I was reading...Absolutely.The French, when Mitterrand was outed, how did he deal with that scandal, he went on a march and brought out his illegitimate daughter who was 21 and everyone commented on the daughter and the fact he was all part of the resistance was all buried nicely. I don't know which way this election is going to go.It is this thing, where Russia does try to influence, to get information on one of the two candidates they like and dislike, wants to put it out there. I was listening to the lady who took 28 hours to say Donald Trump... She goes on and on and goes, he paid taxes in 2005! One of the big TV stars of the left. Leading the left over there. She is well, this is all Russia trying to get the American President they want because if they can get a French President they want and an American President they want, they will all put out of NATO, the thing will fall over and Russia moves forward.It is amazing what the Russia hackers can do. I have a friend called "Tom" - that is his name - his girlfriend discovered his porn collection on his computer the other day and he is a lefty liberal so he blamed Russian hackers and got away with it!All the pictures... Maybe those stories about the CIA were all true.The idea of the left...Did the Chinese...I don't believe the Russian hackers can turn the French presidential election one way or another. I don't really think that they turned the US presidential election towards Donald Trump. I think Hillary Clinton was a terrible candidate, who ran a terrible campaign and she was outplayed by Donald Trump who won that election fair and square. Even though he didn't win the popular vote. Look, in France, I do think Macron is a good candidate. He's clearly won the first round and he's a centrist, he has changed a number of the views that he previously held, that is understandable in politics, we often say that is refreshing when a politician can change direction.He had his fingers crossed.He is mainstream and he is a centrist. Most French people have responded to that positively and now when he goes head-to-head against Le Pen, I expect he will crush her because he is pretty much a moderate centrist mainstream political candidate. And I would rather him be the President of France than her because a lot of her agenda is wrong, is misguided and is degenerate and will be bad for the French people.I don't think there is anything mainstream about a man of 17 being seduced by his teacher...He apparently seduced her.Really? Sorry, that is not mainstream.She might be a bit of a beard, Bronwyn.Don't say it!The French people...Can we not have that explanation on the television? The French people are judging him on his policies.Really?We can make comments about someone's past or allegations or whatever, but look, in the end, it is about policies and that is what should govern politics. Thank you very much.Thank you, Paul.Thank you, stick about. We have some big names joining us for Paul Murray Overtime. Keep those emails coming. Scott Morrison will be answering your questions after the Budget, more in a second.

G'day, good evening, it is going to be a fun second hour. Anna Kooiman be is a great broadcaster from the United States, now living in Australia, she is back from a southern wedding where it was 85 different bridesmaids...12! Thanks for having me back.We love seeing you, mate. David Miles, how has your shorter week been?Good. Anzac Day yesterday...How were you with the Swannies at the weekend?Very disappointed. The mighty Adelaide Crows triumphant.I love this double edged sword you have got. Tickets to one and you cheer on something that you watch on the telly. I don't know how the Warritahs are going...I'm flying to Brisbane on Saturday to cheer them on against the Reds which is the biggest local derby around. Sam Crosby, are you allowed to follow sport?I have got off a plane to come and see you. That is fine. That is fine. Pleased to be here, Paul.I love it.Tell me you like rugby union and I will defend you... I do like rugby union.His sport is verbal jousting!I don't understand AFL, there is no offside rule, what is going on?Sam Crosby on Twitter if you would like to educate him/complain! Let's talk Trump. I'm sorry for the next four years all you can do is be the official Trump correspondent. The wall - this is about as clear as putting a Conservative judge on the Supreme

$1.4 billion for the wall as part of that measure.It will be up to Congress to pass it and if the Democrats block it...To think he would consider shutting down the Government of the United States of America over this outlandish proposal of a border wall which we can't pay for at this point and is opposed by Democrats and Republicans along the border, that would be the height of irresponsibility.Now, interrelated here
there is issue upon issue interrelated here and it is worth unpacking a bit here, where it is not just about the 100 days, there is a potential shut down coming if there is not a budget that is passed and is the paying for the wall going to be the poison pill that means the budget won't be passed.The Republicans got blamed for it and they ought to be careful because they might get blamed for it if there is a Government shut down and the Democrats know that. President Trump is a transactional President type of President, you give me this, I will give you that. He tried to go toe to toe with them. They are saying, no, we won't do that. They saying, can't get this omnibus bill passed without Democrats.This is the problem, Sam. I think it is very difficult for the party that controls the lower house, the upper house and the presidency to blame anyone else, even though the threshold to get it past is 60 votes. If you own the whole field, it is hard to blame somebody else? Look, the wall on the whole is a it ridiculous policy that needs to be dropped. How does President Trump do this? This was the one thing that he said early on that got him all the attention that boosted his stock so well. He's locked himself into this irreversible position. He tried early on, as soon as he realised he was in fact the President, he didn't need to do this, he walked it back a bit. If he builds it, it is not going to stop anything. Illegal immigrants know how to fly over walls. It is a kindergarten approach to stopping illegal immigration.We have heard it is a metaphor, a virtual wall, or a metaphor about have tougher borders. I have to say, David, what is interesting here in the negotiations, this is one two things that you have to say you can be judged upon whether he did what he promised because this is up there with stop the boats, build the wall and make Mexico pay for it and he mentioned drugs in his announcement speech.That's right, it is a very difficult thing to try and set another country's policy about what they are going to pay for. It is an extraordinarily difficult thing to do. Hence, they are having to try and find the money within America to do it and see how they can find some creative way to get Mexico to pay something. They are never going to. He is going to lose this fight on the omnibus bill, he will have to drop the thing because he can't afford to have a Government shut down so early into his term, it will look bad for him because and he will have to drop it. It doesn't mean he changes his policy on building the wall, it means he doesn't fund it today.That is what he is saying, he is saying he is going to get this done during his first term. He needs to be careful not to overpromise and underdeliver.

far too much on this proposition. I note that you say that he talked about the drugs previously. But it was - drugs was part of why he wanted to do it.They are bringing drugs, they are rapists, remember that? That was the sentence, they are bringing drugs, they are rapists.It's been about the migration as well.100%.He needs to work out a way in which he can, whether it is metaphorically or otherwise deliver this wall.Can I ask, when we hear a lot of the debate about illegal immigration - in Australia, it is well-known the difference between legal and illegal immigration and in the political conversation, nobody tries to drop that word "illegal", but when I listen to the American left or conversation, it is that he is anti-immigration. He's been illegal immigration, but that word drops on and off all the time.Part of it is the politically correct culture. Right.You are exactly right, the left and right talks about immigration in completely different ways. The right, the far-right, will left call illegal immigrants illegals, not illegal immigrants.Aliens.Or just aliens. And then the left will call them undocumented immigrants, which they aren't just undocumented, yes that is true. I come from a place where my husband is an Australian, that is why we are living here in Australia now, but we went through the proper process of getting him a spousal visa like I'm doing here and it is frustrating when you do things the correct way and it costs you an arm and a leg and a ridiculous amount of time trying to jump through the hoops of being able to work and not being able to work at different times, so it is frustrating when you try to do it the right way.He hasn't addressed the issue which is being played out in California at the moment where it is those undocumented migrants who are the backbone of a lot of that agricultural production and that is one of the reasons why, even the people - you have run stories on Sky, I have seen them on Sky, where you get people saying, I voted for him but I need those people to come and pick my apples. It's more - it is a complicated issue for the Democrats as well. That is a Democrats state. These people, they are, they are saying that we need are, these people in the state, we are providing refuge, yet you have a whole lot of people who they want to attract so they don't lose the election next time around who tend to be the Republican voters saying we are going to have to keep these people.Now you know why in California the lefties were more than happy to vote in the Sheila who wanted open borders between Mexico and the United States. One of those secret speeches - about the first 100 days, here is what some locals - five people who were asked a question by a journalist - think. First 100 days in office, he has done better than the last three Presidents that we have had.It's been a rough 100 days.Trump has been President for 100 days and I feel proud.I feel optimistic about it.I feel empowered. Now we have someone to work against.I believe him in Congress will be able to come up with a consensus to pass tax reform.I feel a little anxiety.So far, I feel pretty good.Racism has been mainstreamed since his time in office.His foreign policy, he has done what he should be doing, especially in Syria.He has not accomplished anything at all. He thinks he has, but he hasn't.He's had to fight the Democrats, the establishment, the media and his own party, considering all that, he's done a hell of a job.If you put a camera in front of most Australians, takes a bit of time for them to warm up. There is something in your DNA that you all have got your, you are born with a grab, you are all able to deliver a grab, you can find anyone in any bar and they will anyone deliver a grab on television. Do you all go to some special school before you go to kindergarten?To be able to...How do you get them to talk on camera so well? They are Americans, it is always the perfect grab... There are two kind of people that you interview, somebody who wants to steal the microphone from you, this is what I'm going to tell you, and everybody go, I don't want to be on

Herald's analysis, he is neither the warlord that they thought he would be, it is like you put the devil horns on him! You did that. Like, he can be underwhelming at best would be the way of looking at those first 100.I would think so. There are some things where he's demonstrating strength and doing things he said he would do. Mostly where he doesn't need congressional approval to do it. But once you get into Congress - the American system is very different to ours as well, in that it is designed to slow things down. That is the whole point of their congressional structure and having...Checks and balances.Yes. Congress controls the money and while our Parliament controls the money, our committees don't have that same sort of power as the US Congressional Committees. The President doesn't set a budget. The President can only seek to advise Congress on what he might like to have in there, but doesn't control it. The whole system is designed to move slowly so there are checks and balances. The idea, anywhere really that you can get in and immediately do stuff quickly, is kind of silly do in politics because it is never going to happen.We have adopted it here, we did the same thing with the Prime Minister here. What has he or she achieved after the first 100 days?I was talking about it with how the American model, for us to start to work out who is going to be the next best Australian Prime Minister, including current field or whatever, is that basically the rules of Australian politics has always been if you win an election, the other team backs off for a little bit, lets you get through the big stuff and then eventually we slowly move back. Now, there is this obstinance that is forever going to be there. How do you think the lessons are for Australian politicians, should they be looking to the United States to say, look, the truth is, for some people, the only reason to be in Parliament is to amass power, do everything you can to hold on to power which means do you think there will be a lot of our politicians looking at the way they are playing it in their states. That is a question for the ages. Tony Abbott rewrote the political rule book both in opposition and then in Government. And I think Bill Shorten has been under a lot of pressure in the last two or three years to adopt that same sort of argumentative approach. He's had to navigate that with his own caucus and with the media. Taking that approach does drive your own approval numbers into the gutter. So, yeah, the public want to see you being more generous than that. At the end of the day, we do take a lot of the cue from America.That principle that you were talking about before, Paul, hasn't changed. Go back a few years now, Kevin Rudd had a good start when he was PM. The Labor Party killed themselves. Tony Abbott became leader part way through the term, so he was well into it and leading into a campaign so it was going to be tough.And then won a dead-heat election? That's right. There was no mandate for the Labor Party to expect the Opposition was going to be kind to them when they had a draw and were relying on the power given to them by two Conservative electorates that had their local member lie to them about what they stood for. So, there was no reason for Tony Abbott to play nice. After he won, Labor did kind of let him do some things.

ancient history, but Leader, a lot of the economic
when John Howard was the Opposition Leader, a lot of the economic reform
Hawke the interest of the nation. We see...He
didn't have an internet constantly full of supporters that could on your front door?I pReesh ya it it is all about, -- appreciate, it is all about instant news. We see very little from either side - I'm not saying the Labor Party is worse than the Coalition - but neither side now are prepared to, I think, this is what the public are looking for, sit down and say what do the nation need?I disagree with you. Look, the problem that you get into when you start using these broad brushes to go over, the problem with politics now, it is rubbish. If you go through and you look at the individuals, you are right to single

the things that you were going to support but only if you won. And this is the problem that I will support this if I win, but I will oppose it if I don't.Then they past the omnibus bill.I have to take a this break here. Do you feel a bit like a doctor at a party that there is not a day that goes by where you don't get asked a question about Trump? Absolutely. When I moved here, it was at the end of September and people were asking me if I was fleeing the country because of Trump.Just grow up, everyone. We will talk about some other things in a moment or two. A quick break. Back with more.

Thank you so much for watching. Here with the manly, wonderful, big-brained David T Miles, the big-brain, beautiful, Sam Crosby from the Mckell Institute.He is a from Bond villain, by the way!I want to know where you get the tips done.It is the sun.He is going to say it is natural.Lemon juice.I do nothing to it.Really? Kerri Chikarovski, thank you very much for joining us. Let's talk about - this fight, the AOC, people have invested in it, who are connected to it. What is pretty amazing about what is happening today the bullying culture stuff has come out, some nasty stuff about the media manager who stood down, stories up there suggesting the AOC is going to have an independent review into the culture that exists there but nothing specific about President Coates at the moment. I have to say, as somebody who is aware of the politics of sports administration, why is everyone hitting so hard on this issue right now? Is it a proxy for Liberal-Labor? Why does this spill Liberal-Labor? out into breakfast radio programs, TV shows? A sports administration fight doesn't normally take up time on a show like this?I need to declare an interest. I am a friend of John Coates. I have known him for a considerable period of time. Look, I think the reason that it has erupted is that there's been a level of discontent amongst some of the sports about some of the things John has done in relation to the funding and the fight with the AOC. That is what prompted the initial challenge from the young woman from Hockey, what has now developed has been a pretty bitter and twisted and obviously very public fight about trying to attack John and the way he's administered the Australian Olympic Committee to boost that challenge. There's been some significant sports which are saying they are going to support the opposition and not support John. Let me say my overwhelming feeling about all of this is one of great sadness because John has been an amazing administrator for 27-odd years, he's managed to put the Australian Olympic Committee up there in lights not just in this country, I mean the Olympic movement in this country has grown enormously under his leadership. I know we have had ups and downs in relations to medals but we delivered one of theest be Olympics we have ever seen, when we delivered the Olympics in Australia in Sydney.I have heard a lot of friends of John's saying about the delivering of the Olympics that, is a phenomenal achievement. It is not the qualification for a job for life.No.I know you are not saying that. It has been said by a lot of people, don't forget the Olympics, great, it was amazing.I'm not saying that. I do think - I think John, there are things that John has now said he is going to do which would have probably been best said several weeks ago, several months ago, for example about succession planning.Correct.And no-one is entitled to anything for life. We understand that. It would have been better for him to have said five months ago before the challenge was on, look, I have been there a long-time, this will be my last term, we need to put in place, which he's now done, but it hasn't, it's not been helpful in many ways.Is this one of those ones, where we talk about the elites have one view, and the public has another, and often that is subscribed to things like immigration. This is an elite conversation.It is.Is it not?It's been put into the spotlight. If it wasn't sport, no-one would probably care. Most Australians have some interest in sport and therefore interest sport is the trigger that gets you interested and there is some scandal around it and airing of a lot of dirty laundry.People are hitting each other hard.That is what happens. I guess you would look at it from the other side, looking at it as a tactical approach, someone has been in the job for 26 years, probably still have the votes on the board which keeps them there, or still has the votes across the movement...It is the Sports Federation.They take a fair amount of blasting out.That's right. You will need a lot of dynamite to get someone out of that role. It prompt the question for things like this whether there should be some sort of a term limit. 26 years is a long-time in any position. Unless it's a family-owned company that you are the chairman of, 26 years is too long.Correct.The suggestion is now that they will, they will be looking at term limits to ensure... You forget, the IOC didn't have term limits until reasonably recently. There were people who sat on the IOC until they died and that was... It's gone through some reform. I don't think anyone within the AOC or within Australian sport would be arguing that there shouldn't be reform. Everyone would agree with that. As I said, my sadness about this is that this is playing out in the way it has for someone who has done so much for sport in this country. I think it is really sad. If you believe the Coates supporters like Richo it is going to be a slamdunk, if you believe the challenger, it will be very close. It means both of them are scared a bit. Alright, I want to show you footage out of Brisbane, which is some kids that are wearing 40K an hour speed limit signs on their school backpacks. We want everyone to slow down. Is this really what you need your kids to be doing? Do they need to be turned into giant speed signs here, Sam?What is your problem? It is cute. Look at them. They are adorable.Do you want your kids to wear that?Let's - sure, it is weird. Look at the risk and reward. If you go too fast and knock one of these kids over, that is horrendous. That is the worst thing in the world. And what's the risk? The kid walks around with a funny flappy thing on their backpack... Can I ask one question? How long before some of the other kids who are not so nice and are pretty mean start using them as targets and throwing balls at them?Kick me!40 points!These things have a proven track record of saving children's lives and making people stop speeding through school zones, I guess by all means. It is quite strange to see that. How does it make the kids feel? We deal with this on a completely different level but with all these school shootings that we have had and all that, there is always talk of having metal detectors and the argument against them is because it makes you feel anxiety any time you walk into the school or you walk into the mall or any of that. This is a completely different issue. At the same time, how does it make the kids feel? Does it make them feel scared?It is this thing also where the greatest issues around most schools are the behaviour of parents during late drop-offs, how many times do we see stories about parents driving drunk with kids in the car, speeding, and if they themselves, when you have a little person, I don't know if sort of stuff will be there...A subtle, visual reminder...There is a flashing light! How many do you need?Who here...My kid is not an advertising sign!Sure. You are not advertising Coke or something. I have got a daughter, but who hasn't been guilty of being completely absent-minded, maybe not having your daughter...Of course.You go through the 40 zone, you are still at 60 or 50, and think hugger?A visual...What is the problem?There are different colour lane markings, the idea that you can't change the colour of the road for the entirety of the speed zone so you feel the bump, you visually see - it is so easy to do before we have to dress kids up in the little warning sign. This is just, like, I'll sign a petition for you!Thank you.Pinning a thing on the back of some kid's back, bloody expensive.There is one forever - my thing is, it is like, I think it is...All the above, Paul. Do everything.This campaign has achieved its outcome because we are talking about it.Fair enough. There is plenty of other things we could talk about.Mr Sensible over here!A shocking Victorian Parliamentary Committee has concluded that kids in jail are sad. It is just terrible. More in a second.

Thank you very much for joining us. Anna Kooiman is here, a massive fanbase you have on the internet. Keep bringing me back!Any time. Equally, massive following on the internet for David T Miles(!) A Equally, bigger social media presence from Sam Crosby at the Mckell Institute because they are paying for it. The Queen of it all is Kerri Chikarovski. Chris Kenny joins us now. Big fella, what have you got

not with you.Course you are not.It is meant to be a place where you get rehabilitated. You don't rehabilitate anyone by beating the sheet out of them.

Punishment first, then rehabilitation.You are already being punished by being taken away. I was, I have spent a lot of time in jails and I have spent a lot of time in juvenile justice centres and the one thing we want to do is stop those young people ending up in jail when they are older. It is so much more expensive to keep them in jail when they are older than to invest the money and rehabilitate them now. They are deprived of liberty by going to a juvenile justice centre. It can't be pleasant.No, it is not that it is pleasant but it needs to be productive for them. They need to learn the skills. One of those kids said in one of those submissions that we all get locked up because when somebody else does something wrong we get locked up. So what he is learning is why should I behave myself, if I do, I'm not getting acknowledged for behaving myself. I have to say to you, and I don't know what the costs are, at one stage a long-time ago it was $250,000 a year per prisoner in a medium security jail. It's probably a lot more than that. Take that money, put it into rehab, in juvenile justice centres, teach them how to read and add up, teach them how to accept the thing we have been talking about a lot, Australian values, get them into them and keep them out of the jail system when they are older.I'm with you on this.30 seconds.You need to be tough on crime. But you need to be tough on the causes of crime. That is the fundamental point that Kerry is outlining here. I couldn't agree with her more. They will get out, at some stage they will get out and re-enter life and then what do you do with them?I will end where we started the show, which is a rhino has joined... It is about trying to raise some money. What they are trying to do is raise $10 million for things like IVF to take care of the rye owe population.

-- the rhino population. When you are in the intimacy of trying to find a partner when somebody sells you something, like the Greens advertise on Tinder, it is a weird moment. I don't know whether you connect to their true self or what, what, you looking at me? If you swipe left, is that the good one. Thank you one and all. Alright. More in a moment on Paul Murray Live. You will see us tomorrow and Heads Up is Thank

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