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Good evening. Happy Wednesday. Welcome to a well-rested Paul is Murray. If you want to be part of the show. Send emails to me. Go searching for us on Facebook. Search for Paul Murray Live. We have a big announcement as the ladies said. It is not a 5th hour of PML, we won't be on 8 days a week, that won't happen, but it is something to do with the show, a big event you can be part of. Details in a moment. First things worth mentioning at the start. As we told you last night, I described it as a political earthquake. It's not the earthquake that would tear down buildings. Some may call it a tremor but in conservative politics, Family First disappearing, dissolving and becoming part of the strength between the Australian Conservatives becoming movement. This is a very big deal. As you know, more than a million abandoned the Coalition at the last election. They went to One Nation. Now they will have further options. I shows that the political smarts that exist in conservative politics is narrowing where you have One Nation, an incredible foot print, incredible support, 10% in the polls, a juggernaut for a long time, virtually a political generation at least. What is interesting about what Cory Bernardi is doing about how he thinks there is a future for the Australian Conservatives, is he understands there is - let's be honest - religious based conservative groups, lieb Family First, the Christian Benefits in N -- Democrats in NSW. They won't deliver you an automatic Senate seat. It's an awful lot of, fair amount of money, but it's a network. This is the great difficulty for minor parties, you know how I'm supportive of the biggest and broadest crossbench we have. You don't need people who can be on television, and be candidates, but door-knock, drop off letter box drops in a campaign and be there waving their how-to-votes on drops election day. It is something that is a huge test for the organisations that are not as well armed up as the Liberal, Labor or Greens are. Slowly but surely the machine built behind Australian Conservatives is the reason I call it an earthquake. There is a group of people who when they had an opportunity to run towards the broad tent of the Liberal Party or the new tent of Cory Bernardi's, that's the one they decided to go with. That in and of itself is a metaphor pror for the problem of not just Malcolm Turnbull, but the entire Liberal Party will have. The Conservatives have had enough of watered down Conservatism, and they want a strong dose of values through Cory Bernardi or a strong sense of nation through people like Pauline Hanson. This is not going anywhere any time. Congratulations to Australian Conservatives and more strength to their arm and One Nation as well. Worth noting. What a surprise. Channel 2 backed her in. Are you surprised? This is not just a Facebook deliberately antagonistic w the lest we forget, Anzac Day, the lefty high points weshgs showed you her apology after it was brought to her attention what she said was offensive. Today virtually no-one in the media carried this. If you look at her bio, she says she served on the centenary of Anzac commemoration committee. This is not just a random person who walked in, thought, I'm noticing lest we forgets on Twitter, better punch out a tweet, she knew exactly what she was doing. So Channel 2, what did they do today? Her apology was enough. I stand by what I said last night. I don't accept your apology. I don't know if she should or shouldn't lose her job but she shouldn't be able to easily get away with it. Are we surprised when a conservative says something in the heat of a moment? That can never be taken back. When it is somebody who served on the commemoration of the centenary of Anzac, someone who knows and puts it in their bio about the importance of Anzac Day, who deliberately goes to the internet, takings their time to work out a form of words and presses "publish", that's fine, a complete accident. The left does it again and again and again. Are we surprised I noticed today those coming to her defence have said among other things, the hypocrisy of the rite wing and free speech has been exposed. Full hit. I have no problem with the free speech she decided to exercisement my free speech to call her out. The problem I had with things like 18C is when a lawyer gets involved and a court decides you should be punished for it. There should be a legal sanction against what you said. Nice try lefty, and as expected, yesterday was the story, today the follow-up and tomorrow, I guarantee without story, knowing it there will be a reaction to the reaction and that's when it will g crazy. We will talk about that in the coming days. Worth noting is an MP that no-one cares about, thinks we should do something to change our national anthem. So what. Move on. Now let's look at finally my favourite story, a rhino was on Tinneder. I don't know why. I don't know how you will end up having anything in common and whether you are swipe left or right, but I will be intrigued if you are someone who swipes left. Let me know what you think. Liz will have no comment on that whatsoever but tell us real news from Brisbane. Good evening. Sky News broadcaster Andrew Bolt revealed the Immigration Minister has CCTV footage from Manus Island which supports his claim about an incident involving a local PNG child and asylum seekers. Mr Bolt says classified vision shows a five-year-old child was accompanied by three men with one putting his hand on the boy's shoulder in the incident. The Australian Olympic Committee wrapped up a crisis meeting promising an independent inquiry into bullying allegations against media director Mike Tancred, amid a bitter fight for the AOC Presidency with John Coates facing a first time in 27 years challenge. NSW Police will set up a new anti-terror unit samed at investigating people who could be vulnerable to radicalisation by terror groups lt the new Police Commissioner announced the Fix ated Persons Investigations Unit to comprise 15 full-time detectives working with mental health experts. Authorities in France say they arrested ten people in relation to the terror attack against Charlie Hebdo. Local media say those arrested are suspected of having sold the weapons used. And President Turnbull has booked in his first face to face encounter with US President Donald Trump was the leaders to meet in New York, may 4th. The appointment will coincide with the 75th anniversary of the Battle of the Coral Sea and take place on a decommissioned World War II aircraft carrier. Those are the latest headlines. I will be fascinated to see, Liz, whether President Trump gets the Barry Obama treatment. Remember, he's met other US Presidents and there was a big selfie love-in when it was the lefty President. Let's see what it happens with Trump or whether he will try to wash his hands hoping the orange doesn't rub off.It will be interesting.
See it. Big announcement for us. As you know, the federal budget is coming up in a couple of weeks. I'm pleased to say that the Treasurer has agreed to appear on Paul Murray Live the following Monday, taking questions from you the public. There this is something that there will be no filters, no special invitations, to special groups. There will be no attempts by us to snap the room with friendlies or enemies and we won't find people who are victims of the budget. This is an opportunity where it is first in, best dressed. Monday 15th April at the Central Coast Leagues Club, the show will be live on Monday on Sky News Live. If you would like to attend, tickets are limited, they are free but you need to send me an email now. The email address below. If you have a connection to a community group, political party, you identify The yourself, unions as well. Lit be obvious if you are the ones wearing T-shirts. But left-right, centre, Liberal, Labor One Nation, people who culledn't give two stuffs about politicses or people want to meet the Treasurer, we will have Ross Cameron and Janine there, but Central Coast Leagues Club, with the Treasurer, answering questions from the people that matter the most, not Dick heads on the TV, but you. People who are not what I just smen shunned. Bronwyn Bishop, you will be excited, the socialist candidate was knocked out of the election. The French election. A pseudo socialist now. She's the best thing about the Real Housewives of Sydney. The beautiful, wonderful, amazing, slightly fraying at the edges, but the wonderful Lisa Oldfield.I thought your at announcement would be you would join us for Housewives for season 2. You're less hairy than one of them. I tell you what, we will talk about that later. The Melbourne Housewives, a critique of the Sydney ones, I heard about that at the Logies. Now the big stuff I talked about, a political earthquake. It ain't 123 on the Richter scale, but in conservative circles it matters for the reasons I mentioned. Cory Bernardi, now, takes in Family First, all of its organisation, money and people on the ground. Here is what he said today in Adelaide. Australian Conservatives was founded to strengthen the conservative voice across the country and ensure there was a principled and credible alternative for voters. We're united by our founding principles of supporting stronger families, fostering free enterprise, limiting the size and scope and reach of government and rebuilding civil society. Family First is a party with a strong electoral success record, built through upholding those principles. The joining of our respective political forces is a natural fit and it's one that will strengthen the conservative movement right across this country. It also comes with two members of the upper house in SA, and this is what is important. Nick Xenophon has been able to build a national movement out of one state. So people thinking, who cares, it's SA, this is how Nick Xenophon has come to the party with three Senators. Christopher Pyne proved why he is the very worst person to try to reach out to the base on days like this, by being a banker like this. Well, I am surprised, because this is Cory Bernardi's third party in 3 months. Of course he was in the Liberal Party, then he had his party and now he has a third party which suggests to me that his departure from the Liberal Party is not going as well as he'd hoped.Excuse me? Please. Liza, first dibs.You're right, it makes sense he shore up support in his home state. He's got five years to shore up his support. And then ensuring the re-election of those SA upper house members, so building that. U but I can't help thinking he's a bit myopic. He kind of had a dig at Pauline Hanson, I don't know if you saw that, not in this particular article, it should be about parties rather than individuals. I would have thought he would at least try to court her. They're going to be sitting next to one another.You can see the strategic push here, Bronwyn, will be that Pauline is a cult figure but I'm the strategic thinker who comes up with the base, that will be a interesting tussle. In terms of success, One Nation is the big beast and it will be around for a long time. But the reason I mention this at the start is not just the Liberal Party, but this is a good way to shore yors up in a state where you don't need as many votes to influence the national election. time. This is true. There are a couple of things I think are quite serious issues. In 1944 Bob Menzies brought together all the conservative and more wiggish people, if you like, to form the Liberal Party. Even then SA didn't go with the name Liberal Party, the Liberal Country League. But whereas he brought them together and they've stayed together over this period of time, except for the National Party, hence the Coalition, and why it's immutable, what we're seeing now is a fragmenting of those groups. I think there were 18 groups he brought together in 1944. And now they seem to be fragmenting off. And what is really needed is some sort of strong leadership to align them back together again, because at the moment the Liberal or Coalition is looking like it will be dependent on groups that are outside just the way the Labor Party is with the grens. The Labor Party cannot win an election without preferences from the Greens. The Liberal Party doesn't want to get into that situation, which is why looking at that primary vote matters so much. Once it gets to, I think John Howard is the only one who has won an election with with a primary vote with a 3 in front of it. It needs to be 41, 42, then it's comfortable. 48-52 doesn't matter much.36 where they are now.36 is in need of big improvement. So if it doesn't, then they need to form a permanent relationship with this new entity and Pauline Hanson is going to be essential for them to win.I think it's a thing where, I strangely think that the stronger One Nation or Australian Conservatives are, Troy, somewhat the better for the Liberal Party. They want to the party of Pyne and of Turnbull and Bishop and all of these close to lovies, in terms of a conservative thing and they can basically rely upon the preferences or votes in the upper house. If you are a hardcore lefty, like the idea you can vote for the Greens f you are a hardcore conservative, you should be able to vote for a hardcore conservative option that doesn't mean you also get all of these hangers on like Pyne.I think we are seeing a fragmentation on the political left and the political right. This has been happening for some time. It's not really a new phenomenon. But I thought today's announcement was a marriage of convenience. I think Cory Bernardi's party was faultering a little bit in the sense he couldn't confirm the extent of the organisation, the personnel, the a policy advisers, whether he could run candidates in different states and nationally. Then on the other hand I think the Family First brand has been damaged by Bob Day. And the two SA Family First MPs acknowledged that today, very frank. Them getting together helps to solve problems they both have. In the context of SA itself, there's a fragmentation. There's the Greens, there's Labor, the Liberals and there's also Nick Xenophon, who is very, very significant in SA. I have real doubts that Cory Bernardi's party is going to have much appeal outside SA, although he's on this program and he was on the 7.30 program tonight r tonight and his profile is lifting, I don't think that many people know him all that well outside of SA.That's a good point, Troy. My husband wrote an article for The Telegraph, if Hanson and Cory Bernardi could get together, he thought there's too much ego, but if she could be the figurehead.She could be the head...He could be the brains. The big question is, what is the difference? A lot of people that may be of a politically right bent, are disaffected with the Liberal are Party and how do they distinguish between Cory Bernardi and Pauline Hanson. I haven't seen him abs that sharply enough to show there is a divide and they are different parties. Are they simply lighter shades of the same thing? What it will do is ensure that Cory is re-elected to the Senate. That is the most important point and that he will probably pull in at least another Senator with him and so no matter what the new Senator does, whether she agrees ultimately to go in with this new entity and she will flowneder as an independent going in as she is, but I think I heard Samantha Maiden say she's left the door open. I think that's sensible. That's the key. His new Senator, then she's already said she won't be a part of that party. She said she will go in as an independent.She said it is too soon.She says she will go in as an independent. Nick Xenophon said I will welcome her with open arms. So it's the Liberals and so the Labor Party.Beware of people bearing gifts.And your mate, slippery Sam, he will be out there doing everything he can to say, oh, new Senator.You mean trader Sam? Can I show you where the copy room is, the library, do you want someone to sit next to you? The Labor Party are good at forming the relationships.They will have more brains I think than to be caught caught with that individual.Bill Shorten lapped all of this up.The conservative side of Australian politics is very disillusioned with Malcolm Turnbull. To me it just shows the total chaos that Turnbull's inflicted on Australia because of his changes to Senate voting procedures. I think that it reflects the ongoing internal and external fighting within the Liberal Party and their allies.As if anyone in the real world cares about changes to the Senate voting system. What do you think?I think a lot of Labor people are disillusioned with Bill Shorten and his leadership. This is a guy that struggles to get 35% of the vote in polls. The fact that Australians are disillusioned with the leaders of both major parties, that's why they are looking at Cory Bernardi, or Pauline Hanson or Barnaby Joyce as a viable political alternative, leaders who have convictions, authority and can communicate an argument that have resonates to some extent with them. Now, the mainstream media yet again doesn't get it, or dare I say, the old school, the tuned out, the heads in the sand, you know, the os trich media, the emus, whatever you want to call them. The bankers perhaps. They don't get what has fuelled the minor party movement. Now as you know when the WA election took place t sky is falling, the sky is falling. Well, it took a lefty institute to do a report to come to the conclusion that we had the day after the Western Australian election to show you this. Have a look. This is, via, one of the great haterers of One Nation and the

There's also a prediction about the lower house seat. I crow for obvious reasons. But you know, Troy, what is weird about that analysis is, look, let's be honest, and you were critical at the time about WA. I always find it bizarre to say anyone is guaranteed a spot in Parliament until X years because anything can implode or go through the roof in the little while next. I love it's taken how many weeks since the WA election and an institute to conclude what I did the day after. They're entitled to their view as you are, Paul, this is your show. God love you.Everyone is entitled to their view. I'm caution about One Nation. We've been here before. We've seen them win seats including in NSW and all the seats in Queensland.And in WA, they won three seats in 2001 and those people all lost their seats the next election.Is if you use history as a guide, this is a blip and it is a bubble and it will burst. Now, I might be proven wrong, I'm not making a hard and fast prediction, but I know the minor parties often don't have the staying power that the established parties have. That is a lesson of history.The other thing to note - I personally believe that Pauline Hanson will be the only person with a Senate seat in 2025. This last election we had a unique set of conditions with a double dissolution. She didn't make the full quota. A fair point. I think at the very least she would be able to maintain a Senator from Queensland. So in the alternate election, I think that would be the case.Exactly.But you're right. If the old system existed, there would only be the one Senator, the 14 points that she got. But the thing is that she has increased her vote or rather what she's polling dramatically.10%.She was polling 23% in the Queensland election in 1999 - she's had figures higher than this before.Has she had the national success?No. She never had that before. The fact of the matter is what she'd be looking for in those Senate elections is the last seat in, which is always on a much lower percentage. You don't have to meet the quota to get that, it's where all the bits and pieces come from.To point out, with that analysis it is right to say in the seats they ran candidates, they won a high percentage.8.9%.But here is the danger. We will talk about this I think in the next hour, but the problem with yet another candidate in Queensland who is gone after their history has been exposed, you have to be careful about how wide that scatter gun has to go. To me, you want to target it with ten of the best in the areas that will help push up the upper house vote. As soon as you start going from 0-40 candidates, 0-50, that is a lot of variables that can go wrong. That's my issue. I'm interested in the Australian Conservatives thing, Australian because he inherits two existing members of a State Parliament that presumably could step up to be Senators or candidates. So I'm not off the One Nation train. Importantly it inherits people in parliament with entitlements with back up.Staff.Tinge Things they can do with enhances the party.You are going to see a great mass exodus from Canberra, because one of the great junkets is on. When an Australian Prime Minister meets an American President. I have no doubt that Mark Riley will be one of the many booking their tickets. This is what he did on Channel 7. Love you Mark. Phone to phone didn't go too well, so now they will meet face to face.The President will hold a by-election meeting with Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull Turnbull of Australia.No triple trumblue-stumble this time. Unlike in January.Prime Minister Trumble...They will meet on USS Intrepid on Thursday, the 75th anniversary of the Battle of the Coral Sea, followed by discussion. The Prime Minister looks forward to meeting the Prime Minister and show casing the close alliance the United States has with Australia.Donald Trump described their initial phone call as the worst by far with any leader and hostile on the Obama administration's refugee resettlement deal. Barnaby Joyce says face to face there will be different chemistry.The Americans like the Australians know how important this relationship is.Paul Keating's advice on dealing with Donald Trump?A lot of people disparj him, he beat Hillary, he's got the job. Now work out what you can do with him.Hear, hear. While we are always held up as a great ally, we're a few down the list who get the face to face meeting. There's been meetingings with Japan, Italy... Rjts Germany. Germany. Lots of people. You can tell how the press go into this, either looking for, you know, Trump to be outrageous, Turnbull to, will he suck up or push back? Here is what is going to happen. They will stand politely beside each other publicly, talk how amazing our histories are and collective futures, an important message, but nothing will come of this. It's interesting, but do we really need the entire press gallery to up and head over to Hawaii for two days?I liked Barnaby Joyce's comments. He said there will be more chemistry in person. I'm not so sure. Angela Merkel, it was like a Real Housewives of Sydney dinner party. So awkward.That's true. Now Troy, again, these are important meetings, things will be achieved, I get it. The optics is important. The thing I'm looking for to judging him on, is when it was Barry, it's let's have selfies together. You can't show your favourites here when it's an mrn President. I'd be fascinated to see what happens there.I think there will be a lot of back slapping, handshakes and smiles for the cameras. I support the US alliance, as do most Australians, it's important. It's important that the alliance is infused with a personal relationship. In the past the relationship has worked well when the Australian Prime Minister has a personal relationship with a US President. That can help strengthen the relationship and make the alliance work better. We have some very big challenges in our region. And that should be the focus of the discussions. There's talk today about possibly expanding Australia's commitment in the Middle East. I think that would be a mistake. And we need to have serious discussions about the Asia-Pacific. I worry a little bit about about the optics. The Australian Prime Minister and the US President standing side by side on the deck of an aircraft carrier when the balance of power is shifting towards China in our region, may not be the best impression to send. I would much prefer a more formal meeting take place in the White House, with a state dinner, the handshake in the Oval Office.Good point.That should be the way I think the relationship would go down better among nations in the region with China reasserting its influence and countries like The Philippines and Thailand, you know, very much interested in the Chinese world view.A good point. Bronwyn, if the Chinese or Russian President had an international meeting on a warship, what would we think that meant?I'd like to take a different point of view. I will wear my old hat as Minister for Defence Industry. It was greatly disappointing to me how little attention over the years the Battle of the Coral Sea was having. Excellent point.The symbolism of meeting on that ship. Once again, saying how important that battle was. It was a turning point. The first time was the battle where the Japanese was stopped, all Australians, but the Battle of the Coral Sea turned it.I agree but that's a different issue. I'm talking about...Troy, let me finished. I think it's important that this says, this relationship is so strong and so dependent on each other that this is the symbolism that this is where we're meeting to reinforce how we have supported each other and how we will go on doing so. We are in the field together. We are in the field together, the field of battle together. We were in the field of battle together. We are a strong and permanent relationship, I think that can be very strong imagery.Again, because I like to talk about the coverage, do you expect, the fact that, Mark, who I look very much, couldn't run it without the mispronounciations, do they go looking for the caricature of Trump and they cover the caricature of Trump. This is what I find strange, no matter what Australia achieves we are always a bit impressed that the cool kid is looking at us. If we any the cool kid is goofy, be it George W Bush, be it Donald Trump, the way the media will cover it, the photos t deliberate attempts to cover what is outside the frame, they will be fascinated by that.And John Malcolm Fraser being welcomed to the White House, that wasn't too flash either. Correct.Get over it. It's not important enough. If we're sending over a bunch of journalists who will be looking for the things that will embarrass our country, well get over that and start behaving properly.It won't be about our country, but trying to do their bit to move the ball ward about haha, look at Trump, who is still a winner.You need to talk to that Jason Morrison.Come on Jason, kids go to bed.He won.Back with more. I can't believe I didn't ask Troy about Kefrjts ating, make sure you read the book. -- Paul Keating, g make sure you read the

Thank you for watching. If you want to be part of the show, you know what to do. They're going very fast, already more than 100 people have said they want to join us, Monday 15th May, Central Coast Leagues Club, Scott Morrison taking your quicks about his budget. We mow the political stakes. But it is an opportunity for you to ask him, big national issues, micro-issues about you. If you're on the Central Coast of NSW or willing to travel, first in, best dressed. Please identify if you are from a political organisation, unionistor or anything. You will be able to get in, we want to know up front if someone is trying to stack the room. That's how it works. Audience (at) I'm thankful for the Treasurer to do that. He will do it one time and here on Paul Murray Live. Here with tp Troy Bramston and Lisa and Bronwyn. The idiot who face booked lest we forget. Only apologised after it was drawn to her attention. On the DFAT website in her bio she was on the centenary of Anzac commemoration committee.It wasn't ignorant, she was being a bitch. I don't like what he said. I was offended by it but I support her right to freedom of speech.100%.And my right to say lest we forget, you are brown, Yasmin -you are Muslim and you are a girl, the only reason you have a job at the ABC. Sorry. No.Not a day goes by, honestly that I don't forget my dad and his generation fought in order that my generation and me is could be free. To see that put out by that person on that day makes me ask this question - in a future conflict, will the Islamists who are here, will they fight for us? Will they fight for our country? Or will they become the fifth column and fight against us? Very good point.That is the serious question I think we have to ask. Or also, run dead.The important thing is that not whether she should be have a -- should have a job at the ABC.Who cares.The fact is this woman has shown that she is denigrating every value that the Anzacs fought for and laid down their lives for. 102,000 Australians have died that this country can offer us the freedom where we have freedom to speak, where we have freedom to speak out against it. If we don't take a stand and identify this attitude and say, this is not Australian, you are not represented and you are defying and, defiling everything that this country stands for, and you are totally unacceptable, and take a stance against it and start doing something about it.This is the thing.Then we will be denying that Anzac legend.I agree. The reason I doubled down on all of this is because of the deliberate nature of it. When you have served on that committee, you know what the word means, you know there's not an as -- asterix, or brackets. It's not don't forget the refugees t civil war, don't forget Israel verses Palestine, throw in all the other stuff, you know that, OK, or you either weren't paying attention to the committee. Who cares. You are trumpeting this as part of your back story on the DFAT website. Here is what the Deputy Prime Minister had to say about her holding on to it to be honest, part time, who cares job at Channel 2. Still.They've got to understand they have not a broadcaster for the commentators within the ABC, they are paid for by the Australian taxpayer. The Australian taxpayer commentators has every chance to say, just like everything else that comes from the taxpayer dollars, there is a contract in that, you must be absolutely vigilant, there's one thing we want you to be vigilant about is do not start to use Anzac Day as some political hobby horse for other issues that might be important and might need to be ventilated but don't use Anzac Day to do it.Agree completely. That by the way is the hope of the side for the government, in terms of conservatives, cultural issues, that bloke the is the hope of the side, equal in my view to Peter Dutton. Those two blokes are front and krernt other and more from him and less there the actual PM. Pauline Hanson had this to say online. Working part-time at the ABC. Let's be honest, it's tokenism. That's all it is, tokenism. She won't pull us together. She's done our dash with most Australians who will never forget her comments, never. She knows she's made a mistake, she's fear of losing her job. The ABC won't sack her either. Maybe they will will be in fear of taken for racial discrimination if they do. This is why I'm calling for the ABC, a left-wing ideology, pushing their own agenda, they are not representing all Australians across the board fairly. They should have a cut to the funding.Because this is a rather trendy lefty thing, someone who has swagger, you get this garbage from Bill Shorten, and this is the reason why he is vulnerable that even maybe Malcolm Turnbull has a chance of knocking him off because this guy is too far to the left of where the mainstream is.I think those were very, very, very insensitive comments. I understand the person in question has now apologised. I don't think it's automatically though a sackable offence if someone says something stupid on social media. It wouldn't be the first person to do that, nor the last.I will be saving that grab. When inevitably in Question Time there is some absolute fit of anger and flippiness because someone says something in conversation, we will play that a million times over. Troy. About that point that I have banged on over a few nights here, that her bio about being part of that Anzac commemoration, she knew exactly what she was doingment she was trolling it yesterday.That's right. It was highly offensive. It was ignorant. And it showed a real lack of respect for what most Australians were doing yesterday on Anzac Day, which was remembering, remembering the service that Australian soldiers have made for this country and participating in services, thinking about their families. I wrote a column in The Australian yesterday about my two grandfathers who fought in the Second World War. I found her comments extremely offensive. But I want to take issue on with unshiesh Bronwyn said, I agree with the sentiments expressioned but I think it's wrong to question whether all Muslims in Australia would fight for their... Ja I used the term Islamists deliberately, you know precisely what I mean. I'm not sure she is an Islamist or whatever term. Neither am I after those remarks. There are many Muslims who would be equally offended.Hope so.The SA Sheikh, I have forgotten his name, spoke very strongly against what she said. I was pleased to see someone in the Muslim community.That doesn't wash it out.The other issue is whether she should be sacked. I don't think she should be, because that makes her a martyr, elevates the issue and makes it a lightning rod of an issue. She should be condemned on programs like this, and she should have to deal with alternative views and deal with that sort of criticism. Calling for her to be sacked or people to boycott her or anything like that, only inflates the issue, and makes her into a martyr. I don't think that's the right way to go.So when the Prime Minister, if he has a dinner this year, whether they will take photos, Waleed was in the front row, guess who was on the other side of the Prime Minister, this sheelly. Be fascinating to know if she gets an invite.I thought you meant Bronwyn. You isolate them.Exactly right. This is my thing about, you know, I hate when the left come after people on the right going, you must be sacked, never earn a dollar again, you must go off into perking tri because of what you said, not necessarily what you've done. And my issue in all of this was just surprise, surprise, the centre left politicians say, an apology is enough. It is enough in this case because it's something silly on social media. But I want you to, I declare the standard and I look forward to the double one put in place when the conservative is on the wrong side.That's all very well. We had the statements about it's OK to beat your wife, OK to do this. We have this push about Sharia law, there was a photograph that was published in the Telegraph the other day about women being beaten in Indonesia ya for actually having been in the company of a man without their husband and everybody around and taking photographs of it. This is a culture, this is the law, they want to put in place. There are people in this country who do not want our common law, they want Sharia law. That's why I asked that question. That's why I use the term Islamists. There are people who Islamists. don't want what this country stands for. This one has just tagged along on it. She's got to be held accountable.And they said that Sharia law was praying five times a day,.And these idiot teachers who will wear these teachers as a protest in will wear these teachers as a
protest in support of refugees. Manufacture These Dick head also walk into the class room. They will do their thing in front of the kids. I find this disgraceful. I understand the free speech argument means disgraceful. I understand the free
speech argument means it's not illegal for them. I find it absurd. They shouldn't be politicising children.The class room.The class room has become a place of indoctrine nation, particularly in Victoria.I agree, what is your solution, Bronwyn -a citizen can have whatever political view, but the profession they hold sometimes, there's a limit on how they express themselves, their push back would be, we believe in this so much we are not going to wear a T-shirt for every cause, but this one hit such a threshold, that that's why we're wearing it. I think it's bull-shit what do you think?I think that there's a dress code and T-shirts are not in for teachers. There is indoctrine nation. The socialists, dare I use the word again, set out to inculcate themselves into the education, from schools to university. If you read that article that Paul Kelly wrote last Saturday's Australian and pointed out Professor Hyte, who said that the number of socialists preaching left-wing dogma in universities in the United States has gone from 15 years ago, 2-1, to today, 5-1. Is it any surprise that we get people who presumably graduated from those any institutions here as well where it's similar, that you get this indoctrine nation going on. In his Road to Serfdom he says they will never be satisfied with people obeying, they have to put the beliefs into them so they love what they're told to do.Troy, if your introduction to the issue, let's be honest, depending on the age of the kids involved, this could be the way you're brought to the issue. Often for most of us when you're kids, the first thing you learn becomes the most impactful and as you grow older you challenge that belief ar it m -- matastecises to be honest.Class rooms should be a place for learning, not political prop gan ta or campaigning. Those teachers may have a view, not one I support, most Australians would support, but that's for outside the school gate. It's not for inside the class room. I mean, the students, I've got young I mean, the students, I've got young
children It's not for inside the class room. children in primary school. They would be confused by this political messaging and they're not that interested in these issues. Maybe when they're older, maybe when they're university students but not when they're at school trying to get an education. I think most kids these these days in schools want to learn they want an education. They don't want to have political indoctrine nation and politics in their class rooms.I agree.We're in agreement. On that we are.My four-year-old is wearing orange T-shirts for Harmony Day, but he's got to bring in $5. Tell them it's for the Bee Gees. A good Harmony Day. Back with more.

Thank you for watching. I would be remisif I didn't say g'day to my father in law, Tim. Watching on the Sunny Coast. G'day to Narelda as well. The great Joe Hildebrand suggesting there were other Islamic leaders who came out against the Sheila who won't be sacked from Channel 2. If you want to watch with efrp elseFeel free to do so. If you want to join us on the Central Coast for the Treasurer and him being there on Monday 15th May.Taking questions about the budget, send me an email. First in, best dressed, couple of tickets per person, don't do what one person said, can I have 100? No, I reserve that right. It's in the fine print I made up. You can't have 100 seats. Don't be a smart ours and ask for 99, I would do that if I was sitting there. Lisa and Troy and would do that, but not Bronwyn, too polite. I think the Ied yocy proves itself, but Andrew Laming, a backbencher in the government, he wants to change the national anthem. The best part of this is my dear friend and Logie award winning David Speers kind of singing some of the words.The two vorss have done a good job. One is, well, relt for toil and plane to share. These two are saying the same thing. The other three are references to Chris xhanty or our English and Celtic background were dropped long ago. So I think we can remove two, we can add one and self-evidently you have the Indigenous issue, our broadening multicultural base. I think Australia knows where we stand as a nation, where we stand in South East Asia.It sounds like a lot to pack into a song, that we believe in free speech, we believe in democracy, part of Asia, multicultural. I'm doing a bad song, but a lot to pack in. Well done Speersy. You can tell he has the inner rock star waiting to get out there. The people in his electorate, remember that person that came up a couple of weeks ago, we should have four year terms. Remember this is what they did with their time when they didn't need to suck up to you for a vote.Lame is appropriate, Laming, lame.We may knock on your door saying, I want to go round again. For that. That's what you want to do for me? Please, -- off. The and then there's the obvious Liberal in-fighting in Victoria. We have gone up hill, down deal about the approach to Peta Credlin. I don't want to talk about that. We have the reaction to the reaction and people like the leaky but powerful Scott Ryan saying me, nothing.Kelly is one of my closest friends, we were at uni. What happened to her was appalling. I'm happy for Kelly and the safe arrival of her son. As I said she's one of my closest friends. I think what happened was appalling. I won't engage with those who seek to throw mud without foundation. It says more about those making accusations than me.Tony Abbott was asked. He concluded what every person would about this story. And some of the timing.The first point to make is that you shouldn't move against sitting members. You shouldn't move against sitting members on maternity leave or not, you shouldn't move against sitting members unless they've done something terrible, and there's nothing that Kelly O'Dwyer which would qualify as that.It shows a lack of taste, doesn't it?A tacky thing.Moral code when you pick on someone when they have just had a baby.It's tacky.For the fourth time Peta Credlin had to deal with this, four days in a row. Internal party, factional games are damaging the Liberal Party. Kelly O'Dwyer as a cab mit minister with youth on her side shouldn't be under any threat but rather than a clumsy attempt to try to pit two women against each other for a safe liberal seat, it's about time the party did better when it comes to getting women into Parliament. Despite a really proud record, the Liberal Party is going backwards with women making up only 16.8% of members and Senators. 13 women only from my side of politics in the lower house. Take your pick, Bronwyn, about which one you respond to. Which one?I'm so over this woman's stuff, I can't tell you. Firstly I was the only woman to hold a safe seat in NSW and no-one bothered to mention it. The point is...They moved on the sitting MP.Ip deed. But let me say, I will support the right of anyone to challenge a sitting MP any time. I've been challenged a number of times. I was knocked off in a factional fight, OK? That's the way it went. The factions are a problem. And obviously what's going on there in Victoria is a factional fight. They're going to have to clean it up, just as in NSW ve have to because you can't have the state being run by the a faction. I want to repeat, I support the right of anyone to challenge, because that's the way politics is. You're not a protected species, you've got to answer for yourself. But I am so over all this talk about women coming up the side of one mouth and in reality, coming out the other. It's just so disingenuous.But Lisa, there is an observation, that if there is not a single woman deemed impressive enough to be in a safe enough seat, for the liberal party, that in of itself is an observation worth making?Looking at women going into politics. They are building their careers, and having families. I don't think it's a focus. The partyings need to make it more attractive.When will you run? I have to see this. I want to see the opposition research on you. It will be... Your Twitter feed.The Daily Mail.They will go, and on 18th January, you tweeted this. (LAUGHTER) My kid is a Dick head.I will vote for you five times over. Troy, I will letter box for you. Troy, what about what is happening in Victoria? Does it give you an insight into the ugliness - why so visible on the Liberal side when there's just as much ugliness in the Labor Party. been a distraction that has gone on
for some time. It was unfair to rope Peta Credlin into this when she wasn't the one doing the numbers and trying to knock off a sitting member. It is appalling this has happened while she's pregnant and giving birth to her son. So this is a huge distraction for the Government. It is unedifying about what is going on inside the Liberal Party, particularly in Victoria, which used to be the jewel in the Liberal Party's crown. It's in the Government's interest to make sure this issue is dealt with quickly and the Prime Minister probably should have been and other ministers should have been much more stronger out of the gates defending and protecting

French, it is a rock star! He is the lefty who is going to be going up against Marine Le Pen who has stepped away from her party. The conspiracy theories have begun, the Russian hackers are involved, so if Le Pen, the evil right-wing Trump in a dress wins, it is the Russians' fault.The Russians must be in there looking for something which is true and they can drag out and show. What