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(generated from captions) This program is not captioned. This program is live captioned by Ericsson Access Services. Australian Olympic Committee in crisis mode - media director Mike Tancred stands down amid allegations of bullying made by a former AOC chief executive.

Malcolm Turnbull and the US President lock in their first face-to-face meeting in New York next week. Cory Bernardi's Conservative Party to merge with Family First, but new senator Lucy Gichuhi chooses to go it alone. And rising fuel and health costs are the big drivers behind a spike in the inflation rate.

Good afternoon. Ros Childs with ABC News. The media Director of the Australian Olympic Committee is standing down from his position, pending the outcome of any investigation of a complaint made against him by former CEO Fiona De Jong. The move comes ahead of a crisis meeting of the Australian Olympic Committee tonight to address bullying allegations. Tracey Holmes is the host of the radio program The Ticket and joins me in the studio. Hi there.Hi, Ros.Mike Tancred standing down, is that a surprise? There was always potential for that to happen and now it has happened. People are going to start reading into it what they will. Given the extent of these allegations that had been made against Mike Tancred, they were very strong allegations, not just by Fiona De Jong, but by another employee as well and more stories seem to be appearing as the days go by. So, the board of the Australian Olympic Committee is somewhat divided. A number of members on the board felt that they weren't sufficiently aware of all of these deals before they came to light in a very public domain in the media and, hence, their reason for calling for this extraordinary meeting this evening, which is only 10 days or so ahead of the AGM in which John Coates is hoping to be re-elected for another four years, as the President, and for the first time he is being challenged.Fiona De Jong stepped down, just looking at these allegations, because they weren't investigated properly. So this is really - is this really the first chink in the armour that we are seeing of both John Coates and Mike Tancred?Well, observers who have been watching this closely for some time would probably say it all started to show signs of fracture probably during Rio when John Coates came out as the President of the Olympic team and started making allegations about very senior people running some of our biggest sports in this country and how they had not delivered because the medal tally was down. Now, this then turned into a battle of ego between John Coates, who has been in that job for 26 years and is highly regarded in the international Olympic movement and John Wylie, the Sports Commission chair who gives most of the funding to Australian sports and Australian athletes. That continued to unravel. We've had numerous news reports where John Coates has used rather unsavery language in, again, a very public domain and now it comes down to the 94 votes in a week-and-a-half time in the summer and winter sports federations of Australia who get to have their say on who leads them for the next four years. There is a bit of a swell and, given these sort of developments, that swell is gaining more momentum that it is a time for change, but there are still a lot of people who have said for 126 years what John Coates has given us on an international stage is a voice we wouldn't have otherwise and therein lies the division.What is Danni Roche offering?She's told 15 of the least-funded sports in Australia she can give them $200,000 grants, should she be elected. She is offering a new focus with all of the money going towards the athletes, rather than a lot of the money going towards the administration now and that has been one of the criticisms of John Coates. Traditionally a role that you do in a voluntary capacity and he is earning $720,000-odd for doing it a year and she is offering more of a focus getting it back to athletes and grass-root sport and developing sport and seeing it thereto the elite end.What is likely to happen at this crisis meeting tonight?This won't be a pleasant crisis meeting. As I mentioned, the board is very divided. There are a couple of key members who are yet to decide one way or another. To meeting has been called with one agendaitem to discuss how this very accusation had been handled and is being handled inside the AOC, but from that, there will no doubt stem any number of streams of conversations, even to the point where John Coates as the chair, may be asked to excuse himself from some of that discussion because some may per soof him to be conflicted in particular areas -- perceive him to be conflicted in particular areas. So it won't be a pleasant evening for the directors of the Australian Olympic Committee. Sure. But the actual vote on his presidency will take place in two weeks' time?Yes, 6th May. Extraordinary. Tracey, thank you.

The Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull, will have his first face-to-face meeting with US President Donald Trump next week. In February the pair had a terse phone call over a refugee deal made with Mr Trump's predecessor bavrm. Sean Spicer says the two leaders will meet on a decommissioned aircraft carrier in New York. Washington correspondent Stephanie March reports.This meeting has been in the pipeline for a while, but we understand from officials that it was difficult to ensure that both Prime Minister Turnbull and President Trump would be able to be, especially considering it is happening less the than a week out from the Australian Budget being handed down. Nevertheless, to meeting is due to go ahead next week on the USSIntrepid, a World War II carrier that sits on the Hudson River in New York and has been converted into a museum. To meeting will take place as part of celebrations, commemorations for the 25th anniversary for the battle of the Coral Sea that saw the US and Australian forces fight side-by-side in the Pacific. Veterans will be flown over for the event and it will be first time that Malcolm Turnbull and Donald Trump have met face to face. Let's listen to what White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer had to say about what will be happening in New York next week. I just want to proudly announce that on May 4th, the President will speak on board the USS Intread pid US city to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the battle of Coral Sea and major Naval battle in World War II in which the United States joined with Australia to halt the advance of enemy forces. That same day at the museum, the President will hold a bilateral meeting with Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull of Australia. The President looks forward to meeting the Prime Minister and showcasing the enduring bonds, deep friendship and close alliance the United States has with Australia.The event is being hosted by the America Australia Association and Prime Minister Turnbull has put out a statement and taken to social media to say that he's debated to be coming to America to be meeting with President Trump and taking part in these commemorations. Security issues and strategic alliance between the two countries is expected to be very high on the agenda. The Trump Administration was preoccupied about what to do with the North Korea weapons program and we know that Malcolm Turnbull was talking to James Mattis about the US's position in the Middle East and no doubt the pair will be looking to move this as a way to move their relationship fworward from the testy phone call they reportedly had earl-year in the year over the refugee deal struck by the Obama Administration. For more on next week's meeting I spoke to political reporter Stephen Dziedzic.Ros, Australia's main focus is trying to build up a bit of a rapport between Malcolm Turnbull and Donald Trump, particularly as Stephanie mentioned in the wake of that rather acrimonious phone call which saw their personal relationship get off to such a bad start. Now, of course, the bilateral relationship between Australia and America is much broader than the two individuals. Nonetheless, particularly in the American system, and in foreign policy, relationships matter and the feeling is and the Australian foreign policy establishment that it is vital that the two men establish a bond so they can have a coherent and closed discussion about the relationship, particularly with acute questionings for exactly what Australia's role is in any expanded conflict in Iraq and Syria might look like and what role we will be having in the future as the war in Afghanistan grinds on. So, Ros, expect the Prime Minister to put a lot of time and effort into this meeting. The Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce was asked about to meeting today and he said the main focus was really building up a chemistry between the two men. Let's listen to what Barnaby Joyce had to say.I think there is something of chemistry when two people meet face to face which is probably not present over a phone call. The Americans, just like the Australians, know how important this relationship is between the United States and Australia.Meanwhile, Cory Bernardi has confirmed that his Australian Conservatives party will merge with Family First. What is the latest on that that?That's right, Ros. It is the end of an era for Family First. The party confirmed this morning that it would essentially disband and merge with the Australian Conservatives party that was started just a few months ago by Cory Bernardi. Ros, this is a concession effectively from Family First that the brand has been damaged by the controversy over Bob Day, their former senator, who was found to be ineligible to stand over a conflict with a contract, whereas Cory Bernardi, the view inside Canberra is that his stocks inside Canberra are comparatively on the rise. Conservatives confirmed this morning that Lucy Gichuhi, the new senator from Family First who was elected to replace Bob Day will not be joining the party. She's going to sit instead as an Independent. While Cory Bernardi has a couple of extra representatives at a state level now in SA with two upper house MLAs, he's still a one-man band for the time being in Canberra. Senator Bernardi said that he invited Lucy Gichuhi to join the party, but she said that she wasn't yet prepared to make that commitment. Let's have a listen to what Senator Bernardi had to say.For those of us who have been around publics for a long time, we can understand the consequences and the implications of significant decisions like this. So we have got to head around it pretty quickly, but it is much more difficult for those that are new to the political Vin. We wish Lucy well on her career.Ros, Lucy Gichuhi just a few minutes ago put out her own statement saying at this time she is unable to determine whether the best course of action for her to represent the people of SA would be done through joining Cory Bernardi's party. She said that she decided that is not the best course of action for her at the time being. So, Ros, perhaps she is leaving herself a bit of wriggle room there. We may see her change her mind in the future. For the moment, two, it is two Independents sitting there in the Senate crossbench.Thank you. The man who authorised tear gassing at Don Dale's detention centre is appearing the royal commission into the NT's youth justice system. Here is reporter Nadia Daly.Ken Middlebrook, we have been hearing from him today, Ros. He is the man who authorised tear gassing in that incident. He is the man who has been at the helm of the correction system for years, up until 2015, and he was at the top of that system during many of the incidents that sparked this royal commission, so he is a much-anticipated witness. He was Corrections Commissioner from 2012 to 2015 and before that held various other roles in the corrections system, overseeing the prison systems hooker in the Territory and for many years in that the youth justice system as well. Ken Middlebrook talked about some of the improvements he said had been made to the system during his time there, but he said for many years there was a lot of dysfunction and lack of funding and he blamed the former Labor government for that a decade ago. He said that he had experience at all in youth justice, prior to taking on a role here in the NT in 2007 in the Corrections system. In the royal commission he was asked about that controversial decision to move the youth justice system into the Correction system, so the same system of the adult prisoners. It was controversial at the time. He said it gave him as the Corrections Commissioner more funding and more resources to do more. It is worth noting that one of the first things that the current Labor government did, they came into power late last year, one of the first things they did was to move youth justice into the NT families department so that was a controversial move. We also heard that in 2015, a different group of young offenders emerged or started coming through the youth prison systems here in the Territory. Ken Middlebrook described slightly older, bigger, young offenders and he said they displayed a lot of behavioural problems and h said one of the reasons for that was the use of the drug ice. He said that presented a lot of problems for the staff dealing with them, trying to manage these kids who were very different to some of the ones they had seen before. He was asked what data was there to support that use of the drug and he said they didn't test the kids for drugs for that period, so there was no data. Now, interestingly, he also talked about tough on crime approach that was very much seen with the previous government here, the Country Liberals Government here in the NT and he said this approach became, I guess, a popular one for governments to employ and it was partly for the desire to show that they were taking community concerns about crime seriously and to be seen to be doing something, but Mr Middlebrook said that approach of being seen to be tough on crime just leads to more prisoners in jail and doesn't necessarily solve the problem. Here is how he put it himself.Look, I think we were in a very punitive community. A very punitive society. People want their pound of flesh. Politicians tend to read what they are talking to the punters on the street and I know, I've had this conversation with respective minutes in both government and the view is, well, the community wants tougher stances. Building prisons is not the answer.Nadia, what is next for the commission?We will continue to hear more evidence from Ken Middlebrook today during the royal commission and he's an anticipated witness, given he was in charge of a lot of what happened at Don Dale youth detention centre and the whole prison system here in the NT for many years. So we are expecting to hear a lot more interesting evidence from him. As you heard there, we are hearing not just about what happened in the prison system, but some of the bigger social and political issues behind all of the things that happened that led to this royal commission, so some very interesting evidence, indeed. Over the next few days we are expected to hear from the former Chief Minister Adam Giles and the former Corrections Commissioner John Elfink. Those two former politicians were, the former Corrections Minister minister and the former Chief Minister from the government that lost the election mid to late last year, and they will be I guess, giving evidence about what they knew and what they did when they heard a lot of the allegations about the tear gassing, the mistreatment of detainees so forth that sparked this whole royal commission.Nadia, thank you. The top stories on ABC News: The Australian Olympic Committee has announced that media director Mike Tancred is standing down from his position, pending the outcome of any investigation into bullying allegations. Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and US President Donald Trump will meet in New York next week for the first time after a heated phone call between the pair earlier this year. And, Cory Bernardi's Australian Conservatives party will merge with Family First. South Australian Senator Lucy Gichuhi is not planning on joining its lanks. -- ranks. An inquest has begun into the death of a former NSW Police debtive who killed himself after leaving the force with post-traumatic stress disorder. Before he died, Kobe Bryant rang 000 outlining the reasons for his actions. His widow, Debbie Bryant, is campaigning for insurance companies to change the way they handle the claims of police officers suffering PTSD. Here is reporter Karl Hoerr. Ros, it may well change the way that such cases are handled in the future, however we know from the opening address so far that their focus appears to be on the appropriateness of the treatment of Kobe Bryant, both before and after he was discharged from the force. The Coroner will also -- Ashley Bryant, both before and after he was discharged from the force. The Coroner will look at the way police officers are assessed in terms of mental health. There are a range of issues that the Coroner will be considering at this inquest, of course specifically relating to mental health and, in particular, post-traumatic stress disorder. Karl, thank you. And if you need information or support, you can contact Beyond Blue or Lifeline.

NSW Police has launched a unit to investigate people who could become perpetrators of extremist violence. The initiative will concentrate on mental health and how agencies can better work together to prevent terrorist acts. Reporter Jessica Kidd has more.Police in New South Wales say that individuals driven by extreme religious, political or ideological views who make threats of violence, represent a real andemerging risk to the wider community. These people often don't meet the threshold to be investigated by counter-terrorism agencies and are often left to local police stations to manage. NSW Police Commissioner Mik Fuller says they will be referred to a new unit that has been set up to specifically target these obsessed people.We know these people are not active terrorist targets, but yet they are capable of acts of terrorism. NSW Police believe we need to move quickly to close this important gap and from Monday, 17 detectives with support staff will commence looking at these type of Lone Wolf individuals.The so-called fixated persons investigation unit will target loan people making threats determine if they should be arrested and charged or referred to mental health services. It will also identify people who may be vulnerable to rapid radicalisation and Lone Wolf-style attacks, such as Sydney siege gunman Man Monis when he took 18 people hostage at the Lindt Cafe here in Sydney's Martin Place. The division will be staffed by 17 teams and will be up and running on Monday.International donors have pledged more than $1 billion to Yemen to help tackle what the United Nations has described as the "world's largest humanitarian crisis". Two years of civil war has pushed the country to the brink of famine and obliterated the health system. Mothers sit with their sick children in a hospital in Yemen's capital, Sanaa. Most are malnourished and without treatment, have little chance of survival. The ward is a symbol of a much wider crisis. TRANSLATION: More than 2 million children are suffering from mall nutrition and 500,000 are suffering from severe malnutrition.Doctors are struggling to cope with limited resources. Even those who can afford treatment might not receive it. Aid organisations fear Yemen is at serious risk of plunging into famine. TRANSLATION: Our families are suffering from disease, suffering from the cold and thirst. It is not fair. I don't have a drop of water at home.The United Nations held a fund-raising conference overnight in Geneva to help raise more than $2 billion and have reached half the goal.On average, a child under the age of five dies of preventible causes in Yemen every 10 minutes and this means 50 Yemen will die during today's conference and all of this could have been prevented. Government officials also call for an end to the war, which has killed more than 10,000 civilians. Political solution is the only way to reach sustain automobile peace and development in Yemen.The UN fears the Audi led coalition is planning to attack a -- Saudi-led coalition is planning to attack the sea which will make more aid difficult.We feel that all parties keep all ports, that they keep all airports available for us to deliver that assistance that is so urgently needed.It is hoped the money pledged will soon help these in Yemen suffering. Turkey has intensified its campaign against Kurdish rebels, killing dozens of fighters with new air strikes in Iraq and Syria. Kurdish forces in Syria say that the strikes hit military posts and where communication facilities. The targets in northern Iraq were ammunition dumps. The US has raised deep concerns over the strikes because they were not coordinated with American military commanders. Turkey said it is targeting militants from the outlawed PKK, but at least five of those killed were person merger fighters, key allies against the Islamic State Group. President Donald Trump's daughter, Ivanka, has defended her father's reputation on her first international trip as a White House adviser. In front of a women's empowerment conference if Berlin the First Daughter was jeered for praising her father's policies on families.He has been a tremendous champion of supporting families and enabling them to thrive in the new reality - do you hear the reaction from the audience.Ivanka struggled to explain her new role as a special adviser and when questioned about her father's attitude towards women, she said that he had encouraged her to achieve throughout her life. The conference is a chance for Angela Merkel to strike up a personal relationship with Donald Trump as inner circle. Here is Alicia Barry. Inflation numbers are out. What are they telling us?The inflation out for the March quarter of this year has perhaps eased concerns that the low inflation that we had seen across the developed world was really taking hold in Australia because prices at the shops are on the rise, according to the latest figures from the Bureau of Statistics. Now, the consumer inflation or CPI, as it is known, increased by half a per cent over the first few months of the year and that takes the annual rate to 2.1%. It means the headline inflation rate is back within the RBA's target band of between 2-3% for the first time since the middle of 2014. Now, the RBA's preferred measure, the core inflation didn't - it rose from 1.5% to 1.8%, but it still is just outside of that target ban that the RBA is looking for, though this is unlikely to concern the RBA too much because it has forecast that inflation will fall back within its band by the middle of the year and we are not quite there yet. Now, as I said, the numbers should ease some of the concerns about low inflation-sweeping developed economies across the globe for the last couple of years or so. The numbers show that petrol, housing costs, along with power and vegetable costs were among the biggest contributors to the headline increase in households across Australia will probably be able to relate to that. Now, the figures were slightly lower than expected by most economists who are forecasting a 2.2% annual CPI, but in any case, it does look like inflation is not as much of a worry for the Reserve Bank as perhaps it has been in previous years.There has been a change at the top of the company that owns dream world.That's right. The owner of Dreamworld is Ardent Leisure and it has appointed a new chief executive to replace Deborah Thomas. She's been the CEO for two years and she came under immense pressure when four people were killed on a ride when it malfunctioned at Dreamworld last October. Simon Kelly is going to take over as CEO from Deborah Thomas from 1st July. Deborah Thomas instead will take on a new role of chief operating officer as well as chief customer officer at the group. How is the market looking?We are seeing a fairly strong session on the Australian share market today. It has taken its cue from Wall Street It has taken its cue from Wall
Street and is Street and is making solid gains. The All Ords is up around 7%. Looking at the move years and A 2 Milk and Bellamy's is among the strongest along with QBE having a good day. The goldminers are the biggest losers today. A strong region in Asia. On Wall Street, the Nasdaq hit a new record while the Dow and S&P hit recent highs on corporate earnings. Bossing sentiments reports from the Wall Street Journal that US President Trump's tax proposal will slash company tax to 15% from the current 35. Spot gold prices are on the way up. Crude oil prices are stronger, too. The Australian dollar dipped a little after the inflation too. The Australian dollar dipped a
little after the inflation figures were released.Thank you, Alicia. Cuba's Bay of Pigs has been invaded by millions of red, yellow and black land crabs. Each year in spring, the crabs march for days from surrounding forests wreaking havoc along the way. The crabs emerge at dawn and dusk climbing up walls and roads with sharp shells puncturing car tyres. They are in other ecosystems such as Christmas island. A quick look at the national weather now.

That is where we leave our viewers in WA. News continues on ABC News channel. Top stories on ABC News. . The Australian Olympic Committee has announced the media director Mike Tancred is standing down from his position, pending the outcome of an investigation into bullying allegations. Former CEO of the Australian Olympic Committee, Fiona De Jong, has made the bullying complaint. She sent a letter to members of the board, outlining her concerns about the culture of the committee hours ahead of an emergency meeting tonight. The White House has confirmed the Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and US President Donald Trump will meet for the first time in New York next week to commemorate the battle of the Coral Sea. It comes after a terse phone call between the two earlier this year over Australia's refugee deal with the US. South Australian leader of Family First has shrugged off suggestions that his party's decision to enforces with the Australian Conservative Party was spurred by the loss of former senator Bob Day. Family First is to be disbanded and its state leader Mr Hood will join Cory Bernardi's new party. New senator Lucy Gichuhi, who is replacing Bob Day in the Senate, will now sit as an Independent. Analysts say that rising consumer prices during the first quarter of this year is unlikely to persuade the Reserve Bank to change official interest rates next week. Core inflation, which is the Reserve Bank's preferred measure because it strips out volatile price movements, stands at 1.9%. More now on one of our top stories, the first face-to-face meeting between Malcolm Turnbull and Donald Trump. Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce says that meeting in person will be totally different to the February telephone call between the two leaders.I think there is something of chemistry when two people meet face-to-face which is probably not present over a phone call, but the Americans, just like the Australians, know how important this relationship is between the United States and Australia. It is not a case of being the deputy sheriff. It is two people with similar values, belief in the rule of law and belief in the rights of the individual, belief in the principles that people should be left alone, a belief in democracy, a belief in trial by jury, experience over such a long period of time, these rights have to be protected and at times that requires Defence Force put their lives on the line to protect those rights, as they have done in the past and will do in the future and underpinning that relationship must be the close working relationship between the elected heads of both nations, so the Prime Minister of Australia and the President of the United States have it in both of their RMITs to have a close working relationship and this is facilitated in its highest form by face-to-face one-on-one meetings.The Australian Conservative Party headed by Cory Bernardi is merging with Family First. They will switch to join Senator Bernardi's Conservatives. He says that the party's aim is to support family as free enterprise and smaller government.Family First is a party with a strong electoral success record, built through upholding those principles. The joining of our respective political forces is a natural fit and it is one that will strengthen the conservative movement right across this country. Dennis and Rob are among the very best and most capable politicians here in SA. I have known them both for many, many years and our shared aspirationings for our state and nation and our shared values have forged a very strong bond. This is an important step in uniting the Australian Conservative movement. Together our movement will be stronger if we go it alone. Our party is governed by principles, not personalities, and that is why it wasn't named after an individual, but it was named after a group of people - Australian Conservatives. We know there is a better way for our state and our nation.The Queensland auditor general has found that police are soliciting victims of crime to withdraw complaints in an effort to keep a lid on rising crime rates. The auditor's report claims that pressure from the police hierarchy to cut crim rates has left Queensland Police open to claims of manipulation. Reporter Mark Walcy has the details.In January the ABC ran a story saying that crim managers, particularly on the Gold Coast in the police service, were being pressured to put a lid on the crime rate. That is by manipulating police crim reports. Now, the auditor-general was already investigating this issue and today has released the report into that and what he's found is that basically crime rates or crime statistics in this state are unreliable at best and basically he thinks that they should be treated with caution and one of the most disturbing things in this report is he is saying that police are actively soliciting victims of crime to try to get them to withdraw their complaints. So these are fairly serious allegations about the crime statistics in Queensland. It would seem that they are not to be trusted.Have state police responded yet?Not as yet. We're expecting the police commissioner Ian Stewart, to comment on this today, although he's said in the past that he would cooperate and the Queensland Police service would cooperate with the auditor general's report. We had heard from the Police Minister Mark Ryan who said he was concerned about these allegations. He said he will be speaking about this also later today. It would seem that what we have got here is the police hierarchy, according to the auditor-general's report, potentially putting perceived pressure on officers to keep the crim rates low and, in response, those crime reports are being manipulated.These allegations that the police are soliciting victims of crime to withdraw complaints - what does that mean "soliciting"? Basically, they are contacting the victims of crime and saying, "Look, do you really want to go on with this complaint? Squts they are using other methods, according to the auditor-general's report, whereby they send off a letter giving the victim of crime seven days to respond and if they do not respond within that 7-day period, it is assumed by the police they no longer want to go ahead with that complaint and they are giving them three strikes or you are out. In other words, they will try to contact the victim of crim three times about the complaint. If they don't hear back or the victim doesn't respond then that crime will not be counted. These are serious allegations that obviously the Queensland Police service has to address, although we have heard it has moved to deal with these issues b we don't know in what form as yet.Meanwhile, we don't know what crime rates are like in Queensland.Well, we do know that crim rates in the Gold Coast area, and that was the particular focus of the Auditor-General's report, Ros, have been clieing in many aspects, in many offences. So what this will raise huge question marks over is, look, if crime rates are already rising what impact has this fudging of the figures or this alleged fudging of the ig iffers had? Would it suggest that potentially the crime rates are even worse than what the official figures suggest? Australians are missing out on $1.1 billion of unclaimed money. Sitting dormant in forgotten bank accounts, lapsed life insurance policies and investments, the Australian Securities and Investments Commission wants to hand it back to its rightful owners. Miles Lobie is a senior executive leader. What do people do if they whatn't to find out if this money is theirs?It is simple. Jump onto money join Do a quick search and it will tell them if there is any unclaimed money waiting for them. How do you claim it?You then need to contact the financial institution that the money has come from. They will run some checks to identify -- var any identity and come back to ASIC and they will process the claim.What sort of amounts are we talking about?Over $1 billion as you say. That rains from amounts in a few dollars to some several hundred thousand dollars.Can you widen the search for family members, perhaps even people who are dead? Yeah, you can. You can search for yourself, family members, friends and a number of the records are accounts that are held by someone who has passed away. You can till search for those names.You have put out these call-outs, if you like, on an annual basis. What was the response last time you did it?Last year, we try to promote this at least once a year because we are keen to reunite Australian was their money because it is their money. The search facility is available all year round every day. As I say, it is tree free. It is easy to do. Last year we reunited $87 million to their rightful owners.What is the largest amount of money?The biggest single amount was $800,000. We were happy of course to be able to give that one back.How long does it take for money to sit there unclaimed before it gets to you and on the Money Smart website?The money comes from old or dormant bank accounts or lapsed life insurance policies and it is rolled over to the Commonwealth unclaimed money account after seven years. If there has been no activity on an account for seven years, it is rolled to the Commonwealth, ASIC administers the fund and what we are doing is keeping it safe so the rightful owners can come and claim it.It goes to the Commonwealth after some point?After even years.But it is always available?There is in time limit on when someone can make a claim.How far back is the money, does it go?In some cases the records go back to the 1950s.And interest is paid?Interest is pay ail from 2013, amounts held in the unclaimed money fund attract interest, yes.Presumably, this amount just keeps growing growing as time goes on and it rolls on. It is $1.1 billion now, but this must grow year on year?It grows as money comes in but it is depleted as people come forward and retrieve their money and of course raising awareness like conversations like this are really helpful in making sure we can reunite that money to the rightful owners.A pleasant job for you.Yes, indeed.Thank you so much. US President Donald Trump's plan to build a wall along the Mexican border has hit a snag. He's been forced to delay funding it because democratic senators threaten to block the budget bill if funds for the wall were included. But another controversial policy, the crackdown on undocumented workers, is having a big impact. The stage has been set for mass deportations and some employers risk losing their workforce. Washington correspondent Conor Duffy reports from central Florida. It is harvest time in Florida. Even in spring, it is baking hot and there is tonnes of kale to be picked. For more than half a century, Hank Scott's family have grown food. The vegies stay the same, but the labour force has changed dramatically.There is no American, black, white, yellow, from any background. They may get out here and last an hour or half a day. Latinos have filled the breach. As many as 70% of them undocumented. Hank Scott voted for President Trump and supports his push for a wall and move to hire thousands more agents to kick out what h calls "bad ombres", imgrands who commit crimes. He is worried it will affect his valued workers, like farmers across the country. He fears there will be no-one left to affect the fields.We see what it has done to people in Alabama and North Carolina where crops are left in the field because they have lost all of their help. For the undocumented workers, the stakes are even higher and many have been driven underground. It has meant a profound shift in how they live their lives. They say even the simplest tasks of going to the shops or driving are now filled with fear because they believe even the smallest interaction with authorities could see them deported. In town, at the Catholic Hope Community Centre, young leaders from Mexican and central American families are meeting to fight back against what they say is increasing racism. Is this affecting your life or somebody that you know?People are worried. Now they look at you and go, "You are Mexican, you are his panic. You will be reported." Olivia Florez snuck across the border from Mexico 18 years ago. These days she rarely leaves the house, except to go to work.People have been arrested just for going to get milk for the children. Just to drive a mile. They don't come with any criminal records. They are being deported.Her children are US citizens and they fear their mum could be deported, leaving them stranded.In our family, in this case our father has been deported and we only have our mother, which is more scary.Back on the farms, workers are vowing to fight and hope they will still be here for next year's harvest.

French President Francois Hollande has used a ceremony to honour a police officer slain in Paris last week to call for unity in the long and difficult fight against terrorism. 37-year-old Xavier Ugell was killed. The two candidated that succeed Mr Hollingworth, Emmanuel Macron and Anne Leclair, both attended the ceremony. Staying in France and in the first round of voting in the French presidential election on Sunday, there were 56 villages across the country where not a single vote was cast for Marine Le Pen. To the surprise of some, one of them was in the homeland of Ms Le Pen's party, the national front. In the depths of rural France, a small community of this village has only 125 registered voters. The grave yard by the village church shows the people here are wedded to their land. They even have tractors even Greyed on the headstones. Nestling by the side of the road, a poster of Marine Le Pen. The local mayor explained to me this might be in the middle of her northern stronghold, but not one single person gave her a vote here. He took Mel into his office to show me the result of Sunday's ballot. It was a narrow victory for the Conservative Republican Francois Fillon, just one vote ahead of the centerist Emmanuel Macron. I asked him where his vote was going in the second round. TRANSLATION: In the village, I think most will vote for Mr Macron. Madam Le Pen will get a few voices and the rest will be blanks.This tiny community in the Somme may yet prove to be a political weather vein for the election on May 7th. Helping out his brother with a little gardening, this farmer is still very unsure what will happen in the final vote. TRANSLATION: A lot of us are wondering if we are going to cast a blank vote for Macron or Le Pen. Others are undecided. Macron is a bit young and that can be a concern. Some of the biggest concerns for farmers in communities like these is the idea of leaving the financial safety nets provided by the European union. That is what makes them wary of voting for the national front. And throughout the Somme, stand the cemeteries of those who fell in two world wars. The European Union at least has brought peace back to this once raished landscape. Soldiers from Germany lie with their British foes in the soil of France. Many here fear for a future if those bombs are lost. The two-year-old boy has been rescued from a 16-metre-deep well in Romania after a 20-hour rescue operation. The boy was playing with his siblings when they removed the cover of the well while the mother was inside their house. The child apparently fell into the well which was only 30cm wide. Emergency Services were able to dig down next to the well, removing the boy who was taken to hospital. Top stories on ABC News: The Australian Olympic Committee has announced that media director Mike Tancred is standing down from his position, pending the outcome of any investigation into bullying allegations 6789. Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and US President Donald Trump will meet many New York next week for the first time after a heated phone call between the pair earlier this year. Cory Bernardi's Australian Conservatives party will merge with Family First, but South Australian senator Lucy Gichuhi is not planning on joining its ranks. The Middle East is now considered the global hub for the trafficking of human organs, court aid agencies. The flow of refugees from Syria into neighbouring countries has created opportunities to exploit desperate and vulnerable people. A warning - this report contains some distressing images.

Shut away in the back room of a makeshift coffee shop, a teenage boy lies in pain. "Slowly, slowly", he says. He can barely move. He's just sold his kidney. TRANSLATION: I am constantly taking pain-killers. The pain is terrible. I am exhausted.He's a refugee who fled Syria when his brothers and father were killed there. At 17, he supports his mother and five sisters. Desperate for money, he sought a dealer in human organs. TRANSLATION: I met him at night. He blind nobodied me with a bandage. I was so scared. I got paid 6, 500 pounds. I have spent most of the money paying the rent, including my debt.

In Lebanon Syrian refugees face heavy work restrictions. Aid is limited and stretched. For some, like this man, there is opportunity in the poverty. He arranges organ sales and agreed to talk to us if he remains anonymous. TRANSLATION: I exploit people. That is what I do. Some of my clients would have died anyway just like this boy. He could have died in Syria. I am exploiting him, but he's benefiting. I know what I am doing is illegal, but I am helping people. That is how I see it.Working on commission, he's a middle man, brazenly armed. He finds refugees and taking them to clinics. In the past three years, he's organised around 30 kidney sales. Business, he says, is bombing. TRANSLATION: I was once asked to get an eye and I found a client was willing to sell his eye. REPORTER: Do you not care about these people, that they might die?I don't really care if the client dies as long as I get what I wanted. That is not my problem what happens next, as long as the client gets paid. Organs are hard to transport, but we are told they can be transported to buyers around the world. Refugees are flown to nearby countries like Egypt on fake papers to have surgery there. The Middle East is becoming a hotspot in the international organ trade, according to some experts, who say that the influx of refugees willing to go to extreme lengths to get money is providing a new market for brokers looking for body parts to but, shifting the focus from China and the Philippines, to this region. ? Lebanon, lawful transplants are governed by strict rules. Despite efforts, there is a lack of available organs. Religious and cultural sensitivity around donating fuels the shortage. But legitimate surgeons warn there, is untold danger in illegal operations. TRANSLATION: If they obtain organs they came with much more problems. They came with bad organs. They acquired infections. HIV and so on. Those operations to start with were done in very poor circumstances. But, for those already caught in this trade, the warnings come too late.I already regret it, but what can I do? I didn't want to do this, but I am desperate. I had no other choice.Authorities insist cases like this are rare and they are taking action. The true scale simply isn't known, but the consequences of choices driven by desperation are all too clear. Nestled in the southern forests and northern pastures of WA are the biggest collection of carniverous plants in the world. Researchers are trying to document them so they can be protected from the black market trade and other threats. They may look delicate, but these flowers survive by drinking the juices of unsuspecting insects.They get stuck on the hairs and then the plant uses digestive enzymes in the sticky muselage to digest the prey it has caught.Carny rouse plants like fly traps are well-known but few recognise that WA is home to the big array of species. A third are found in WA. Tramping around the bush in a bid to understand them better is researcher Laura Skates.I am interested in answering the question of how hungry are these carny rouse plants? I want to know how much they rely on the nutrients they get from prey they have captured compared to how much they rely on nutrients from the soil.It is a mission that has taken her to one of the most northern cattle stations in the state. She is looking at plants that snare their prey in sticky fluid. It is hoped the research will lead to better protection of dozens of little-known local species. Unfortunately, a lot of carniverous plants can come under threat through changes to habitat and even illegal collection, where people might want to take them whom and have them for themselves. It can be quite a problem. So we want to better understand what these plants need in their own environments and that way we can help to conserve them. Protection -worthy of plants that Charles Darwin described as some of the most wonderful in the world.

The last known male northern white rhino on Earth has appeared on the dating app Tinder in a desperate act by conservationists trying to save the species. These are the last known females but all attempts to help them mate has failed. He can have a surrogate with to keep the species alive. Northern whites are the only rhinos that can survive in the wild in Central Africa, but they have been hunted into near extinction by poachers who target their horns.We are going to have to have a breeding program in Kenya to continue to build the number of northern whites, so that eventually we have sufficient numbers ultimately to be able to reintroduce them back into the Grammar National Park, assuming that part of Africa has become safe for rhinos.Anthony Field is perhaps best known to parents and young children as the blue Wiggle, tonight comedian author and painter Ahne Do gives Anthony a chance to show his true colours when he gets him to sit for a portrait in Ahne Do's series Brush with Fame. Anthony Field is a member of what is considered as Australia's most successful export. When he swapped his lead guitar in a rock band for the blue skivvy 25 years ago he and his fellow Wiggles helped to change the face of children entertainment around the world.Big jump, everybody.I am hoping to get to know the man behind the catchy tune and dazzling smile.I don't know what he is going to capture. Sadness or happiness. I don't know. I am not exactly the same happy fellow the Wiggles are off screen. I am a bit more down. I don't know if he will go the Wiggly path or in between. You can see more of blue Wiggle Anthony Field on Arn's Brush with Fame at 8:00 on ABC and also on iview. A major exhibition honouring Pablo Picasso is being held to mark the 80th anniversary of Gernica, the painting thought to be his finest work. It takes its name from the small town that was destroyed by Bombers during the Spanish civil war in 1937. Depicting the terrible suffering of women, babies and animals, it is considered to be an anti-war masterpiece. The Madrid museum is displaying the art and running until early September. Time for a check of the weather now. Here is Bill Burnett. -- here is Mate burn. is Bill Burnett. -- here is Mate
burn. -- NateByrne.Looking at the satellite picture we have a cold front in the south-east. That is bringing windy conditions to the south-east of the country. Meanwhile, on the west side we have a high ridging into the Bight and that is keeping the skies clear for WA and the west of SA as well. Let's look at the temperatures for today. It

Looking ahead to tomorrow, you will see that rain starting to move off the coast. Meanwhile, that high is keeping skies very clear along the south of the country. The temperatures for tomorrow:

That is ABC News for now. I am Ros Childs. Thanks for joining us. We will have more shortly with more on our top for now. -- bye for now.

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