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Today - the Prime Minister to travel to New York next week for his first face-to-face meeting with the US President. Cory Bernardi expands his ranks with his Australian Conservatives party to merge with Family First. Defending her dad, audience members at a G20 women's summit boo Ivanka trump trup. And crisis talks - the Australian Olympic Committee board to meet over allegations of bullying and a toxic culture. Hello and welcome to Mornings. I'm Joe O'Brien. Taking a quick look at the weather first in the capital cities around the nation today:

The Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull will have his first face-to-face meeting with the US President Donald Trump next week. In February, the pair had that testy phone call over a refugee deal made with Mr Trump's predecessor Barack Obama. White House spokesman Sean Spicer says the two leaders will meet on a decommissioned aircraft carrier in New York. Washington correspondent Stephanie March reports.This meeting has been in the pipeline for a while, but we understand from officials it was quite difficult to make sure that both Prime Minister Turnbull and President Trump would be able to be there, especially considering it's happening less than a week out from the Australian Budget being handed down. Nevertheless, the meeting is due to go ahead next week on the USS Intrepid which is a World War II aircraft carrier that sits on the Hudson River in New York and has been converted into a museum. Now, the meeting will take place as part of celebrations, commemorations, for the 75th anniversary of the Battle of the Coral Sea which saw US and Australian forces fight side by side in the Pacific. World War II set rans from Australia will be flown over for the event and it will be the first too imthat Donald Trump and Malcolm Turnbull have met face to face. Let's have a listen to what White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer had to say about what will be happening in New York next week. That same day at the museum, the President will hold a bilateral meeting with Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull of Australia. The President looks forward to meeting the Prime Minister and showcasing the earn during bonds, deep friendship and close alliance the United States has with Australia.The event is being hosted by the America-Australia Association and Prime Minister Turnbull has put out a statement and taken to social media to say that he is delighted to be coming to America to be meeting with President Trump and taking part in these commemorations. Security issues and a strategic alliance between the two countries is expected to be very high on the agenda many The trump administration has been quite preoccupied with what to do with North Korea's weapons program, and we know that Malcolm Turnbull was speaking to Defence Secretary James Mattis just yesterday in Kabul about the coalition's future in Afghanistan and other parts of the Middle East, and no doubt the pair will be looking to use this as a way to move their relationship forward from the testy phone call they reportedly had earlier in the year over the refugee deal struck by the Obama Administration.And political reporter Stephen Dziedzic joins us now from Parliament House in Canberra. Stephen, good morning. How will this work with the timing of the Australian Budget?Joe, it's going to be a difficult job for the Prime Minister to balance his diary in the lead-up to this meeting. As Stephanie mentioned, he is going to be heading to the US right in the lead-up to the Budget. He will be there for only five days beforehand and the consequence of that is that the Prime Minister won't be in Canberra in those crucial last-minute meetings when the details of the Budget are actually hammered out, and that inevitably means that he will have less oversight over the process. Now, the reason the Prime Minister has been drawn to this visit anyway is because he was convinced by his advisers, after a bit of effort, I'm told, nah it was absolutely crucial that he go to New York to meet Donald Trump for a face-to-face meeting as soon as possible. There was a feeling inside Foreign Affairs and other agencies that it was important to do this, particularly in the wake of the successful visit from the Vice President Mike Pence, but also, of course, because the two men, Mr Trump and Mr Turnbull, had such a sour start to their personal relationship with that now infamous phone call about the refugee agreement hammered out under the Obama Administration. So, Mr Turnbull is heading to New York, to Donald Trump's home ground, as it were, to try and press Australia's case on the issues that Stephanie discussed, and to try to strike up something of a rapport with the US President, or at least try and move it on from that first phone call. And, Stephen, just talk us through this political development in Australia overnight with Cory Bernardi's Australian Conservatives Party merging to a degree with Family First?Why he, it is an interesting development, Joe, albeit somewhat on the margins of Australian politics. What's happened is that the Family First party has essentially been absorbed by Cory Bernardi's new party, the Australian Conservatives. This was only formed a couple of months ago by Senator Bernardi when he quit the Coalition, saying he wanted to strike forward in a new direction in Australian politics, so the consequences of this at a federal level are fairly limited, because the new senator coming in to replace Bob Day - and that was the Family First senator who was found to have been ineligible to stand by the High Court - Lucy Gichuhi will not be part of the Australian Conservatives. She will stay where she is in the Senate, but she will now be standing as a conservative Independent. In South Australia, the implications are a little larger. Two upper house South Australian MPs will now become essentially Australian Conservative MPs as a result. Now n the Senate here, it's perhaps unsurprising that Lucy Gichuhi did not want to be part of Senator Bernardi's party. She has spoken a lot about wanting to take a conciliatory approach to politics. Senator Bernardi couldn't be safely described as conciliatory, so it couldn't be described as the most natural of fits. It forced Senator Bernardi in the home State of South Australia now more institutional heft there for the party, more institutional know-how. Some ministers, though, think in the long run that may not be the best for the long run because it may define the party as a regional party, similar to One Nation in Queensland So, can Senator Bernardi use this to push more dis associated senators to his side? Or will he remain a one-man band here in Canberra? It will be fascinating to see how it plays out. Just back on the US -- on the Prime Minister's visit to the US in for a moment, and in a moment, we will be speaking to John Blaxland, the strategic and Political Studies Centre. Surely with all the communication available these days, he will be able to keep an eye on what's happening?Yes, that's right, you would imagine that the Prime Minister would be plugged into every meeting that he can be via whatever methodology to ensure that he keeps as close an eye over the Budget as he can in the immediate lead-up to next Tuesday, and you also imagine he would be in constant communication with the Finance Minister and the Treasurer But the reality, Joe, when you are a long distance away, that does make life a little bit more difficult, you can't exercise the same close personal scrutiny over documents as they are put forward and you can't exert the same pressure as you can inside a room when you are several thousand kilometres away, so it will have an impact, but as I mentioned, the Prime Minister was clearly convinced that it was very important, notwithstanding the fact that he would have met President Trump anyway in July, he must have been convinced that it was sufficiently important for him to take this unusual step to go to New York and try to establish some sort of rapport with President Trump, particularly as the two countries, as Mr Turnbull foreshadowed yesterday, are facing a very long and continued engagement together in the Middle East and Afghanistan.And the Acting Head of the Australian National juvrts strategic and defence Studies Centre John Blaxland joins us from Parliament House. Good morning.Good morning.This meeting will be taking place on an aircraft carrier, there is an aircraft car yeah in the vicinity of Korea, tensions are high over the noorlth. Of the optics are military oriented. If Korea was to break out into some sort of actual conflict, what would the likely call on Australia involve?Well, that's a good question. It is interesting, you know, as we think about what could happen, it is worth reflecting on what has happened in the past and what we did during the Korean War was we sent firstly fighter jets and Royal Australian Navy ships to contribute to a coalition effort, and then we sent infantry and we sent the larger part of an army brigade group to Korea, to contribute to the US-led UN-mandated mission there. Now, the scenario we are facing today is quite different to what it was back then, but conceivably - we have a Defence Force that is not that much larger than it was back in the early 1950s. We have essentially three regular brigades, a Special Forces group, a fairly boutique-sized Navy and air force, but with some very high-tech capabilities, and we have essentially put our selves in a position where we have the option to contribute forces that can pretty well plug and play with a US-led contribution, so that could be a range of capabilities, including our naval ships that contribute to exercises in the Sea of Japan, have done so in previous years. It could be air warfare - we don't have the Air Warfare Destroyers fully available at this stage, but we have ships that can contribute to the overall picture that the US Navy will be building there in the Sea of Japan. In addition to that, we have our growler electronic attack aircraft which are very much plugged in with the US system, very much interoperable with the US system, and then in addition to that in terms of ground forces, while it's highly unlikely we would ever be called on to contribute combat forces, we do have the capability to contribute specialised capabilities from our incident response regiment to deal with chemical, weapons of mass destructions effects in South Korea, say. But beyond that, it is important to put this in the context of what might actually happen, and that's a conversation we can have as well.Do you believe it's fair enough to assume, though, that that is the kind - those are the kinds of specifics that might be the source of discussion at this meeting between Donald Trump and Malcolm Turnbull?Well, look, it is a good question. My sense is that what we're doing in the Middle East is actually - on one level you would think, "Well, why is Australia spending all this effort on the Middle East when there are so many issues in East and South East Asia that we should be focusing more strongly on?" And on one level it makes sense to keep playing in the Middle Eastern space because we are already invested there and it is not as politically controversial in Australia for us to continue maintaining the steady state contribution in Afghanistan and in Iraq, and the way we've con figured it so far, it is sustain bling, we've got rotations of forces that can contribute to do that. Scenarios that might emerge in closer to home in South East Asia or North East Asia, they are more problematic. There we are facing a challenge that could potentially see a large number of Australians put in harm's way, in a way to a greater extent than we've seen in the Middle East. Now n the Middle East, as I say, we've been very, very careful, we're not fighting against a major power that can - that has air power, for instance, that can threaten mass destruction on Australian forces, and coalition forces. The In the North Korean scenario, however, in any other conflict that might emerge in Asia, it's not quite the same. We face much more of an existential challenge in Asia, and particularly on the Korean Peninsula at the moment.So if in fact Donald Trump was to use this meeting to push for some sort of contribution to what's happening in Korea, do you believe that Malcolm Turnbull should argue what you've just set out there? Well, partly, yes, and the other part to the equation is that the set-up between the Republic of Korea oorm myrrh, the Army of South Korea, and the US forces stationed there, is already pretty robust, so while Australia might be asked to wave a flag to help out, in essence, the United States, along with a very robust capability embedded in Korea, already with the Korean armed forces, doesn't really need Australia. For them to need Australia, we would be facing a set of dire circumstances, and that's not completely implausible, but it certainly is at the less probable end of the spectrum.If this does not break out into actual conflict and the US simply wants to increase the pressure on North Korea, do you think it's likely that Donald Trump would use this meeting to ask for that and what could Australia contribute in that scenario in terms of more troops being rotated through Darwin or something like that?No, certainly the arrangements in Darwin have proved quite thorny over the last few years. They have to do with agreements over funding and resourcing, maintenance, quarantine, storage of equipment and rotation arrangements, so it's not that straightforward many It is actually reasonably complicated, so he that arrangement in itself is probably going to go ahead incrementally. What we've already seen from Australia - and this is something the Prime Minister and Julie Bishop, the fompb Minister have been making very clear is, stronger rhetoric, encouraging China to play a more constructive role, because really when you think about what's happening on the Korean Peninsula, who has the most - some pundits say China doesn't have as much leverage, and that's true, but no country has more leverage than China, and the pressure that China has been applying on South Korea over the THAD missile defence system that is being installed at the moment in South Korea, why isn't that pressure being applied to North Korea instead for them to back down? After all, the whole reason for the deployment of the THAD is because of North Korea's nuclear weapons proliferation challenge, and without that, or were that to be circumscribed or contained along the lines of what we've seen in Iran, and the international agreement that was pulled together to convince Iran to come to an agreement with the rest of the world essentially, that's the kind of pressure I think we could see apply, that is something that Australia could contribute more on, and it's certainly something that the Japanese and the United States and the South Koreans would probably be very happy to see.And speaking of leverage, does the US have significantly more leverage over Australia now, having agreed to honour the refugee deal?Look, I think Australia - there is an argument here about whether Australia is a Patsy, whether Australia has independence. There is a very good book coming out soon by a scholar Shannan TOWER called Independent Ally, and it has a quite compelling argument, that yes, Australia is invested in the United States, tnd dependent on that relationship and the book that I was part of, the US-Australian alliance, make this point, the depth and breadth of the US-Australia alliance, essentially most people don't really understand just how broad and how deep that relationship is, but to think, to extrapolate from that point that Australia has no options is, I think, to dumb down, to reduce to the fundamentals that are - it is essentially overreductionist. This is something where the fompb Minister, the Government of the fompb Minister, the Government of, the Foreign Minister, the Government of Australia has policy options, they are snot just lick-spittles - that kind of language is unhelpful, it is poll lem Cal. We are dealing with issues that require cool, calm, level-headed consideration, and I'm reasonably confident that our politicians on both sides of the House, understand that reasonably clearly, and while the Rhett are ik that is espoused in the public arena might not quite match that, when it comes to the meetings that are held behind closed doors, there is a pretty hard-nosed calculus applied as to what are Australia's interests and how to pursue them to the best Around by and large, that means supports the United States, publicly at the very least.And on his trip to Iraq and Afghanistan in the past 24-48 hours, the PM has said he would consider furthering contribution of troops in the Middle East, is that something that Donald Trump is likely to ask for in this meeting? Because Donald Trump has made a point that NATO and other nations just aren't pulling their weight, the US is sick of being the world's policeman and the US wants the rest of the world to step up? Why he, that's quite possible. My concern with that scenario is that Australia could say, "Look, we have contributed in the Middle East directly for 16 years now directly since 9/11 and where has it got us?" And in the mean tile, we have a scenario that is unfolding in South East Asia, that is getting more and more complicated, more and more tricky and demanding more and more of our attention and yet the Australian Defence Force, the Australian effort through the Trade, Department of Of Foreign Affairs and Trade is, driven in other directions. My sense is that we need to be very measured about further engagement with the United States in the Middle East, because our neighbourhood is getting more complicated, our investment in the neighbourhood needs to be ratcheted up, not elsewhere many of The challenges faced by Indonesia, the Philippines and Malaysia and-in-the waters in and around those countries are not going away, they are ratcheting up, and as we face the prospect of Daesh basically going to the four winds as they are defeated in Mosul and potentially in Syria, we are more than likely to see, and we are already seeing evidence of this in the Philippines and to a certain extent in Indonesia, the prospect of this kind of Ma Tasmania at the Ces effect of Daesh or ISIS in our neighbourhood, and this is a real challenge for us in Australia because we aren't sufficiently invested in understanding the languages, the cultures, the dynamics, the political and security dynamics of our own neighbourhood. It is all well and good dealing with the Middle East, but our patch is getting more and more brittle.And there are many other diplomats who agree with you on that point. John Blaxland, thanks so much for talking to us this morning.My pleasure, Joe.US President Donald Trump's daughter a vapk ka has defended him, saying hadder father had always encouraged her and demonstrated his belief of the potential of women through his employment practices. Taking her place among the world's most powerful women, the First Daughter, rubbing shoulders with a Chancellor, a queen and a banker. Though almost immediately Ivanka Trump found herself defending a president.He has been a tremendous champion of supporting faemgs and enabling them to thrive and the new reality of...Donald Trump's special adviser persisted.As a daughter, I can speak on a very personal level, knowing that he encouraged me and enabled me to thrive. I grew up in a house where there was no barriers to what I could accomplish.And the First Daughter has gone on to make powerful friends. She has accompanied her father to talks with the leaders of Canada, Japan and Germany. Her first solo overseas trip was at the direct invitation of the German Chancellor.Do you consider yourself a fem Miss?Angela Merkel's official agenda. Interesting reaction!Empowering women and charming one in particular. Berlin wants, needs, stronger ties to the Trump Administration. TRANSLATION: It is the strategy of dialogue. That's the most important thing. You can reach Trump through his daughter.Every woman should do things by her own and by her own status and her own positions and not because of her father's position. What you are seeing here may well mark a profound shift in the way that Germany, Europe, does business with the United States. Ivanka Trump wields significant influence with her father. The relationship that Angela Merkel and other leaders strike with the First Daughter will be closely scrutinised on both sides of the Atlantic. Expect to see more of the First Daughter on the international stage, and the age of Trump it seems, family comes first. And Donald Trump has suffered a setback in his plan to build a wall along the border, one of the promises of his election campaign. He says he will abandon plans to fund it after Democrats said they would block the why request. President Trump says he remains committed to the project.The wall is going to get built and the wall is going to stop drugs and it will stop a lot of people from coming in that shouldn't be here and it will have a huge effect on human trafficking which is a tremendous problem in this world, a problem that nobody talks about, but a problem that is probably worse than any time in the history of this world.Donald Trump's former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn has been accused by leaders of a bipartisan Congressional watchdog of possibly breaking US law by receiving payments from foreign governments. General Flynn resigned in February after leaks revealed he had spoken to the Russian ambassador during the presidential transition period and later misled the Vice President about the conversation. The committee believes General Flynn failed to disclose money earned to air 2015 speaking engagement in Russia and for lobbying activities on behalf of Turkey. The House oversight says as a former military officer, General Flynn had a duty and seek to obtain position to retain money from fompb governments. General Flynn had a duty and obligation to seek and obtain permission to receive money from foreign governments prior to any engagement with them. It does not appear to us that that was ever sought, nor did he ever get that permission. We will jointly be doing a letter for a final determination on that. That will need to come from the Department of Army as well as the Inspector-General at the Department of Defence, and if that money was received by General Flynn, and we believe that it is, that money needs to be recovered. South Korea's military says North Korea has conducted its largest ever artillery exercises. This comes as tensions continue to rise on the Korean Peninsula. As North Koreans laid flowers in the capital, marking the 85th anniversary of air army, across the country to the east a live-fire drill was held. This was not con the scale of what was participated a missile ballistic test or even a nuclear test, but it did little to ease the mounting tension on the Korean Peninsula. North Korea has threatened to sink the American aircraft carrier the USS Carl Vinson as its strike group steams towards the region. This as simultaneous exercises with the South Korean and Navy vessels through the peninsula. Also officials held talks in Tokyo to discuss North Korea. TRANSLATION: Japan, the United States and the Republic of Korea agreed that it is in es to make North Korea understand that such provocations would only invite strong reactions from the international community.The three nations agreed that China's involvement is critical in dealing with North Korea's actions and that more pressure needs to be applied. Japan also said that Russia needs to do more. And in China, a day after President Xi Jinping and President Trump had a phone conversation about North Korea, a change of tone in the media. There was the usual call for restraint, but not for a peaceful resolution, a shift of rhetoric in China, North Korea's most important ally. On Friday, the situation on the Korean Peninsula will continue to garner global attention. It will be discussed at the UN Security Council and on same day, there will be a ministerial-level meeting in Washington where leaders from the region will discuss what they have called a global threat. French President Francois Hollande has used a ceremony to honour that police officer slain in Paris last week to call for unity in the long and difficult fight against terrorism. 37-year-old Xavier was killed while on duty on the Champs-Elysees. The two candidates in the running to succeed Mr Hollande, Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen, both attended the ceremony. Russian hackers are thought to be targeting French presidential candidate Emmanuel Macron. Security experts from a Tokyo-based company say phishing emails, malware and fake net domains are being used. The attackers are thought to be from the same group that is suspected of targeting the US election. The Kremlin denies it is behind the attack aimed at Mr Macron. Thai police say a man filmed himself killing his 11-month-old daughter on Facebook before taking his own life. The 21-year-old hanged his daughter and then himself at a deserted hotel in Phuket, reportedly after an argument with his wife. Facebook has sent condolences to the family and said that the content had now been removed. Time now for a check of the weather. Here is Nate Byrne.Good morning. A severe weather warning is current for damaging winds for parts of severe weather warning is current
for damaging winds for parts of South Australia and Victoria. That includes 90-100km/h gusts on the forecast, so if are you in the warning area, best to make sure you secure your backyard for the day, but let's take a look at what the day has in store for the rest of the country. Starting with the satellite picture, a cold front moving over the south-east of the country, that is making a wet, cold and windy day, whilst in the west, a high is ridges into the Bight, bringing clear skies to Western Australia and -- to South Australia and the west of -- - bringing clear skies to Western Australia and the west of South Australia as well. To the states:

The top stories today -- the Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and US President Donald Trump will meet in New York next week for the first time since that heated phone call between the pair earlier this year. White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer confirmed President Trump would join the PM on the USS Intrepid to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the Battle of the Coral Sea. The pair spoke on the phone shortly after Mr Trump's inauguration and Mr Trump reportedly described the interaction as "the worst call by far" The Australian Conservatives Party headed by Independent Cory Bernardi is amalgamating with Family First. The ABC understand two Family First representatives in the South Australian Parliament have agreed to switch their allegiance to Senator Bernardi's party. Newly elected Family First senator Lucy Gichuhi will not be joining. And US President Donald Trump's daughter, Ivanka has spoken in Berlin, supporting her father's attitudes towards women. Ivanka Trump was jeered by members of the audience as she defended her father's policies. And the board of the Australian Olympic Committee will meet tonight in an extraordinary session to address bullying allegations. John Coates denies there is a culture of bullying and says he is the victim of an increasingly desperate and defamatory campaign by those supporting Danni Roche. Trade relations between the US and Australia could be the centre of talks between the two leaders next week. Rebeccawise ser joins us in the studio. Welcome. When Donald Trump announced he was not going to pursue the TPP, what were the potential deals that were lost there both for Australia and the US?Well, the Australian Government strongly supported the TPP as part of a push for more open and freer trade, and ironically, however, the loss of the TPP has conferred an advantage to Australia in that Australia was one of the nations that had negotiated free trade agreements with Japan, with the United States, with acia, so it already enjoyed privileged access across a range of areas. There were still benefits that the TPP conferred but those were smaller for Australia than for some other nations who didn't already have those sort of arrangements in place. So what were some of those benefits? The benefits for Australia were broadly measured. Each country was shown they would be better off by getting greater access for goods and services, but for countries like Australia, and to some extent for the US which is also very open in a lot of areas, those benefits were relatively smaller.So where does the bilateral trade relationship with the US stand now?We have a very strong relationship with the US and that spans right across all areas. The .In trade area, we have a free trade agreement. The balance of trade is actually the p - the surplus is with the United States, that's to say we import more goods and services from the United States, but the Australian Government takes the view that a trade surplus or deficit is not really the issue, so long as Australian companies, businesses, are able to sell as much as they can wherever possible, then that's good for everybody.But where do the barriers still exist, with an example like sugar - the sugar industry in Australia is still keen on trying to get some of those barriers torn down?Absolutely, and agriculture is a key area where the United States has been protectionist through the free trade agreement, and we have been able to negotiate, for example, greater access for Australian beef, and that has been brought in over time, and we would certainly like to see greater access in areas such as sugar, but whether the - I think the focus will be at the moment, although we will obviously be pushing for that, we will be needing to see where the US is looking, and probably also there will be a big focus on security issues, it has to be said.Yes, yes, there will be. But just focusing on trade for the moment, with Donald Trump having said the TPP is not something he wants to pursue and Australia now going to the US and negotiating on a one-on-one basis with the US, what are some of the specific industries that you think Malcolm Turnbull should be pushing the US to drop barriers on?Well, I think that we have meetings with the US on a bilateral basis every year, so he this is sort of not a new development. In the trade area, every year we look at those areas and agriculture is typically an area where, across the board, Australia is looking for greater access for beef, for sugar, for dairy, and certainly those will all be, but these are all very much in the realm of business-as-usual for Australia and for the US.But can we forget about getting any further easing of those because of Donald Trump's protectionist attitude? For example, just in the last 24 hours, he has whacked a 24% tariff on Canadian lumber, and is that an indication of how he is going to lean?Well, we certainly can't be complacent, precisely because of that sort of behaviour, but the irony is that had the US stuck with the TPP, then US dairy producers who are also very unhappy that he are not getting enough market to the Canadian - enough access to the Canadian market, would have had greater access under the TPP, so there are all sorts of ironies here. Trump clearly was opposed to it, it was a grand rhetorical thing. I certainly don't think that he was across the detail, and these arrangements are very closely interlinked, so you can get one benefit here and a different benefit elsewhere.Yes, very complicated. And the other thing to work into this is that Donald Trump has backfliped on many key promises that he made before the election. Is there a likelihood that he could do so on this?Well, who knows? I mean, I think all of those backflips have - most of those backflips, I think, have been positive. For example, the most important one was that he didn't declare shine choo -- didn't declare China a currency manipulator on day one, and he acknowledged that China had been a currency manipulator, but was no longer, or to the extent that it manipulates its currency, it is actually doing it to stop the yuan falling further, so they are always intervening in their currency market.It will be interesting to see what comes out of this meeting on the aircraft carrier in the next couple of weeks?Well, I think the main thing is that it will shore up, after that first sort of rocky phone call, it will reassure everybody, and I think that was always more about, you know, optics and fireworks, and I think the relationship with very strong, it's very important to both sides, and I think we look forward, hopefully, to that continuing.Rebecca Weis ser, thanks so much for coming in and having a chat to usYou're most welcome.As US President Donald Trump approaches 100 days in office, one of the biggest changes has been his stance on undocumented workers. Decades of policy have meant more than 11 million undocumented workers have lived in the United States, some for decades. Mr Trump has threatened a crackdown and there are fears mass deportation on the crowds. Sister Anne Kendrick has spoken with North America correspondent Conor Duffy.Sister Anne Kendrick, how long have you been doing this work here for?I've been working with immigrants, farm workers, agriculture workers for many years, 1941, the same year Mickey Mouse came to Florida and Mickey made the magical world, the imaginary world of Disney World and we came to work in the real world, and I think they have been more schedule, their venture than we have been, in terms of making the real world a more just and humane world, but we're keeping plugging at it every year.You've been working here for 45 years. How would you rate the level of fear amongst undocumented workers at the moment?You know, without hesitation, actually, I would say that this is the worst time that the community is suffering time that the community is suffering
more would say that this is the worst more severely than ever. You know, back in the day there were a lot of problems. Poverty and certainly racism, discrimination, injustice, you know, in the systems of agriculture and in a lot of different ways, but there was more health and integrity of the system of the people themselves, the families and communities were more united and there was still hope. There was hope that you work hard and you invest yourself in this country and life will be better for you, and you came because you're looking for a better future for yourself and for your children.And are people having to prepare for the situation where they could possibly be deported and their children would remain in America?Yes, it is a shocking thing, to think that people are so terrified, in this country, terrified that Immigration will come, they will go out to work and be detained, not ever get home. An 8-year-old boy yesterday, we were talking to him and just out of nowhere he started to sob, "What if they take my mom away and I come home from school and nobody is there, what's going to happen to me? And my grandma, she is undiemented and she takes care of us after school while our parents are working and what happens if she is not here?" You know, it's just -... It's... It's just very painful. Sister Anne Kendrick speaking to Conor Duffy. Senator Cory Bernardi's Australian Conservative Party party is merging with Family First to a degree. It is expected that Family First's two representatives in the South Australian Parliament will swap to the Conservatives, but the party's newly confirmed Federal senator Lucy Gichuhi will not. For more on this, we are joined by election analyst Antony Green. G'day. Is this a smart move by Cory Bernardi?I think it is a smart move by a number of smaller parties in in the Australian poovlt The changes to the Senate system last year and they are likely to be ooh duplicated for the next election, means that lots of small parties that run gains each other cuts their chances to the coming election. So what the changes to the Senate system means is that we are likely to soo a consolidation of the in um of political parties A good number of party, maybe half a dozen parties campaigning in the kr ish Shan morals, family values area. Fmpblingts they continue to run against each other at Senate elections,And So let's split this into state and Federal and considering what Lucy Gichuhi is doing. What does this mean in the South Australian State election? I guess it's hard to work out what Cory Bernardi's support will be because up until now he has been a Coalition senator?Well, the issue in the State election, they elect 11 members to the upper house, they have used the old system up until now, but likely to change it next year. Of Family First has a long history in South Australia, have elected to the MLC for over a decade, but they have been weakened by Bob Day, he was a financial contributor to the party, they've lost that whole access to funds and in the whole process he has probably damaged the Family First name, to some extent.So to an extent, have they been forced into this by that? The fact that another party has kurned up in the same area, creates a problem for them in terms of running under the new Senate system, so not surprising that some form of merger emerges amongst these parties.So what might this mean in terms of numbers in the South Australian up pr House for this newly merged group?Family First has always been able to get a pretty solid 4-5% in South Australia. It has had a base until now, and you would imagine this merged entity would be able to tap into that. It is also a reaction, particularly in South Australian, Nick Xenophon has just pushed everybody out of the way in South Australia, he is a significant third player, he has set up a new party called SA Best for the next State election and that will be the major third party. The exist tense of Nick Xenophon has even diminished the growth of the Greens who struggled to get above 6, 7% in South Australia, the weakest State because of the existence of Nick Xenophon Team So with so many other players already there, I think, and the changes to the electoral system, if you are going to have a conservative party standing on a series of conservative issues, you need just one party. If you try to do it under three or four parties, none of you have a chance of getting elected under the new system.How could this newly emerged party expect to win in the upper house?Always been a solid 4-5% across Australia for Christian morals views. If you do opinion polling, you can always find a certain percentage of that. In New South Wales, the Christian Democrats get 2-4%, consistently, so he that is there, so it is a matter of whether you can build beyond that, to move onto broader Conservative values. What are the implications for the upper house with Lucy Gichuhi saying she is still going to go her own way?Well, as an individual, she would be able to vote any way she wants anyway, but it just make it is a bit more fractured in the upper house. The Government was probably far happier dealing with Bob Day, they knew where he was coming from, they knew where Bob Day's values were. There is a new senator replacing him and they have to work out where she stands on many issues. The. Fact that she is not moveg into this new party suggests there are some differences there.So how are things looking for Cory Bernardi at the federal level, the next time he comes up for election?Well, he doesn't come up for election until 2022, this is not about his seat, he has got the Liberal, and has left the party, and so he has that seat until two elections' time. Again, I think we will see more of these mergers because under the - the double dissolution we saw very significant mergers because it was a halved quota because of the double dissolution. At the next Senate election, there are 13 crossbenchers up for re-election, and if they want to get reelected they need to have a broader base, get a higher preference vote, ba us they can't preference-hamp like they used to. Antony Green, always sensational to get your perspective.Cheers.The US President Donald Trump and Malcolm Turnbull will meet in New York in a fuk weeks time. The Australian Conservatives Party headed by Independent Cory Bernardi is amalgamating with Family First. US President Donald Trump's daughter and special advicer Ivanka has spoken at the G20 summit in Berlin, supporting her father's attitudes towards women. In the first round of voting in the French presidential elections, 53 sill vadges where not a sing goal vote was cast for Marine Le Pen and to the surprise of some, one of them was in the homeland of Le Pen's party, the National Front. In the depths of rural France, a small commune has just 25 registered voters. The graveyard by the village church shows the people here are wedded to their land. They even have tractors engaved on the headstones. Nestling by the side of the road, a poster of Marine Le Pen. The local mayor explained to me this might be in the middle of her northern stronghold, but not one single person gave her a vote here. He took me into his office to show me the result of Sunday's ballot. It was a narrow victory for the Conservative Republican Francois Fillon, just one vote ahead of the centrist, Emmanuel Macron. I asked him where his vote was going, in the second round? TRANSLATION: In the village, I think most will vote for monsieur Macron. Madam Le Pen will get a few voices and the rest will be blanks.This tiny community in the Somme may yet prove to be a political weather vane for the election on May 7th. Helping out his brother with a little gardening, this farmer is very unsure what will happen in the final vote. TRANSLATION: A lot of us are wondering if they are going to cast a vote, vote Macron, vote Le Pen, a lot of people are undecided Macron is a bit young and that could be a source of concern.One of the biggest source of concern for farmers in communities like these is the idea of leaving the financial safety nets provided by the European Union. That's what makes them wary of voting for the National Front. And throughout the Somme stand the cemeteries of those who fell in two world wars. The European Union has at least brought peace back to this once ravaged landscape. Soldiers from Germany lie with their British foes in the soil of France. Many here fear for a future if those bonds are lost. Developers of a new medical app claim it will be better at diagnosis than a human doctor, identifying disease and suggesting treatment. It has raised questions on whether specialists are ready to hand over our health care to machines.Hi there, welcome to bab lon, I'm Dr Allen. How can I help todayDr Allen is seeing a patient, but bab lon is building a computer program which should one day be able to diagnose your problem at least as well as your GP.Could you specify the regions where you have pain?In this case, the computer has been given the same information as the doctor and reaches the same conclusion.It is quite likely that you may be suffering from something called potentially gal stones or biliary colic.Hey, my tummy hurts.I'm sorry you're feeling unwell.There is a long way to go, but eventually this should be a smart phone app that you can talk to.What you will have is one personal doctor who sits in your pocket, monitors you all the time, who you can talk to, dice nose you and she will also see and predict yo Uhr future.This is a product combining medicine with the latest trends in commuter science. Bab lon is using something called machine learning wither a computer is given vast Alts of data and then teaches its sf a task. The same technique is being used here to recognise what I'm saying, mostly accurately, and we're already seeing machine learning popping up in all sorts of other places.Machine learning is all about giving lots and lots of data to the computer and then the computer learns from that data to be able to do specific tasks, so the machine learns from data, a whole range of areas where we have more and more access to data, so that could be in the medical field t could be in education, it could be solving societal challenges.It is what gives you personalised recommendations on shopping sites. It helped a computer beat a champion player of a complex player of the game Go, and driverless cars, but there are concerns about these machines removing the human touch from many areas of our lives and costing jobs.I don't think it will put me out of a job. I think it will work nicely alongside GPs. For me, I love to listen to patients' complaints and come up with solutions to their problems. Computers can learn much of faster and much more than we can, but let's face it, they're never going to have much of a beside manner.Can I confirm your gender, please.The white rhino has appeared on the dating app tinder. 43-year-old Sudan lives with the last two northern white rhino females but all efforts to help them mate have failed. There are thousands of southern white rhinos he can have a surrogate with to keep the species alive. Northern rights are the -- northern whites are the only ones to survive in Northern Africa, but they have been poached into extinction by poachers who target their horns.We will have a breeding program to continue to build the number of northern whites so eventually we have sufficient numbers ultimately to be able to reintroduce them back into the national park, assuming that part of Africa has become safe for rhinos. Now with all the sports news, here is Paul Kennedy.The Australian Olympic Committee board will hold a crisis meeting tonight. Longstanding President John Coates has denied the AOC has had a toxic culture and insists he is the Victoria trim of a campaign to have him replaced by challenger and her supporters, that's challenger Danni Roche. John Coates released a statement ahead of the crisis meeting saying:

And that will be in the early evening and we'll wait to see what happens with that meeting ahead of the AGM which is on Saturday week. Melbourne Storm captain Cameron Smith reckons his side's performance in last night's win over the Warriors was his team's best this season. They claimed a 20-14 victory and returned to the top of the ladder. Here are the tries.

A great proorm mans of the them, the waaerors played ved well as well. St George-Illawarra could be without Gareth Widdop after he hurt his knee yesterday. The club said it was a medial strain which could be good news. Scans will reveal just how bad it is, maybe 2-5 weeks at this stage and the try and conversion before full-time. Mitchell Pearce was the match-winner with a perfectly taken field goal and it was very composed. Adelaide United has kept its Asian Champions League hopes alive with a 3-all draw with Gamba Osaka in Japan. The Reds fought back to salvage the point. Adelaide forward Baba Diawara scored the crucial goal right at the end, tying up the scores in the 92nd minute, so Adelaide team did not have a very happy A-League campaign, but continues to compete well in the Asian Champions League. The Women's National Basketball League will next season be back on television for the first time in three years. Basketball Australia signed a partnership with Fox sports to run a game a week and all the finals. The WNBL was on the ABC for three decades but for the last few seasons has been without a broadcaster, making times tough for basketball Australia and the women in the league. Next season's league will run earlier and finish by February so top players can chase other opportunities overseas. Already there has been a big reaction and Rachel Jarry has been one of the stars who has been very excited about being on TV, albeit not on free-to-air. Zblmpblingtsz Now n the AFL, Essendon is In the AFL, Essendon is waking up and feeling very good about itself. Top 8 and in front of an enormous crowd on the Anzac Day match. Joe Daniher was the star, kicking three goals, winning the Anzac Day Medal. A lot more pressure on Collingwood and its coach Nathan Buckley. The Magpies have a 5-day break before the next match against a dominant Geelong team.ThatThat will be a tough one to get up for and the Magpies look in big trouble at the moment. That's it from me.Now the weather with Nate Byrne.Severe weather warning for damaging winds to parts of South Australia and Victoria, that includes 90-100km/h gusts on the forecast, so he if you are in the warning area, best you make sure you secure your backyard for the day, but let's see what the forecast has in store for the rest of the country. To the satellite picture and a low, over the east making a wet, cold and windy day, and over in the west, a high is bringing sunny and dry conditions to Western Australia and west coast of South Australia as well. Around the states:

Tomorrow, the rain is starting to ease for the south-east, but still some showers

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