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getting organised there, which is fine. In the meantime, trust me, as I say to you, put down whatever you are doing right now. Do not look at your phone. Do not go on Facebook. Here is a chance to fan that size about a life of liveable luxury in this week's Spectacular Dream Home. Anyone would be forgiven for thinking this estate was nestled in the hills of Tuscany and that the home itself was hundreds of years old. In fact, though, this breathtaking home sits on its own mountain top of 142 acres and is just 30 minutes from the slopes of Colorado and is less than ten years old. Unlike other Tuscan homes, "family homestead" has managed to get it just right. Warmth, depth, attitude, even scale have all come together to create the ideal home that bridges the notional gap between modern luxury and period grace. This eight-bedroom family estate has unparalleled and forever unobstructed 360 degree views of the most beautiful country. The Panorama wraps the estate in faultless beauty all year-round, offering views from every living space, although the interiors are spectacular, and they compete for your attention. Of course, there is ample storage for all the sports goodies you would want to have close at hand and all sorts of spa-style facilities for pampering afterwards, including a cinema and maybe the indoor basketball space counts, too. For when it is too cold to use the outdoor tennis court. If there is a better place to enjoy this earth it must be hiding. A

superb listing, 1548 Via

Energy prices have been a hot topic with most of us unable to do much more than grumble about them. A development in western Sydney has taken a novel approach. The savings are clear.When developers Frasers was planning its new townhouse estate it came up with a bright energy idea.This is one of our five-bedroom homes.We have the geothermal, it runs 24/7. The temperature is comfortable today. What he is talking about is this box, saving on the expensive air conditioning by using the power of the earth.People are now beginning to be really accepting of innovation in technologies which provide more efficient energy use and that is what this is.The geothermal process took a year to develop with copper pipe filled holes having to be drilled before any other construction begins.It takes a day per hole and we are drilling up to 50 to 120 metres! The system works by using the constant 22 degree temperature below the earth, pumping cooler air into the home in summer, warmer air during winter. This technology isn't new, it has not been cost-effective until now. By employing it on such a large site, Frasers has been able to get the cost down to between $3,000 and $5,000 per dwelling. It is also the first time in the Southern Hemisphere that geothermal has been used on such a scale. This man moved here six months ago with his family. His quarterly electricity bills are 40% lower than his previous home.We haven't paid more than $180 on our bills. Less than $200 is very good. Others report savings as high as 60%. We are still waiting for the auction to begin in Adelaide. We will stick with Adelaide and talk about two of the city's biggest residential projects with developers in a race to dominate the skyline. The council and state government are confident the projects will help them meet their city population target by 2024. Sky high investment in the city as two major projects reach key milestones. The $70 million 11-storey East Park building reaching its full height with all but ten of the 107 apartments already sold.The key is to get those parklands activated and by bringing people towards them the opportunity for that to happen increases.The project made possible through changes to planning rules that now allow taller buildings on the city fringe.Moving out to the city rim was the right decision by the Government. I think the activity that is created, the jobs it's created.Another major project broke ground, the apartment complex on Angus Street will stand close to 100 metres tall. The project has joined two other major developments in a race to dominate the city skyline. With construction starting later this year. All the projects the council hopes will help it meet state government targets to grow the city's residential population to 50,000 by 2024. The benefits of a growing city population are good for everybody. They are so good for the city, it is so good for the brand, the image and the vibrancy and the economy.These projects are providing a much-needed boost to employment. This East Park high-rise creating more than 1,000 construction jobs, while the Kodo development will employ 250 people. It is a fantastic vote of confidence by the private sector who are recognising there is a market for this product and

Time for our regional spotlight. This week, it is in South Australia. Feast your eyes on the beautiful Barossa Valley, famous for its wine, rolling hills and patchwork vistas. The region is made up of more than 20 villages, one of those being Angaston.It is, if you were, it is like a small English village, we have a population of 2,000 people. Around 80 kilometres north-east of Adelaide, the town presents a good opportunity for buyers not wanting to be too far from a capital city. We do get people that are moving here at the moment and they are commuting and the thing is, what they are finding is, they can live in a city, and if they have a job that is on the northern end, they are finding it is more economical to live in Barossa.There is no shortage of work in the valley itself.Being within the wine industry, we have, we are quite lucky in that we have a lot of jobs and the stability within that really is always here because we have so many wineries, there are a lot of opportunities in terms of different areas within what that presents for people to gain employment.It is very much a real following for Angaston. We have people coming from Adelaide, or the peninsulars and the like, coming to the region and they use this as a country point.Sarah Barrett moved here from central New South Wales seven years ago.In the Barossa there is a good lifestyle mix, there is not the rush and haste of the city, but it is still quite cultural. We have a horse and that is what we were looking for. You can have cultural. have that. You can pop into town. We feel like we have the best of both worlds and something that attracts me is that there is such a strong cultural connection and even though I haven't lived here for very long, I feel like I'm part of that connection now.The median dwelling value is $340,000 which will get you a three-bedroom family home.In my opinion, the property market remains quite strong and quite buoyant within the Barossa Valley. The growth in areas such as Angaston has been made over the last couple of years and we are starting to see that within the prices that we have been able to achieve.There are plenty that plenty of more affordable homes up for grabs, like this one, listed for $160,000.I don't know if there are too many places around where you could buy a three-bedroom place for $150,000 and things go up from there, obviously. $250,000 would buy you a nice place on

you soon.Bye.Now, we have all heard a home renovation success story but more and more DIY jobs are ending in disaster.This is so true. Thousands of handymen and women are losing fingers and breaking bones. When it comes to home renovation inspiration, there's plenty around. Our obsession with DIY can be dangerous and it is wounding more than our pride.While do it yourself is a popular thing, the injuries that occur, no-one talks about. Andrew's life changed in a split-second, he was cutting timber when the saw kicked.I grabbed it, the same way you would knocking a glass of water, the guard didn't come down and I cut my fingers off. At the moment, we are getting more than one injury a day presenting to the hospital.Every year, more than 3,000 Australians are hospitalised for their handiwork, hand tools, lawnmowers and falling from buildings are common culprits. Power tools are a big problem, responsible for almost 100 people losing their fingers and toes a year. None compared to how many bones are broken when people fall from ladders, more than three a day.I misjudged where the step was.The main offenders when it comes to DIY disasters, men aged over 65.You can buy grinders which are probably one of the most deadly power tools. You can buy them as cheaply as $30. Don't hang up the tool belt at home just yet. There are ways you can protect yourself. Never attempt handiwork if you have consumed alcohol. Always wear protective equipment like clothes and shoes and glasses and if you are ever in doubt, leave it to the experts. I phone people up or David, my son,

We are back and sitting down now. Back from Salon del Mobile Milano is the brilliant James Treble from Treble Studios. It has been two weeks of style, cruising exhibitions and it holds a den of designers. Bonjourno.Bonjourno. Is that it? Yes.It is the little bit of Italian I know.You know Italian.I'm not bad. I have the hands, so I get by. How fab was this?This is the biggest design fair in the whole world. It is set over six days and it runs from the Tuesday to the Sunday. Now, the main fair started off inside Milan which got so big they had to move it outside so it is similar to those of you from Sydney, when we moved the Olympic Park out of Sydney. It is a train line that goes there and it is packed with people every morning.Beautifully dressed people.Everybody looks amazing. We were doing 18 or 19,000 steps a day so that is the main thing.No wonder you are looking so trim.Even in Italy! It is a huge fair, but there are a lot of satellite events within Milan. It is exciting because you go to these amazing buildings that are 1400s, Middle Ages sort of villas and they hold an event inside. So it's been overwhelming. I had creativity and inspiration poring out of me.You need a book!They come with a huge guide. This is a guide just for the event, this is not a reading book, this is lists of where things are. In six days.The first day I wanted to be there to get the essence of trends in furniture and design and in kitchens. The kitchen fair is every second year, so it is next year and last year. They had it everywhere this year. I ran into lots of Australians, so I might talk about that next time.What did you see that you went a-ha?I wanted to give you guys an essence of some major trends that I saw some influences. And how you can use them in your homes. It is great to come with this high-end design but sometimes it doesn't feel like it is achievable.Bench tops.The bench tops. We talked off air Prue, when I was doing kitchens a while ago, if you go back - that edge detail is call a shark nose, it is a thin mitre so the bottom of the stone returns in and you get that beautiful, clean line. I was doing that 20 years ago in Australia and as we all know, they have got thick and chunky. Also, you will notice the stones are getting darker with that beautiful lighter vein through. The fake cement.The cement looks quite strong. We have our own culture in kitchens because it is such a big part of our homes. In Milan, I was seeing the darker stones everywhere.Have they given up cooking?This is so durable and hard to wear. This piece is like a sculptural piece in your home. Our appliances are integrated into the bench tops. You can see it is running down the side.You almost wouldn't want to use it.No.I would rather have the induction plates inset.You can have them running through. This was from Boffe and the showroom was amazing. Showing what they do. The fun side of it.Is it so crowded you can't think?I'm one of those crazy people who wait and I'm watching out of this eye and watching out of that eye, and then I go click. A lot of my photos have no people in them. There are thousands of people around. I'm really patient, my mum will be watching and be surprised to hear that. I wait to get those crisp images because I get it filled with people.I want to get a hold of this. Thank you. This is great.Darker cabinets.People get worried about having a dark kitchen. If you have lighter walls, or you have lighter flooring, you get contrast. It is something moody and sexy and kitchens are very sexy, shiny appliances and beautiful things. So I think that the darker tones in kitchens add another accent, reflective finishes and a nice mixture of matt and gloss. Matt bench tops...Have they a new technology so the fingerprints don't show?I use satin indoors because gloss is too shiny and matt is too bland. Satin shows finger marks less. There is a tip for you.Tell us about this. This amazes me.It is amazing.It looks quite simple. There was a huge push this year, it is happening around the world, with recycled materials. That is felt that is made from PET, the drinking bottles that you have when you run around the city. The technology that's going into these, if you feel that, here are some other pieces - this soft felt is amazing. This is a company Slalom...This is from bottles?How many chemicals have they used to break it down?It is about reusing materials. There is so much plastic waste going around the world. I could see a sea of plastic drink bottles in Egypt... It was from us! There was beautiful fabrics ...Look at that.This felt trend is very big. These particular ones are office furniture. They are not made from the recycled. Look at this chat loop, that is recycled felt. This is a new way of having an office. You can answer the phone, and the felt has fantastic acoustic qualities.Of course.Look at this funky office furniture. You can sit one side, Prue on the other...And you will fly off!Like a seesaw.You will see a swing in the background, that is part of an office furniture. See the swing? I was swinging on them. It was about sitting there with your laptop, on the iPhone, different ways of working in offices. The office set-up is not as it was anymore. They find people are more creative if they are in a relaxed environment.It is about productivity. This felt trend you can apply, you can see those beautiful Ottomans...It holds dye really well.Those were from Soft Line.This has the sticky-back?It is applied for screens. Those two were used for acoustic panels. That one, they had large panels of these. If you put it side-on, it is like a disc shape. What they did was, they had them like a bi-fold screen and they were joined by these oversized zippers so you could join as many as you want. So it was lots of fun. You don't want to be sitting in this all grey and boring, fall asleep...Not saying a word.We have a beautiful, colourful set here. It is fantastic. You can have felt in your home. You can look at having some felt cushions, so felt accessories... Will we get this here?Of course. I ran into many Australians over there and different stores that are supplying and sourcing things, so they are coming over here. I'll be doing more blogs on things like that.So we know when it is coming. To get a bit of felt in your home - I like where you can put in a cushion, a throw, a vase and stay with trend and get colours without having to replace your whole lounge. James, let's talk about liver. -- leather.Lots of beautiful finishes of leather. It is adding on these elements that are very tactile and with all this technology, we slide over shiny surfaces like iPhones and iPads. Having things that are tactile is engaging for us and leather was beautiful in the fair. I saw lots of tan leather, but I saw lots of leather in accessories, leather detailing and that is what excited me.When you say leather, the back of my head goes huge, masculine lounges, which is not what you are talking about.We have a few shots. They are just loading them up. The normal lounge, those big leather sofas, I use Nem a -- them a lot for clients. Up in the back, that is a vel set -- velvet mixed with leather. I want to point out the detail on the side there, that quilting. Quilting was another big trend that I saw and it was in chairs, but in detail. See how that beautiful sofa is done in leather? Great to put your feet up and the leather cushions look beautiful with the - so many details in that chair to make it look amazing. It is still restrained. Up the back-end, there were leather details, these are nice - there is your sheepskin, your ugg, they were so tactile the leather details.You could move it around. It is about having the essence of the material but in a nice, soft way, but very practical because leather is so easy to clean. Great for kids.It is very cold under your bottom.You have to get in there and nuzzle in. I'm not a huge fan of all leather sofas myself. I find that they are cold or sometimes sticky in summer. I have clients who love them. I use them a lot because of their practicality. Leather is a product that we can look after and use and it will last for a long-time.How do you get the right leather, though?I think it is about getting quality. I'm all about, this great deal that I don't want to use the brand name and try and say...I wish you would!If you watch - look, the old saying, you get what you pay for. If you are going to quality stores and getting products that are well made, you will be getting leather that will last. You want to look at quality leather and there will be care instructions and warranty. That way it will last. There are cheaper products and a lot of things are imported. Usually Australian leather is very strong. We have strong leather here. In Italy, they have amazing leather. I buy wallets and belts over there. Every time I go over there, which I haven't done since I was 15...Six years ago!You have to go next year. We got this picture of you, which I love...I was very thankful to the team at Smeg. That is an Smeg pasta maker. It has been decorated by the boys at D&G. This launch was a night event, very popular. I was lucky to be invited and taken to the front to make pasta. I was being filmed from one side and then it got picked up on the D&G official website and I got a call from my PR girl going, you are on the official D&G website so look out. Fashion is the next thing.They will be ringing you saying, be our ambassador.The kitchen...These amazing mixers and blenders, the designs on these were high-end. You know from Smeg they have done their painted fridges before. They are breaking into a new realm here where the appliances and artwork. They will come with a price tag, these ones. They will be coming into Australia probably later towards the end of the year. It is about having fun and as far as an inspiration, it was totally inspiring and it was presented in what is a studio that they use for catwalks so you walk down the middle and we were transformed into this street in Sicily with the colour of the fruit stands and the beautiful food being passed around and lots of colour. Why not? If you are not a good cook, you want to use an appliance that looks amazing, drink great wine and the food might not taste so good, but it is not important. Presentation is everything!Never use it, just have it there!So, well done to Smeg for doing something out of the box. And those collaborations...They so often do.Fantastic.They also had fridges there, so they will have a price tag. They had the juicer so I went to the showroom two days later to look at a lot of real hard-core ovens and they have an amazing 900 wide oven, which is the widest. Self-cleaning. They had juicers there and this girl was mixing fruits together while we were talking. One of the sales guys, with his amazing English, chatting away to me. I said, "Sorry, is it on?" This machine is slow pressing the juice, it was slow grinding everything, so slow that I could not hear it. Then out came this amazing juice with everything pulped inside. It wasn't just about looking good, it was about quality.I wake the neighbours with mine!It was to do with the speed.We have been talking too much. We always do with you.I'm sorry. I have a blog, I have a newsletter that comes out once a month, so sign up to that. I will be filtering that over over time.Look at the toaster.Put it down, you can't afford it! We can't afford such things. We are only humble folk.Thank you.Thank you very much.Coming up next: You get a discount when you buy your toilet paper in bulk.That is good to know. Nathan Birch has it all worked out. He will join us to explain after the break.

Buy in bulk at the retailer and you would expect a discount.Absolutely. In the last few years, that concept is taking off with Group Buying becoming more popular. As a group, you have greater bargaining power and the savings can total hundreds of thousands of dollars. To find out more, we are joined by property investment expert, Nathan Birch, the co-founder of Binvested. Great to see you again. Tell us about how Group Buying works. This isn't a lot of people buying one property together.That is the confusion. I thought, it was a group of people buying one.No.You always take thing as bit further.A little bit different. Back in the day, like probably five or six years ago, I was buying a lot of bulk deals, bank repos and things like that, as we have seen the property market heat up throughout the country, it's become more and more difficult to get those deals. Last year, I realised with the changes that developers need a bit of help when getting some of the projects off the ground. I have seen a lot of people doing group selling where they will come together and try and sell the property and get a higher price for it.Very popular.I realised why don't I go back to the things that worked for me in the past and use it for brand-new properties?The concept of Group Buying is individuals coming together to buy properties?Correct.Through Binvested. Or a broker.The deals are very complex. When you have got so many moving parts, 50 people, 100 people, 300 people, so it is very important that it all goes through seamlessly. I have done this, I have been a part of tens of thousands of real estate transactions and this has been a way which has proven, myself and to my clients, where we have been able to make hundreds of thousands of dollars. People will be camping out at a block of land to get an opportunity to buy a plot of land.Which comes first? You getting together a group of people who want to get into the market? Or do you find a large piece of property that you can get a hold of?What I do, I go out and negotiate the land, I get that at a discounted price, then I go to the builders and negotiate to get discounting building. I don't get paid commission from the developers, I charge a fee for the clients.How much is that?$16,500. So a flat fee?30 properties or 20 properties...That's correct.Not ten or five because only wimps will be going for five!Exactly. I have seen a lot of stuff that's been thrown around out there from Government not being able to do anything for the housing, unaffordability and stuff like that. I see it as an opportunity not, like I'm renowned for helping investors out but this is a market where I see we can help out first-time buyers, I picked up some property down south in Sydney, 285 for the land and build for 280, so they are into it for under 600,000.What is in this for developers and builders? Why would they want to be part of this? With developers, normally they have to pay large commissions to sell a property. The biggest thing is, like, from our side, we cut the fat out of the deal. Getting it at a wholesale rate, they have the sales lined up.They don't have to spend money on marketing.They don't have to spend money on marketing. They activate their bank's lending requirements. And, therefore, that has meant that they need to have X amount of pre-sales, so if I can take out half of the estate at a wholesale rate, it is a win-win.The builders as well. You will get out fast.I have a team of builders that we negotiate cheap housing. It is taking things to that...Is there any catch? Is the deposit double what you would normally pay?The deposit is the 5-10% deposit. There is risks that are associated so buyer beware, if someone is out there trying to do it. You need to make sure you are dealing with reputable builders and developers out there. You don't want to be dealing with someone who hasn't got a track record of being able to pull this off. Quite often you will see people go broke out there. And it's imperative that when you are putting this deal together, you need to be working with someone that is going to be able to complete it.You have muscle. You have real estate muscle. Yes.You have bargaining power if there is a group of you.My goal is to help out 5,000 first homebuyers. OK. Fine.The deals are in different parts of Sydney, whether it is out west in Sydney, down south, I did one which is settling in Box Hill in the north-west area, purchase price of 1120 per square metre. Most people are making, just on that component.What kind of discount could someone get?1100... The saving. I have had some people make a million bucks in 12 months from a development like this. On average, between 100,000 to 500,000.Is it hard to get the group together? And how many do you need to get a deal done?I would imagine it would be hard normally. I haven't tried doing it on a personal level. It is more of us coming together and the power of people working together to get these discounts. Depending on how many pieces of stock a developer has that they need to off-load, it could be as small as ten, or it could be 50, 100. Obviously, there is a lot of moving parts when it comes to putting a deal like this together. People want different properties, different spots of land, or maybe they want the same one.Emotion becomes involved. Or the fear, if you have ten people, one person might get scared of one thing, so it is important, there is a lot of work that goes to get it all to go smoothly. But that is what I do. People who have come to this area, they don't know your background. How old were you when you bought your first house?18.How many have you bought for you?I have probably bought and sold over 250, 300 properties. I own over 200 properties today. Self-made from western Sydney, 31 years old. Always talked about setting up foundations, building an investment portfolio. Me, moving forward, I have enough land personally. I don't sell my properties...You have enough land for your own country!I have enough land to build another 1,000 properties for myself.Really interesting. Group Buying.A bit different. It is putting the power back into people's hands and returning that property clock to a price of yesteryear.Great to talk to you.

Well, just over two weeks the Federal Budget will be handed down. Hooray!With many Ebers. Expect it to look at the housing market. The opposition this week added its own housing policy. A plan that includes banning self-managed super funds from borrowing and nationwide vacant lands tax. To find out more about all of this we are joined by Nerida Conisbee, the REA Group chief economist. Great to see you as always.Thanks for having me.Even is talking about property.It is all about property.Affordability. Too many apartments. Everyone is worried about everything.Looking at this, the Labor policy, we knewit included getting rid of negative gearing for old, established properties, grandfathers obviously and the Capital Gains Tax concessions, but now they have announced these new measures. What do you think of some of these ideas?They are not bad. Some of them are OK. I think the crackdown on people using their super crackdown super to buy property is not a bad idea. I don't think it will improve affordability, but I am worried with the amount of debt people are taking on and the amount of money they are pouring into residential when realistically we don't know long term realistically term how the market will go.They are giving away their nest egg essentially.Yeah.There is nothing left to fall back on.They are 100% exposed to one sector and any financial adviser will say...Not to invest in one sector.That's right. It was banned and then lifted in the GFC so it is really going back to the old way anyway.That's right. There is that, but there is first home buyers are looking at their own super and thinking, well, investors can use theirs, why can't we use ours? It is a fair argument.Looking at vacant land tax. We have seen Victoria introduce this and now Labor is talking about a nationwide scheme. Also the increased fees and penalties on foreign buyers as well, some of the measures announced this week.How much vacant land is there really?I don't think it is a problem. I think realistically, most people when they but an investment property, whether they are a local buyer or foreign buyer, they are looking for a tenant. If you can afford to keep your apartment -- What is 1%?5 is nothing.You won't care because the amount of return from leasing it out would be far, far more.So why are they putting these out, these ineffect well policy ideas?I don't know. The foreign-buyer one is a great revenue raiser. They need to be careful with the way they handle it. Melbourne and Sydney are seeing a lot of foreign demand, but when we look at places like Perth, they need more foreign dollars, so it is a very different situation nationally. Obviously, we are waiting for the government to announce a housing package in the budget, just over two weeks away. Obviously now we are talking about the speculation about what might be and what might not be in there. Do you have any idea? (LAUGHTER) I do think that the national rental housing affordability squeal will be being reviewed and for sure that will come up in the budget. It should. There has been billions spent on housing for young people. Government Housing has actually gone backwards in Sydney even though there has been billions spent in state. I think if we talk about affordability there, is no doubt that people are doing it very tough, but if you talk about affordability for very low-income earners in Sydney, it is quite dire at the moment.It is very hard to legislate for this generation. I have a question with that. The idea of having percentageable developments assigned to people on a low income, is na legislation or is that federal or a state? Who is looking at that one, do you know?There are various policies that are put forward. So I think some governments, some state governments are more focused on providing it than others. It is not a bad idea. I suppose it puts it then in the hands of developers, which again developers are there... You say that with such a solemn face "developers", lowest form of life. No, not at all. (LAUGHS) We are looking at Government Housing and it is Government's role to ensure it is provided. It is not up to private sector. You can encourage private sector to do it and national rental housing affordability scheme does that, but the problem is at the moment in a market like Sydney, why would you build affordable housing when you can build far more expensive housing and sell it very, very quickly. So there is a business decision that has to be made as well.Are you worried, we have just seen CBA come out and raise rates again yesterday. The second time in a month. Is this - the RBA might be sitting on...It is rising. Technically, we're in the rising rate environment, aren't we?We are. The Reserve Bank will keep rates stale or cut. It doesn't matter what they do. The banks will continue to increase their rates. It is because the cost of their wholesale funding is increasing. The US dollar is going up. It is more expensive for them. They get a third of the money they lend to us from overseas, so that is part of it. Also, they have been told to stop lending so much. Stop lending so much or we will put you back in your room!Yes, they have to make profits from somewhere. Increasing rates is one way to do it. I think they will be careful because it is not in their interests for people to start defaulting on loans. That would be a terrible situation for a bank. They will increase them, but I think overall they probably will take a bit of a cut in profit to ensure that people don't default on their loans. Looking at apartments now. I think I saw some statistics showing that now newly constructed units overtook newly Looking newly constructed detached dwellings for the first time. Looking at apartment demand, is it being built in the right place, in the right locations?Y, it is interesting. People always talk about oversupply of apartments.They de.And Sydney, there is no way there is an oversupply of apartments. There isn't enough being built in Sydney. Melbourne, there were a lot of concerns. Melbourne now, the vacancy rate seems OK for apartments. We are continuing to see strong rental demand on our site for apartments. We have never seen so much development in such a constrained area anywhere in Australia. I mean that worried people, but the fact is it is being absorbed. Brisbane is more heavy on apartments.People always say that there are too many apartments on the Gold Coast. Is that the case?Brisbane is worrying, but the Gold Coast is looking really strong at the moment.What makes locations popular? Is it because something is being built or how do you work that out?It does seem to be that. People in Melbourne aren't used to living in apartments, but it seems they are becoming increasingly so. Sydney people, when you talk to Sydney first home buyers, they are prepared to bow an apartment as their first home, but elsewhere in Australia people aren't. That is changing. You look at affordability for housing in Melbourne, it is very expensive, but apartments are pretty good value.There is a natural evolution in society and how we can't stick to the same old ways. People want to, but we have got to evolve.With more people.Yeah.We don't have as much land anymore.We need a new model. Stop resisting it. Let's go with the flow. Let's go the Dubai.We have got you here so we want to ask you about a lot of different things.Yes.Would you invest in Dubai?I would be nervous. Look, it is agreeing.From a woman's point of view?Maybe all of those things. Dubai prior to GFC was doing very well. So very strong price growth. A lot of development. They are very open to foreign buyers, so there is no restrictions. You can pretty much but anything.They are beautiful.It is amazing, but I think what makes me nervous is the level of sovereign risk and when we look at Dubai --Like, I understand what you just said. It is extraordinary. What do you mean "sovereign risk"?When the GFC hit, there were a lot of Australians in Dubai, working for development companies. When things started to go really bad, there is a lot of people - obviously, a lot of people lost their jobs and around 90 people were arrested in Dubai and were caught up in...Ah-ha. I follow you.From that perspective that makes me nervous. Look at that house.This is amazing. If you have 32 million you might want to invest on that. This is right on the Palm. It is an amazing development. It is not bad value in due biechlt it is not cheap. But, you know --There is a wrinkle in the carpet. It is built.Yes, it is a brand-new one.Oh, my goodness. Look at. That it is very Wenlocking. More often than not they have sunken conversation pits and more Arab-looking things. This one is really European.It is gorgeous. More aimed at the European market. At the other end of the scale -- This is only $530,000.Aussie?Yeah. Wow.You get an amazing view. I think it is a couple of bedrooms. Two bedrooms, three bath.Is that a real one, do you think?No, it has been built. I would say --Do they get add-ons like concierge services and child care --I imagine so. They would be pretty luxurious. If you were confident in the market or you were

This is

Nerida Conisbee, before you disappear for the day, while we have still got you here... (LAUGHTER) Once we get you in here we ask everything. We wanted to ask about the most clicked properties. What were you seeing and what were people