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This program will be
captioned live by Ai-Media. VOICE-OVER: This is Seven News
with Ann Sanders. Good afternoon. These are our headlines - Labor is calling the government's
crackdown on 457 visas a con-job. Why the Opposition
is claiming it's even tougher on foreign workers. A collector has apologised after auctioning off two
war-heroes' gravestones. How the War Memorial went
undercover- to get them back. The Federal Government says
it would support a shark cull following the death of teenage
surfer Laeticia Brouwer. And the warning fad-diets could
be doing us more harm, than good. What you need to know
about saturated fats and the newly-discovered
health risks. In sport, the Swans and Giants counting
down to derby number 12 in the AFL, also a boost for the Bunnies
in the NRL. And simply stunning, the world number one turns it on
at Bells Beach. Thanks Jim. Its a warm afternoon
around the country. That said a change is lining up
the southern capitals. More detail in 10 minutes. First at 4:00. Labor is today claiming
it would be even tougher on foreign workers,
than the Turnbull Government. The Opposition says
the overhaul of 457 visas leaves more than 90% of the
current system untouched. The Prime Minister
has been out selling what he calls an 'Australia
First' approach to jobs. Is this the great work visa
overhaul... Australians for Australian jobs,
first. ..or a great sop to conservatives
in the government? The Government isn't doing
a crackdown. It's doing a con job. Among many thousands
of businesses trying to make sense
of the Turnbull Government's new foreign worker restrictions, this meat export business
in Southern Queensland. We haven't put on
a 457 visa holder here for about five years. Boss Pat Gleeson says they did back when the mining boom
robbed them of potential. Today he says, there's no problem and no reason
for local unemployment. Well, it does my head in
to be honest. You just look at Toowoomba. We've got four major processors
within 100km of Toowoomba. You know, unemployment
should be next to zero. As well as dumping 457 visas in favour of two new, tougher
foreign worker permits, the government says it will
announce a new training plan in next month's budget. So that we can train Australians
to take jobs into the future and I think there's a lot
of common sense in that. Ever since the Liberals
have been in we've seen the number
of apprenticeships fall from 420,000
to about 280,000. As well, Labor says
the new two-visa plan is virtually no tougher
than the old visa. About 95,000 workers in Australia
are on 457s. Bill Shorten says
more than 90% of those would qualify
under the new system. What real difference will Malcolm Turnbull's
announcement make? On jobs for Australians,
who knows? On keeping his conservative
MPs happy, it won't hurt. Some of them have been openly
critical of the 457 system.

An Iraqi military unit
with US and Australian advisers has been hit by an Islamic State
chemical attack. The Pentagon says
it was made aware of the low-grade chemical attack,
west of Mosul. It's understood the foreign
advisers were medically screened, but showed no signs of exposure
and have returned to duty. A teenager didn't receive
a warm welcome home from an overseas trip, being taken into custody
as he landed in Sydney. The 17-year-old was charged
over a string of robberies, targeting people using
the online marketplace Gumtree to sell mobile phones. He's the third teenager to be
charged over the offences.

A memorabilia collector in country New South Wales has apologised for any offence he caused after selling to race tones of graded Australian war heroes. The 78-year-old has offered to reimburse the War Memorial which was forced to go undercover to purchase the items at a public auction.

A war memorabilia dealer
here in Cowra has now apologised after he sold off the gravestones
of two Aussie war heroes. Grandfather-of-five Ron Horsfall
has collected war items for almost four decades. He closed his museum in February
due to poor attendance and a couple of weeks ago he auctioned off
more than 2,000 items, including these headstones. The Australian War Memorial
heard they were being sold and stepped in,
sending in a staff member to buy them back for $325. This is the best $325
of Australian taxpayers' money we've invested. They are now in safe hands.
We're proud to have them. These are the headstones
of two Australian servicemen who were involved in
the Cowra breakout in country NSW
during World War II. They were killed in action. Ron says he understands
why some people are upset and he is offering
to give the money back. I try and do the right thing. I know I don't sometimes. The gravestones
will now be preserved at the Australian War Memorial. Two people needed treatment
for smoke inhalation, after fire badly damaged their
home in north-west Sydney. The couple was inside
the Rouse Hill home when the fire started
in the kitchen. It had spread to the roof
by the time firefighters arrived, but they managed to stop it
reaching neighbouring properties. They were coming out the roof and there was
a fair bit of smoke, but as I said,
they got it under control. The residents are now faced
with another repair bill. They had just finished fixing
the damage to their roof caused in last month's
hail-storms. Brides to be could be facing
a dilemma on their wedding day after a Queensland bridal shop
was destroyed in a fire. The blaze has caused thousands of
dollars in damage at the store, which had only opened
two months ago. Carly Egan reports. Good afternoon. This store, Brides to be,
only opened a few months ago, now it is closed after a fire
broke out here around midnight. Up to 180 dresses,
many of them wedding gowns, have been destroyed. Manikins have melted,
the dresses cannot be saved due to water and smoke damage. Now the owner says the dresses
are worth about $140,000. The owner, Stuart, was
a coal miner for around 20 years and only opened this store
in January after he met his wife and decided to follow her dream to help brides-to-be with
their dream day. It was like I swallowed
my heart, just tears come out. Just worked so hard to get to
this stage, and it is gone. It is just their life,
their work, it is really important to them. So it's really sad
that this is happened. Now the owner has said priority
now is to replace dresses that have been pre-bought
and others that are on lay-by. We've got to notify
the customers, let them know we will get
their order through to them. It is a matter of
ordering and waiting. Fire investigators believe
the blaze started in a fuse box underneath the stairs. Chris and his wife are insured
and say they will start again. Britain has been taken
by surprise with the Prime Minister
calling a snap election. The vote is likely to be held
as soon as June, despite the next scheduled
election date of 2020. Theresa May is taking the gamble
as she tries to unite her party, ahead of Brexit negotiations. Cath Turner reports from London. Well, there are two words
that pretty much can sum up why Theresa May
has called this snap election - opinion polls. The Conservative Party is enjoying about a 20-point lead
over the opposition and that is a margin
we have not really seen in the UK since 1983, so Theresa May
is fairly confident she will be returned to power with an increased
parliamentary majority. But it is a major U-turn
for the British prime minister. For months, she has been saying
repeatedly that there will be
no general election and that is why
no-one here saw this coming. Theresa May
gave less than two hours' notice that she would make
a major announcement without giving away any details. She has succeeded
in taking everyone by surprise. I have just chaired a meeting
of the Cabinet where we have agreed that the government should call
a general election, to be held on June 8. The trigger? Independence day! Brexit. Deep divisions remain
after last year's referendum, mainly over access
to the European single market. The country is coming together
but Westminster is not. Whether Brexit should be hard,
severing all ties with the EU, or soft, leaving the EU but retaining some trading
and travel rights. And Theresa May has opposition leader
Jeremy Corbyn in her sights. The latest poll has the Conservatives with a commanding 21-point lead
over Labour - a party in disarray with a leader widely considered
unpopular and ineffective. OFF-SCREEN: If Labour loses
this election, will you stand down? We are campaigning
to win this election, that is the only question now. Hello, team! The Liberal Democrats
are thrilled, hoping to attract voters
who wanted to remain in the EU. And so the stage is set
for even more instability in a country already facing
an uncertain future.

It's been revealed
an American aircraft carrier was conducting exercises
with the Australian Navy when Donald Trump said it was powering
to the Korean Peninsula, as a show of force
against Kim Jong-un. Officials say the USS Carl Vinson is now gradually heading
to the region, with the hope of deterring any
more ballistic missile tests. Robert Ovadia
is in neighbouring South Korea. Far from easing tensions
on the Korean Peninsula, the visit of US Vice President
Mike Pence, having left Seoul now for Japan, is only increasing the pressure
on North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un, and it seems that is the point. Hoping strong diplomacy and
the ever present-threat of force might convince the rogue nation to give up its pursuit
of nuclear weapons. Mr Pence has assured Japan's
Prime Minister Shinzo Abe of the new policy on North Korea
under Donald Trump's leadership. Specifically, that "The era
of strategic patience is over". In other words, America hopes to force a result
one way or another. Together, with Japan
and our allies in the region, we will protect the peace
and security of this part of the world
and achieve our shared goal of a nuclear-free
Korean peninsula. No doubt it is a shared goal
of the United States, South Korea, Japan and Australia, where Mike Pence
is due to visit soon - but clearly not one
shared by North Korea. The only nation on earth to have any sort
of influence over it is China. It's working hard
to get North Korea to the table, even imposing trade sanctions that could cripple
North Korea's economy, but it seems Kim Jong-un is refusing to acknowledge
even the Chinese. A request from China
to visit Pyongyang in the hopes of brokering a deal
has simply been ignored.

Let's get a check of this
evening's weather forecast. Seven News Meteorologist
David Brown joins us now. How's it looking, Brownie? It's a relatively warm
and fine afternoon Ann. Having said that,
our weather camera network captured a line
of unexpected light showers slipping across the harbour city
late this morning. Less than 1mL was recorded
in the local rain gauge. On radar, we're tracking
areas of rain

On radar, we're tracking
areas of rain sweeping across South Australia. Check out the thunderstorms over
the Great Australian Bight. This wet weather should reach
Adelaide early tomorrow morning

Of this wet weather is expected to spill into Adelaide tomorrow morning. Some of the rain moving through western parts of New South Wales and Victoria too. The latest model run is expecting about 15mm from the system as it moves through. Temperature wise right now very warm indeed in Adelaide, 29, about 6 above normal for this time of year. It is 26 in Melbourne. Sydney at the moment, fine and partly cloudy, a very come to book 22. I will have tomorrow's forecast a little later.

will have tomorrow's forecast a
little later.

the fast food workers
who helped to catch a killer. What they did
to stall the wanted man.

You're watching
Seven's Afternoon News. Still to come, the new health findings
about saturated fats. We know they're bad for us, but what's the latest concern? The so-called Facebook killer has met a dramatic
and violent end overnight. The man who live-streamed
the murder of an elderly pedestrian
in Cleveland, was spotted
at a McDonald's drive-through. Staff stalled the suspect,
and called police. He then shot himself
during a chase. The nationwide manhunt for the suspected Facebook killer
Steve Stephens came to a dramatic end here
in Erie, Pennsylvania, just after 11am. I was scared. And now I'm actually relieved. A worker recognised Stephens
at this McDonald's drive-through where the manager says he ordered McNuggets and fries, but they stalled. Basically just told him it was going to be a minute
for his fries. Which it wasn't, really, we were just trying to make sure she got in contact
with the state police. And he didn't want to wait
for the fries.

Stephens sped off but after
a short chase, investigators say
he shot and killed himself. There are a lot of questions,
I'm sure, that not only the family
but the city in general would have had for Steve. Police say Stephens murdered
74-year-old Robert Godwin at random in broad daylight
on Easter Sunday. and posted a chilling video
of his crime on Facebook. She is the reason why
all this might happen to you. Seconds after the bloodshed...

..came the horrified calls
for help.

Stephens had no criminal history
but had filed for bankruptcy. He worked for almost a decade
at a mental health agency and was a youth mentor. He was a sweet man at heart. Jason Clotman was Stephens'
fraternity brother. He says his old friend had called
him minutes before the shooting. He told me to call him
right back once I saw the Facebook post. And I tried to call him back
and he did not answer. Tonight, as Robert Godwin's
family prepares his funeral, his daughter tells us they feel
an overwhelming sadness. She called her father's killer
a coward.

Three Australian satellites
have blasted into space on a mission to explore
the Earth's thermosphere. The Atlas V rocket launched from Cape Canaveral
in Florida this morning, carrying the satellites
and a huge capsule of cargo for the International
Space Station. The capsule will chase
the space station for four days before finally getting close
enough to attach on Saturday. The Australian CubeSats will then be released
into their orbits. A small town in Canada
has a new tourist attraction. This massive iceberg has floated
onto the coast of Ferryland. This part
of the Newfoundland coast is known as Iceberg Alley, thanks to the large number
of ice blocks drifting down from the Arctic
each northern spring. Experts say this ice mountain
looks like it's grounded and could remain in place
into late spring or early summer. A family in Texas
had to call for backup after waking to find this
alligator at their front door. Wildlife officers thought they
secured the reptile early on, but it wouldn't leave
without a fight. Their strength appeared to be
no match for the massive 'gator. Finally, they did manage to pull
the reptile off the property before releasing him
into a nearby pond. Next in Seven's Afternoon news,
we'll check the finance markets, Also, why doing it yourself, isn't always the best,
or safest, option. And, we know they're bad for our
hearts, but what about our bones? The new discovery
about saturated fats.

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Checking finance now with
Tom Piotrowski from CommSec. Another negative day
for the local market?

It has been a tough one. The ASX 200 down by 0.5% stop it is been a continuation of the weakness we have seen. A number of excuses are being offered ranging from the problems in North Korea to the uncertainty that is going to be created by the elections in France at the end of this week. Today the banks

at the end of this week. Today the
banks were quite a wait on the market all of the big forward down by about 1%. We have seen energy writers continue to fall. There are suggestions that in May the US will see the largest degree of boil production in two years. That is on top of some already built very well supplied markets. We have seen telcos recover. Ever since TPG announced it will be early its own mobile network we have seen pressure on the group stop communications

pressure on the group stop
communications was up by about 10% TPG itself was up about 7% stop Iron ore prices are also on the decline?Yes. They are born about 80%, that has created a lot of downwards pressure on iron ore producers.

downwards pressure on iron ore
producers. We saw a bit of a recovery today almost of the iron ore stocks on the belief that perhaps the declines we have seen over the last month might be coming to an end. Those declines have been weighing on the Australian dollar.

New statistics
suggest home-handymen aren't exactly nailing it
when it comes to DIY. More than 3,300 people ended up
in hospital last year, and 8 in 10 were men. Sean Berry reports. There's been a clear growth in the popularity of DIY projects
in Australia and hand in hand with that, a jump in injuries while people were working
on their homes and gardens. New figures from the Australian
Institute of Health and Welfare show that more than 3,000 people
are being hospitalised each year through DIY accidents, and many of the injuries
are very serious. So easily with a power tool,
saws, grinders... you can lose thumbs, hands
in a moment, in a split second. The most common cause
was falling off a ladder, followed by power tool mishaps,
then falls from buildings, and lawnmower injuries. Other dangerous tools included
saws and angle grinders. Men were five times more likely
to hurt themselves, and those over 65
were particularly vulnerable. Thank you for choosing
Seven News this afternoon. Stay with us, next at 4:30, the death of a teenage surfer
reignites the shark debate. Will there be a cull? And shutting up shop. The 121-year-old Sydney business
forced to close its doors.

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VOICE-OVER: This is Seven News
with Ann Sanders. If you've just joined us,
good afternoon. It's great to have your company. These are our top stories
on Seven. Is it a crackdown or con-job? Labor claims the Turnbull Government's
overhaul of 457 visas leaves more than 90% of the
current system, untouched. A collector has apologised after
auctioning off the grave stones of two decorated war heroes. The War Memorial went undercover
to buy them back. May calls an election for June. The British Prime Minister
wants a snap early election to strengthen her hand ahead
of Brexit talks. Three Australian satellites
have blasted off into space for the first time in 15 years. And still to come in sport
with Jim Wilson, some Cristiano Ronaldo magic helps Real Madrid reach the
Champions League Semi Finals. The accused Bourke Street killer
has appeared in court for the first time
since the attack. Dimitrious Gargasoulas is accused of deliberately
running down pedestrians, killing six people. In a bizarre rant in court today, the 26-year-old declared himself
'the Saviour' and said Aboriginal Law
is the same as Muslim Law. He was in court on charges
unrelated to the massacre, including speeding on the wrong
side of the road in St Kilda last year. He'll appear over the Bourke
Street attack in August. The death of teenage surfer
Laeticia Brouwer in a shark attack
off the WA coast has reignited the debate over how
to keep people safe in the water. The Federal Government says
human lives must come first, but WA's new Labor government is
standing by its no cull policy. Kate Smithers is in Esperance. This is why Wylie Bay
just outside of Esperance, where Laeticia Brouwer was
surfing on Easter Monday. She was here on holidays
with her family. Her dad and her were surfing, her mum and little sisters
were sitting here on the beach when the tragedy unfolded. Yesterday, less than 24 hours
after the teenager lost her life, they bravely came out
and fronted media cameras. Her uncle read a statement.
Have a listen. Laeticia will be greatly missed
by her family, friends, and everyone who knew her. We can take comfort in the fact
that she is now in heaven with the Lord in eternal peace. The beach does remain closed, however, there are several
other beaches near Esperance that are open. And that hasn't stopped
a number of people from getting in the water today, including a family of surfers who had young children
getting in the water. They do say it is time something
is done about shark numbers. Have a listen. In favour of a cull,
do you think? I think cull's the wrong word. But it is about getting
the balance right. They can certainly do
with probably something out. The WA Labor Government says it doesn't support
a culling process. However the Federal Government
has indicated it may intervene. It says it supports any measure that puts human life
above the sharks, including culling, shark nets
and drum lines. Security vision has been released
of two men wanted by police over an armed robbery in Sydney. The masked duo entered
a service station in St Andrews in December last year, armed with a knife
and a baseball bat. They threatened staff
before fleeing. It's believed the two men
are often in the Fairfield area. Australia's newest politician
African-born Lucy Gichuhi has had a bizarre start
to public life, walking out on a press conference
and refusing to answer questions. After issuing a brief statement, the South Australian
Senator-Elect was escorted to a waiting car
by her chief of staff. Guys can we please give her
a little bit of space? She's newly minted. She's not even sworn in yet. Moments earlier she said she was
honoured to be elected after the High Court rejected
Labor's challenge. Could not have imagined
that nearly 20 years ago that as a new Australian, I would one day have the
opportunity to serve the great nation. Ms Gichuhi replaces her former
party colleague Bob Day. A man who refers to himself as
a 'black soldier' has gunned down
three white men in California. He surrendered to police at the
scene of the triple shooting, reportedly shouting
'Allah Akbar,' but police believe it's a hate
crime, not terror-related. Ashlee Mullany reports. Police were called to
a Catholic charity in Fresno, California at about 10:45am local time after receiving reports
of gunshots. They say the man,
identified as Ali Muhammad fired 16 shots
in the space of a minute, killing three men. Muhammad surrender to officers
when they arrived. That's when he reportedly shouted
"Allahu Akbar", meaning God is great. Police say it's still too early
to determine if the man was inspired
by a terror organisation, but the FBI is helping
local detectives with the case. They believe
it was a random act of violence. While they are yet to pinpoint
a motivation for the shootings, detectives say Muhammad's
social media account showed he had a dislike
for white people and government organisations. He was already wanted over the shooting murder
of a security guard earlier this week. It comes just days after a man
randomly killed an elderly man on a footpath in Ohio, posting the gruesome murder
on Facebook. Facebook's founder
responded today. Our hearts go out to the family and friends
of Robert Godwin Senior and we have a lot of work and will keep doing all we can to prevent tragedies like this
from happening. The manhunt for that suspect,
Steve Stephens, came to a dramatic end today when he was spotted
at a McDonald's drive-through in Pennsylvania. After a brief pursuit, police say Stephens then
turned the gun on himself, bringing to an end
this nation-wide manhunt. Domestic violence is the reason more Australian women
go to hospital than any other assault. New data found
in the 2013 financial year 6,500 females were hospitalised
after assaults. In the majority of cases their
attacker was a partner or spouse. It just is, again,
another overwhelming statistic that we need to
communicate broadly, we need to discuss,
we need to challenge it. The research also found 1 in 12 victims was pregnant
at the time of the assault. New research suggests
high-fat diets can be harmful
to more than your waistline. It's been found
that saturated fatty acids can weaken cartilage in the body,
leading to osteoarthritis. More from Vivien von Drehnen. The cause of osteoarthritis
could come down to what you eat. Scientists at QUT
have been researching the association between
the condition and saturated fats. What they found
is a diet high in fatty acids weakens cartilage,
particularly in the hip and knee. We're now learning more and more
about osteoarthritis every day. And we now know diet,
obesity and are the main things
contributing to osteoarthritis. Previously, it was always thought wear and tear was the main cause
of osteoarthritis. But fats
are having a negative effect - particularly animal fat,
palm oil and butter. This is important information
that needs to go out. People need to know
what to eat and what not to eat to protect their joints. The good news is when meat fat
was replaced with lauric acid, which is found in coconut
and dairy, the signs of deterioration
decreased, and instead, it was found to have
a protective effect. So people who are obese
or overweight tend to be at a much higher
risk category for osteo than those
who are of a healthy weight. It's hoped the research
will lead to a clinical trial in the next couple of years and eventually
the development of a supplement that will help protect cartilage. A much loved Sydney
family business has been forced to close its doors
after 121 years. Stapleton Meats is one of
the city's oldest butcher shops but with high prices, and competition from the big
chain supermarkets, it just couldn't make ends meet. Jessica Dietrich has the story. Well the days of the butcher, the baker and the candle-stick
maker look to be fading when places like this close up. Stapleton's butcher
was the first shop to open in Sutherland 121 years ago, but the owner has had to walk
away in the past few weeks because while they do have
a strong customer base, they just don't make enough
for it to be sustainable and they didn't have the funds
for a much needed refurb. I've been a butcher
for 40 years.

It was difficult we had a few tears.

Michael Rogers has another shop
still going just down the road in Sylvania, a lot of his loyal
customers are going there now, but it's hard
to attract new ones, with Coles
and Woolworths right next door, and this isn't the only butcher
that's had to shut. Several in this area alone
have closed since December, and more than 6,500 have shut
over the past 20 years with the rise of the big
supermarkets taking a huge chunk of the meat market
and putting pressure on prices. It is scary. I don't know where we're going
to be in 10 years. A recent Roy Morgan study found the number of customers
buying fresh meat from the butchers has fallen
from 23% to just 18%, so certainly interesting times
for the little guys in the meat industry. A painting of a rocky outcrop
in Gallipoli the ANZACs nicknamed
'The Sphinx', has won this year's
Gallipoli Art Prize. Brisbane artist
Amanda Penrose Hart produced the
oil on linen painting after visiting the site twice. Hart says she was struck by the
extreme landscape soldiers faced. It's on display at the
Gallipoli Memorial Club in Sydney along with 38 other finalists. Next in Seven's Afternoon news, the show won't go on. How the crowds spent the final
day of the Royal Easter Show. And in sport with Jim Wilson, the Swans and Giants set to renew
an icy rivalry in the AFL.

You're watching
Seven's Afternoon News. Still to come, the award winning musical
kicking off in Sydney. And the Royal Easter Show
set to finish with a bang. What's in store
for the final night? That story soon. Sport now with Jim Wilson, and a
boost for the Bunnies in the NRL. South Sydney captain Sam Burgess
is free to line up in Friday night's clash
with Brisbane, after having his
shoulder charge ban overturned. The Rabbitohs rolled the dice
at the NRL Judiciary last night and it paid off. The panel deliberated
for 90 minutes before returning
a not guilty verdict. Thankful to get off. Clearly wasn't
a shoulder charge. Impact was with chest and head
and neck collided. It's a great bonus for us
to have Sammy and he's showing his strength of being a real strong leader
in our team. And Sharks premiership star
Luke Lewis is keen to extend his career
into an 18th season next year. The off-contract veteran hopes
to resign with Cronulla. The GWS Giants will start
favourites in a Sydney Derby for the first time this weekend, against the winless Swans
at the SCG. Callum Mills and Stephen Coniglio
had a laugh while promoting the Ice Hockey Classic
at Qudos Bank Arena in June. But they'll be sworn enemies
on Saturday night, as the Swans look to snap a run
of four straight defeats. There's probably a few things
that have been going wrong that we need to rectify. We really need everyone firing and when that happens
hopefully we can get the win. Do I have any sympathy
for the Swans? Short answer's probably no, but ah, they're still
a class side we know that. Another loss for the Swans would put their season
in serious jeopardy. Real Madrid is through to
the Champions League semi-finals, after winning their tie against
Bayern Munich in extra time. The tie was locked at 3-3
at the end of the second leg. Cristiano Ronaldo
came into his own in extra-time bringing up
another prolific milestone. Marcelo,
and he's given the goal, the hat-trick and the hundred
in the Champions League to Cristiano Ronaldo. And the fairy-tale is over
for Leicester City after they were eliminated by
Atletico Madrid, losing 2-1 on aggregate. Novak Djokovic
has narrowly avoided a shock second round defeat
at the Monte Carlo Masters. The world No. 2 claimed the
first set against Gilles Simon, before the Frenchman fought back
to force a decider. Simon went on to serve
for the match, but the Serb was able escape
with a hard-fought win in just over 2.5 hours. Mick Fanning's quest to claim a
record 5th title at Bells Beach has been ended
by John John Florence. The pair clashed earlier
in the day in a gripping
fourth-round showdown, with Florence taking flight. John John goes for the giant
alley-oop and sticks it, throws up the hat and says
"what more do you want?" When they met again
in the quarter-finals, the reigning world champion again
proved too strong. Florence's golden-run ended with a shock semi-finals
loss to Caio Ibelli. Its been a tough day for the Aussies involved
in the NBA Playoffs. The Milwaukee Bucks, home to Matthew Dellavedova
and Thon Maker lost to the Toronto Raptors
in Game II of their series. Maker did make
the highlight reel though. Up top to Maker! Picture-perfect pass. Joe Ingles and Dante Exum's
Utah Jazz went down to the LA Clippers
by eight points. The series is level at 1-1.

Joe Ingalls, 29 years of age for Adelaide. There has been a new broadcast deal signed, $32 billion, I reckon his $5 million pay packet over two years is about to get a lot bigger. He has over 200cm.

More now on our breaking news. A man has shot
and killed three people. Just another awful, what appears
to be random, act of violence. Take a look at this, it is just horrific damage
throughout this entire store. The Australian War Memorial
had to buy the gravestones back. He has always claimed
that he did it in self defence. Gas attack in Iraq. This is all about building
pressure on North Korea. Quite an unwelcome visitor
at the door. Wake up to all the news on
'Sunrise' Australia's number one. 'Kinky Boots, the Musical,' is
kicking off in Sydney tonight. Based on a true story, it follows
the struggles of a young man, trying to save his family's
shoe-business by designing well-made heels
for men. The show includes award winning
songs written by Cyndi Lauper.

I wanted the hook and the rhythm
to be so catchy that you wouldn't realise
that actually you call it 'little expedition.' It'll be on stage at
the Capitol Theatre until July. Sydney's Royal Easter show
is about to end for another year and it's going out with a bang. A fireworks display
will take place after dark, capping off a day focused on
the show's youngest visitors. Tom Sacre is at the showgrounds. Good afternoon, in just a few hours
the gates to the show will close for the last time, but it is finishing with a bang
because today is Annual Kids Day. Rides public transport and entry
fees are all down for kids aged under 15 today and thousands of them
took full advantage. It is a lot cheaper, half price tickets, two for one
rides, you can't go past that. From Kids World
to the smaller rides section, kids ran rampant on the last day and they are still having
a ball as we speak. The luckiest family
in the showground was those who were the 900,000th
to walk through the gates. They were greeted
with show bags and coupons. Oh my God we were surprised,
it is crazy! Being handed over
with all of these goodie bags, this many tickets. It rounds off
what has been a terrific show and the best crowds organisers
have seen in 14 years. The numbers are 15% higher
than they expected.

We have really pushed the true value
of the Agricultural Society and how important farming is
in New South Wales. The final fireworks display
will cap off the show at 9:30, until next year. Australia Zoo
on the Sunshine Coast expanded its big cat collection,
with the addition of a small cat. Lawrence, the cheeky cheetah cub,
was transferred from Taronga western plains zoo
soon after birth five months ago. The playful youngster
is settling in well and showing how quick he can move. He's already chasing us
around the enclosure, when he's fully grown, he would have the potential to
run up to around 110km/hr. Proceeds from ticket sales
will go towards programs to preserve cheetahs in Africa. Next in Seven's Afternoon news, The weather forecast
with David Brown.

A piece of TV memorabilia
is up for sale. The original genie bottle from the 1960's sitcom
'I Dream of Jeannie' is expected to sell
for more than $100,000. The prop was a special Christmas Edition
Jim Beam whiskey decanter, which the director found
in a shop-window and painted to make look antique. David Brown joins
us with the forecast. And Brownie, a change is brewing? It's on the way, Ann,
and good afternoon.

Lining up the southern capitals and will bring some rain to Adelaide before eventually moving on to over and Melbourne.

Let's go to our weather wall, in Adelaide
it's a warm 30 degrees. That's 6 above
the long-term norm. It's warm in Hobart
too for this time of year. 19 degrees. It's a glorious
afternoon in Melbourne. And in Sydney it's another
pleasant afternoon 22 degrees. The lastest satellite
information highlights a broad area of low pressure
sweeping across the country.

a broad area of low pressure
sweeping across the country. The system is driving areas of
rain and isolated thunderstorms. It'll spill into western New
South Wales tonight and tomorrow. Pushed along by
this rather cool southerly.

Some good falls are likely from this system. Especially tomorrow. For the capitals, remaining fine and mostly sunny day around 24 for Melbourne. Some rain developing tomorrow night and some soaking showers are expected in Adelaide. Perth, fine and mostly sunny. Hobart tomorrow cloud increasing a change coming through late in the day which will bring showers. A little later in the forecast period no change in Sydney, becoming cooler in Melbourne and a much cooler day also expected in Adelaide with some showers rolling through. Fine for Hobart and 24. More weather at 6 PM.

That's the Afternoon News
for this Wednesday. Our next bulletin
is Seven News at 6:00. I'm Ann Sanders,
thanks for watching. The Chase Australia
is next on Seven. And I'll see you tomorrow. Live captioning by Ai-Media

ANDREW O'KEEFE: These four strangers
must work as a team to win thousands of dollars. But standing in their way is one of the sharpest minds
in Australia - the Chaser! The Chase is on. (THEME MUSIC)

Welcome to The Chase Australia. Hope you're comfy
and you've had a great day. We've got a real tasting plate of
occupations and interests back here. A really nice team. Let's meet them. G'day. I'm Phil. I run a change
management business with my wife. And my goal is to make my farm
self-sustaining. Hi. I'm Sally. I'm a nursing
and midwifery student. And I've been WWOOFing
in southern England. Hi. I'm Jesse. I'm a youth worker. And I also DJ and produce music. Hi. I'm Gabrielle.
I work as a public servant. And I have a green thumb. Now, that's my team. Their challenge is to bring as much
money as they can down the board and into the team bank. But hunting them... Boing!
..all the way will be the Chaser. If they get caught,
they lose the money and they go home. Make it through to the bank, though, and they could share in
a great team cash prize. Everyone faces the Chaser.
Tonight, Phil is first. (THEME MUSIC) Welcome to the show, Phil.
Good to have you here. Thank you, Andrew. So you're wearing a couple of hats
at the moment, I hear. Yes, change management consultant,
a business my wife and I run. Yeah? And then, when I've worked in
a number of fields at work, I go home to a number of fields
on my farm... Right, yes. ..where we raise
a menagerie of animals. You've got pigs and you've got cows
and you've got, what, geese? Geese, guinea fowl, chickens...
Yeah, terrific. ..four dogs, a cat,
a donkey, Isadora. And it's a productive farm too. Some really interesting stuff
going on. I said the team was a tasting plate. Phil's a one-man tasting plate. You've got some charcuterie going on. Yes, we do. We make cider. Last year we made
180 kilos of salami, prosciutto... Wow. Oh! Keep talking to me, Phil. 300 litres of cider,
a couple of beehives. Nice. So producing
your own honey as well? Yes, absolutely. What do you do with some cash
if you win today? We haven't had a holiday
for a long time, so we'd like to go to
provincial France and Spain. Sample some of the local charcuterie
there, cider. But hopefully,
just learn how to make more things from the produce
that we make on our property. Alright, Phil, let's do it. One minute on the clock.
Best of luck. Thank you.
And your time starts now. The name of the game Pictionary
blends 'picture' with what word for a type of book? Dictionary.
Correct. In June 2016, which boxing legend
passed away at age 74?

Muhammad Ali. What is the four-letter name given to the mountain lion
of North America?

Correct. White Noise was a hit album
for Australian rock trio, The Living WHAT? End.
Correct. What colour skivvy does
The Wiggles co-founder Anthony Field typically wear? Yellow.
Blue. Which Australian capital city is
named for a 19th century naturalist?

Correct. A common myth about
dictator Benito Mussolini is he made the WHAT run on time? Trains.
Correct. By what nickname is the Academy Award
of Merit statuette better known? Oscar.
Correct. The DTPA vaccine protects against
diphtheria, tetanus and which cough? Pneumonia.
Whooping cough. Which R&B group had the 1992 hit song
'End of the Road'? Pass.
Boyz II Men. In grammar lessons,
what are often called 'doing' words? Verbs.
Correct. Actor Brad Pitt shares his first...
(BUZZER) ..real name with
the grandson of the Queen. And the name is William. Phil...good job.
Thank you. Nice start to the game. $14,000
for your Cash Builder round, eh? Nice. Now, that's, of course,
if we can get it past the Chaser. And we'll find out who that Chaser is
going to be right after the break. (THEME MUSIC)