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Australians first - the Federal Government
cracks down on foreign workers. Snap election - Brits to head to the polls
three years early. Outrage as war heroes' headstones
are put up for sale. And dreams dashed - dozens of wedding gowns
destroyed by fire. VOICE-OVER: This is Seven News
with Ann Sanders.

Good morning. Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull is vowing to put
Australian workers first, after axing the 457 visa program. Under the crackdown, employers who do bring in
temporary foreign workers will have to pay more, with that money used
to help train local workers. With his Australia First
sales pitch under the spotlight... Migration must be
in our national interest. ..Malcolm Turnbull
spruiks his decision to scrap 457 visas
for overseas workers. Foreign workers add value
to the nation, but they must supplement
and not replace hardworking Australians. Two new visas will be introduced, demanding foreigners
have work experience, better English skills
and criminal checks, with stricter paths
to gaining residency and fewer types of jobs
they can apply for. This could be a Coalition
con job. We need to see the details
of the legislation. Despite Malcolm Turnbull being accused of channelling
Donald Trump, ministers argue the plan pre-dates the US push
to keep its jobs local. This is not
a knee-jerk reaction. This is something
we've been working on for a long period of time. Including charging companies more
if they hire foreign workers, to pay for a training fund
for Australians. So that we can train Australians
to take jobs into the future and I think there's
a lot of common sense in that. Despite easing restrictions
on 457 visas as Prime Minister, Tony Abbott has welcomed
the new scheme, but says he'll still openly criticise
government policy when he sees fit. As an ex-Prime Minister, I have an absolute right,
sometimes a duty, to speak out on important national
and international issues. Rejecting calls from colleagues
to quit politics if he can't
toe the government's line.

Theresa May has surprised Britain

by calling an election
for June 8. The prime minister has taken
a gamble as she tries to unite her party ahead of what will no doubt
be complicated negotiations to leave the European Union. Cath Turner reports from London. Well, there are two words
that pretty much can sum up why Theresa May
has called this snap election - opinion polls. The Conservative Party is enjoying about a 20-point lead
over the opposition and that is a margin
we have not really seen in the UK since 1983, so Theresa May
is fairly confident she will be returned to power with an increased
parliamentary majority. But it is a major U-turn
for the British prime minister. For months, she has been saying
repeatedly that there will be
no general election and that is why
no-one here saw this coming. Theresa May
gave less than two hours' notice that she would make
a major announcement without giving away any details. She has succeeded
in taking everyone by surprise. I have just chaired a meeting
of the Cabinet where we have agreed that the government should call
a general election, to be held on June 8. The trigger? Independence day! Brexit. Deep divisions remain
after last year's referendum, mainly over access
to the European single market. The country is coming together
but Westminster is not. Whether Brexit should be hard,
severing all ties with the EU, or soft, leaving the EU but retaining some trading
and travel rights. And Theresa May has opposition leader
Jeremy Corbyn in her sights. The latest poll has the Conservatives with a commanding 21-point lead
over Labour - a party in disarray with a leader widely considered
unpopular and ineffective. OFF-SCREEN: If Labour loses
this election, will you stand down? We are campaigning
to win this election, that is the only question now. Hello, team! The Liberal Democrats
are thrilled, hoping to attract voters
who wanted to remain in the EU. And so the stage is set
for even more instability in a country already facing
an uncertain future.

US authorities are investigating
any possible terror links

in a triple shooting
in California. Witnesses say the gunman
shouted "Allahu Akbar" before killing three people. US correspondent Ashlee Mullany

Good morning. This 39-year-old suspect
is in custody today after surrendering to police at the scene
of this triple shooting. Police were called to
a Catholic charity in Fresno, California at about 10:45am local time after receiving reports
of gunshots. They say the man,
identified as Ali Muhammed, fired 16 shots
in the space of a minute, killing three men. Muhammed surrender to officers
when they arrived. That's when he reportedly shouted
"Allahu Akbar", meaning God is great. Police say it's still too early
to determine if the 39-year-old was inspired
by a terror organisation, but the FBI is helping
local detectives with the case. They believe
it was a random act of violence. While they are yet to pinpoint
a motivation for the shootings, detectives say Muhammed's
social media account showed he had a dislike
for white people and government organisations. He was already wanted over the shooting murder
of a security guard earlier this week. The shootings come just days after a man
randomly killed an elderly man on a footpath in Ohio, posting the gruesome murder
on Facebook. Facebook's founder
responded today. Our hearts go out to the family and friends
of Robert Godwin Snr and we have a lot of work and will keep doing all we can to prevent tragedies like this
from happening. The manhunt for that suspect,
Steve Stephens, came to a dramatic end today when he was spotted
at a McDonald's drive-through in Pennsylvania. After a brief pursuit, police say Stephens
turned the gun on himself, bringing and end
to this nation-wide manhunt. Underworld figure
Roberta Williams has reportedly received
death threats from the man convicted
of murdering her ex-husband. Prisoner Matthew Johnson
wants Roberta to tell police gangland leader Carl Williams
was plotting to kill him. The maximum security inmate
is planning to launch an appeal based on self defence. Police are investigating
the allegations made in the past few weeks.

Police are draining a pond
in Adelaide's parklands

as they investigate the death
of a wheelchair-bound woman. 67-year-old Helen Dansie's body was pulled from the water
on Sunday night. She'd been at the park
with her husband. An autopsy has confirmed
she drowned in fresh water, but police say there are still
unanswered questions.

Two people have needed treatment
for smoke inhalation,

after fire badly damaged
their home in north-west Sydney. The couple was inside
the Rouse Hill home when the fire started
in the kitchen. It was in the roof
when firefighters arrived, but they managed to stop it spreading
to neighbouring properties. The residents had just had
their roof repaired from damage caused by
last month's hail storms.

The sale of the gravestones
of two World War II heroes

has outraged diggers and the Australian War Memorial
director. Privates Benjamin Hardy
and Ralph Jones were killed by Japanese POWs in the Cowra breakout
in August 1944. Jessica Dietrich reports. Well, it's standard practice when replacing the gravestones
of our Australian soldiers that the original ones
be destroyed so there is only ever
one in existence as a mark of respect
to the men and women that lost their lives
serving our country. But somehow,
this memorabilia collector has got his hands on two of these and now he claims that he found them
in a rubbish tip 25 years ago in the small town of Cowra
in central New South Wales and has held onto them
for all this time. Now, the Australian
War Memorial's director Brendan Nelson
caught wind of the fact that this man was holding
a private auction and he sent down a staff member to buy them back for just
over $300. He's dismayed that anyone
would try to profit in such a way and this happening
so close to Anzac Day. This only happened two weeks ago. It's also shocked members
of the RSL community, that say that this should not
be happening in the first place and are asking why they were
not destroyed in the first place. The owners of a Queensland
wedding dress boutique will begin the slow process of rebuilding
as soon as possible. Fire tore through
their dream business during the night,
destroying dozens of gowns. Bianca Stone is there. Well, this is what's left
of Brides To Be at Ipswich. Mannequins melted,
dresses destroyed. There are about 180 gowns
in the store, including a number of gowns
out the back that were on the layby - people ready to get married. The owner is absolutely
devastated. This was his dream -
to open a bridal store. He quit his job in the mines
to move to Ipswich and open a store with his wife. They have only been open
for three months when this blaze broke out
around midnight. It was council cameras that actually captured smoke
billowing from the front doors. It's heartbreaking, you know. You work so hard
to get something, and in the blink of an eye,
it's gone. You've just got to
start over again. I just feel sorry for the ladies
that we had ordered dresses for that were
in the back of the shop. They were all destroyed. Very little can be salvaged
from the store. The owner is insured and he says
his number one priority will be reordering those dresses
that people have got on layby. Luckily, no dresses here
in the store were to be worn for weddings
this weekend. Next in Seven News - business and finance. Revelations US warships meant to be en route
to North Korea were actually going
in the opposite direction. And spectacular sight - why this giant iceberg has appeared
off the coast of Canada.

To finance now,

and joining me is Westpac global head
of economics Bill Evans. Hello, Bill. How is our market responding
to the weak close on Wall Street?

Good morning. All straight down 0.5%. Disappointments around Goldman Sachs and IBM. This was not constructive for us, down 0.4%. Our bank stocks have been the worst affected, along with the resource stocks. The iron ore price off again, $66 down to $63. Keep in mind that in February it was up as high as $95 and we were very happy. There was some recovery in the Telstra shares.The Reserve Bank board sounded warnings yesterday. Should we be worried?They did. They pointed out that they are watching very closely both the labour market and the housing market. The labour market because they are worried about a week labour market which can maintain this week both in wages which is feeding back into weak consumption which is not a good dynamic for growth in the economy but on the other hand, they remain concerned about house prices in Sydney and Melbourne which are still living. Household leveraged lifting and some real concerns about the fact that we used to think had quite a large buffer in terms of interest rates but now, one third of them, according to the Reserve Bank, do not have a buffer at all on the repayments and that is a concern as well.

The US Government
has been left red-faced after warning North Korea a US Aircraft Carrier
was on its way to the region, when it was actually sailing
in the opposite direction. The President had been talking up
sending a naval Armada to the Korean Peninsula as a show of force' in response
to North Korea's provocations. We are sending an Armada -
very powerful. She's just on her way up there because that's where we thought
it was most prudent to have her at this time. USS 'Carl Vinson' was actually
on it way to Australia for military exercises. The miscommunication hasn't fazed
Vice President Mike Pence, who says he's hopeful
of a diplomatic solution with North Korea. Robert Ovadia is in neighbouring
South Korea. Far from easing tensions
on the Korean peninsula, the visit of US Vice President
Mike Pence, having left Seoul now for Japan, is only increasing the pressure
on North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un, and it seems that is the point. Hoping strong diplomacy and
the ever present-threat of force might convince the rogue nation to give up its pursuit
of nuclear weapons. Mr Pence has assured Japan's
Prime Minister Shinzo Abe of the new policy on North Korea
under Donald Trump's leadership. Specifically, that "The era
of strategic patience is over". In other words, America hopes to force a result
one way or another. Together, with Japan
and our allies in the region, we will protect the peace
and security of this part of the world
and achieve our shared goal of a nuclear-free
Korean peninsula. No doubt it is a shared goal
of the United States, South Korea, Japan and Australia, where Mike Pence
is due to visit soon - but clearly not one
shared by North Korea. The only nation on earth to have any sort
of influence over it is China. It's working hard
to get North Korea to the table, even imposing trade sanctions that could cripple
North Korea's economy, but it seems Kim Jong-un is refusing to acknowledge
even the Chinese. A request from China
to visit Pyongyang in the hopes of brokering a deal
has simply been ignored.

Tourists are rushing
to a small town in Canada

to photograph
an extraordinary sight. Massive icebergs are drifting
off the coast of Newfoundland. The huge blocks can be spotted
moving down from the Arctic every northern spring. Most are locked into sea ice, but this towering structure
has broken loose, dwarfing the town. It's already a busy season
in iceberg alley - hundreds have been spotted
in the Atlantic.

Next in Seven News, all the day's sport
with Jim Wilson - including a win for Sam Burgess
at the NRL judiciary. And highlights
from an exhilarating battle between John John Florence
and Mick Fanning at Bells Beach.


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West Coast recruit Sam Mitchell
remains in doubt

to play against Hawthorn
on Sunday. Mitchell is nursing
a badly bruised leg, and won't train until tomorrow
at the earliest. If he does line up, his former teammates
will be waiting. Yeah, it'll be really strange
playing against Mitch. He's been at the club for longer than I've ever been
at Hawthorn. He's a strong Hawthorn person, he's had a major influence
on that club, but... Do I have something to say
to Sam? Probably not as much
as he'll have to say to us. The winless Hawks have had
their worst start to a season since 1998. Sam Burgess is free
to line-up for South Sydney in this weekend's Anzac round, after having his shoulder charge
suspension overturned. The Rabbitohs enforcer rolled the dice
at the NRL judiciary last night and it paid off. The panel deliberated
for 90 minutes, before handing down
a not guilty verdict. Clearly wasn't
a shoulder charge. Impact was with chest
and head and neck collided. Good news too for Wests Tigers, with confirmation Luke Brooks has
re-signed until the end of 2019. The halfback
is close to returning from a hamstring injury. He's been named
in the extended squad for Sunday's game
against the Bulldogs. Real Madrid are through to
the Champions League semi-finals, after winning their tie
against downing Bayern Munich in extra time. The tie was locked at 3-0
at the end of the second leg. The tie was locked at 3-3 Cristiano Ronaldo
came into his own in extra time, bringing up
another prolific milestone. COMMENTATOR: Marcelo,
and he's given the goal, the hat-trick and the hundred
in the Champions League to Cristiano Ronaldo. And the fairytale is over
for Leicester City, after they went down to
Atletico Madrid 2-1 on aggregate. World number two Novak Djokovic
has survived a tough three-setter against Gilles Simon to reach the third round
of the Monte Carlo Masters. Djokovic took the first set but was pegged back
in the second. Simon went on to serve
for the match but the Serb escaped
in just over 2.5 hours. I got myself
out of that tricky situation and that is probably
the most positive thing I take from today. Tenth-seeded Belgian
David Goffin strolled into the third round with a straight-sets win
over Spain's Nicolas Almagro.

Mick Fanning needs to beat
fellow Aussie Owen Wright

in the sudden-death fifth round
to stay alive at Bells Beach. The four-time Bell ringer went down narrowly
to John John Florence, in an exhilarating fourth round
heat at the famous break. Fanning posted a 9.93 out of 10, but that only served to motivate
the reigning world champion. COMMENTATOR: John John, goes for the giant alley-oop
and stick it, throws up the hand. Mick's such an amazing surfer
to surf against and he really motivates me, I was just looking at it like
"Oh, he's got some big scores, "this is going to be fun
to try to come back". The Hawaiian scored
19.54 out of 20, defeating Fanning by just under
seven tenths of a point.

Set for an exhilarating initial stop so talented.

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More now on our breaking news. A man has shot and killed
three people. Just another awful,
what appears to be, random act of violence. Take a look at this. It's just horrific damage
throughout this entire store. The Australian War Memorial had
to buy all the gravestones back. He's always claimed
that he did it in self-defence. Gas attack in Iraq. This is all about building
pressure on North Korea. Quite an unwelcome visitor
at the door. VOICE-OVER: Wake up
to all the news on Sunrise - Australia's number one. A piece of TV memorabilia
is up for sale. The original genie bottle from the 1960s sitcom
'I Dream of Jeannie' is expected to
sell for more than $100,000. The prop was a special
Christmas edition Jim Beam whiskey decanter, which the director found
in a shop window and painted to make look antique. and was popular around the world. Let's get a check of the weather
forecast now with Seven News meteorologist
David Brown.

Did that work for you? Now it is my go.

Ann, a warm day is brewing
around the nation. Let's go to our weather wall.

The sky is clear in Perth, heading for 25 degrees. A beautiful day in Melbourne, plenty of sunshine, 26 degrees which is 6 degrees above normal. A few light showers in Sydney a short time ago which have now cleared with sunny skies to follow. 25 degrees. Unsettled in Brisbane, some showers drifting in from the south-east for most of the day. Should reach a high of 26.

The latest satellite information highlight a broad area
of low pressure that's driving patchy rain
and the odd thunderstorm.

For the next 24 hours, it will drift to the eastern seaboard. Shower slipping into Adelaide and the odd thunderstorm as well. Rain moving into western parts of New South Wales. For the major centres, Sydney looks fine and mostly sunny, 24. Melbourne, cloud increasing, showers late in the day and 25 ahead of that change. Soaking showers in Adelaide, 24. 28 degrees in Perth. More at 4pm.

And that's Seven News to now. We'll keep you up-to-date
throughout the day. I'm Ann Sanders.

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