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Ah, remember this hit song.1998. went
How could I forget it.'Kiss Me' featured
went platinum here in Australia. It Tomorrow
featured on Dawson's Creek. Leigh
Tomorrow we will catch up with Richer'.
Leigh Nash from 'Sixpence Non The back
Richer'.Great song. Russell Morris well.
back tongue. Delta will drop by as government?
well. Plus, fed up with the who
government? We will meet the man created
who broke away from Australia, in
created his own kang domestic here succeeded
in the suburbs of Sydney. He Stay
succeeded from the Commonwealth. everyone.
Stay tuned for the Morning News everyone. See

everyone. See you everyone.That Live
man's name is Clive Palmer.

This program will be captioned live ANNOUNCER:
by Ai-Media Davina
ANNOUNCER: This is Nine News with Immigration
Davina Smith.Good morning. admitted
Immigration Minister duty has to
admitted employers could be forced Federal
to pay higher taxes after the decision
Federal government's controversial foreign
decision to axe the 457 Visa for live
foreign workers. We will take you reporter
live to Canberra. Political morning.
reporter Lauren Gianoli. Good insisting
morning. Mr Peter Dutton is Australian
insisting the government wants jobs.
Australian workers for Australian Good
jobs.Yes, that's exactly right. visas
Good morning. The crackdown on 457 according
visas is the tip of the iceberg told
according to the government. I'm immigration
told they also want to tighten at
immigration laws. They are looking make
at a new Visa classification to overseas
make sure people coming from Australian
overseas have what they call described
Australian values. In what is being popularism
described as Donald Trump-style vowing
popularism the Prime Minister is jobs
vowing to put Australians and their jobs first.

jobs first. This Visa overall Applicants
includes stricter conditions. language
Applicants will have their English on
language skills tested. For those eligible
on two year visas, they won't be any
eligible for permanent residency breakfast
any more. Malcolm Turnbull told a migration
breakfast here at Parliament House interest.
migration must be in the national Australians
interest.Australian jobs for is
Australians first. And if Australia program
is a football team our migration best
program is the way we recruit the national
best players. It's conducted in our jobs
national interest.The number of reduced
jobs on the 457 Visa list has been positions
reduced by 200 to around 430 released
positions now. Labor has just that
released some modelling showing will
that nine in 10 foreign workers flight
will not be affected. Gone are example
flight attendance, goat farmers for cafe
example and homepaths but cooks, specialists
cafe managers and marketing The
specialists are still on the list. from
The Opposition calls this crackdown they
from the government a con job, that existing
they are just rebanding the the
existing scheme.We haven't seen There
the detail. That's the problem here. distributed.
There were not even any fact sheets announcement
distributed. This was an announcement on Facebook.Finally to
the Prime Minister's shift is going of
to focus from the domestic supply energy
of jobs to the domestic supply of sitting
energy this afternoon. He is major
sitting down with the heads of the second
major gas companies. This is their as
second meeting here in Canberra in follows
as many months. You might recall it the
follows crisis talks in March over year
the prospect of a gas shortage next affect
year on the East Coast.It will We
affect a lot of families. Thank you. where
We will take you to the US now people
where a gunman who shot dead three California
people in a random attack in US
California has been identified. Our us
US correspondent Laura Turner joins Authorities
us live from Los Angeles. whether
Authorities are now looking into Good
whether this is terror related. police
Good morning to you. Certainly investigating
police in Los Angeles have been alert
investigating that all day. An in
alert has just come through though that
in the past two minutes revealing international
that police have now ruled out after
international terrorism. That is after that

after that man you see on the Akbah'
screen screamed the words 'Allah following
Akbah' after he was arrested downtown
following this mass shooting in is
downtown Fresno, California. That of
is a city about three hours north unfolded
of Los Angeles. This mass shooting local
unfolded around 10:45 this morning going
local time. He is now accused of a
going on a shooting rampage killing a man sitting in the passenger seat accused
of a truck first of all and then through
accused of reloading and running at
through the streets shooting people nearby
at random. Another man killed in a bus
nearby street. Another killed at a injured
bus stop. While a bystanders was managed
injured in the gunfire. Police then You
managed to arrest this man alive. patted
You can see him there after being have
patted down by police. And they say
have revealed his identity. They and
say his name is Kori Ali Mohammad aggressive
and they say he does have an police.
aggressive history. Here is local We
police.We looked at his Facebook. says
We know that he has some post that people
says that he does not like white he
people and also on that post that he has expressed

he has expressed some anti- also
government sentiments.Mohammad was of
also wanted over the shooting death ago
of a security guard just a few days four
ago as well. So he is now facing man
four counts of murder.Thank you. A arrested
man aged in his 30s has been raids
arrested during dramatic pre-dawn raids in

raids in Melbourne's north. As police
Nine's Mark Santomartino explains, sure
police climbed on to roofs to make It
sure their suspect did not getaway. residents
It was a rude wakening for street
residents in this quiet Gowanbrae flared
street in Melbourne's north. Sirens surrounded
flared as heavily armed police undercover
surrounded the home in Seggan warrant
undercover of darkness, executing a on
warrant around 5am. Officers leapt inside
on to the roof tho corner those occupants
inside and others yelled at the houchlts
occupants to get out of the the
houchlts a woman was questioned on his
the side of the road as a unanimous about
his late 30s was arrest.Probably him
about 6:00 this morning. They put him in the van and carted him off.

him in the van and carted him off. dogs
They called for more back-up or The
dogs or something to that effect. detectives
The Dog Squad was brought in as seized
detectives from the Brimbank CIU home.
seized bags of evidence from the why
home. Police would not comment on Charges
why the raid was carried out. investigation
Charges are yet to be laid. The understood
investigation is ongoing and previous
understood to be related to a previous criminal incident.

previous criminal incident. for
Police's silence is little comfort shock
for knows this street still in needed
shock that such a show of force was There
needed in their quiet neighbourhood. of
There is anger today over the sale Australian
of two gravestones of two NSW.
Australian war heros in regional recipients
NSW. The headstones of George Cross Private
recipients Benjamin Hardy and sale
Private Ralph Jones were put up for The
sale at an auction in Goulburn. But secretly
The Australian War Memorial ensure
secretly attended that auction to like
ensure it was the buyer.Things needs
like that, it is a tradition, it serving
needs to stay where it is.As a should
serving member myself, I think it Both
should be sacrasanct. I'm appalled. prisoners
Both men killed by Japanese Melbourne
prisoners in a 1944 Cowra break out. Williams
Melbourne underworld figure Roberta threats
Williams reportedly received death murdering
threats from the man convicted of The
murdering her former husband Carl. The 'Herald Sun' is reporting to
to get
threats were made by other inmates plotting
to get her testify that Carl was allowing
plotting to kill Matthew Johnson, defence
allowing them to start a self- police
defence appeal. The enough says United
police are now investigating. The aircraft
United States has sent two new Japan
aircraft carriers to the Sea of North
Japan as a show of strength against reports
North Korea. As Tom Steinfort Vice
reports from South Korea, the US still
Vice President says all options are really
still on the table.America is now Korean
really upping the ante on the number
Korean Peninsula, tripling the stationed
number of aircraft carriers it has they
stationed off the coast. Of course September
they already had the USS Carl vin of
September in position with a number aircrafts
of support vessels. Now two means
aircrafts are headed that way. That have
means America has the capacity to stationed
have some 300 fighters jets against
stationed here ready to strike nation
against North Korea if the rogue all
nation steps out of line. Of course, Jong-un
all eyes are on whether or not Kim promise
Jong-un comes through on that every
promise to carry out missile tests he
every single week now and whether international
he continues to flout warnings from to
international leaders and continues have
to develop his nuclear program. We visit
have Mike Pence continuing his President,
visit to the region, the Vice make
President, saying his aim is to capability
make sure there is no nuclear Peninsula.
capability at all on the Korean overnight.
Peninsula. This is him talking table
overnight.All options are on the But
table and there they will remain. administration
But President Trump and I and our productive
administration believes the most long
productive pathway forward is die that
long among the family of nations Korea
that can isolate and pressure North and
Korea into abandoning permanently program.
and dismantling its nuclear weapons I
program.In this big game of chess move.
I guess now it is North Korea's or
move. We will wait and see whether missile.
or not they do launch another experts
missile. The suggestion from April
experts around the world is perhaps is
April 25 is the date to watch. That of
is the anniversary of the founding they
of North Korea and it is a date to
they would like to send a message and
to the world that they are a strong months
and defiant country.Just three business
months after opening their dream Queensland
business an Ipswich couple in after
Queensland has been left devastated bridal
after fire tore through their reports,
bridal store. As Rob Morrison everything
reports, the owner says he will do to-be
everything he can to help brides- is
to-be with their orders.Well, it down
is a sight that would send chills Just
down the spine of any bride-to-be. beautifully
Just take a look at this. It is a has
beautifully made wedding dress that smoke
has now been completely ruined by case
smoke and water damage. That is the It
case right throughout this store. It is called Brides-to-be in the

It is called Brides-to-be in the as
middle of Ipswich. Some 180 dresses been
as a result of this fire have now flames
been ruined. We know that the midnight.
flames took hold just after best
midnight. Firefighters did their there
best to try and save the store but the
there was nothing they could do for more
the dresses. What makes this even store
more heart-breaking though is the honour
store only opened in January. The coal
honour Chris Stuart used to be a Queensland
coal miner working in Central open
Queensland but he had a dream to wife.
open up a bridal store with his that
wife. But now, after this fire, was
that dream has gone up in smoke.It is
was hard work. It has just gone. It believe.
is devastating. It is so hard to hours
believe. You get woken up early hours of the morning and get told job.
that smoke is coming out of your indications
job. What do you do?Early started
indications are that the fire stairs.
started in a fuse box under the who
stairs. But it is not just Chris this.
who is going to have to deal with clients,
this. He obviously has all his to
clients, the brides who are going big
to have to find dresses for their big day. Chris told us he does plan orders
to still try and fill all of his orders but that is obviously going all
to be a lot more difficult now that Well,
all of his stock has been ruined. have
Well, the first little patients Australia's
have made a big move into Monash
Australia's newest hospital, the Melbourne.
Monash Children's Hospital in medical
Melbourne. The state-of-the-art than
medical facility will treat more year.
than 100,000 sick children every big
year. Emily Rice was there for the aren't
big transition.Hospitals generally staff
aren't places people want to go but counting
staff and patients have been the
counting down to today's move into million
the new Monash Children's. The $250 opened
million medical facility officially big
opened its doors today. The first carefully
big operation, to quickly but sick
carefully transfer staff and 100 old
sick babies and children from the bright
old wards across to the spacious, So
bright and contemporary building. carried
So far the transition has been precision
carried out with military-like doctors,
precision with the unflappable taking
doctors, nurses and support staff has
taking the move in their stride.It planning.
has been fun. It has been a lot of forward
planning. We have all been looking time.
forward to this day for such a long Heltsdz
time. Years.The Premier and help
Heltsdz Minister also excited to you
help inspect the new digs.Finally the
you have got facilities that match the quality of the care provided by team
the doctors, nurses, administrative the
team and allied health team. All 2830-bed
the staff here do a fantastic job. and
2830-bed hospital has been designed families
and built with young patients and spas
families front and mind. There is for
spas gall or. Plenty of play areas to
for anxious kids. Staff have room best
to move to ensure they deliver the friendly
best care possible. There is a kid- 3,
friendly DJ on site, sman on level keeping
3, even friendly Africa can males fantastic.
keeping guard in the foyerIt is two
fantastic. You can't compare the beautiful.
two hospitals. This is just hospital
beautiful.Importantly, the the
hospital has been fitted out with provide
the best medical technology to where
provide the most effective and, treatments.
where possible, pain-free is
treatments. While the building here feature
is beautiful, the most amazing children's
feature of the new Monash dedicated
children's Hospital is the that
dedicated and talented medical team the
that provides patient care around Nine's
the clock.Plenty more to come in third
Nine's Morning News including a string
third teenager arrested over a targeting
string of brazen robberies sellers.
targeting online mobile phone who
sellers. Also, the hunt for a man social
who murdered a grandfather live on end.
social media comes to a dramatic the
end. And why this mum is Mother of the Year.

might have a claim over the pav,

but not our cream.

Bulla's been making topnotch Aussie
cream for over a hundred years.

SONG: # Don't change a thing... #

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Bulla - some things
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A third Sydney teenager has been people
charged over a scam targeting Gumtree.
people selling their phones on arrested
Gumtree. The 17-year-old was due
arrested at Sydney Airport and is Bernhardt
due to face court today. Alex Bernhardt reports.Police have now string
charged a third person over a online
string of robberies targeting the has
online selling site Gumtree. This particularly
has been a huge problem, Seven
particularly in Sydney's west. targeted
Seven people, at least, have been Basically
targeted in this online scam. line
Basically they would use on the their
line selling site to try and sell then
their mobile phones. They would who
then meet up with potential sellers who would turn out to be two men with
who would strike up a conversation afterwards
with them and then shortly phones
afterwards took off with their became
phones without paying a cent. It Strikeforce
became such a big problem that a Strikeforce was actually set up,

Strikeforce was actually set up, Last
Strikeforce Hayden to investigate. was
Last night a 17 will-year-old boy overseas
was arrested on his way fwrak an at
overseas flight. He was picked up custody.
at Sydney Airport and taken into Parramatta
custody. He will be facing the morning
Parramatta children's court this But
morning on 12 very serious charges. reminder
But obviously a very timely mindful
reminder to us all to be very online.
mindful of who we are engaging with murdering
online.A man wanted for murder r and
murdering an elderly man in Ohio killed
and posting the video on Facebook pursuit.
killed himself during a police Steve
pursuit. Officers were chasing out
Steve Stephens when his car spun He
out of control and he shot himself. nation-wide
He had been the subject of a murder
nation-wide manhunt since the Mark
murder on Sunday. Facebook's chief the
Mark Zuckerberg paid respects to site
the family of the man killed. The criticism
site came under widespread off
criticism for not taking the clip Prime
off line fast enough. The British announcement
Prime Minister made a shock election
announcement of calling a general Michael
election as early as June. As wants
Michael Best reports, Theresa May govern
wants to increase her mandate to Brexit
govern the country ahead of the begins
Brexit negotiations.Well, now seven-week
begins what is said to be a shock in
seven-week election campaign here poll
in Great Britain. Theresa May snap approved
poll for June 8 needs to be happen
approved by parliament. That should is
happen in a few hours time and that an
is set to happen. Then it will be on
an election campaign largely fought The
on what should happen to Brexit. but
The UK has already voted for that Theresa
but now it becomes a model. So the
Theresa May wants to withdraw from withdraw
the immigration trees and also to She
withdraw from the single market. more
She is hoping this vote gives her into
more of a mandate, a majority to go into negotiations with the EU in

into negotiations with the EU in an Westminster
even stronger position.Division in to
Westminster will risk our ability will
to make a success of Brexit and it instability
will cause damaging uncertainty and welcome
instability to the country.I put
welcome the opportunity for us to Britain.
put the case to the people of that
Britain.All the polls are saying away
that Theresa May is set for a run Great
away win. The latest one here in 44%
Great Britain puts her support at for
44% of voters compared to just 23% if
for Jeremy Corbyn's Labor Party. So May
if that is the case, then Theresa of
May could be looking at a majority Commons.
of about 140 seats in the House of that's
Commons. A huge increase and also are
that's something that the bookies mother
are predicting as well.A Melbourne mother of three has been recognised Barnardos
for her selflessness by being named Victoria.
Barnardos Mother of the Year for nominated
Victoria. Hannah Daniels was Thomas
nominated by her 11-year-old son bullying
Thomas for helping him overcome others
bullying at school and for putting a
others first. The supermum is also published
a mental health advocate, a Still
published author and a foster carer. Jordan
Still ahead this morning, cash in. teammates
Jordan Lewis's advice to his Also,
teammates who are off contract. Lewis
Also, find out why Demon Jordan Fanning
Lewis is feeling guilty. Mick Fanning beaten

There's a kind of greatness you only find
at the Commonwealth Games, where sportsmanship and superhumans
come together, and when they meet in a place that inspires athletes
to dig even deeper...

..that greatness goes to
a whole new level. (CHEERING) For an event
you have to see to believe, request tickets from noon April 24. Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games - greatness rarely seen.

We will start with NRL. Sharks red
utility Luke Lewis says he is not While
red tea hang up the boots yesterday. pressing
While the 34-year-old also had contract
pressing advice for teammates off negotiations
contract following the Jack Bird cash
negotiations and saga. His advice, way
cash in while you can.One tack ale as
way from I suppose flipping burgers your
as they say. You have got to secure yourself.
your future and really look after to
yourself. If you are lucky enough sort
to have a career of 10 years, you yourself
sort of have to try and set you
yourself up financially, make sure and
you get into the property market Because
and pay it off in that time. getting
Because when you go back from back
getting out of Rugby League you are star
back to square one.South Sydney by
star Sam Burgess has been cleared Rabbitohs
by the judiciary to play in the this
Rabbitohs clash against Brisbane match
this Friday. Burgess risked a two- shoulder
match suspension by fighting a Greg
shoulder charge on Canterbury's Demons
Greg Eastwood. AFL, and suspended

Demons midfielder Jordan Lewis says sidelines
it was tough watching from the their
sidelines as Melbourne fell away in Fremantle.
their narrow three point loss to guilt
Fremantle.I felt a little bit of out.
guilt getting reported and being where
out. But it was after the weekend there
where it really hurt not being out and
there and being able to participate coach
and help my teammates.Bulldogs will
coach Luke Beveridge says his team mufr's
will be fired up for captain wrr clash
mufr's 300 game in this weekend's Overseas,
clash against the Brisbane Lions. become
Overseas, Cristiano Ronaldo has to
become the first player in history League.
to score 100 goals in the Champions netted
League. The the Portugal superstar onslaught
netted a hat-trick as extra time semifinals
onslaught sent Real Madrid into the Munich.
semifinals with 4-2 win over Bayer has
Munich. Leicester City's fairy time are
has come to an end. Atletico Madrid drawing
are into the competition after world's
drawing 1-1 with Foxes. Some of the of
world's best surfers made the most at
of decent swell at the Rip Curl Pro Champion
at Bells Beach. Reigning World off
Champion John John Florence pulled busker
off an amazing aerial combo on the Australia's
busker scoring 9.97. Edged fourth
Australia's Mick Fanning into the the
fourth round. More of the same in Toledo
the following heat. Brazil's Filipe the
Toledo showing off his tricks in Eddy
the air but was just out-done by quarterfinals.
Eddy Lau, who advanced into the finance
quarterfinals. Still to come, finance and the latest

(BIRDS CAW) VOICEOVER: Roadside assistance, included with every Youi comprehensive car
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Today's weather for you now. A showers
trough will move east spreading in
showers and storms over eastern WA slow-moving
in South Australia. There is a to
slow-moving high. It will continue to direct on shore winds and Easter
showers on to northern NSW and Easter Queensland.

Easter Queensland.
showers on to northern NSW and country
Easter Queensland. Around the Darwin.
country today, mostly sunny in for
Darwin. A light isolated showers Sydney.
for Cairns, Brisbane and also A
Sydney. Becoming fine in Canberra. foggy
A cloudy day in Melbourne after a a
foggy start. There is the chance of sunny.
a shower in Adelaide. Perth mostly forecast
sunny. Tomorrow, showers are little
forecast for Cairns and Brisbane. A fine
little cloudy in Sydney. Mostly chance
fine in Canberra. There is the Showers
chance of a shower in Melbourne. in
Showers as well in Adelaide. Cloudy for
in Hobart. Sunny in Perth. Finance 28
for you now, All Ordinaries is down major
28 points in early trade with the red
major banks and minors down in the red as well. In currency, the

And that is Nine's Morning News. with
Belinda Russell will be here at 3pm Smith.
with Nine News Now. I'm Davina will
Smith. Thanks for your company. We Live
will see you soon. Live Captioning by Ai-Media

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milkshake to bring you to the yard. uplifting
It is not always easy to find did
uplifting stories. I found some. I out
did some research. I want to come and
out here and be positive and happy that
and stuff. Here is three things one
that happened recently. The first FoodBeast:
one is from a website called

Here is what it looks like.

Here is what it looks like. Yeah.

How that even fit in the bag, Twitter
that's crazy. That was posted on You
Twitter by someone named WeedBees. somehow.
You know, weed had to be involved might
somehow. They think that the Cheeto nobody
might have been a foot long, but this
nobody got to measure it because, end
this is true, the woman's roommate power
end pd up eating it. That is the away.
power of weed, it giveth and taketh

away. Yeah, it does. People too The
high to clap. Yes, it does, Ellen. York'
The next story is from the 'New producers
York' magazine, one of their going
producers wrote about his mother If
going to a convention for Furries. Furries
If you don't know what Furries are, fetish,
Furries are people that have a animal
fetish, they like to dress up in conventions
animal costumes. They have reason
conventions and I think that's a (LAUGHTER)
reason tWitch is not here today. posted:
(LAUGHTER)Anyway, here is what he

That dog got a lot of phone numbers found
at that convention. Finally, I Journal'
found a story in the 'Wall Street requires
Journal' about a new sport that and
requires gymnastic skills, strength and endurance. This is what it is.