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(generated from captions) This program is not captioned. This program is live captioned by Ericsson Access Services. Today - businesses express concern over the scrapping of the 457 visa. The Prime Minister says it is all about Australian values.Immigration resolutely in
is, and also should be, conducted resolutely in the national interest.

British Prime Minister Theresa May seeks to secure a Brexit mandate calling for a snap election for June. A close call for Australian advisors as Islamic State group militants launch a chemical weapons attack in west Mosul. Australian-made satellites launch into space. We will speak to one of the team members that helped put them there.

Welcome to mornings, I'm Joe O'Brien. We will have more on that news that has just come through in the last 10 minutes or so that Family First senator Lucy Gichuhi is free to take her place in the Senate, take the place of Bob Day. Labor had launched a challenge against her taking that position or concerns
raising allegations Abhisit sendship or concerns about whether she'd had dual citizenship, but the High Court has decided just in the last 10 minutes that Lucy Gichuhi is free to take that spot in the Senate. Taking a quick look at the weather first in today:
the capital cities around the nation

The Australian share market is trading modestly lower as energy and banking stocks and mining stocks too, fall. The All Ords is off 0.4%. We will check the figures in more detail later. Businesses are expressing concern about the planned process.
overhaul of Australia's skilled visa yesterday
process. The Coalition announced yesterday that it would scrap the 457 visa vowing to put Australian workers first and the Government is flagging more sweeping changes with the immigration
the Prime Minister declaring that Australian values.
the immigration system must promote Australian values. Stephen Dziedzic has more from Parliament House in continues to
Canberra.The Prime Minister continues to say that Australia is an incredibly successful multicultural nation but there is a harder edge to some of his rhetoric on the subject. He says that the immigration system must resolutely serve Australia's national interest, football team,
comparing it to recruitment for a football team, saying that they only want to recruit the best. Now the Government, of course, yesterday, made some sweeping changes to the the 457
system, announcing it would scrap announcement.
the 457 visa. That is a significant say it
announcement. Some business groups say it was necessary in order to restore public confidence more restore public confidence more
broadly in the immigration system But other business groups are area and
dismayed, particularly in the tech area and some in hospitality saying skills.
it will deprive them of crucial skills. Now the Government has made it very clear this morning that it will be business that will also have to pay for privilege to bring in workers. It has announced - it has flagged that it will announce during the budget that businesses will have to make an increased contribution to a new training fund for Australian workers if they want to bring in workers on the new visas, designed to replace the 457 system. The Prime Minister says that what the Government wants to do is ensure and Australian
that Australia's national interests and Australian workers are the ones immigration system.
who are being served by the listen
immigration system. Let's have a listen to what he had to say earlier this morning.Australia must continue to attract people who will embrace our values and positively contribute, regardless of their national or religious beliefs. In is important for temporary visas, vital for permanent residency and citizenship. Citizenship must be valued. We are making changes so that the practices and principles of consistent
those obtaining citizenship are consistent with our cultural values. Just to clarify with the fees and the cost, you have the visa fees and then fees for the training fund - the new visa fees have been disclosed but the funds for the training fund, or the fee for the training fund, has not been disclosed at this stage?Yes. I believe we will find the details of that in the budget.What further could
changes to the immigration system could we see?It is difficult to say exactly what's coming but it is clear that changes are afoot. It was late last year that it was first reported that the Government was considering a so-called provisional visa for new arrivals, including humanitarian entrants. That is arrival
essentially another step that a new arrival would have to take before going on to permanent residency and citizenship. They would not, at least potentially, be able to access Government benefits whilst on that there are
provisional visa. Now this morning there are more reports that the Government is considering a new provisional visa along those lines. I'm told that it's unlikely to be quite as sweeping as has been flagged but there are changes in the works to put another step towards citizenship for new arrivals. The wouldn't go
immigration minister, Peter Dutton, this
wouldn't go into any of the details this morning but he did say that the Government wanted to ensure that citizenship was valued, that it was prized by new arrivals and that Australian values were put at the centre of the system.Australian will
tech companies fear skilled jobs will be harder to fill with the scrapping of the 457 system but they are optimistic about improved education and training in Australia. Tim Parker is the CEO of Gruden, a software
technology company specialising in software builds and digital marketing. He says the 457 visa important
program has been incredibly years we
important for his company.Over the years we would have had many people on 457s who have made major contributions to our business. Right to
now it is 10% of our workforce - 70 to 80 people in Australia. It is a way for us to get the best talent.A Australian
number of them have become Australian citizens.A number of them have, including myself. That is 457
one of the approaches...Through the 457 program?I arrived on a 457, yes.With this announcement these
yesterday is it clear to you how these changes will affect you there
because there are still presumably, there still are IT positions that are on the visa list?Yes. First of all it is not clear yet because we have not seen all the data. From what we have heard, we at Gruden think it could be quite positive. The focus will be on where the skill minister
shortians really are. The prime will
minister with his tech background that
will understand better than anybody technology
that this is a real issue in technology so if the focus goes towards that, then it helps us to people
drive the increase in the number of people first of all we can get on the visas but also mainly the training of people in the long term, that is where we see great positive coming out of it.The training of people in Australia?The training of people in Australia. We are way behind the rest of the world in so many ways. In so many countries they teach coding in kindergarten now. Here it is barely part of the curriculum. I have heard that the Government's own cybersecurity policy has identified that registrations for ICT courses at universities has gone backwards by over a half in a decade. If that is true, that is woeful for the future of an incredibly important industry. Something has to change.Can you understand how that has happened in Australia? How Australia has fallen significantly?
behind in that regard so significantly?It is just that we have not bitten the bullet on what needs to be done very early in the focused
education process to get people focused on it. Information technology is not for its own sake. It has a great end goal and a great benefit to the broad society. When people talk about data, they almost feel it is something frightening. In transportation,
terms of healthcare, education and transportation, every day life, it is part of the air that we breathe these days. It shouldn't be seen as something special and unique and put on a pedestal. It needs to be more broadly accepted.So it sounds like companies like yours will be up for some kind of fee to put into this wants
training fund that the Government wants to establish. How are you feeling about that a fee for that? We always love paying more money to the
the Government! I and the rest of the industry, certainly, we at Gruden would absolutely applaud any sets in
initiative that builds the skill to employ
sets in Australia. Of course we want to employ Australians. It is common sense. But at the moment that isn't become
a possibility. We hope it doesn't term
become more difficult in the short term and hope that the benefits long Minister Theresa
term are tangible.The British Prime plans
Minister Theresa May has announced plans for a snap general election in June, three years ahead of schedule after previously ruling out an early poll Ms May said he reluctantly concluded it was the only way to guarantee certainty and stability as Britain negotiated its withdrawal shocked
from the European Union. Voters are were
shocked by the move.When Londoners were heading off to work this morning, they wouldn't have thought they would be voting in a general heading
election until 2020. Now as they are heading home tonight on their papers
commute, they are picking up their May
papers to see the news that Theresa June
May has called a snap election for speaking to
June 8th. The people I have been speaking to on their way home seem quite
to be shocked about it.I'm actually quite shocked really. I was talking I
about it with my colleagues at work. I think it is going to be very much not about an election for the Brexit.
Government but an election all about Brexit.Yeah, very surprised. I has
mean, from everything Theresa May has been saying I wasn't expecting anything at all. It has just come out of the blue.Yes, I was surprised. Mainly because my first thought is it seems a very strange move on Theresa May's behalf.In the office we were saying, "Why has she done this?" Like, "What is her motive behind it?"We felt it would probably spell the end of Corbyn because inevitably when Labour lose he will have to go.Before Theresa May actually can call that election it has to go to the House of Commons parliamentarians have
where two-thirds of the parliamentarians have to vote in favour of an early election. That is expected to happen because Labour say they are supporting it. Labour will struggle in this election if the opinion polls are any guide. It is suggesting that Jeremy Corbyn is Theresa
about 15-20 percentage points behind Theresa May. So Theresa May has all the advantages in this election, that is now going to happen in around 50 days' time. Australian military advisors in Iraq have been caught up in an Islamic State keep call attack outside Mosul. It targeted a group of Iraqi troops advisors.
working with Australian and US advisors.The Operation OKRA Task Force that has been in Iraq and also operating into Syria at times has been in place for a couple of years now. It consists of 780 Australians task group,
roughly, mostly involved in that air task group, as well as the training of Iraqi forces at Task Group Taji. We also have a small number of special forces soldiers, around 80 at last count, who are part of this secretive operation to advise and assist the Iraqi military as it continues to make advances against the Islamic State group. We do know that these special forces soldiers are currently helping in the battle to retain Mosul. We know that the coalition-led effort to help the recaptured the
Iraqi Government forces has already recaptured the eastern part of Mosul but there continues to be heavy fighting in the western section of that city and that's where we understand Australian forces are getting very close to the frontline. because
We don't know precisely how close, because the Government and various know that
authorities don't tell us, but we do know that they are certainly helping with that operation.We did get the impression with the outline of this from early on that they would be a distance from the very front line. Is that the impression you got?That is certainly what we have heard in previous operations. When the Iraqi forces retook the city of are Mardy, what we subsequently -- Ramadi, what we subsequently learnt was that Australian special forces soldiers had been slightly remotely from that action directing some of the air strikes and helping call in the the frontline
attacks. They are not exactly up at the frontline but when an incident a
like this happens we start to learn a bit more about precisely what's going on. Otherwise we simply would not be being told what is going on. revealed
What will the details that have been revealed about this?Typically we Australian
are learning more about the than
Australian forces from the Pentagon military.
than from our own Australian military. What the Pentagon has confirmed to the ABC in recent hours is that there was a low-grade chemical attack on an Iraqi assisted by
Government unit, which was being assisted by both US special forces and Australian special forces. Now subsequent to the news from the Australian
Pentagon we have heard from the Turnbull, who
Australian prime minister, Malcolm Turnbull, who has told the ABC that there was no direct attack on the Australians but they subsequently did help out with some assistance for the Iraqi troops. So the way the Prime Minister phrased it in the advice he'd been given was but
Australian forces were not affected but they did render assistance to some of the people that may have been hit by this chemical attack. Again we don't know what sort of chemical weapon. We do know that Islamic State does have access to some chlorine gas and mustard gas-type weapons. They are considered rudimentary and not entirely sophisticated chemical weapons.Three Australian satellites International Space
are on their way to the deployment next
International Space Station for upper
deployment next month to study the upper atmosphere. The three CubeSats are part of a research project led by the University of Sydney and were launched overnight from Cape satellites will
Canaveral in the US. The tiny in
satellites will last about 15 months in orbit and will send scientific Australia.
data from space directly to Australia. Later this hour I will be joined in the studio by doctor Xiaofeng Wu who is part of the team which built those satellites. It should be a good chat in about 15 minutes time. The High Court has replace bob
declared Lucy Gichuhi is free to replace bob Day as a South Parliament.
Australian senator in the Federal Parliament. The court has thrown out a Labor challenge to her eligibility, a challenge based on questions about her citizenship. We are joined from the High Court now. Take us through what happened in court?It was quite a lot of legal argument happening over this question. Officially Labor's legal team suggested that they wanted to stall today's hearing and make an application that Ms Gichuhi, who was set to replace former senator Bob Day was not eligible to replace him because she might have still had her Kenyan citizenship. There were questions raised whether if, in fact, she didn't have her Kenyan citizenship whether she had done enough to denounce her citizenship. had
The High Court said that Labor had had plenty of time to arm themselves with the material that they needed to potentially prove that Ms Gichuhi still had her Kenyan citizenship. This argument went back and forth with the High Court saying that there'd been three months where Ms McEwen probably knew that Ms Gichuhi was going to be elected as the replacement for Bob Day and there was all this time to gather evidence. Labor was saying today they were waiting on an expert report from an expert in Kenyan law that was going to argue that Ms had
Gichuhi was ineligible. They said it had been this amount of time already and you don't have this report with you today and there is no evidence. They overruled the application made by Labor which in turn enabled them to announce Ms Gichuhi as the senator replacing Bob Day.So Ms Gichuhi must be one happy person at this very moment. Just go back a few steps and explain why Lucy Gichuhi in the
became a person to replace Bob Day in the first place?She was left on the - she was next in line on the earlier
Family First Senate ticket and earlier there'd been a recount of the votes which the High Court had ordered. This was obviously - they'd ordered this special recount of the Senate ballots in South Australia to elect Mr Day's replacement. She was was
next in line but Labor's Ann McEwan was certainly hopeful that she might have got this seat and, in fact, is probably what's brought on the challenge today.

The ABC has obtained proposed timetables for Sydney's Post-metro rail network. They show that commuters in Penrith in the city's west will be the big losers with three peak hour services being cut. Jackson Vernon reports. I'm here at Penrith station in Sydney's west, one of the fastest-growing suburbs across the region. By 2036 an additional 50,000 people are expected to call Penrith home. Every way from
day hundreds of people make their way from Penrith here into the city and they link up with hundred more down the line at other major areas like Parramatta and Strathfield. The ABC has now obtained freedom of information documents suggesting there could be fewer peak hour future.
trains departing here in the near cutting
future. The 2014 documents propose cutting up to four peak hour services from Penrith, while other areas like roads in the north-west could gain up to two peak hour services. The proposed timetable changes are to accommodate the multibillion-dollar Sydney Metro project. It is Australia's largest public transport project. More than north-west
60km of track linking up the north-west through the city and to the south-west. Now a Department for timetable
transport spokesman said future timetable changes hadn't been finalised and they didn't want to confuse passengers by ruling in or out future changes that were still being worked through.

In Jakarta police say they are prepared for unrest as residents go to the polls to elect a governor. In a sign of the size of the potential soldiers and
threat more than 64,000 police, been
soldiers and security forces have been deployed across the capital. Indonesia's police chief has warned against the intimidation of voters with the poll being heavily fought grounds.
on religious rather than political Hawley has
grounds. Indonesia correspondent Sam Hawley has more.To say that this campaign has been bitterly fought would be an understatement and it is like no other that's been before it of religion.
because it's been fought on ground of religion. Ahok is a Christian, and his opponent, Anies is Muslim. Many Jakartans will vote along those lines. TRANSLATION: I will be voting based on religion. That is one. Secondly we can see the current situation. Ahok's work is good but he doesn't have good morality. TRANSLATION: Because I'm Muslim so of course I will vote for someone from the same religion because that is what Allah told us. matter between
TRANSLATION: Religion is a private matter between you and God, this is about Jakarta's leadership.Security in the capital is being stepped up and at each of the 13,000 polling booths there will be a police officer and soldier stationed to protect voters against intimidation. TRANSLATION: The brief to us is to control the crowd. With the use of firearms, it is based on the necessity.The greatest threat will come from ultra conservative Muslims who not only want Ahok to lose but also want him gaoled. TRANSLATION: For people outside business
Jakarta, for those who have no business with the election, they are advised not to do anything that would cause discomfort for people in accurate
Jakarta.Polling here isn't always that
accurate but the latest figures show that this is an election that is too close to call. Despite the fact that Ahok has been on trial for blasphemy in with
throughout the campaign, he is still in with a shot. TRANSLATION: Considering the competition is really tight, what will make the difference between winning and losing the battle is more mistakes in the last days.We should have a sense of who will win this election by the end of the day with exit polling usually accurate. The greatest threat of further Jakarta
instability on the streets of Jakarta will come if Ahok wins and he isn't gaoled for blasphemy.

There's been a huge death toll in a bush crash in the Philippines. 32 the bus
people died and 20 were injured when the bus plunged into a ravine in the northern Philippines. Officials say overloading may have been the cause. A survivor says he saw the driver stepping on malfunctioning brakes as the vehicle was speeding downhill. Transportation officials have suspended the bus line's operations. Three people have been killed in a shooting in Fresno in California. Police say the suspect, 39-year-old Kori Ali Muhammad, yelled "God is great" in Arabic while being taken into custody. Authorities say the people.
suspect told them he hates white people. All three of the victims were white. The suspect is wanted for a shooting death of a motel security guard last week. The FBI is investigating.These individuals that were chosen today did not do anything to deserve what they got. These were unprovoked attacks by an individual that was intent on in
carrying out homicides today.Police in the US state of Pennsylvania say the man they were hunting over that murder, which was posted on Facebook, has killed himself. A huge search had been launched for Stephens after he shot a grant father dead in Ohio and shared the video online. Police received a tip-off that he was in the car park of a fast food chain.The vehicle fled from that area, there was a short pursuit in which the vehicle was stopped. As the officers Stephens
approached that vehicle Steve Stephens took his own life.Facebook CEO mark Zuckerberg has briefly addressed that incident at the Jose.
company's annual conference in San Jose.We have a full road map of products to help build groups and community, help build a more community
informed society and help keep our community safe. We have a lot more to do here. We are reminded of this Cleveland.
this week by the tragedy in Cleveland. Our hearts go out to the Senior
family and friends of Robert Godwin Senior and we have a lot of work, and we will keep doing all we can to prevent tragedies like this from told
happening.The US Vice-President has wants results
told Japan that the United States wants results from the trade talks in the near future. Mike Pence is visiting Tokyo where trade is supposed to be the focus of his meeting with the Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe. There are those tensions between North Korea and the US and that
the other countries in the region that are continuing to overshadow visit
the tour. This was supposed to be a visit to talk mainly about trade and the broader economic relationship between Japan and the United States. visit to
Instead, Mike Pence's first official visit to Tokyo and the US Vice-President was dominated by how to handle North Korea.All options are on the table and there they will remain. But President Trump and I and our administration believes the dialogue
most productive pathway forward is dialogue among the family of nations that can isolate and pressure North Korea into abandoning permanently and dismantling its nuclear weapons program.
program and its ballistic missile program.There is no sign that North it will
Korea is willing to do that. It says it will continue to test missiles and develop its nuclear program. The US has called on North Korea's ally, China, to apply pressure on sides
Pyongyang. The Chinese want all sides to tone down the rhetoric. . TRANSLATION: I can see that the US is also emphasising and reaffirming their willingness of a political and is
diplomatic solution. They agree it is their first choice. Of course they have said all the choices are countries will
on the table. I believe all countries will agree that the the first
political and diplomatic solution is the first choice.Japan is bun of potentially
the count -- one of the countries potentially in North Korea's firing line with many of us missile tests aimed at Japanese territory. Japan agrees
is on alert and the Government agrees with the US stance that the time for statistic patience is over. Of course we should seek a peaceful settlement of the issue although I think dialogue for the sake of dialogue is meaningless. It is necessary for us to exercise pressure against North Korea to engage in serious dialogue.With the respective Governments
North Korean issue discussed, the respective Governments talked trade but with the most significant announcement being an agreement to keep talking, this was another day dominated by North Korea. When Donald Trump won the US presidential election there was a lot of concern in this region that his America-first policy could undo much to Asia.
of his predecessor's so-called pivot to Asia. Mike Pence is trying to provide some assurance that the US won't turn its back on its Asian partners economically or militarily. Archaeologists say they have unearthed a tomb dating back 3,500 in Egypt.
years near the Valley of the Kings in Egypt. The tomb includes eight mummies, painted coffins and more than 1,000 staff ewes. The tomb belonged to a noble man who worked as a judge. Another room connected to the burial chamber is yet to be excavated. Australia has the largest area of organic farmland in the world but a report has found growers are struggling to keep up with domestic and international demand. The annual report from the certifying group Australian Organic is warning the industry's reputation is at risk unless more is done to guard against fake organic produce. Monk man says the market continues to grow.Australians are getting chains.
tonight and organising their supply certified specifically
chains. There are 400 businesses certified specifically for the US market, in fact, the single largest organic market in the world. Australians are now certainly punching above their weight in terms of certified area of land. It is a growing one.
niche market but a brilliantly growing one. It is similar and akin to the green energy market. It is a value proposition issue. It is not for everyone. A third of Australians two-thirds
still say, "I don't buy that." And two-thirds of Australians said, "I have bought something organic in the past year." A significant number say, "I understand that value." They say they are buying in the value of that product when they buy organic. You need to use mechanical means or weed
457 visa backpackers and the like to of jobs
weed those products. There is plenty of jobs for Australians who want to do that work as well. There is a the value
cost factor there. It comes back to the value issue. I either want my carrots tasting better and not help
produced using herbicides or I will help buy no a system that employs more Australians and actually looks after the land while doing it. Most importantly, what is in it for me, a product that hasn't been used - and herbicides.
produced using synthetic pesticides and herbicides. Consumers shouldn't buy something if it is blatantly certification mark
saying organic unless the certification mark is there and that compliant
is the verification that it is compliant to the national standard. We have had that for 25 years now. It is not on everything A because we have imported product. You won't certified
necessarily see the words Australian certified organic on every product have
but the vast majority of products have their brand on it. Those that don't and are making a fuzzy claim about organic attributes or even look closely
organic ingredients, you have to look closely at the labelling.Time now for a check of the weather. Apparently there is rain around the Red Centre. Here with the details is Nate Byrne. Red Centre. Here with the details is
Nate Byrne.

Looking at the satellite picture we have a large mass of cloud across the centre of the country. That is associated with a broad area of low pressure and some troughs that are bringing showers and isolated thunderstorms to the middle. reasonably
Meanwhile the rest of the country is reasonably clear and that is thanks to a couple of highs, one in the Tasman and one in Indian Ocean. There it is staying fairly still and unchanged.
keeping conditions largely directing
unchanged. The high in the Tasman is directing onshore winds to the east coast of Australia. That is bringing some showers to Queensland. Looking ahead to tomorrow: Tomorrow you can see the systems aren't shifting much significantly:
so conditions aren't changing

The top stories today - the Federal Immigration Minister says the Government is likely to increase the tax on companies which bring in foreign workers. The Coalition has announced it is replacing the 457 visa system with a new temporary visa, saying the move is aimed at getting more Australians a job. Peter Dutton says the Government wants to train more local workers with funding from an increased fee when employers bring in temporary skilled migrants. Britain looks set to go to the polls in June after the Prime Minister Theresa May announced plans for an early election. She is hoping an increased majority will give her a fresh mandate to pursue her Brexit plans. Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn says welcomed the early election but faces a huge challenge in the campaign. The Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull says no Australian advisors were injured when an Iraqi military unit was hit by an Islamic State group chemical attack. Advisors from the US and Australia were with the unit when it came under attack in Western Mosul. And three Australian satellites have been launched from Cape Canaveral bound for the International Space Station. The tiny satellites will be deployed from the station to monitor terrestrial weather in the upper atmosphere. They were developed by researchers at five Australian universities. And one of the satellites launched this morning was developed at the University of Sydney. A doctor from the university's school of aerospace, mechanical engineering joins us now in the studio. Welcome. Congratulations. What was it like this morning seeing that rocket go up?It is very exciting. This is the first satellite, the first satellite launched by the Australian universities in 20 years.We can see that going up now, that rocket. That is headed for the International Space Station. Would it have docked there yet or is that yet to happen, the docking at the space station?It is not happening yet. It is happening soon. It will be loaded to the International Space Station and then it will be deployed in the middle of May.This is the first time Australian satellites have been sent up in 15 years, so it is a momentous moment. You have brought in one of the cube sats. Tell us about the cube sats?The cube sats, in the name of the cube sat, you can see this is an example of the cube sat.This is the actual size?Yes, this is actually the flag model of the cube sats. This is 10cm by 10cm and this is three units, it is 30 cm in height, the three units. You can catch all the subsistence of the satellite. You have the antenna for communication, the solar panel for the power and an insert here, I don't know if you can see it. This is removed before flight and this is a patch antenna for the S bend communication and that supports the high data rate communication. This is for the communication and that is a loaded communication.There are three of these Australian satellites on this rocket now headed for the space station and in a month's time, these three will be deployed, is that right?Yes.Where will they be sent?They will be deployed at 380km to 400km altitude. In this case, the satellite will be descending gradually into the atmosphere. It will be used to study the atmospheric science in the thermosphere from 90km to 400km. Tell us about the thermosphere and what is still a bit of a mystery about the thermosphere and where that is in terms of kilometres from earth?The thermosphere is above the stratosphere, it is around 90km all the way around 1,000km. From 90km to 300 or 400km, this is an area which is not studied.What is still to be learnt about this area? Is that where UV lights hit the earth's atmosphere and bounce back or what happens with that?Yes, we need to study the atmospheric countertudes. The university of Sydney is introducing the radiation in this area. This is the camera radeometeer and that protects the radiation from the cosmic radiation.Why is it important to know about the gamarays from cosmic radiation?Because to study this, the cosmic... In earth it is constant. During... It can detect the solar flare sore the solar activity is very important. It can be used to study the space and this will affect the satellite electronics and the auft noughts and it can affect the communication systems, so it is very important for applications.
commercial and any military applications.In terms of commercial applications, would companies be seeking to access the information that you find out from this research?At the moment, this is a university project. We are talking to the companies, for example the satellite companies are interested in using the radiation counter or detectors to predict the space... For example.What was your speciality in terms of putting this together? Presume by there was a big team? Were you focused on the space aeronautics of getting it into place around the earth?I am coming from the aerospace engineering department so this is a project, a collaboration between the University of Sydney and ANU and USW, so we... The USW helped us to build the satellite and the University of Sydney provided the satellite. This is a Geiger counter and a spectrometer. We have the three panels in the satellite and we have the pay load from the European universities.You are from Shanghai. How does someone from Shanghai end up in Australia and involved in a project like this?I come from Shanghai, that is true. I like space engineering. I did space engineering and electronic engineering in Australia.Did you do those mainly in China?I did my first degree in space engineering, the satellite altitude control and communication and electronics and then I did my PhD degree in the UK for mostly electronic engineering and then I worked at a famous small satellite research centre.It is often the case, being a news journalist, we hear about tensions between countries but it must be so great to be working in an area like this where there is so much international cooperation?Firstly, for the cube sat it is a good education tool for students. We are an education institute. We are more open and we will collaborate with countries like China or European countries and also American. For example, this satellite I brought in here is a collaboration between the University of Sydney and the national university of Singapore and the way we are demonstrating the quantum communication in space. Congratulations once again. It is so cool to be thinking about one of those floating up around there for... They will be in working order for 15 months or so, is it?Yes.Why do they only have a finite life? Is it longer than that? Why can't it be longer than 15 months?For the mission?Yes?Actually, it is less than 15 months. For the mission, it will be deployed from the International Space Station and because there is no any active proportion systems. The satellite will be descending by gravity or as months ferk jerk. In this case the mission lab time will be around six months. We don't want our satellite to become a piece of space junk. We want our satellite to come back to the atmosphere and be burnt in the atmosphere so it won't become space junk in this case.You have sent it off and wished it well. Thanks for coming in and chatting to us. It has been interesting and thanks for bringing in your example of a cube sat.Thanks a lot.To news just in, the Prime Minister's office has announced that the defence secretary Dennis Richardson will be resigning from his post effective from May 12. Mr Richardson was appointed as secretary of defence in 2012 having served as the secretary of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. He was an Australian ambassador to the US. He has worked in the departments of immigration and Prime Minister and cabinet and served as principal advisor to Prime Minister Hawke. The Prime Minister has blamed Labor and Bill Shorten for the need to replace the 457 visa program, saying the program was intended to fill skills shortages but was abused to provide foreign workers in sectors such as fast food. Speaking to the Australian Chamber of Commerce this morning Mr Turnbull said Australia's migration program needed to be about the interests of Australians first and that the replacement scheme would better prioritise Australian workers.Australian jobs for Australians first. That must be the commitment, that must be the objective. That is our obligation. Labor not only mishandled this aspect of migration but under Bill Shorten as the employment minister, it up-ended the usual practice and put foreign workers first. As is often the case with Mr Shorten, he doesn't practice what he preaches. Despite claiming he wants to protect Australian jobs, as employment minister he granted a record number of 457 visas. He even did special deals for fast food restaurants. He blames the 457 explosion during his time on the mining boom. He increased 457s by two-thirds, said it was all about the mining boom. Less than 20% went into the mining industry. Two-thirds of them went to Sydney and Melbourne. The 457 visa was designed originally to fill gaps in the work force that couldn't be filled by Australian workers. Labor used it to fast track foreign workers into jobs ahead of Australians. Jobs like auctioneers, driving instructors, work place relations advisors... The reality is the system was abused, it was abused by Labor, it was discredited, it lost its credibility. We have already reined in Labor's excesses including reducing the 457 visa grants, we have stopped the rorts like the fast food labour agreements. We have helped create 500,000 jobs for Australians at the same time. That is only the start of the overhaul. We are making this as part of our push to build a more competitive economy, creating opportunity and security for all of us. This week we have announced important changes that mark another milestone in our efforts to ensure our migration system is working in our best interests. The 457 visa will be abolished and replaced with a new temporary visa underpinned by skills lists that are focused on critical skills shortages and more stringent conditions. We will no longer allow 457 visas to be passports to jobs that could and should go to Australians.The Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull speaking this morning. John Hart is the CEO of the restaurant and catering industry association. He says the hospitality sector needs foreign workers to meet its demands.We are the largest employment growth sector in the economy. It is important that we have a well functioning immigration system that balances the needs of Australian workers and overseas workers. This package has done that. We need to acknowledge that we need skilled workers from overseas to train locals and also to provide jobs for locals. We need to have cooks and chefs in the kitchen in order to employ apprentices and have them train and we need to have them in the kitchen to open the restaurant and employ the front of house staff. This is a combination of skills that we need to import from offshore to provide jobs for locals. Certainly, those skilled workers, we can't train a cook or chef up in the amount of time that these visa will occupy. A 2-year visa is too short a time frame to train somebody as a qualified cook or chef and we need them to be skilled up and ready to train. We are expanding at a rapid rate. We have a 14% growth in our work force. A 5% growth in the number of businesses. We have gone from mining boom to dining boom. We have got to cope with that in terms of skilled workers. This program has the right balance now. We have a projected shortfall in the number of staff of 84,300 between now and 2020. The local work force supply simply will not keep up with that sort of number and doesn't have the skills base that we need to be able to train up locals in any case. It is a matter of the huge growth that we are going through right now and the local labour supply. This program has a balance of new visa types that allow us to bring in the skilled staff that we need so that the locals can get the jobs that they need and we can provide the training to apprentices and the like that will keep the industry functioning. We are in a situation where we need not only to bring people out of the welfare system into work to reskill people out of other industries, to bring in workers from offshore. All of these things have to be done to fill a gap like that. If you look at the way the economy is transitioning into a services economy, we are front and centre in that transformation. We need to be able to adjust our skills base quickly to cope with the way our economy is changing.British Prime Minister Theresa May has called for a snap election on June 8. Both Labour and the Liberal Democrats are expected to support the early poll when it is put before parliament. The announcement flies in the face of months of assurances that Ms May wouldn't call an election. Here is Lisa Miller.There had been a great deal of secrecy about this statement from Theresa May. We were only told she was going to make it an hour before she stepped out of No.10 Downing Street to deliver what is a pretty spectacular U-turn. Ever since she took over the Prime Ministership she has said that there was not a need for an early election. In fact, it would be destabilising for the country if they had to go back to the polls, she said. Now, she is saying the exact opposite, in fact for the security and unity and certainty of the United Kingdom, it is essential that they vote. She is ahead in the polls, up to 20 points ahead of the Labour Party and Jeremy Corbyn is in charge of an opposition that is divided and weak. She is presenting herself as a Brexit candidate even though this is not going to be a Brexit referendum mark II. She does want to get the mandate for the first time. She took over the Prime Ministership from David Cameron without having to face an election. She now wants to go into the negotiations of the next two years of Brexit knowing that she has the British public behind her. That doesn't mean it is not going to be a difficult seven weeks for her and no-one would want to predict anything in politics given what we have seen over the last 18 months. It would appear that things are looking in her favour and she would have to be pretty confident tonight as she heads into what will be her first election campaign as Prime Minister.The United Nations says the ongoing battle for the Iraqi city of Mosul could result in the worst humanitarian catastrophe in the war against the Islamic State group. The campaign began six months ago and hundreds of thousands of civilians remain trapped inside parts of the city. The militants are surrounded now but the progress of the Iraqi forces has slowed significantly in recent weeks. Even at night, you can clearly see the scars on the streets of this city. Also how brutal the battle for Mosul has become. We join the Iraqi security forces about to mount yet another assault. These, the same troops who have already been fighting here for months. Eastern under the cover of darkness, they know their enemy, so-called Islamic State, will be ready and waiting.

As they move into position for what is supposed to be a surprise dawn attack, they are already coming under fire.

The commander sets up his headquarters in an abandoned house. Soon interrupted by a panicked call on the radio.

It is his first casualty.

Dawn breaks and the Iraqi forces are still pinned down. This battle has been raging for more than two hours now. It is over a matter of streets they are fighting. There is still fierce resistance from IS. That is a Coalition air strike. It is the Iraqi's one advantage to keep the enemy at bay. But even air power can't always silence IS snipers and nor do the rockets, fired by Iraqi forces.

Throughout the morning, the casualties mount.

Victory still seems a long way off.

This one battle for one street was still raging when we left five hours later out of fear for our own safety. After six months, the Iraqi forces have only now reached the edge of the old city. Much of what you can see on the west side of the Tigris is still under IS control and there is every indication there will be fighting and dying for every single street. Alicia Barry joins us with business and finance news now.

Mining, energy and banking stocks are weighing the Australian share market down for a second day this week. The All Ordinaries index is off a third of a per cent and so is the ASX 200 index.

The price of one of Australia's key exports, iron ore, has continued its recent steep decline overnight. The benchmark price of the steel making ingredient dropped another 4.5% to around US $64 a tonne. That follows a 3.5% fall on the previous trading session and the price of iron ore is now down around 30% over the last two months. A consortium led by private equity form has made an all cash $3.7 billion bid for wagering company tatts group. The offer values Tatts at $4.21 a share and is an attempt to derail Tatts agreed merger with Tabcorp. The consortium says the offer that provides certainty for Tatts Group shareholders who are still waiting to see if the merger will be given the green light. The consortium has been circling the asset for over 12 months with a couple of unsuccessful attempts at wooing the Tatts board. It could upend the billion dollar merger which values Tatts az $4.20 a share. Here is Paul Kennedy with the shorts news now, including some spectacular moves in the surf at Bells Beach.Remember I said Fanning scored so well...He got more than 18 points or something?Yes, Florence basically needed two 10s or just under and this is how he sealed it.No way!Look at that. Magnificent. He needed a 9.3 on his final ride and he got more than that of course. Let's look at the slow motion or replay. Here it is in proper motion. When you go to it in slow motion, which is worth doing, it is worth labouring the point.He really hung there, didn't he?For those that don't know surfing, this guy is the world champion from last year and he is in top form again. The board almost leaves his feet but not quite. Nails it.How does it stick to the feet when they're in the air like that?That would be the next controversy.Glue on the feet or something?Blu-Tack.You would need more than that I reckon.Just skill.Where does that leave things at Bells and who is still in the comp?Slim pickings for the Aussies. Owen Wright got knocked out in the first heat of the fourth round and Fanning knocked out in the second heat. John John Florence goes through. Joel Parkinson is the only Australian hope, not quite in the water yet. All we can do now is look back at Fanning and this was this morning. Mick Fanning will say, after this...He gave it his all? Not much you can do about John John Florence taking off like a helicopter.He should have tried for some air?He should have. A sub par performance.He did at the end. Couldn't stick the landing. Great surfing.Moving on, what is happening with the Opals?Sandy Brondello has been made the coach. She is in charge of the Phoenix Mercury. She is a terrific coach from the WNBA, former Australian champion. She takes over after Brendan Joyce led the Australian team. He was impeccable in the lead-up to the Rio Olympics. It didn't go right for the Aussies. A couple of things went against them and they couldn't win a medal. Brondello gets her chance in charge of the national team. She will stay in charge of the Phoenix team and she will have the dual roles. She has to get rid of being an assistant coach in Russia. She was an assistant to her husband over there as most of the stars of the WNBA do, they go to the European league in part to get more money because the money is better over there, which is weird because the WNBA is the best competition in the world. Brondello in charge. It will be good for the Aussies.Now a quick look at the weather in the capital cities around the nation today...

An alligator has put up a fight while it was being removed from outside a home in Texas. Wardens from the county were able to secure the animal. The alligator will be released into a pond nearby. Stick with us on ABC News. Your next bulletin is coming up shortly.

This program is not captioned. This program is live captioned by Ericsson Access Services. Malcolm Turnbull sells the Government's changes to the temporary migrant workers scheme.We will no longer allow 457 visas to be passports to jobs that could - and should - go to Australians. Britons to go to the polls three years ahead of schedule. Australians avoid injury from a chemical attack on troops in western Mosul. Australia's booming organic industry struggles to keep its credibility against fake organic claims. Hello. Brigid Glanville with ABC News. The Prime Minister has declared that migrants must embrace Australian