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bring temporary skilled migrants to 457
Australia with the scrapping of the 457 visa?Immigration is, and always should be, conducted resolutely in the national interest.

British Prime Minister, Theresa May calls a snap general election to negotiations.
strengthen her hand in Brexit negotiations. Australian military advisors escape an IS chemical unharmed.
weapons attack in west Mosul unharmed. Three Australian satellites on their way to the successful Cape
International Space Station with a successful Cape Canaveral launch. Welcome to Mornings, I'm Joe O'Brien. Taking a quick look at the weather first:

Businesses are expressing concern about the planned overhaul of Australia's skilled visa process. The Coalition announced yesterday that it would scrap the 457 temporary work visa vowing to put Australian workers first and the Government's flagging more sweeping changes with the Prime Minister declaring that the immigration system must promote Australian values. Stephen Dziedzic joins us Canberra.
now from Parliament House in Canberra. Has the Prime Minister's rhetoric on immigration shifted?It has shifted, Joe, at least slightly. The Prime Minister continues to say that Australia is an incredibly successful multicultural nation but his
there is a harder edge to some of his rhetoric on the subject. He says that the immigration system must resolutely serve Australia's national interest, comparing it to recruitment for a football team, saying that they only want to recruit the best. The Government, of course, yesterday made some sweeping changes to the system, announcing it would scrap the 457 visa. That is a significant announcement. Some business groups say that it was necessary in order to restore public immigration
confidence more broadly in the immigration system but other business groups are dismayed, some
particularly in the tech area and some in hospitality saying it will deprive them of crucial skills. The Government has made it very clear this morning that it will be business that will also have to pay for the privilege to bring in workers. It has announced or flagged that it will announce during the budget that businesses will have to make an increased contribution to a new training fund for Australian workers if they want to bring in workers on the new visas designed to minister says
replace the 457 system. The prime minister says that who the Government wants to do is ensure and
that Australia's national interests and Australian workers are the ones immigration system.
who are being served by the listen to
immigration system. Let's have a listen to what he had to say earlier this morning.Australia must continue to attract people who will embrace our values and positively contribute, regardless of their national or religious beliefs. This is important for temporary visas, citizenship.
vital for permanent residency and citizenship. Citizenship must be valued and we are making changes so that the practices and principles of consistent
those obtaining citizenship are consistent with our cultural values. the costs,
Just to clarify with the fees and the costs, you have the visa fees and then fees for the training fund. The new visa fees have been training fund
disclosed but the funds for the training fund or the fee for the training fund has not been disclosed at this stage?Yes, and I believe we budget,
will find details of that in the away.What
budget, so now only a few weeks immigration
away.What further changes to the immigration system could we see?It is difficult to say exactly what's coming but it is clear that changes are afoot. It was late last year that it was first reported that the Government was considering a so-called provisional visa for new arrivals, including humanitarian entrants. So that is essentially another step that a new arrival would have to take before going onto and
permanent residency and citizenship and they would not, at least Government
potentially, be able to access Government benefits whilst on that are
provisional visa. This morning there are more reports that the Government visa
is considering a new provisional visa along those lines. I'm told sweeping
that it is unlikely to be quite as there are
sweeping as has been flagged but there are changes in the works to put another step towards citizenship for new arrivals. The immigration into
minister, Peter Dutton, wouldn't go but
into any of the details this morning wanted
but he did say that the Government wanted to ensure that citizenship was valued, that it was prized by new arrivals and that Australian system. Let's
values were put at the centre of the system. Let's have a listen to what he had to say earlier this morning. We want people who are coming to our country to take the opportunity with both hands. We want them to become great Australian citizens, as the vast majority of migrants do now. But people who come here, we expect that they int great, that they abide by -- int grate and that they abide by our laws that all Australians finally
would accept as common sense.Just finally and on other issue, there's been a development on this Family Australia,
First Senate position in South Australia, what's that?You might recall that last week it was revealed that Lucy Gashui the Family First candidate behind bob Day had been el second to replace him in the Senate. The High Court found that he could not sit in the Senate, he was arrangement.
ineligible because of a contractual complicated quickly
arrangement. This gets very complicated quickly but because of a section in the Constitution, which essentially prohibits dual citizens from sitting in the Australian Parliament, the new Family First candidate, MsGashui may conceivably be ineligible to stand. She was born in Kenya and there are unresolved questions as to whether she has yet got rid of her Kenyan citizenship. Labor has announced a few minutes ago that they are going to take this to the High Court and ask the High Court to assess whether this question of dual citizenship endangers her candy catchure. If the High Court decides it wants to look in this we could see a further delay to getting a replacement for Bob Day in the Senate and if, this is a very big if, the High Court does decide that the citizenship question makes MsGashui's position untenable then to
we may see a third candidate come in to replace him and that conceivably could be a Labor senator who was narrowly defeated at the last still
election. So many twists and turns still to come on this story but what looked like - at first glance looked like a straightforward process to replace Bob Day could end up being much more protracted.Nothing's straightforward in Canberra.No. Just back to the 457 visa story, Australian tech companies fear jobs will be harder to fill with the scrapping of the visa. Tim Parker is software
the CEO of a company specialising in marketing.
software builds and digital marketing. He joins me now. Welcome. First of all tell us a bit about your company?We are a software development business so we build used by
those gigantic websites that are used by Government and industry, with businesses
things that help customers interact with businesses and we help drive those customers to those websites through performance marketing.How long have you been in business?For over 20 years now. We are one of the oldest standing businesses around in this area.How important has the 457 visa program be for you?It has been incredibly important for the years we
development of the company. Over the years we would have had many people on 457s who have made major contributions to our business. Right now it would be 10% of our workforce, 70 or 80 people in Australia. It is the best way to get the best talent.A number of them have become Australian citizens?A myself. That
number of them have, including approaches.
myself. That is one of the announcement
approaches.So with this announcement yesterday, is it clear to you how these changes are going still presumably,
to affect you, because there are still presumably, there still are IT positions that are on the visa list? First of all it is not clear yet, because we haven't seen all the data but from what we have heard we think it could be quite positive. The focus is going to be on where the skill shortages really are. The background
Prime Minister with his tech background would understand better issue
than anybody that this is a real goes
issue in technology so if the focus goes towards that and it helps us to people
drive the increase in the number of people first of all we can get on the visas but also mainly the training of people in the long term, that is where we see great positive coming out of this.The training of people in Australia?The training of people in Australia. We are way behind the rest of the world in so many countries they are teaching is
coding in kindergarten now. Here it is barely part of the curriculum. I've heard that the Government's own that
cybersecurity policy has identified that registrations for ICT courses at universities has gone backwards by over a half in a decade. If that is true that is woeful for the future of an incredibly important Can
industry. Something has to change. happened
Can you understand how that has happened in Australia? How Australia has fallen behind in that regard so significantly?It is just that we have not bitten the bullet on what needs to be done very early in the focused
education process to get people focused on it and the fact that information technology is not for its own sake, it has a great end goal and great benefit to the broad society. When people talk about data frightening.
they think it is something frightening. In terms of health care every day
and education and transportation, every day life, it is part of the air that we breathe these days. It shouldn't be seen as something special and unique and put on a pedestal. It need to be more broadly like yours
accepted.So it sound like companies like yours will be up for some kind of fee to put into this training fund that the Government wants to establish. How are you feeling about that - a fee for that?We always Government! We
love paying more money to Government! We would have to see the detail but I and the rest of the industry, certainly we at our that builds
company would applaud any initiative Australia.
that builds the skill sets in Australia. Of course we want to accept and we want to employ Australians. It is common sense. At the moment it is not a possibility. We hope it doesn't become more difficult in the short term and hope the long term benefits are tangible. Does it look like it will become more difficult in Australia in the short term to get people in from overseas the with the new rules because with the 4-year visa they are lengthening the time you will have to spend in Australia before you get a PR application and somethings like that?As I say, I'm it at
working on a skinny understanding of it at the moment. What I've learned is if the period is any shorter, I think two years has been mentioned with a 1-year renewal, that may put someone off making the big move to Australia and coming here. It is a big commitment and often people are bringing families and so on. The other thing is that we have to make sure that the renewal is easier. The whole process has to be streamlined. getting 457
It is actually pretty hard right now getting 457 visas through so if that process becoming anymore difficult, that
and also if there is a shockwave that goes around the world saying that Australia is in some way closing for business that is scary. isn't
This has to be managed carefully but isn't that message already being sent out with the messages we have heard from the politicians already be.
on this?Unfortunately it might well be. I think that is wrong. I think the message should be that Australia is actually preparing itself for future and
real business and real business future and I think it is doing the right thing. Unfortunately that be
information and that news can always be spun in a certain way that looks negative. We do not want Australia place
to have a reputation for being a place where it is hard to do business. It is hard to get work. which is
Particularly in the technology area, which is just so vital to all of us and everything we do in every day life.What is the key with the focus fund,
of that money from that training fund, do you think it needs to go into better training kids from a very young age or does that need to go into tertiary skills?It is all of the above. I think you have to learning
normalise technology. We are learning ABC, 123, we should be learning coding, even if it is in a ganified way, people should embrace that as a part they go through life. It needs to be an intrinsic part of the curriculum and needs to be normalised. We need to stop treating putting
it like something special and putting it on a pedestal and having to pay the cost of that. The sooner that happens from a technology perspective and certainly from our perspective, the better.Australia on
really needs to get with the program on that. Thanks so much for coming in and having a chat to us.My pleasure.The British Prime Minister Theresa May has announced plans for a snap general election in June, three years ahead of schedule. After previously ruling out an early poll she reluctantly concluded it was the only way to guarantee certainty and stability as Britain negotiated its withdrawal from the European Union. Voters are shocked by the move.When Londoners were heading off to work thought
this morning they wouldn't have thought they would be voting at a general election until 2020. Now as they are heading home tonight on their commute they are picking up their papers to see the news that Theresa May has called a snap election for June 8th. The people I home
have been speaking to on their way home seem to be pretty shocked about really.
it.I'm actually quite shocked really. I was talking about it with my colleagues at work. I think it will be very much not about an election for the Government but an election all about Brexit.Yes, very surprised. I mean from ohry thing Theresa May has been saying I wasn't expecting anything at all. It has just come out of the blue.I was surprised, mainly because my first strange move
thought was because it seemed a behalf.
strange move on Theresa May's of saying,
behalf.In the office we were kind of saying, "Why has she done? " Like, "What is her motive behind it?"We all thought it will probably inevitably when
spell the end of Corbyn because inevitably when Labour lose he will call
have to go.Before Theresa May can the
call that election it has to go to the House of Commons where two third of the parliamentarians have to vote in favour of an early election. That is expected to happen because Labour say they are supporting it. Labour will struggle in this election if opinion polls are any guide. It suggests that Jeremy Corbyn is 15-20 May. Theresa
percentage points behind Theresa advances in
May. Theresa May has all the advances in this election that will now happen in around 50 days' time. immigration
The top stories - the federal immigration minister says the Government is likely to increase the tax on companies which bring in to
foreign workers. Britain looks set to go to the polls in June after the Prime Minister Theresa May announced plans for an early election. Malcolm Turnbull says no Australian advisors were injured when an Iraqi unit was hit by an Islamic State group chemical weapon attack. For more on that attack we are joined by our defence reporter. So first of all, explain for us the Australian presence in Iraq, just put that in a bit of context for us?The operation Ocre task force that has been in Iraq and also operating into Syria at times, has been in place for a couple of years now. It consists of involved
780 Australians roughly, mostly involved in that air task group as well as the training of Iraqi force forces. We also have a small number of special forces soldiers, around 80 at last count who are part of this secretive operation to advise and assist the Iraqi military as it continues to make advances against the Islamic State group. We do know that these special forces soldiers are currently helping in the battle to retake Mosul. We know that the coalition-led effort to help the recaptured
Iraqi Government forces has already recaptured the eastern part of Mosul but there continues to be heavy fighting in the western section of that city, and that's where we getting
understand Australian forces are getting very close to the frontline. We don't know precisely how close, because the Government and various authorities don't tell us, but we do know that they are certainly helping with that operation.We did get the impression with the outline of this from early on that they would be a distance from the very front line, is that the impression you got?That is certainly what we have heard in previous operations. So when the Iraqi forces retook the city of ram ardy, what we subsequently learnt was that Australian special forces soldiers had been slightly remotely from that action directing some of the air strikes and that sort of thing, helping call in the attacks. So they are not exactly up at the frontline but when an incident like this happens we start to learn more about precisely what is going on, being
otherwise we simply wouldn't be being told what is going on.What are the details that have been revealed about this?Typically we are learning more about the Australian forces from the Pentagon than from our own Australian military and what the Pentagon has confirmed to the ABC in recent hours is that there was a low-grade chemical attack on an Iraqi assisted by
Government unit, which was being assisted by both US special forces and Australian special forces. Now subsequent to the news from the Pentagon, we have heard from the Turnbull, who
Australian Prime Minister, Malcolm there
Turnbull, who has told the ABC that there was no direct attack on the Australians but they subsequently did help out with some assistance for the Iraqi troops. So the way the advice
Prime Minister phrased it in the advice he'd been given was but
Australian forces were not affected but they did render assistance to been
some of the people that may have been hit by this chemical attack. Again, we don't know what sort of chemical weapon. We notice lambic state has access to chlorine gas and considered
mustard gas type weapons. They are considered rudimentary and not entirely sophisticated weapons.What is your understanding of the progress of these troops towards retaking Mosul completely and the Australian effort in Syria and the progress towards that coalition of light
troops retaking Raqqa, especially in light of what happened with the US strike in western Syria in the last couple of weeks?That's right. Each time there is an air strike that hits the wrong targets, that does sheet back the efforts. We can say that the fighting is still intense in Western Mosul, certainly from the reporting that we get out of Western Mosul, it sounds like there is still weapons.
daily exchanges of even chemical weapons. There was certainly a report in the past couple of days that is Islamic State forces had tried to use chemical weapons subsequently
against Government troops and now we subsequently learnt that there was a similar attack that targeted a group that was being helped by the Australians. The fighting is, as we know, in the western part of the city but the eastern part did take about three months to retake the Coalition efforts there were very - were difficult but they did manage to capture the eastern part of the city. As for Raqqa, again the fighting continues across the border in Syria and we won't expect to see those two cities fall for some time up-beat.
but certainly the Coalition is is on
up-beat. It believes Islamic State is on the back foot and the victory is inevitable. Just when it will happen, we are not entirely sure.

In Jakarta police say they are prepared for unrest as residents head to the polls to elect a governor. In the sign of the potential threat more than 64,000 police, soldiers and security forces capital.
have been deployed across the capital. Indonesia's police chief has warned against the intimidation of voters with the poll being heavily fought on religious rather has more.
than political grounds. Sam Hawley has more.To say that this campaign has been bitterly fought would be an that's
understatement an it's like no other that's been before it because it's been fought on grounds of religion. Ahok is a Christian and his opponent, Anies, is Muslim. Many lines.
Jakartans will vote along those TRANSLATION: I'll be voting based on religion. That's one. Secondly, we can see the current situation. Ahok eeks work the good but he doesn't have good more Alty.I am Muslim so I will vote for someone from the same religion because that is what Allah told us.Religion is a livate matter between you and God. This is about Jakarta's leadership.Security and
in the capital is being stepped up and at each of the 13,000 polling booths there will be a police officer and soldier stationed to protect voters against intimidation. TRANSLATION: The brief to us is to control the crowd with the use of firearm. It is based on necessity. ultra
The greatest threat will come from ultra conservative Muslims who not only want Ahok to loose but also want him gaoled. TRANSLATION: Poor people outside business
Jakarta, for those who have no business with the election, they are advised not to do anything that would cause discomfort for people in Jakarta.Polling here isn't always accurate but the latest figures show that this is an election that's too close to call, despite the fact that Ahok has been on trial for blasphemy in with
throughout the campaign, he is still in with a shot. TRANSLATION: Considering the competition is really tight, what will make the difference between winning and losing the battle is should
more mistakes in the last days.We should have a sense of who will win this election by the end of the day with exit polling usually accurate. instability
The greatest threat of further Jakarta
instability on the streets of Jakarta will come if Ahok wins and he isn't gaoled for blasphemy. Three people have been killed in a shooting in Fresno in California. They say the suspect 39-year-old Kori Ali Muhammad yelled "God is in custody.
great" in Arabic while being taken in custody. The suspect told them he hates white people. All three victims were white. The suspect was wanted for the shooting death of a motel security guard last week. The FBI is investigating.These individuals that were chosen today they
did not do anything to deserve what they got. These were unprovoked attacks by an individual that was intent on carrying out homicides today.The US Vice-President has told Japan that the United States wants results from the trade talks in the near future. Mike Pence is visiting Tokyo where trade is supposed to be the focus of his meeting with prime minister Shinzo and the
Abe. Tensions between North Korea the
and the US continue to overshadow the tour. This was supposed to be a visit to talk mainly about trade and the broader economic relationship between Japan and the United States. visit
Instead Mike Pence's first official visit to Tokyo was dominated by how to handle North Korea.All options are on the table. And there they will remain. President Trump and I and our administration believes the most productive pathway forward is dialogue among the family of nations that can isolate and pressure North and
Korea into abandoning permanently, and dismantling, its nuclear weapons program and its ballistic missile program.There is no sign that North Korea is willing to do that. It says it will continue to test missiles and develop its nuclear program. The US has called on Indonesia's -- on North Korea's ally China to talk to Pyongyang. The Chinese want all sides to tone down the rhetoric. TRANSLATION: I can see that the US is also emphasising and reaffirming diplomatic
their willingness of a political and diplomatic solution. They agree it is their first choice. Of course they have said all the choices are on the table. I believe all countries will agree that the the first
political and diplomatic solution is the first choice.Japan is one of the countries potentially in North Korea's firing line with many of its missile tests aimed at Japanese territory. Japan is on alert and the Government agrees with the US stance is over.
that the time for strategic patience

TRANSLATION: Of course we should issue,
seek a peaceful settlement of the issue, although I think dialogue for the sake of dialogue is meaningless. It is necessary for us to exercise pressure against North Korea to engage in serious dialogue.With the North Korean issue discussed, the but
respective Governments talked trade but with the most significant keep
announcement being an agreement to dominated
keep talking, this was another day dominated by North Korea. When Donald Trump won the US presidential election there was a lot of concern in this region that his America-first policy could undo much to Asia.
of his predecessor's so-called pivot to Asia. Mike Pence is trying to won't
provide some assurance that the US won't turn its back on its Asian Time
partners economically or militarily. Time for a check of the weather now. in
The Bells Beach surfing competition in Victoria has been a very stop-start affair over the past week today?
or so, what has been happening there today? I guess we have a clue in the which is
pictures behind you with Melbourne which is a couple of hours away?I have some imagery here of some fog developing in Melbourne overnight. morning.
Fog has affected Bells Beach this forecast
morning. It is looking on the forecast like it should be lifting around about 10 o'clock so in the next hour or so it should be clear enough to get back under way.Does swell
it sound like there is a reasonable swell down there today?It looks like there should be. I will have a closer look at what will happen for we will
the rest of today and tomorrow and we will maybe have a chat about that in the next hour.Is this fog kind of the same weather phenomenon that we saw happening in Adelaide, because there was fog in Adelaide a couple of days ago, kind of moving ahead of these troughs that have been passing over the centre of the country?It is actually a couple of things. We will move to the maps first show
first of all, the satellite I will show you what is going on. You can see the skies are mostly clear in the south-east at the moment. That is thanks to a high ridging right across into the Bight at the moment. order to
We actually knee clear skies in order to get some decent fog happening so you need a high pressure system or something similar that is keeping the skies very clear. That's so that the ground can cool down because if the ground can cool down the air above it can cool down and if there is enough moisture it can cool enough so that the water vapour that is in the air has to come out as cloud. Fog is really just cloud on the ground really. What has been happening around the nation today. You mentioned that the Top End is an upsidedown affair today?It is. We will move to the synoptics and have a look. We don't have a trough across the north at but
all. We are still in monsoon season but only for another 12 days or so. That is it after that. Things should be calming down. Of course the top end still will see a couple of storms around, nothing too severe. But mostly sunny and fine up north, whilst in the south of the Territory, that trough just laying over the interior of the country is thunderstorms.
bringing some rain and also some viewers
thunderstorms.So have your loyal viewers sent in any photos yet of raining on the rock?I haven't seen any rain on the rock yet. Yet.There is a call out to viewers send them in. I'm doing your promo for you for
now?Thanks, Joe, you are doing this for me. I expect a flood to come. Boom. Boom. Take us around the nation today:

Cheers Nate.

The top stories today - the Federal Immigration Minister says the Government is likely to increase the tax on companies which bring in foreign workers. The Coalition has announced it is replacing the 457 saying the
visa system with temporary visas, saying the move is aimed at giving more Australians a job. Peter Dutton says the Government wants to train more local workers with funding from an increased fee when employers bring in temporary skilled migrants. Britain looks set to go to the polls in June after the Prime Minister Theresa May announced plans for an early election. She is hoping an increased majority will give her a fresh mandate to pursue Brexit plans. Jeremy Corbyn has welcomed the early election but faces a challenge in the campaign. The Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull says no Australian advisors were injured when an Iraqi military unit was hit by an Islamic State group chemical attack. Advisors from the US and Australia were with the unit when it came under attack. Three Australian satellites have been launched for Cape Canaveral bound for the International Space Station. They will be deployed from the station to monitor weather in the upper atmosphere. They were deployed by researchers at five Australian universities. The Prime Minister has blamed Labor and Bill Shorten for the need to replace the 457 visa program, saying the program was intended to fill skills shortages but was abused to provide foreign workers in sectors such as fast food. Speaking to the Australian Chamber of Commerce this morning Mr Turnbull said Australia's migration program needed to be about the interests of Australians first and that the replacement scheme would better prioritise Australian workers.Australian jobs for Australians first. That must be the commitment, that must be the objective. That is our obligation. Labor not only mishandled this aspect of migration but under Bill Shorten as the employment minister, it upended the usual practice and actually put foreign workers first. As is often the case with Mr Shorten, he doesn't practice what he preaches. Despite claiming he wants to protect Australian jobs, as employment minister, he granted a record number of 457 visas. He even did special deals for fast food restaurants. He blames the 457 explosion during his time on the mining boom. He increased 457s by two-thirds, said it was all about the mining boom. Less than 10% went into the mining industry. Two third of them went to Sydney and Melbourne. The 457 visa was designed originally to fill gaps in the work force that couldn't be filled by Australian workers. Labor used it to fast track foreign workers into jobs ahead of Australians. Jobs like auctioneers, driving instructors, work place relations advisers, the reality is the system was abused, it was abused by Labor, it was discredited and it lost its credibility. We have already reined in Labor's excesses including reducing the 458 visa grants. We have stopped the rorts like the fast food labour agreements and we have helped create 500,000 jobs for Australians. That is only the start of the overhaul. We are making this as part of our push to build a more competitive economy creating opportunity and security for all of us. This week we have announced important changes that mark another milestone in our efforts to ensure our migration system is working in our best interests. The 457 visa will be abolished and replaced with a new temporary visa, underpinned by skills lists that are focused on critical skills shortages and more stringent conditions. We will no longer allow 457 visas to be passports to jobs that could and should go to Australians.John Hart is the CEO of the restaurant and catering association and he says the hospitality industry needs foreign workers to meet its demands.We are the largest employment growth sector in the economy and it is really important that we have a well functioned immigration system that balances the needs of Australian workers and overseas workers and this package has done that. We need to acknowledge that we need skilled workers from overseas to train locals and also to provide jobs for locals. We need to have cooks and chefs in the kitchen in order to employ apprentice and have them trained and we need them in the kitchen in order to open the restaurant and employ the front of house staff. This is a combination of skills we need to import from offshore to provide jobs for locals. Certainly those skilled workers, we can't train a cook or chef up in the amount of time that these visas will occupy. A 2-year visa is too short a time frame to train somebody as a qualified cook or chef and we need them to be skilled and ready to train. We have a 14% growth in our work force. A 5% growth in the number of businesses. We have gone from mining boom to dining boom. We have to cope with that in terms in skilled workers. This program has the right balance now. We have a projected shortfall in the number of staff of 84,300 between now and 2020. The local work force supply won't keep up with that sort of number and doesn't have the skills base that we need to be able to train up locals in any case. It is a matter of the huge growth that we are going through right now and the local labour supply. This program has a balance of new visa types that allow us to bring in the skilled staff that we need so that the locals can get the jobs that they need and we can provide the training to apprentices and the like that will keep the industry functioning. We are in a situation where we need not only to bring people out of the welfare system into work, to reskill people out of other industries, to bring in workers from offshore. All of these things have to be done to fill a gap like that. If you look at the way the economy is transitioning into a services economy, we are front and centre in that transformation. We need to be able to adjust our skills base quickly to cope with the way our economy is changing.British Prime Minister Theresa May has called for a snap election on June 8. Labour and the Liberal Democrats are expected to support the early poll when it is put before parliament. The announcement flies in the face of months of assurances that Ms May would not call an election. Here is London correspondent Lisa Miller. There had been a great deal of secrecy about this statement from Theresa May. We were only told she was going to make it an hour before she stepped out of No.10 Downing Street to deliver what is a pretty spectacular U-turn. Ever since she took over the Prime Ministership, she has said there was not a need for an early election, in fact it would be destabilising for the country if they had to go back to the polls. Now, she is saying the exact opposite that in fact for the security and unity and certainty of the United Kingdom, it is essential that they vote. She is ahead in the polls, up to 20 points ahead of the Labor Party and Jeremy Corbyn is in charge of an opposition that is divided and weak. She is presenting herself as a Brexit candidate, even though this is not going to be a Brexit referendum mark II but she wants to get the mandate for the first time. She took over the Prime Ministership from David Cameron without facing an election. She now wants to go into the negotiations of the next two years of Brexit knowing that she has the British public behind her. It doesn't mean it is not going to be a difficult seven weeks for her and no-one would want to predict anything in politics given what we have seen over the last 18 months but certainly it would appear that things are looking in her favour and she would have to be pretty confident tonight as she heads into what will be her first election campaign as Prime Minister. The UK snap election takes on particular meaning in Scotland where most voters didn't support Brexit and there have been continued calls for a second independence referendum. The pro-independent Scottish first minister Nicola Sturgeon says the general election will give Scots their say. She has described Theresa May's decision as a miscalculation. As voters across Scotland are asked to decide who they want to represent them in Westminster, the argument will be dominated by the question of whether Westminster should continue to govern Scotland. The issue of independence and whether Scotland should have another vote on that will be central to this election. Nicola Sturgeon says she is ready for the fight.I think the Prime Minister has called this election for selfish party political interest but she has called it and therefore I relish the prospect of getting out there, standing up for Scotland's interests and values, standing up for Scotland's voice being heard and standing against the ability of a right wing conservative party to impose whatever policies it wants in Scotland.The SNP believe this could be a create opportunity. If they turn in a strong performance at this election, it could bolster their argument for another referendum on Scottish independence. The only problem is they did so well in the 2015 election, winning 56 out of Scotland's 59 seats, it is hard to see how they could do any better. If they lose some seats, then their opponents will claim that shows Scottish voters don't want an independence referendum. Many voters who do not want an independent Scotland or another referendum now see the Tories as the staunch defenders of the union which they hope could attract more votes in this election.I don't take voters for granted and nor should any other party. We are fit for this fight. We are ready and we think we can put on seats across the country. You will find there will be fewer SNP MPs after June 8 and I will work towards that.The Scottish Labour leader launched her local election campaign when the news came through from Westminster this morning.There has been a slight adjustment to today's order.Scottish Labour often struggle to make their arguments heard when the debate is dominated by the question of independence. This is a chance for everyone across the UK to have their say about the type of Government they want. You will see a Labour campaign focused on Labour values and alternatives to Tory oughtest. That is worth fighting for.The Scottish Lib Dems will be arguing against another independence referendum.We want to keep Scotland in the United Kingdom and we wanted to keep the United Kingdom at the heart of Europe in this single market. That is the opportunity in this campaign.There is a certain irony here, which will not be lost on Scottish voters. They were told by Theresa May now is not the time for a referendum on independence because politicians should be concentrating on Brexit. Now, she has called an election that will be, in Scotland, all about that vote on independence. There has been a huge death toll in a bus crash in the Philippines, 32 people died and 20 were injured when the bus plunged into a ravine in the northern Philippines. Officials say overloading may have been the cause and a survivor says he saw the driver stepping on malfunctioning brakes as the vehicle was speeding down the hill. Transportation officials have suspended the bus lines operations. Two suspected Islamic militants have been arrested in France for planning to carry out a terrorist attack before the presidential election on Sunday. The two men were detained in the southern city of Marseille. French authorities say the attack was to be carried out in the next few days. Police in the US state of Pennsylvania say the man they were hunting over a murder which was posted on Facebook has killed himself. A huge search had been launched for Steve Stephens after he shot a grandfather dead in Ohio and shared the video online. Police received a tip-off that their suspect was in a car park of a fast food chain.The officers responded. The vehicle fled from that area. There was a short pursuit in which the vehicle was stopped, as the officers approached that vehicle, Steve Stephens took his own life.US President Donald Trump has signed an order to end what he calls the abuse of a visa program to bring skilled foreign workers to the US. Ahead of the signing he spoke at a tool manufacturing company in Wisconsin. We are about to take bold new steps to follow through on my pledge to buy American and hire American. Together, we are going to do everything in our power to make sure that more products are stamped with those wonderful words "Made in the USA". With this action, we are sending a powerful signal to the world, we are going to defend our workers, protect our jobs and finally put America first. Right now H1B visas are awarded in a random lottery. That is wrong. Instead, they should be given to the most skilled and highest paid applicants and they should never be used to replace Americans.Migrants are putting their lives at risk to gain industry into the United States. Dozens stopped a train carrying dangerous chemicals and refused to let it cross the border. Drivers are becoming concerned about making the journey saying it is risky for everyone involved. It is a sit in, lie down, nonviolent Mexican stand-off. TRANSLATION: We will not move from here until the train leaves. We know we can't travel on these but we are putting pressure for some carriages so we can travel on this train.This train was headed for the US/Mexican border. Would-be migrants often hop on and off trains to get to the border. This train is carrying dangerous chemicals and gases and the operators are refusing to move on, saying it is unsafe for the five carriage locomotive to continue with unknown passengers on board. TRANSLATION: Put some carriages behind this one so we can go forward. We have worked a lot, walked on the tracks. We have to take the train. It is the only option that we have.Authorities aren't budging either. They say if these people wait long enough, they will eventually get to the end of the line. TRANSLATION: I understand that the train has been stopped for 48 hours. That is a report that I have. If they spend two more days, that is when there is another train without this type of cargo, without these types of gases will come here. Then they can continue on their way. Mexicans use a number of ways to get to the US border but Overland trains are the most common and the route has its own name. It is very dangerous and migrants often fall off carriages and lose limbs or die under the tracks. Figures released today show domestic violence is the leading reason Australian women and girls are hospitalised for assault. The report from the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare found more than 6,000 people were treated in 2013/14 and more than half of the cases were committed by a partner or spouse. 8% of victims aged more than 15 years were pregnant at the time of the assaults. Rosie Batty is a tireless advocate who has put the issue of domestic violence on the agenda in Australian. Tonight she meets comedian and painter Anh Do for his series Anh's Brush With Fame. Rosie Batty is an incredibly inspirational woman. When her 11-year-old son, Luke, was tragically killed by his father in 2014 Rosie was thrust into the national spotlight. Her advocacy and courage earned her the Australian of the Year award just one year later.I am not sure what I hope Anh captures but I guess I hope he captures something that is uniquely me that maybe not everything sees, the real me.Rosie has been through such tremendous suffering but she has come out of it showing so much strength and courage. She refuses to get Luke's death defeat her. I need to consider all that and capture it. The Murray River could be without turtles by the end of the century. Numbers have declined by more than # 0% in the past 40 years. A new research project in SA is hoping to turn things around. John breeds turtles at his house by lake Bonnie and sells them as pets to people all over Australia.I started breeding turtles 60 years ago as a little hobby and it became more of a business. We have five eastern long necks and five Murray short necks. He is passionate about conservation too. John built his own sanctuary on the shore of the lake to keep predators away from precious breeding sites.It has been successful in this little area that I have done here. We are probably getting around eight or 900 hatchlings go back into the lake each year now.Beyond the safety of wire fencing, turtle numbers are declining rapidly.The most serious issue is fox predation of the turtles' nests. The turtle lays its eggs and the nest is left unattended and the fox eats the turtles' eggs and that causes a 90% loss.Experts predict River Murray turtles could be gone for good by the end of the 21st century. The foundation for National Parks and Wildlife is in the middle of a research project focused on finding new ways to saver the turtle. It is looking at all options, from more effective fox baiting methods to the construction of special turtle breeding islands along the River Murray. Researchers are confident the study will produce a solution to help wind back the damage.We would like to get as many people involved in that as we can, communities up and down the Murray, get some cities and science from that and get the communities involved in how we can help rescue the turtle.Conservation efforts are slow and steady for now.

Just before we get into sport with Paul Kennedy, I might mention this cool story this morning about three Australian satellites heading up from Cape Canaveral just in the last few hours. They are going to... Their first stop is the International Space Station and then they will be shot into the thermos fear over the coming years. We have put in calls to the University of New South Wales and Sydney to chat to a few of the Australians involved in that program and hopefully we will chat to them later this morning. For sport now, here is Paul Kennedy. What is going on with the fog at Bells Beach?The fog has lifted and the surfers are in the water. Theways are pretty good. You won't be able to go down and sun yourself watching this. Mick Fanning has been in slept form. This is round 4. They have finally got to it.It has been such a stop/start affair, hasn't it?Look at Fanning. He is up against John John Florence, the world champion and ranked No.1 in the world. Fanning gets a 9.93. Just short of 10...He was pretty happy with that.He has followed it up with an 8. Something. He is right up there. He is 18. Something and John John Florence will have to pull out a couple of 10s in the last five minutes to get past Fanning. It looks like Fanning is on the way... This is his second best ride. It looks like he is on his way to the semifinals. Owen Wright got knocked out earlier. He is not going past the fourth round. He was in the water when the fog halted play. Joel Parkinson is also in action. He will be up in the fourth heat of the round four action.You weren't on sport earlier in the week when Toledo caught an amazing wave, it just went forever that wave. Is he still in the comp?He is not, I don't think he is still there. He had that terrific wave but it is very competitive at the moment. If Fanning can knock off John John frOrns, he will back himself to ring the bell. Hopefully he can get up there with Joel Parkinson in the final.What is the state of Australian women's basketball? You were in Rio, how did they go in Rio? The Rio experience for the Opals was quite disappointing, to say the least. What happened was Lauren Jackson retired earlier in the year and Penny Taylor was still there. They are the two champions of the modern era. Penny Taylor wasn't able to reach her best through that tournament. Liz Cambage was the stand-out Australian but she wasn't as great on defence as she was shooting baskets. I still don't really know what went wrong but they just didn't click. The coach has been removed. He had a terrific run, all but the Olympics had been going well for the Opals and the junior side of things. The Australians got lots of juniors coming through. Sandy Brondello is a terrific appointment. She played more than 300 games and she was a star player for the Australian team. She has been in charge of the Phoenix Mercury and has won a championship in the WNBA. She will hang onto that role but she will give up her assistant role in Russia. She will be a Mercury coach, the Opals coach and is looking forward to shaping that Australian team as it heads towards Tokyo in a couple of years. She will be busy. In the AFL, we have a game coming up, a situation where a former captain is coming up against his side?Sam Mitchell, the former Hawthorn player who many thought would never leave the Hawks and there is still Hawthorn people shaking their heads at that. The Hawks got rid of Sam Mitchell and Jordan Lewis, two of the big three. They are at the bottom of the ladder. Mitchell is on the other side of the country. He is removed from it but he is battling fitness. He copped a knock on the weekend. Hopefully he is OK to play because it will be good theatre and the Eagles will need him. He didn't train yesterday. He reckons he might be OK. He had a cheeky look in his eye yesterday as he tends to do when he is thinking that things are going OK. There might be cheekiness about it on the weekend. See if Hawthorn can get off the bottom of the ladder. That is one of the big talking points in the AFL how the great team has been toppled. Mitchell and Lewis take those guys out, their teammates aren't as hard to beat.We will have to leave it there, cheers, Paul. Time for a look at the weather and good morning to Nate Byrne.Starting with the satellite picture, cloud over the interior of the country bringing rain and isolated thunderstorms to the centre, while highs on either side of the country are keeping the worst of a cold front well to the south. Looking around the States and starting in Queensland...

Cheers Nate. An alligator has put up a fight while it was being removed from outside a home in Texas. Game war dons from the county were able to secure the alligator after a struggle on the front lawn of a home. Authorities say after capture, the alligator will be put back into a pond in the area. Stick with us on ABC News. The ABC News channel, going for a short break. We will be back soon. We are hoping to get someone from the university of New South Wales or Sydney on this space launch. It was quite a significant event. It was the first launch that there has been of an Australian-made satellite in 15 years and there were what they call three cube sats which are apparently tiny satellites which were on the rocket which is headed up... That is shots from Cape Canaveral. It is headed up to the International Space Station now. They are going to sit there for a while before they are shot into the thermosphere, that is where all the UV light hits earth and some kind of activity goes on there. Hopefully we will be able to find out all about that with a guest from one of the universities who have been involved in the development of those satellites in the next couple of hours. Stick with us on ABC News.

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