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(generated from captions) Taking a look at the weather now. showers
Around the country now possible showers in Brisbane.

showers in Brisbane. Rain forecast Canberra.
for Sydney. Partly cloudy in A
Canberra. Morning fog in Melbourne. two
A fine day in Hobart. A shower or Perth.
two in Adelaide. Clear skies in Perth. A sunny day in Darwin.

Perth. A sunny day in Darwin.
two in Adelaide. Clear skies in Tomorrow Overcast
Tomorrow showers in Brisbane. Canberra.
Overcast in Sydney. Fine in Melbourne.
Canberra. Possible showers in Mostly
Melbourne. Showers in Adelaide. Mostly sunny in Perth.

Mostly sunny in Perth.
Melbourne. Showers in Adelaide. cloudy
Mostly sunny in Perth. Partly Friday.
cloudy in Darwin. Looking ahead to Friday. Overcast in Sydney. Partly And
cloudy in Canberra and Melbourne. morning.
And that is all from me this Karl
morning. It is now time to join Live
Karl and Sylvia for 'Today'. Live captioning by

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Bridal dreams. Up in smoke. Tears wedding
of anguish as a blaze destroys a from
wedding store. We have an update whether
from the scene in the latest on dresses.
whether the brides will get their dealer
dresses.Outrage as an antiques grave
dealer profits from selling the And
grave stones of Aussie war heros. operation
And the incredible under cover investigate
operation to get them back.Police Roberta
investigate claims Gangland widow, threatened
Roberta Williams, has been terrifying
threatened with death. The latest underworld
terrifying twist in Melbourne's underworld crime war.

The online shopping shock that's your
coming our way. How thousands of cost
your favourite products could soon beat
cost more. And what you can do to beat the price hikes.

Teen parents fight back. We speak to the young mum who is standing up raise
to the critics and says it's OK to teenager.
raise a child when you're a (SONG) #
(SONG) # And
# I just want to be part of your... man
And she's married to the sexiest wife,
man on Hollywood, Chris Hemsworth's family,
wife, Elsa Pataky, joins us to talk So
family, projects and life with Thor. today.
So good! How good is this show have
today. Welcome folks. It is good to 19
have your company. It is Wednesday, day
19 April and it is an action packed Just
day on hump day.Isn't it what. have
Just in case that wasn't enough, we spinning
have got DJ Albo in the house today, The
spinning the decks.Who is that? moonlighting
The one and only.Anthony Albanese, inner
moonlighting as a DJ in Sydney's some
inner west. He is coming in to spin out
some tunes on the deck today.Get know
out of town.I'm not lying. You the
know I don't lie.I only deal in the truth.Good morning Erin.Big you
day in sport as well. We will let judiciary
you know how burg went at the Hawke
judiciary last night and a former support
Hawke speaks out, maybe not in so
support of Hawthorn at the moment, I
so we will tell you about that soon. do
I will question it regardless.They do.
do come out of the wood wok.They a
do. Funny that.We will see you in home.
a moment.Good morning to you at thousands
home. First to Queensland where bridal
thousands of dollars worth of during
bridal gowns have been destroyed Ipswich.
during a large blaze at a store in Morrison
Ipswich. Nine News reporter Rob morning.
Morrison is at the shop for us this big
morning. This is certainly a very it
big loss for the store owner.Yeah, you
it certainly is. Especially when was
you look at a site like this. This dress
was a beautifully made wedding been
dress but as you can see, it is now smoke
been charred black I about the 180
smoke and that is the case for some name
180 dresses in here. The shop's of
name is Brides To Be in the middle around
of Ipswich and this fire started actually.
around - just after midnight best
actually. Firefighters did their there
best to try to save the shop but all
there was nothing they could do for makes
all of these dresses. But, what is
makes this even more heartbreaking January.
is the shop actually only opened in owner's
January. Chris Stewart is the in
owner's name. He had been a miner years
in Central Queensland for some 20 heart.
years but he had a change have wanted
heart. He had a new dream. He realised
wanted to open a bridal store. He But
realised that only three months ago. to
But now he's come down this morning to see that that dream has gone up us
in smoke. He spoke exclusively to listen.
us only a short time ago. Take a business.
listen.We put everything into this don't
business. And now it's gone. I don't know what I'm going

don't know what I'm going to

Investigators have been here this that
morning and early indications are box
that this fire started in the fuse also
box under the stairs. But, it's have
also not only Chris who is going to had
have to deal with all of this. He expecting
had quite a few clients who were for
expecting their dresses to be made going
for their big day. He said he's But
going to do their best to help them. as
But this is the last thing Chris, as well as they, were also Indeed.
expecting before their weddings. that
Indeed. Certainly a big loss for course,
that store owner and also, of extraordinary
course, for the brides.Now to an stones.
extraordinary story about the grave the
stones. Two Aussie war heros and back
the under cover mission to get them Today's
back in the right hands. Live to happened?
Today's Chris Urquhart. What This
happened?Good morning to you Karl. story.
This is a very, very interesting Australian
story. A few weeks ago, the Brendon
Australian War Memorial director collector
Brendon Nelson became aware that a head
collector was trying to sell these from
head stones from two war graves, were
from two Australian servicemen who, Japanese
were involved in the break out of country
Japanese prisoners of war from and
country NSW in the Second World War The
and who were killed in action there. according
The collector, it sometimes, the
according to his story which is in that
the 'Daily Telegraph' today, says grave
that he found them at these two 25
grave stones at a rubbish tip about there
25 years ago, says he was told renovated,
there that the graves had been were
renovated, that new head stones old
were put in, that these were the old ones an that he might want them. put
25 years later, it seems, he has put them up for auction. Something the
that really disturbed the boss of secret,
the War Memorial and in fact, in mission
secret, he actually launched a mission to buy them back. Buying

mission to buy them back. Buying words,
them back for $325. And in his anyone
words, that is $325 more than these.
anyone should really be paying for to
these. It's not necessarily illegal certainly,
to sell these head stones but are
certainly, according to people who doctor
are returned servicemen and also something
doctor Brendon Nelson himself, common
something that really goes against in
common decency.Thank you. Police investigating
in Melbourne this morning are who
investigating allegations the man sent
who killed Carl Williams has now figure's
sent death threats to the Gangland Melbourne
figure's former wife. Live to our at
Melbourne reporter Christine Ahern morning.
at police headquarters. Good allegations
morning. What's behind these according
allegations threats?Well, man
according to the 'Herald Sun', the Williams,
man convicted of killing Carl been
Williams, Matthew Johnston, has Williams
been making these death threats to within
Williams widow, Roberta from, the
within inside prison. According to made
the paper, these threats have been testify
made to try to get Roberta to fact
testify that Carl Williams had in Johnston.
fact been plotting to kill Matthew for
Johnston. That would open the door defence
for Johnston to launch a self- have
defence appeal. These death threats weeks
have reportedly been made in recent Recently
weeks and involve other inmates. Roberta
Recently released from prison. refused
Roberta Williams has reportedly police
refused to make a statement to threats.
police regarding these death however,
threats. There are concerns, caught
however, her children could be are
caught up in all of this and police after
are investigating. It does come believe
after a jury in 2011 refused to of
believe Matthew Johnston's version Williams
of events that he bashed Carl maximum
Williams to death inside the an
maximum security Barwon Prison as Two
an act of self-defence.Thank you. chase
Two teenagers have led police on a Ipswich
chase after they refused to stop in four-wheel
Ipswich west the Brisbane. The crashed
four-wheel drive drost control and authorities
crashed down an embankment after spikes.
authorities were forced to use road arrested
spikes. The 17-year-old driver was old
arrested at the scene. His 15-year- charge.
old passenger was released without charged
charge. A third teenager has been people
charged over a scam targeting Gumtree.
people selling their phones on lure
Gumtree. Police say the group would place
lure their victims to a meeting them.
place before ganging up and robbing them. The 17-year-old boy was night
arrested at Sydney Airport last an
night and will face court today. In triggered
an unexpected move Theresa May has secure
triggered an early election to United
secure a post Brexit future for the correspondent
United Kingdom. Nine corp now
correspondent Michael Best joins us What
now with the latest from London. for
What happens now?It all looks set campaign
for a shock seven week election May
campaign here in Britain. Theresa parliament.
May first needs approval from

parliament. But that should happen election
tonight Australian time and an So
election wasn't due here until 2020. prime
So this ways shock move from the it
prime minister today. But she says mandate
it is all about getting more of a Brexit
mandate to take her vision of position
Brexit into a better negotiating What
position with the EU effectively. control
What she wants to do is take back Britain's
control of the border, so control withdraw
Britain's immigration, also much
withdraw it from the European court laws
much justice, so not have European a
laws affect Britain and also not be market,
a part of the European single customs
market, so not be a part of that trade
customs union and make its own Let
trade deals with individual nations. Brexit
Let us put forward our plans for for
Brexit and our alternative programs for government.

for government. And then let the opportunity.
people decide.I welcome the out
opportunity. We want to put a case of
out there for the people of Britain economy
of a society that cares for all. An Brexit
economy that works for all. And a Brexit that works for all.

That is Jeremy coshin here, the trying
Labor leader here in Britain. He is the
trying to sound confident but all of
the polls show he shouldn't be. 44% May's
of voters would vote for Theresa Jeremy
May's conservatives. Just 23% for that
Jeremy Corbin's Labor Party. If 140
that is the case, she is looking at 140 seats in the House of Commons, are
that is certainly what the bookies To
are picking as well. States
To breaking news in the United Facebook
States - the suspect in the taken
Facebook video murder case has police
taken his own life following a placed
police pursuit. Steve Stephens was list
placed on the FBI's most wanted himself
list after posting a clip of Cleveland.
himself shooting an elderly man in man
Cleveland. Following a large scale spotted
man hunt this morning, he was in
spotted in a McDonald's parking lot pursuit
in Pennsylvania.It was a short stopped.
pursuit in which the vehicle was that
stopped. As the officers approached his
that vehicle, Steve Stephens took his own life.

Facebook is now reviewing report
procedures to make sure people can possible.
report disturbing videos as soon as for
possible. Police are on the hunt to
for a gang of youths who attempted Police
to rob a Melbourne jewellery store. sledge
Police say a man, armed with a the
sledge hammer, tried to break into Brighton
the Holloway Diamonds store in thugs
Brighton yesterday. The brazen with
thugs fled in a stolen Mercedes It
with Queensland registration plates. because
It was a pretty scary incident all
because they all had masks on. They Staff
all had something in their hands. Anyone
Staff were left shaken but unharmed. contact
Anyone with information is urged to remains
contact Crime Stoppers. A gunman old
remains on the run after a 16-year- defender
old girl was terrorised by a masked a
defender armed with a rifle during near
a robbery at an IGA supermarket cash
near cab booture. The man fled with young
cash from the safe leaving the Sick
young lady terrified but unhurt. Just
Sick in the stomach to be honest. and
Just really scared for the staff time.
and you know, I wasn't here at the nearby
time.Just minutes later, another 40-year-old
nearby supermarket was robbed. A arrested
40-year-old Morayfield man was believe
arrested a short time later. Police The
believe both incidents are linked. has
The Western Australian government shark
has ruled out hunlting down the girl
shark which killed a 17-year-old was
girl nearest es Laeticia Brouwer when
was surfing with her dad on Monday thought
when she was mauled by what's devastated
thought to be a great white. Her some
devastated family say they take doing
some comfort in the fact she died ocean
doing something she loved.The passion.
ocean was her and her family's she
passion. Surfing was something that sisters.
she treasured doing with her dad an missed
sisters. Laeticia would be greatly everyone
missed by her family, friends and thankful
everyone who knew her. We are police,
thankful for the support from the standers
police, SES, ambulance, and by you
standers at the scene. We all thank the
you for the help and support from those
the community at home, especially Labor
those from our church.The new promote
Labor government will instead shark
promote individual devices such as has
shark shields. An enormous shark at
has been spotted west of Melbourne mother
at a popular swimming spot. The enjoying
mother and her children were Warrnambool
enjoying the sunshine in fins
Warrnambool when the creature's According
fins popped out of the water. were
According to the woman, children just
were seen jumping into the water reared
just seconds before the shark America
reared its head. Let's go to in
America now. It's upping the anti brinkship
in its high stakes game of aircraft
brinkship with North Korea. Two the
aircraft carriers are heading from dictator
the US to keep an eye on erratic is
dictator Kim Jong-un. Tom Steinfort latest?
is in South Korea. What's the had
latest?Yeah, look, they already had the USS Karl Vincent, a huge Korean
aircraft carrier, sitting off the doubling
Korean Peninsula. America is say
doubling down on this, you might aircraft
say tripling down. Two more The
aircraft carriers heading this way. it
The USS Ronald Reagan and the Midst, martyr
it means America now has this huge martyr that will be sitting off the jets
Korean Peninsula, some 300 fighter Korea
jets ready to go there if North nose
Korea does continue to thumb its that
nose at these threats from the US missiles,
that they need to stop launching conducting
missiles, they need to stop certainly
conducting nuclear tests an president
certainly Mike pence, the viz the
president who is in the region at America
the moment, he has said that are
America will not rest until there Korean
are no nuclear capabilities on the talking
Korean eninsula. This was hi him options
talking a little bit overnight.All they
options are on the table. And there Trump
they will remain. But President believes
Trump and I and our administration pathway
believes the most productive the
pathway forward is dialogue among isolate
the family of nations that can into
isolate and pressure North Korea dismantling
into abandoning permanently and program
dismantling its nuclear weapons program.
program and its ballistic missile Korea
program.No response from North it
Korea to that yet but, of course, to
it is their actions that are going on
to speak so much louder than words missile,
on this one. If they do test a force,
missile, then America's show of of
force, well t may well become a use Thank
of force. Thank you. Companies will be forced in
to pay a special tax if they bring rules
in for enworkers under the new Live
rules which replace the 457 visas. Lauren
Live to our political reporter we
Lauren Gianoli in Canberra now. Do will
we know yet what that money raised It
will be used for?Morning Sylvia. to
It is looking like it will be there they
to get Australians job ready so Australians
they can fill smcht skills gap. The that
Australians reporting this morning be
that this foreign worker tax will so
be announced in the May bullet and workers
so companies wanting to employ pay
workers from overseas, they will national
pay a fee that will go into a are
national skills fund. How much they depend
are charged, though, that will know
depend on their size and we will Yesterday,
know more in a couple of weeks. declared
Yesterday, the prime minister visas
declared that temporary protection foreign
visas are not a passport for that
foreign workers to take up jobs In
that could be filled by Australians. visas.
In its place, there are two news term
visas. The first, it has a short- the
term of two years an there won't be at
the option of permanent residency year
at the end. The second is a four these
year high skilled visa. Workers in pass
these two areas, they will have to have
pass a tougher English test and have a police check.

have a police check. Also announced that
yesterday, there's 216 occupations visa
that have been taken off the 457 migration
visa list. They range from a engineer,
migration agent, there's a chemical goat
engineer, actors, horse trainers, name
goat farmers an shearers just to 457
name a few. There are about 95,000 the
457 visa holders in Australia at Minister
the moment. The Immigration yesterday
Minister Peter Dutton confirmed affected
yesterday that they will not be Significant
affected by these changes. Mr
Significant changes ahead. However, program.
Mr Dutton joins us shortly on the Thank
program. Speak to you shortly. now:
Thank you. Looking at the markets

Well, we have been given this look
morning a breathtaking and unique rocket
look at our planet from on board a International
rocket as it approaches the unmanned
International Space Station. The off
unmanned cargo spacecraft blasted off from Florida earlier this supplies.
morning carrying much needed start.
supplies.Go from eight engine Atlantis
start. 1, 0 and lift off of the Glen
Atlantis rocket and the SS John for
Glen extending the research legacy is
for living and working in space.It food
is carrying about 3.5 tonnes of space
food and science equipment for the think
space station crew. How you do being
think you would get the job of easy.
being a voice over guy?It's not good
easy. It's not ease eon.It's a about
good gig.Good voice too.What space.
about all of that KFC eating in fantastic.
space. It's beautiful.It's would
fantastic. Keep it rm what.You were
would be hanging out for it if you some
were an astronaut. Just give me herbs
some of those KFC.All of those take
herbs an spices up there.Let's take a look at the weather up

DJ Albo coming into the house They
shortly too. But now with the sport. the
They must have listened to us at When
the judiciary yesterday as well. how
When it comes to Sam Burgess and Sydney
how gentle he is because South ahead
Sydney have received a huge boost Broncos
ahead of their meeting with the challenges
Broncos and a former Hawke up
challenges Hawthorn's youth to step year.
up in the club's poor start to the summer
year.Also ahead - say goodbye to have
summer but not your summer bod. We tips
have got the best winter work out cash
tips ahead.Taking home our $40,000 calling
cash jackpot yesterday, could we be Kylie
calling you today? Here's a bit of (SONG)
Kylie for you.Song #
(SONG) # lucky
# I should be so lucky, lucky,

Welcome back to the program. Lovely Wednesday.
to have your company on this Erin
Wednesday. How good is a hump day. morning.
Erin Molan is in the house.Good NRL
morning. Let's get straight into it. Burgess,
NRL - South Sydney star, Sam judiciary
Burgess, has been cleared by the clash
judiciary to play in the Rabbitohs Burgess
clash against Brisbane this Friday. suspension
Burgess risked a two match charge
suspension by fighting a shoulder Eastwood.
charge on Canterbury's Greg is
Eastwood. Still not that soft then, team
is he, any more, he is playing your deliberation,
team Karl. After 30 minutes of found
deliberation, the panel members Ivan
found him not guilty. Else where, Mitch
Ivan Cleary appears to have blocked the
Mitch Moses's mid season move to week's
the Eels. After naming him for this Reports
week's clash against the Bulldogs. only
Reports today suggest Cleary would number
only contemplate releasing his star kicking
number 6 if they could find a goal Fair
kicking five eighth to replace him. Hawthorn
Fair enough too. AFL - former younger
Hawthorn star Jordan Lewis believes to
younger players at the Hawks need around
to step up if they are to turn season
around their worse start to the said
season in almost 20 years. Lewis inevitable
said the team's slump was success
inevitable as their sustained picks.
success kept them out of top draft first
picks. Hawthorn won't be seeing a have
first rounder any time soon. They to
have already traded their top pick now
to St Kilda for 2017.I think it is kids
now a place where there's young contribute.
kids have to really step up and just
contribute. Otherwise, they will going.
just keep going the way they are Beveridge
going.And Bulldogs coach Luke usually
Beveridge says the team doesn't milestones
usually like to focus on individual an
milestones but they will be making Murphy's
an exception for captain Bob Brisbane.
Murphy's 300th this weekend against world
Brisbane. What a bloke. Tennis - has
world number two, Novak Djokovic, his
has claimed a three set victory in year
his first clay court match of the Simon
year defeating France is Gilles The
Simon at the Monte Carlo Masters. final
The 29-year-old held on in a tense of
final set to advance into the round Tsonga,
of 16. Frenchman, Jo-Wilfried countryman
Tsonga, was upset in three sets by Murray
countryman Adrian Mannarino. Andy tour
Murray will make his return to the Luxembourg's
tour tonight when he faces cars
Luxembourg's Gilles Mueller. Super is
cars an Holden driver Will Davison competition
is expected to return to the Island
competition this week at Phillip collision
Island after recover from a 12 car rushed
collision in Tasmania. Davison was incident
rushed to hospital after the believe
incident but escaped, can you injuries
believe it, with only minor everything
injuries and says he will do his
everything in his power to be in 1000
his car this weekend. The Bathurst simulators
1000 champion has been using race before
simulators to prove his fitness Friday.
before the action gets underway on after
Friday. They never seem scared want
after their accidents. They just car.
want to get straight back in the have
car. People of all shapes an sizes for
have gathered in Gawthorpe England Championships.
for the annual World Coal Carrying carry
Championships. Contestants have to hill,
carry a 50 kg sack of coal up 1.1km the
hill, first to cross the line gets trophy.
the title. No, not money. Not a began
trophy. The title. The event first bet
began in 1963 off the back of a pub Do
bet and has been held ever since. made
Do you know how many pub bets I've involve
made and not one of them would ever do
involve something so physical.You Bizarre.
do tend to come up with great ideas.

Bizarre. Plenty of work for Cairo have
practors in that town.They don't that
have a lot to get excited about in came
that town. No wonder so many people Gawthorpe?
came here.What else do you do in with
Gawthorpe? 1.1km is a long time up
with coal.It is the wife carrying more
up the road too.That's actually carry
more entertaining. It is harder to unlike
carry than coal. Coal is deadweight, you.
unlike wives. That's sport. Thank now.
you.That's all I have to say for DJ
now. OK. Thank you.Still to come - him
DJ Albo is in the house. Look at builds
him go. He just feels the beat an policy
builds the shape. Our resident kick
policy is bringing the beats to loving
kick start your hump day.They are in
loving it. Getting into it.Bring bridal
in the smoke machine please. Plus, morning.
bridal dreams up in smoke this blaze
morning. Tears of anguish as a store.
blaze destroys a prized wedding scene.
store. We have an update from the spoilt
scene.Does your mum deserve to be help
spoilt this Mother's Day? You could around
help her make her day. Yes! Stick on
around you. For all the you details happy
on how to make you and your mum Today.
happy of theIt is all about you on

Welcome back folks. Good to have for
your company this morning. Time now for a look at today's front pages

for a look at today's front pages reported
leading, US police have stranger
reported the man who shot dead a Facebook
stranger and uploaded the video to Great
Facebook has shot himself."Make Me 'Daily
Great Again" headlines Sydney's foreign
'Daily Telegraph'. Temporary some
foreign workers will be banned from tests
some industries and face English under
tests before they are granted visas under a

under a Donald Trump-style jobs.
crackdown to protect Australian reports
jobs.Meantime, 'The Australian' now
reports that business also suffer and
now the 457 worker visas are axe national
and will be forced to pay into a workers
national fund to train Australian be
workers to fill shortages. I will Peter
be speaking to Immigration Minister hour.
Peter Dutton in our next half an widow
hour."Plot To Get Roberta", the Williams,
widow of gacland figure, Carl threats
Williams, has allegedly faced death killing
threats by the man convicted of 'Courier-Mail'
killing her husband.Queensland's Environment
'Courier-Mail' reports Federal Frydenberg
Environment Minister Josh cull
Frydenberg has backed a crocodile following
cull in far North Queensland in
following a spate of attacks saying an
in my book, human life comes first an crocodiles second.

an crocodiles second.Brexit calls
headlines 'The Age'. Theresa May meaning
calls a snap general election polls
meaning Britain will go to the here
polls on June 8.Well, we love mums nothing
here on the Today Show. We love special
nothing more than spoiling the love
special ladies in your life. We Mother's
love rewarding deserving mums. This would
Mother's Day, Today and Scenic wore join
would love you, our viewers, to mums
join us an say thank you to the about
mums of Australia. We are talking thing,
about the mums who never ask for a If
thing, who always put others first. who
If you know an extra special mum us
who deserves a thank you, then let in
us know. And we could surprise them That's
in a very special Knock of Cash. receive
That's right. Five lucky mum also like.
receive $10,000 to do whatever they nominate
like. With thanks to Scenic, to big
nominate a mum you think deserves a page
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short message telling us why the you.
mum in your life deserves a thank come
you. And you never know, we could close
come knocking on her door. Entries get
close this Friday night at 8p.m. So we
get in quick. Good luck.Yeah look, entries
we have already had thousands of who
entries into the do you know a mum competition.
who deserves a $10,000 helping hand hundreds
competition. We have in excess of very,
hundreds of thousands. So it's a But
very, very popular could be Test. and
But make sure you get your entry in person
and we can celebrate the wonderful Pl
person in your life who is your mum. there
Pl there are plenty of mums outs big
there who deserve recognition an a coming
big thank you so keep the entries tough
coming in and we will have a very but
tough task of picking the winners beautiful
but we look forward to meeting some Let's
beautiful mums across the week. First
Let's get some news now. about
First to the extraordinary story Aussie
about the grave stones of two mission
Aussie war heros and the undercover right
mission to get them back in the Urquhart
right hands. Live to Today's Chris Urquhart in

Urquhart in Sydney for us. What to
happened?Well, it became apparent that
to the War Memorial a few weeks ago that two grave stones that belong killed
to Australian servicemen who were second
killed during the break out in the up
second world war, were up for sale, commenced
up for auction. And it quickly exactly
commenced an investigation into launched
exactly what was going on. And back.
launched a secret plan to buy them understand
back. Now, the collector, who we possession
understand has had them in his that
possession for 25 years, the story at
that he tells is that he found them been
at a rubbish tip after they had site
been removed from their original stones.
site and replaced with new head happens
stones. The process, if that ever head
happens for servicemen, is for the thrown
head stones to be destroyed. Not kept
thrown away or like this, being auctioned
kept by a collector and then later in
auctioned off. So, the War Memorial them
in secret launched a mission to buy for
them back. They paid more than $300 than
for them. They sathat is $300 more than anyone should have to pay for them but they simply wanted to get make
them back in the right hands an where.
make sure that they didn't go else little
where. So certainly there will be a to
little bit more of an investigation into
to work out exactly how they fell I
into these hands but the good news, the
I suppose, is that they are back in thank
the right ones for now.,indeed, flames
thank you. A car has gone up in this
flames in Adelaide's north-east rushed
this morning. Emergency Services rushed to a street in Clearview in about
the city's north-eastern suburbs it
about an hour ago. At this stage, blaze.
it is not known what caused the investigating
blaze. Police, though, are was
investigating whether the vehicle Melbourne
was stolen. The former wife of Williams,
Melbourne Gangland figure, Carl threats
Williams, has allegedly faced death Johnston
threats from his killer. Matthew bludgeoning
Johnston was found guilty of in
bludgeoning Carl Williams to death Sun',
in 2011. According to the 'Herald been
Sun', it's alleged the threats have to
been made to get Roberta Williams are
to testify in his appeal. Police allegations.
are said to be investigating those store
allegations. A Queensland bridal devastated
store owner has been left in
devastated after his shop went up reporter
in flames in Ipswich. Nine News us
reporter Rob Morrison is there for exclusively
us this morning. You spoke morning.
exclusively to the owner this is
morning. How is he doing?Yeah, he because
is not doing too well at the moment come
because this is a scene that he has see
come down to this morning. You can wedding
see this was a beautifully made that
wedding dress but you can see now, smoke.
that it's been charred black by the 180
smoke. That is the case for some here
180 of his dresses. You can see of
here at the front door a whole lot been
of mannequins an dresses have just completely
been piled. They have been hold
completely ruined. The fire took Firefighters
hold just after midnight. to
Firefighters did their best to try was
to save the store here but there these
was little they could do to save Brides
these dresses. The shop's name is Ipswich
Brides To Be here in the middle of more
Ipswich and what makes this even actually
more heartbreaking is the owner His
actually only opened in January. been
His name is Chris Stewart. He had in
been a coal miner for some 20 years But
in the middle of Central Queensland. open
But he had a dream. He wanted to realised
open up his bridal store. He but
realised that some three months ago see
but this morning, he's come down to in
see that that has all now gone up speak
in smoke. Like you said, we did morning.
speak exclusively to him this morning. Take a listen.

Fire investigators have been here indications
this morning and initial started
indications are that the fire stairs.
started in the fuse box under the is
stairs. But it's not just Chris who course,
is going to be affected by this. Of brides
course, all of his clients, the thing
brides to be, this is the last to
thing they expected in the lead-up that
to their big day. Chris has told us help
that he is going to do his best to obviously
help them but now they are get
obviously going to have to work to to
get towards their weddings trying Thank
to find a new dress. been
Thank you. A third teenager has people
been charged over a scam targeting Gumtree.
people selling their phones on lure
Gumtree. Police say the group would place
lure their victims to a meeting them.
place before ganging up and robbing arrested
them. The 17-year-old boy was last
arrested at Sydney Airport late New
last night an today will face court. changes
New details this morning on the Australian
changes to foreign work visas. The employers
Australian newspaper reports special
employers will have to pay a a
special tax whenever they bring in raised
a worker from overseas. The money Australians
raised will be used to train Temporary
Australians to fill skill shortages. passport
Temporary migration visas are not a jobs
passport for foreigners to take up filled
jobs that could and should be rules
filled by Australians.The new from
rules have brought a mixed reaction the
from business with a massive cut in for
the number of professions eligible Australian
for 457 visas. In breaking news - reportedby
Australian military advisors have attack
reportedby been victim of a gas working
attack in Iraq. The advisors are came
working in a unit in Mosul which and
came under fire from ISIL forces type
and are said to have deployed a Australians
type of mustard gas. None of the News
Australians are injured but Nine news.
News will stay across that breaking throughout
news. Shock waves have been felt Minister
throughout Europe as British Prime process
Minister Theresa May triggered the Ahead
process for an early election. made
Ahead in the polls, May says she opposition
made the unexpected move because of place
opposition in parliament. It takes exit
place as the country approaches an us
exit from the European Union.Let and
us put forward our plans for Brexit government.
and our alternative programs for decide.
government. And then let the people We
decide.I welcome the opportunity. the
We want to put a case out there for that
the people of Britain of a society works
that cares for all. An economy that works for all. And a Brexit that due
works for all.The election wasn't happen
due until 2020 but will now likely for
happen in June. What would you do in
for a new car? Well, these people marathon
in Texas are participate anything a For
marathon make out session of sorts. a
For a brand-new set of wheels. It's and
a competition called Kiss for a Kia locked
and the last person with their lips it
locked on the vehicle gets to take going
it home. So far, they have been are
going for over 24 hours and there smooching
are still about 10 people still steel.
smooching it out on that cold hard jaw
steel. Wouldn't want to get lock you
jaw in that position, you would?No, get
you would not.You wouldn't want to not
get it in any position.You know, not good if you kiss a car and you that
get locked jaw.We will stay across throughout
that and bring you updates left
throughout the morning to see whose competition.
left standing at the end of the kiss
competition.I felt they had to they
kiss each other for the car but Straight
they are dead set kissing the car. They
Straight on the windscreen wipers. If
They are proper petrol heads many If they were proper petrol heads, like
they would be kissing the muffler, sometimes
like they do in Queensland the
sometimes and the engine bay and OK.
the donk.And the what?The donk. show.
OK.More on that throughout the the
show.Young people these days.Is your
the cost of your rent chewing up of
your pay packet? Why more than half rental
of Aussie tenants are suffering parents
rental stress.Also ahead - teen young
parents fight back. We speak to a critics.
young mum ho is standing up to the shows
critics.Fitness guru Sam Wood winter.
shows you how you can stay fit this fittest
winter. It is all ahead on your fittest brekkie show.

WOMAN: It employs
5.5 million people. If I do well, jobs and wages grow. It generates $380 billion,
which is great for our economy. (UPBEAT MUSIC) VOICEOVER: For the full range
of initiatives designed to help small businesses
grow and create jobs, search 'small business'. It's all about giving small business
a big future.

Oh, a little bit of Jazzy Jay and were?
the funky bunch s that who they with
were?I don't know. I'm just going morning.
with it.Here is Erin Molan.Good being
morning. Good morning. OK, start being AFL. Sydney are banking on for
the return of an awesome foursome Greater
for this weekend's derby against Greater Western Sydney as they look Swans
for win number one of 2017. Star all
Swans Kurt Tippett, Gary Rohan are ready
all expected to be back declared their
ready by the club. GWS are fighting Shaw
their own injury battles. Heath while
Shaw in doubt with a sore shin struggle
while Steve Johnson is also West
struggle being knee soreness. NRL - keep
West Tigers look like they will Brooks
keep their halves pairing of Luke remainder
Brooks an Mitch Moses for the remainder of the season. Last night, contract
Brooks extended his playing two
contract at the club for the next end
two seasons signing on until the Cleary
end of 2019. While coach Ivan early
Cleary appeared to shut down an Reports
early move from Moses to Parramatta. letting
Reports the club will only consider goal
letting him go if they can find a him.
goal kicking five-eighth to replace Leicester
him. And in the Champions League - competition
Leicester City dream run in the Locked
competition hangs in the balance. Atletico
Locked in a tight clash against second
Atletico Madrid. Midway through the their
second half of the return leg of 2-1
their quarter final, they are down Madrid's
2-1 on aggregate. While Real Munich
Madrid's tie with Germany's Bayern to
Munich looks like it will go down only
to the wire. Bayern has scored the it
only goal of the second leg to tie now
it at 2-2.Let's get some weather first
now with Natalia Cooper for the good
first time today. Hey Natalia.Yeah, those
good morning to you. Have a look at the
those moves. We are checking out the Australian dance cart which is Australia.
the biggest dance competition in weekend
Australia. And it kicks off this set
weekend in Surfers Paradise. It is tell
set to be one awesome party. I will take
tell you more about it after we doing
take a look at what the weather is doing across the nation on this

doing across the nation on this Queensland
Wednesday. We will start in this
Queensland where I am waking up Cairns.
this morning. Good morning you to cloudy
Cairns. Shower or two. Partly expect
cloudy in Townsville. Brisbane can shower
expect a shower. Gold Coast a shower.
shower or two. Sydney possible Melbourne
shower. Canberra partly cloudy. fine.
Melbourne some morning fog, then is
fine. Lovely 26 degrees. How good is that. Hobart sunny. Adelaide Alice
shower or two. Perth will be sunny. shower
Alice Springs just a possible sunshine
shower for you. Darwin nothing but sunshine and a warm top of 33

sunshine and a warm top of 33 dance
degrees. Well, at the Australian workshops
dance cup, you can expect 42 a
workshops over three days. There's parties
a series of parties, including some beach
parties on the beach, how good is dancers
beach party, it features the best Right
dancers from right across the world. of
Right now, you are looking at some originated
of them doing some salsa which Sylvia,
originated in Cuba. And Karl and pretty
Sylvia, you know that I've got some also
pretty mad Irish dancing skills. I going
also grew up doing ballet. So, I'm the
going to put some of my moves to for
the test this morning. So just wait morning.
for that.Gee, it's a stunning stunning
morning.Every morning is a Thanks
stunning morning on the Gold Coast. scraps
Thanks Natalia. Coming up - Matt really
scraps 457 visas but what does it it
really mean for Aussie jobs? We put Peter
it to the Immigration Minister Hemsworth,
Peter Dutton next.Plus, meet Mrs to
Hemsworth, actress, model an wife Elsa
to the hottest man in the world, studio.
Elsa Pataky joins us live in the Take
studio.Can't wait to meet her. spend
Take a holiday, boy a new car and winner
spend up big. It could be the lucky morning.
winner in our cash call this people.
morning. Stand by your phones What
people. We could be calling you. What a way to get over humpday.

VOICEOVER: He's not speeding.

WOMAN: What's that guy doing?

He's not drunk.

He's just tired.
Oh, my God.

Welcome back to the program. Well, Australian
the Turnbull government vows to put down
Australian workers first cracking scrapping
down on foreign workers by Here's
scrapping the 457 visa program. current
Here's what you need to know. The two
current scheme will be replaced by and
two new visas, limbed to two years, have
and four years. Both visas will requirements
have tighter eligibility experience,
requirements including prior work experience, criminal record checks, two
and English proficiency many the permanent
two year visa will not allow visa
permanent residency. The four year workers.
visa is designed for highly skilled be
workers. Current holders will not Immigration
be effected by the changes. joins
Immigration Minister Peter Dutton morning
joins me now from Canberra. Good Well,
morning to you.Good morning Karl. feels
Well, if it looks like Donald Trump, the
feels like Donald Trump, then as it's
the tele points out this morning, doesn't
it's got to be Donald Trump, draw
doesn't it?I just wish they would We
draw me with that sort of hair Karl. most
We can do that.So, look, I think have
most Australians for a long time we
have been watching this space and done
we have been pointing out deals done with fast food jut let's that workers
have preferred young foreign So
workers over young local workers. it
So we stamped all of that out. So Australians
it is about trying to find In
Australians to put them into jobs. say,
In regional towns, so particularly, Northern
say, in North Queensland or in the struggle
Northern Territory, they do jobs,
struggle to find Australians for industry.
jobs, particularly in the tourism flexibility
industry. So there is some really
flexibility there. But this is for
really about putting Aussies first a
for Aussie jobs.The PM is building foreign
a wall, if you like, to lock out No,
foreign workers though, isn't he? balance
No, we are trying to get the that
balance right. I think the fact during
that 457 numbers almost doubled we
during Labor's period in government, 100,000.
we have got that down now under first
100,000. But we believe that the Aussie
first principle should be to get an do
Aussie into the job, if you can't you
do that, then you need to advertise, extra
you need to go through all of the on,
extra conditions that we have put on, and in that circumstance, then temporary
you can employ foreign worker on a don't
temporary basis in that job.You Donald
don't like the comparison with either
Donald Trump?Oh, I'm not fussed look
either way. I just think if you have
look the at the facts here, we do workforce
have the need for a foreign I
workforce in some circumstances but position
I think it would become the default decided
position in some instances. We think
decided to clamp down on that. I have
think if you go to areas where they unemployment
have got 14, 15, 16% youth foreign
unemployment an they have got young McDonald's
foreign workers coming into at say
McDonald's or KFC, I think people it's
say "What's that about?". I think morning
it's a good outcome.We learn this a
morning that business also pay into workers
a national fund to train Australian schlts
workers to fill skilled shortages training
schlts that going ahead?There is a provide
training fund that they have to so
provide training to their workforce, about
so we will have some more to say we
about that in the budget. But yes, businesses
we do want to continue to see businesses pay to support the older
training of young Australians, of themselves
older Australians that might find at
themselves made redundant dant or after
at the end of their work life or working
after a change of pace, maybe But
working or one or two days a week. that
But we will have more to say about essentially
that in the budget.So it's companies?
essentially a foreign worker tax on train
companies?It is making sure we can Australian
train up Australian workers for priority
Australian jobs. That is the The
priority of the Turnbull government. clear
The prime minister has been very exists,
clear about that.But it already is
exists, but you're going to up it, exists.
is that going to happen?It already Well,
exists.That means increasing it? do.
Well, in some circumstances, it may budget.
do. But we will wait to see for the ultimate
budget.So that's a yes?The different
ultimate - well, again, there are visa
different scenarios and different line
visa classes here. But the bottom get
line is that, yes, we do want to help
get more money into training to up
help young Australians get trained what
up for Australian jobs.Do you know it
what it sounds like for business, new
it sounds like another great big new tax.Oh, well, not at all.

new tax.Oh, well, not at all. I exist
mean, it is visa class which should It
exist only in rare circumstances. to
It shouldn't be a default position Australian
to put a foreign worker into an flip
Australian job. We're trying to As
flip that around. We're doing that. amazed
As I say, I think most people are Bill
amazed when they worked out that with
Bill Shorten had done this deal workers
with McDonald's an KFc, for foreign when
workers to come in and work there, do
when Australians were prepared to right
do those jobs.Businesses have a are
right to know how much more they surely?
are going to pay though, don't they, tax
surely?We have just delivered a how
tax cut...Just in relation to this, Hopefully
how much more will they pay? people...
Hopefully they can employ more pay?
people...How much more will they the
pay?In terms of the funding into announced
the training fund, all to be sleeps
announced in the budget only a few Australian'
sleeps to go.OK. Well 'The bit
Australian' seems to have a fair Well,
bit of detail on it this morning. story.
Well, I've seen 'The Australian' much
story. I don't think they have got have
much detail to be honest. But we the
have not been making a secret about businesses
the fact that we want people, overseas
businesses that have to employ visa
overseas workers, as part of the training
visa condition, to pay into a more
training fund so that we can train thourng
more Australians.So, reading detail
thourng too and there's a lot of not
detail around I it. Businesses are will
not happy, they are saying there workers.
will be a traffic shortage of --
workers. Did you even consult them Did
-- IT workers.There was a review... absolutely.
Did you consult IT though?Yes, industry
absolutely. I can say to that some
industry that, sure, you might need to
some overseas workers but you need first.
to look for Australian workers be
first. The default position can't workforce
be not to train your Australian Australians
workforce or not to seek out young apprenticeship
Australians who could do an through
apprenticeship or be sponsored in
through a university, and then work Australians,
in those companies. I want young don't
Australians, not on the dole, I the
don't want them on Social Security, and
the government wants them working Australians.
and we want Australian jobs for high
Australians.Because there are very paper
high profile IT businesses in the not
paper today saying there is just for
not going to be enough, a shortfall stopgap
for some time. Are you going to detail
stopgap that?Let them explain the through
detail of that because we have gone circumstances
through and analysed and in an
circumstances where they can't get still
an Australian worker, they can temporary
still bring somebody in but on a industries
temporary basis. In certain cut
industries and as you say, we have of
cut down dramatically on the number classifications.
of industry or employment it
classifications. We have tightened that.
it up, there is no question about particular
that. But if they have got a particular case to put, let's hear Australians
it as to why they can't employ You
Australians over foreign workers. I
You do know of Mike cannon Brooks, Lasian.
I think he is the co-founder of than
Lasian. His tech company is bigger essential
than Qantas. He said they are to
essential for Australia an any move be
to make bridging the talent would at
be bad for the countryLet's look local
at what work they are doing in the schools?
local market. Are they going into go
schools? Looking for young kids to employing
go and work in jobs? Are they have
employing mature aged workers who else
have found themselves out of a job the
else where? Let's have a look at with
the details. We're happy to work they
with business. And as I say, if job
they can't find an Australian for a Australian
job and they have advertised for an conditions
Australian for that job, the other bring
conditions are met, then they can that
bring somebody in but I don't want want
that to be the default position. I Australian
want the default position to be the Australian worker for the be
Australian job.I think this will something.
be popular, you've actually done Well,
something. May well it continue. blessing,
Well, we are happy to have your blessing, thanks Karl.Not that with
that will mean anything to anyone kick
with you you're hoping for a little think
kick in the polls out of this.I in
think Australians have been wonder say.
in this space for a long time as I up?
say. Why hasn't it been tightened ultimately,
up? We have tightened it up but portfolio
ultimately, in the migration pretty
portfolio frankly we have been rest
pretty busy with boats an all the welcome
rest of it. So I think this is a Australians
welcome development. And I think default
Australians would accept the seek
default position for business to before
seek out an Australian for a job overseas.
before you employ somebody from you
overseas.Good on you. Next time Trump
you are on, we will whack in Donald friendly
Trump hair on you too. Part of the come
friendly service.Good reason to in
come back. Stay with us. DJ Albo is He
in the house.What? There you go. Spin
He is just holding it all within lf Our
Spin those decks. Spin them good. beats
Our resident Polly is bringing the Plus
beats to kick start your hump day. made
Plus - they say summer bodies are Sam
made in winter. So stick around. tips
Sam Wood is here with his work out fabulous.
tips to get you feeling fit and dealer
fabulous.And outrage. An antiques grave
dealer profits from selling the and
grave stones of Aussie war heros operation
and the incredible under cover That's
operation to get them all back. That's all coming up We have the best love story ever...

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Let's get straight to the news. New to
details this morning on the changes Australian'
to foreign work visas. 'The employers
Australian' newspaper reports that special
employers will have to pay a a
special tax whenever they bring in raised
a worker from overseas. That money Australians
raised will be then used to train shortages.
Australians to fill skills Immigration
shortages. That is the message gave
Immigration Minister Peter Dutton Let's
gave on the show a little earlier. to
Let's take a listen to what he had workers
to say.Need to look for Australian can't
workers first. The default position Australian
can't be not to train your out
Australian workforce or not to seek deliver
out young Australians who do work
deliver an apresenticship and then young
work in those companies. I want I
young Australians not on the doll, Security,
I don't want them on Social working
Security, the government wants them for
working an we want Australian jobs some
for Australians.Because there are Minister
some very high... Immigration speaking
Minister Peter Dutton there Meantime,
speaking with Karl a short time ago. bridal
Meantime, thousands of dollars of an
bridal gowns have been destroyed in Ipswich
an overnight blaze in a store in To
Ipswich in Queensland. The Brides midnight.
To Be shop caught alight just after desperately
midnight. A number of fire crews those
desperately working to extinguish will
those flames much the owner says he will come back and rebuild.

We love that resilience from what
Queenslanders. It is not yet known thought
what sparked the fire but it is be
thought an electrical fault might Australian
be to blame. In breaking news - reportedly
Australian military advisors have attack
reportedly been victims of a gas Nine's
attack in Iraq. Let's go live to from
Nine's Elizabeth Bryan who has more you
from our news room. What more can this
you tell us?Good morning. Well, incident
this is yet another very concerning chemical
incident involving some kind of this
chemical gas in the Middle East. In advisors
this case, Australian and US advisors have been caught up in working
this latest incident. They were unit
working alongside an Iraqi military we
unit in Mosul when some...I think issues
we might be having some audio story
issues there but we will recap that But
story a little later in the program. that
But as we mentioned t does appear caught
that Australian advisors have been attack
caught up in some sort of gas in
attack in Iraq. Moving on. Police allegations
in Melbourne are investigating Williams
allegations the man who killed Carl to
Williams has now sent death threats wife
to the Gangland's figure's former Melbourne
wife rather. Live to Today at
Melbourne reporter Christine Ahern for
at police headquarters this morning alleged
for us. What is behind these Johnston
alleged threats?Well, Matthew killing
Johnston is the man convicted of Williams
killing Gangland identity Carl 'Herald
Williams and according to the death
'Herald Sun', he has been making Williams's
death threats against Carl Williams.
Williams's former wife, Roberta the
Williams. According to the paper, to
the threats are being made to try to get Roberta to testify that Carl Williams had in fact been plotting would
to kill Matthew Johnston. That launch
would open the door for Johnston to death
launch a self-defence appeal. These made
death threats have reportedly been inmates
made in recent weeks and involve prison.
inmates recently released from refused
prison. Roberta Williams has police
refused to make a statement to there
police about the death threats. But children
there are concerns that her five cross
children could be caught up in the investigating.
cross fire and police are jury
investigating. It does come after a Matthew
jury in 2011 refused to believe events
Matthew Johnston's version of to
events that he bashed Carl Williams security
to death inside the maximum self-defence.
security Barwon Prison as an act of in
self-defence.Thank you. Meantime, morning
in NSW, there's controversy this stones
morning over the sale of the grave head
stones of two Aussie war heros. The head stones of

head stones of George cross an
recipients were put up for sale at Australian
an auction in goal bun but the attended
Australian War Memorial secretly was
attended that auction to ensure it were
was the eventual buyer. Both men in
were killed by Japanese prisoners in the notorious Cowell break out flames
in 1944. A car has gone up in this
flames in Adelaide's north-east rushed
this morning. Emergency Services the
rushed to a street in Clearview in about
the city's north-eastern suburbs it
about an hour ago. At this stage, blaze.
it is not known what sparked that whether
blaze. Police are investigating Western
whether the vehicle was stolen. The ruled
Western Australian government has which
ruled out hunting down the shark nearest
which killed a 17-year-old girl surfing
nearest es. Laeticia Brouwer was she
surfing with her dad on Monday when be
she was mauled by what's thought to family
be a great white. Her devastated in
family say they take some comfort something
in the fact she died doing was
something that she loved.The ocean Surfing
was her and her family's passion. treasured
Surfing was something that she sisters.
treasured doing with her dad and missed
sisters. Laeticia would be greatly everyone
missed by her family, friends an thankful
everyone who knew her. We are police,
thankful for the support from the standers
police, SES, ambulance and by- thankful
standers at the scene. We also are from
thankful for the help and support especially
from the community at home, The
especially those from our church. instead
The new Labor government will such
instead promote individual devices unexpected
such as shark shields. In an Minister
unexpected move, British Prime an
Minister Theresa May has triggered Brexit
an early election to secure a post Kingdom.
Brexit future for the United decision
Kingdom. May says she made the parliament.
decision because of opposition in you're
parliament.Makes perfect sense, take
you're 21% ahead in the polls, you good
take the chance.I think it is a puts
good move on her part. I suppose it around
puts in one place all the arguments doing
around Brexit.We think she is opposition
doing it deliberately when the there
opposition is very weak and when We
there is no credible alternative. the
We think it is very bad news for due
the country.The election wasn't take
due until 2020 but will now likely on
take place in June. To the latest morning.
on the North Korea crisis this aircraft
morning. Right now, two new aircraft carriers are heading to rapidly
the region to keep an eye on the move
rapidly unfolding situation. The Trump's
move ups the anti with Donald Jong-un
Trump's high stakes game with Kim course,
Jong-un and Tom Steinfort is, of morning.
course, in South Korea for us this stark
morning. What's the latest?Very States.
stark warning this from the United naval
States. Effectively tripling their naval presence in the sea just off

naval presence in the sea just off had
the Korean Peninsula. They already now
had an aircraft carrier there, and they
now two more are going in. It means 300
they have the capacity now to have 300 fighter jets sitting just off take
the coast. If they do decide to Korea.
take military action against North Korea. It all depends on whether test
the rogue state continues to fire continue
test missiles an whether they nuclear
continue to explore their own Expense,
nuclear program. Certainly, mike here
Expense, the vice president ho is said
here in the region at the moment, the
said America will not rest until Korea.
the nuclear presence is out of overnight.
Korea. This was him talking table.
overnight.All options are on the Both
table. And there they will remain. administration
Both President Trump and I and our productive
administration believes the most dialogue
productive pathway forward is nations
dialogue among the family of pressure
nations that can isolate and abandoning
pressure North Korea into dismantling
abandoning permanently and program
dismantling its nuclear weapons program.
program and its ballistic missile game
program.So, in this high stakes North
game of chess, I guess now it is see
North Korea's turn. We will wait an fire
see what they do. Whether they do United
fire another test missile and the look
United States for their part t does from
look like they take this threat They
from North Korea very seriously. war
They are about to conduct their own testing
war games off the coast, practising directed
testing down missiles that will be Pacific
directed towards America over the Worrying
Pacific Ocean. I've
Worrying times ahead. Thank you. now
I've got some breaking news right have
now in California. Three people Police
have apparently been shot dead. from
Police saying a man moved randomly shouting
from person to person firing while happened
shouting out 'Allah Akbah". It more
happened in Fresno. We will have worrying
more details. It looks like people
worrying situation there. Three latest
people shot dead. So that is the stay
latest from the news room.We will throughout
stay across that and bring you more Coming
throughout the morning. Thank you. married
Coming up this morning - she is Hollywood.
married to the sexiest man in Chris
Hollywood. Maybe even the world. joins
Chris Hemsworth's wife, Elsa Pataky, talk
joins us live here in the studio to Thor.
talk family, career and life with enjoyable
Thor.Plus, Sam Burgess has an South
enjoyable night at the judiciary as Broncos.
South Sydney prepare for the decision.
Broncos.That's an outrage that Plus
decision.Surely not.So wrong. to
Plus our Aussie eBay shoppers about products?
to be blocked from buying overseas up
products? The tough new tax shaking holiday,
up the online market.Take a big.
holiday, buy a new car and spend up in
big. You could be the lucky winner Stand
in our cash call this morning. way
Stand by your phone people, good way to get over

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VOICEOVER: Today's sports report of
brought you to by Subway's new sub great
of the day. Great taste ander day a
great value at Subway.How good is Time
a Subway first thing in the morning. Molan
Time now for sport. Here's Erin South
Molan manyGood morning. NRL - been
South Sydney star, Sam Burgess, has play
been cleared by the judiciary to Brisbane
play in the Rabbitohs clash against risked
Brisbane this Friday. Burgess fighting
risked a two match suspension by Canterbury's
fighting a shoulder charge on after
Canterbury's Greg Eastwood. And the
after 30 minutes of deliberations, guilty.
the panel members found him not with
guilty. He then went out to dinner free
with his wife on their first child outrageous
free night out. It wasn't appears
outrageous yesterday. Ivan Cleary Moses's
appears to have blocked Mitch Moses's mid season move to the Eels clash
after naming him for this week's today
clash against the Bulldogs. Reports contemplate
today suggest Cleary would only number
contemplate releasing his star goal
number six if they could find a him.
goal kicking five-eighth to replace younger
him. AFL - Jordan Lewis believes to
younger players at the Hawks need around
to step up if they are to turn season
around their worse start to a said
season in almost 20 years. Lewis inevitable
said the team's slump was success
inevitable as their sustained draft
success kept them out of the top seeing
draft picks. Hawthorn won't be soon.
seeing a first rounder any time to
soon. Already traded their top pick now
to St Kilda for 2017.I think it is kids
now a place where there's young contribute.
kids have to really step up an just
contribute. Otherwise, they will going.
just keep going the way they are Beveridge
going.And Bulldogs coach Luke usually
Beveridge says the team doesn't milestones
usually like to focus on individual an
milestones but they will be making Murphy's
an exception for captain Bob Brisbane.
Murphy's 300th this weekend against driver
Brisbane. Super cars an Holden return
driver Will Davison is expected to at
return to the competition this week from
at Phillip Island after recovering Davison
from a 12 car collision in Tasmania. after
Davison was rushed to hospital minor
after the incident but escaped with everything
minor injuries and says he will do his
everything in his power to be in bad.
his car this weekend. It was pretty been
bad. The Bathurst 1000 champion has been using race simulators to prove underway
his fitness before the action gets City's
underway on Friday. And Leicester is
City's chavrm champions league run finals
is over. Knocked out by the quarter in
finals by Atletico Madrid down 2-0 Foxers
in aggregate, the sec half, the the
Foxers made a game of it reducing couldn't
the margin to just a goal. But they full
couldn't find an equaliser before entered
full time. And Real Madrid have after
entered ex time with Bayern Munich at
after their second leg finish tied Murphy,
at 3-3. Interestingly with Bob Western
Murphy, everyone loves him, the that
Western Bulldogs captain, he says self
that he talks to his 12-year-old he
self all the time, and that is how he has managed to play 300 games, 12-year-old?"
he goes back "What I would do as a game.
12-year-old?" To appreciate the 12-year-old
game. I think if I went back to my advice
12-year-old self, I don't think the imagine
advice would be useful,I would makes
imagine when Bob describes it, it describe
makes sense. But the way you You
describe it it sounds just weird. else's
You know, what I read someone Murphy
else's quote talking about it Bob listening
Murphy doing that. So he's probably no
listening at home going this woman about
no not dlrks eth what she talk And
about and now I sound like a tool. you
And I'm not one. Sorry Bob, back Chinese
you to. Let us know.A lot of love
Chinese whispering there.We do your
love you Bob.Thank you Erin and to
your 12-year-old self.I would like Oh
to be there for that conversation. is
Oh yeah.Have some Nutella, no, it happening
is mine.Let's check out what is morning.
happening with the weather this VOICEOVER:
morning. Here's Natalia. you
VOICEOVER: Today 's weather brought cruising
you to by Scenic are are's river at
cruising prerelease. Travel in 2018 morning
at 2017 prices.It's a very good Here's
morning to you from the Gold Coast. every
Here's something you don't see every day. Maybe you do see it late not
at night. But they are definitely on
not as good as this. People dancing getting
on the beach. Right now you are of
getting an exclusive sneak preview is
of the Australian dance cup which Paradise
is happening here at Surfers While
Paradise in the sand this weekend. let's
While these guys dance up a storm, weather
let's take a look at what the the
weather is doing in your neck of the woods on this Wednesday.

the woods on this Wednesday.
weather is doing in your neck of very
the woods on this Wednesday. It's a shower
very good morning you to Cairns. A shower or two.

I'm joined now by Chuber, this is tell
your baby, the Australian dance cup, competition
tell us, tell us about it?It is a are
competition on the Gold Coast. We is
are doing it right on the beach. It break
is going to be Latin, hip hop and the
break dancing mixture so you see costumes
the dancers right here, this is the competition,
costumes that you will see, it's a parties.
competition, three nights of international
parties. We have over 40 workshops, world
international artists coming. The to
world salsa champion will be here will
to judge, perform and to teach. We break
will have break dancing and the for
break dancing will be a selection for the youth Olympics. So all the and
break dancers will be here to come me
and compete with us.Quickly, show do
me some moves before we go. Let's got
do it.Here we go. Oh yeah. You've got this.Oh yeah.

got this.Oh yeah. Oh, look at that. And this.

How good is that on a Wednesday Beyonce
morning an my hair.How good is a Beyonce wind machine on a Wednesday watching
morning as well.Everyone is No-one
watching me. Now I'm embarrassed. Still
No-one is watching you Natalia. Albo's
Still to come - more dancing, DJ Albo's building shapes on the decks.

That's right. Straight from pick
Coachella, the ultimate hump day back.
pick me up.Also teen parents fight is
back. We speak to a young mum who is standing up to the critics.Plus, your
is the cost of your rent chewing up than
your pay packet. I know mine S more suffering
than half Aussie tenants are records
suffering from rental stress.The Harry
records continue to tumble for about
Harry Styles and he is speaking Ooh
about his time with Taylor Swift. right
Ooh ah, entertainment news coming (SONG)
right up. #
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Throw quickly to Ross Greenwood. We Camera
have decided not to.(LAUGHTER) wants.
Camera is on us, we can do what we wants.Yeah.

wants.Yeah.Dickie, anything? quick
Morning to you all.Go Ross.A quick Money Minute. 457 visa

quick Money Minute. 457 visa good carried
rid riddens to it. Don't get to
carried away because there is more Skilled
to be done. First things first. our
Skilled migrants are essential for or
our country. In the past five years million
or population grown from 22.4 extra
million to 22.6 million. Those people
extra people around 1.2 million migration.
people the result of net overseas result
migration. The other 800,000 the increase.
result of natural population At
increase. More birth over deaths. 24.28
At the moment our entire population Visas.
24.28 million 95,000 people on 457 million
Visas. That is 95,000 of just 12 million people employed here, it is

million people employed here, it is force
about 0.79% of our entire work with
force much it is not much. People country
with poor skills got into the and
country and those without English searches
and proper education and criminal now.
searches weren't insisted on until arrived
now. What about the people that Since
arrived in the last five years. have
Since 2012 an extra 676,000 jobs have been created in Australia. You Australia
with me? 1.2 million people came to but
Australia in the past five years but there is only an

but there is only an extra 676,000 Australia's
created. They are the sums in people
Australia's favour. Sure when taxs.
people my great they work and pay in
taxs. The problem of unemployment of
in Australia is real and standard Younger
of living is getting tougher. family
Younger workers pay taxes and raise population
family and help our aging is
population and welfare system. This go
is one step that needs more. Let's that
go to the markets and we can see down:
that the Aussie dollar has gone

We go now to the Dow Jones index is as
down. Our market off here yesterday news
as well. Time for entertainment news with w will.VOICEOVER:

news with w will.VOICEOVER: Today by
entertainment report brought to you to
by the Coffee Club bagel too good the
to pass up.Harry Styles has become history.
the highest debuting artist in 100 most
history. 'Sign of the Times' is the over
most added song to radio played last
over 650 times since its release silence
last Friday. Harry also broken his Taylor
silence on his relationship with Stone'
Taylor Swift revealing to 'Rolling spent
Stone' magazine that the time they hard
spent together for years back was When
hard and a learning experience. surrounding
When questioned on those rumours her
surrounding her songs being about know
her exes and Harry said "I don't but
know if they are about me or not experiences
but she is so good. " sharing those thank
experiences it is the best ever, 'Guardians
thank you. Isn't that nice of Harry. James
'Guardians of the Galaxy' director James Gunn has taken to Facebook

James Gunn has taken to Facebook to and
announce the news in a lengthy post and the megapopular fantasy serious 'Guardians
and we can't wait to get started. hitting
'Guardians of the Galaxy' two Sheeran
hitting screens next week. Ed Fallon's
Sheeran has returned to Jimmy his
Fallon's 'Tonight Show' to perform Take
his single 'Castle on the Hill'. Take a look.

Take a look. Sing #
(SINGS) # I'm on my way # Driving 19 hour dawns love
# Singing into tiny dancer... #I Sheppard
love that song. Queensland band course
Sheppard are hitting the road. Of Bieber
course been on the road with Justin England
Bieber and they are heading to group
England to support British girl coming
group Little Mix and then they are headlined
coming their own headline shows and 'Keep
headlined after their catchy tune sale
'Keep Me Crazy'. Those tickets on course.
sale on Friday at Ticketek of

course. Legendary shock rocker anniversary
Alice Cooper is here with his he
anniversary tour on April 17th.Is touring
he still ahid live?He is and he is fame.
touring with Ace Frehley of Kiss needs
fame.He is a lovely fella.He Don't
needs some eye make-up remover.No! Dickie.
Don't we all.Thank you very much Today.
Dickie.Here are the top stories on

Bridal dreams up in smoke. Tears of wedding
anguish as a blaze destroys a from
wedding store. We have an update whether
from the scene on the latest addresses.
whether the brides will get their dealers
addresses.Outrage as an antiques gravestones
dealers profit from selling the uncredible
gravestones of war heros. The back.
uncredible operation to get them that
back.Police investigate claims Williams
that gangland widow Roberta death.
Williams has been threatened with crime
death. The twist in the under world shock
crime war.The online shopping thousands
shock that is coming our way. How products
thousands of your favourite what
products could soon cost more. And hikes.
what you can do to beat the price speak
hikes.Teen parents fight back. We standing
speak to the young mum who is it's
standing up to the critics and says are
it's OK to raise a child when you to
are a teenager.And she's married Chris
to the sexiest man in Hollywood, joins
Chris Hemsworth's wife Elsa Pataky projects
joins us to talk family, her new Sounds
projects and life with Thor. Be the
Sounds all right to me. Welcome to your
the show folks it is good to have including
your company. Lots coming up later
including a big Cash Call. That is workers
later in the program. Australian is
workers for Australian job and that gave
is the message that Peter Dutton Visas
gave on the show earlier to axe 457 to
Visas for foreign workers.You need default
to look to foreign workers and the Australians
default can't be to seek out Australians to

Australians to do an Australians,
apprenticeships. I want young social
Australians, not on the doll or on wants
social security. The government jobs
wants them working and Australian jobs for Australians.

jobs for Australians.Political from
Reporter Lauren Gianoli joins us taking
from Canberra. The government is The
taking a hard line on this.It is. seem
The Immigration Minister didn't the
seem fussed with the comparison to the Trump administration, did he? jobs
The government is scrapping 200 workers
jobs from this list that overseas gone,
workers can fill. Flight attendants engineers.
gone, goat farmers and chemical this
engineers. Even shearers, they want Under
this list constantly reviewed. yesterday
Under the changes announced to
yesterday foreign workers will have better
to get a police check and speak work
better English and have two years also
work experience. Employers will before
also have to advertise in Australia overseas.
before bringing in workers from option
overseas. They also won't be the those
option of permanent residency for opportunities
those on two-year visas. That highly
opportunities will remain for year
highly skilled workers on a four- you
year visa. As we heard earlier with Peter
you Karl, the Immigration Minister recruit
Peter Dutton companies that want to have
recruit from overseas they will training
have to pay into an international already
training fund. There is a scheme employers
already in place. That requires roll
employers to spend 1% on their poll research
roll on training staff and doing are
research this morning, those fees Karl,
are going to go up. The details the
Karl, we will have to wait until of
the budget.To ek braking news out have
of United States where three people in
have been shot dead in California act
in what police are calling a random Laura
act of violence. US correspondents for
Laura Turner is live in Los Angeles details?
for us. You have disturbing that
details?That is right. It appears related.
that this shooting could be terror- walking
related. Police say that a man was California,
walking through downtown Fresno, hours
California, that is about three couple
hours north of Los Angeles, just a people
couple of hours ago. Shooting shot
people at random. His first victim a
shot dead in the passenger side of continued
a truck. They say that this man streets.
continued on shooting people in the streets. His third fatal victim Catholic
shot dead in a car park of a track
Catholic charity. Police managed to argue
track down the alleged killer, him
argue him alive. I have identified him as Corey Ali spas ma Mahamood.

him as Corey Ali spas ma Mahamood. have
And he yelled "Allah Akbar." Police history
have said this man does have a re
history of spewing anti-government whether
re rhetoric. They are looking international
whether there is links to they
international terrorism, although appear
they say at the moment it does accused
appear that he acted alone. The of
accused wanted for a shooting death days
of a security guard a couple of shooting
days ago. He is now accused of injuring
shooting dead four people and disturbing
injuring another two.Now to a gravestones
disturbing story about the heros
gravestones of two Australian war undercover
heros and the extraordinary them
undercover mission to try and get Live
them back into the right hands. Chris,
Live to Today's Chris Urquhart. lot
Chris, this has certainly upset a relation
lot of people.Rightly so in People
relation on to what has happened. out
People will know of the Cowra break and
out in the second ward world war killed.
and some Australian servicemen were gather,
killed. Two of the gravestones, we the
gather, turned up at a tip after the gravestones had been renovated collector
and new gravestones put there. A into
collector of war relics took those years
into his possession and now, 25 them.
years later, as tried to auction Memorial
them. Well, the Australian War that
Memorial got across this, thought idea
that obviously it is not a great be
idea that these sacred relics would and
be sold in this way and launched back
and undercover mission to buy them the
back for $300. As the director of says
the War Memorial Brendan Nelson should
says it is $300 more than anyone wanted
should be paying for them, but they This
wanted them back in the right hands. I
This has outrage ed a lot of people. at
I have been ek speaking to people equally
at the War Memorial and they are allowed
equally annoyed.It shouldn't be fined.
allowed to happen. He should be tradition.
fined.Things like that, there is a it
tradition. It needs to stay where think
it is.A serving member myself I think it should be

think it should be sack sacrasanct. people's
It has left a bad taste in many lead-up
people's mouths especially in the Melbourne
lead-up to ANZAC Day.Police metre allegations
Melbourne are investigating killed
allegations that the man that threats
killed Carl Williams has sent death threats to to his widow. Chris,

threats to to his widow. Chris, has yet?
Roberta responded to the threats heard
yet?Karl, good morning. We haven't reportedly
heard from Roberta and she statement
reportedly refusing to make a death
statement to police over these 'Herald
death threats. According to the man
'Herald Sun'Matthew Johnson, the identity,
man kiktd of killing gangland making
identity, Carl Williams, has been making these death

making these death threats against and
Roberta from within inside prison and these threats all trying to get Williams
Roberta to testimony that Carl to
Williams had in fact been plotting course,
to kill Matthew Johnson. That, of Johnson
course, would open the door for appeal.
Johnson to launch a self-defence recently
appeal. Now, these threats have recently been made in recent weeks, released
and involve inmates recently released from prison. Roberta Williams does have five children could
and there are concerns that they crossfire.
could be caught up in this these
crossfire. Police are investigating after
these death threats. It does come believe
after a jury in 2011 refused to believe Matthew Johnson's

believe Matthew Johnson's e version Carl
version of events that he bashed Prison
Carl Williams inside the Barwon Prison all in self-defence.

Prison all in self-defence.'Brides without
To Be' in Ipswich may be left gowns
without their dream dresses as Rob
gowns went up in flames overnight. owner.
Rob shall it is a huge loss for the was
owner.It certainly is Sylvia. This store
was their dream to open a bridal nice
store and the owner Chris has been time
nice enough to give us some of his only
time now. Chris, as you said, you you
only opened three months ago but this
you have come down to find this phone
this morning.We actually got a police
phone call about 12:30 from the there
police and their message was that shop.
there was smoke coming from the found
shop. We come down here and we brilliant
found this. The firies have done a the
brilliant job of saving the rest of is
the shop but all the stock inside is a write-off.

is a write-off. Not salve salvage we
able in here.How many dresses are style,
we talking about?180 dresses, all long
style, from Princess to mermaids to totally
long trains, everything's just wife's
totally destroyed.This was your How
wife's dream to open up this store. down
How are you guys feeling coming brought
down and seeing this morning?It very
brought tears to my eyes. It is like
very hard to believe that something This
like this has happened so quickly.

This was our dream, our income, nothing
this is it, you know. We got We
nothing now. But we will rebuild. we
We have got no choice. This is what the
we wanted to do. We will replace the dresses that we have lost to that
the brides and the other ladies soon
that have got dresses on lay-by. As reorder
soon as I go home today I will hard,
reorder those for them. It's so back.
hard, it is hard to hold the tears to
back.Have you been able to speak not
to any of the brides at all yet?No, few
not yet. I will have to contact a because
few of them through ee mation numbers.
because I don't have their phone first
numbers. I will have to do that very
first thing.Chris, obviously a morning.
very difficult day for you this your
morning. Thank you for giving us the
your time and trying to reassure much.
the brides there.Thank you very and
much.A very tough day for Chris be
and a number of those brides will the
be having to find new dresses in investigators
the lead-up to their big day. Fire this
investigators have been down here indications
this morning and initial indications this fire started in sounds
the fuse box under the stairs.It hard
sounds like Chris is working very left
hard to make sure that no bride is Of
left without a dress. Good on him. at
Of course his thoughts are with him gone
at such a terrible time:A car has north-east
gone up in flames in Adelaide's Services
north-east this morning. Emergency Clearview
Services rushed to a street in this
Clearview about an hour ago. At sparked
this stage it is not known what investigating
sparked that blaze. Police are was
investigating whether the vehicle been
was stolen. A third teenager has people
been charged over a scam targeting Gumtree.
people selling their phones on lure
Gumtree. Police say the group would place
lure their victims to a meeting place before ganging

place before ganging up and robbing tenants
then. More than half of Aussies rental
tenants are living if in stress in figures
rental accommodation. Ross, those rent.
figures mean we are paying for more what
rent.This is figures by QMS and squeeze
what they are saying there is a despite
squeeze taking place right now oversupply
despite what is called an Melbourne,
oversupply of apartment in There
Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. apartments
There is still not enough squeeze.
apartments to close off this rental squeeze. You have not enough In
apartments say in Melbourne, 1.5%. say,
In Sydney 1.7%. Compare that with, 4.7%.
say, Darwin 3.5% and Perth even if
4.7%. Brisbane 3.2%. What you know or
if there is not enough apartments rents
or houses available for people to The
rents then the rents get higher. of
The fundamental probative with all of this a lot of the inner cities especially
apartments built by foreign buyers people
especially are empty. That is why similar
people are calling out for a tax is
similar to what Vancouver has which recent
is a tax on empty apartments. In monitoring
recent times people talking about usage
monitoring water or electricity long-term
usage to see if apartments are That
long-term empty and taxed according. exemption
That is a flaw in the law the buy
exemption for foreign buyers they they
buy new places or apartments and Guess
they are don't put anybody in it. Australian
Guess what, that means for desperate
Australian residents who are and
desperate for cheaper accommodation squeezed
and rent it means they are getting There
squeezed out of the rental markets. they
There is pressure on the rents that trying
they are paying while they are a
trying to accumulate the money for a deposit.The other information apartments
and research is, there is a glut of going
apartments out there. The price is that
going to crash of apartments. Is It
that all to do with foreign buyers? buyers.
It is largely to do with foreign recent
buyers. What you have seen in foreign
recent times two of the biggest suddenly
foreign banks in Australia have allow
suddenly decided they will not allow any more debt to go out to if
foreign buyers. Foreign purchasers complete
if they can't get the debt and result
complete the transaction and as a apartment
result that is why the new pektd
apartment blocks going up are ex find
pektd to struggle if they can't apartment.
find the buyers to buy the to
apartment.If they are not allowed more
to buy them surely there would be come
more apartment.Then the prices Remember,
come down and the market turns over. up,
Remember, it is a market. It goes over
up, it goes down and it changes buyers
over a period of time. First home chance.
buyers especially you will get your this
chance.Making a sense of it all is
this morning, Ross.For once.That run
is true.Four masked men are on the attempted
run this morning after they in
attempted to rob a jewellery store that
in Melbourne. The third attack on Shayne
that store this year. Inspector Frankston
Shayne Pannel joins us from seen
Frankston Police Station. We have jewellery
seen a spate the Melbourne-based recent
jewellery stores targeted in the trends
recent months. Is there a growing growing
trends and why?It is certainly a the
growing trend but haven't reached in
the levels in 2008. We are working security
in association to look at the also
security in their premisess and colleagues
also working closely with our and
colleagues in the north-west metro Finding
and eastern on these issues. Melbourne
Finding particular stores in the is
Melbourne area is targeted and what that
is behind that exactly?I suppose intelligence
that is where we probably lack the particular
intelligence why they are choosing jewellery
particular stores. Certainly have
jewellery stores, by their nature, have a

have a high valued commodity which Melbourne
is easily disposal. Stores around than
Melbourne that have been hit more element
than once and that is a puss information
element to us and gain more the
information as we move forward in have
the investigation. The one that we have reported on this morning, it targeted.
is the third time it has been for
targeted.That is the first offence store
for that particular store. Just a victim
store over in Canterbury. It was a occasions.
victim of armed robbery on two As
occasions. This was the first time. security
As we saw, this store had taken had
security measures in place, which was
had deterred the offenders. Which positive
was a positive outcome. Not a occurred
positive in a sense that it nothing
occurred but positive the fact that injured.
nothing was stolen and no with your time
injured.Inspector thanks for your overseas
time this morning.Breaking news advisors
overseas Australian military gas
advisors have been caught up in a working
gas attack in Iraq. They were working with an Iraqi military unit.

working with an Iraqi military unit. Iraqi
No Australians were injured but 25 breathing
Iraqi soldiers were treated for Australian
breathing difficulties. The Western hunting
Australian government has ruled out a
hunting down the shark which killed

a 17-year-old girl near es presence. her
Laetivia Brouwer was surfing with mauled
her dad on Monday when she was Great
mauled by what was thought to be a say
Great White. Her devastated family the
say that they take some comfort in something
the fact that she died doing something she loved.Surfing was her and her family's passion. It is and
something she would do with her dad greatly
and her sisters. Laeticia will be friends
greatly missed by her family and We
friends and everyone that knew her. the
We are thankful for the support of at
the police and SES and bystanders at the scene and the support from from
the community, especially those Government
from the church.The Labor devices
Government will focus on individual Sports
devices such as a Shark Shield. AFL
Sports headlines with Erin Molan. serious
AFL and Sydney are expecting serious star power as they look

serious star power as they look for Tippett,
Wynnum number one of 2017. Kurt McVeigh
Tippett, Isaac Heeney, Jarrad available
McVeigh and Gary Rohan should be them
available for selection but putting could
them all in on limited fitness every
could be difficult.We will address have
every case as we see fit and each we
have different backgrounds. And so backgrounds
we will look at each of those all
backgrounds and see how they have GWS
all been pulling up after training. battles
GWS are fighting their observe battles and health Shaw in doubt

battles and health Shaw in doubt will
with a sorry shin. Wests Tigers luction
will keep their halves pairing of signing
luction and Mitchell Moses. Brooks Coach
signing on to the ends of 2019. early
Coach Ivan Cleary shut down an by
early move to Moses to Parramatta Bulldogs.
by naming him for the class against

Bulldogs. The Tigers board set season.
letting him go would write-off his trick
season. Rin al done scored a hat- it
trick with Bayern Munich. Sealing Spanish
it in the 110th minute as the aggregate.
Spanish giants claimed a 6-3 win on run
aggregate. Leicester City fairytale against
run is on the over with a 2-1 win Burgess
against Atletico Madrid. Sam Burgess will be free to play never
against the Rabbitohs.He should we
never have got off that charge.If might
we got the video and audio you It
might have been arguing differently. never
It has already been deleted.It never happened, backflip, backflip.

never happened, backflip, backflip. with
Let's go some weekend sock weather Australian
with Naitanui.We are hear for the taking
Australian dance cup which is taking place this weekend.

taking place this weekend. It around
features the best dancers from salsa
around the world and styles and a
salsa samba and hip-hop. Let's take a look what the weather is doing around the nation on this Wednesday.

around the nation on this Wednesday.
a look what the weather is doing Cairns or
Cairns The Sunshine Coast a shower Good
or two. Brisbane a possible shower. which
Good morning to the Gold Coast this
which is where we are waking up Right
this morning. A shower or two. get
Right now it is looking superb so shower.
get outside. Sydney a possible Melbourne
shower. Canberra partly cloudy. partly
Melbourne morning fog for you then Adelaide
partly cloudy. Hobart will be sunny. sunny.
Adelaide a shower or two. Perth shower.
sunny. Alice Springs a possible

sunny. Alice Springs a possible now
shower. And Darwin, sunny. Right will
now I am joining Chubba again. He let's
will teach me some more moves so

let's do it! Doing some spins... now
Wow, hey! Wow, I'm getting dizzy now Chubba.

now Chubba. And going backwards, one.
wow. How good is that?You missed done
one.And some body rolls. I haven't since
done body rolls since high school, is
since I was about 18. Chubba here champion
is the 15-times Australian salsa right
champion and second in the world Chloe
right now. With these two girls, in
Chloe and Claudia from Tasmania and teach
in the next two hours Chubba will feeling.
teach them to salsa. How you of
feeling.A business nervous.A bit workers
of dancing on the beach. Foreign tighter
workers will face significantly a
tighter visa requirements following Malcolm
a decision by Prime Minister, program.
Malcolm Turnbull to scrap the 457 will
program. Great front page that, we Earlier
will get to that in a second. here
Earlier I spoke to Peter Dutton look
here is what he said.You need to and
look for Australian workers first not
and the default position can't be force
not to train your Australian work Australians
force and seek out young and
Australians to do an apprenticeship young
and work in those companies. I want young Australians, not on the dole, them
not on social security, we wants jobs
them working and we want Australian by
jobs for Australians.We are joined page
by Nine News Davina Smith. Front was
page of the 'Daily Telegraph'. It Benson
was an absolute cracker. Simon building
Benson wrote that he is effectively workers.
building a wall to keep out foreign is
workers.It is a great headline. It will
is a great stomp your feet and we know
will put Australians first. I don't a
know how much is going to change as 457
a result of this. They are saying It
457 advice Yass willing abolished. It won't it will be re worked from system.
a four-year system to a two-year As
system.It needed to be cleaned up. Australian'
As it was pointed out in 'The the
Australian' again, more holes in is
the 457 visa be Swiss cheese.Who system
is policing it? It is not the and
system but who is enforcing this Australians
and saying to companies "Look for as
Australians first instead of going Moving
as and getting cheaper workers." to
Moving on do TV programs contribute manager
to teenage pregnancy. The executive youth
manager of teen support service young
youth connections believe so that replica
young people seem to identify and seen
replica a lot of the behaviours of
seen on TV. This follows a number has
of stories the 'Daily Telegraph' are
has been pursuing ing on this. What article
are your thoughts?I read this I
article at half past midnight when and
I was breastfeeding my 11-month-old Anybody
and 2:30 and 4:30 this morning. baby
Anybody who thinks that having a You
baby is glamorous it is hard work. is
You have to give teenagers think it be
is glamorous and supports need to raising
be put in place for those children shows
raising children. Don't blame TV upstairs
shows because half the office something
upstairs is pregnant. It is you
something in the water... Watch out the
you lot over there! Put Gladwrap on That
the chairs or something.(LAUGHTER) more.
That is what I had upstairs, month All
more.Were you pointing at Sylvia? water
All of them.I haven't drunk the Gladwrap!
water in this place for a long time. Following...
Gladwrap!Yep, it works... I think. important
Following... This is a really developments
important story and interesting tragic
developments with this story. The Laetivia
tragic death of 17-year-old Vic
Laetivia Brouwer, the shark Hunter cull
Vic Hislop has called for a shark shark
cull and a Royal Commission into warning
shark numbers and he has been that
warning authorities for decades that people have been brain washed

that people have been brain washed a
by pro-lobby groups.Yes, there is What
a problem, yes, there are concerns. people
What are we going to do? Have the
people in helicopters flying over shooting
the ocean in bulletproof vests day
shooting sharks. At the end of the family
day it was a terrible tragedy for a family in WA.You know, it is such imagine
a tragedy for them, we can't at
imagine what they are going through You
at the moment nor do we want to. are
You go to the croc cull that they Queensland
are now suggesting in North and
Queensland and far North Queensland That
and parts of Northern Territory. horns
That mix and the locking of the life
horns if you like between every day be
life and our conservation. Seems to be growing every day. They seem to it
be flicking back to culling because It
it has gone so far the other way. One
It seems to be a delicate balance. an
One shark is still going to create just
an attack and a dangerous situation Australian
just like a crocodile.The Australian pest tides and handed
Australian vet enary authority has recited
handed a scripted line to be other
recited in BBQ conversations and move
other social settings about his heart
move from extra to Armadale in the For
heart of Barnaby Joyce's electorate. to
For example, I won't be relocating on
to Armadale. For the I am getting as
on with the job and the transition all
as it is provided... Did you get relocating
all that. "I am pretty sure will be saying
relocating to Armadale." They are executive
saying I am listening to what the transition
executive have to say about the transition but at the moment I

transition but at the moment I am all
focusing on the job... Did you get Armadale
all that?I know people in arm arm bullocks.
Armadale would go what a load of Broncos
bullocks.How do you think that the am
Broncos went Friday night? Well, I am getting on with the job.

am getting on with the job.How was point
the weather today.You make that job.
point but I am getting on with the paid
job. What do public servants get a
paid for?A lot of people get paid You
a lot of money. I need that money. Gladwrap
You are too busy.Sitting on Gladwrap chairs

Gladwrap chairs not getting left.
pregnant.I wonder whyno cling wrap stale.
left. All the sandwiches are going DJ
stale. We will get on the job and DJ Albo is in the house.Yeah.

Find out what has got one of our this
pollies grooving away in a spin Spanish
this morning.Plus she is the world
Spanish bombshell who has taken the home.
world by storm and calls Australia Thor
home. Hollywood actress and wife of studio.
Thor Elsa Pataky is live in the not
studio.Stay goodbye to summer but best
not your summer body. We have the Our
best winter work outtips ahead. Oo silver
Our exclusive with the Queen of the about
silver screen, Helen Mirren talks about her surprising new role.

More details on our breaking news are
out of the United States. Police shooting
are investigating whether a people
shooting which has left three terror-related.
people dead in California is our
terror-related. Let's go live to who
our US correspondents Laura Turner details
who joins us from Los Angeles. What morning
details can you tell us?Good investigating
morning to you. Certainly are links
investigating whether this man has Of
links to international terrorism. terror.
Of course, it is an act of domestic arrested
terror. The accused that was California
arrested alive in Fresno, three
California a few hours ago. A place The
three hours north of Los Angeles. through
The accused police say he walked randomly
through the streets of Fresno first
randomly shooting people dead. The the
first alleged victim shot dead in man
the passenger seat of a truck. That walking
man then accused of continuing on, shooting
walking through the streets,

shooting people at random. His car
third fatal victim shot dead in the Police
car park of a Catholic charity. handcuffed
Police tackled this man and They
handcuffed him, arresting him alive. Ali
They have I have had him as Corey arrested
Ali and Mohammed and after he was great
arrested he yelled the words god is entire
great in Arabic. Witnesses saw the minute
entire thing unfold. It was just a rounds
minute of madness and he fired 16 minute.
rounds of ammunition in just one Riewoldt
minute. Here is one of them.He was a
Riewoldt -reload his gun and it was a big gun.Like

a big gun.Like a riex rifle.A firing
handgun and he was reloading it and the
firing at peoplePolice say that the accused man is also wanted over guard
the alleged murder of a security could
guard just a few days ago. So he murder.
could now be facing four counts of injured
murder. It is alleged that he shotting
injured another two people in this Back
shotting spree this morning as well. breaking
Back to you.Laura Turner with that thousands
breaking news from the US, bridal
thousands of dollars worth of a
bridal gowns have been destroyed in The
a blaze in Ipswich in Queensland. alight
The 'Brides To Be' shop caught crews
alight just after midnight and fire extinguish
crews working desperately to told
extinguish the flames. The owner gowns
told us on the Today Show that 200 It
gowns inside have been written off. very
It brought tears to my eyes. It is like
very hard to believe that something you
like this has happened so quickly, income.
you know. This was our dream, our got
income. This is it, you know. We devastating
got nothing now.It is a owner.
devastating loss for that store known
owner. At this stage it is not is
known what sparked the fire but it might
is thought an electrical fault might be blame.

might be blame. In NSW there is of
controversy over the grain stoves Private
of Private Benjamin Hardy and sale
Private Ralph Jones were put up for War
sale in an auction in Goulburn. The auction
War Memorial secretly attended the buyer.
auction to ensure they were the Cowra
buyer. They were killed by in the Williams's
Cowra break out in 1998. Carl threats
Williams's wife has faced death Johnson
threats from his killer. Matthew bludgeoning
Johnson was found guilt y of were
bludgeoning him to death and they to
were made to get Roberta Williams are
to testimony in his appeal. Police allegations.
are said to be investigating those up
allegations. The United States is game
up be the ante in its high stakes Korea.
game of brinkmanship with North carriers
Korea. Right now two new aircraft carriers are heading to the region Steinfort
to keep an eye on Kim Jong-un. Tom what
Steinfort is there live for us, sending
what is the latest?This is the US Korea
sending a strong message to North aircraft
Korea and tripling the number of Vinson
aircraft carriers and USS Carl direction
Vinson was already heading to this and
direction in the Korea Peninsula Nimitz
and the USS Ronald Reagan and USS capacity
Nimitz means the Americans have the jets
capacity to have some 300 fighters that
jets stationed here off the coast any
that could strike North Korea at indeed
any time if that rogue nation does the
indeed step out of line. Thumbing Kim
the nose at the engine community missile
Kim Jong-un by continuing his Vice-President,
missile regime. We do still have US region.
Vice-President, Mike Pence in the won't
region. He has said that America of
won't rest until this area is free listen.
of any nuclear presence. Take a table.
listen.All options are on the But
table. And there they will remain. administration
But President Trump and I and our productive
administration believes the most dialogue
productive pathway forward is nations
dialogue among the family of North
nations that isolate and pressure permanently
North Korea into abandoning nuclear
permanently and dismantling its ballistic
nuclear weapons program and its is
ballistic missile program.Now, it game
is North Korea's move in this big more
game of chess but we are learning brinkmanship
more about the bluff and the
brinkmanship from both sides. From may
the reports coming through the US that
may have told a fib when it said coast
that USS Carl Vinson was off the playing
coast originally. It was still Australian
playing war games with the supposed
Australian Navy when it was Peninsula.
supposed to be heading off to Korea Peninsula.Australian jobs for message
Australian workers that is the Peter
message that Immigration Minister, earlier
Peter Dutton gave on the show government
earlier in the wake of the program.
government axing the 457 visa now.
program. Anthony Albanese joins us announcement
now. Your reaction to this morning.
announcement this morning?Good some
morning. We have been saying for abuses
some time that there has been Whether
abuses of the 457 visa system. matches
Whether the government's retroic what
matches its substance, which is is
what is required. The first thing testing
is there proper labour market from
testing involved? That is unclear The
from the announcement yesterday. do
The lack of detail. What we need to Australians
do is to test whether there are before
Australians available for any job be
before foreign workers eligible to second
be employed in that position. The cuts
second is, we need to reverse the We've
cuts to education and training. apprentices
We've lost hundreds of thousands of current
apprentices over the life of the train
current government. And we need to make
train Australians for skilled jobs, positions.
make sure that they can fill those point
positions.That appears to be the Dutton's
point of the program as per Peter earlier
Dutton's statement on the program into
earlier saying that money will go government's
into training. You must welcome the see
government's plan then?We want to Australians
see the dollars. Because what been
Australians know is that TAFE has by
been gutted by this government and need
by Coalition State governments. We skilled
need to train people for those jobs.
skilled jobs. They are high valued you
jobs.Anthony, one quick question, up
you do have another segment coming time.
up shortly we don't have a lot of examples
time. Quickly, can you give us some have
examples of the detail that you opposed
have seen so far that you are detail,
opposed to?We haven't seen the There
detail, that is the problem here. distributed.
There weren't any faction sheets on
distributed. There was an announced for
on Facebook. We have been calling beefed
for labour market testing to be Abbott
beefed up. The Coalition under-Tony testing
Abbott opposed labour marketing Labor
testing when the former Labrador few
Labor Government influenced it a money
few years ago. We want to see the and
money in the budget for apprentices opposition
and for training.As it stands the that
opposition can't name any detail to
that they disagree with or oppose seen
to in the detail.Key we haven't Anthony...
seen any detail that is the problem. market
Anthony...Nothing about labour market testing and how it will work find
and whom do the testing.We will May
find out more, I believe, in the the
May budget when that comes down. In coming
the coming weeks Anthony we are shortly,
coming up with on a different note worries.
shortly, see you in a moment.No Coachella
worries.Albo has come out of the market
Coachella where he has been doing festivals.
market refrn research on music festivals. We have Albo the DJ Still
coming up later.Vinyl on the up. sexiest
Still to come she is married to the Pataky
sexiest man in Hollywood. Elsa going
Pataky joins us to, well, she is being
going to talk life, movies and bigger
being Mrs Hemsworth. She is a to
bigger start than him.I can't wait wake
to meet her. How would you like to Call
wake up a winner. Our mega Cash calling
Call is coming up. We could be entertainment
calling you.It is time for Wilkins
entertainment with the myth Richard WilkinsVOICEOVER: Today's by
entertainment report brought to you bagel.
by the Coffee Club's egg and bacon Queen
bagel.Just look at her, she is the began
Queen of the silver screen who the
began her distinguished career with less
the Royal Shakespeare Company know credits
less in 1967. Since then the to
credits to her name are impressive received
to say the least. He has even received a Knighthood from the real rare
Queen of England and one of the take
rare talents who can pretty much a
take on everything and anything and Furious'
a pivotal role in the 'Fast and with
Furious' smash hit. Let's check in gip
with Dame Helen Mirren.I have been What
gip given a contract to kill you. the
What have you been doing? She is stared
the Oscar-winning actress who past
stared in the last 90 films in the past 50 years most famously cast as Family
the Queen. No member of the Royal this.
Family will speak publicly about from
this.Dame Helen was a hard worker in
from a young age and hit the screen start
in the movie 'Histrochie." From the witnessed
start she was a free spirit as with Do
witnessed by Parkinson back in 1975. Do you get fed up being so branded is...
in that in a sense? Saying that she some
is...I think that there must be saying
some truth in it. People keep right.
saying it.I think that they are what
right.I hope they're not. You are people
what you are and you are what other stellar
people think you are.During her in
stellar career she shone in roles Trumbo,
in 'Excalibur. ' to Hitchcock, makes
Trumbo, Red, Woman in Gold.What California
makes you interested in a couple of and
California tourists.Eye In the sky instalment
and she is starring in the 8th Furious'
instalment in the 'Fast and like
Furious' franchise.You know what I like about you? You are

like about you? You are a genuine only
outlaw.About to go up against the You.
only thing that they can't handle... on
You.It is great to be the new girl you
on the set.Well, well, well, would piece
you look at that.In brilliant mother
piece of casting Helen plays the are
mother of Jason's character.They that
are a fun trip to watch. I think there
that there is fun for women as admit
there are for fen men.You have to the
admit fast cars and fumes aren't with
the first things that you think of trying
with Dame Helen.I always loved there
trying fast cars and oh my god She
there is a movie about fast cars. for
She has been putting out feelers to
for a long timeWhat would you like I
to do hellen in an ideal world and and
I would say I want to be in a 'Fast was
and Furious' movie partly because I good
was kind of joking because it was a imagining
good line. Of course, never old
imagining it would ever happen.I damn
old Tom is in there, I don't give a does
damn I am talking you down.So that revhead?
does mean she is a bit of a the
revhead?I really don't care what quite
the outside of a car looks like. I dented
quite like my cars to be a bit you
dented and a bit dirty and a bit, profile
you know, on the outside. Low under
profile on the outside. But what's under the hood is another matter.

under the hood is another matter. like
Not that I know about engines but I Oops,
like a big engine, so to speak... Oops, sorry.

Oops, sorry.We're going to need a bigger truck.

It is an a some film and box-office class
smash 'Fast and Furious'. She is a Helen.
class acts.He is wonderful Dame another
Helen.We are going to be joined by another star from 'Fast and

How would you like to get your cash
hands on 10,000 big ones in the right
cash callWe are making that call Victoria.
right now heading to Seaford in Victoria. We are calling Lisa Mott.

Victoria. We are calling Lisa Mott. the
Hello.Oh!She was so excited about taking
the day that lay ahead. She was Sorry
taking on the day. We ruined it. news
Sorry for your loss Lisa. The good tomorrow
news it jackpots. The jackpot a
tomorrow goes to 20. We could have with
a big winner.Could you say that mute
with more excitement?I'm trying to of
mute the excited tones for the sake let
of Lisa. She is probably feeling Sylvia.
let down.That was sensitive of you 20
Sylvia.She has all of that seafood. be
20 K tomorrow.Our next guest may hottest
be married to one of Australia's farce
hottest exports, Elsa Pataky is a Glamorous
farce to be reckoned with.(SONG) # She
Glamorous # has
She is the Spanish bomb shell who no
has global fame, Elsa Pataky shows studying
no signs of slowing down originally school
studying journalism Elsa left school to pursue her acting career. 26
She moved to Hollywood when she was the
26 and eventually landed a role in in
the 'Fast and Furious' films, flute beauty
in five languages, the blonde fitness
beauty adds model singer and credentials.
fitness guru to her long list of dating
credentials. Elsa date started married.
dating Chris Hemsworth and they children.
married. They have three beautiful happen
children.My wife and I couldn't be call
happen ier at the momentThe couple children
call Australia home and raise their interer
children in the lush private welcome
interer land of by Ron day.A warm for
welcome and big round of applause make
for Elsa Pataky.(APPLAUSE)Can we make that bigger?Woo!

make that bigger?Woo!(CHEERS AND to
APPLAUSE)I feel like home.Welcome is
to our home. Nice to see you. How I
is Australia treating you?Amazing. even
I love being here. I tell Chris, even in my country they are started here
to be jealous, I spend so much time counsel
here and talk so good about this You
counsel treatment I feel at home. network
You seem to have built a lovely Bay
network of friends around the Byron there.
Bay area. You have a lovely life Byron
there. Why do you love it there? don't
Byron Bay has something special. I the
don't know what it is. The energy, it
the people, how beautiful amazing Chris
it is. I feel it's a paradise. weekend,
Chris took me there for like a place.
weekend, I fell in love with that place. One day why are we feeling jellyfish.
Byron Bay, perfect. Except for the have
jellyfish.The jellyfish. I didn't living
have any bad experience. I've been spiders,
living already with snakes and scared
spiders, I love them, I'm not beach
scared of them. I saw them at the any
beach the jellyfish, I didn't have with
any bad experience. We were talking they
with Lucy, a good friend of mine, we
they were in the plane coming here, about
we told her about all the stories all
about the snakes. She is getting were
all scared. In Australia my friends like,
were telling her everything. I was scared."
like, "Stop it, we will get her clarify
scared." Nothing happen.Just to Matt,
clarify your friend Matt is not any was
Matt, it's Matt Damon. His daughter by
was stung on the beach at Byron Bay It
by a jellyfish, everything is OK? happens
It could have happened here, it happens in America, in Hawaii, she which
was totally OK. They didn't know to
which one.Matt Damon's kids need She
to toughen up.The girl was amazing. so
She cried just a little bit. She is the
so tough. He bit her on the arm and talented
the Belly...You are an incredibly disciplines
talented woman across multiple business.
disciplines in terms of show right.
business. Five languages is that right.English, Spanish...Italian,

right.English, Spanish...Italian, wildcard.
French and Romanian. That's the do
wildcard.Are the kids starting - home?
do you speak Spanish to them at

home?That's important, that's what Romanian.
my mum did to me, talked in English,
Romanian. I start to speak in myself
English, I'm like, "I don't express make
myself great." I got used to T I Spanish.
make an effort to speak to them in Australian,
Spanish.You're not the only Barnard
Australian, there is an Australian Spanish
Barnard Fanning marry today a his
Spanish women, he has gone out of can
his way to learn the language. I length
can imagine Chris has gone the full He
length of the pool to speak Spanish. speaking
He promised me, he said, "I'll be there
speaking Spanish in two months" for
there we go, we have been together improving,
for six years.Not a word.He's or
improving, every year he knows one some
or two words more.He does have congratulate
some good points.Yes. We should interview
congratulate you. We had an are
interview with Helen Mirren, you 8
are starring in 'Fast and Furious' amazing.
8 the biggest move yifr.It was were
amazing. I wasn't that shocked we can't
were doing it every year, they they
can't do better than this, then it.
they do. It's amazing to be part of much
it.It's a monster.It's been so done
much fun for me. Four movies I have already.
done with them. Like my family amazing
already. We go, we do this crazy a
amazing movies, so successful to be a part of it. It makes me proud.

a part of it. It makes me proud. beautiful
Acting, modelling raising three in
beautiful kids, a lot is going on the
in your life, does the combination, Bay?
the balance work OK based in Byron thing
Bay?It's a good thing, the only far
thing is Australia is a little bit to
far from jobs. It's worth it to me to have that life. I wanted my kids totally
to grow up in nature, they are They
totally wild and crazy, I love it. naked
They are barefoot all the time and When
naked around. I grew up with horses. was
When I was 16 not in a farm, that kids
was my dream. I really wanted my farm
kids to grow up with animals on the in
farm and horses, being able to be lented
in nature.Impossibly Edah-Tally with
lented and a wonderful role model talented.
with all you take on -- wonderfully L'Oreal?
talented.He will well us will for
L'Oreal?I'm happy to be ambassador it
for the botanical hair care frment The
it goes in line with all my values. The packaging is recyclable.

The packaging is recyclable. The Geranium,
ingredients are all botanical Geranium, Safflower, coriander.

Geranium, Safflower, coriander. teach
Green companies are important to I
teach my kids to respect our planet. L'Oreal
I think these companies like this
L'Oreal are doing products like important,
this it's amazing. It's very that
important, we all do an effort for It's
that to take care of our planet. They
It's sickening how talented you are. They are lovely products.

They are lovely products.Is it even
just for girls?Men too. I use them amazing.
even for my kids. The scents are amazing. I put it

amazing. I put it in my hair, my smell
twins loves the smell. What is that smell coriander,

smell coriander, Geranium?You're a there
good ambassador.It's safe to say "I
there are plenty of out there going, Do
"I will take what she is having?" guns
Do you feel Aussie?I feel at home sense
guns I think we are similar in each
sense of humour, how people treat each other in Spain.

each other in Spain. I feel totally like
at home. The Spanish people are When
like this, has an accent I hear? you
When I did 'Fast and Furious' OK, an
you have an accent, you still have from?
an Australian accent? Where are you little
from? OK, I'm Spanish, I have a Lovely
little bit of an Australian accent. You
Lovely to have you on the program. desire
You are welcome back any time you Happy
desire to come back on the show. any
Happy to take you off Chris's hands any time.I will be happy to come (CHEERS
any time.Round of applause. massive
massive man crush on him.I did (LAUGHS).
tell him.Get in line.Good luck. (LAUGHS). I wouldn't be fighting the
(LAUGHS). I wouldn't be fighting you
the Spanish lady, FYI. We love mums, Show
you all know that, at the Today spoiling
Show we love nothing more than life.
spoiling the special ladies in your mums,
life.We love rewarding deserving Scenic
mums, this Mother's Day today and to
Scenic would love you, our viewers mums
to join us to a thank you to the never
mums of Australia, the mums who put
never ask for a thing who always special
put others first.If you know of a let
special mum who deserves a thaurks with
let us know, we could surprise them mums
with a Knock of Cash.Five lucky what
mums will receive $10,000 to do unanimous
what they like thanks to Scenic, to and
unanimous Nate a mum go to Facebook short
and fill out the form.Write a mum
short message telling us why the you.
mum in your life deserves a thank door.
you. We could come knocking on your quick.
door. Entries close at 8pm. Get in It's
quick.It's a beautiful competition. poochlt
It's the revival of the vinyl, Em reached
poochlt last year LP vinyl sales everything
reached an all-time high proving it
everything old is new again.Indeed record
it is, in celebration of that Karl, tuning
record stores across the nation are Record
tuning up for the 10th annual weekend.
Record Store Day happening this Records
weekend. Nick Kennedy from Red Eye Records in Sydney. Get this,

Records in Sydney. Get this, the DJ
2017 Record Store Day ambassador, Albanese
DJ rocker himself, DJ Albo, Anthony morning
Albanese back in the house, good morning to you blokes.

morning to you blokes.G'day Albo. improvement
How are you going?Nick is a big listening.
improvement on Pyny.He is always Day
listening. You're the Record Store mean?
Day ambassador. What does that it's
mean? What do you have to do?What Store
it's about is promoting Record in
Store Day. We're at Red Eye Records example
in York Street in Sydney. It's an ago
example of a store that 20 years would
ago people were saying, people downloading
would be sitting at home songs
downloading records - downloading would
songs off their computer, and that store,
would replace going into a record touching
store, picking up a record, to
touching it, feeling it, listening women
to it and chatting to the guys or what
women behind the counter, about course
what the latest sounds were. Of the
course it hasn't. Records are on are
the way back. Either CDs, people vinyl
are buying CDs, people are buying special
vinyl records. There is something hangs
special about a record, the way it order
hangs together in traction in the wanted
order in which the songwriter Saturday
wanted them to be in, and this that.
Saturday is a big celebration of playing,
that. There will be DJs, bands independent
playing, special releases in around
independent record stores right world
around Australia. Indeed around the strappinger
world in 30 countries.No the
strappinger are you to the ways and you
the movements of the famous DJs, as
you are performing in Glastonbury Coachella.
as well as coming back from drummer,
Coachella. To Nick, a professional record
drummer, how have independent all
record stores been able to survive brigs
all of this?Well, if it wasn't for stocking
brigs bricks and mortar stores records
stocking records, specifically local
records by bands that I'm in on lot
local musicians are in we'd have a very
lot of boxes under the bed. We are and
very lucky that everyone survived, news.
and is now thriving. It's great Stefanovic
news.Quietly Tom and Pete keeping
Stefanovic may single handedly be record
keeping your store afloat, red eyed It
recordI was going to mention Tom. ahead
It is Pete's most prized possession clam
ahead of his wife...A possession on
clamYou know what I mean. Staying resurgence,
on topic, records have seen a huge is
resurgence, no doubt about it. What several
is behind that, Nick?There are which
several factors. There is the sound, argue
which is unparalleled. People will There
argue that. I would say that's true. can't
There is the artwork which you can't really translate digitally. record.
There is nothing like holding a as
record. And it's cross-generational Older
as well. Kids are really into it. into
Older customers are getting back I
into it. I don't think it's a fad. always
I think it's something we have to.
always stocked, but will continue convenient
to. I think people will always use also
convenient music media. They will physical
also have the love of having the at
physical product, listening to it shoulder,
at all.Albo just over your left your
shoulder, we are almost shot of grass
your eye after the splinter in the demonstration
grass (LAUGHS) give us a DJ?
demonstration on your prowess as a great
DJ?We have Split Enz one of the you
great things about albums, records, were
you can have a sense of where you record,
were at the time you bought the to
record, the first time you listened up
to it. You can't get from holding put
up an iPhone. Let's face it. I will by
put on 'I've got you' a great track by the Endz.

by the Endz.You have to move along paid
to it Albo.You're the DJ.I'm not morning.
paid to dance at this time of the that's
morning.You're the DJ.Come on, When
that's later on at night.Come on. you
When we are together.We have seen had
you in Newtown.If Sylvia and Pete were
had have had me at the wedding.You We've
were asking to have money Albo. promised.
We've had that conversation.You The
promised.Build the shapes Albo. didn't
The worst DJ ever.I'm glad we I'd
didn't hire you for the wedding, wish
I'd be spinning my own decks.We the
wish you happy record day.Time for Lara.
the latest news, bang on 8, here's breaking
Lara.Good morning. We begin with man
breaking news out of Melbourne. A raid
man has just been arrested during a well,
raid in a home in Melbourne's north out
well, police say officers carried The
out a warrant early this morning. 30's,
The nan in custody is is in his unclear.
30's, the reason for his arrest is Australian
unclear. Australian workers for Immigration
Australian jobs the message from after
Immigration Minister Peter Dutton controversial
after the Federal Government's 457
controversial decision to axe the need
457 Visa for foreign workers.You first,
need to look for Australian workers can'ting
first, the default position can'ting not to train your out
Australian workforce, not to seek out young Australians who can

out young Australians who can do an through
apprenticeship or be sponsored Australians,
through University then work in the Australians
Australians, I want young want
Australians not on the dole, we Australian
want them working, we want Crossing
Australian jobs for Australians. Canberra.
Crossing to Lauren Gianoli in certainly
Canberra. The Government is That
certainly taking a hard line?It is. was
That interview with Peter Dutton signed
was not long after President Trump the
signed a Executive Order to tighten campaign
the visa program as part of his are
campaign to put America first. We are getting a similar pledge from rid
the Turnbull government. Getting been
rid of 457 Visas, 200 jobs have overseas
been scrapped from the list no
overseas workers can fill. They can attendants,
no longer come over as flight chemical
attendants, horse trainers and Foreign
chemical engineers to name a few. police
Foreign workers will have to get a with
police check, speak better English, employers
with two years work experience. The Australia
employers will have to advertise in workers,
Australia before bringing in MP,
workers, Anthony Albanese the Labor short
MP, he spoke on the Today Show a detail.
short time ago.We haven't seen the There
detail. That's the problem here. distributed.
There weren't even any fact sheets announcement
distributed. This was an Minister
announcement on Facebook.The Prime say
Minister also hasn't been able to Australians
say this morning how many result.
Australians will get jobs as a of
result. That's a live picture there House
of him speaking here at Parliament in
House at a business breakfast. Some higher
in that audience will have to pay a workers
higher fee if they are to sponsor money
workers on a temporary visa. That national
money will then end up going into a workers.
national fund to train Australian already
workers. There is a similar scheme more
already in place, we're expecting 9
more details and changes in the May breaking
9 budget.More details now on States.
breaking news out of the United allahu
States. Police say a gunman shouted targeted
allahu akbar while he randomly dead
targeted and shot dead three people joins
dead in California. Laura Turner can
joins us from the latest. What more a
can you tell us?This man arrested custody
a couple of hours ago is in police inned
custody right now. As you engines arrested
inned police tackled him and words
arrested him alive. He shouted the words 'allahu akbar' police now

words 'allahu akbar' police now identified
revealing his identity he's been He's
identified as Corey Ali Mohammed. shooting
He's alleged to have gone on a About
shooting spree in Fresno California. Angeles.
About three hours north of Los through
Angeles. Police allege he walked weapon,
through the street firing his the
weapon, the first victim dying in another
the passenger side of a truck, Another
another person killed in the street. of
Another one killed in the car park short
of a Catholic charity. Police say a and
short time later they tackled him have
and arrested him. He is known to rhetoric
have been spewing very aggressive local
rhetoric over Facebook. Here is a his
local police officer.We looked at some
his Facebook, we know that he has not
some posts that says that he does that
not like white people and also on that post that the he has expressed fortunately...
some antigovernment sentiments. So past
fortunately...This man over the shooting
past few days also wanted for the in
shooting death of a security guard his
in Fresno as well. So that is now now
his alleged fourth victim T he's possibility
now of course facing the murder,
possibility of four counts of murder.
murder, another two of attempt downtown
murder. But that mass shooting in of
downtown Fresno kal foreign yarks terrorism.
of course an act of domestic whether
terrorism. Police looking into international
whether there may be links to the
international terrorism as well. At does
the moment they say, though, it does look like he acted alone.

does look like he acted alone. In morning
NSW, there is controversy this gravestones
morning over the sale of the heroes
gravestones of two Australian war George
heroes much the head stones of Benjamin
George cross recipients plooift Jones
Benjamin hardy and Private Ralph Australian
Jones why put up for sale. The attended
Australian War Memorial secretly it
attended the auction to make sure were
it was the eventual buyer. Both men Ipswich
were killed in 1944. Brides in dream
Ipswich may be left without their dollars
dream dress after thousands of flames.
dollars worth of gowns went up in Every
flames. Rob Morrison is at the shop. destroyed?
Every dress in that store ras were
destroyed?That's right, all -- was
were destroyed All 180 of them. It spine
was a sight to send chills down the beautifully
spine of any bride-to-be. These destroyed
beautifully made dresses have been the
destroyed by fire and water damage, middle
the store is brides to be in the hold,
middle of Ipswich. The flames took hold, firefighters tried to save could
the store. There was nothing they distressing
could do. What makes this even more distressing or heartbreaking for January.
the owner they only opened in miner
January. Chris was working as a dream
miner for 20 years when he had a his
dream to open a bridal store with It
his wife. He spoke to us earlier. very
It brought tears to my eyes. It's like
very hard to believe that something This
like this has happened so quickly. this
This was our dream, our income, An
this was it. We've got nothing now. Chris
An incredibly tough morning for he
Chris there. He does say, though, orders
he still wants to fill all the brides
orders of his clients, all the day.
brides looking forward to the big difficult
day. That is going to be incredibly been
difficult now all the stock has and
been ruined.A big loss for Chris are
and his family. Police in Melbourne who
are investigating allegations main sent
who killed Carl Williams has now Live
sent death threats to his widow. HQ.
Live to Christine Ahern at police to
HQ. Has Roberta Williams responded from
to those alleged threats?No word She
from Roberta Williams this morning. a
She is reportedly refusing to make death
a statement to police over these 'Herald
death threats. According to the man
'Herald Sun' Matthew Johnson is the Williams
man convicted of killing Carl threats
Williams has been sending death prison.
threats to Roberta from within the
prison. The threats arounding to get
the paper are all about trying to Carl
get Roberta to tell police that plotting
Carl Williams had actually been That
plotting to kill Matthew Johnson. Johnson
That would then open the door for self-defence.
Johnson to appeal on the basis of reportedly
self-defence. These threats have couple
reportedly been made in the last recently
couple of weeks and involve inmates, does
recently released from prison. It the
does come after a jury didn't buy them
the story that Matthew Johnson gave Williams
them in 2011 that he killed Carl act
Williams inside Barwon prison as an do
act of self-defence.What would you These
do to get your hands on a new car? participate
These people in Texas are makeout
participate nothing a marathon of
makeout session for a brand-new set last
of wheels. It's kiss for a Kia. The on
last person with their lips locked So
on the vehicle gets to take it home. hours.
So far they've been going for 24 seven
hours. There is still at least seven people still smooching it out the
on the cold steel.How do you go to dogs
the toilet?Just on the wheel like Wouldn't
dogs do.Cock the leg up.For a Kia. are
Wouldn't your legs get tired?There regarding
are a lot of questions I've got lot
regarding this.People don't have a new
lot of cash. They will try to get a Thanks
new car.Very keen for a Kia. Time
Thanks Lara. We'll stay across that. VOICEOVER:
Time for sport with Erin. brought
VOICEOVER: Today sports report of
brought to you by subway's new sub day
of the day. Great taste and every morning.
day great value at subway.Good Burgess
morning. NRL, South Sydney star Sam judiciary
Burgess has been cleared by the clash
judiciary to play in the Rabbitohs clash against Brisbane this Friday. suspension
Burgess risked a two-month charge
suspension fighting a shoulder found
charge on Greg Eastwood. He was will
found not guilty much. The Tigers Four'
will have at least one of the 'Big signing
Four' in the club, Luke Brookes to
signing on. Moises has been named coach
to play this week. In AFL Bulldogs doesn't
coach Luke Beveridge says the team milestones.
doesn't like to focus on individual exception
milestones. They will be making an 300th
exception for captain Bob Murphy's of
300th against Brisbane this ekd woo meetings
of the for the first time in 12 favourites
meetings GWS will start as The
favourites for the Sydney derby. come
The Swans will be hoping to over when
come odds to claim the first win welcome
when they meet on Friday. They Cristiano
welcome back four big name players, them
Cristiano Ronaldo hat-trick sent them into the final. He twice put extra
them ahead sealing the result in extra time.

extra time. Leicester City's over
fairytale run in the competition is Atletico
over losing 2-1 on aggregate to sport
Atletico Madrid. That's your hit of give
sport at 9 past 8 this morning. To to
give you timing figures.It's good thought
to know the time.You guys do it. I I'm
thought it was good. Is that cool? seems
I'm fine with that.It's 10:00, it like
seems after that throw it seems keep
like 10:00.11, 12...Told me to what
keep it tight in my ear.That's with
what you didn't do.The weather Things
with Natalia.Good morning guys. Surfers
Things are hotting up here at the
Surfers Paradise. We are previewing salsa,
the Australian dance cup, featuring across
salsa, samba, hip hot in workshops would
across three days, we thought we tas
would grab Chloe and Claudia from They
tas yay, they are having a holiday. hour
They have been taught in the past salsa
hour by Chubba a 15-time Australian world.
salsa champion and second in the go?
world. Chubba, how did the girls us?
go? Are they ready to perform for it
us?They should show it, let's get we
it on.We'll be getting it on after is
we take a look at what the weather Wednesday.
is doing across the nation this to
Wednesday. It's a very good morning to you Cairns. A shower

to you Cairns. A shower or two, a
Sunshine Coast shower 25, Brisbane two
a shower 26, on the GC shower or top.
two may come later today. 25 the possible
top. It's glorious, Sydney a cloudy
possible shower 24. Canberra partly morning
cloudy and 22. Melbourne looking at morning fog, a partly cloudy day 26.

morning fog, a partly cloudy day 26. Adelaide
Good morning Hobart sunny, 23, your
Adelaide 31, Perth, blue skies for 33.
your Wednesday, 25, Alice Springs, well.
33. Darwin will be sunny and 3 as

33. Darwin will be sunny and 3 as Chloe
well. Right now you are looking at them
Chloe and Claudia. We just plucked hour
them off the beach. In the last by
hour they have been taught to dance go.
by chub A have a look at the girls kind
go. That is awesome. That's the you
kind of thing you can learn when Australian
you come on down here to the weekend.
Australian dance cup over the dancers
weekend. We have our professional think?
dancers on the side. What do you oh!
think? Score them out of ten?Oh, 10's
oh! Oh! Almost a straight row of All
10's went for the 9.9. That's harsh. All up it's a 10. What did you guys done.
think?(CHEERS AND APPLAUSE)Well that
done. High fives.I want to wear wear
that shirt in the middle. I will wear that one

wear that one to the Logies. overseas
Alright, from July 1 purchases from compulsory
overseas websites will incur a bad
compulsory 10% tax, but is it all bad news?

bad news? Savvy shopaholic Jo Munro Good
is here to give us the low down. what
Good morning.Good morning...So, what is happening?

what is happening?Currently if you pay
buy overseas under $1,000 you don't that.
pay GST. Most online shoppers know taking
that. What is happening they are Legislation
taking away that exemption. Parliament
Legislation has been put to exemption
Parliament last week to remove that apply
exemption it means a 10% GST will purchased
apply to everything that is interesting
purchased overseas. To make it businesses
interesting they are asking those GST.
businesses overseas to collect the and
GST. The likes of eBay and Amazon collect
and online killers like Asos to Government.
collect the GST for the Australian a
Government. Naturally there's been guys
a Senate inquiry. A few of these guys are up in arms. There will be come
a flet flicks tax, Stan doesn't Netflix
come with a tax. What is that?The movies,
Netflix tax for Aps books and digital
movies, anything you buy that is There
digital will come under this banner. the
There will be a 10% GST on any of those
the Aps, Netflix purchases any of have
those thing. Any subscription will will
have this GST added. Everything interesting.
will go up 10%. The Netflix tax is expecting
interesting. The Government are four
expecting to make $350 million over about
four years, they'll be excited talk
about that I have no doubt.Can we hit
talk about eBay. That's one that hit the headlines yesterday. This hard
will be very hard to monitor, very saying
hard to implement, eBay is already collect
saying they are not going to eBay
collect it. If you buy something on are
eBay you're not paying eBay, you there
are paying an individual seller, of
there are thousands upon thousands EBay
of them of the how will it work? said
EBay have says, eBay overseas have collecting
said they're not in the business of seller
collecting tax. They're not a like
seller they're a marketplace. It's collect
like us asking Paddy's market to different.
collect tax for Sellers, they are rent
different. They are a place you saying
rent space to sell wears. They are the
saying it's too complex, it's not stop
the business they're in. They will they
stop Australian buyers buying, if isn't
they have to collect GST. Which have
isn't good news. Most eBay sellers will
have a dotcom or e-commerce, people complies
will go to smaller vendors, how the the
complies will work is muddy. Even Bill
the Tax Institute have said this month
Bill can pass at the earliest next four
month and be implemented on 4 July, how
four weeks later. It's muddy about how the compliance will work. Only small
the big guys will be hit. All the operate
small Sellers will be able to shopping
operate I imagine. If you are next
shopping start your shopping in the next eight weeks to purchase.

next eight weeks to purchase. This Australian
is under the goois of protecting will
Australian retail. I don't think it retailers.
will make much difference to variety
retailers. People buy for the price,
variety you buy overseas, rarely on so%
price, it's a 50% discount, adding you're
so% won't change the behaviour. Jo, or
you're the only woman in the world, smile.
or woman in the who does tax with a missed
smile. Say 'tax' just once.Sorry I Slugging
missed what you said. These trams. love
Slugging Australia.Oh GST, tax.We happied
love how you make everything sound shopping.
happied and wonderful.Just keep we
shopping.That's the bottom line, come,
we love your work, thanks.Still to toughest
come, is talking about life's than
toughest issues doing more harm They
than good? We debate that issue winter,
They say summer bodies are made in with
winter, stick around, Sam woods too
with his workout tips.How young is standing-up
too young? We speak to a teen mum OK
standing-up to critics saying it is OK to raise a child when you're a

(FUNKY ELECTRONIC MUSIC) (BOY WHISTLES) VOICEOVER: Uncle Tobys Muesli Bars have 50% wholegrains and taste delicious, giving you the good energy to join the outsiders.

Welcome back to the program. Teen 14-year-old
parns have come out in support of year-old
14-year-old Jayden Lavender and 15- fighting
year-old Jenifer Morrison who are their
fighting are to the right to raise sparked
their baby Aria.Their story or
sparked heated debate about whether the
or not teen parents should be given child
the chance to bring up their own her
child guns we have Amelia Abignano, mother
her daughter Sophia and Amelia's Sophia?
mother Joanna.Good morning, hello Amelia
Sophia? You're a happy little girl. 17
Amelia beginning with you, you were daunting?
17 when you fell pregnant, was that difficult
daunting?Yes, very. It was a bit It's
difficult to wrap my head around it. would
It's been great.That decision that
would have been - not decision, have
that - when you found out it would of
have been hard. As a mum Jo, part about
of that decision making tell me It
about that, how difficult was it? say
It was hard. It would be a lie to of
say we weren't shocked. At the end Sophia
of the day a baby is blessing. to
Sophia has made a huge difference she
to our family. She is fantastic, has
she is lovely. It's a shame Millie things.
has to come mice and miss out on on
things.Like what?She missed out weeks
on her 18th birthday, she was three her
weeks off giving birth. A lot of missing
her friends are travelling, she is she
missing out. She manages to study, job
she works, she is doing a fantastic really.
job as a mum. I never doubted it with
really.You live together, you live very
with mum, Jo and Sophia, you have a That's
very supportive Family Network. obviously
That's quite clear. Sophia you
obviously benefits from that. Would capable
you say that every parent is in
capable of raising their own child every
in the same way?I do think that least
every teen parent should be at raise
least given the opportunity to people
raise their child. I think a lot of just
people have this preconceived idea be
just because you are love you will Definitely
be a bad parent automatically. situation
Definitely everyone's individual to
situation needs to be assessed as of
to whether they are capable. A lot happy
of factors come into play. I'm It's
happy I have a supporting family. people
It's made it easier.A lot of people don't.

people don't. The experts in the kids
'Daily Telegraph' today said young young
kids take inspiration from people, children.
young people on TV who have reality?
children. Do you think that's a -
reality?I don't think so. I think actually
- I think a lot of young people do not
actually realise having a baby is the
not all happy and smiles.What's thing
the hardest thing?The hardest can't
thing probably is the tantrums. I mum?
can't deal with the tantrums.From sleep
mum?That's right, exactly.Lack of watching
sleep as well. Being young, freedom
watching all my friends have the any
freedom that I don't really have how
any more.In the long-term sense has
how has this changed your path? How your
has it compared it to how you saw planned
your life?I did plan to travel. I work,
planned to do a lot of volunteer on
work, I've had to put a lot of that I'll
on hold. I hope one day eventually everything
I'll be able to do it all. Mainly life
everything I saw happening in my had
life in a short space of time I've grown
had to put off until she is more has
grown up.How do you think Amelia fantastic.
has handle it all?I think she is between
fantastic. She has that balance and
between study, working being a mum year-old
and trying to maintain a normal 20- She
year-old lifestyle. It's not easy. She is doing an amazing job. She is
and Sophia have a lovely bond. She nurtured.
is happy and obviously well critics
nurtured. What do you say to the them
critics there have been a lot of aren't
them around. Who say that teenagers you
aren't up to the job. What would personally
you say to those people? Well, Milie's
personally I would say I think as people
Milie's said it's individual. Some some
people when they are 15 are capable, capable.
some people when they are 30 aren't dictating
capable. Age shouldn't be the everyone's
dictating factor. It should be individually
everyone's circumstance what
individually looked at. Taken for young
what it is at face value. I think years
young kids can parent. Certainly in
years ago parents would have been their
in their late teens when they had that
their children. It's just the way to
that society is nowadays. It's hard can.
to afford a child, you never really much.
can. Sophia hasn't missed out on pretty
much.Not at all.Oh that's a name?
pretty doll.Does the dolly have a it.
name?The dolly has tattoos, so be happy
it. She has tattoos?Yes.Good girl, girl
happy as Larry.She is a gorgeous to
girl that's a credit to both of you, been
to the support you've obviously that
been able to give to one another in Sophia
that process. What do you hope for she
Sophia going ahead in life?I hope that
she is just able to have everything She
that she wants and needs in life. guns
She has all the love in the world just
guns I think she will be happy, and personal
just enjoy everything.It is such a don't
personal thing...Don't drop it, so
don't drop it...Thanks for being with
so honest to share your experience a
with us of the it's certainly added you
a lot to the debate. We appreciate paid
you coming in.Nice to see you, I That's
paid absolutely no attention. fantastic
That's OK, you have done a is
fantastic job.Sitting service. She Fitness
is very calm. Great parents. to
Fitness guru Sam wood shows us how diet
to stay fit with indoor workout and smoke,
diet tips. Bridal dreams up in smoke, anguish as a

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New BB Nude from Garnier.

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MAN: Garnier.

(SONG) # No matter what you know Join
# I # morning
Join us for the official Logies Andy
morning after party.Hamish and on
Andy join us with their unique take performance.
on the events and a legendary the
performance.The OMG moments and parties.
the inside goss from the after parties.Don't miss out Monday (LAUGHS).
morning on Today.If I show up. (LAUGHS). It is the best show of coming
the year. Don't miss T that's all coming up on Monday morning after here's
the Logies on today. It's 8.30, you
here's the news.Good morning to Ipswich
you at home. Scores of brides in when
Ipswich have been left heart broke dresses
when a store contained thousands of crews
dresses went up in flames. Fire extinguish
crews desperately worked to told
extinguish the flames. The owner inside
told the Today Show 200 gowns brought
inside have been written off.It hard
brought tears to my eyes. It's very this
hard to believe that something like was
this has happened so quickly. This it.
was our dream. Our income, this was A
it. You know. We've got nothing now. It's
A big loss for that store owner. fire.
It's not known what sparked that fault
fire. It's thought an electrical Government
fault may be to blame. The Federal Australian
Government insists it wants Australian workers to fill controversial
Australian jobs, following its 457
controversial decision to axe the replaced
457 Visa scheme. It will be Immigration
replaced by a new temporary system. spoke
Immigration Minister Peter Dutton earlier.
spoke on the program a little Australian
earlier.You need to look for default
Australian workers first. The train
default position can't be not to not
train your Australian workforce or who
not to seek out young Australians sponsored
who can do an apprenticeship or work
sponsored through University then Australians
work in the companies. I want young don't
Australians not on the dole, I The
don't want them on social security. Australian
The Government wants them working, It's
Australian jobs for Australians. to
It's understood companies will have bring
to pay into a fund whenever they breaking
bring in a worker from overseas, to state,
breaking news out of the united shooting
state, there has been a frightening now
shooting in California. A suspect fire
now in custody Ron Domly opened allahu
fire on innocent people shouting investigating
allahu akbar. They are terror
investigating if the incident is Mohammed
terror related, could ary alley and
Mohammed is thought to have shot week.
and killed a security guard last hospital
week. A couple has been taken to inhalation
hospital to be treated for smoke inhalation after their house caught believed
fire in Sydney's well, it is kitchen
believed the blaze started in the exhaust
kitchen then smed through the pair
exhaust system. Neighbours say the fortnight
pair had the roof replaced a there
fortnight ago. Staying in NSW, of
there is trough she over the sale war
of two gravestones of Australian George
war heroes. The head stones of Benjamin
George cross recipients Private why
Benjamin hardy Private Ralph Jones War
why put up for sale. The Australian auction
War Memorial secretly attended that eventual
auction to ensure it was the there
eventual buyer.Things like that stay
there is a tradition. It needs to member
stay where it is.As a serving sacrosanct,
member myself it should be Both
sacrosanct, I'm a prauld appalled. prisoners
Both men were killed by Japanese wa
prisoners in a notorious could you given
wa breakout in 1944. We have been planet
given a breathtaking look at our approaches
planet on board a rocket as it Station
approaches the International Space blasted
Station the unmanned cargo ship supplies.
blasted off carrying much needed rocket
supplies. Liftout of the atlas five 'John
rocket with 'Cygnus' and the SS legacy
'John Glenn' extending the research space.
legacy for living and working in

space.It is carrying about 3.5 would
tonnes of food for the food. You board
would hope there is chocolate on at
board that rock kechlt time to look VOICEOVER:
at the best local forecast. to
VOICEOVER: Today's weather brought to you by Scenic's river

to you by Scenic's river cruising having
pre-release:Good morning. We're Hump
having the hottest and happiest party
Hump Day possible. A big beach Paradise.
party on the beach at Surfers Australian
Paradise. We are gearing up for the dad's
Australian dad's cup. The big's Right
dad's competition in the country. to
Right now I want to introduce you reporter
to the lovely Heidi. She is a here
reporter for Gold Coast, Channel 9 recognise
here in Surfers Paradise. You might look
recognise her face. After we take a will
look at the record, Chubba and I in
will be finishing off the morning in style. It's a good

in style. It's a good morning partly
Cairns, expect a shower or two, Sunshine
partly cloudy in Townsville, the Brisbane
Sunshine Coast a shower or two, a
Brisbane possible shower, on the GC just
a shower or two. Sydney looking at Canberra
just the chance of a shower. lovely
Canberra partly cloudy. Melbourne a Enjoy
lovely day is on the way for you. nothing
Enjoy that. Hobart a glorious 23, shower
nothing but blue skies. Adelaide a Springs
shower or two. Perth sunny. Alice Darwin
Springs a possible shower, 33, well.
Darwin sunny with a top of 33 as people
well. Chubba, tell me why should this
people come to Surfers Paradise three-day
this weekend?Oh my God it's a for
three-day event, dance competitions break-dancing,
for today, we have hip hot but beach
break-dancing, Latin dancing on the come
beach all for free. Just watch and the
come and learn. All the best from you
the world. I think I should take oh!
you for a spin.For a spin.Go, now Not
oh! What a want to finish, (LAUGHS). the
Not too many spinning, the wind and Anyway,
the spinning together and the skirt. much
Anyway, I hope you didn't see too your
much people.You are so light on Natalia.
your feet, a terrific dancer Natalia.Thanks.

your feet, a terrific dancer element
Natalia.Thanks.They is in her sun.
element this morning.Fun in the life's
sun. Still to come is talking about than
life's toughest issues doing harm Tennessee,
than good?From Tamworth to the Tennessee, country music

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the complaints-handling process, visit the Free TV website

Welcome back to the show. Foreign tighter
workers will face significantly a
tighter visa requirements following Minister
a controversial decision by Prime the
Minister Malcolm Turnbull to scrap after
the 457 program. This comes one day made
after his US counterpart, Trumpy back
made good on his own vow to cut foreign
back on the number of low-skilled own
foreign workers taking jobs in his with
own country. Let's go head to head nasty
with Sandy Rea and Tim. That is a like
nasty day where you are?. U I look fortunate
like I'm a witch flying in. It's Exactly.
fortunate you have a 457 vees A workers,
Exactly.Aussie jobs for Aussie it
workers, is it the right way to go Shorten
it is the right way to go. Bill rebuttal
Shorten needs to shut down on his

rebuttal to Malcolm, Bill Shorten let
understand the Gilliard government led
let in thousands of 457 aerks he Jacks,
led them to KFC, McDonald's, Hungry in
Jacks, he took away jobs from youth in the highest unemployment areas sure
in Canberra and Sydney. I'm not too you're
sure what he is on about. Tim, sandy,
you're up?I did the selfish thing radio
sandy, and looked down the list, will
radio presenter is safe. No-one careful.
will take my job, Stefanovic I'd be it
careful. On the way out. On paper Aussies,
it sounds good, Aussie jobs to Aussies, I'm sure there is more to hearing
it than I understand. I've been doctors
hearing about highly skilled Australia,
doctors working in rural parts of There
Australia, which might be out. simplicity
There is more to it than just the Aussies.
simplicity of Aussie jobs for that
Aussies. I just don't know what across
that is.(LAUGHTER)You are so Let's
across your briefs, I love it. more
Let's move on to something that is second
more your territory, I'll get you the
second on this, sell lone a Gomez, come
the new show $13 reasons why' has space
come under the attention of head says
space for teen suicide, the manager risky
says the show exposes viewers to distressing
risky suicide content and a especially
distressing reaction by the viewer you
especially children. Sandy, what do is
you think?The youth suicide rate the
is the highest that we've had in important
the last 10 years. This is an approximately
important statistic. There are suicide
approximately 5,240 attempts of suicide per day

suicide per day in Australia, in It's
the year seven to 12 age group. including
It's at a crisis point, that's that
including self-harm. We also know what
that youth suicide is very much cat.
what is called a contagion, copy suicide
cat. We don't need to endorse coping
suicide as an alternative way of to
coping with mental health. We need identify
to identify it is treatable and over
identify vulnerable young people, in
over 5,000 suicide attempts a day process
in our nation.The problem then the I
process is an interesting one guns discussing
I remember when I was at University, weren't
discussing talking about it, we refer
weren't allowed to in journalism or shifting.
refer to it. It seems to be is
shifting. Sandy in your experience talk
is the right and the wrong way to talk about it?It's important to thing
talk about. What I think the most strategies,
thing to talk about is prevention at
strategies, education, identifying when
at risk when we don't feel well are
when we're not coping. When things what
are getting on top of us. That's solution
what we need to talk B not a suicide,
solution found in suiciding. In have
suicide, I should say. We need to preventative
have a lot of money engaging in That's
preventative suicide strategies. I
That's what we need to talk about. and
I agree with you, but with movies up
and songs and shows have conjured out
up different feelings. This being which
out in the spotlight as a show harm
which could possibly cause more thing
harm than good, maybe it's a good possibly
thing for parents to know that, and watch
possibly if they're not already, to stop
watch it with the kids. You can't that
stop these shows, movies and songs about
that affect Moods. When we know do
about it might be a good thing to questions
do with our kids so they can ask their
questions and take things into merit
their own hands.There is a real people
merit in what you are saying. Young Queensland
people copy cat N a remote town in Queensland 2012-13,

Queensland 2012-13, 21 young people because
in one town took their lives is
because of copy cats. We know this people
is a problem through the research thing
people do copy each other.The best thing is if you or anyone you know issues,
is struggling with these kind of other
issues, contact lifeline or a few number.
other counselling services call the you
number. On a lightly note, Timmy Melbourne's
you have 10 seconds to have a go at like
Melbourne's background.It looks like sandy has flown in on the

like sandy has flown in on the back smoke.
of Benson and hedges hand hand Crown
smoke. It looks like outside the it
Crown toilets outside the Logies, Wednesday.
it shouldn't be happening on the (LAUGHS)
Wednesday. That's on Sunday sandy. way.
(LAUGHS) muchSee you there by the it,
way.Thanks mate.Dangerous, isn't thing.
it, head to head is a beautiful stores
thing. Coming up from clothing we
stores to $2 shops or pharmacies, Australia's
we take a look at some of retailers
Australia's worst the offending customer's
retailers when it comes to summer
customer's rights.Say goodbye to summer but not the summer body.

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(SONG) # Take me back no
# I miss you # It's
no matter what you know # us
It's all happening on Monday, join morning
us live for the official Logies Andy
morning after party.Hamish and the
Andy join us their unique take on performances
the night's events. We have live James
performances from the legendary OMG
James brunt.All the winners, the from
OMG moments and the inside goss out,
from the after parties.Don't miss today
out, Monday morning right here on get
todayIf I show up. It's hard to Dickie,
get out of bed when you're with your
Dickie, let me tell you.I'll take really
your word for it.That sounded can
really weird.Not something that I happens.
can confirm or deny.Let's see what winter.
happens. Summer bodies are made in weather
winter. Even though the warm exercise
weather is coming to an end your Gitness
exercise routine doesn't have to. useful
Gitness guru Sam Wood is here with do
useful tips to stay in shape.Where to
do we start? The best advice is not That's
to leave it until the last minute. summer
That's important. When they say the
summer bodies are made in winter me
the amount of clients who come to you
me in November saying, "What can left
you do for me in a week?" They have consistent.
left their run too late. Be day.
consistent. You need half an hour a can
day. There are great workouts you lounge
can do in the comfort of your those?
lounge room.Like what, go through interval
those?I'm all about high intensity is
interval training, high intensity guns
is relative to your fitness level Olympian.
guns you don't have to be an bang
Olympian. Simple work oets you get your
bang for your buck you can do in using
your lounge room. Combining rooms, light
using the couch, using the floor, make
light bum Bells or cans of soup, the
make sure you don't let it go with and
the food.-- dumbbells. How long Full
and what kind of exercises much working
Full body compound movements, period
working as many mus unless a quick you
period of time. The more muscles flow,
you are working the more blood you flow, the more calories you burn metabolism
and the fast he have your is
metabolism is burning.Half an hour effective
is not a long time. Is that more You
effective than a sustained workout? sustained
You get more bang for your buck and beautifully
sustained workout. 28 is my number, parrier
beautifully under that 30 minute done
parrier people have. If you get it metabolism
done and push yourself your 24
metabolism is fired up for the next walk
24 hours. If you go for a two hour good
walk it's great for your mind and a air,
good way to relax, and get fresh your
air, as soon as you finish the walk and
your metabolism goes back.Sylvia this.
and I are not going to Demonstrate double.
this.You have brought in a stunt six
double.It's her department.I do incline.
six minutes on the treadmill on thing
incline.Beautiful.Just six.The thing I love about Sydney is heels for
and stairs.Any scientific basis I'm
for six minutes?Just generally. tired,
I'm on such a high incline I get I
tired, I'm trying to build a butt, incline,
I have the dumbbells.Love the Demonstrate
incline, butt builder.Let's

Demonstrate butt building Erin The
Molan action.I love butt builder. your
The beauty is to modify it using do
your lounge room. People go I can't you
do pushups. They have the couch, if going
you have your hands on the chair, that
going straight down and straight up kneeling
that is better than doing a more
kneeling pushup, you are engaging try
more muscles.Would you like me to that.
try that.I would love you to try and
that.Beautifully, and up and up bench
and aup.(LAUGHS).The higher the easier
bench the easier it is.That's easier than on the ground.Has can
easier than on the ground. If you other
can go to the ground to incorporate with
other moves, you can do a pushup have
with rotation, then mix it up you your
have chest, shoulders, triceps then rotation.
your obliques and core with the working
rotation. The more muscles you are delegation
working your turn. Karl is the delegation King.

delegation King. You can do a the
kneeling pushup, that's good. Do your
the pushup first then hop up on carbon
your toes.That's like Sam Erin.A mirror.
carbon copy, like looking in the not
mirror.Focus on what you can do leave
not what you want can't.It doesn't bench
leave me much. You may do kitchen floor.
bench then to the couch then the involve
floor. What about things that don't lungs
involve up here?For the legs, That's
lungs with movement are good. heater
That's good.If you've got some 2 go
heater cartons of milk, you might your
go lung, curl and press. You have shoulders.
your legs, your butts, biceps and Erin.
shoulders.Great stuff. Well done question,
Erin.Thank you. Can I ask a quick stand
question, the vibrating machine you they're
stand on, does that work or not?No find
they're a load of rubbish.You can '28
find out all the tips and more with the
'28 by Sam Wood' the details are on the website. Still to come,

the website. Still to come, (LAUGHTER)
vibrating machines, do they work? biggest
(LAUGHTER)Wow, he's one of the is
biggest names in sport, Barry Hall Not
is kicking goals for a worthy cause. continue
Not even 9:00 yet. And the records He's
continue to tumble for Harry Styles. time
He's speaking out now about his entertainment
time with Taylor Swift. Your top break.
entertainment stories are after the


(LAUGHS) What's this? (LAUGHS)




(FUNKY ELECTRONIC MUSIC) (BOY WHISTLES) VOICEOVER: Uncle Tobys Muesli Bars have 50% wholegrains and taste delicious, giving you the good energy to join the outsiders.

These are our top stories, scores heartbroken
of brides in Ipswich have been left hundreds
heartbroken when a store containing dresses
hundreds of thousands worth of dresses went up

dresses went up in flames, Carl threats
Williams ex partner has had death government
threats from his killer. Senior admitted
government minister Peter Dutton changes
admitted on the program earlier mean
changes to the visa scheme could latest
mean higher taxes. That's the who
latest from the news room.You know man
who is ready and raring to go the Harry
man Richard Wilkins.Thanks Karlos. relationship
Harry Styles has spoken about his revealing
relationship with Taylor Swift s
revealing to Rolling Stone magazine learning
s their time together was a someone
learning experience, meeting experiences
someone and sharing those you
experiences the best ever. Good on this
you Harry. Khloe Kardashian posted sister,
this racy snap trying to outdo her director
sister, 'Guardians of the Galaxy' writing
director told fans he will be installment
writing the third and final Queensland
installment in the series, supporting
Queensland band Sheppard have been highlighting
supporting Justin Bieber will be Legendary
highlighting their own tour. is
Legendary shock rocker Alice Cooper tour,
is headed our way on the Australian Australian
tour, 40 years since his first Perth.
Australian tour, October 17 in you
Perth. Details on the website. If it's
you haven't seen him in concert what?
it's a bit of a trip.A bit of a experience.
what?Old fashioned word, fashioned
experience.(LAUGHTER)Old fashioned word.Old fashioned coming
experience.More entertainment minutes.
coming up on Today extra in 15 trip
minutes.I expect that will be a trip too.

trip too.Coming up, one kitchen transform
and only $1,000, how easy it is to fab.
transform your kitchen from drab to in
fab.The King of country music is the
in the house, Troy Casser Dalies in United
the house.Breaking news in the killing
United States, a gunman opened fire details
killing three people. The latest details coming up

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(SONG) # Mumma listen... #Good Wednesday,
morning, everybody. Welcome to Extra.
Wednesday, brand new day of Today day.
Extra. We are officially midweek school
day.Yes. Well, we're still in of
school holidays, so there is a lot what
of kids around my house. You know of,
what I mean?Yeah.There is a lot Why
of, "What are we doing today, dad? know
Why don't you go back to school. I a
know no-one is there. Go there for If
a while." We have a massive show. them
If you have the kids around, keep FaceTime.
them with you. One very famous Lady
FaceTime. Why Prince William and I
Lady Gaga video called each other. that
I sounded like a dad I couldn't get They
that out. They did a video call. beautiful
They have a very candid and Plus
beautiful conversation coming up. shops
Plus from clothing stores to $2 a
shops and even pharmacies, we take retail's
a look at some of Australia comes
retail's worst offenders when it up
comes to consumer rights.We catch star
up with 'The Fate of the Furious' spotlight.
star Elsa Pataky about life in the to
spotlight. She's apparently married And
to Chris Hemsworth.Yes, that's him. And making the move from Hollywood super
to the land Down Under. They are a is
super couple.They are indeed.It with
is a big day, let's get news first you
with Davina Smith.Good morning to of
you at home. Thousands of dollars during
of bridal gowns have been destroyed Ipswich
during a large blaze at a store at Rob
Ipswich in Queensland. Our reporter this
Rob Morrison is at the shop for us the
this morning. Rob, a big loss for certainly
the owner and the Brides Two Be.It again
certainly is. A loss that you be look
again to realise when you have a here
look inside this store. You can see melted
here there is a pile of charred and wearing
melted mannequins. They are still wedding
wearing the elegant, beautiful completely
wedding dresses, but they are now right
completely ruined. That is the case 108
right throughout this store. Some smoke
108 dresses ruined by water and here
smoke damage. The fire took hold Firefighters
here just after midnight. there
Firefighters did their best, but save
there was nothing they could do to story
save the dresses. What makes this store
story even more heart breaks is the Kristen
store only opened in January. name.
Kristen Stewart is the own ear's Central
name. He had been a coalminer in change
Central Queensland, but had a wanted
change of heart. He had a dream, his
wanted to open a bridal store with three
his wife. He realised that some come
three months ago, but now they have that
come down this morning and realised He
that dream has now gone up in smoke. Take
He did speak to us this morning. my
Take a listen. It brought tears to that
my eyes. It is very hard to believe happened
that something like this has dream,
happened so quickly. This was our know.
dream, our income, this was it, you investigators
know. We got nothing now.Fire