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(generated from captions) year.
The challenge is in its seventh 14
year. They are not just for show. 14 pilots battled it out.

we have $500 up for the pilot
Each day, on one day.
who gets the most points over a set course
Pilots manoeuvre scoring areas,
with goals, targets, and time and distance limits. The trick is to read the wind. over our up and down movements.
We've got good control we're at the grace of the winds.
Horizontal movement, for each task,
There's 1,000 points bags $3,000.
and the overall winner We can be quite accurate. You can hit our targets. a matter of metres, centimetres,
You know, it could be to determine the winner. the hot-air balloon capital
Canowindra is known as of Australia, Central West day,
and it's a perfect hot-air ballooning.
ideal for competitive

for this Tuesday.
And that's Nine News for 'A Current Affair'.
Standby now Enjoy your evening.
I'm Vanessa O'Hanlon. Goodnight.
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Australia's energy outrage.

let down in a greater way
I don't think we've ever been

by our politicians. How selling our gas overseas through the roof.
is sending your household bills We're citizens of Australia. after first?
Should only be looked we could allow this to happen.
I mean, I cannot believe that Hello, I'm Tracy Grimshaw. Welcome to A Current Affair. sell-off we've ever encountered,
It's the greatest foreign defying all logic given it the go-ahead.
that any government could have

one of us is paying for it
The worst part is, every single

that just keep rising.
with energy prices

it's time to fight back.
But Dick Smith says

(MUSIC) we could allow this to happen.
I mean, I cannot believe that

It's the great energy rip-off. this crisis.
It's vital that we resolve plundering so much Aussie gas
Foreign-owned companies

for ourselves.
we don't have enough left let down in a greater way
I don't think we've ever been by our politicians. paying virtually nothing in tax.
Selling it off to Asia,

we're citizens of Australia.
We pay our taxes, first?
Shouldn't we be looked after of the entire nation
An exploitation bill sky-high.
that's driving your electricity

It almost leaves me speechless they're so dumb.
because I can't believe consequences weren't so tragic.
This would be funny if the to fighting back...
But now, the secrets out there
Because there are better deals but they're hard to find. on the energy companies and won.
..from the Sydney senior who took their customers anymore,
They're not looking after they're only looking at profits. mad.
This story is going to make you Really mad. of government blunders
It's a perfect storm where the major winners and customers in Asia,
are big multi-nationals higher power bills.
while all of us pay

so are feeling the most pain,
Victorians use the most gas whether you're on gas or not,
but every person in every state, is copping it.

If that gas is expensive electricity prices.
that's going to push up and you go to open it up,
When you get the power bill you know?
what's it gonna be now, have a big family with six kids.
Maria and Brian Morcom

and don't even have gas
They live in Queensland their electricity bill jump.
but have watched a $100 dearer
The last one we got is than the same quarter last year we have used less power.
when, in fact, It's just phenomenal. can go up so much
The price of electricity in such a short time.

to save power -
They follow all the tips after the kids.
turning off lights we don't use air conditioning,
And we don't use heating, cause we just can't afford it. you can save.
But there's only so much energy without electricity.
You can't house them the oven, you need the fridge,
You need the lights, you need to get going.
you need all that sort of stuff a new pipeline is being laid -
Not far from their house, gas network.
part of Australia's ever-growing Victoria. has started offshore drilling.
The world's biggest oil rig

gas by accident -
Australia first found natural discovered in Bass Strait
it was a by-product of the oil in the '60s. ever since,
It's been flowing cheaply

gas discoveries
followed by onshore in far-flung places like Moomba. were built to deliver cheap gas
These underground pipelines

into our capital cities.
from our remote fields But now, for the first time, in the other direction
some of them are pumping straight to foreign buyers. Gas from Bass Strait Victoria to Sydney.
is now flowing up through

For the first time in 40 years, is running in reverse,
the Moomba to Sydney pipeline to Queensland for export.
sending Victorian gas all the way

At Curtis Island near Gladstone, side by side
three enormous plants were built at a cost of $60 billion

or LNG
to convert the gas to liquid to Asia.
so it can be transported by ship be fantastic for Australia.
I thought, "Wow, this is gonna "The money we're gonna make!" an economic boom in Queensland
The project created jobs for Australians
with thousands of construction and foreign workers, too. ConocoPhillips core values.
Safety is certainly one of from Queensland's Surat Basin,
The coal seam gas was extracted need for their own use.
gas that Australians would never

these plants were being built
But nobody realised when sucking in
that the pipelines would be much more than coal seam gas of the country running on empty.
and would leave the rest

It's absolutely outrageous. Dick Smith
Aviator and philanthropist is perhaps our greatest patriot.

bloody well virtually nothing
Now, I find out we're making for ourselves.
and we don't have enough gas It's an absolute catastrophe. can freeze and export as much gas
Just one of these three plants

uses per year.
as the entire eastern seaboard But with no laws in place of gas supply for domestic use,
guaranteeing a portion

their product
the energy companies are selling to the highest bidder. So, instead of getting it cheap, the global price -
Australian customers have to pay

double what we used to. Imagine, we own this gas overseas.
but we're selling it off cheap

any proper royalties on it
Basically, they're not paying to much of it.
and we can't even get access It is totally ridiculous. Thank you. the Prime Minister called in
Last month, gas companies
the heads of our major

for crisis talks in Canberra. in the availability of gas.
We face a crisis were there -
Those running the LNG plants US multi-national ConocoPhillips,
European giant Shell,

Santos and Origin.
as well as Australian companies talking tough.
The Prime Minister emerged,

national leadership
Today I'm taking to resolve this gas crisis. for cover.
The LNG bosses scurried to make at present.
I have no comments I suggest just wait from the prime minister.
till you hear Do we have a crisis? the statement you're gonna hear
Look, I'd refer you to from the prime minister. really,
I just think it's extraordinary and I think it's scandalous. pensioner.
Sally Stabback is a 74-year-old She lives in Victoria cheap gas direct from Bass Strait
so for most of her life had to keep her warm in winter. are rising so fast
Now, her bills measures.
she's taking extraordinary you turn the heater down.
You put on clothes, I think that I've done
One of the best things is turn the gas hot water down. her own budget
Sally's not only worried about likely to flow on, too.
but the job losses Some Australian manufacturers or even triple what they used to
are now paying double while their competitors in Asia cheaper than they can.
can get Aussie gas gas at a cheaper rate
If people in Japan can purchase

there's a problem.
than where it's produced, of governments,
This has been a failure of the market

and it has made Australia laughing stock.
into an international predicts the gas debacle
Senator Nick Xenophon electricity bills this year
will cause another jump in our

of 20%-30%. We face literally being lost in this country
thousands and thousands of jobs in the next two years of gas and the price of power.
unless we tackle the price

natural gas exporters
These large out of the east coast.
have been sucking a lot of gas the Grattan Institute
Tony Wood is from energy markets than most.
and knows more about Australia's for electricity prices
There are serious implications in the gas market.
from what's happening Climate change is forcing

coal-fired power stations
the closure of cheap last month -
like Victoria's Hazelwood electricity is filling the void.
the now more expensive gas-fired

and massive royalties -
Coal generates cheap power Queensland government this year.
$3 billion just to the three LNG exporters
We asked Queensland's or royalties this year -
how much they'll pay in tax a third said that's confidential.
two didn't respond,

some state royalties
It's expected they'll pay imposed on gas production.
but nothing in a federal tax that isn't even being paid.
That we've got a tax

thing for Australians.
Now that can hardly be a good for these gas projects
The resource taxation system is effectively broken. for many years to come.
It means we won't see any tax

as it's known
The Petroleum Resource Rent Tax by Julia Gillard and Wayne Swan.
was negotiated

profits-based tax.
This is a robust, Turns out it wasn't that robust can be manipulated
because profits accounting procedures.
with simple are so astute
These foreign multinationals with the government
they did a deal that was based on profit and then they say make a profit".
"Oh, we're never gonna anything back out of it.
So basically, we don't get It's absolutely outrageous.

Now, the gas companies say themselves
they can fix the crisis more wells.
if we just let them dig Unbelievable, a river on fire! New South Wales and Victoria exploration or fracking
have banned coal seam gas due to environmental concerns. just a kilometre away,
They're fracking and now the river is alight.
methane coming up Some of these gas producers and in turn jacking up prices.
are masters of creating scarcity

So where does all this leave us our power bills?
just trying to lower Well, Tony Wood's advice the Energy Made Easy website
is to get on

which is the only fair way to compare the best deals, or just get on the phone. Consumers could save anywhere or $500 a year
between $100-$400

on their electricity bill the retailer,
just by contacting a better deal available to them.
finding out is there a Norman and Filomena Pensabene
Sydney retirees

and won.
took on their electricity company sneaky additional fees
Energy Australia added on and paying it at the Post Office.
for a paper bill

for something
Why should we be paying is a valid charge?
that we don't believe dealing with invoices
They spent their careers and believe the fees of the Goods And Services Act.
are a violation

to the local paper,
After taking it refunded the fees.
Energy Australia for every customer.
Now, Norm wants it done our pensioners,
We should be looking after ripping them off.
we should not be they can't afford internet.
They can't afford computers, our Prime Minister
That just leaves to sort out the gas companies.

This requires political courage. It requires decisive action. should step in
I really do think the government who voted them in government
and help out the people and give us a bit of a go.

a second meeting
Prime Minister Turnbull will hold

in Canberra tomorrow.
with gas company heads the best energy deal
And for details on how to find

just head to our website.
for your family, Still to come - on fixing broken iPhone screens
how Apple's strict policy has landed them in hot water.

to use any repairer they want,
We think people should be able affordable or more convenient.
particularly one that's more That story shortly. By all accounts, mother and a selfless friend
Maggie Tannous was a devoted who put everyone else first, even more tragic.
making her senseless killing in an unhappy marriage
After suffering years of torment by her husband, George,
she was beaten to death in a jealous rage. he escaped a murder conviction -
But, incredibly,

infuriated Maggie's family.
a court decision that has

He tortured her for 18 years. so beautiful?
How could he kill someone

She was so beautiful. she's a human being.
She's not property, People with morbid jealousy with their partner
completely and totally obsess

completely and totally obsessed being unfaithful. for her mum to help her.
Would have been screaming Margaret Tannous was 'Maggie'

who adored her the most.
to those

devoted mother and wife.
A 46-year-old hard-working,

always in the back of her mind,
But behind her smile,

Maggie feared for her life. and I will never forget it,
She said to me once to me, Jess,
"If anything ever happens and be strong,
"just look after my kids

"always be strong." I like that photo a lot. to be strong.
Jessica Karam finds it hard She's misses her aunty,

her family is in ruins for all their pain
and the man responsible according to the law.
is innocent two steps ahead of him
She always felt that she was checkmate, he got her.
but at the end it was like Australia from Lebanon
George Tannous moved to

after marrying Maggie in 1993. together
They'd have two children a fairytale love story.
but by no means was it

marriage, let's be very honest.
I mean, it wasn't the perfect He tortured her for 18 years. he would torture her,
When you say

would he do?
what sort of things I remember one time at St Charbel's,
when she took the kids to church and she came out
mass had finished all four tyres,
and he'd flattened

so she couldn't drive anymore. he was trying to send to her?
What message do you think I control you."
"I'm watching you,

to protect herself.
Maggie tried her best Apprehended Violence Order
She took out at least one which she later withdrew.

about the AVOs?
What did George have to say when the police came,
He was like a little pussycat would come around,
when the police I'm sorry.
"Oh I'm sorry, I'm sorry, "I won't do it again". and angrier
George became angrier Maggie stood by her husband.
but still, from walking away?
What was stopping Maggie She used to say to me,

in front of me than behind me."
"It's better if I have him that he would ever kill her?
Do you think she believed I think she did deep down, yeah.

of killing her
She knew he was capable she kept him close to her
and I think that's why anybody else.
so he wouldn't hurt On the 17th February, 2014, to tell her husband
Maggie made the fatal decision she wanted a divorce. Bankstown family home,
That same night, inside their

with a single plank of wood.
George took to her and hitting her
He just kept hitting her and hitting her.

He wanted her dead. All her bracelets were smashed, trying to cover her face.
you know, has been brutally killed.
A Bankstown mother say her death...
The family of Margaret Tannous Do you hate to think at that moment?
what was going through her mind thinking about her kids
I think she would have been

and I think she would have been for her mum to help her. What did he do after that? and said to her on the phone,
He rang my grandmother

"I just killed your daughter, for the last time."
"come and see her He calls the ambulance. can you come?"
"Hello, I've just hit my wife,

to the police station
And then walks himself with blood all over him. her massive head injuries.
Maggie couldn't survive A senseless moment of madness

their mother and their father.
that cost two teenage children so beautiful?
How could he kill someone She was so beautiful.

a Supreme Court judge
Incredibly, not guilty of murdering Maggie,
found George Tannous mentally ill
instead declaring him

a delusional disorder,
and suffering from defined as morbid jealousy. a psychotic illness
The accused probably had

jealous type
namely delusional disorder, occurred
and the killing probably of his delusional thinking.
as a direct result heard the words not guilty?
What did you think when you to your heart, you know,
Those words are like a stab give him a conviction,
change the word to guilty,

like you do anybody else. Who is the system defending? Are they helping us, who was bludgeoned to death?
the grieving family and my aunty

who's in jail,
Or are they helping him, eating off my tax money? So, what is morbid jealousy? has a fixed belief
Morbid jealousy is when someone an affair
that their partner is having otherwise
and all information suggesting does not convince the person is not being unfaithful.
that their partner

Julian Parmegiani says
Forensic psychiatrist it takes two expert opinions is morbidly jealous.
to convince a judge someone someone suffering the illness
He doesn't believe

is ever fully cured to the community.
and could therefore be a risk another relationship
If they enter

an intense relationship,
and it becomes jealously
I can't say the pathological that's within their makeup.
wouldn't remerge again, I mean, is just a croc,
In my view, morbid jealousy

it is not a legitimate excuse. Howard Brown
Victim support advocate sets a dangerous precedent.
says George's verdict Because what we're saying, to hit a woman
well it's not acceptable morbidly jealous.
unless you happen to be You're basically saying, that I've killed,
"This is not my wife that I have reclaimed,"
"this is my possession and that to me and two, it is perverse.
is one, not justice of criminal conviction,
Despite his lack is currently being detained
George Tannous

in a mental health facility. if well enough,
But there is the prospect he'll be released - for Maggie's family.
a harrowing thought I hope he dies a very slow death a very slow death
like my aunty died he's moaning of pain,
and I hope when he dies,

in the bathroom on the floor.
the way she was moaning of pain favourite clothes
Memories and a few of Maggie's has left
might be all Jessica

to give her aunty a voice
but she's determined with this important message. If you're not sure or domestic violence, ask.
if it is violence

Don't hide it what someone is capable of.
because you just don't know

is experiencing domestic violence
If you or a loved one

in any form, there is help available. organisations on our webpage.
You'll find the links to those When we come back - with Apple
why customers are coming to blows over broken iPhone screens. what they want
They pretty much just do as much money as possible.
and try and just make

Welcome back. controversial policy
Now, the uproar over Apple's of voiding your warranty to a third party repairer.
if you take your phone Customers are not happy,

consumer watchdog
and neither is Australia's before the courts.
who is hauling the tech giant

It's an awful feeling. on the ground,
Dropping your phone you've cracked the screen.
picking it up and realising

person who's done that,
And clearly I'm not the only judging by all of this.

repairing your device?
But what about when it comes to action over its repairs policy.
Well, now Apple is facing legal it's long overdue.
And customers say

I think it's a good thing to court.
that they're taking them As it stands, does not apply
the company's warranty

on their products,
if any work has been carried out a representative of Apple.
by anyone who is not you drop your phone
If for example and you break your screen, repaired by anyone you want,
you should be able to get it the cheapest and best option. routinely refuse to fix
It's claimed they also customers iPhones and iPads, repaired
if they've had the device

by a non-Apple business, to do with that repair.
even if the fault has nothing and they have such power
They're so big just do what they want.
that they pretty much the director of iDropped It
Campbell Thompson is businesses
one of those third-party that repairs cracked screens.
not related to Apple Apple products here.
Campbell, I've got two cracked Beautiful. be normally
What would the process into the Apple store?
if I took these So you'd first of all, to get into the Apple store.
have to wait four days

You'd then have to hand them in. or so for them to repair them,
It would take about three hours $100 or $150 more
and you'd have to pay probably somewhere like us.
than if you came into At iDropped It, cracked phone, or tablet in
a customer can bring their can come to them.
or a technician in about 30-60 minutes
We repair phones the same day or the next day.
and we usually get it out to you

in Melbourne, Tassie,
This company only operates WA and South Australia. similar third-party businesses
But there are many other around the country. replaced here
If you get your phone screen directly linked to Apple,
or anywhere else that isn't your warranty could be voided. took it in for another reason,
What would happen if I

I had a screen from you guys.
and they realised they see one of our screens
Basically, as soon as out there in the market screen,
or another third-party they will not touch the device. the ACCC
Australia's consumer watchdog, has taken Apple to court, about their warranty rights.
claiming it's misled consumers at Apple's alleged policy
It's taken aim and iPads,
of refusing to repair iPhones, worked on
if they've previously been by a third-party business. A Current Affair paid at iDropped It.
for our devices to be fixed

to you guys,
So if we hand these over to get it fixed pretty quickly?
we should be able you in about 45 minutes or so.
Mate, we'll have them done for Perfect. There you go. There you go, Lyndon.

An iPhone costs $129 will cost the same.
and generally a standard iPad doing now repairing the screen.
Talk me through what you're the original screen,
So we're lifting up

I've turned the device off, screws to remove the screen.
and we're going to undo a few I've got the new screen here,

some parts off the old screen,
and we've gotta just transfer including the home button. And put it on the new screen and test it out.
and put it back on At Apple, it's more expensive. the screen on your iPhone,
If they do agree to fix

out of warranty.
it can cost nearly $230 dollars as much as $299.
And iPad screen fix can cost Apple's process is very onerous. to get my phone repaired today,
If I wanted to book in I'd be there in four days time, an appointment.
is when I can get three to four hours
And then it would take about to turn the phone around. trying to achieve here.
It's really unclear what Apple's and frustrating their customers
They're clearly alienating of the ACCC.
as well as getting the attention It's not a good result. consumer group Choice.
Erin Turner is from forces you to wait
Currently, Apple's policy at the Genius Bar

that Apple deems suitable.
and get a repair We don't think that's fair. to treat their products
Customers should have a right how they want to be treated. customers for other updates,
Apple has also been criticised by

on its new iPhone range.
like changing the audio jack just do what they want.
They pretty much the headsets,
If they want to change new headsets, they can.
and make everyone buy

case in full,
If the ACCC wins the warranty Apple could face serious fines. to use any repairer they want,
We think people should be able

affordable and convenient.
particularly one that's more in a court case very soon.
The ACCC is going to test this It's one to watch for.

but they didn't respond.
We asked Apple for comment After the break - crackdown
why Australia's new codeine has pain sufferers up in arms.

It's like, how dare they?
The first reaction was rage.

(BIRDS CAW) VOICEOVER: Roadside assistance, included with every Youi comprehensive car
and motorcycle policy. Youi - we get you. Call us on 13YOUI or go to YOUI.COM.AU.

(Motor hums) MAN: Hang on, mate. Hang on!

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(Man gasps for air) (Man breathes deeply)

SONG: # You saved some coin
Now your budget's set # And that's the best
a bill can get! # It won't feel that good, but Energy Watch could save you money
by comparing great providers. Call the regional energy experts on:


to swallow
Tomorrow night, a bitter pill over-the-counter medication.
for users of a popular

Australia's headache tablet

The new codeine crackdown

up in arms.
that has chronic pain sufferers The first reaction was rage. It was like, how dare they? your local GP
Why you'll soon have to visit just to get your tablets. an addiction to it.
You can very quickly develop tomorrow.
We'll have that report for you That's our program. Goodnight.
Thanks for your company.
Live captioned by Ai-Media

I broke up with her.

She said she didn't
want to see me anymore

and I found that insulting.

I thought things were
going well. What happened?

I don't know, she didn't
even give me a reason.

Oh, not a problem,
we can figure this out.

What are the reasons
women reject Raj?

Can we not play this game?

Doesn't like games. That's one.

Ignore him.

Yeah, sorry about
the breakup.

That's okay, I'm fine.

Of course you're fine.

Not every member
of a species finds a mate.

Sir Isaac Newton died a virgin.

Look at the contributions he made.

I'm not a virgin, Sheldon.

Wha... So now you think you're
better than Isaac Newton? Oh.

No wonder women don't like you.

You're not being very nice.

What? He said he was fine.

WOLOWITZ: Sometimes people
say things they don't mean.

Oh, that's a paradox.

I-If you meant
what you just said,

then that means you may not
have meant what you just said.

Careful, I saw
this on Star Trek.

Smoke's gonna come
out of his ears soon.

Hey, boys. How's it going?

Well, I thought we were having
a nice conversation,

but it turns out,
I was being offensive.

So, normal.

(door closes)
Sheldon, what did you do?

We were discussing
Raj's recent breakup

and apparently,
I was insensitive to him.

It's okay, I'm fine.

You Di...
Don't fall for it.

He'll get you to compare him
to a dead virgin,

and suddenly you're the bad guy.

Sheldon, when I said I was fine,

I meant I didn't want
to talk about it anymore.

Then why didn't you say that?

Because that's not
what people do.

Well, I would prefer
if people told me

exactly what is
on their mind.

No. No, you don't,
you really don't.

I actually can't
say "don't" enough.

Well, it certainly
would be easier.

You have no idea what it's like

to struggle
with recognizing emotional cues.

I'm sure it's
extremely frustrating.

Thank you.
And also a little sad.

O-Okay, now you're just
showing off.

You know, I just read
that a team at MIT

developed a device that helps
people read human emotions.

And you think we can get those
guys to reprogram Sheldon? Cool.

It's supposed to be accurate,
like, 85% of the time.

Wow, I find that
hard to believe.

That a bunch of
awkward scientists

with no social skills
would invent a machine

to do it for them?

I take it back.
I believe it.

You know if it's at MIT,
I can make some calls.

Maybe we can
get Sheldon a prototype.

What do you think?

A machine that reads
emotions is intriguing.

It could help me be a
more considerate friend.

Wouldn't that be nice.

It could also help me
identify my enemies,

discover their
fears and then...

I could use those
fears to destroy them.

I like the first one.

# Our whole universe
was in a hot, dense state #

# Then nearly 14 billion years
ago expansion started... Wait! #

# The Earth began to cool #

# The autotrophs began to drool,
Neanderthals developed tools #

# We built the Wall #
# We built the pyramids #

# Math, Science, History,
unraveling the mystery #

# That all started
with a big bang #

# Bang! #

Now that Sheldon's
across the hall,

have you decided what
you're doing with his old room?

I was thinking maybe
a library or a gaming room.

You could make it a train room.

I don't like trains.
You like trains.

I know, and Amy says
I can't have a train room.

Sheldon, I just heard
from the guys at MIT

about that emotion reader;
they're sending a prototype

for you to beta test.


Although I'm not sure how I feel

about being used as a guinea pig.

Well, when you get
the machine, you can find out.

Maybe I could use it

to understand why women
keep dumping me.

Oh, you don't need a machine for
that, just send a survey card

to all your ex-girlfriends
and tell them

if they fill it out
they might win a prize.

That's actually not a bad idea.
Maybe I could even

get them all together,
sort of like a...a focus group,

to find out what's wrong with me.

(chuckles) No, Raj,
that's a terrible idea.

Yeah, I was joking.

You... Really?

Uh, little tip -
jokes are often better

when you end them with "Wocka
Wocka" or "ha-cha-cha."

Hey, great news.
The TV I want will fit

in the gaming room, and if
I leave the curtains open,

I can watch it from work.

Hey, can you hold off
redoing the room?

My brother's
coming out here in a few weeks.

Oh. Yeah. Okay, sure. What's
going on with your brother?

My dad asked if I can get him
a job interview at my work.

Huh. Is that a good idea?

I mean, you think
they'll consider someone

who was in prison for selling drugs?

Well, I sell pharmaceuticals.

That's just a really hard
to spell word for drugs.

Well, I'm sure he'll appreciate