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(generated from captions) bad.
You make the poor elderly man feel bad. It probably wasn't worth it have
You are right. She probably should decided
have given it half an hour and then didn't
decided whether to do it.She Facebook
didn't just future on her personal community
Facebook page, this was the she
community Facebook page. It is like poor
she just wanted it out there.The though.
poor lady just wanted a sleep-in though.Look, I have to be honest, neighbour.
she would hate me. I'm the noisy 9:00
neighbour. My kids are up at 5. By to
9:00 it is like midday. So we need to be doing something. They are

to be doing something. They are My
outside 7:30/8:00 in the morning. 'Frozen'
My little girl is singing, singing top
'Frozen' it is very painful at the that's
top of her lungs. But unfortunately Weekends,
that's just how life works. getting
Weekends, it doesn't stop them playing
getting up either. She will be to
playing the piano at 8:00. I have this
to feel sorry for this guy. Because in
this was the Sunshine Coast. 9:00 probably
in the morning let's be fair. It is 30%.
probably 35 degrees, humidity is he
30%. When can he done it. Honestly, middle
he is not going coup it in the It
middle of the day or at night-time. herself.
It is like she has to get over Buns
herself.We were cooking Hot Cross Sunday,
Buns on Sunday morning, Easter on,
Sunday, and put the smokes alarms had
on, set the smoke alarms off. So we up
had smoke alarms waking everybody Hopefully
up first thing on Sunday morning. calling
Hopefully the neighbours were your
calling the Fire Brigade thinking to
your house is breaking down.Sorry alarm
to interrupt, I have to pull the the
alarm on this one. Thank you for next
the day. See you soon. Coming up afternoon.
next is the Afternoon News.Good where
afternoon. Starting in Canberra Australians
where the Prime Minister declared it
Australians must be put first when visas
it comes to job, abolishing 457 It
visas for skilled foreign workers. temporary
It will now be replaced by two won't
temporary visas but current holders abolished.
won't be affected.The 457 Visa is new
abolished. It will be replaced by a rigorously,
new system that will be manifestly, the
rigorously, resolutely conducted in Australians
the national interest to put first.
Australians and Australian jobs Labor
first. That's our commitment.Both at
Labor and One Nation have hit out Prime
at the announcement, claiming the his
Prime Minister is trying to save has
his own job. A 17-year-old from WA Great
has been attacked and killed by a with
Great White shark while surfing Swimmers
with her father at a popular beach. the
Swimmers have been ordered out of hours
the water for at least the next 48 patrolling
hours with authorities now patrolling that area. Rebecca Johns say
has more.Laeticia Brouwer's family when
say she was doing what she loved death
when she was killed, mauled to Great
death by what is believed to be a was
Great White shark. The 17-year-old yesterday
was surfing with her father east
yesterday afternoon at wily beach, attacked,
east of Esperance, when she was supposed
attacked, bitten on the leg. It was Instead,
supposed to be a family holiday. sisters
Instead, her mother and two younger the
sisters watched on helplessly from strangers
the beach. For close to an hour CPR
strangers and paramedics gave her severe
CPR but her blood loss was so severe she couldn't be saved.

severe she couldn't be saved. Today who
her devastated family thanked those terribly
who tried to save her.We are by
terribly heart-broken and saddened take
by this tragic accident. We can fact
take comfort that Laeticia, the something
fact that Laeticia died doing something she loved. The ocean was her and her family's passion.

her and her family's passion. treasured
Surfing was something that she sisters.
treasured doing with her dad and there
sisters.In the last seven days sharks
there have been two sightings of surf
sharks in the area. The popular for
surf beach will now remain closed are
for the next 48 hours. The family home
are expected to return to their later
home town without their daughter suspect
later tonight.The search for a live
suspect who murdered an elderly man extended
live on Facebook has now been Stephens
extended nation-wide. Steve stranger
Stephens walked up to an innocent before
stranger on a Cleveland street this
before gunning him down. We warn, content.
this story contains some disturbing nation-wide
content.Tonight the desperate took
nation-wide manhunt for the man who Facebook.
took and posted this video to senseless
Facebook. Police say it shows the He
senseless murder of an elderly man. away,
He could be nearby, he could be far Authorities
away, anywhere in between. reward
Authorities now offering a $50,000 to
reward for any information leading was
to the arrest of the suspect. It when
was just after 2pm on Easter Sunday shocking
when police were alerted to the Stephens
shocking video. 37-year-old Steve walking
Stephens getting out of his car and year-old
walking over to an unsuspecting 74- year-old Robert Goodwin Senior. is
Stephens explained to his victim he woman.
is about to shoot him because of a leaving
woman. The suspect was gone, chilling
leaving behind a trail of recent in
chilling posts. Investigators say to
in one he says he lost everything lost
to gambling.Lost everything. I another,
lost everything I had, man.In more
another, claiming to have killed 13
more than a dozen people.I killed killing
13 people and I'm going to keep catch
killing until - until - until they detectives
catch me.Officials revealing today phone
detectives spoke to Stephens by place.
phone shortly after the murder took convince
place.They tried to, of course, Facebook
convince him to turn himself in. after
Facebook disabling his account came
after reports of the murder video already
came in. But that graphic video had hours.
already been up for more than two statement:
hours. The company saying in a

The family of the man who Stephens and
randomly killed calling for justice loss.
and trying to make sense of their just
loss.We are beyond shocked. It ripped
just feels like our heart is just somebody
ripped out of our chest. Like for father
somebody to brutally murder my unbelievable.
father like that, it is some
unbelievable.It has been revealed are
some of Australia's most vulnerable providers
are being forced to pay care should
providers thousands of dollars favour
should they choose to leave in Jardim
favour of better deals. Vicky vital
Jardim has more.In-home care is a disabled
vital service for many elderly and to
disabled Australians, allowing them their
to carry on their lives as norm nal Federal
their own home. Changes by the year
Federal government earlier this and
year giving many greater control use
and choice over which service they in
use but some providers are placing up
in their new contracts exit fees of provision
up to $4,000.The exit fee cost
provision is really to cover the funds
cost for a provider of transferring their
funds belonging to that person or So
their loved one to another provider. note
So it should not be exorbitant. We charging
note that quite a few providers are charging a zero exit fee.

charging a zero exit fee.Aged and to
community groups are urging people new
to check the fine print in their required
new contracts and say they are only agreed
required to pay what has been provider.
agreed and negotiated with their out
provider. The exit fees will come fee
out of the package with the average money
fee around $417, but many say that important.
money is desperately needed.Very Because
important. Couldn't live without it. I
Because they do everything for me. I am not able to do anything myself. head
I can't lift my arms up above my come
head or anything like that. They able
come out with me as well so I'm concerned
able to have freedom.Anyone should
concerned about their exit fees provider
should first speak to their complaint
provider and can then make a Commissioner.
complaint with the Complaints Melbourne
Commissioner.A former prison in new
Melbourne is now playing host to a the
new opera, bringing culture back to Emotionworks
the people. Members from Puccini's
Emotionworks are performing involving
Puccini's 'Tosca', a drama escapee
involving love, murder and veil 22
escapee s. The production will frun on
22 April until 7 May. Still to come owner
on Nine's Afternoon News, a dog injured
owner and beloved pet seriously Also,
injured after a vicious mauling. travelled
Also, the secret alias Prince hordes
travelled under and used it obtain inside
hordes of powerful painkillers. And This
inside the White House at Easter. Celebrating
This is how the Trump's roll. children.
Celebrating with thousands of wrong?
children. So what could possibly go

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has growing
this afternoon addressed the tensions
growing concerns about the rising Turnbull
tensions in North Korea. Malcolm resolution
Turnbull says he is optimistic a the
resolution can be found emphasising often
the role of China.The Chinese North
often express frustration with North Korea and disappointment but

the fact is, that they have the North
overwhelming leverage over the the
North Korea regime. So the eyes of Beijing
the world are now obey Jing. And They
Beijing has to step up -- Beijing. threat
They have to bring this reckless of
threat to the peace and stability of our region to an end.Meanwhile, war
North Korea is warning a nuclear saying
war would break out at any moment, Nine's
saying the US is abusing its powers. report
Nine's Tom Steinfort filed this report from South Korea.

report from South Korea.The Korean You
missile crisis continues to deepen. this
You would hope in a situation like But
this that calm heads would prevail. with
But the reality is we are dealing in
with two of the biggest hot heads Donald
in the world. Kim Jong-un and the
Donald Trump going toe-to-toe. On today.
the North Korean front it increased today. Ambassador to the UN saying out
the rogue nation will look to carry and
out missile tests every single week tries
and if the US doesn't like it and tries to intervene they

tries to intervene they have Trump,
promised nuclear warfare. Donald measured
Trump, this time he has been quite said
measured and consider odd it. He behave.
said today North Korea needs to exactly
behave. When he was pressed on what actions
exactly he meant by that and what "Watch
actions he could take, he said, you
"Watch this space." So make what we
you will of that. In the meantime Pence
we have the Vice President Mike a
Pence still here in South Korea on to
a three-day tour. He has had this months
to say overnight.Over the past 18 unlawful
months North Korea conducted two unprecedented
unlawful nuclear tests and an missile
unprecedented number of ballistic failed
missile tests, even conducting a travelled
failed missile launch as I era
travelled here for this vest. The There
era of strategic patience is over. obviously
There you go. America's patience South
obviously wearing thin. Here in the
South Korea it is a nervous time in the capital Seoul where we are at south
the moment. It is only about 40km be
south of the border T could easily launched
be hit by any missile that was people
launched from the north. But the people who live here, 25 million is
people base in this one city, that of
is more than the entire population for
of Australia. It is a worrying time next
for them. From here I guess the April
next date to keep an eye on is founding
April 25. The anniversary of the many
founding of North Korea, the date next
many people predict would be the launch
next time North Korea would look to the
launch its next test missile. So region
the message at the moment if this Court
region I guess is watch this space. extent
Court documents have revealed the before
extent of singer Prince's drug use investigators
before his death. Police littered
investigators found his home was and
littered with powerful painkillers them
and narcotic substances. Many of the
them were presents described aund Prince
the alias Peter Bravestrong, a name 57
Prince used when travelling. He was Mindarie
57 when found unresponsive at his of
Mindarie home last year. A family sparked
of four escaped a house fire playing
sparked by one of the children Hancock
playing with a lighter. As Sarah Hancock reports, Emergency Services warning
and the child's mother say it is a children
warning to everyone.The frightened the
children alerted their mother to put
the fire. She tried desperately to dangerous
put it out but it became too say
dangerous too quickly. Fire crews say it was sparked by a lighter in three
the wrong little hands. Mother of out
three Nicole Cook got her children with
out before she was almost overcome or
with smoke.I couldn't last three devastated.
or two minutes in there. I was then,
devastated. Just started crying my
then, knowing that I couldn't save townhouse
my own house.The blaze and in out
townhouse at Oaklands Park broke caused
out at about 8:00 last night and have
caused $200,000 damage. But could What
have cost the family so much more. Happy
What were you trying to make?Egg. found
Happy I got me and the kids out and with
found someone to come to, to stay with until we can try and figure crews
out what we are going to do.Fire leave
crews say it is a reminder not to reach
leave matches or lighters within up
reach of children and to store them We
up high. Sarah Hancock, Nine News. Livinia
We will check the weather now with was
Livinia Nixon. Good afternoon. It It
was a try Easter around the country. recorded
It was. Only two capital cities days.
recorded any rainfall over the four Canberra
days. That was 0.2 of amm in continued
Canberra and Darwin. Dry conditions country.
continued today for most of the That
country. Rain developing through WA. days,
That will intensify over the coming the
days, eventually moving through to thunderstorms
the south-east. There has also been board
thunderstorms along the eastern sea Bathurst.
board with up to 15m around start
Bathurst. Melbourne had a foggy blanket
start to the day with a thick that.
blanket cross parts of the city sunny
that. Cleared to reveal beautiful degrees.
sunny skies. The city reached 25 sunset
degrees. Sydney had a spectacular red
sunset with the city bathed in a with
red light. It was a sail's delight the
with a top of 24 degrees today. As enjoying
the gorgeous photos shows, Hobart April
enjoying a very pleasant spell of get
April weather. It is forecast to Also
get better over the coming week. Adelaide
Also reaching 24 today. But the
Adelaide takes the cake or maybe warming
warming up
the Hot Cross Bun with a low of 20 Churches
warming up to 29. The City of moment.
Churches is the place to be at the soon.
moment.Stunning photos. See you Nine's
soon. Thank you. Stale head on you
Nine's Afternoon News, we will take at
you behind the scenes as the driver at the centre of this

at the centre of this alleged drug- court
fuelled Motorway rampage is faced hammer
court for the first time. Sledge Melbourne
hammer smash and grab at a time
Melbourne jewellery store but this the
time the owner fought back. Hear Mitchell
the story next. Find out which club Mitchell Moses will be

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A Gold Coast man who ran other alleged
drivers off a major highway in an has
alleged drug-fuelled crime spree Moore
has appeared in court. As Phoebe left
Moore explains, many motorists were old's
left traumatised by the 35-year- old
old's alleged rampage.The 35-year- police
old father accused of leading pursuit
police on a dangerous drug-induced Highway
pursuit down a major Gold Coast refused
Highway has just had his bail the
refused by a magistrate who slammed calls
the accused Vito Virzi over what he that
calls bizarre and violent behaviour number
that included spitting blood on a around
number of police officers. It was motorists
around midday Monday week when accused
motorists look odd in horror as the highway.
accused diced with death down the The
highway. Witnesses were frightened. someone
The out of control car would hit someone desperately calling 000. court
The police prosecutor told the so
court that the car was travelling that
so fast at speeds of up to 200km/h car's
that the police could not read the heard
car's numberplate. The court then across
heard how the car was speeding to
across four lanes of traffic trying Now,
to crash in to marked police cars. the
Now, the pursuit only ended once new
the car had run out of petrol. But arrest,
new detail has emerged about the

arrest, including accusations that police
the accused spat blood not only at assist
police but at two men who tried to that
assist in the arrest. That arrest and
that also included capsicum spray and a taser. Now, the parents of court
the accused Vito Virzi were also in to
court today. This is what they had actions
to say.Is your son sorry for his allegations
actions signalYes.These come
allegations have taken a week to accused
come before the court because the induced
accused had to be placed in an of
induced coma because of the amount is
of drugs he had allegedly taken. It before
is believed that just moments before that frightening rampage the Vito
accused had ingested liquid fantasy. until
Vito Virzi will be behind bars May.
until his next court appearance in afternoon.
May.Time for sport with Cam. Good lot
afternoon.Good afternoon to you. A this
lot of interest in Mitchell Moses be
this week and where he is going to won't
be playing. Well, the news is he weekend,
won't be wearing Eels colours this have
weekend, at least. The Wests Tigers their
have named the young play-maker for Bulldogs.
their Round 8 clash against the is
Bulldogs. That means an early move Chris
is off the table for now. Nine's to
Chris Hodgkinson reports.Lynching Moses
to a recovery session Mitchell future.
Moses remains torn on his playing door
future. Ivan Cleary slamming the a
door on an early exist for now.If club
a player doesn't want to be at a to
club then of course you are going I
to look into it. But at this stage that.
I haven't really seen anything loo speculation
that.Despite the swirling strong.
speculation Moses form remains five-eighth
strong. Teammates supporting the loss
five-eighth following a four point loss to the Eels.Played well. Had playing
a great start to the game. I love the
playing with Mitch. Close mates off know
the field. It helps on the feel. We both
know each other's games. We were enjoying
both playing with energy and not
enjoying football.Roosters have Latrell
not lost faith in the centre rested
Latrell Mitchell. The 19-year-old after
rested for the Knights's clash Broncos
after being hooked against the his
Broncos and is fighting to regain week's
his spot in the side for next against
week's Anzac Day blockbuster like
against the Dragons.When something they
like that happens to a young fellow their
they can drop their bundle and put that
their head down but we haven't seen is
that from Latrell Mitchell, which Another
is a good sign of his mature tea. Another centre under the micro-skop forget
is Manly Brian Kelly. He had a diet edge
forget against the Storm. His left the
edge let him through six tries in shore
the first half. Manly will need quickly.
shore up their issues in defence placed
quickly. Their next test the fifth- centre
placed Raiders featuring inform a
centre Joseph Leilua.Every game is edge.
a learning curve for me on the left of
edge. Like I said, the second half say
of the year we talk more.Rabbitohs grade
say Sam Burgess will fight the judiciary
grade 1 shoulder charge at the NRL matches
judiciary tonight. He will miss two AFL's
matches if he loses the case.The Geelong
AFL's Match Review Panel has hit yesterday's
Geelong with a double whammy after James
yesterday's thrashing of Hawthorn. match
James Parsons was offered a two- Hawks
match ban for a crude elbow on Menegola
Hawks veteran Luke Hodge. While Sam sidelines
Menegola the spend one game on the Gibson
sidelines for sling taeblg. Josh Ruggles.
Gibson cleared for his bump on Tom sack
Ruggles. A week out from the San captain
sack day blockbuster Collingwood the
captain Scott Pendlebury jumped to Moore.
the defence of young forward Darcy just
Moore.I will have a chat to him That
just to not listen to you guys much. playing
That will be my chat. And keep ball
playing the role. His flying for two
ball he is competing, having one or boated
two shots on goal again.Moore has N
boated one goal in four games games boost
N A-League, Sydney FC given a major finals
boost as they prepared to under the expected
finals campaign. Milos Ninkovic the
expected to return to training by for
the week. The favour for the medal Ninkovic
for the Player of the Year, 2-0
Ninkovic limped off in the team's club's
2-0 bin over Newcastle. But the will
club's medical staff confident he fortnight's
will be back for their semifinal a fortnight's time.

fortnight's time. Arsenal defendant the
alive their hopes of finishing in with
the top four of the Premier League Middlebrough.
with a narrow 2-1 victory over nird
Middlebrough. The win the Gunners games.
nird their past nine competition on
games. Bernard Tomic's recent form over
on tour definitely won't be winning old's
over any new fans. The 24-year- at
old's disappointing year continued knocked
at the Monte Carlo Masters. Tomic Argentina's
knocked out in the first round by Straight
Argentina's Diego Schwartzman. Aussie's
Straight sets defeat was the from
Aussie's fifth opening round loss year.
from the first four months of the and
year. On behalf of your many fans Newsroom,
and everyone here at the Nine is
Newsroom, happy birthday. I hope it play
is not going to be all work and no nice.
play today.No, I sleep would be it
nice. That is about as exciting as Thank
it gets in our household these days. Afternoon
Thank you. Still to come on Nine's company
Afternoon News, the boss of a bus that
company faces court over a crash a
that killed his dad. Want to slash developer
a power bill bill. How one heating
developer is taking the latest applying
heating and cooling technology and suburb
applying it across the latest down.
suburb driving electricity prices be
down. And could snoring in children Details
be linked to major health problems. Details on the new

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You are watching Nine's Afternoon Guilty
News. These are our top stories. stepfather
Guilty of murder. NSW mother and of
stepfather convicted of the death in
of their 3-year-old boy in Oberon Malcolm
in 2014. Foreign worker crack-down. Will
Malcolm Turnbull straps 457 visas. Australians?
Will it mean more jobs for critically
Australians? A 5-year-old boy left carnival
critically injured falling from a Victoria's
carnival ride at an Easter show on Victoria's Mornington Peninsula.

Victoria's Mornington Peninsula. but
but the
They were supposed to protect him 3-year-old
but the mother and stepfather of a found
3-year-old boy have today been the
found guilty of his 2014 murder in Damian
the NSW town of Oberon. Nine's Court
Damian Ryan was in the NSW Supreme this
Court for the verdict. He joins us case.
this afternoon. A truly horrific hard
case.Horrific, absolutely. It is The
hard to think of anything worse. only
The boy known only as Joseph had of
only been placed back in the care Then
of his parents seven weeks before. systematically
Then during that time he was with
systematically tortured, beaten esky
with a wooden spoon, locked in an rammed
esky full of ice and had his head hospital
rammed into a door. He was taken to At
hospital and died three days later. father
At the time his mother and step- accident
father claimed it was all an after
accident after the child fell over Of
after tripping over on a dog's lead. understandably
Of course, the police their
understandably did not believe jury
their story and today nor did a deliberations.
jury after about three days the
deliberations. They came back with showed
the guilty verdict. The couple showed no emotion. Really,

showed no emotion. Really, the only child
emotion came from an uncle of the the
child who had this to say outside the court.No winners today. The

the court.No winners today. The we
little boy won't be coming back and and
we lost a family member.The mother in
and step-father, of course, remain court
in custody. They will be back in for
court in mid-August. The prospect the
for them that is they could spend We
the rest of their time behind bars. delivers
We will have to see what the judge it
delivers mid-August.We will leave is
it there. Thank you. The government work
is to abolish 457 visas for foreign first
work ners a bid to put Australians first in our local job market.

first in our local job market. the
Nine's Lauren Gianoli reports on announcement.
the political fallout from the traditional
announcement.In a shaft way from Minister
traditional media the Prime his
Minister made this announcement on minute
his Facebook page, posting a one one
minute 30 video and following it jobs
one a press conference. There are Businesses
jobs that cannot be filled locally. Malcolm
Businesses need foreign workers. there
Malcolm Turnbull has announced visas.
there will be two new temporary We
visas. The first goes for two years. that
We will have 200 fewer occupations that people can come over on and permanent
there won't be the option of Visa
permanent residency. The second targeted
Visa lasts for four years and it is people
targeted at higher skills. Those people who apply for the second work
Visa will need to have two years of work experience. That's something They
that is not needed at the moment. standard
They will have to have a higher undergo
standard of English and also Visa
undergo a criminal check.The 457 replaced
Visa is abolished. It will be be
replaced by a new system that will resolutely
be manifestly, rigorously, national
resolutely conducted in the Australians
national interest to put first.
Australians and Australian jobs political
first. That's our commitment.The One
political reaction has been swift. who
One Nation leader Pauline Hanson the
who is anti-immigration and wants to
the government to encourage people to get an

The Opposition Leader Bill Shorten, he has gone online saying:

Peter Dutton the Immigration Turnbull
Minister was beside Malcolm He
Turnbull during this announcement. time
He says in 2013, which was the last power,
time that a Labor government was in blew
power, the number of 457 holders abolition
blew out to 110,000 people.The obviously
abolition of the 457 Visa program Labor's
obviously is an attempt to clean up policy
Labor's mess. Labor presided over a their
policy which got out of control by 95,000457
their own admission.There are and
95,000457 Visa hold ners Australia will
and the Prime Minister says they changes.
will not be affected by these fighting
changes.A 5-year-old boy is thrown
fighting for life after being Victoria's
thrown from a carnival ride Nine's
Victoria's Mornington Peninsula. As WorkSafe
Nine's Mark Santomartino reports, into
WorkSafe investigators are looking were
into whether height restrictions decade
were appropriate.For more than six entertained
decade the Rye carnival has foreshore,
entertained thousands along this investigators
foreshore, now swarmed by WorkSafe for
investigators as a young boy fights boarded
for his life. The 5-year-old friends
boarded the Cha-Cha Ride with afternoon.
friends just after 5:00 yesterday working
afternoon. His family had been Easter
working at the carnival over the had
Easter holidays and moments earlier last
had closed to the public for the the
last time. But things went awry as year-old
the ride picked up speed. The 5- metal
year-old slipped out from under the he
metal safety bars. Local police say he was left clinging to the side of the carriage before being thrown to foot.
the ground injuring his head and distraught
foot. Witnesses say his mother was into
distraught as paramedics loaded him thrown
into the air ambulance, he was then Hospital
thrown to the Royal Children's critical
Hospital where he remains in a up
critical condition. WorkSafe sent afternoon.
up a drone to inspect the ride this a
afternoon.Inquiries will focus on safe
a number of areas regarding the specific
safe operation of the ride with a requirements
specific focus being on the height Children
requirements for uses of the ride. tall
Children must be at least 130cm adult.
tall to ride the Cha-Cha without an amusement
adult. The website for Wittingslow insists
amusement who operate the ride rigorous
insists they are committed to emotional
rigorous safety checks. The willing
emotional site manager was not today
willing to speak on calm bra ra considers
today however he told Nine News he family
considers the young boy part of his main
family and his health is now his been
main concern.A woman has allegedly advertising
been sexually assaulted after apartment
advertising a room to rent at her Gabby
apartment in Sydney's inner west. and
Gabby Boyle is covering the story It
and joins us live this afternoon. the
It is believed the woman was not that's
the only victim. Tell us more.Yes, Korean
that's right. The 23-year-old name.
Korean national who goes by the list
name. Pak stands accused of a long although
list of crimes spanning back assault,
although a month. These include possessions
assault, stealing a car, stealing an
possessions from a person, having people
an altercation with a number of guest
people inside a group house, a It
guest house in Sydney's inner west. Sunday
It has all culminated of course on very
Sunday morning when he allegedly woman
very seriously sexually assaulted a visit
woman in her 30s who he had gone to a
visit we are told to possibly rent incredibly
a room off her. Naturally she is to
incredibly distressed after having horrific
to give her account of this She
horrific alleged attack to police. camera
She wasn't willing to speak on caught
camera today. But certainly we victim,
caught up with another alleged dmufd
victim, a man who lived with the weeks
dmufd this group house a number of that
weeks ago. He has told Nine News kitchen
that the pair were cooking in a they
kitchen in this group house when owned
they had a minor dispute over who old
owned a knife. He says the 23-year- held
old then picked up that knife and this
held it to his throat. He reported little
this incident to police. Here is a that
little of what he had to say about around
that incident.He just turned just
around to me with the knife, he (BLEEP). scary.
(BLEEP). It was really, really refused
scary.The 23-year-old has been vishgs
refused bail. He appeared briefly Local
vishgs a video link in the Central for
Local Court today. He didn't apply He
for bail. Bail was formally refused. will
He will return to court in May. He incredibly
will face 10 charges, some of those viewers
incredibly serious.More for Sydney bus
viewers tonight at 6. Thank you. A charged
bus company boss has fronted court covering
charged with manslaughter and involved
covering up defects of a bus years
involved in a fatal crash seven crash
years ago. As we report, the 2010 court
crash killed his father.It is a in
court hearing close to seven years Moss
in the making. Simon Lees fronted today
Moss Vale court for the first time dating
today over a string of charges 2010.
dating back to a fatal crash in Graham
2010. That crash killed his father, wheel
Graham Lees, who was behind the allegedly
wheel of a coach when its brakes of
allegedly failed and careered out others
of control down a mountain. 27 the
others were injured. Simon Lees was the manager of the bus company at manslaughter
the time. He is charged with three
manslaughter and conspireing with information.
three friends to give police false to
information. Do you have anything snd
to say to the 27 people you injure in
sndThe 31-year-old from St Claire failing
in Sydney's west is also accused of the
failing to tell police that he knew the mechanic allegedly lied about Four
the road-worthiness of the bus. jewellery
Four youth whose tried to rob a South
jewellery store in Melbourne's security
South East were scared off by a sledge
security guard. One of them used a door
sledge hammer to smash open the from
door when the guard confronted them Street.
from inside the shop on Church heard
Street.I was in the back room. I smashing.
heard lots of noises, krashg and middle
smashing. Then came out into the little
middle of the shop and I saw a little Mercedes hatchback

little Mercedes hatchback in the or
roundabout. Then just at least two Then
or three guys jumping in the back. from
Then they drove off.The gang fled half
from the scene in a Mercedes stolen Melbourne's
half back. A pet Jack rust nel serious
Melbourne's South East suffered mauled.
serious injuries after viciously as
mauled. The dog's owner also hurt Neary
as she fought to protect her family. Well
Neary Ty has this exclusive report. to
Well 13-year-old Jackie will have mauled
to undergo surgery after viciously was
mauled here in Hampton Park. Tony around
was walking Jackie and her son when
around 3:30 yesterday afternoon across
when she says two Staffy's sprinted attacking
across the park and started suffered
attacking them. The 34-year-old she
suffered a wound to her knee while Jackie
she desperately tried to protect Jackie and her son.One was attacking her face. The other believe
attacking her legs. I couldn't screaming,
believe it. I was shocked, like my
screaming, "Get off my dog, get off violent.
my dog." These dogs were just serious
violent.The Jack Russell sustained body.
serious bite wounds all over her could
body. Doctors believe her legs I'm
could be paralysed.I'm heartbroken. has
I'm worried about her spine. She They
has no back legs at the moment. seized
They are not moving.Two dogs were the
seized by the council. We spoke to cram
the owner who didn't want to go on cram but says he is devastated by secure
the incident. The dwrogs in a dooesh
secure backyard so it is not clear backyard.
dooesh the dogs are in a secure got
backyard. It is not clear how they investigating.
got out. The council is owner
investigating. If found guilty the than
owner could face a fine of more than $6,000.A new in
than $6,000.A new housing estate breaking
in Western Sydney found a ground- energy
breaking way to slash the costs of the
energy bills. It is the first for bills
the Southern Hemisphere.Energy recent
bills have been a hunl issue in complaints
recent months with growing have
complaints about just how much they estate
have surged. But this new housing novel
estate in Blacktown has taken a airconditioning
novel roach, realising component
airconditioning is a major developer
component to power bills. The technology
developer Frasers decided to use individual
technology starting to be used in such
individual homes but never across The
such a large number of dwelling. We
The secret lies in the erred below. are
We are -- in the earth below. We to
are interested in what is important energy
to our consumers. The cost of over
energy has gone up dramatically can
over the last five years. So if we of
can find ways to make the running is
of a new home more efficient, that residents
is important to us.With the first estate,
residents already living on the encouraging.
estate, results have been the
encouraging. We will show you how the technology works and how large 6.
the savings can be in Nine News at unfolding
6.Coming up, we have breaking news afternoon.
unfolding in Melbourne this house.
afternoon. A car has crashed into a scene
house. We will take you to the bash
scene next. Also, a gang of thugs to
bash an autistic teen who refused from
to hand over his shoes. We hear girls
from the family of two Australian attack
girls burnt in a suspected acid how
attack in a London nightclub. An time
how the Trump's roll it at Easter embraces
time as the new First Family embraces a White House tradition.

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We have breaking news in Melbourne has
this afternoon where a naked man home
has allegedly crashed through a live
home at Mill Park. Laura Spurway is happened?
live at the scene for us. What bizarre
happened?It is t seems to be a extremely
bizarre set of circumstances but an involved.
extremely lucky escape for everyone stage
involved. What we are told at this driving
stage is this man aged 20 was Melbourne's
driving here in Mill Park in and
Melbourne's north-west erratically crossed
and in excess of speed limit. He ploughed
crossed the median strip and the
ploughed across the road and into one
the house behind me where there was I'm
one woman inside. For more details Thank
I'm joined by Acting Sergeant. can
Thank you for your time. What else here
can you tell us about what happened male
here this afternoon.We believe the alcohol
male is possibly drug-affected or conveyed
alcohol or both. He has been Hospital
conveyed to the Royal Melbourne There
Hospital for checking, of course. get
There will be blood taken. We will time.
get the results of that in a short what
time. From that we can determine This
what offences have been committed. What
This is a very conquested area here. when
What happened to other motorists road?
when this car crossed over the to
road?We believe one motorist had avoid
to take extreme evasive action to coming
avoid a collision with the driver road.
coming on the opposite side of the car
road. Very, very lucky that another the
car was not hit as he cross odd to someone
the wrong side of the road.And Absolutely.
someone inside this house as well. before.
Absolutely. I was into the house front
before. I believe it is a small impacted
front bedroom and the car has just lucky
impacted into that room. So very sitting
lucky that the home owner was not busy.
sitting in there.We know you are time
busy. Thank you so much for your you
time this afternoon.Thank you.As still
you can see, the investigation is car,
still very much underway here. The in
car, which has P plights t is still here
in the driveway. The traffic along here is extremely slow as well. As they
you heard, the police officer said see
they are still awaiting tests to have
see whether or not this driver may we
have been drug-affected. But also, speed
we believe he was in excess of the up
speed limit potentially travelling thank
up to 100km/h.Live at Mill Park thank you.

thank you. An Australian model and suspected
her sister have been injured in a nightclub.
suspected acid attack in a London both
nightclub. Isabella and Prue Fraser burns.
both suffered painful chemical faces
burns.People with burns over their couldn't
faces and screaming because they their
couldn't see. Obviously it was in Police
their eyes. It was very distressing. result
Police say the incident was the groups
result of a fight between two injured.
groups of people. 10 others were on
injured. Nine News will have more at
on that story in the news tonight he
at 6:00. An autistic teenager says after
he is too scared to leave his home youths
after being beaten by a group of Jayde
youths in Melbourne's west. As old
Jayde Vincent reports, the 17-year- group
old was travelling alone when the his
group approached him and demanded autistic
his phone and trainers.17-year-old autistic teen Jayden was minding home
his own business and making his way when
home on a bus on Saturday afternoon unprovoked
when he became the victim of an Five
unprovoked and cowardly attack. the
Five young Sudanese males boarded recognised
the bus around 4:30 that avenlt one demanded
recognised Jayden. The group new
demanded he hand over his phone and teen
new sneakers. When he refused one kicked
teen held on to the handrail and gang
kicked him to the face before the As
gang stepped off at the next stop. got
As soon as we turned the corner I across
got one kick to the face straight the
across from me and then one kick to in
the face from in front of me. I was get
in pain.Jayden was too scared to to
get off at his stop and was taken called
to the end of the route where he picked
called his parents. His mother Tess go
picked him up and was directed to police
go a nearby McDonalds to meet think,
police and paramedics. Unfortunate the
think, when they arrived they saw they
the group of young offenders and had
they chased after the family car.I because
had my youngest boy with me too home
because I couldn't leave him at chasing
home and he said, "Mummy, they are lights.
chasing us." So I got to the set of was
lights. As I said to the police, "I light
was prepared to drive through a red Skwa
light because I was frightened." and
Skwa deny suffered con suggestion It
and will undergo a CT scan today. is
It is the emotional toll the family taken
is concerned about. They say it has for
taken years after sifted learning to
for him to develop the confidence Now
to catch public transport alone. outside
Now he says he as to afraid to step missing
outside his home.Seven people are swallowed
missing after a building was China.
swallowed by a land sflied central seven-storey
China. People sent running as the reduced
seven-storey partment complex Heavy
reduced to rubble in Ankang City. nature
Heavy rain triggered the act of tearing
nature sending mud and debris Online
tearing through several homes. foreign
Online shoppers who buy goods from under
foreign brands are set to pay more Greenwood
under changes to GST rules. As Ross see
Greenwood reports, the move could overseas
see more online marketplaces ban shoppers
overseas retailers.Australian the
shoppers are set to see pain over goods
the next few weeks with foreign 10%
goods expected to be charged the government
10% GST for the first time. The limit
government has decided to cut the from
limit on which GST must be charged you
from $1,000 to 0, which means if internet
you are buying goods from foreign should
internet sites they technically some
should charge you that GST. Now, simply
some have indicated that they will others
simply start to charge the GST. But particular
others have said it is impractical eBay
particular calendar. Those, such as marketplaces
eBay and also Alibaba, which are retailers,
marketplaces for other even smaller and
retailers, say it is impossible try considering
and police it. They are even foreign
considering a complete ban on shoppers,
foreign websites for Australian actually
shoppers, saying if they can't Australians
actually charge the GST to with
Australians then they might do away a
with those sites altogether.That's to
a commercial decision eBay is going odd
to have to make. I find it a bit billion
odd really that eBay, a multi- company,
billion dollar international the
company, can't afford to collect cafe
the GST when, in fact, the local collect
cafe over the road can afford to from
collect it.The new rules come 234 is
from from in from July 1. Australia threshold.
is going alone by having a $0 charged
threshold. In other words, GST you
charged from the very first dollar Other
you purchase with overseas goods. thresholds
Other countries have higher unmanageable
thresholds because they think it is 0.
unmanageable when it is so close to of
0.Children who snore are at risk Melbourne
of future harm to their health. A many
Melbourne sleep study has found school
many young snorers lag behind at problems.
school and demonstrated behavioural Rice
problems. Medical reporter Emily sound
Rice explains.A snoring child may snorting
sound kind of cute but loud sleep
snorting and snuff Elling during health.
sleep could be detrimental their is
health. Snoring occurs when there passing
is a partial blockage of air mouth
passing through the back of the University
mouth during sleep. Monash University researchers

University researchers have been oxygen
studying little snoozers to see how affected
oxygen levels to the brain are impacts
affected by snoring and in turn the Snoring
impacts on learning and behaviour. effects
Snoring can have significant They
effects for the child at school. attention.
They tend to not pay as much sleeping
attention.They studied the age
sleeping patterns of 260 children those
age #3d to 12. Brain scans revealed blood
those who snore had had higher of
blood pressure levels. More reports intellectual
of poor behaviour. And reduced first
intellectual ability.It is the shown
first study which has actually brain
shown this evidence of actually snorers
brain damage.Treatment for serious the
snorers may include stourg remove known
the tonsils or throat lymph nodes parents
known as adenoids.Quite often had
parents will report after they have are
had tonsils and adenoids out they So
are a completely different child. worsening,
So if your little ones' snoring is medical
worsening, make sure you seek gets
medical help to ensure everyone is
gets a goodnight's sleep. Sniech it White
is one of the biggest events on the Melania
White House calendar. Donald and children
Melania Trump hosted thousands of the
children from military families for highlight
the first Easter egg roll. The highlight of the race where eggs.
children use wooden spoons to push are
eggs. I have seen those kids. They first
are highly competitive.The event the
first held in 1878. Still to come the laftest

Good afternoon. Coming up on Nine News Canberra, Malcolm Turnbull announces the Government will abolish
457 visas for skilled foreign workers. A horror crash - one person has died after a car
flipped on the Hume Highway south of Goulburn. Four others have been injured. Going green - the first green bins
are collected in Weston Creek,

as part of a trial
across the city to reduce waste. Meet the Canberra foster carer that's been named
ACT mother of the year. And it's back to the drawing
board for the Brumbies before they head to New Zealand. Join me for Nine News Canberra
at 6:00.

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Good afternoon. The dry mild Easter the
conditions continued for most of interesting
the country today but there is some There
interesting weather in the west. troughs
There are a series of low pressure is
troughs and tropical moisture that to
is gradually going to make its way gorgeous
to the South East. But there were gorgeous conditions in that part of very
the country today. Adelaide had a degrees
very warm day, only dip to go 20 maximum
degrees overnight ahead of a also
maximum of 29. Melbourne's weather morning.
also on the improve after a foggy afternoon
morning. It has been blue skies all lovely
afternoon with a top of 20. Another Hobart
lovely day in Sydney reaching 24. spell
Hobart is enjoying a beautiful is
spell of weather, also 24 today. It coming
is going to get even nicer over the coming week.

coming week.
is going to get even nicer over the cold
coming week. Canberra has had a few low
cold mornings but not too bad. A also
low of 10 warming up to 25. Perth in
also reached 25. 27 in Brisbane. 33 extend
in Darwin. Tomorrow the rain will South
extend further east moving into it
South Australia. There is a chance a
it could get as far as Adelaide but another
a high in the Tasman will bring Tasmania.
another warm day for Victoria and

another warm day for Victoria and morning
Tasmania. Melbourne can expect a
morning fog again tomorrow ahead of Just
a mostly sunny top of 26 degrees. Sydney
Just a slim chance of a shower in of
Sydney under cloudy skies and a top showers
of 24. Brisbane could get a few Another
showers with a top of 26 degrees. with
Another very warm day for Adelaide two.
with the chance of a late shower or A
two. A low of 18 will warm up to 29. Perth
A perfect day in the south-west. of
Perth is set to reach a sunny top of 25 degrees.

of 25 degrees.
Perth is set to reach a sunny top day
of 25 degrees. A foggy start to the all
day ahead for Canberra. Sunshine Forecast
all the way for Hobart that. the
Forecast maximum of 23 is 7 above Darwin
the April average. Sunny skies for if
Darwin as well and a top of 33. Now rain
if we look ahead to Thursday, the set
rain will move further east. It is western
set to bring good fall to see weather
weather news
western Victoria. But the big 84
weather news is that a dry spell of come
84 days for Broken Hill is set to forecast
come to an end with 10-20mm Definitely
forecast over Thursday and Friday. Definitely welcomed

Definitely welcomed rainfall.
forecast over Thursday and Friday. Distancing you.
Distancing in the streets. Thank

Distancing in the streets. Thank Ordinaries
you. Checking finance. All trading
Ordinaries finished the day's In
trading in the red down 57 points.

That is Nine's Afternoon News. Our Don't
next bulletin is coming up at 6:00. you
Don't forget, for all our stories
you can log on to our website, Have I'm Davina Smith. see
Have a great evening. We hope to Live
see you tomorrow. Live Captioning by Ai-Media


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