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(generated from captions) after themselves, with their families and communities. First, the SA Government announced it will spend more than $500 million to build a new gas-fired power plant and Australia's largest battery storage centre, part of a bid to take control of the flailing electricity market. The Federal Government struck back with a warning that the plan will push prices up in other parts of the country. The politicians remain at that stalemate and two billionaires have offered an immediate solution forming their plans to combat the crisis in 100 days. We will speak to one shortly. First the details of the proposed plan. In September last year a massive stort left thousands of SA homes without -- storm left thousands of SA homes without power. Since then blackouts has further undermined confidence in the grid. Today the SA Premier said it was time to take control of the state's energy supplier. Today fundamentally we have market failure. The private sector is not investing in new or existing generation.The heart of the plan involves the State Government building a new $360 million plant.

Premier Weatherill said the national electricity market is failing because of a failure to put a price on pollution.There is no future in coal. And the only future is a price on carbon that sends the right investment signals to get clean energy generation. We're not seeing that at a national level. That's why SA is taking its steps at a state level to implement those measures. But the Federal Energy Minister is not keen on SA taking control of its own energy supply and says the move could impact on other parts of the country. Today SA wants to rip up that national agreement and in doing so will only drive up prices for its people as well as those in other states.We're told that power prices will be lower, both in relative terms and in absolute terms.Just who will supply Australia's largest battery plant is yet to be decided. But already international tech giants are expressing interest. Last week Tesla boss Elon Musk said on Twitter that he could fix SA's electricity problems in 100 days with his new Tesla batteries. He and Australian software billionaire Mike Cannon-Brookes created a Twitter storm with the following exchange.

But sorting out the domestic