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(generated from captions) This program is live captioned by Ericsson Access Services. Tonight, keeping the lights on. South Australia's half a billion dollar plan to fix the nation's power grid. We have a national electricity market which is failing not only South Australia but failing the nation. Going it alone. Created South Australia's problems and going it alone won't fix South Australia's problems. How Donald Trump's pledge to scrap ObamaCare will leave millions of Americans without health insurance. Trumpcare would be a nightmare for the American people. Charlie over and out. Saying farewell to the Southcare rescue chopper. And promoting Canberra on the road: the capital's newest number plate slogan, revealed. Good evening, Dan Bourchier with ABC News.

South Australia has outlined a plan to solve its ailing energy system but there are concerns that more problems could be created for the national grid in an attempt to run out blackouts. South Australia will invest in a battery storage facility at a gas-fired power station. There are cold for a national solution rather than each state and territory going its own way -- calls. In Adelaide, even international superstars have power problems. I'm sorry for the power cut. You'll never guess what it was. Adele's outage can't be blamed on the SA government. I can't account for a roadie pulling a plug out. But soaring power prices and frequent blackouts have prompted massive market interference. That's from the state's Energy Minister and Premier. We are going to give the states real teeth. This plan is about our energy future. It is about taking charge of our future. Top of the list is giving the minister the power to intervene in the national market. The government will build and run its own 250-megawatt gas fired generator, essentially a giant jet engine, to supply energy in emergencies and keep the grid ticking over. It would provide stabilisation services to the SA grid and prevent any risk of essentially load shedding or blackouts. The biggest battery in the country will help do the same. 100 megawatts will be subsidised by the government via a $150 million renewable technology fund to balance out the state's heavy penetration of intermittent renewables. Almost $50 million will be spent incentivising new gas and land owners will get a 10% cut of royalties for gas wells on their properties. The centrepiece of the plan? A new energy security target, which will force energy retailers to source a third of their power from baseload SA generators, favouring more expensive SA gas over cheaper wind, solar and Victorian coal. Going it alone created SA's problems and going it alone won't fix SA's problems. In fact, the measures announced today will only increase electricity prices for South Australians. What I can guarantee is that they will be much higher without this plan. Businesses have cautiously welcomed the intervention, but in the absence of national policy, some fear a race to the bottom. The last thing that we want to have happen is to have the Victorian Government withhold any energy supply coming across the interconnector which puts South Australia into shortfall. Like it or not, both states are likely to face shortfalls next summer. And while South Australia is using this package to sell its green credentials, the reality is the Weatherill Government is preparing to import up to 200 megawatts of temporary diesel and gas generators to guarantee the lights stay on in the lead-up to a March 2018 election. Today's announcement may be focussed on south Australia's power problems but it also highlights the broader challenges for Australia's energy future. A short time ago, I spoke to the ABC's political editor Chris Uhlmann at Parliament House. Why should the rest of the country be concerned about what is happening in South Australia? We are all connected to the same grid. It runs from Port Douglas, all the way to Port Lincoln and what happens in South Australia me come to our grids over the next summers. Victoria is about to switch off 1600 megawatts of supply. To give you some idea of the size of that, that is 22% of Victoria's generation. That is not the first coal-fired plants to be closed since 2012. Another generation has been taken out of the group and is not being replaced by baseload generation. There is investment in renewables which limitations have been discovered by South Australia. This might spread around the rest of the coast.What has gone wrong with the planning for the future in Australian energy?10 years worth of time when the Federal Government has not been able to set up a single climate policy and people are calling for carbon pricing over generation. There is an effect on the marketplace for that is no clear signal as to what investment should be in. A large part of what we are seeing is a crippling policy failure in Canberra. Byron Bay woman Sara Connor has a week to decide whether to appeal against her four year sentence for killing a policeman in Bali. If she does, the mother of two risks having the sentence increased. Indonesia correspondent Samantha Hawley reports from Bali. From a Byron Bay pasta maker to convicted police killer. In Bali, a panel of three judges rejected Connor's insistence of innocence. The Australian showed no emotion and gave no reaction, and moved from the court room as quickly as she could after the ruling.

Sara, has to decide whether she wants to appeal, given the other a charge of murder. We advise her to appeal. The Australian's British boyfriend who, with a beer bottle, dealt the fatal blow to the police officers head received just two years more jail time. He won't appeal his six year sentence. How are you feeling? Remissions granted on religious and national holidays could mean the couple walk free even earlier than the sentence suggests. And they've already served seven months. This is the spot on Kuta beach where the officer body was found with 42 wounds. More than a dozen to his head and neck. His family pleaded for the toughest sentence possible. They didn't get it. Samantha Hawley, ABC News, Kuta Beach, Bali. Donald Trump's election promise to scrap the ObamaCare health insurance has received a bleak review. A nonpartisan congressional committee has found the Republican alternative plan would leave an extra 24 million Americans uninsured by 2026. Republicans say they reject the findings and the administration is pushing ahead with its full agenda. Greg Jennett reports from Washington.

You represent the millions of Americans have seen their Obamacare premiums increase. Only now has Congress's independent modeller revealed the financial impact. Its budget office estimates the deficit would be repaired by $337 billion US in nine years but at the expense of policy-holders. By 2026 it figures an extra 24 million Americans will no longer hold health insurance. Trumpcare would be a nightmare for the American people. It's just not believable, is what we would suggest. We'll look at the numbers and see. The healthcare costings offer a glimpse into what the White House really means when it talks about overhauling the way Washington works. Another indication comes later this week - a draft budget will outline the breadth and scale ambitions to cut costs and shrink the federal payroll. It's the serious business of government, a world away

of government, a world away
from recent preoccupations - efforts to explain the President's allegation Barack Obama had wire-tapped Trump Tower brought this CIA/Wikileaks inspired suggestion from a senior adviser. You can surveil through phones, televisions, any number of different way and microwaves that turn into cameras. Kellyanne Conway later claimed she'd been misrepresented. White House spokesman Sean Spicer offered another version of what Mr Trump had meant. He doesn't really think President Obama went out and tapped his phone personally. Still more questions than considered responses.

Scotland's first minister has called for a new referendum on Scottish independence just two years after her country rejected the last one. Nicola Sturgeon says the British Brexit justifies the second ballot, considering almost two thirds of Acots wanted to remain a part of the European Union. From London, Europe correspondent James Glenday reports. Nicola Sturgeon has drink about Scottish independent since she was a teenager and now, she sees an opener. Scotland deserves, in light of material changes of circumstances brought about by the Brexit, is a chance at a future in a fairer, free and democratic way.62% of Scots voted against leaving the European Union. There are claims that Theresa May is ignoring the country's concerns and Nicola Sturgeon think that the majority of Scots would like to break free from the UK.We believe it would be wrong for Scotland to be taken down a path that it has no control over, regardless of the consequences for our economy, for society, for a place in the world.The first independence referendum was defeated 55 to nearly 45, nearly two and a half years ago and the new one needs the blessing of the Prime Minister. They are playing politics with the future of our country and they should focus on good government and public services for the people of Scotland.Even though it is opposed, UK government, given the power by Parliament to start Brexit, is not ruling out new vote.We can go into this and Po, as well, of whatever it is that the UK government suggest is an option for Scotland.The push is enormous. If Nicola Sturgeon loses, her career is probably doomed and her course will be derailed for decades but if she wins, then Theresa May will be remembered as the Prime Minister who oversaw Brexit and the breakup of the United Kingdom. Polls suggest that the outcome could go either way. Patients at three GP clinics across Canberra will continue to have access to an in-house pharmacist after a trial was extended. It comes after a successful first year that showed non-dispensing pharmacists in clinics could save time, prevent avoidable hospitalisations and reduce the amount of medication taken by patients. Doctors say the initiative should be rolled out nationwide but want the government to foot the bill. Medications are a daily part of life for many Australians. And mistakes can be costly. If a patient is on blood pressure medications and they double up on those medications the patient could collapse from low blood pressure, and that in itself having a collapse or fall could be a risk of fracture or could be a risk for bleeding into the brain. A trial in the ACT is placing pharmacists inside three GP clinics to better monitor patients' medication. Adjusting the medication lists,

Adjusting the medication lists,
because that's a lot of work for the GP, making sure it's accurate. It's already showing benefits. In lots of instances, we've found that patients have been able to reduce the number of medications they've been on or in fact they haven't always been on the right medication. It also found a part time pharmacist saves GPs two hours each week. That amounts to 72 extra patient consultations every three months. It's saved me a lot of time, I can look at a patient's medication profile and not worry that I have three patients waiting but I can say this is someone trained in medications. Doctors know quite a lot about medication but it was only part of their study, my completely 6 years was only about medication. But putting a pharmacist in every clinic would be costly and doctors believe it's the government, not clinics, that should foot the bill. We need the government to come to the party with funding for the pharmacists to allow them to work in the practice. Doctors say hundreds of millions could be saved from the health budget through avoided hospitalisations. This is as much about improving patient care as much as it is a way of the government managing the health budget. But while in-clinic communication may improve, patients who change GPs or use several different clinics will still need to track their own medications. It's a familiar sight, and sound, over the rooftops of Canberra and after a controversial beginning, the southcare rescue chopper has cemented itself into the hearts of the capital. But, as Craig Allen reports, from next month the helicopter service is being replaced by a new structure with no community trust and none of the volunteers that have kept Southcare in the air. For 19 years, it's been the heartbeat of the ACT region. It made its reputation in the disastrous Sydney to Hobart race of 1998. And for nearly 7,000 missions, it's been a lifesaver. It was a bit scary for you though, wasn't it.

though, wasn't it.
A bit surreal to be back at the chopper, actually. Adrienne Mathews was already a volunteer with the southcare trust - until a car accident gave her a new emotional attachment. Sad to see the chopper go? Very sad, there's been a few tears, not just me, but a lot of the other volunteers. From next month, the chopper they called Charlie will leave our skies. With a new contractor comes a new aircraft, and here's your first look at the purpose built replacement. It's larger, but without that tell-tale Southcare sound. Crews have begun their transition already - but it'll take a lot to beat the original. My last shift was last night, on the helicopter, and coming in and landing at the pad was definitely a moment of 'wow', this is the last time that I'll be flying in this helicopter and rescuing someone. It also means the end of the southcare trust with no need for an army of tireless volunteers. It's very sad. We had a really good feeling amongst the volunteers at southcare, and yeah, it's a shame that we won't be getting together as often anymore. Yes, I think it will be sad, in a sense, but I'm hoping that the local community will still adopt the service and know that it's there for them 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The new service will carry on the Southcare name, but there, the similarity ends. Craig Allen, ABC News, Canberra. Canberra's housing market is among the most expensive in the country and despite higher than average wages, many people struggle to buy their first home. Eight years ago, in an attempt to ease the pressure, the ACT government introduced the land rent scheme and now a community home provider is adapting the scheme to try to get more people out of the rental market and onto the property ladder. Few people know the struggle of Canberra's housing market like Ilieca Longford and Tyson Astill. A social worker and a tradie, they've spent years trying to break in. And late last year, it was finally made possible. Buying an already established house was not going to be an option because it was a bit too hard to save that amount of money and then just sort of heard about the land rent scheme. Under the scheme, instead of buying a block, they could rent it, for a rate of 2% of its market value. We only needed a 10% deposit of what the house you were going to build is worth. Like 10% of what the build was going to be, which is a lot more affordable than what it would be to buy a $600,000 - $700,000 four bedroom house here in Canberra. Since the scheme was introduced eight years ago, more than 2,000 people have signed up, many of them, first time buyers. To be eligible, household income cannot exceed $160,000 a year. Lesees must intend to live at the property and they cannot own other real estate. By simply renting the land and channelling their finances into the build of the property it takes around about $700 per month off a typical mortgage. Now for the first time, a community housing group has adapted the scheme to help their tenants get off the rental roundabout. We can take on all the risks of construction. That is finding a suitable builder. We understand design. We've got development experience. We've got sales experience and we've got our operations. So we know what designs work for our tenants. This month, CHC will release 31 house and land packages in Moncrieff. The adaptation means owners won't have to pay land rent until the properties are built. We've opened it up to our tenants first, and then it will be opened up to the wider public, but our priority is to get people into home ownership. The great Australian dream... Soon to become reality. the Australian wool price has hit a 30 year high, pushed up by demand from China. With wool traditionally quick to rise and fall, it's meant a rush by wool growers to get their clip to market. For people in the wool industry this season's shearing has never sounded so good. Driven by demand from China, the price of wool has climbed at almost every sale this year. Sheep farmers who stayed in the industry through many tough years are finally reaping the reward. I've never seen the wool price, and I've been doing this since the late '70s, this is as good a price as ever been. Brian Hipper is a shearing contractor and has worked in the wool industry for 35 years. These are some of the best and the busiest times he's experienced. We have worked a couple of Saturdays to try and keep up a little bit just with one team, but I have put on another team for a couple of weeks just to catch up a little bit. The price of wool is the highest it's been for decades. But it's historically a volatile market and producers are eager to get the wool off their sheep and sell it while the price is still good. It's yet to be seen if the resurgence in the wool price if the resurgence in the wool price
will boost the national sheep flock but there's no doubt it's a Fillip for a struggling industry. We're encouraged by people moving back into it, it's very sticky money, wool. It's money that stays with you. It's very easy to lose a crop, but pretty hard to lose sheep. The Australian Wool Innovation hopes the price remains high but says that will be dictated by demand. Jo Prendergast, ABC News, Greenough. Financial markets marked time today ahead of tomorrow's meeting of the American Federal Reserve board in Washington. But as Alan Kohler reports, there was some interest in electricity storage companies after today's statement from the South Australian government. There are no actual lithium battery suppliers listed on the stock exchange, so the best you can do is buy companies that are mining the lithium, or at least have found some and are trying to mine it. And there's definitely a lithium rush going on at the moment. Mineral resources commissioned its mine in WA in December - Orocobre has one in Argentina that's been going for a while, although its shares went down today. Kidman and Altura are two of a group of explorers that have found lithium and are trying to get a mine up. CleanTeq mines cobalt, which is used for the battery electrodes, and Redflow is a battery supplier, except that its batteries are zinc bromide, not lithium. Apart from Orocobre, which had its big run last year, it's happy days for lithium and batteries now. The rest of the market was flat as a tack with big resources stocks up and banks down. Global markets were also flat ahead of tomorrow night's Federal Reserve meeting, although there's not much doubt about what's going to happen - US interest rates are going up. And currencies were also flat as tacks with the Australian dollar steady at around 75.5 US cents. Today's economic morsel was the monthly NAB survey of business and trading conditions and confidence both fell back a bit after strong gains last month. But the most interesting thing from the survey in my view is in this chart - businesses are asked what's happening with their labour costs. Answer - they're accelerating. Yet, the official data, also on the graph, show wages growth still in decline. What's going on? Well, most likely the official data is just slow, and that wages are actually starting to pick up. And finally, no mystery about why the use of ATMs has collapsed - PayWave. It's so seductively easy to wave your credit card now that cold hard cash is out. The South African city of Durban has been stripped of the hosting rights for the 2022 Commonwealth Games Because it failed to meet the required funding criteria as the hunt begins for a new host city. The Queen has set the baton on its way for next year's games on the Gold Coast and the baton will travel around the globe before beginning the final Australian leg right here in Canberra. This is a road taken by Royal characters. But this Paralympian rolled in with the bat and at Buckingham Palace.These are differing locations from Buckingham Palace to the Goldie but if you don't get their on the Gold Coast, will miss a really unique sporting event.His

the Sun on and it was a curtain raiser for the games.Why are you standing here? We saw so many people and we thought we should go here.I don't know.Tourists. Queen Elizabeth's message for athlete could be read at the opening ceremony at the end of the 200,000, to journey.The batons come in by the time the plants, it will have had a hundred days in Australia and all will be so proud about the biggest event in Australia in this decade.Anna Meares and a Victoria Pendleton left the palace together before the bat and trundled away in a comedy fan.It is an Australian touch to this pattern relay now it is on its way. Next stop Africa and then 388 days will see it passed from thousands of hands until it arrives in Australia on Christmas Eve.It is unlikely that the Queen would be better to commit on the Gold Coast despite the of organisers.We remain like that.We do. The event is held on Commonwealth Day, with Australians featuring at Westminster Abbey. Emphasis was on unity and Corporation. This Miller, ABC News, London. Waratahs captain Michael Hooper says Australia does have the depth to field five Super Rugby teams in a revamped competition next year. 18 teams currently compete in super rugby, but Sanzar is considering reducing that number. Representatives from member nations Australia, South Africa and New Zealand met in London last week. Australian teams the Brumbies, the Western Force and the Melbourne Rebels are all under threat. We want to see five teams in the comp. As players, we want guys having as much opportunity to wear the Wallaby jersey as possible. So you know I am all in favour of having five teams and a competitive five teams at that. Sanzar says an announcement will be made in the coming days. Canberra's cars will soon carry a new slogan on their number plates. It was chosen in an online vote from a shortlist which emerged from almost 2000 suggestions submitted by the public. And while some previous slogans have attracted derision for their 'corporate speak' the new one has a proud pedigree. What was asked for was something snappy to take the essence of Canberra to the highways and byways. Just 8,000 Canberrans, About 2% of the population, answered the call. The bush capital won about 38% of the votes. Nearly as much as the Labor Party got in Western Australia on the weekend but not quite. A rather contemporary political reference for a new slogan with origins back to Burley Griffen and beyond. Those who did vote also chose to keep Canberra: the nation's capital on rego plates as other slogans are phased out. Not all the 1875 suggested slogans made it to the final vote. We didn't end up with some of the joke slogans that have appeared in similar processes that have been undertaken to name other things in other places . No platey mc plateface? For example ...yes. Well you've got quite a lot here ... I would give them four stars. The people have spoken. Andrew Bell, ABC News, Canberra.

Tonight's photo was sent in by Harry Samios who captured the captain cook jet at its new full height of 152m yesterday. Rain gauges in Canberra's North recorded 7mm. There was a top of 26 degrees in Sydney with a warm at 33 in Melbourne. A disturbance has caused thunderstorms on the eastern half of New south Wales. There was a bloke pressure trough over as western New south Wales which is forecast to weaken, tomorrow. A cloudy day is forecast for Sydney. A sunny 33 is expected in Melbourne. Cloudy and warm temperatures are forecast through the inland, while rain and temperatures in the midto high 20s are on the coast.A low 15 is forecast to across the territory, for a top of 25 in Tuggeranong tomorrow. We can expect more rain tomorrow, as well. The sun will rise at 7:02am, and at 7:02am, and there will be medium chances of rain for the west of the week. The weekend is looking cloudy before week. The weekend is looking cloudy
before a wet start to next week and that is the latest from the Canberra newsroom. You can follow us online or on Facebook at ABC Canberra. Thank you for joining us and stayed with us for 730 with Leigh Sales.

This program is live captioned by Ericsson Access Services. Hello, and welcome. Tonight - South Australia to go it alone on power - will the rest of Australia follow? I'm paying a lot of money to buy that power, so I expect that power to be there when I need it.Today, South Australia takes control of its energy future.This is quite an extreme reaction by the South Australian Government. Conducted a sweep without targeting cameras... Also - Australia accused of secrecy in the war against Islamic State. We're incapable of engaging with Australia because they won't tell us where they bomb, they won't tell us when they bomb, and they won't tell us what they bomb. There have been over 100 bomb threats phoned in to Jewish institutions since the start of this year alone. And - hate crimes strike America... I think it's very sad. These were somebody's relatives, someone's family, and they buried them here in the hopes that they would be