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This program will be captioned Tonight, bus crash horror - leaves 15 injured.
collision with garbage truck Murder trial - man accused of killing his wife.
evidence from the family of a Town planning - of our fastest-growing areas.
shaping the future of one breakthrough
The locally-developed for treating hip pain. number plate slogan -
And, our new welcome to the 'bush capital'. Canberra with Vanessa O'Hanlon.
VOICE-OVER: This is Nine News Good evening. was transformed
A street in Sydney's west into a trauma centre today after a shocking collision and a garbage truck.
between a bus were injured.
More than a dozen people who was trapped in the vehicle.
the most serious the bus driver, but able to walk.
Some were bleeding and in severe pain.
Others carried and in the pouring rain,
One by one gently helped the injured
Emergency workers and into a makeshift triage.
out of the mangled wreckage bleeding,
so we could see who was left through the bus.
then we just worked our way on board were hurt.
12 out of the 15 passengers behind the wheel.
The bus driver trapped everywhere,
There was a lot of glass people holding their heads, and everything.
blood all over the floor the doors to get him out.
Firefighters had to cut off 2 seriously injured.
Nine people taken to hospital, It was a challenging situation, we had heavy rain at the time.
compounded by the fact down a T-Way
The T80 bus had been travelling shortly after 9:30 this morning, the garbage truck
when it was struck by of Davis Road.
at the intersection off the road, through a fence
The impact pushed the bus carpark,
and into an industrial lot against several parked cars.
where it came to rest pulled out in front of us,
It was a red light and the truck it was a blur from there then we swerved off into here.
but saw the windshield crack and clearly distraught.
The garbage truck driver and that was a negative reading
He's been breath tested and he'll be spoken to
at this stage, police.
by the crash investigation unit the police investigation
A key part of from the cameras
will be obtaining vision which are fitted inside the bus. there are any cameras
They're also looking at whether which shows the moment
at the T-way intersection through the red light.
the garbage truck ran in both directions
Davis Road was closed for several hours to clear the debris.
as emergency services worked involved in the crash
Given the size of the vehicles and the wet road it occurred on, a fatality.
it's astonishing there wasn't

at Sydney's Liverpool Hospital
And Laura Tunstall's is being treated.
where the bus driver his condition a short time ago.
She filed this report on

The 55 driver is in a stable the
condition here. We have spoken to they
the company that he works for, and He
they say that he is shaken but OK. overnight
He will be kept in hospital Liverpool
overnight for observation. passenger
Liverpool Hospital is treating a His
passenger for the bus, a 36 old man. aboard
His condition is also stable. Those range
aboard the bus suffered a wide bruises
range of injuries from cuts and head
bruises through to fractures and perceiving
head injuries. They're all need
perceiving the medical care they make
need tonight and hopefully will make a full recovery.

for that update.
And thanks to Laura Tunstall In federal politics, the Government could engage
Labor is warning that in a taxpayer funded campaign, of penalty rates cut.
selling the job creating benefits the claim,
Ministers have dismissed ways
as the Coalition searches for and more secure.
to make power cheaper a Cabinet meeting
Ministers arriving for with a lot to discuss. a jobs task force
As Bill Shorten talked about rule out
and demanded the Government WorkChoices-style campaign
a taxpayer-funded cutting penalty rates.
to sell the benefits of

You know things are in trouble for waste
a government when they want to something
waste taxpayer money, tell you good
something that is bad for you is good for you.

no campaign -
The government says there will be politically dangerous
that it'd be by an independent umpire,
to own a controversial decision government policy.
and work choices was blaming a freak storm
After a statewide blackout, and the national market, of its own energy,
South Australia's taken charge with a $550 million plan power station
including a gas-fired to store renewable energy.
and the country's biggest battery South Australia has stepped up

Into the breach in the absence of Weatherill
national leadership of.Today, Jay failure.
Weatherill made a $550 million

South Australia also wants the national energy agreement.
power to over-ride

In doing so, they will only drive up prices.

Malcolm Roberts
One Nation climate change denier tried to make light of it, at Adelle's Adelaide concert
absurdly blaming a power glitch on renewable energy.

# The state that uses coal all night #.

because of you.
Even Adele's lyrics suffer political debate.
Along with sensible

incidents of domestic violence
has told the court there had been in the months prior.
at the couple's home to the murder.
The man has pleaded not guilty

He claimed he last saw the woman with her brother and father.

to court today
Prosecutors returned Maged Mohammed Ahmed al-Harazi.
to press their case against Sabah Al-Mdwali 57 times
It's alleged he stabbed his wife in Gordon in March 2015.
in their Knoke Avenue home Today a neighbour told the court described hearing the woman:
her friend say he maintains his innocence,
But al-Harazi's lawyers been asked to leave the house
telling the court he had on the night of her death,
by Mdwali's father and brother he found her body.
and when he returned teenage brother told the court
Today the victim's had been called to the house
the family and police before the fatal incident
in the month over an alleged domestic dispute. relationship with his wife
It's alleged al-Harazi's was marred by arguments the family would live,
over where to return to Yemen,
as he wanted in Canberra near her family.
while she wanted to stay The court heard the following morning
the victim's brother was arrested and questioned by police, of his home
but claims he had snuck out to meet with friends that night. Of his father he told the court:

The trial is continuing.

to come forward
Police are urging witnesses into a fatal crash
as investigations continue near Cooma last night.
on the Snowy Mountains Highway silver Ford Falcon
Investigators say the just after 8pm.
left the road and rolled

Police will prepare a report for the coroner.

urged to contact Crime Stoppers.
Anyone with information is shocking CCTV vision
Police have released at an IGA Supermarket
of a terrifying armed robbery in Kambah last night. threatened staff with a knife
A man wearing a black balaclava before fleeing.
and demanded cash, toward Boddington Crescent.
The man was last scene running in the incident.
Fortunately, no-one was injured with information
Police are urging anyone to contact Crime Stoppers. are being urged to get involved
Residents in Gunghalin upcoming development.
in the area's wants to ensure
The community council aren't repeated
mistakes of the past to make that happen
and say the only way to have their say.
is for residents growing areas in Australia,
It's one of the fastest let alone Canberra. town plan needs updating.
And already, Gungahlin's We need to make sure stays up to date,
our planning framework that are available in Gungahlin.
that it reflects opportunities community consultation,
The ACT Government beginning what is and isn't working
eager to find out in the rapidly-growing area. to tell us more
This is an opportunity in the vision for that place.
about what they see shopping district mall here
Maybe this should be a little and no cars coming through. would be nice,
Some more upmarket shops more upmarket area.
make it a little bit For Gungahlin Community Council, been the pace of development
the biggest issues have always and building heights. has been completely mismatched
Community expectation with what's happening. believes
Gungahlin Community Council have set a precedence
projects like the Infinity towers developments in recent years.
for large-scale residential

development by development,
and the approvals tend to be outcome we're expecting.
not what's the overall Peter says it's too late already approved,
to stop the high-rise projects can be avoided in the future
but believes mistakes of the past if residents have their say. their thoughts and ideas.
Everyone needs to contribute runs until April 14.
Community consultation

released on bail
A 24-year-old man has been an alleged stabbing in Weston.
after being charged over suffered chest wounds
Police say a 46-year-old man near Cooleman Court
during an altercation on Saturday afternoon. to Daniel Sampieri
The court granted bail strict monitoring
on conditioning he undergo by corrective services. He has not yet entered pleas next month.
and will return to court a new number-plate slogan.
Canberra has voted for their favourite of ten options,
Residents were asked to vote for Cool Capital
which included Australia's and An Active City, 'Canberra - The Bush Capital',
but the clear winner was gaining 38% of votes. on plates,
The slogan will soon appear will be phased out.
while all but five existing ones in circulation
The plates which will remain Heart of the Nation
include The Nation's Capital, and Feel the Power of Canberra. honours student
A University of Canberra will help treat
is hoping her new study in women.
a common cause of hip pain applying sports tape
She's looking at whether the research participants walk,
will change the way more physically active.
allowing them to be

is putting women at risk
Hip pain of a reduced quality of life, increasing the risk of diabetes,
and physical activity levels heart disease and obesity. Commonly known as hip bursitis, 90,000 women in Australia,
the condition affects on the side of their hips.
who experience pain honours student
And a physiotherapy at the University of Canberra will alleviate discomfort.
is hoping her research Predominantly, women over men 23% of women over 50
and it's up to that have this condition. two types of sports tape
Nicky Robinson is using on research participants as another treatment option, and exercise therapy
with steroid injections the current forms of treatment. pain climbing stairs,
They might have lying on that side at night, after a long day of activity.
they might have increased pain is used
Motion capture technology the way the participant walks.
to see if the tape changes will be the ultimate treatment
We expect that exercise overcome this problem,
to help women with their pain first.
but we've got to help them for the research,
More volunteers are needed to be worn for a week
with the tape during the study. Stay with us. Canberra,
Still ahead on Nine News bigger, bolder, brighter - Sydney's Vivid Festival in 2017.
you're first-look plans for

A royal farewell - begins a year out
the Queens baton relay Gold Coast Commonwealth Games.
from the to use any ATM,
How would you like and never pay a cent in fees?
anywhere across Australia, Find out how next. to make his debut
And a huge name expected for the Raiders in Round 3.

most wanted fugitive.
He was once the world's a deadly terror attack in Paris.
And more than 40 years after 'Carlos the Jackal' has appeared
The man known as in court to face charges. a life sentence
He's already serving in the '70s and '80s.
for a series of murders in France his third life sentence.
If convicted, he could receive US vice president Mike Pence
It's understood as part of a tour of Asia.
will visit Australia next month the region in mid-April,
He's expected to travel to and South Korea.
stopping off in Japan, Indonesia to ease relations
It's part of efforts with America's key allies. could step in again
Financial authorities to investors,
to tighten mortgage lending banks are making risker loans.
amid mounting concerns assistant governor today saying
The Reserve Bank's a crackdown would be considered showed signs of overheating.
if the property market is rarely this blunt.
The Reserve Bank's warning maybe, housing will turn down.
We are aware of the risks that, deliberate strategy
This frankness is part of a new, and businesses
to tell Australian families about the risks that lie ahead. To tell it straight. Including to banks - a warning that ensures to property investors
risky lending does not put them in peril. in the event of a down-turn
Not taking risks that would render them under-water. it would be similar to conditions
Because if that happened, the US housing crisis in 2007.
which caused Hopefully, by what we have done, the resilience of the households
with strengthening and the banks, is that if there's a downturn, that sort of thing.
they can withstand pushing up house prices
The peril of too many investors by the Bureau of Statistics.
was borne out

jumped 4.2%,
In January, investment loans fell.
while owner-occupier home loans

is growing once again,
Investment lending of all lending for January,
to more than 40% 12 months ago.
and that's up from some 35% Think about this warning weather bureau tracking a storm.
as being a bit like the like the weather bureau,
But the Reserve Bank, the storm will hit, or when,
doesn't quite know where the most.
and which people will be affected

come to a dramatic end today,
A police pursuit has injured in a crash
with an innocent driver in Sydney's South West. was pinned to the pavement
The man being chased by officers at the scene, questioned over the accident.
and is tonight being is pinned to the ground
A 24-year-old shirtless suspect by plain-clothes police. to a high speed-pursuit.
The dramatic end and uncooperative,
He's aggressive, agitated even in handcuffs. threw him in handcuffs
Pulled him out, in the paddy wagon.
and took him in, he was behind the wheel
Moments earlier, police allege speeding along Punchbowl Road,
of this white Holden Commodore, in close pursuit.
as he tried to escape police with an innocent motorist.
Watch as he collides straight through a red light
Saw a car, must have drove and took another car out. I heard the siren go. I heard an almighty thump.
A few seconds after, the victim,
Passers-by raced to help a 20-year-old man from Greenacre, the twisted wreck of his Mazda.
who was trapped inside within a minute
Five or six police cars blocked the roads off.
surrounding the place, Punchbowl Road and Yerrick Road
The busy intersection of in Lakemba swarmed with police. They emptied the suspects car, mandatory drug and alcohol tests.
before taking him to hospital for to pull him over minutes earlier,
It's understood police had tried but he fled. suffered only minor injuries,
The 20-year-old Mazda driver and is expected to be released later tonight.
from St George Hospital have been left terrified
Two teenage girls at gunpoint.
after they were robbed were walking home
The 18 and 19 year olds in Sydney's inner east pulled out a gun
when a man riding a black bike and phones.
and stole their handbags just moments before the attack.
Security cameras captured the man Ahead in the news, only on Nine News - terrifying attacks on women.
the man who has admitted to these with a gun -
The Sydney identity beaten a 76-year-old pensioner?
who would target And hooning at its worst - between mates went awfully wrong.
how a high speed street race

A man has pleaded guilty assaulting two women
to grabbing and indecently in Sydney's South. victims on a night in January.
Ivan Arias attacked both of his and alert police.
The women managed to break free He will be sentenced next month. Australian woman, Sara Connor, bars as a convicted criminal.
has spent her first night behind was sentenced to four years
The mother from Byron Bay the death of Bali police officer.
in prison over her role in after being sentenced,
If she felt anything Sara Connor hid it well. She wanted an acquittal, her story
but the judges didn't buy as a peacemaker,
that she was acting the fight
and was trying to break up and the police officer
between her boyfriend last year on Kuta Beach. the sentence was four years.
She didn't flinch when told in tears.
Her best friend collapsed by her lawyer:
A statement was released

for eight years.
Prosecutors wanted her locked up wanted the death penalty,
The widow of the police officer accept the sentence.
and now says she'll have to With remission and time served, in three years.
Connor could be out whether to appeal
Prosecutors are considering and ask for a tougher sentence. for the forseeable future
So this is life treading the same pathways
for Sara Connor, and the Bali Nine,
as Schapelle Corby here inside Kerobokan Jail. and keep her sanity,
Somehow, she'll have to try 1300 prisoners
in a jail that houses but was built for just 300. boyfriend David Taylor,
The next time her co-accused, sees his parents, of the jail's visitors' room.
it will be behind the bars who have stood by us,
We're also in debted to many through this time.
prayed for us and supported us David Taylor, the reverend's son, in Kerobokan jail
will have to learn to survive for the next six years.

the Commonwealth Games
The countdown to is finally underway, Baton Relay in London.
with the start of the Queen's were on hand
Australian sporting ambassadors to kickstart proceedings its epic journey
as the baton begins to the Gold Coast. seemed to bring the sun.
The Gold Coast London provided the ceremony. brought down the mall
The Queen's baton forecourt.
and into the Buckingham Palace Queen's Baton.
And the Gold Coast 2018 Cody Simpson signing... home... #
# I still call Australia emerged
Before a smiling Queen Elizabeth her baton.
to officially hand over was the first to accept it.
Cycling legend Anna Meares She said to me, who will be carrying the baton,"
"So you're the first person I said, "Yes ma'am." No pressure. looking forward to it.
I'm very much wanted to know why
The Duke of Edinburgh and Commonwealth Games champion
the Olympic wasn't on her bike. Instead, she shared the walk the Queen Victoria monument
around Britain's Victoria Pendleton.
with former rival, now friend, ended,
Since the competitive side together, and cross paths,
we've been able to piece we have a lot in common.
and actually, like you said, And now I'm like, "Stay." come on."
"Stay for a few more days, to Cody Simpson,
They passed the baton on and took off.
who hopped in a Kombi, on its relay around the world.
From here, the baton heads A 230,000km journey and territories.
through 70 Commonwealth nations is Sierra Leone.
It's first stop after London than in a surf van.
And what better way to start A spirit of smiles and sun are trying to capture.
that these games to Nine's Michael Best in London.
Let's go live for the Gold Coast,
Michael, it's all going well for the Games next host city?
but there is some bad news

There certainly is, some very bad been
news for South Africa. The city has the
been stripped of its right to host enough
the next games. It did not have enough money. Organisers went to and
the Commonwealth Games Federation version
and asked to hold a scaled-down federation
version of the games, but the there
federation said no. At the moment, in
there is no host city for the games Birmingham
in five years. Liverpool and expressed
Birmingham here in the UK have the
expressed interest in taking over says
the rights, but the Gold Coast mass to
says that his city will not go back to back. It is all looking good for there
the games for next year even if horizon
there are dark clouds on the whole.
horizon for the movement of the you,
whole.The clouds are very dark for you, Michael.

Police are hunting a man with a gun inside his home.
who terrorised a pensioner is well-known to police,
The 76-year-old victim he was targeted.
but says he doesn't know why is no stranger to strife.
Helmut Cerncic again in the company of police
The convicted drug dealer once beaten over the head with a gun.
hours after being shot at, and Someone assaulted me. That someone is still on the run definitely wasn't random.
but this violent attack, banging on the window,
Getting woken up by someone there is no-one there
looking out, is in front of you with...
and the next moment someone his Darlinghurst home
The 76-year-old was inside around 4:30 this morning.
when he was set upon, also home at the time.
His daughter the neighbourhood for clues
Police spent the day searching and why.
as to who was responsible, to shed much light.
The victim apparently unable He is assisting inquiries, we're gathering from witnesses
but the information at the moment.
is what we're going with The pensioner was fined service in April last year,
and ordered to complete community after detectives found heroin, inside his home.
ice and cannabis a former bodybuilder
Cerncic is also and beat Arnold Schwarzenegger.
who once competed against an extensive criminal history
Despite having and plenty of enemies, why he was targeted.
Helmut maintains he has no idea for another drug matter -
He's also awaiting trial that's due to start in July. for serious matters.
He is facing trial we don't know.
That could be a reason, in the area for supplying drugs,
At this stage, he is well known it was a targeted attack we are investigating it.
and that's the way for a high-speed showdown,
He was hoping wrong for one driver in Colombia.
but a street race went horribly Screaming through the tunnel, their way to the front.
cars swerved and manoeuvred ended in disaster,
But this audacious attempt the car ploughing into the wall, in its wake.
leaving a trail of sparks was a write-off,
While the vehicle walked away.
the driver, incredibly, The great tradies drought -
Coming up in Nine News, right across the country.
a shortage of workers Beating ATM fees - without paying a single cent
how you can withdraw money at any teller machine. and better than ever before -
and Vivid, bigger, brighter this year's light spectacular.
we'll reveal what's planned for

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SAM: The representative
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And I can say that
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and her her four-year-old son
The death of a mother in Sydney yesterday as a murder-suicide.
is being treated Docherty were discovered inside
The bodies of Stacey and Seth after concerns were raised
an apartment at near Maroubra, for the boy's welfare. because the boy
Icouldn't sleep last night He was like a little angel.
was so beautiful. to be evicted from the property
Neighbours say the family was due this week. is struggling to cope,
And if you, or someone you know, on 13 11 14.
you can contact Lifeline There are fears tonight is at crisis point
New South Wales when it comes to finding tradies.

It seems to matter where you are, impossible.
finding apprentices is almost

Paul and his life build homes almost
across Sydney. They say it is apprentices.
almost impossible to find They
apprentices. Few and far between. young
They say it is not just a lack of There
young treaties, but their attitudes. have
There is a lack of commitment.I the
have had friends who had started dropped
the practice -- apprenticeships and dropped out.

In New South Wales, there was 17% Over
increase in apprentices last year. infrastructure
Over 2000 of those worked on big for
infrastructure projects.The demand heard
for apprentices is so high. I've are
heard of small businesses say they people
are looking for incentives for to
people to start up trades.He needs get
to start with government or it will apprenticeships
get worse.We have not made option
apprenticeships and attractive issue.
option for people.Money is also an weekly
issue. The hourly rate equals that the
weekly wage of just $485. As far as forcing
the big projects, the government is apprentices.
forcing companies to employ identified
apprentices. One problem they have be
identified is students that should into
be going to trades are being pushed needs
into universities.Not every child to
needs to feel like sugar University to be a success in life.

a monster snow storm,
The US is bracing for forecast.
with plunging temperatures is expected on the east coast
Up to half a metre of snow from tonight. have been grounded,
Thousands of flights forced to cancel her trip
with Germany's Angela Merkel to the White House, for this white house.
not to be mistaken and freezing temperatures
Strong winds encased in ice.
leaving the New York property biggest drawcards.
It's one of the Sydney's to the city
Millions of visitors heading for the annual Vivid Festival. its ninth year,
And as it heads into some added sparkle
Sydney Harbour's getting for the occasion. Hit the lights, Sydney. Vivid is back for 2017. largest light show.
Officially the world's off the walls
We're taking the art on the streets,
and we're putting it touch it.
where the people can actually make up Vivid Sydney,
70 projections and installations the Museum of Contemporary Art,
including Martin Place, Chatswood,
the Botanic Gardens, Taronga Zoo, Barangaroo.
and for the first time, the star of the show
The man charged with dressing is artist Ash Bolland. His creations started salt and pepper shakers.
on tiny Opera House shaped the biggest canvas of his career.
Now he's working on nervous, a lot of things.
Honoured, inspired, thrilled, Don't (BLEEP) it up. As well as lighting up our city, cash registers across our state.
Vivid also lights up more than 2.3 million people
Last year, to be a part of the festival
braved some pretty wild weather tips an extra $110 million
and that, it's estimated, into the tourism sector. 'til the City to Surf.
Sydney's dead from Anzac Day different now.
Well, that's completely the highest season in the year.
The Vivid period is significant return on investment
If it wasn't delivering would come back as sponsors
I don't think people and invest in it.
or indeed government Vivid Sydney lights up on May 26. Most of it is free. Mike Lorigan is next with sport. is looking to give back?
And, Mike, an NRL bad boy He sure is, Vanessa. turn around.
It's a sensational Coming up - school that has changed his life?
what is Andrew Fafita studying at Nathan Clearly
And Panthers sensation when the club sacked his dad.
opens up on how he felt

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MAN: The Forge's success
is based on a passion for pizza. We really only had about 2 employees
six years ago. Now we've got 90. The nbn network has helped
our cloud-based systems run faster. We've got fingerprint logins. We've got
online timesheet management. By utilising technology
in the business, we make sure that we're spending
more time doing our core business and less time doing
administration-type functions. When you can sit down
at the end of the day going, "We've just fed all these people,
they've had a great time," there's a nice feeling about that.

for his public support
He was fined $20,000 of a convicted killer from the Australian team.
and banned Andrew Fifita
But Sharks strongman claims to be a new man, and is ready to face the world in one hand
with a Kangaroos jumper and a diploma in the other. to bury himself in the books.
He doesn't look like they type to the class room.
But Andrew Fifita has returned of mental health
I'm studying a diploma one step out of the way. what he's learned
Fifita is already using and his personal experiences with mental health issues.
to help others struggling a few seminars overseas.
In the off season, I've done

Just talking about mental health. the
It is something I want to be in in don't
the game. I think a lot of people am
don't have understanding of it. I am giving them the vision of it.

to winning his own battle.
Fifita is well on the way and says he's a changed man.
He's now off medication I made a commitment to myself.

In two years time I would come back. the
I did. I beat the medication and and
the mental battles. I came back in and could see how much better I was.

for 2017,
And he has a new challenge Mal Meninga's Kangaroos squad.
to make it back into It's still a goal of mine. again
I got back in the Origin team for myself.
and the sky's the limit for Paul Gallen,
Rep footy is not a concern he'll retire from all football.
but he's yet to decide when Last week I was retiring. for another couple of years.
This week im playing

Scoring 40 points, get a try. It makes you feel pretty good.

and I was done.
Last friday I woke up the illicit drugs debate,
Gallen also weighed into saying if the NRL is serious for 2 years for a first offence.
they would ban players

I think it is a bigoted errant professional
without a doubt. You do not need rather
professional athletes taking drugs deterrent.
rather season. It is a big

with as much expectation
Few players have had to deal as Nathan Cleary.
at such an early age Still a teenager, it all in his stride,
the Panthers half has taken sacked his dad.
even when the club that Nathan Cleary wont turn 20
It's worth remembering this years grand final.
until a month after

of a team
Yet he is the hope and focus and Test stars.
dripping with Origin

The hype?

too much at the moment.
Ah, I trynot to think about it Just trying, trying to focus to help the team, I suppose.
on myself and what I can do about, I suppose, the perils,
There are a lot of stories as well,
and people with success, down and keep working hard
so I'm just trying to knuckle those low moments.
and kind of eliminate Andew Johns and Darren Lockyer
Cleary grew up idolising was his dad, Ivan.
but his real hero old man playing?
Do you remember your old tapes.
Not so much, I've seen some old, Apart from his natural ability, was his composure.
his strong suit You seem to have inherited that. have said that, yeah, I dunno,
Yeah, a lot of people a personality trait,
I suppose, it's just kind of not get too fussed about things
just to kind of and try to stay calm. dislike this club?
Did that ever make you

When your dad got sacked from

Ah, na, not really. good to me growing up,
They were always really the juniors and, you know,
and helping me through kind of happened.
what happened with my dad you gotta move on from that
And that happens in footy, of what they have done for me.
and I'm just really appreciative "Listen, I dont want you here"?
Did dad ever say to you, very supportive in helping
Nup, nup, he was always to reach my goal and dream
me and kind of pushing me of playing first grade. of that.
I was really appreciative

to the racing gods
The favourites will be turning in this weekend's Golden Slipper at today's barrier draw.
after drawing wide from 13.
She Will Reign will jump has fared even worse,
Favourite Houtzen drawing barrier 16.

Before the barrier draws, we were a know,
bit nervous. Once I came out, you sails
know, the wind went out of the out.
sails of it, but we will get back

for two-year-old's
The world's richest race on Saturday.
runs at Rosehill Gardens showdown with Tottenham
Chelsea has set up a semifinal in the FA Cup, over Manchester United.
after a 1-0 win finding the back of the net
N'Golo Kante in the 51st minute. on the touchline,
While tensions flared had to be separated
United Manager Jose Mourinho Antonio Conti
from opposite number in the fiery encounter. bad luck continues -
And Andrew Bogut's dumped by Cleveland
the Australian a week after breaking his leg. He suffered the injury appearance for the Cavaliers.
one minute into his first for next season.
He's now looking for a club

the Tigers to bounce back
The Raiders are expecting after a tough loss to Penrith around Tim Simona.
and recent club controversy

Lock Luke Bateman says is priority number one
taming the Tigers' forward pack

turn their fortunes around.
if they're to on the cards at Canberra Stadium.
A battle of the forward packs is at the weekend,
After a trouncing by Cronulla let a hungry Tigers side attack.
the Raiders know they can't against the Sharks
We had a fair challenge and we've probably failed.
forward pack on the weekend a real kick in the guts.
That's definitely had two spectacular wins
While the side

The reader say run three is a clean

The team has done their homework, the Tigers forwards at bay
and say they'll have to keep and the halves silent, won't help them win.
but concede that alone too much ball,
We're just giving away but you can't defend all game.
and we defend well, last week will also fuel
The club is expecting controversy the Tigers' hunger. what's going on in camp,
It doesn't matter they're still gonna be strong, we're gonna look at it.
and that's the way a boost this week,
The Raiders will receive of Captain Jarrod Croker,
with the return named in this week's team list at number 17
along with Dave Taylor set to make his club debut. and Origin rep,
Dave, obviously Australian in the team.
it'd be great to have him this might be their week,
The Green Machine confident all things going to plan. and that's up, hopefully.
There's only one way to go now, and try and fix some stuff.
Knuckle down this week

night's victory over the Force
Brumbies players say Friday for the club's confidence.
has been a huge boost of the Australian Conference,
Now sitting atop say their focus
veterans and rookies the Waratahs this weekend.
is firmly on taking down Breaking the drought - on top of the Australian table.
a win putting the Brumbies young gun Ben Hyne
Today, back down from the high, in the team's attitude.
seeing a change change room after a win,
It's definitely a different with the boys,
and I got to experience that so we came off two tight loses,

A proud Queenslander, looking forward to facing off
the former carpenter traditional rivals this Saturday.
against his home state's definitely hate New South Wales.
Growing up as a Queenslander, not taking the jibe to heart,
Team mate Josh Mann-Rea the Narromine-born hooker to bring their best.
expecting the Waratahs They've got two losses. of a win,
We're coming off the back there's a lot to play for, fierce enounter, I reckon.
yeah, it's going to be a pretty Mann-Rea says he and the players about the team's future
aren't letting concerns shift their focus on field roles. this week,
If you're on the bench and bring some good impact,
you'll be expected to come on and sort of bring the guys home.
a lot of energy

will head to the US
Capitals forward Mikaela Ruef a training camp contract
after signing Los Angeles Sparks.
with reigning WNBA champions with the Caps
Ruef's first season and 12 points a game
saw her average 11 rebounds Team of the Week, three times.
and named in the WNBL is underway
The Clay Court International at the Canberra Tennis Centre. was a surprise entry
World number 252 Omar Jasika in the competition, in qualifying
taking a top-seed position in straight sets.
before defeating Lucas Vuradin was also victorious
Meawhile Steven de Waard Fernando Romboli, 6-2, 4-6, 6-3.
against Brazilian That's it for sport tonight. Coming up after the break, stay with us - all your local weather details.
Gavin Morris has

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call Slater and Gordon.

There have been more red faces Trump Administration tonight,
within the Kelly-Anne Conway claimed
after senior advisor microwaves had cameras to spy on people.
and were being used the president's claims
She was trying to defend during the election.
he was tapped by Barack Obama

There was an article this week that through
talks about how you can see someone through their phone, certainly number
through the television set, any that
number of different ways, micro that turn into cameras. We know that that is just a fact.

spying during the campaign.
There is no proof of any more than $500 million a year
Australians are spending by withdrawing money from ATMs to their own bank.
that don't belong that's the cost of convenience,
And while to avoid the fees altogether.
there are ways

but we do it anyway.
We know it costs us money, from a bank that isn't our own.
The price we pay to withdraw cash It's a bit annoying, then it's what you gotta do.
but if I don't have any cash Convenience is a big factor here to pay the cost.
and people are willing may not seem like much of a fee
Now $1 or $2 per transaction but it sure does add up. 39% of all ATM withdrawals
In December, attracting a fee.
were from another bank, At an average $2 per transaction $518 million
that means Australians paid out that they didn't need to.
in ATM fees last year, But you can avoid it. a no ATM fee policy
ING Direct introduced on its Orange Every Day account. and the whole fee
Withdraw money at any ATM is reimbursed immediately. there was a huge demand for it.
From a customer point of view, have to walk out of their way
Why should customers to access their own money. It just didn't make sense to us. immediately reimburses ATM fees
Like ING Direct, Macquarie Bank if you take cash out
and even pays a 50 cent reward at a retailer instead. pays back the fees
ME bank's transaction account within 30 days. offer free ATM use
Others, such as, Bankwest with certain providers. at the supermarket
Regardless, taking money out is generally free.
or petrol station checkout an extra kilometre, honestly,
I'd rather walk to not pay it. they can't eliminate the fees
But banks say the cost of providing the ATMs.
claiming they still don't cover that this year actually marks
It might come as a surprise in Australia -
the 40th anniversary of the ATM is starting to wane.
but it seems its popularity have just reached a 15 year low
Because withdrawals from ATMs and mobile phone payment systems.
largely because of tap and go Simple changes of habit, in your pocket.
that put more change

Now to a quick look at finance

was pretty steady today.
and the market to 5,798.
The All Ords up just 3 points 75.64 US cents
Our dollar is buying and 86.87 Japanese Yen.

Now it is time for the mother.

Thank you, Vanessa. Good evening. nice
Thank you for joining us. It is nice to see

to the capital. It is wet across today.
the Central and Southern Tablelands Coast.
today. The same for the Illawarra edge
Coast. Solid falls on the southern footprint
edge of this low. The rain see
footprint explains that. You can centre.
see it has spiralled around the made
centre. Storms in Dubbo yesterday about
made at the wettest March day in spiralling
about 17 years. There is the system cold
spiralling thanks to an upper-level Wales
cold pool. Storms for New South the
Wales and on the southern side of South
the centre, driving across the passing
South Coast and the Tablelands. A calling
passing front over the Southwest is level
calling the situation. The upper- northern
level cold pool will move out over where
northern New South Wales. That is Onshore
where we will see the heavy rain. tomorrow.
Onshore winds and showers continue tomorrow. It will back off before There
the southern New South Wales coast. wedged
There is a lot of heat getting continues
wedged into the south-east. Summer one
continues for Melbourne. Hobart, Summer
one of its hottest of the year. arrives
Summer continues until the change the
arrives in Adelaide. A scorcher for the centre. Call for the change in tomorrow.
the West. Rain arrives in Brisbane easterly
tomorrow. The onshore East, North easterly winds are pushing across speed
the region. They will pick up some The
speed and keep temperatures down. particularly
The cloud cover will be high, of
particularly over the eastern side Tablelands
of the divide. Illawarra and the Mostly
Tablelands are largely under fire. Alpine
Mostly fine throughout the Manera, Showers
Alpine areas should be fine. scattered.
Showers along the coast will be and
scattered. We will see it overnight before
and throughout tomorrow morning across
before breaking up. The same goes will
across the Tablelands. Hopefully we getting
will see some shower activity capital,
getting in as Far West as the side.
capital, gathering on the eastern of
side. Partly cloudy skies and tops is
of 26. It will be humid. This well is at about 1 m. A strong wind will high
is in place. Low tides early. The waning.
high is at 11am. The moon is now the
waning. If you more showers are on way
the way. No big numbers are on the comfortable
way for the ACT. We have got a Sunday
comfortable -looking Saturday and will
Sunday on the way. The Tablelands shower
will be picking up a little more over
shower activity. Temperatures all showers
over the shop. Partly cloudy with Illawarra
showers over the weekend. The the
Illawarra Coast cops most of it in backing
the coming days. Showers on and off, resurgence
backing off a little before a at
resurgence on Friday. Taking a look coast,
at the southern New South Wales and
coast, partly cloudy, showers on all
and off. Temperatures are a little be
all over the place. It is going to be humid. The onshore influence

for this Tuesday.
And that's Nine News Stand by for 'A Current Affair'. I'm Vanessa O'Hanlon. Good night.
Have a great evening.
Live captioning by Ai-Media

live by Ai-Media
This program will be captioned harassment on a stepladder.
The sleaze of squeeze - sexual

harassment on a stepladder.
The sleaze of squeeze - sexual Lynn is only 4.5 feet tall, to reach something at work,
and when she climbed up her bottom with both hands.
her boss Laurie would grope

What about your wife? to have seen this.
She would have loved She is a psychopath.

Hello, I'm Tracy Grimshaw. Welcome to A Current Affair. in a moment.
We'll have that story serious crimes.
First - children committing about anything they want.
Some as young as six, doing just have had enough,
But their angry victims to get tough.
calling for authorities

It's out of control. getting away with it.
I'm so angry that they're

days driving around in my car.
The little darlings spent two

changing the tyre on my car.
They videotaped themselves

It's a kid crime wave. Six, seven, eight years old, of the night, creating havoc.
running around in the middle Victims are desperate. I want to be safe in my home.

like all of us here.
I've had enough, Enough is enough. (APPLAUSE) don't care.
And the repeat offenders a long history of offending?
The judge said you had your conditions?
That you breached up your (BLEEP).
Hey, shove this

out of control,
Juvenile crime seems to be

it's a total shemozzle. Commissioner Kel Glare
Former Victorian Police a detention centre escaped
speaking after kids from

that ended in a high speed chase.
and went on a crime spree

in Queensland say
Police on the front line again and again.
they arrest the same kids,

Come here... stop...

You're under arrest, stop there. than arrested ever before,
We're arresting more people now statistics show us that, is not slowing.
however the crime rate

how bad it is,
And if you really want to see just visit the Top End. been broken into?
Sarah, how many times have you Four. Three times. In how long? Friday just past was the third.
December was the first two and

seven times in 2017.
This venue has been broken into Security cameras don't stop them,

attack a bike shop,
here a swarm of kids but a brick does
kicking the doors doesn't work, force their way in,
and soon the group making off with the till, some worth $4,000 each,
two scooters and six bikes, try the same shop again
Two months later three youths break the glass.
but this time can't

It's never been this bad. has lived here all his life -
Businessman Jason Hanna this city restaurant this year,
he's suffered seven break-ins at three in one night.

$150,000 in damage
We've probably suffered about across multiple businesses. that have been broken into
I've got two other businesses it's just out of control.
this year as well,

First time, I cried. Second time I was furious just really, really over it.
and this time I was

salon looks like a fortress
Polly's suburban hairdressing but that doesn't stop them. And you are not an island. In this shopping centre, in other stores?
there have been break-ins got broken into Valentine's Day,
Yep, so the Chinese restaurant

broken into twice,
the fish and chips had been got broken into as well.
the African store

that this place
And if you had any doubts

crimewaves in recent history,
is going through one of the worst just look at the statistics - in the last half of last year,

on private homes was up 27%.
'break and enters' a whopping 63%.
On businesses it was up