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Hello. I'm James Valentine.
This is The Mix - art, show business, culture, action. We're in Adelaide
for the Adelaide Festival, for the Adelaide Fringe Festival, and for the Garden
of Unearthly Delights. We're going to be
wandering around here. Here's what else we're going to do. The prodigal son of Australian
theatre, Barrie Kosky, returns to Adelaide to slay audiences
with Handel's Biblical tale, Saul. The text and the music really has an extraordinary,
visceral, theatrical quality. The darker, the more dramatic. So for a director, you know,
it's fantastic. The ABC newsroom gets flash mobbed
by a New Orleans brass band. We just come to have fun. If the
room there, we going to liven it up. And Cate Blanchett's latest role
as a red-back spider.