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This is Sky News at 2pm. Our main story: 20 million people
on the brink of starvation. The UN warns the world

crisis since the Second World War.
Snipers, booby traps and car bombs. Sky News joins a rare

of Islamic State's Mosul power base.
This area is meant to be secure
and it is clear it is not. Islamic State fighters have
been firing into these positions they've held
for the last few hours or so. Brexit Trigger, EU leaders told
to prepare for Britain pressing go on Article 50 as early as next
Tuesday. Ban on bots, a new crackdown to fine

to mine for tickets online.
Plus, can FA Cup giant killers
Lincoln City pull off one of the competition's biggest ever
shocks against Arsenal?

Is, manages City five minutes away from the semifinals, Dieli 2-0 at Middlesbrough and in the Six Nations Rugby, will it be another moment of

history and the title for England's Eddie Jones or will Scotland foil their plans as France lead 13-8 in
Good afternoon.
The world is standing at a "critical
point in our history". That's the warning from
the United Nations which says more

in the largest humanitarian crisis
since the Second World War.

The UN says without a major global
push people in Nigeria, South Sudan, Somalia,

starve to death.
Our senior news correspondent
Ian Woods reports. In Somalia they've now got a cholera outbreak

outbreak to add to the country at the many problems. The disease spreads when a shortage of clean water.

water. The Somali drought has wiped out livestock depriving people of their livelihoods, forcing them to abandon their homes in search of anything to eat and drink. She is struggling to care for a starving child whose mother's died. TRANSLATION:You know there's nothing you can give children to calm them down or to meet their needs, they get loud and restless. You're sitting there with them worrying what to do, they're you to feed them and you just helpless and

in despair and you just helpless and in despair and you really feel it when they all cry from hunger.But Somalia is just one of four major international crises which the UN Security Council has been told from the greatest humanitarian challenge it has ever faced.No more than 20 million people across four countries face starvation

face starvation and famine. The collective uncoordinated global efforts, people will simply starve to death.Sky

Sky News first showed these

of 12-year-old Abdul last month.

A Yemeni boy who weighs

because of malnutrition.

The UN estimates that

are in desperate need of food.
That's an increase in
less than two months. This is the reason -

in an already poor country.
A civil war between a government
backed by Saudi Arabia and the West

and rebels supported by Iran.
The UN say both claim to uphold
humanitarian law, but don't.

I've seen food warehouses being bombed, bombed trucks carrying food to civilian populations and on the other side, you've got the government trying to give more foreign aid and more money going through to help out local agencies and with the humanitarian situation. Stephen O'Brien, famine

Stephen O'Brien, famine inserted and man-made and said that more than a quarter of a mill in children their face imminent risk of death from malnutrition and a cholera outbreak is spreading. In Nigeria the Boko Haram uprising has driven Trindade million people from their homes.

It's possible to avert the crisis and avert these famines and these looming human catastrophes.Each country presents its own formidable challenge, four crises at once makes the prospects for those caught up in
Let's speak to

Let's speak to the head of humanitarian campaigns at Save the Children. So much to talk about but I want to start by talking about Somalia. The other countries ravaged by proxy wars, Somalia, Save the Children said it was entirely possible to see coming, what did

possible to see coming, what did we not do.What we're seeing in Somalia right now is a drought longer and more surreal than any we've seen before, much worse than we saw in 2011. The international community failed to act fast enough then and

failed to act fast enough then and
260,000 people lost their lives. This time the international community must act as quickly as possible to get food supplies, water supplies, other urgent aid into that country to

country to ensure that people and children get the support they need as soon as possible.He said the international community failed to act, 20 million

act, 20 million people across these countries at risk of death. Name and shame who is not acting when you ask them to?What we need to seize the whole international community acting together. The

together. The UN has said it needs £3.6 billion to avert this disaster and a need that money by July. Every country in the international community

community must act in response of this to save lives now. In situations like the one we see in Yemen, humanitarian access has been limited. In the first of months this year, three ships carrying supplies for the Save the Children programmes have been

have been turned back by the Saudi led coalition. The government and other governments need to ensure aid gets through and the humanitarian access which is

access which is so needed is granted and that we can get the supplies which are urgently needed to people into those countries right now.What have you made of the UK Government's responds, specifically with regards to Yemen. We sell the Saudi backed coalition arms, you are single 's arms could potentially be used to bomb ports and food envoys yet we still give aid. What do you make of the UK Government?The British government needs to take steps to ensure aid can get through and that it was putting pressure on

it was putting pressure on Saudi Arabia to act with them the confines of international law to make sure that humanitarian access is granted

and it's granted urgently. That would allow us to get the aid that's so urgently needed into the country. The government must asked to do that. They hold Saudi Arabia as a core strategic ally and must put pressure on them to allow this access.How confident are you that the money that is being given in aid gets into the right hands,

gets into the right hands,
especially in the countries we're talking about where civil war and proxy war exist because food is

proxy war exist because food is used as a weapon. You'll Save the Children's teams are responding and making sure this aid gets to the people who need it most. We have seen cases in the health clinics in countries like Somalia, children coming in displaying

coming in displaying all the signs of malnutrition and suffering from secondary conditions including pneumonia, cholera from drinking dirty water.We are responding on the ground already making sure people who need this help the most are getting it right away.Around $4 billion the UN have said would solve this crisis. How do you feel when you see some government around the world about just using this as an example, President Trump wanting to spend $54 billion on his military? This is a human catastrophe that we are on the brink of. We need to put people first, we need to

people first, we need to make sure that the money needed to avert this catastrophe is given and it's given quickly so that we can save lives. Iraqi forces say they have found a mass grave containing the remains of around 500 civilian prisoners reportedly executed by Islamic State. The operation to liberate
Mosul is being led by the Iraqi Army's Emergency Response
Division. The city is one of the last
strongholds of Islamic State in Iraq and government troops are slowly
reclaiming it street by street. Our Chief Correspondent Stuart
Ramsay accompanied them on the rare night-time mission to take

to the Old Quarter.
This is his exclusive report.

Few have ever seen this,
a night mission into the heart of Islamic State-controlled West
Mosul. This is a brand-new
for the Iraqi forces. The men don't like it,
they don't have night vision. Commanders though believe that 24
hour attacks will pay dividends.

Sometimes on foot, sometimes
in Humvees, they make their way through the night
and into the early morning. Just a couple of streets from
Mosul's Old City is the front-line.

The east of the city
was largely spared this. Armoured diggers clear the rubble
to build barriers to suicide attacks by car and to make the passageway
easier for their own vehicles.

This area is taken but not held.
Snipers are a constant
danger in the open. We race to a building that marks
the start of the Old City. On the way to their own

across resting soldiers.

They tell us there have
been four huge car bombs and that the snipers
are well dug in. On the roof a unit crouches
beneath the parapet.

They're under fire.
The whole building is. EXPLOSION. In fact, the whole
area is about to be. A powerful explosion

Sorry mate - film here, guys.
A mortar has landed where
we crossed minutes earlier. Iraqi forces move to take cover. We make our way downstairs. We've come up to a sniper position. Since we have come inside there has
been at least one mortar that has come from the Islamic State side

have now been cleared.
The soldiers with us have
disappeared so we are waiting to see if we can locate them and get back
to our Humvee. Or at least to some
sort of safety, anyway. We pause in the apparent

halfway to our vehicle.
Reinforcements are crisscrossing
the road, looking for a Islamic State firing points. There is incoming and outgoing
as we race to our Humvee. The Iraqis say that IS fighters

There is considerable confusion. A new team moves forward
to reinforce the front proper. There is incoming from
multiple directions now.

This area... GUNFIRE. meant to be secure,
it is clear it is not. Islamic State fighters have been

for the last few hours or so.
Iraqi forces trying to find
where they are and fight back.

Supporting gunfire is
put down as a digger is brought in to close
off the alleyway. This is a hard, hard conflict. The west of the city

the IS stronghold everybody feared.
The fighting here has never
stopped since we arrived. Stuart Ramsay, Sky News, West Mosul. There's growing speculation

Article 50 early next week.
EU leaders, meeting in Brussels,
were told to prepare for formal Brexit negotiations. Sky's Political Correspondent

Downing Street is saying that the reason that Theresa May is speaking on Tuesday is actually due to a memorial service but reading into it...In some ways what we're doing is trying to guess, an educated guess about when Article 50 is good to be triggered. Its 260 days

to be triggered. Its 260 days since people voted for Brexit, we know she's repeatedly said that it's good to have happen before the end of the month and there is increasing speculation that it could happen next week for a whole variety of reasons. Let me tell you through the potential path of the next few weeks. Theresa May has set herself that deadline of

that deadline of March 31 for triggering Article 50. That would mean that Britain would exit the EU by March 31, 2019 or indeed two years from whatever date it's triggered. On Monday the Commons is expected to vote down those

expected to vote down those
remaining Lords amendments to the Brexit process. That means it will go back to the Lords and

go back to the Lords and they not propose any more amendments, essentially the bill becomes law. It enables Theresa May to trigger Article 50, that could happen as early

early as Tuesday and she is also due to report in the Commons on the EU summit by coincidence on that Tuesday. Wednesday May appear unlikely as it is the day of the Dutch General Election but there's no sign Downing Street are factoring that into their decision.

that into their decision. What's also interesting is the other 27 EU leaders yesterday

leaders yesterday said they would discuss the response to Brexit at a meeting they've provisionally pencilled in for April six if Theresa May decides to trigger Article 50 next week.

Article 50 next week. There is the suspicion that she may well do that next week. We've got clearly the ability for her to do it potentially as early as Tuesday and the common statement, it seems to be coming together potentially next big but it is a guess, things change and with Brexit things have changed a lot. One of the things that could change that is clearly how the Lords response to the Commons vote on Monday. If they do propose more amendments that could delay

amendments that could delay the process and key to that is the Labour Party. The Labour Party prepared to

prepared to propose more amendments. We ask the Shadow Chancellor that today and this was his response. We're hoping the government will see sense, we can then get Article

sense, we can then get Article 50 agreed in a sensible way and get on with the real negotiations.Do you think that will happen next week? There's a prospect that the government starts listening not just from Labour MPs but to crossbenchers and others. People from all political parties in the House of Lords see we need a sensible compromise now.We have two essentially wait and see how these things pan out but we are clearly getting to the stage whether it is this week of the week

this week of the week after but it's good to happen soon that Article 50 will be triggered and that starts the two new negotiation, the irrevocable process of Britain leaving the European Union and is talking about those negotiations for literally years to come.

Twin bombings have killed at least
40 people and wounded dozens

more in a rare attack
on the Syrian capital. A roadside bomb detonated
near a passing bus and a suicide bomber targeted an area
which is home to tombs of shiite religious figures,
according to Syrian state media.

The Turkish President has branded
the Netherlands Nazi remnants and fascists after the Dutch
government withdrew permission for his Foreign Minister
to land his plane in the country. Rotterdam joined several other
European cities on Friday, in scrapping permission
for the minister to attend a rally supporting President Erdogan's plans
to seek extended powers. TRANSLATION:They don't know

international diplomacy.
They're very nervous and cowardly. They are Nazi remnants and fascists. Touts who use computer prgrams
called bots to buy concert tickets and sell them for huge profits

new Government plans.
The Department for Culture,
Media and Sport is set to announce

that the use of bots will become
a criminal offence as part

Lincoln City will become the first
non-league team in 103 years to play in an FA Cup quarter-final
when they kick-off against Arsenal at the Emirates Stadium
later this afternoon. Our correspondent Enda Brady joins
us now from the Edward Lear Pub in Islington which has been taken
over by Lincoln City fans and renamed The Lincoln
I I imagine

I imagine is getting a bit noisy for you are.It is indeed, 10,000 Lincoln city fans are making their way to the capital for the skin. History makers whatever happens today Lincoln city become the first non-league team in more than a century to play the FA Cup quarterfinal. Let's bring in rave. How use

-- how are you feeling? Absolutely brilliant. Their FA Cup

brilliant. Their FA Cup run has just been out of this world. We've been to Burnley, Ipswich and back to Sincil Bank and beaten Burnley,

Brighton, Ipswich and now we're going to beat the arsenal.The Cowley brothers, what have they done for your club?Turned it around. We've gone from being in debt to a club which has got enough money to keep it going for many years to come and all being well we will be out of that the inclining to the top.Enjoy your day, give me a

your day, give me a score prediction?1-0 Lincoln.2-0 Lincoln city. Lots of confidence here, let's bring in Keith Foster you travel down from Lincolnshire, how you feeling?The adrenaline is just immense. Fantastic. To those days to come down cloud nine after the Burnley game, a win today who knows where we would be.What can possibly happen, can

happen, can you beat a side like Arsenal, winning it six times in 20 years?The rumours are there

years?The rumours are there could be a shock today, Arsenal might win, that could be the shock. The way things are going with both teams, there could well be a great shock on today for

today for the Imps.How difficult was it to get a ticket?This is easier than the previous games because we had 9000 tickets, the others have been difficult but just

others have been difficult but just
queue and queue to get the tickets. I wish you well, Keith. Kick off at the Emirates is 5:30pm.

The Siskind news, coming up in Saturday sport, more from the FA Cup plus we are at Twickenham as England prepare to take

Studios for all the latest. Last October the Six Nations rugby which could be won by England this afternoon, they play Scotland at Twickenham, the

Twickenham, the first match has reached half-time. The Italy captain on his 125th International have Italy in front early on at half-time. France have come back. England and Scotland both eyeing some

some history and James call is there.The atmosphere building ahead of this

of this crucial Six Nations clash, couple of England fans. You come all the way from Spain.Flew in yesterday and coming back tomorrow. Good Scotland team, little bit worried?They're a good side, be complacent about it.Owen Farrell potentially not playing, how key is it that he does play?All the best player should be playing, your was want them to play.If he doesn't play, there's enough depth in the squad, we should be OK. Have you been to a Calcutta Cup game before? Yes, 1988, 12-12.Looking forward to

the atmosphere? Always. The last ten Scotland beat England he was 1983, 34 years of hurt and it could end this afternoon but if England do

this afternoon but if England do
when they will win the Six Nations title.The FA Cup, the quarterfinals are under way. Enda Brady told you about Lincoln city and Arsenal at 5:30pm. Manchester City are the first team into the quarterfinals. An early goal to David Silva and one in the second half from Sergio Aguero

Aguero emphasising their superiority. In the Premier League, big game at the bottom, kicking off in half an hour, second bottom hull facing 16th place Swansea. I'll have taken 20 from 27 and Swansea have

won four of the last six matches as the battle to avoid the drop continues.It's a really important game for us. Game at home and you have to win. This is true. Of course we need to win all of them but this is important.West Brom manager Tony Pulis takes charge of his 300th Premier League game at Everton and Bournemouth face West Ham. In Scotland, Celtic another step closer to a sixth consecutive premiership title without playing today if Aberdeen lose against Motherwell this afternoon then to moral Celtic could move the key points clear at the top with 30 to play for if they beat Rangers live on sky.

beat Rangers live on sky. The open golf champion Henrik Smithson is in contention at the halfway stage of the Valspar Championship chip in Florida. He is three shots off the lead -- Henrik Stenson. He is on seven under par with Canada's Adam Hadwin at the top of the leaderboard on ten under par. More live on Sky Sports News HQ with Jeff Stelling and the

For many it will be a dry afternoon
with some sunny spells and feeling very warm
in the southeast. Thicker cloud and outbreaks of rain
across southern Scotland and eastern fringes of Ireland will edge

and parts of Wales.
There will also be good sunny spells
for northern Scotland and western

parts of Ireland and Northern It will be mild tonight with some
showery bursts of rain,
Another band of rain will move
eastwards across Ireland and Northern Ireland reaching

by the end of the night.
It will be cooler for most on Sunday
and rather cloudy across Britain as bands of rain move slowly east. Sunny spells and scattered showers
for Ireland and Northern Ireland will spread into western
Britain later. You're watching

You're watching Sky News, coming up next, it's Swipe and Gemma tries

The top stories on Sky News: The UN says the world
is facing its biggest humanitarian crisis in over a half a century,

in danger of starvation.
EU leaders told to prepare
for Britain pressing 'Go' on Article 50 as early as next Tuesday. And moves to block touts who use
software to mine for tickets online.

Time now for Sky's weekly

Here's Gemma.

You're watching Swipe. Here is what

is coming up. Chris gets his claws on the Tech controlling the perfect animatronics star.

animatronics star.Push!I find out what a pocket-sized gym feels like. And Luke has joined the battle to take back a

take back a dystopia run by machines in the games review. Welcome to Swipe. We have come to the wearable technology show in the

Wearable Technology Show. The organisers say it is the biggest event of its kind in the world. We will talk more about clever things you can wear later. First, Alan Rogan

Rogan to check in with Chris, who this week hung out with elaborate. -- first, we are going to check in with Chris.

It may look and sound real, but there is nothing natural about this big cat. It is another much on a collaborative, a robot feline dressed in fake fur. It has been -- it is being used as part of a National

National Geographic campaign to raise awareness of the plight of endangered big cats. It took 15 people five weeks to build the beast from scratch.There is about 30 or 40 different movement in there,

40 different movement in there, eye mechanisms, years, Smith, a growl, full neck movement. We have got a tale mechanism. It is all engineered based on the anatomy of a real Levet.

Levet.How do I make it a growl?If you pull the stick to the right and the right switch up after

the right switch up after three it will grow. One, two, three...Scary. If we go to this transmitter, you can see we have the tale. And the breathing. Irresistible, isn't it?! How does it go from being a metal skeleton to the finished article?We have the skin on top of the Fiberglas core. If, for example, we wanted to

wanted to sniff or growl, we need a mechanism that can manipulate the skin in that way. We would look at that and work out where we want to have the mechanism move the skin.

have the mechanism move the skin.
Painters give the animal its spots. The studio

The studio has built various robots for TV adverts and films like those in the Harry Potter franchise. But creating lifelike machines is time consuming and labour intensive. So with Hollywood blockbusters making more use of CGI, are animatronics likely to become redundant one day? I think the benefits of using animatronics

animatronics is the in camera into action. That is the best thing. You have an actor on set with an animatronic. They can actually relate to it and act against it. We can puppeteer and control it. Also from a technical point of view, it can be lit and

can be lit and it feels like it is there. Sometimes with CGI, depending on the budget, it

on the budget, it can feel like it's a bit too glossy and it doesn't feel like it is actually there. You have actors perhaps acting to a tennis ball at the end of a steak instead of a dragon, for example.-- stick. Making lifelong robot is clearly a

Making lifelong robot is clearly a
passion. With 3D printing driving down costs in the industry, there are plenty of work opportunities for people like him to sink his teeth into. Chris Creegan, Sky News. You're watching Swipe. I'll be getting a good look at some of the offerings at the Wearable Technology Show. That is coming up after a round-up of the tech news. We got to see the first pictures of the test track for a futuristic transport system that could cut the journey time from London to Edinburgh to

London to Edinburgh to 45 minutes.
It is being worked on in the Nevada desert to carry commuters in capsules that could reportedly reached speeds of up

reached speeds of up to... Nominations for the BAFTA games awards were announced. The ceremony is next

is next month. The Uber drivers look start to -- set to start varying nonemergency patients to and from hospital in part of London after

hospital in part of London after a deal between an NHS Trust and a company. And Jaguar Land Rover unveiled a new car customised for

the Red Cross. It is fitted with its own drone, allowing crisis teams to reach disaster zones when a car loan can't. Stick around for our games review. It is you versus the world in Mario sports superstars. Before that though... Let's talk wearables now. I want to start with what the makers tummy are the world's first conductive tights. You

conductive tights. You are married -- you're wearing the tights. I should say that over here we would call these leggings. Not tights. What do they do?

What do they do?We have conductive panels in these types. You wear them while sleeping to promote microcirculation for a rapid recovery after exercise.Is Gareth being electrified -- electrocuted no?He is

no?He is being conducted.Gareth, would you realistically wear these to bed?Well, I would out of interest, I would. If they do what it says they do.Other performance linked exhibits include technology to monitor brain waves off of becoming Formula 1 drivers while they are on the track.We can actually see

actually see when a driver gets agitated. He's not sure about the track, doesn't know what to do. Or if there is an underlying issue. We can use that to devise a training plan that taps into how their brain works.Talking about training, how about this for a work-out?My thighs are working really hard to do this.

There is a portable strength training device under his right foot, in case you were wondering.

foot, in case you were wondering. It can tailor exercise suggestions to your own strength level.Push, push, push as hard as you can! Nice. Very

good.Not technically a wearable but Leo says it is pocketable.You can do this everywhere.Not at a bus stopped! Wearables come in many forms with many functionalities. Here is a glove that translates sign language. Data is collected through movement, it is converted to text and then speech.This will allow them to go out freely and interact without having someone to help them. Then there are other more recognisable types of wearable. This T-shirt

T-shirt lets you draw on it with glow in the dark ink that soon disappears, bringing the Snapchat concept to clothing. ? -- why? Imagine a night out for your friends, you control what you want under the T-shirt, and it disappears after five minutes.Do you think this

this event is a glimpse of the future or is it a roomful of faddy gimmicks?I wouldn't say faddy gimmicks but it is definitely technology that is Nice. They be usable for a certain segment of people. It is not something you or I will be wearing in the near future. Let's not get bogged down with the future, especially

future, especially when there is so much for me to have a go on. Note to self, bring work-out gear next time. I think it's time for a well earned

rest now. We're going to switch over from tech you can wear to take you can play. It is video games time. Here is Luke. Near automatic is a new

new title from Platinum games, probably best known for their work on the day and nettle franchise. We can expect fast and frenetic contact and beautifully realised world.

and beautifully realised world. What is different this time is it is a massive open world complete with all you would expect, hub towns, the

you would expect, hub towns, the
ability to upgrade weapons, the ability to sell things. It is gorgeously realised with... The one thing that is a little bit weak that I would watch out for is the story, which goes from north to bunkers in numbered -- two seconds flat. If

numbered -- two seconds flat. If you can handle that, it is a fantastic game you would be a fool to

game you would be a fool to miss out on. Mario sports superstars is a new 3-D title from Camelot, who made Mario world tour. This time

world tour. This time around they have expanded their ambitions and our tackling five different sports, football, baseball, golf, tennis and horse riding. Some of you may be worried that the games will be diluted, but thankfully

diluted, but thankfully they are robust and enjoyable in their own right. While there is online multiplayer, there is a local -- also local Co-op 's Siliga with your friends. -- Co-ops so you can play with your friends. Some people have been concerned the three DS will be neglected by Nintendo. This

neglected by Nintendo. This is a very strong mission statement to prove this is not the case. Another Nintendo launch game is the latest

Nintendo launch game is the latest
entry in the bomber man franchise. It involves running around a 2-D grid, dropping

grid, dropping bombs. Unfortunately, this reeks of nostalgia for me. There isn't anything new. If it had been launched later in the console cycle, I don't think it would

cycle, I don't think it would be viewed as anything other than a niche title. If you're desperate for something to play, Piggott up. But when it is next to Zelda on the shelf, I

shelf, I struggled to recommend it. -- pick it up. That is bad for this week. You can watch us at the usual places and follow us on

places and follow us on Twitter. will be back next week. Bye-bye.

This is Sky News. Coming up - the scandal threatening
to derail the Trump administration.

Welcome back. It's the scandal threatening
to derail the Trump administration. An investigation into the US
President's ties to Russia, and claims the Kremlin may have
covertly paid to help him win. Our US Correspondent, Cordelia
Lynch, investigates the continuing allegations about Donald Trump's
links to Russia in this special report, Trump:
The Russia Connection.

Donald Trump is still dismissing

to consume Washington.
His awkward embrace of a Cold War
foe is exposing a growing tale of espionage, cyber
war and diplomacy. This looks far worse
than the Watergate scandal. Trump may have won the presidency

Vladimir Putin's shadow.
It's already engulfed
some of his team. And the scandal keeps widening. I have decided to recuse

or future investigations...
I have nothing to do with Russia.

The race is over but
the investigation into the Trump team's ties with Russian
officials is not. Lawmakers have started reviewing
classified information from the CIA and the Senate is preparing
to interview witnesses. And this is what they
still don't really know. Exactly who has been
speaking to the Russians, what have they said and has any
money changed hands?

Trump's links with Russia have

since his victory in November.
Six agencies are now looking
into whether the Kremlin paid to covertly help Trump win. And if his associates
acted as middlemen. I think that the Kremlin
are seeing that Trump is so weak and disorganised,
so that they have a wonderful opportunity to advance
their aggressive goals.

17 agencies have already concluded
Russia had tried to interfere Barack Obama expelled
35 Russian diplomats. It was punishment for
an unprecedented hack of the Democratic National Committee
that saw data stolen

and thousands of e-mails leaked.
Within minutes, it sort of lit up
like an alarm system, showing us that there were two
separate intruders inside the DNC.

The firm that found the evidence,
Crowdstrike, identify the culprits as Cozy Bear and Fancy Bear,
Dmitri Alperovitch has been asked to testify at the first public
hearing into Russia's report

at meddling later this

they are still at it.
You have to assume that both
parties have been targeted.

It would be frankly shocking to me
if the Russians were not trying to collect information from both
sides of the political spectrum. We're talking about professional
intelligence agents.

In the case of Fancy Bear,
military level intelligence. You have to assume there
are thousands of people working in offices, in the case
of Fancy Bear, probably in military uniform,
conducting this day in and day out.

But the hacking was
just the beginning. Former MI6 agent Christopher Steele
compiled an explosive dossier that claimed Trump,
his organisation and campaign had an extensive
relationship with the Kremlin. Democrats now want him to testify,

already been made public.
I think it was disgraceful,
disgraceful, that the intelligence agencies allowed any information

so false and fake, out.
I think it is a disgrace. And I say that, and I say that,
and that is something that Nazi Germany would have done
and did do. But the contacts between Trump
associates and Russia are providing a drip, drip,
drip of allegations, suspicion and unease,
meetings are under scrutiny and some involve the man living here,

ambassador to the US.

He's a career diplomat,
described as a low-profile operator.

It is the job of a diplomat to meet
people and he seems good at it. The problem is, some

about their encounters with him.
I have been working
with the United States so long I know almost everyone. Michael Flynn, President Trump's
National Security Adviser, pictured here at Putin's side,
is out of a job, after allegations he discussed sanctions
with the ambassador. The Attorney General, Jeff Sessions,

he had met the ambassador.
He has had to step aside
of overseeing any Russian investigation and has been accused
of lying under oath. I have now decided to recuse myself
from any existing or future investigations of any matter

for President of the United States.
The Inspector General
of the Department of Justice must immediately begin an investigation into the Attorney General's
involvement in this matter thus far. To discover if the investigation has
already been compromised. The ambassador is a nice person,
highly professional and he behaves like a diplomat, very active,
very private in his operation. The problem is that

And he lied about it under oath.
Will we hear any more
about those conversations from the Trump Russia investigation? This man is overseeing it,
a Republican who was also

on Trump's transition team.
It is important for those of us
in the legislate branch or the executive branch or people
going into the executive branch, to have really good

here in Washington.
Does that mean, Congressman,
you won't be demanding they disclose the nature of their conversations
with the Russian ambassador? Since when would we, I mean,
I mean with diplomats all the time and I don't disclose what I talk
about with diplomats. I think that would be very unusual,
unless it was agreed upon by that country that we should
talk about it. Any speculation, I guess, look,
the heart of your question is whether or not, I know
there is a tendency for you all to believe that there are some

too, that the Russians...
You know, helped elect Donald Trump,
look, we have an investigation

going on that and we're not

So, we're not going to prejudge.
I would hope that the media
would not prejudge either. The controversy is not just

It's about money too.
And there is a complex web
of business and political ties with Russia that is
already partly unravelled. Trump's former campaign manager
resigned after being accused of Pro-Russian lobbying
links in Ukraine. Michael Flynn stepped down over his

Jeff Sessions failed to mention his.

Jared Kushner, Trump's son-in-law
also had undisclosed meeting and heading up the department
is Rex Tillerson, former head of Exxon Mobil,

by Vladimir Putin.
We need to follow the money,
of course, if we had to see the relationship with Russia. Therefore, should Donald Trump
release his tax returns? In my understanding,
if there was anything in there,

it would already have been leaked
by the left. There is apparently nothing

and it's up to Mr Trump.
It's a political decision.

One unsubstantiated claim that
Barack Obama ordered the wiretapping Trump Tower despite a denial

of intelligence.
You would be told this,
if there was a Court order on something like this. Something like this, absolutely. There is no FISA Court order? Not to my knowledge. Anything at Trump Tower?No. That is an important

There is politics at play.
Members of both parties have called
for an independent investigation, but the probe has
taken a partisan turn. You said you want to
avoid a witchhunt. Are you already
downplaying the issue?

No, we are trying to get
as many of the facts as possible what we're announcing today the fact
we will have an open hearing and we are inviting people
who obviously would have some information as relates
to this investigation. You really have to find people
who are committed to the facts and resolution of the investigative
process in a way that is fair and balanced, and that would be,

could be disclosed to the public.
Why are you so convinced that
Vladimir Putin did not

interfere with the election,
to help Donald Trump? I don't think Putin had a grand

wanted to cause mischief.
It has raised questions and doubts. Whether Donald Trump or his team

have done anything wrong,
his willingness to make an enemy a friend has created a political
distraction that could be toxic.

Time for a look at the weather.

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There will also be good sunny spells
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Ireland. It will be mild tonight with some

heavy at times in the south.
Another band of rain will move
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It will be cooler for most
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Britain later.

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