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(generated from captions) course, that there was no-one to be sued. And the...Andrew, I've just got to interrupt you. We'll come back to you by the Prime Minister is speaking now. Thanks to the same policies and plans, ideological plans that Bill Shorten adopts, thanks to that approach, South Australia has the most expensive and the least reliable electricity in Australia. Now, that is what all of Australia will look like if Bill Shorten were ever to become prime minister. So we have set out a very clear road map to deliver affordable, reliable electricity for Australian households and businesses and meet our emissions reduction targets. It will be an all of the above policy, using all technologies, rationally, objectively, in a business-like manner to deliver for those hard working Australian families. And that is why we are pursuing our business tax cuts, because we know that that puts more money in the pockets of Australian workers, because that will result in more investment and if you get more investment, you know what, you get more jobs and you get better paid jobs. The Labor Party used to believe that years ago when they were more economically rational. No longer. A wholly-owned subsidiary of left wing trade unions. Bill Shorten is a threat to every household budget, to every business, to every job. Only a few weeks ago, I was in Portland. What does the great enterprise need most of all? It needs markets to sell its aluminium, and it needs affordable energy, and the Labor Party is the enemy of both. Adopting his new guise as a protectionist, a populist protectionist, leading us down into a dead end of poverty. That is where that is headed under short short en -- Shorten, going for every single point, undermining the prospects for Australians. Now, everything weapon stand for is designed to back those hard -- we stand for is designed to back those hardworking Australians. We're going to make childcare more affordable and more accessible. We're going to create the environment where there will be more investment and therefore more jobs. Greater markets for our businesses. Greater opportunities for Australians to get ahead and ensure that they have energy that is affordable and reliable, whether it is a family or whether it's a business. And that is our commitment. The values of our parties, the Liberal and the National Parties, is grounding, focused, on defending the interests of hardworking Australian families and the businesses which employ them, which provide them with the opportunities to get ahead. Better times for Australians today, for our children and our grandchildren. We are delivering more investment, more jobs, more opportunities. And we do so building those opportunities on a foundation of security. We stand for security, for borders with integrity. You look around the world, look around the world at the grief and the turmoil that you've seen through lax border protection. We have now gone over 900 days without a successful people smuggling venture coming to Australia. That is a remarkable achievement and one on which we can never be complacent. Australians know that the Coalition, the Liberal and the National Party Coalition will keep their borders secure. That is the foundation of our Jenner use immigration policies. It is the foundation of our multicultural society. Australians must know that their Government and their Government alone determines who comes to Australia. That is their sovereign right. That is our sovereign right as a nation. We deliver that security, we deliver that integrity. We deliver the security that is the foundation of the opportunities that we are building for today and for generations to come. It's great to be back. We've got a lot of work to do. (APPLAUSE) OK, so that's live from Parliament House in Canberra. Just looking to see the back of the heads, if Cory Bernardi is one of the people sitting in that room there? We might just keep that there. You can see Christopher Pyne there. Simon Birmingham. But obviously our top story today is that Cory Bernardi is set to split from the party. We're expecting that the Prime Minister there is shaking Barnaby Joyce's hand and Julie Bishop. We're expecting that Cory Bernardi is going to announce in the Senate soon after it starts sitting around 12:30 that he is going to be splitting from the Liberal Party. We haven't seen him in the last 24 hours since news of this came through. But we'll