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This This program is live captioned by Ericsson Access Services. Jumping ship - Cory Bernardi
to quit the government to form his own conservative party. We cannot abandon
conservative causes, Migrants take advantage of the US
travel ban legal brawl. I feel very grateful to be
here and be able to go back to school. And France's far-right candidate
outlines her plans for the future. ANNOUNCER:This is SBS World News,
with Janice Petersen. Good evening. Malcolm Turnbull's summer
of discontent has gone from bad to worse, with outspoken
conservative Senator Cory Bernardi set to quit the government tomorrow
to start his own party. He's been threatening to do
so for months but his timing, ahead of the start of Parliament
tomorrow, couldn't be worse for the government. Heads bowed, sacrifices recalled,
two leaders attend the war memorial before tomorrow's start
of Parliament to remember what it's all about. Malcolm Turnbull's had a summer
to forget and the start of parliament offers no respite
from the political heat. Cory Bernardi is set to come good
on his threat to quit the government and join the bulging Senate
cross bench under his Australian
Conservatives banner. It sends a signal, to the leadership
that we cannot abandon conservative causes,
conservative principles, and conservative policies. Despite sharing many of the same
views, Government MP George Christensen says
he has no plans to defect. I'm here in the government. As long as the government holds true
to the values of the people that put us there. Tasmanian Liberal Senator Eric Abetz
also denied any plans to breakaway with Senator Bernardi, who was elected on the South
Australian Liberal ticket for six years just last July. He has a long history of his service
within the Liberal party and Liberal party members have supported him
strongly in his role as a Liberal Senator. I'm confident that Cory is someone
of his word and his words have been very clearly that he believes
we are stronger united. Labor MPs gathering in Canberra,
could barely hide their delight. Labor and the people of Australia
don't care what goes down the hallways, whether or not
Cory Bernardi stays or goes. The senator long attracted
attention for his views, fiercely opposed to same sex
marriage, action on climate change, Halal certification,
political correctness. He's twice been sacked
from the Opposition frontbench by both Malcolm Turnbull
and Tony Abbott. But has written that his brand
of politics is in touch with the times, especially
after three month stint in the US last year watching Donald Trump
win the presidency. That anti-establishment mood
sweeping many western countries continues to show up here. The Coalition is bleeding primary
votes, not to Labor but to minor parties and independents. The political parties, like I said,
they are not listening to just the average Aussie out there. The Opposition has increased
an election-winning lead. The only good news for
Malcolm Turnbull is that many more people still would rather him
than Bill Shorten as Prime Minister. What are you doing wrong? Government MPs start
the new parliamentary year desperately searching
for a way back. And chief political correspondent
Daniela Ritorto joins us live from Canberra. Has Cory Bernardi timed this to do
maximum damage to Malcolm Turnbull? Good evening. Senator Cory Bernardi has deliberately kept quiet today, not returning any calls to deny these reports. But the timing at the start of the Parliamentary year sucks the oxygen out of any positive message the Government needed to get on the front foot. When he does speak tomorrow, as expected, we will hear he hopes to offer an out that, a platform other than one nation for those voters who are unhappy with the Liberal Party's direction especially since Malcolm to amble to the leadership. The irony is that he has been given away too much too Liberal right wing is such as Cory Bernardi. Any defection is a bad look and so is the 35 cents primary vote of the Coalition in today's poll. The last time it was this low it was two years ago when Tony Abbott knighted Prince Phillips and that ended in the SPL. Back then, Tony Abbott trailed Bill Shorten by 17 points and at least on that score, Mr Turnbull has a big lead over his opposite number at not a great start to the year.A huge day in Stawell tomorrow. -- in store. US President Donald Trump has told
border officials to check people entering the country very carefully,
as his travel ban remains suspended. Migrants from seven Muslim-majority
countries are now being allowed entry after an appeals court
rejected the administration's request to reinstate the ban -
blocked by a federal judge on Friday. Escaping the controversy,
President Trump watching the Super Bowl at his
Florida golf resort. But on the screens at halftime,
Lady Gaga had a message for her new President... # This land is your land,
this land is my land, this was made for you and me...# ..the unofficial anthem for those
protesting against the travel ban. One nation, under God, indivisible,
with liberty and justice for all. ..choosing her lyrics to make
subtle political points. # Why don't you stay, stay. Not so subtle a Super Bowl ad
for an American lumber company. A mother and daughter journeying
to the US only to be met by a wall. But around the corner,
someone has built a door. That's what a Seattle judge has
effectively done for immigrants from seven Muslim-majority
countries. I find that a temporary restraining
order is in the public interest. President Trump's response? A Twitter tirade, saying he's
insisting on "very careful" checks, suggesting that if something
happens, the judge should be blamed. Concern even from his
own party leadership. We all get disappointed from time
to time at the outcome in courts on things that we care about,
but I think it's best to avoid criticizing judges individually. Outside Trump Tower in New York,
a face-off between anti-Trump protesters and those
who support him. He only banned certain countries
so it is not a Muslim ban. Now an appeals court will decide
if the judge's decision is valid It is quite clear that the president
has the ability to determine who has access to this country. We're very confident that
we're going to prevail. But no talk of the travel ban
from Trump, instead. Do you respect Putin? I do respect him. Do you?! Why? Putin is a killer. There are a lot of killers. We've got a lot of killers. What, you think our
country is so innocent? Putin is a mess. He's committed all sorts
of murderous thuggery. No, I don't think there's any
equivalency between the way the Russians conduct themselves
and the way the United States does. As debates rage on in Washington,
migrants trying to take advantage of this narrow window
of opportunity. Fuad, a US aid agency
contractor from Iraq. Sara from Iran. I feel very grateful to be
here and be able to go back to school. Iraqi citizen and Texas
resident Roslyn. Being banned over my parent's
heritage was an unfair treatment.

But when you see the
activists, the lawyers, the people who were protesting
to get us back home, you think that this country
would always be great no matter what. France's far-right leader,
Marine Le Pen, has laid out her vision for the country,
if she wins the upcoming Presidential election. She's promising to renegotiate
membership of the European Union, and pledged to help communities
under threat from globalisation, as well as tackle
Islamic fundamentalism. She hugs kittens, shares
memories of pregnancy, and has dropped her controversial
surname from the party brand. This is Marine, a new,
softer image for France's hard-line nationalist-in-chief. But the message is broadly the same. TRANSLATION:Our leaders have chosen
unregulated globalisation. It was supposed to be a wonderful
thing, but it turned out to be horrible. Always in search of maximum profit,
with mass immigration and financial capitalism. Her election promises,
to pull France out of the euro, cut immigration, and give French
people priority in housing and jobs, have won her enough support,
polls say, to win the first round of the presidential contest. But, without political allies,
her problem will be winning the second, and this time she is not
the only alternative party on offer. France is suddenly facing
the prospect of a presidential run-off without either of its main,
established parties. With the leaders of both left
and right trailing in the polls, voters could end up choosing
between two political outsiders, one fiercely nationalist,
the other with a liberal, pro-Europe vision for France. Emmanuel Macron drew twice as many
people to his own election rally in Lyon this weekend. Not bad for a man waging his
first-ever election campaign. If Marine Le Pen is targeting
the losers of globalisation, Mr Macron is pushing
its benefits hard. Only to be expected
from a former banker, perhaps. TRANSLATION:Some today pretend
to be speaking in the name of the people, but they are
just ventriloquists. They attribute to the French values
that are not really theirs. That is a dig at the Front National,
whose slogan says it is running in the name of the people. But, in this election,
there are many candidates from many different parties who are claiming
to do just the same. France's far left candidate
Jean-Luc Melenchon surprised his supporters by appearing in front
of them in the form of a hologram. Melenchon appeared via projection
before thousands at a venue in Paris while speaking live from Lyon
450 kilometres away. Supporters say they were captivated
by the hologram which was so realistic some said they forgot
he was not actually there. Israeli prime minister
Binyamin Netanyahu is pushing for a tougher international
stance against Iran after its latest missile test. Two days after the US imposed fresh
sanctions on Tehran, both countries are now accusing each
other of violating a historic nuclear deal. On his way to visit Western
allies, Benyamin Netanyahu wants some assurances. Israel's Prime Minister is firstly
flying to the UK to meet counterpart Theresa May before heading
to the White House. And he's making his
desires abundantly clear. TRANSLATION:Iran is trying to test
the limits with extraordinary aggression, unusual
audacity and defiance. I think the most important thing
now is that countries like the United States - as leader -
then countries like Israel and Britain, stand together
against Iran's aggression and set clear boundaries for it. Like Israel, the US has been
infuriated by Iran's ballistic missile tests. It believes Tehran breached a 2015
accord in which it agreed to scale back its nuclear plans
for an easing of sanctions. Iran would do well to look
at the calendar and realise there's a new president in the Oval Office. And Iran would do well not to test
the resolve of this new president. An executive order to impose fresh
sanctions has emboldened Tehran, now blaming the US
for breaking the pact. TRANSLATION:Restoring sanctions
would be a violation of the nuclear deal. There was not a word in the nuclear
deal regarding plans for missile testing. Germany, while sympathetic
to DC's disdain. TRANSLATION:It is clear
that the Iranian ballistic missile tests are a clear violation of UN
Security Council resolutions. So one can understand the reaction
of the US government.

Israel has been unrelenting against
Iran since the accord was signed. But Mr Netanyahu may not get
everything he wants when he meets Mr Trump, after the White House
warned Israel against building settlements on Palestinian land. A possible sign that no deals
or alliances are set in stone under the new US administration. Omar Dabbagh, SBS World News. Coming up next: The shocking
statistics of child sex abuse within the Catholic church. Shortly, fears herbal medicines
are putting lives at risk. And later, 21st century schooling -
the limits teachers are going to to keep students engaged.

The full extent of alleged child sex
abuse within the Catholic Church has been revealed. The shocking never before seen data
was made public today at the Child Abuse Royal Commission. Between 1980 and 2015,
almost 4,500 child sexual abuse incidents were reported,
relating to 1000 separate Catholic institutions. Almost 1900 alleged
perpetrators were identified. The average age of alleged victims
at the time was 10 for girls and 11 for boys. An extraordinary moment
for the Catholic Church. The Royal Commission
into child sexual abuse, now in its fourth year,
today its most revealing. Of the alleged perpetrators,
90% were male, and 10% were female. Overall, 7% of priests
were alleged perpetrators. Some of the most shocking
levels of abuse were found in Catholic orders. 22.0% of Christian Brothers
40.4% of St John of God Brothers
were alleged perpetrators. Catholics have been left dismayed. After years of speculation,
now a confirmation of the scale of abuse in the Church's ranks. These numbers are shocking,
tragic and indefensible. Parishes and schools were played
a video over the weekend, warning of today's revelations. There will be some grim
moments, and there will be some shocks inevitably. Today as Catholics,
we hang our heads in shame. For many survivors of abuse,
the shocking revelations here today, though extensive, are not enough. Many are calling for specific
evidence and details of abuse to be released, to ensure alleged
perpetrators are not still serving in the Church. We just believe that there's no way
this church can be trusted with the lives of children
in the future when they can't even look after the victims
that they have created from the past. Many pointing to the Vatican
for maintaining secrecy and blocking access to documentation
of abuse in Australia. And I quote, was "neither possible
nor appropriate to provide the information requested." The Holy See said it would respond
"in the future to appropriate and specific requests." It's awful. And to have the Catholic Church
protect these people, when they knew what they were doing. The Vatican's protecting criminals. What's it stand for? There's no Christ in them. Some of Australia's
most senior Catholics - including the Archbishops of Sydney,
Brisbane, Melbourne and Adelaide - will give evidence. The hearing will go
until the end of the month. Kristina Zarich, SBS World News. The Australian military says there's
a limit to what it can do in identifying personnel and
veterans who may attempt suicide. A parliamentary committee is looking
at the high rate of suicide among defence members and veterans. Nearly 300 current and former
military members have killed themselves since 2000. The Defence Force says
the medical testing of recruits is as comprehensive as it legally
can be to find vulnerable people. There's no blood test
or something like that for mental health conditions. It is a robust process
and individuals are required to sign a statutory declaration so I don't
know what else there is that could be done. People who need help can contact
Lifeline on 13 11 14. Queensland's transport minister has
resigned over a crisis at Queensland Rail.
An inquiry examined the cancellation of hundreds of services
at short notice. The inquiry report found Queensland
rail didn't have enough drivers and guards to staff the trains,
after it opened a new line. The report recommends an overhaul
of the organisation, reducing bureaucracy,
and improving communication. A vaccination scheme is being rolled
out to protect against an emerging strain of meningococcal. 17 and 18 year olds
in New South Wales will be targeted for immunisation
against the W strain. That type of meningococcal has
a higher mortality rate, and is rising in prominence. Border security has made its biggest
cocaine bust, intercepted 1.4 tonnes of the drug bound for Australia. Six people are alleged to have been
involved in a smuggling syndicate. Two of them facing
a Sydney court today. A modest sailboat in appearance,
Elakha is unremarkable. But after more than two years
following an alleged drug smuggling ring, starting to scan cocaine
boxes, border forces suspected all was not as it seemed. 370 kilometres to the east
of Sydney HMAS Bathurst, an Armidale class patrol boat
boarded and detained Elakha, the yacht that you see behind me. And of course of in doing so we see
things that are suspicious in nature and that can give rise
to other courses of action. In this case, arresting
the boat's owner and crew, a seasoned sailor among six men
allegedly involved in one of Australia's biggest drug hauls. Four Australians, one New Zealander
and a Swiss national could each face life behind bars, if found guilty. And the case isn't closed. The Mother Ship is still subject
to investigation and that's all I am going to say at this stage. New Zealand border officials became
suspicious of activity offshore in August 2014, joining Australian
forces for Operation Armour. This calls for a joined up,
international, ANZAC spirited approach to tackle the problem. This one boat load
worth $312 million. They're only interested in dollars. They are bringing misery
to the Australian community and that's all they really care
about - lining their own pockets. According to law enforcement
agencies, the seizure alone prevented 1.4 million hits
of the drug on the streets. They say it is the high street value
of cocaine in Australia that makes it such a lure for crime syndicates. A kilogram of cocaine
in the United States would be worth 26,000 Australian dollars. Here it would sell for up to
240,000 Australian dollars. Security agencies today
sending a message - drugs may sell at a high price
but smugglers will pay an even higher one for their crimes. Camille Bianchi, SBS World News. There's a warning tonight that
people could be putting their health at risk by using herbal medicines
and combining them with other drugs. Researchers are calling for tougher
regulation of the industry. Herbal medicines are a common sight
in countless homes across Australia but now it's claimed many people
who use them aren't aware of potential risks. The major issue is that people tend
to feel that herbal medicines are not really medicine and that
they're far safer and less likely to have adverse effects
than conventional medicine. In a report by University
of Adelaide researchers, and published in the Medical
Journal, it's claimed more than half of those who use herbal medicines
don't tell their doctor, and that mixing them
with prescription drugs can have dangerous results. As well, the report says:

Max Ma is president of the Chinese
Medicine Industry Council of Australia, and says
the report doesn't paint a full, accurate picture. I think a lot of people
after reading this news might have been very scared to buy herbal
products including qualified products, that is not fair
to these products which meet Australian standards. He agrees it's crucial people talk
to their doctors about what they're taking, and don't purchase
unapproved herbal medicines online. The report calls for tighter
regulation of the industry but both the Therapeutics Goods
Administration and complementary medicines body say already
a stringent, internationally well-regarded system is in place. The TGA emphasising that only
ingredients that are known to be safe can be used
in herbal medicines. We can improve safety
for Australians, even though as I said by international standards
we have got one of the top regulatory systems,
we can do better Which, he says, should include more
comprehensive labelling of herbal medicines. Nina Stevens, SBS World News Nearly half of all students
are struggling to remain engaged in school, affecting their
productivity throughout the year. A report found an overhaul
of educational tactics is necessary to maintain concentration
and prevent disruptions. One key to engaging students
is enlightening them about why they're at school. Remember our focus for these first
couple of weeks is arrive ready for learning. So when you sit down
what do I want to see? Books open. That's the model adopted
by Hume Central College in Melbourne's northern suburbs. Called School Wide Positive
Behaviour, it is engaging the school community through improved
relationships, and greater interaction. Even introducing events including
a fashion show to model correct ways of wearing school uniform. They need to know that
somebody knows them, and wants to work with them. We can't, any longer,
say "you will do this, because I say so." We don't do it at home,
we don't do it out in the community, so schools have had to modernise. The school has seen a 50% drop
in class disruptions, and a dramatic increase
in attendance. And greater engagement is just
what schools should be striving for, according to the Grattan Institute's
latest report card - which found 40% of
students, are disengaged. It's not necessarily
aggressive behaviour that's leading to disruptions. They're passively disengaged,
they're finding ways to avoid work, they might be late for class,
it's a real problem, because those students
are one to two years behind in their learning, as much
as the students who are acting out. And it can be stressful
for teachers. The Grattan Institute recommends
re-training educators to better manage today's challenges. Having a mentor also helps
but rarely do Australian teachers have that option. Contrast that with what happens
in Shanghai, a high performing system, and every new
teacher has two mentors - one for the subject
they're teaching, and one for classroom management. Coaching and peer observations have
improved teacher outlooks at Hume Central. Even the students have noticed. You can definitely see,
like the rewards they give you, and the chances and opportunities
they give you, for you to study and achieve something in life. Sarah Abo, SBS World News. A 20-year-old Victorian woman
has died in a jet ski accident in Thailand. Emily Jayne Collie was holidaying
in Phuket when her rented jet ski collided with another jet ski,
ridden by her boyfriend. She was brought ashore
where lifeguards performed CPR, but they were unable to revive her. Police believe the strong reflection
from the sun on the water blinded the couple. The pharmacy student was on the last
day of a two week holiday. In Afghanistan, a series
of avalanches has killed at least

At least 16 people were killed and dozens injured in a crash between a bus and a truck in the Central American republic of Honduras. Authorities say an out-of-control cargo truck crashed into a bus on a highway outside the capital on Sunday. The victims were declared dead and the scene while another four died in hospital. A hospital spokesperson says the death toll may still rise. In Afghanistan, a series
of avalanches has killed at least 106 people. The northern provinces
of Nuristan and Badakhshan have
been badly hit. So far the Afghan village of Hafsaa
appears worst affected, while nine Pakistanis died
across the border in Chitral. Some villages are still cut off
and there are fears that when contact is made,
that death toll could rise. It's been snowing heavily
for days in the central and northen provinces. Drifts have completely buried two
villages in Barg-i Matal district. In one of them, more than 50 bodies
have been recovered. Rescuers are yet to reach the other.

In 2015 Afghanistan suffered
its worst avalanche in 30 years, killing 180 people
in the same region. With no shelter, surviving villagers
will have to rebuild their homes, again.

Nuristan, in the remote north-east,
near Pakistan's border is also badly hit. 13 people have also perished
in northern Pakistan. Some froze to death,
trapped in their cars. Afghan rescue teams have been sent
to help but with heavy snow blocking roads, any relief will
be slow in coming. They have put teams
on standby to act upon and have support wherever
needed, and they are trying to connect the districts and capital
so that the response can be sooner. Kabul has declared a public holiday
and closed schools to encourage people to stay off the roads. Officials have asked the UN
for help, warning there could be a humanitarian emergency
in the most remote areas. And it could get worse - more avalanches are
expected in coming days. Almost 2000 people have been saved
off the Libyan coast in a busy weekend for rescuers. A total of 13 operations
were carried out by the Italian coastguard, navy and
charity organisations. People fleeing from Libya
to Europe crowded onto flimsy inflatable rafts. Rescuers are describing
the situation as insane, and are calling for more help,
and compassion for the migrants. Turkish police have detained
more than 420 people in anti-terror raids. Officers launched simultaneous
operations across the country, arresting people
suspected of links to IS. Police seized organisational
material relating to IS, and say some of the suspects
were planning an attack. The government is increasing
pressure on IS, after it was blamed for the New Year's nightclub attack
in Istanbul, in which 39 people were killed. Mass rallies have continued
across Romania for a sixth night, despite the government
revoking a controversial decree on corruption. The Prime Minister is now facing
growing pressure to resign. The sound of protest,
showing no signs of abating despite the government
caving to their demands and scrapping a controversial decree
that would have watered down the laws against corruption. The government took back the order,
but they are very bad people, they wanted to promote
corrupt people, to not let them go to jail and so on, so this is why the fact
that they took back the ordinance is not enough. Protesters are fed up
with the high-level corruption they see as endemic in Romania. Some now calling for the government
of Prime Minister Sorin Grindeanu to resign. The problem at this moment
is the credibility and legitimacy of this government. This government is not
credible for the moment, because they proposed this
extraordinary ordinance. So I believe the movement continues. The week of protests has been
the country's largest since the fall of communism in 1989. The Prime Minister insists he has no
intention of resigning. And protesters remain defiant. It's a Mexican stand-off right now. The one who is stronger,
will not blink, will win. Those protesting intent
on keeping their eyes open. They vow they won't back down
until they see real change. A temporary ceasefire
in the Ukrainian frontline town of Avdiivka has given some people
the chance to flee. But as fighting restarts,
those left behind are increasingly worried about their future. Maria helps her brother-in-law repair their roof. A mortar landed next her home where she has lived for more than 50 years.TRANSLATION: I couldn't sleep, I was staggering around the House night because of the noise. When I finally got the better the early morning there was huge explosion. The window came crashing in, there was glass all over my bed, I was terrified. The last few days have got really bad again.The United Nations is almost 10,000 people have been killed since the conflict between Ukrainian government forces and Russia backed separatist started most three years ago. The latest attempt at a cease-fire was in late December, but that collapsed a week ago. Shelling has been particularly intense around the town of Avdiivka. Victor and his family live in a nearby street. A mortar landed in their garden, destroying a section of their home. Victor has relatives living in rebel held territory. He says the conflict has split his family in half. TRANSLATION: Everything is unclear. My brothers live across the front line in rebel territory, I cannot fight, I can not understand what both sides are trying to defend. We civilians are in the middle.In the late afternoon the fighting started. In the last, the last 10-15 minutes, the shelling has started again. Both sides are blaming each other for the escalation in this violence, which has been described as the worst in two years. Back home there is a new push
to protect the work of Indigenous artists. Proposed new laws will make it
illegal to sell imported fake Aboriginal souvenirs and artwork. Wiradjuri woman Peta-Joy Williams
has been painting for as long as she can remember,
but she's sick of others stealing her ideas. Everything I do comes from my mind
or dreams or what I've been handed down, so for someone to come
in and rip it off and think that's OK is really frustrating. Vendors passing off Aboriginal art
and artefacts as authentic is nothing new. It's feared as much as 80%
of Indigenous art sold could be imported knock-offs. But Bob Katter wants to make
those imports illegal. I don't want people making a quid
out of fraudulently portraying themselves and their art
as First Australian when it is not. It is something that we have
contributed to our nation and at the very least the First Australians
deserve the credit for it. The proposed legislation
Bob Katter wants to introduce will ensure consumers
are buying authentic art, and those who create it
see their share of the pie. Any artist would love to be
a full-time practising artist, but unfortunatly I have a
16-year-old son who has a stomach that is never full, so practising
full-time is not an option for me. With local artists nationally
suffering the most from the imported knock-offs, consumers
are the greatest asset in combating the trade. Ask who the artist is, ask
where the artist is from, ask how the artist gets
paid for their work. If someone can answer those
questions on the spot, there's a good chance
the art is authentic. The bill will go before
parliament tomorrow. Small business owners are cautiously
optimistic about their prospects this year - but many are worried
about profitability and the economy. SBS Finance Editor Ricardo
Goncalves explains. BankWest has measured how small
business owners are feeling about the outlook this year,
and plot it on this chart. A score of 100 means very positive -
-100, very negative. The national average sits at 11.3,
but it's different across the country. across the country. Despite that, many feel uneasy
about the direction of the economy - Sam Gabrielian is
celebrating 10 years in the coffee wholesaling business. He employs 10 people,
and supplies 156 cafes. Year-to-year our revenue is rising, our profitablity last year was lower
than many other years, the only reason is because we've
invested very heavily in equipment and people. His largest cost
is training and support. The biggest challenges
in our industry is trying to monitor the end users, trying to make sure
they're doing justice to our product and serving it the way we want. It's a competitive field. There are a lot of companies promising better quality
at a cheaper price, and unfortunately some
cafes do believe that. But he's upbeat. We're very confident,
we've realised that a lot of the cafe owners are looking
for a consistent quality product, and although there is a lot
of competition, the quality is always a standout. While Sam is confident
about the future prospects of his business, he says some
of the cafes which he supplies are finding conditions tough.

People are having
to work much harder, to make little profit. It's a view reflected
in BankWest's research. While nearly 75% of small business
owners are confident in their overall prospects this
year, only a third expect an increase in profit. People
are expecting value for money and that's perhaps feeding
through to profitability. Only one in five small business
owners expects the economy to grow in the first three
months of the year. There certainly is a risk
that if the economy was to turn down, everyone
would think, and if everyone thinks the economy will turn down,
it will, probably - it'll become a self fulfilling
prophesy and we don't want that happening. Sam, however, who migrated
from Lebabon when he was six, believes his personal service
and commitment to quality will continue to bring success. My family came to
Australia with nothing, except presistence determination
and with a lot of hard work, you can get a very
far in this country. And you can watch a small business secrets on Sunday at five p.m., for more small-business stories. Our second season begins this weekend. To the Australia and sharemarket:

The Australian dollar is higher head of tomorrow's interest-rate decision. Coming up, the remarkable
Superbowl turnaround. Plus, the Super Bowl ad that
led to a boycott of one of America's favourite beers. Also, one-eyed - a Davis Cup
umpire left seeing red.

A firestorm is brewing over one
of the most talked about ads at today's NFL Super Bowl. Budweiser beer is facing
calls for a boycott over its immigration-themed ad
during America's most-watched sporting event of the year. Welcome to America. It's already ignited a backlash against a beer giant. Abandon ship! It's a dramtic telling
of one of Budweiser's founders, and his struggles
immigrating from Germany to America in the 1800s. You're not wanted
here, go back home! Anheuser-Busch now in the middle
of the country's most contentious issue - Trump's travel ban. The hashtag #boycottbudweiser getting tens
of thousands of tweets. Sarah Palin sounding off,
that: the "politically charged message has
Americans speechless." Thousands more showing support. I don't normally drink beer,
but tonight I'm buying Budweiser. Fans at the game deeply divided. I think it's ridiculous, the country is founding on immigrants.Keep politics away from sports. Production of the ad
began nearly a year ago, and it cost Budweiser $10 million
to get the ad space. It's already been viewed 20 million
times online and counting, showing controversy
does get attention. The question now - will it help
Anheuser-Busch's bottom line. The company claims it had no
political intentions, saying: "we believe beer
should be bipartisan". Time now for the day
in sport with Darren Mara, and there's been one of the greatest
comebacks in NFL history? That's right. Good evening. The New England Patriots have
produced the biggest comeback in Super Bowl history
to win their fifth Vince Lombardi Trophy. The Atlanta Falcons
led by 25 points. However an inspired performance
from veteran quarterback, Tom Brady, helped the Pats post
a memorable victory. History says it shouldn't have
happened. We're bringing this sucker home! After a scoreless opening quarter,
Atlanta turned on the style. What a cut! Touchdown Atlanta. The Falcons were
making it look easy. 14-0 - no team had ever come
back from such a deficit in Super Bowl history. The Patriots needed a response. Instead... Intercepted, Robert Alford, there
are no flags and the Falcons add to their lead, Alford with a pick 6. Brady's frustration was clear
for everyone to see. And New England's misery
continued after the break. 28-3 - a score few
would have predicted - but the Pats finally
reduced the deficit. That's White with a touchdown. Brady continued to receive
a battering - sacked for a fifth time. But his defence wrestled
back the momentum. New England has it! All of a sudden it was
an eight point game. Matt Ryan and Julio Jones linked up
for another spectacular play but the Falcons missed
the chance to seal victory. The Pats though, still needed
things to go their way. Oh, that's a catch. They marched down the field -
James White diving into the endzone in the final minute. The two-point conversion
completing the comeback. This is a tie game. Overtime, for the first time
in Super Bowl history. The first team to score
a touchdown would win. It took New England
only four minutes. Patriots win the Super Bowl! Brady has his fifth,
what a comeback! A lot of mental
toughness by our team and were all going to remember this
for the rest of our life.

Greatest Super Bowl ever,
greatest American football game I've ever seen, I hope everybody
enjoyed it - if you didn't, watch the replay because
that is just magical. Brady named Most Valuable Player
after winning his and the Pats' fifth title. There was a lot of (BLEEP)
that happened tonight and I got hit pretty hard, so... Four Essendon players have been left shaken by a burglary at their Melbourne home. Police confirmed for intruders broke into the share House early on Friday and stole wallets, keys and four cars. The players are believed
to be Shaun McKernan, Jayden Laverde, Conor
McKenna and James Ferry. Police say the players awoke as they had their cars being driven away.I don't think there is any suggestion they were marked because they were football players.Anyone who has had people in your home when you are sleeping, that would be pretty unsettling and each about a little bit. -- it shook them up. Three teens were later arrested
after they were allegedly found in one of the stolen cars. No-one has yet been charged
in relation to the burglary. A former Parramatta Eels football
manager has been charged over the salary cap scandal
at the NRL club. NSW Police arrested
Jason Irvine in Sydney today. He was charged with money laundering
and two other fruad offences. and two other fraud offences. Irvine was granted bail and will
appear at a Local Court tomorrow. The salary cap scandal reportedly
involved underthe-table payments to Eels players. Police say their investigations
are continuing. Still with Rugby league
and Johnathan Thurston says the Indigenous All Stars game needs
to remain on the playing calendar. Both the Indigenous and World
teams gathered in Sydney today before heading to Newcastle
for Friday night's encounter. Thurston says what the players do
off the field is far more important than the match itself. I know the game is the centrepiece of the week, but going out and talking to the communities and what we are doing, it was great things, it is the power of sport and the power of rugby league is to create social change, and that is what this game does. It's likely to be Thurston's
last all-stars game. The 33-year-old is set to retire
from representative football after this year's World Cup. To football and Cameroon has set up
a date with the Socceroos at the Confederations Cup
after taking out the Africa Cup of Nations. Cameroon claimed its fifth
continental title thanks to some brilliant work by Vincent Aboubakar. The Besiktas striker's late goal
handing his side an upset win over Egypt in the final. It's the country's first
championship in 15 years. They will contest Group B
at June's Confederations Cup, alongside Australia,
Germany and Chile. Manchester City has kept
alive its Premier League title hopes with a dramatic
victory over Swansea. Brazillian striker Gabriel Jesus put
City ahead in the 11th minute. Swansea looked to have snatched
a point when Gylfi Sigurdsson struck late in the second-half. But 19-year-old Jesus
was City's saviour - tapping home the match
winner in stoppage time. Meanwhile, reigning champions Leicester
are just one point above the relegation zone. The Foxes were dismantled at home
by Manchester United. Wales lead rugby's Six Nations
tournament following a comfortable victory over Italy in Rome. The Azzuri were in
front at half-time. But the visitors scored 30
unanswered points in the second-half to runaway with the contest. Wales play host to
England this weekend. Australia has taken out the netball
Quad series after fighting off an improved England
side at Wembley Arena. The Diamonds were pushed
all the way by England. The hosts took a two-goal lead
into the final break before Australia prevailed. Captain Sharni Layton taking a late
intercept to help win the match. Australia's players now
turn their attention to the domestic Super Netball competition,
which begins later this month. Japan's Hideki Matsuyama has
defended his Phoenix Open title with a gripping playoff victory over
American Webb Simpson. with a gripping playoff victory over
American Webb Simpson. The pair both finished
at 17-under par. Matsuyama sinking a 10-foot birdie
putt on the fourth playoff hole to clinch victory. It was his fifth win in his last
nine starts worldwide to continue a red-hot run of form. Marc Leishman was the best-placed
Australian at nine under, in a tie for 24th after closing
with a round of two over. And finally in sport,
a bizarre incident has overshadowed Great Britain's Davis Cup
tie against Canada. Canadian teenager Denis Shapovalov
was trailing Kyle Edmund two sets to love and had just been
broken in the third set, when he smashed a ball in anger. It ended up hitting umpire
Arnaud Gabas in the face. As a result, the tie referee
ruled a default to leave Britain the victors. The umpire was taken to hospital
with bruising and swelling of his left eye. 17-year-old junior Wimbledon
champion Shapovalov later
apologised. That was an occupational hazard, the shore. -- for sure. Coming up, the weather,
and marking a royal milestone. The Queen prepares
for her Sapphire Jubilee.

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Thick fog has caused chaos
for drivers in east China, with 27 cars involved in a pileup
on a major motorway. 18 firefighters were on scene
to rescue people trapped in their cars. 15 people were injured,
but no-one was killed. To the forecast, a band of middle
level cloud can be seen stretching from central parts
of Western Australia, through South Australia
across Victoria and the southern parts of New South Wales. A few thunderstorms are visible
with this cloud band mainly over New South Wales. In the major centres, a morning shower in Brisbane,
rain in Sydney, Canberra and Darwin. Partly cloudy in
Melbourne and Hobart. Looking further afield, partly cloudy in Auckland,
Rain in Wellington, showers in Christchurch and Noumea. Thunder in Samoa and Nadi. In South-East Asia, fine in Bangkok, drizzle
in Denpasar and Jakarta. Partly cloudy in Kuala Lumpur. Showers in Port Moresby
and Singapore. Further north, cloudy in Beijing, Hanoi,
Hong Kong and Manila. Fine in Seoul. Cloudy in Shanghai and Taipei. Heading west, fog in Delhi,
wind in Jerusalem. Fine in Mumbai and Tehran. To Europe, rain in Athens, Belgrade, Madrid and Paris. Cloudy in Berlin. A few showers in London. In Africa, Thunder in
Johannesburg. Cloudy in Lagos. Partly cloudy in Nairobi. In South America,
showers in Asuncion, partly cloudy in Bogota
and Panama City. Fine in Caracas, rain in La Paz. Drizzle in Rio de Janeiro. Sunny in Santiago. And for North America,
rain in New York, Washington DC and Los Angeles. Cloudy in Chicago and Dallas. Fine in Denver. The Queen has made history
by becoming the first British monarch to reach a sapphire jubilee. A new portrait has been
released to mark her 65th year on the throne. There are no plans for major
ceremonies to mark the occasion beyond royal gun salutes in London,
as it's also the anniversary of her father's death. The Queen is now the longest
reigning living monarch in the world. Recapping our top stories now: Outspoken Liberal senator
Cory Bernardi is expected to quit the government tomorrow and start
his own conservative party. The Catholic Church has revealed
shocking data at the child abuse Royal Commission. Almost 4,500 child sexual
abuse incidents have been reported since 1980. That's the world this Monday. We'll have news updates throughout
the evening and another bulletin at 10:30 on SBS. And you can get all tonight's
stories online, and news around the clock at our website,
and follow us on Twitter. Goodnight.

#. Bless America. # Land that I love. # Stand beside her # And guide her # Through the night with light from above... # This land is your land # This land is my land # This land was made for you and me... Captions by Ericsson
Access Services. (c) SBS Australia 2017


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