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(generated from captions) Five required.
Read quick. (LAUGHTER) Do my best.
Your time re-starts now. A London street synonymous with fine
tailoring is WHAT Row? Saville Row.
Correct. In which country did the beer
Sierra Nevada originate? Uh, USA.
Correct. A popular '90s sketch comedy
TV series was 'In Living WHAT'? Mem... Uh, Colour.
Correct. Which AFL team is synonymous
with the... Oh, team! (ALL CHEER)
Wow. You did it! Nicely played. Great stuff. $54,000. Great job! They really turned the screws, G. They pressed their case all the way. Put me on the spot and the verdict's
gone their way.Certainly did. Look forward to seeing you next time
on The Chase Australia.

This program will be
captioned live by Ai-Media. Tonight,
the new Coalition crisis - Senator Cory Bernardi
planning to break away as Pauline Hanson's popularity
climbs to new heights. The biggest cocaine bust ever. A four-year investigation - six arrested
over a $300 million haul. The Catholic Church's
day of reckoning revealing shocking numbers
of paedophiles in the clergy. A former Labor minister
goes on trial accused of "putting a mate
before the state." The retiring
Police Commissioner's revealing interview. His greatest achievements,
darkest days and the biggest threat
now facing Sydney. And what a show! The epic comeback,
the singing spectacular - the Super Bowl that had it all. VOICE-OVER: Live from
our Sydney headquarters, this is Seven News
with Mark Ferguson. Good Evening. The parliamentary year
is beginning with a fresh crisis for Malcolm Turnbull, Senator Cory Bernardi said to be
splitting from the Coalition. He's expected
to announce a new party, The Australian Conservatives, with claims he's become frustrated and angry
with Government policies. Senator Bernardi's move would
directly take on Pauline Hanson, whose One Nation
is now surging in the polls.

At the The Australian War Memorial, a time of joint reflection. At the prime Minster considers an uncertain future.

Maverick conservative senator
Cory Bernardi is considering deserting
the Turnbull Government as early as tomorrow
to lead a new right-wing party - the Australian Conservatives. Of course I'd like Cory to stay! I love all members of our team. Senator Bernardi has little love
for Mr Turnbull, but much for US President
Donald Trump, seeing himself tackling
Pauline Hanson to become Australia's
"political disruptor". Australia does not need
another far-right party led by a bigot and a homophobe. the Treasurer seems to add
another title - "rat". He was elected as a Liberal
senator by Liberal voters to support the Liberal Party
in this parliament. Losing a Senate number - that would embarrass
Malcolm Turnbull, but it could be worse. Much worse. If just one Government MP
followed from the
House of Respresentatives, that would be a disaster. The man most likely to, Queensland National
George Christensen, says he won't. As long as the Government
holds true to the people
who put us there. This as the Government's primary
vote collapses four points in Newspoll - Labor steady,
the Greens 10%, and 19% others, including 8% for One Nation. I'm thrilled with it. I'm so surprised
and actually thrilled with support I'm getting
Australia-wide. But the biggest beneficiary
of the right-wing turf wars...

Are not happy with politics as usual.As a brace for New Year politics sure to be unusual and dangerous.

Political editor Mark Riley
joins us from Canberra. Mark, what would
a Bernardi defection really mean
for Malcolm Turnbull? Mark, I'm told
leading party figures are reaching out to Cory Bernardi
tonight, trying to prevent him
jumping ship, but his close colleagues
believe he will do it, and while the parliamentary
fallout is manageable, there's a larger problem
for Malcolm Turnbull - if Cory Bernardi's
Australian Conservative Party carves off
another couple of points from the Coalition's
primary vote, the Government would suddenly
be 10-12 points behind Labor, and for a prime minister
who seized power on the basis of
his predecessor's poor polling, that could be fatal. Mark. Last night we broke the story
about a big cocaine bust off our coast. Today authorities revealed
just how big, an astonishing 1.4 tonnes,
Australia's largest ever. Intercepted
in a covert operation carried out under the cover of darkness. Border Force headquarters
on Sydney Harbour was not his intended destination and as 63-year-old New Zealand
skipper Hamish Thompson was escorted off the 'Elakha,' he might have been wondering when
it was authorities were onto him. Four years'
investigative activity by the NZ Customs Service
into the 'Elakha' yacht, its owner and its crew. Australian law enforcement
joined New Zealand, Fiji and French Polynesia, culminating
in this monstrous find in 'Elakha's' hull,
early Thursdsay - 1.4 tonnes of cocaine. A message
to the drug traffickers. There's been a number
of these operations lately and we're onto you. Australia's record cocaine haul eclipses the 1.1 tonnes seized
only six weeks ago. This is a historic day for
Australian law enforcement. It's alleged another boat
liaised with the 'Elakha' in the South Pacific, transferring the cocaine, before the New Zealand yacht
headed to Australia. 'HMAS Bathurst' intercepted her
370km off the coast and the following morning two speed boats that
were to leave St Georges Basin to meet the 'Elakha'
at sea were seized onshore, and three more men were arrested. Most of the six men arrested
are in their 60s. Large quantities of cash
were seized, jewellery and a significant amount
of electronic devices. In the United States,
a kilogram of cocaine will sell for roughly $26,000 but here, it's more than $200,000. That, coupled with a long
coastline that's difficult to patrol, makes Australia a particularly attractive
destination for smugglers. You take the risk and that risk in relation
to this particular matter is life imprisonment. The shocking extent of child
sexual abuse allegations in the Catholic Church
has finally been exposed. The royal commission
today hearing almost 4,500 people
have made claims of abuse over the past 35 years. And in one religious order,
a staggering 40% are accused paedophiles. For the Catholic Church
it was a day of reckoning, mea culpa
for the sins of its past. As Catholics we hang our heads
in shame. The royal commission
has laid bare child sex abuse
in the Catholic Church. Today, its enormity
was tallied up. Between January, 1980
and February, 2015 1,880 alleged abusers
were identified, with more than 4,000 complaints about abuse of boys
at an average age of 11.5, girls 10.5. Bringing church leaders to tears. These numbers are shocking, they are tragic
and they are indefensible. Between 1950 and 2010, an astonishing 7% of all Catholic
priests were alleged abusers. More than 20% of Marist Brothers
and 22% of Christian Brothers, a staggering 40.4%
of St John of God Brothers, as the Church looked away. Documents were kept secret,
or they were destroyed. Secrecy prevailed
as did cover ups. Today, the Catholic Church says
its very different, determined to atone for
its mistakes. The latest hearing of
the royal commission is investigating
if that's true. Some who have suffered
are unconvinced. The Catholic priesthood
give God a bad name. They're a disgrace. The hearing runs three weeks. Lets go to Chris Maher now, Chris after receiving
so many complaints, how much action has
the royal commission taken? Mark, it's made 309 referrals
to police. Of those,
there have been 27 prosecutions while 66 matters
are still pending. This hearing is the last time the Catholic Church
will be scrutinised by this Royal Commission. And over the next few weeks
we can expect to hear from key Church figures,
including archbishops from almost every state and
territory. They'll be questioned
over what Church leaders are doing now
to protect children. Mark.

King News Parramatta Eels has been arrested, Jason Evan will face court tomorrow charged with fraud and money laundering offences. His arrest follows a police investigation into the eels use of inflated invoices to make under the table aims to players, he was also a member of Ricky Stuart and Laurie Daley's blue stuff until last year.

If you're feeling drained
and tired this evening, you're not alone. Early this morning, we were delivered another summer
record for Sydney. Having just sweltered
through the two hottest nights in a row, on record. A balmy 30 degrees at midnight,
it was perfect beach weather and no crowds. (CHEERS) Liquid was the priority
as the sun rose and delivered another baking
with it nudging 40 degrees in the west.

It's been so hot, even last night it was too hot.

It was taking its toll with an ambulance called
to this work site at Barangaroo. Terrible, it's not good and then as you walk past
all the shops, you can feel
the air-con coming out.

20 insidestores. Outside more than double that.

Heat from the interior, moist,
humid air from the ocean adding up
to those uncomfortable nights. The low of just 26.2 degrees
this morning, combined
with yesterday's 25.8 are the hottest
pair of nights on record. In Sydney we've seen
the second hottest December and the hottest January
on record and now in February
we're going to be potentially seeing another record. Particularly in terms
of the overnight temperatures. And it's not just the mercury
setting new standards. Sydney used 2.2L billion
of water yesterday, the most in 14 years. And January's average
daily demand was 24% higher
than the year before. Today's cool change isn't
summer's last word. This relief from the heat
is only temporary as it's going to be heating
right back up again during Thursday
and into the weekend. Live now to Paul Kadak
in Parramatta. Paul, how hot has it been
across the suburbs?

Here at Parramatta it hit 34, the same with ex-town, the city almost reached 35, Campbelltown 37 but it was Penrith and Richmond leading the way with 39 will stop thankfully quite a few degrees cooler now across the city, as is change moves through but the heat is back from Friday and across the weekend, Saturday is forecast maximum for Penrith is 43.

Fergo, a much anticipated
cool change has arrived and it's powering up the coast
towards Newcastle.

Drenching rain and strong coastal winds tomorrow at the moment we see this low cloud associated with that change slowly pushing West, the temperature is hovering around 29, the southerly is running around 26, the southerly is running around 26 km/h. Tonight should be 7 cooler than last night, a respectable 23 if you remember last night it was 30 around midnight. Statewide where tracking some rain down to the south, 3 and Aubrey, to the north a sizzling 39 in Mori will stop it is a taste of things to come this weekend. Those details following sport will stop.

An out-of-control ute has flipped into the front yard
of a Western Sydney home this afternoon. It took out a letterbox,
power box, and a street lamp before landing on its side
in Werrington. The male driver, aged in his 20s, managed to get free
of the wreckage and was taken to hospital. Police Commissioner Andrew
Scipione retires in April, and wants to make his final days
in the top job count. In an exclusive interview
with Seven News, he's revealed he'll approve
rifles for cops on the beat, and is pushing for courts
to stay open well into the night. He survived six premiers,
eight police ministers and a decade
as Police Commissioner, but Andrew Scipione
is ready to go. People say to me,
"Are you sad you're leaving?" Well, I'm not sad
that it's nearly all over. He leaves a legacy
of new technology, big police numbers... Today, our attrition rate is probably the lowest it's been
in 30 years. ..and a police force gripped
in the war on terror. Many of the attacks
that could've, should've and would've happened
have been stopped, and from my perspective,
that's a great thing. His greatest challenge,
the Lindt siege. Terrorism arrived in Australia
on that day. The biggest threat he leaves
behind is the deadly drug ice. This drug will get you and it will swallow you up
and spit you out. This is the sort of drug
that if we don't get this right, you'll lose a whole generation
of Australians. The outgoing commissioner supports
a New York-style judiciary, courts open until 10pm. If we can reduce the time from charge
to having the matter heard for somebody that's in custody, if we can extend the hours,
that would work. Before he goes, he'll sign off
on bigger guns for police. It won't be too long before you
find long arms on the streets and it will be a decision
that we will reluctantly make, but at the end of the day, I've got an obligation
to keep communities safe. His hardest days in the job
remain the deaths of officers Bill Crews,
David Rixon, close colleague
Sergeant Bryson Anderson. The tragedy and the waste
and the loss of life. That took it out of me. With Curtis Cheng,
the brutality, the sheer brutality in that. He believes a NSW officer will be
the one to carry on his legacy in a position
he's been honoured to have. I still have to pinch myself. America's Superbowl has been won
in a thriller by the New England Patriots but it was Lady Gaga's half-time
pitch invasion that amazed a global audience. Mel McLaughlin is here and Mel,
she's got real courage. She sure has Mark. GaGa leapt from the roof
into the stadium in Houston, with special wires attached
landing on her set and putting on an action-packed
medley of hits. There was football too, just as the Atlanta Falcons
looked like claiming their first Super Bowl, the New England Patriots
staged one almighty comeback. America's biggest sporting event
started off on the right note. # Oh, say does
that star-spangled... # Before former president George
Bush Senior oversaw formalities. After a scoreless first quarter, the underdogs swooped
in the second. COMMENTATOR: What a cut. Touchdown, Atlanta. They ran away with it
in the lead-up to halftime, where the 110 million
American viewers were waiting for some superstar entertainment. # God bless America. # Lady Gaga took to the roof
of the Houston Stadium, backed by 300 dancing drones, before she leapt
into her 13-minute routine. # I want to hold them
like they do in Texas plays. # There were no overt
political statements - just a high-energy
high-wire performance. # I was born this way! # The medley of Gaga hits
had her fans in meltdown. There were 400,000 tweets
a minute about the performance. # You and me
could write a bad romance. # Most of them were positive. Before she ended it
the same way she started. Super Bowl LI! Watching in Houston - some of the biggest names
in Hollywood and entertainment. While at home, viewers were just
as excited about the commercials. 'Bron, man, say it. No. When play resumed, the Patriots stormed back
into contention. The Super Bowl into overtime
for the first time, before the Falcons were crushed
by a touchdown. COMMENTATORS: Patriots win
the Super Bowl! It took a triumphant comeback for the Patriots to earn
this coveted Lombardi trophy - a win that has put Tom Brady
in the history books as the only quarterback to ever
take home five Super Bowl rings. Superbowl fever
even swept across Sydney. Despite the early kick off, hundreds crowded around the big
screens at the Star Casino. Diehard fans relishing
that final Patriots' touch-down. Wooo Yeah!

There's nothing quite like how the Americans do sport. Some of us had our money on the wrong team.

Tragedy for an Australian couple
on holiday in Thailand. Next, the accident
that's left a young woman dead, and a boyfriend in shock. Tears of relief. Families take advantage
of Trump's travel ban chaos. Predicting premature babies. The test that takes
the guesswork out of labour. The tennis tantrum
that left an umpire injured and a player disqualified. And the countdown to Tokyo 2020. Your exclusive first look
at the next Olympic venues.

Karen Marshall! We're looking for a data analyst! We want you on the team! Company car with a car space!

With my name on it?

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I thought if I went to sleep
I'd never wake up. As a kid, she escaped Australia's only
husband-and-wife serial killers. Thank God Kate escaped
or he could still be going. Katie Moyer saved
unknown young ladies' lives. She was brave. Was revealed as this to air
will change everything. The names of the other victims. There were three. Their killing began earlier. Murder Uncovered begins Wednesday
after My Kitchen Rules. An Australian student
has been killed in a jet ski crash in Thailand. 20-year-old Emily Collie collided with
her boyfriend's watercraft off a beach in Phuket. She was pulled unconscious
from the water and died on the way to hospital. Emily's distraught parents
have released a statement saying everything shined bright
when she was around. They're on their way to Thailand
to collect her body. Six high profile Labor figures including
Opposition Leader Luke Foley, will give evidence
at a criminal trial of a former mining minister. The court heard Ian MacDonald favoured a 'mate'
above the interest of the state, when approving
a shonky coal-mine deal. One a unionist, the other
a former Labor Minister. Both stand accused
of ripping off taxpayers. Are you determined
to prove your innocence? Ian MacDonald is charged
with two counts of misconduct in public office, for granting John Maitland
a lucrative coal mining deal, with no competition. The court heard in 2008,
BHP paid $91 million for a exploration license
at the Caroona Tenement. China's Shenhua shelled out $276m
for Watermark Mine near Gunnedah. But the John Maitland owned
Doyle's Creek paid nothing to explore
the Bylong Valley area. A decision the Crown says, thanks to then Mining Minister
Ian MacDonald was:

So why did he allegedly do it? Well the Crown says not for money
but rather friendship. That MacDonald and Maitland
were old union mates, and the Minister wanted
to secure that friendship, ahead of his looming
political retirement. A who's who of Labor figures
will be called as witnesses. Among the high profile
Labor figures to be called, Deputy Opposition Leader
Anthony Albanese, the State Opposition Leader
Luke Foley, former Premiers Nathan Rees
and Morris Iemma, Labor Senator Doug Cameron and MP
turned commentator Michael Costa. Foley the first witness to take
the stand tomorrow afternoon. The brother
of a missing Sydney man has appealed to the public
to help solve the mystery. Korean national Sang Don Yo was last seen
nearly four years ago leaving the restaurant
where he worked in Lidcombe. I want to find out, you know,
what's going on, you know, and please help me
to find my brother. Police want to speak
with this man, captured on security video
at Sydney Airport. He dropped off
the missing man's wife, who boarded a flight
to South Korea and never returned. A legal showdown over Donald Trump's
Executive Order to ban immigrants from seven countries
is set to resume later tonight. The President
has accused the courts of putting America's national
security at risk following a weekend ruling
to overturn his ban. Tears of relief
as families reunite... Mommy! airports across America. More are now scrambling
onto US soil, unsure how long
the doors will stay open. The embassy contacted me
and they said, "We are sorry"
and "You are able to travel". Overnight,
a federal appeals court rejected a bid to immediately reinstate
the president's travel ban. Before he settled into
his Florida Super Bowl party... (MUSIC PLAYS) ..President Trump
upped his attack on the judge who blocked him,

As his vice president
vowed to win this fight. We're very confident the president's operating within
his authority as president, both under the Constitution
and under clear statutory law. The Appeals Court could make
its final ruling a soon as tomorrow, but it's a case that seems
destined for the Supreme Court. And it's not the only controversy
of the day. Do you respect Putin? I do respect him. Do you? Why? Well, I respect a lot of people, but that doesn't mean
I'm gonna get along with them. Putin's a killer. A lot of killers,
we got a lot of killers. What, you think our country's
so innocent? Comments that left
fellow Republicans stunned, as the Trump administration
sets a new world tone with late-night appeal. Your country's compassion
will not be forgotten. No, no, no, no -
no refugees. America first. Australia sucks.
Your reef is failing. Prepare to go to war. The next Olympics in Tokyo are still more than
three years away but Australian team officials, have already inspected
the first of the venues. Keen to avoid the mistakes
of Rio Games organisers are determined to ensure
everything will be ready, despite some
tough economic challenges. In the heart of Tokyo, an Olympic stadium is both
under construction and under inspection. The first venue visit from 13 of
the world's Olympic committees, including Australia's. You get a good feeling about it? Yeah, absolutely. They seem to be a long way on
track to securing sponsorship. The stadiums
are already going up. They examined venues new and old,
like this from the 1964 Games - then gymnastics,
now table tennis. With just under four years to go,
Tokyo is well advanced, and in some places,
already complete, everyone keen to avoid
repeating Rio's mistakes. We learnt a lot from Rio, and in Tokyo, we look forward
to applying those lessons. Australia's Chef de Mission
for Rio, Kitty Chiller, is part of the team here. Her future for Tokyo
still to be decided. That process will be done
through 2017 as normal. But whoever does lead our team
in 2020 will find far fewer troubles
to deal with. Japan's economy right now,
though, is struggling
with massive national debt, and the Olympics aren't helping. Already, the budget has blown out
four-fold. So what you'll see a lot more of
in Tokyo, as opposed to this,
is venue recycling. Of the 39 Olympic venues,
only 8 will be new, perhaps fewer if they abandon the new aquatic
and volleyball centres. High-tech Tokyo... of the most sophisticated
cities in the world, is also happy to let the legacy
of the '64 Olympics linger a little bit longer. One of the biggest public housing
rorts ever. Next, a Sydney couple's elaborate
scheme. How did they get away with it
for so long? Why was Michael McGurk killed? A star witness finally
reveals all in court. From Broken Hill to Bondi
the free vaccine to save young lives. And a royal relay. Who's faster, William, Kate
or Harry? Find out next.

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A woman who pretended
to be a struggling single mum has been prosecuted in one
of the worst ever cases of fraud in our public housing system. She was married
to a successful businessman, the couple buying properties
while occupying a home meant for someone in need. And we can reveal tonight there
are thousands of similar cases. Rebecca married Khaled in 1991
in an Islamic ceremony. They never registered
their marriage. Since 1999, the de facto couple
has lived here, a public housing unit
in Punchbowl, where Rebecca has claimed
a rental subsidy as a battling single mum
on welfare. Rebecca, why did you defraud
Housing NSW over ten years? Can you tell me, how much money
did you defraud? Her non-existent husband registered an electrical
contracting business at the unit. Estimated income -
$1 million a year. They're not just cheating
the taxpayer, they're cheating people in need who should be getting
accommodation that they're not. The couple, now with two sons,
both working, occupying a unit
meant for a family with nothing. Have you or your partner ever
brought any private properties whilst living
in a Housing NSW unit? Two properties - Rebecca's husband purchased
this unit in Lakemba in 2000, and this house in Greenacre
in 2002. There are 60,000 households -
that's 120,000 people - waiting for public housing. Families
on the public housing register can wait at least ten years for
a permanent home in this area. Frauds like this
only make that wait longer, but they only catch
a fraction of the cheats. Using Freedom of Information, we obtained documents outlining
the scale of the problem. They reveal frauds
totalling $8.8 million between 2010 and 2016. 40% of proven cases occurred
in Greater Western Sydney, a quarter in Central Sydney, 21% in the north of the state and 15% in the southern
and western areas. That's a total of 1,774 of fraud
by public housing tenants - the ones we know of. The Housing Hotline
receives 1,600 fraud tips a year. It was an anonymous caller
who dobbed in Rebecca Khodragha. And we will back-charge her
all of the rents that she should have paid, that will amount to many, many
thousands of dollars. What would you like to say to all the hard-working people
who are on the waiting list? The tens of thousands
of families? Rebecca was convicted
of two counts of fraud last year. Her sentence
of three months' prison was commuted to home detention. Her appeal to have that dropped
to community service will be heard later this week. NSW high school students
will be the first in Australia to receive
a free vaccine to protect against the deadly W strain
of meningococcal. Brad Hazzard announced
the $9 million roll-out in his first move as Health
Minister. We will be providing
immunisation from Broken Hill to Bondi for about 180,000
year 11 and 12 students. It starts in Term 2. All age groups
can contract meningococcal but teenagers are most at risk. There were long delays for
drivers in Homebush West during this morning's peak
after a three truck pile up. Marlborough Rd was closed
northbound for several hours while the trucks were pulled
apart and the road cleared. One driver was taken to hospital
with minor injuries. The star witness in the murder
trial of millionaire businessman Ron Medich says he organised
the killing of Michael McGurk out of blind loyalty
to the accused. But Lucky Gattellari
told the Supreme Court his friendship
with Mr Medich turned sour when the property tycoon refused
to pay his legal bills. Giving evidence for a fifth day,
Lucky Gattellari finally revealed why he organised the killing
of Michael McGurk in 2009.

That friend was Ron Medich, who's accused of paying
to have McGurk murdered after their business relationship
turned sour. Gattellari turned on him when the property tycoon refused
to provide money for his bail

The prosecution's star witness
was given a reduced sentence after agreeing to testify
against Medich, but it was a different story
before Gattellari's arrest. In police wire taps
played to the jury, he can be heard
trying to protect Medich, telling another man convicted
over the hit, Haissam Sefetli, to take the fall.

also tried to calm him down...

..not knowing Sefetli had cracked
already, and was now a police informant.

The trial continues. The Queen makes history today becoming the first
British monarch to reach their Sapphire Jubilee,
reigning for 65 years. As she marks the milestone
in private. Her grandsons limbered up
for a running race. The Duchess of Cambridge
also took part in the 50m sprint to promote
a mental health campaign. Harry pipped his big brother
at the post with Catherine coming in
a close third. Being born prematurely
can put a baby's life at risk. Now there's a simple test
to determine the chances of early labour. How it works is next
in Seven News. Also, brazen robbery. The thieves who took off
with an excavator. The reason you keep your windows
closed in Far North Queensland. Open your windows and let
the cool air in tonight. But the rains are coming. Details soon.

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The Australian share market
gave up early gains with the ASX 200 finishing
six points lower by the close. The major banks
were among those affected, but the Commonwealth
still added 23 cents. And one Australian dollar
is buying 76.7 US cents. And the average price
of unleaded petrol remains below a $1.20 a litre
across Sydney. The best deals are available
in our west. Experts are advising drivers
to fill up soon to beat the next price hike.

Police have released
new security video showing two men
breaking into a Nowra business and stealing an excavator
on Boxing Day. The pair made several laps
of the carpark before hitching the excavator
to their four-wheel drive and taking off. Police are hoping
someone will recognise them or their BMW X5. The excavator is worth
around $45,000. A test that can tell
when a baby is at risk of being born prematurely is being developed
by Australian scientists. They hope the crucial early
warning for parents and doctors will help save young lives. Baby Zali Maas
is quite content now, but it was a different scene
12 days ago, when the little girl arrived
two months premature. When I went into Labor I was obviously so concerned
that it was too early. Parents Danielle and James
were out shopping when suddenly everything changed. She was whisked away from us, I got to see her for about
20 seconds. There was talk
in the ambulance - do we need to get there quicker
and things like that. Quite an emotional time. One in ten expectant mothers
go into Labor early, and, until now, there's been
no test to predict it. That is the holy grail
of obstetrics, if you like. It's currently being finetuned, but promises to be quick
and painless, taken by women
in their second trimester. We've narrowed it down
to a few proteins that we think are important. If positive, it'll give both doctors
and parents plenty of time to prepare. To get people into
the right place and to do the right things
for them. Early intervention
and certain medications can save the lives of
premature babies, and prevent serious conditions such as lung disease
and cerebral palsy. Researchers have already begun to recruit women
for clinical trials, and they hope to make the tests
available to everyone within three to five years. I would definitely be having
it done. Credit cards, loans,
they all rack up family debt, but help is now on hand
to get on top of it, and it's free. Don't miss that story
soon on Seven News. Plus the health warning
over herbal medicines - are some doing
more harm than good?

Is from the patrons when, Johnathan Thurston says he knows time is running out on his career and had been making the most of 2017. And the Davis Cup tie that ended in a black eye of the chair umpire.

When murder uncovered goes to air the killing began earlier.

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$$CLEARDISPLASome encouraging news
for 15 NRL clubs tonight - the great Johnathon Thurston
has conceded he might need to take a break
in 2017. In a season that won't end until
the World Cup final in December, Thurston could play
up to 40 games - his biggest workload to date. Rarely out of the camera's focus, Johnathon Thurston is now trying
to capture every moment as his time in Rugby League
counts down. My career is nearly at an end, so I don't want to miss
any games. And season 2017 offers
his biggest workload yet. After touching down
from the Auckland Nines, Thurston rushed
straight into camp with the Indigenous All Stars. Another 24 premiership games
await, plus three Origins, and as many
as seven internationals thanks to the World Cup. It's enough to make Thurston accept
that he might need a break. If I'm mentally
and phsysically fatigued, if I believe it's what's right
for my body at the time, I've got no problems
sitting out a game. With this fixture to be cut
from next year's pre-season because of the World Cup, this could be Thurston's
last ever opportunity to represent his heritage. You certainly have
a deeper connection with your family history
and your culture because of this week. There's a lot of boys
that played in this game but didn't know much
about their family history. One is Jack Bird. The Sharks utility unaware
of his Indigenous background until recently. I was happy enough to find out. I'm not going
to shy away from it. I'm happy with my background. I'm happy with who I am. Bird is now one of the candidates to replace Valentine Holmes
at full-back. Holmes out for three weeks
with a hamstring tear, but he's staying put at
Cronulla until the end of 2019, signing a two-year extension
today. Mitch Moses
will command millions but is in no rush to seal a deal
for his future in the NRL. The Tigers young gun
says his preference is sticking with Luke Brooks
and James Tedesco, who also comes off-contract
this year. My heart's in the Tigers
and I'd love to stay but my management's sorting it
all out at the moment. Moses is in
the World All Stars side with a clear goal for 2017. I want to make the semis. I'm sick of watching it and not playing
in those big games. A knee injury
suffered at the Nines forced Jarryd Hayne out
of the All Stars game. Tom Brady settled any argument over who's the greatest
NFL player, leading the Patriots'
miracle comeback in Super Bowl LI. Playing for their first title, the Atlanta Falcons were leading
28-3 in the second half, but luck was on Brady
and his New England team's side, as they came from nowhere
in the final quarter. They forced overtime for the
first time in Super Bowl history, with scores tied at 28-28. The Patriots
won their fifth title with the first drive
of extra-time. COMMENTATOR: Tossed to White.
He's in! Patriots win the Super Bowl. We're bringin' this sucker home. Brady is the first quarterback
to win five Super Bowls. Manchester United are within two points
of the Premier League's top four after downing Leicester City 3-0
this morning. The reigning champions
are at risk of relegation. COMMENTATOR:
Valencia, Ibrahimovic... Two in a trice! This is grim for the champions. Manchester City beat Swansea 2-1, after Gabriel Jesus
saved the day. Danny Green's trainer wants him
to fight Anthony Mundine again and when we asked
the Green Machine if it will happen today he was keeping options open
after Friday's controversial win. I think that was a great way
to go out. For me, I couldn't beat it. Why do you guys
always ask me to retire? I probably won't retire
just for that point, keep you guys guessing. Green confirmed he was badly concussed
by a first round cheap shot and brushed off Mundine's claim
he was robbed by judges. We believe this is the first time a top-level tennis match
has ever ended like this. The Davis Cup tie
between Great Britain and Canada was into a deciding fifth rubber, when 17-year-old Denis Shapovalov
hit out in frustration. UMPIRE: Out, game... (CROWD GROANS) The ball hit the chair umpire
right in the face. The Canadian rookie
and the entire crowd went into stunned silence. He apologised
but was disqualified and the Brits went through
to the quarterfinals.

Apparently he's a very nice kid, he was very sorry. The umpire was alright.

There's a warning tonight
over herbal medicines with a landmark review finding
some could lead to liver damage and kidney failure. The University of Adelaide
has found a number of complementary medicines
on the market contain toxic plant chemicals
as well as heavy metals and pesticides. Researchers say some compounds don't comply
with health regulations while others are blended
with conventional pharmaceuticals to make them more effective. The numbers are in on how much
we spent over Christmas and it seems Australians
love a bargain. The sales came early in December
and we racked up a record spend for the month. But if your credit card bill
is still a monster, there's expert help available
to deal with it. Shoppers didn't hold back
in December, spending
more than $25.6 billion in the lead-up to Christmas, but sales for the month
actually dropped from November, a shock for the retail industry. We are very disappointed
with the December figures. It would have been nice to see that spending
go a little bit higher. Aggressive discounting has
been blamed for weaker figures, with sales in hardware
and building falling almost 7%. People went out
whilst Masters was on sale and bought the products
in November. But the good news - many sectors reported
a December Christmas surge. Food retailing, including
supermarkets and liquor up 0.5%. Clothing and footwear
jumped almost 1.5%. Holiday hospitality
didn't suffer, up 0.2%. Big department stores
slightly up, too. But our healthy festive splurge has led
to a national debt hangover. We are having record numbers
of people contacting us in respect of credit cards
and personal loans that they have racked up
over Christmas. The advice is first up,
contact your financial provider and let them know
you're struggling - they have an obligation
to assist you. Also, get independent financial
help, but never pay for it. For free debt counselling
services, go to our website. There's a reason you keep your
door closed in North Queensland. Next, the giant visitor
caught inside a family's home. The cool change has arrived
but another heatwave is brewing. Your week ahead next.

between 5 and 10mm of rain about its was fairly widespread. However tomorrow we could see some
more rain about as a chance rolls in 20- 35mm along the coast and some strong wind warnigns there too. Inland areas are aldo likely
to see some rain up to 10mm is likely around the morning. Also much
cooler. The weekend sees us almost heading into record breaking
territory. Take care wont you

VOICEOVER: The Hyundai i30.

Versatile, efficient
and incredible.

Now with a free $2,000 gift card.

Enough said.

(GENTLE MUSIC) MAN: I confront the impact
of family violence, but I'm not a policeman.

WOMAN: I interpret
the great unknown, but I'm not an astronomer. WOMAN 2: I take care of worms,
but I'm not a gardener.

WOMAN 3: I understand dark clouds,
but I'm not a meteorologist. WOMAN 4: I'm skilled at stitching,
but I'm not a tailor.

MAN 2: I understand addiction,
but I'm not a rehab counsellor. WOMAN 5: I deliver good news,
but I'm not a journalist. MAN 3: And bad news,
which I never get used to.

I'm a GP. I'm a GP. I'm a GP. But I'm not just a GP. I'm your specialist in life.

It's pretty scary by yourself. First on Seven, the revolutionary service focussed
on making your trip safe. A different way
of moving around. How they're doing it,
only Seven News tomorrow. Australia's number one. Tonight's Seven News headlines, a new crisis for the Coalition at the
start of the parliamentary year - Senator Cory Bernardi said to be
splitting from the Liberals. Australia's
largest-ever cocaine bust off our coast - 1.4 tonnes intercepted
in a covert operation. The extent of child sexual
abuse allegations in the Catholic Church exposed. More than 4,000 complaints
over 35 years. And the New England Patriots
win the Super Bowl - Lady Gaga dazzling
in the half-time spectacular. We've found one reason to be thankful for Sydney's run
of hot dry weather. Monsoon rains in North Queensland
are being blamed for a spike in snakes taking shelter
in homes. This monster scrub python
was caught trying to feast on a family's pet ducks. Measuring 5.2 metres
and weighing 23kg he's a gentle giant according
to the handler who wrangled him. Gentle or not he was released
back into the wild. Some of that rain
would be welcome here. Brownie, what are the chances? Fergo, a refreshening southerly
is sweeping over the Sydney basin this evening. You'll need a brolly tomorrow. But at this stage
the heat will return Friday. Following another
sleepless night,

Is a cool change that swept in a short time ago.

Following another
sleepless night, the mercury just fell shy
of 35 degrees for the second consecutive day. It was hotter in our west.

Near 40 degree heat
under an easterly wind regime. A cooler south-easterly
is closing fast. At the moment,
it's 30 in Parramatta. Cronulla, 27. Gosford, 29 degrees. The latest satellite information
highlights areas of rain and isolated thunderstorms
to the south associated
with an upper-level trough. This system will bring
soaking rain our way tomorrow. Some big falls are likely. The south-easterly winds
reaching strong wind force along the coast. Interstate, little change
in Brisbane tomorrow - a sunny 32. Melbourne fine and warming up,
26. Perth, storms and 28 degrees. Statewide, a strong wind warning
is current for all coastal waters
south of Smoky Cape. Soaking rain over southern and central parts
of the coast, including the ranges. Some big falls are likely. And it'll be a lot cooler too. Another stinker in the north. Closer in, you'll sleep tonight. Soaking rain and cooler tomorrow. Heavy falls are possible
near the coast especially in the afternoon. Along the coast, a strong wind warning is current
for a south-easterly up to 30 knots. The wind should moderate
in the evening and tend easterly. In the city, cooler and periods
of drenching rain tomorrow. A top near 25 degrees. The next seven days
go like this. Rain easing Wednesday, 26. Thursday,
a return to fine weather and it's warming up again. Friday will be hot. Sweltering this weekend. Relief is likely Sunday night. That's the latest weather. The rains are coming. Fergo.

That's Seven News
for this Monday. We'll have updates for you
throughout the evening. I'm Mark Ferguson.
I hope you have great night.

The festival is over. There is
a fire. Can you please exit calmly? Maz? Marilyn! Marilyn! ALF: When I found her,
I didn't even know if she was alive. The burns, they were terrible. NATE: Burns are one of the hardest
things to recover from, physically and mentally. All we can do is be there for her.

I finally get it. Mick's the father. WOMAN: The psychiatric hospital
have let him out. He's free. Mum?
Arggh! Please don't be scared.
No! Let me go! He just grabbed me in broad daylight
and you need to bring him in. Mick, stop! On the ground! No, you're just gonna
lock me up again! No, Mick! Mick, no!
Arggh! Mick Jennings, you're under arrest. Once the doctors have given you
the all clear, you'll be formally charged. She's mine, right? Yeah?
No. No! I can see it in your eyes.
It's true.

VJ: What happened?
Mick was here. He knows about Luc. Where's Luc? Where's my baby?
She's not here. She's gone. No! No! No!

Try and stay calm. We'll find her. I just want my little girl back.
Where? She was in the nursery!
I shouldn't have left her! It wasn't your fault!
Where is she?! You'd better have some answers, Doc.
How does a hospital lose a baby? She was taken.
Who would do something like that? It was Mick. Security footage shows Mick Jennings
leaving about half an hour ago. He was carrying a baby.
We have to assume it was Luc. We need to find her! Hold on. He could be anywhere. But why would he do that?
It doesn't actually make any sense. No, it does.
Billie, wait. Look, he is her father.

Oh, hello, you.
I got your lunch for you, darl. We got a sandwich, we got a drink,
and we got a choc chip muffin.