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but the competitive Royals still gave it their all and it was Prince beating
Harry who won the sibling rivalry line.
beating the Duke and Duchess to the to
line. It is part of the trio's push illness.
to bring awareness to mental jeans.
illness.Hard to run in skinny right
jeans. She seemed to do it all Hanson
right though. No stopping Pauline showing
Hanson this morning with a new poll One
showing a surge in support for her the
One Nation party. It has prompted one
the Senator to speculate she could Pauline
one day form a Government, and Pauline,
Pauline Hanson joins us now. morning
Pauline, good morning to you.Good Pauline
morning Karl.Prime Minister start
Pauline Hanson.Rubbish Karl. Don't hype.
start going on with that. Media been
hype. Listen Karl, six months I've be
been in the Senate. I'm so happy to years,
be in the Senate after how many candidate,
years, how many goes in trying as a I
candidate, so I'm very happy where I've
I am. As far as the party, yes, would
I've got a political party. Yes, I Government
would like to see our party in to
Government one day. But it is going foundations
to take me years to get the candidates
foundations right to stand state
candidates in every state, win there.
state elections, and let's go from are
there. I have to prove myself.You are an ambitious woman.

are an ambitious woman. Why Prime
Why wouldn't you rule out being determined
Prime Minister one day.I'm a if
determined and persistent woman and right,
if the Governments don't get it for
right, and the people are looking that's
for someone else to vote for, not
that's what it is about. They are concerns
not addressing the needs and That's
concerns of the Australian people. Nation.
That's why they are turning to One issues
Nation. I'm speaking about other shut
issues that the politicians have listen
shut down, they don't want to correctness.
listen to because of political Turnbull's
correctness.Yeah. Malcolm poorly
Turnbull's party is doing fairly think
poorly at the moment.Yeah.Do you think he will last the year?I difficult,
think it is going to be very in
difficult, if he keeps going down strong
in the polls as he is. People want to
strong leadership and they want him are
to make some decisions. Look, there huge
are a few things. Immigration is a have
huge issue in Australia. If you overflowing.
have a look at the cities, they are services,
overflowing. We don't provide the I'm
services, the infrastructure, and water,
I'm talking about the roads, the the
water, the sewerage, the schools, quality
the hospitals, all of this. Our Bringing
quality of life is on the decline. the
Bringing in more migrants is not It
the answer to fixing up the economy. economy
It is actually destroying our ending
economy with a lot of the migrants ending up on our welfare system and So,
the number of refugees coming in. Australian
So, that's a huge issue with the welfare,
Australian people. Like I said, billion
welfare, we are going to hit 191 is
billion by 2019/2020, and our debt will
is now reaching $500 billion. We these
will not be able to ever put in projects
these necessary infrastructure and
projects and look after the aged going.
and the sick at the rate we are -
going.You reckon Malcolm Turnbull form
- do you think Cory Bernardi will speculation
form his own party.There is speculation about that. That he think?
will go his own way.What do you we
think?Whatever Cory decides, and we have a democracy in Australia want
and people can decide where they behind
want to go, and whether people get luck
behind Cory Bernardi or not, good lines
luck to him. We are on the same and
lines with a lot of the policies Well,
and issue.Yeah, he's competition. conservative
Well, it will split the policies
conservative vote but I'll put my got
policies there and hopefully, I've Cory.
got no problems with working with with
Cory.Yeah.With any - not only the
with Cory, but it is right across the board. As it has been seen, in to
the last six months, I'm prepared getting
to work with the Government in necessary
getting policies passed that are spoken
necessary to this country. I've occasions
spoken to Bill Shorten on many talking
occasions and also I'm quite happy So,
talking to the other crossbenchers. Karl.
So, we have got to work together, We
Karl. We are in - we are in a mess. going
We really are.Looks like you are think
going to smash it in WA. How do you conservatively.
think you are going to go, conservatively.I think we are pal
going to go reasonably well. In the were
pal bra, a couple of weeks ago, we bra,
were polling 26% of the vote in pal Grylls,
bra, so it looks like Brendon National
Grylls, who is the leader of the it
National Party, he is going to find it difficult to hold his seat. I his
think he is under the pump to win House
his seat. I think some of the Lower is
House seats, Barnett, you know, he McGowan,
is not liked over there, and it
McGowan, I don't think he has got disgruntled.
it either. So, people are down
disgruntled. It is going to come preferences
down to the One Nation's going
preferences in the seats we are input
going to pick up. If we can have an pull
input in the Government there and back
pull together and get the state That's
back up and running again, why not? do
That's what we are there for.What Donald
do you make of this stoush between Donald Trump and Ashton Turner. How Look,
do you think Donald Trump has gone? completely
Look, I think it's been blown media.
completely out of proportion by the had
media. I think that Donald Trump immigration,
had his policies about stopping to
immigration, about where he wanted really
to lead his country. No-one has Obama.
really questioned or had a go at prior
Obama. Why did Obama do it just anything
prior to him leaving. No-one said just
anything about it. Obama wanted the
just a little dig before he left this
the White House, so he would leave Australia
this controversy there between Australia and America. I think that,

Australia and America. I think that, quite
you know, Donald Trump made it stood
quite clear to the people where he said,
stood with this. Now, he's actually leader
said, "Hang on a minute, I'm the going
leader of this nation. I'm not

going to be railroaded." But I agreement
believe he will actually honour the they
agreement with Australia because you
they are a close connection...Do his
you think he should on it?It is he
his decision...Would you?I think first
he will honour it. Karl, when I said
first heard about this agreement, I America.
said how stupid it is to do this to people's
America. I don't want other these
people's refugees. I don't want want
these refugees in America. I don't I
want them coming here to Australia. we
I don't want these 12,000 refugees 13,750.
we are going to get on top of the for
13,750. It is not good economics to
for our country.He has had plenty overnight
to say about Vladimir Putin about
overnight too. What do you think with
about Vlad.I've got no problems again
with Vladimir. He is a man who Have
again is standing up for his nation. It
Have a look at it, Donald Trump... and
It was pointed out he was a killer that
and fairly rightly so.Yeah, okay, there.
that is right, there are issues there. I think the whole fact is - and I'm hearing from other people

and I'm hearing from other people - Trump
put # Vladimir Putin and Donald not
Trump are strong leaders. You may they
not agree with what they do, but decision
they are prepared to make a country's
decision and they have the That's
country's best interests at heart. leaders
That's what people want from only
leaders here in this nation. Not Shorten.
only Malcolm Turnbull, but Bill or
Shorten. You never hear any vision why
or hear any clear direction. That's them,
why they are fed up with both of to
them, that they want someone else Donald
to speak up, you know. Maybe like agree
Donald Trump. You don't always whole
agree with what they say, but the actually
whole fact is, they are prepared to could
actually show some leadership.How Minister?
could you not want to be Prime about
Minister?There you go, going on (LAUGHS)
about that again. Come policies
Come on.I'm going to throw my talk
policies out there. I'm having a Prime
talk about the ministers and the can
Prime Minister, and hopefully if I in
can get the Prime Minister to bring actually,
in my Australian identity card, to amnesty
actually, you know, give this will
amnesty for medicinal cannabis, he Australian
will win so much support from the immigration
Australian people and put brakes on are
immigration into this country, they family
are a few of the ideas and the tackling
family Law Courts which I will be see
tackling this year.Always good to